5-17/64" L x 4-9/16" W x 2-7/8" D; Corrosion resistant; replaceable lenses and bulbs; shockproof socket; 2-stud mount on 2" centers; quick connect wiring; 2-bulb incandescent Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Lights from Optronics. Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, 6-Function, Right Hand part number ST8RB can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, 6-Function, Right Hand

Optronics Trailer Lights

(156 reviews)

Code:   ST8RB


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Optronics Trailer Lights - ST8RB

5-17/64" L x 4-9/16" W x 2-7/8" D; Corrosion resistant; replaceable lenses and bulbs; shockproof socket; 2-stud mount on 2" centers; quick connect wiring; 2-bulb incandescent


  • Red, square trailer light serves 6 functions for trailers less than 80" wide
    • Stop, Turn, Tail, Rear Reflex, Side Marker, and Side Reflex
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Replaceable lens and bulb
  • Quick connect wiring: simply insert stripped wire into holes for a secure connection
  • Shockproof socket guarantees long bulb life
  • Stud mounts on right side of trailer with two studs on 2" centers
  • Light grounds through mounting studs
  • Dimensions: 5-17/64" L x 4-9/16" W x 2-7/8" D
    • Mounting stud length: approximately 3/4"

This is a multifunction stop, turn, and tail light. This versatile light serves six functions: stop, turn, tail, rear reflex, side marker, and side reflex. The main red light measures 4-9/16" square x 2-7/8" deep; the attached red marker light makes the total length 5-17/64". The molded plastic housing and durable lens provide all-weather protection against corrosion. The light features a screw-down, replaceable lens and easy-to-replace bulbs. The light socket is shockproof, guaranteeing long bulb life. The light is a universal mount with two studs on 2" centers. The light is grounded through the mounting studs.

Manufacturer Cross Reference
Light will work as an exact replacement for:
Uni Bond # TL4400
Wesbar # 3060
Graote # 52302
Peterson # 440

Manufacturer Specifications

Universal stud-mount stop, turn and tail lights for trailers under 80" wide. The 6-functions are: stop, turn, tail, rear reflex, side marker, and side reflex. Grounds through mounting studs. Mounts on 2" centers. Features screw-on, replaceable lens and easy to change replaceable bulb. Shockproof socket guarantees long bulb life. All-weather, molded plastic housing and durable lens protect against corrosion.

dimensions of light

ST-8RB Universal Tail Lights for Trailers Under 80" Wide by Optronics, Inc. - Trailer Stop, Turn, Tail Light, 6-Function, Right Hand

Video of Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, 6-Function, Right Hand

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Optronics Trailer Lights ST8RB Review

Today we are going to review part number ST8RB. This is the Optronics trailer stop, turn and taillight. This is a six function light for the right hand side of the trailer. This multifunction stop, turn and taillight. This will serve six functions for trailer that are less than 80 inches wide of the stop, turn, the tail, a rear reflex, a side marker and a side reflex. This is corrosion resistant lights.

The molded plastic housing and durable lens will provide all-weather protection against corrosion. The light features a screw down replaceable lens and easy to place incandescent bulbs. The part number for the bulb that is using this is 1157. The light socket is shock proof so it guarantees long bulb life. The light is a universal mount with two studs on the back and these stud are on a two-inch center and this light is grounded through the mounting studs so when this is installed your grounding point would be the studs.

A few dimensions on the slide. The overall length from side marker to edge will be 5-17/64. The depth will be 2-7/8 and then on the light itself will be 4-9/16 by 4-9/16. And this uses on the back, it will use the quick connect wiring and what you would do there is basically just strip your wire and insert it into the hole and it will hold in there and then to release it theres a little hole right under it. You just push like a paper clip in there and you can remove the wire.

So I have a power supply here. Im going to try to give you an idea of the brightness of here and it is marked on the back, the color and the function of that. So I put in the brown for the taillights. So if I use the white and ground it to the stud, that will give you the taillight brightness and then I a green wire which will be for our stop and turn. I push that in and again I ground it.

Then this will give you the brightness of the stop and turn. Then what Im going to go ahead and do is turn off the overhead lights and then I will show you the brightness. This will be the taillight, and that will be the stop and turn and that should do it for part number ST8RB.

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Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, 6-Function, Right Hand - ST8RB

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (156 Customer Reviews)

5-17/64" L x 4-9/16" W x 2-7/8" D; Corrosion resistant; replaceable lenses and bulbs; shockproof socket; 2-stud mount on 2" centers; quick connect wiring; 2-bulb incandescent


by: Ken Yarber10/03/2014

This multi-function light fixture replaced the one that came with the new 18-ft. standard car hauler I bought from the Carson Trailer Co. located in Gardena, CA near Los Angeles in 2008. The trailer's mandatory lighting and warning devices consisted of the same fixture as shown. It's nearly unbelievable that this fixture can be manufactured, even in China, and peddled in the U.S. for $5.50! plus sales tax and shipping costs of course. I opened the fixture to discover the failure point and found that the ground wire inside the fixture had broken loose from its soldered position due to negligent soldering technique. I'm keeping it as a reserve unit. Etrailer performed as promised. US mail delivery was slow since their trucks do not go on a private road. The unit sat in a communal mailbox about a mile away for several days. Suggest that the seller use UPS, FedEx, etc depending on cost and how fast you need the unit. The 4 small screws that hold the red lens onto the plastic housing look pretty when new. But they will rust badly exposed to the outdoor elements. Also, threading multi-wire conductors into the hookup retention holes is a sweat. I finally had to install 16 gauge solid-wire conductors for stiffness in order to get them into the retention holes. Unless you have 3 hands it is very frustrating to use a paper clip to pry open the retention slots via the holes. The way the fixture is designed is very unique. Ken 154268


by: Rich T.03/24/2014

I bought this because I broke one just like it on a neighbor's trailer. It is the same as the original and fit perfectly. 122016


Thanks for the follow up. I installed the light on my neighbors trailerwhich I borrowed and then backed into something, necessitating thereplacement. He was happy, the light fit perfectly and matched perfectly,so it was win-win!

Rich T - 04/06/2015



by: Robert R.08/02/2013

Very good trailer light. Easy to install, self clamping wire inserts sped up the installation. Folks at etrailer.com were prompt at shipping and kept me informed through emails. 92874


Working great after one year. If I need to change the other light, Ill order another from your website.

Robert R - 02/02/2015



by: Bruce R09/11/2014

I was able to pick out the exact item I needed extremely quickly. Easy to find on the site. Plus it took me 5 minutes to install. thanks Bruce 150754


Works great .

Bruce R - 09/11/2015



by: Bob M.09/19/2013

I recently purchased a light from etrailer.com-->great price, same day order filling with email update, fast shipping in normal mode... two follow up emails...thank you for great service, I'll be sure to bookmark your site. 100633


by: Lou03/29/2014

good parts good price 122836


Best for the price held up well around the ranch.

Lou - 03/29/2015



by: Jimmy R08/05/2014

Couldn't ask for a better online shopping experience!! 144531



Jimmy R - 08/05/2015



by: Pat Green11/12/2013

I am 72 and have never done this before. It couldn't have been any easier. Even though this was a small item, the service you gave me couldn't have been better. The light came today and I went right out and put it on. [I backed my car into the original one.] You made this so easy for me to order. The girl on the phone was easy to understand, and very helpful. Also, I did look at all the info you give on your sight. Why would anybody buy from anyone else. Thanks for the great service. Sincerely, Pat 107152


by: John S.07/30/2014

Item arrived quickly and was well packaged. It is an easy install, simply strip the end of your trailer wires and feed them into the appropriately labeled spring contact (Stop / Turn or Tail ) that will automatically seat the wire in place. Removal of wire is done by using something like a toothpick to push on the spring contact thru a small hole below the wire to relieve tension and slip the wire back out. Like some speaker connections. Both lights worked first time. 143423


by: Roman09/06/2013

The trailer lights I received were very good quality and an exceptional value. I am installing them on a motorcycle sidecar that I fabricated for my motorcycle. The tail lamps sold by Harley-Davidson range in cost from $79 to $130 each and do not offer as much functionality (don't provide a side marker lamp feature) as the e-trailer lights. The H-D lamps also require a special wire harness at another high cost. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. 98701


by: Paul N04/28/2014

Could not believe how inexpensive part was, figured have problems else where,,,but they shipped faster than any other store, great follow up (I have had 4 emails confirming order and checking in!) and exactly what I needed. I had problems with other companies that week, and etrailer came through, and proved they truly believe in customer service! BTW this is a $5.95 part, and treated this like a big order! 127652


by: David A.07/19/2012

I ordered two trailer lights for my utility trailer. The lights I received and your prompt service were both outstanding! I would really appreciated the follow-up emails telling me the process of when my order was shipped I when I would be receiving my order. You guys exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend your company and look forward to doing business with you again in the future. 48475


by: Jacqueline06/04/2014

Quality product, easy to replace, and has excellent visibility when lit. I break these periodically because of the harsh terrain and poor roads where I frequently use my 16 ft. trailer and these work as a quick, economical replacement for trailer taillights exposed to regular use in these conditions. Sooner or later most trailers will suffer breakage of taillights with regular use. 134205


by: Gary Geddie10/11/2012

The lights arrived in perfect condition and in a timely manner. However, I assumed wrongly that there would be pigtail wires already soldered to the lights so I could attach the existing trailer wires with connectors without having to disassemble the light. I'm afraid I might have to return the lights I received and reorder the lights described above. 56993


by: Frank C.03/17/2014

Very easy to find what i wanted on their website. Price was great and it came in a timely matter. I will shop with ETrailer again great company. Thank You 121055


by: Jack G.08/18/2014

I highly recommend etrailer.com for trailer/vehicle parts. I purchased a trailer replacement tail light/turn signal light for my utility trailer recently. The part cost less, with shipping, than any other that I looked at. And shipping/receive was 4 days. I will purchase any other parts that I may need in future from etrailer.com. Jack G. 147219


by: COLONEL11/25/2013

Product arrived quickly and well packaged. Item was exactly what I wanted and at a great price. Item fit perfectly and looks terrific. Personnel are friendly and eager to assist you with any questions or problems (including installation). I have already ordered more products from e-trailer. Super Seller A+A+A+ 108446


by: Gary N02/05/2012

Liked the way the wires attached to back, but no protection from outdoor elements, filled wire attachment area with RTV after wires pushed in. The Ground is one of the attachment studs, nothing to tell you that. So if you attach to a plastic fender you need to run a ground wire to one of the studs. 31100


by: Craig03/11/2012

Quality light, fast shipping, easy to install. I had not seen the quick wiring prior to these and it was very simple to strip the wire and insert into the light. I agree with others to silicon the area after installation to prevent water intrusion. Great service! Highly recommend etrailer! 33542


by: Tracy R06/20/2011

Recieved everything as ordered, somehow I did not recieve one running light, but I was not charged for it either. I went back and looked and 2 was marked, but only one charged for. Other than that I am happy with everything I have bought from you for both of my trailers. 17467


by: C Williams03/01/2012

Replacement light installed easily on trailer and worked as it should. Pricing very competitive and shipment arrived within 3 days! Our company has several trailers to maintain. Based on my experience ETrailer will be our "go to" source for any trailer items needed. 32957


by: Luke05/17/2011

products were exact replacement for old items, less expensive, easy to install. The website made it easy for me to find what I needed. Customer Service shippe promptly, arrival faster than promised. Very satisfied. I am a repeat customer for a good reason. 14542


by: Patt E08/19/2011

I got exactly what I ordered, at the right price! Because I needed this quickly to cover up a mistake I made to my son's trailer I was astonished at how quickly it arrived - not to mentioned relieved! Thanks for the quick turnaround!. 22283


by: Terry M05/29/2011

This unit was physically identical to the original installed on my trailer which made installation a snap. Wiring on both units was via spring clamps on the bare, stripped wire. Function so far has been fine and the price was right. 15650


by: Paul S.05/05/2014

Perfect replacement unit, and extremely easy installation. Took less than 5 minutes from removal to wire transfer to re-installation. I will certainly think of you if I need to replace my trailer parts in the future. Thank You! 128851


by: Brian S02/07/2012

Nice repleacement of OEM light. Well made,looks great. Bought 2 of these to replace old OEM Peterson lights. Old ones were beginning to malfunction due to age. These were really affordable and are great looking replacements. 31270


by: Brook07/10/2015

Great product, fast delivery, I really like the "tracking map" as you are the first people I have seen use it. The light bolted right up to the mating holes on the trailer, and even came with bulbs. What's not to like? 210773


by: Dan F.12/23/2014

The light itself is great. I was expecting some leader wire and some epoxy or something to hold them in place though. One things for sure though, when I back the trailer into a pole next time I'll be buying this again. 166665


by: Josiah J.01/14/2012

This was easy to install. I love the fact the leads could be inserted into the back side without necessitating a splice. It it well lit and serves the purpose of S/T/T. Would recommend doing business with. 29674


by: Robert L.12/15/2014

Good price, delivered quickly, as advertised. I have also made purchases previously from etrailer.com. Good customer service and good products. I will definitely order in the future as needs arise. 165510


by: JOE FROM ANDOVER05/22/2013



by: Jodi P04/29/2014

My husband breaks a light evertime he moves the trailer. I am so happy that he found your website! These lights are great and so easy to replace! Your shipping was super fast also! 127891


by: steve D09/28/2011

As was discribed accept for the wiring plug in area was open to moisture when mounted. I decided to cover with silicone to prevent moisture from entering and shorting out light. Steve 24812


by: Garry M.07/26/2014

Good value for under $11 including shipping. Found it on the Internet within minutes. It was exactly what I needed, arrived within a week, easy to install, looks good, works fine. 143035


by: Andy04/04/2011

I thought the wires were missing untill I read about the quick connects, just slide the wire into the hole and your done. I did tin the ends of my stranded wire with solder first. 11090


by: pegavas106/02/2014

Looks just like pictures. I like the fact that side light is close and compact to main body. Helps with clearance on my trailer since I keep knocking the side piece off. 133672


by: Dennis06/18/2014

The product was as advertised and arrived in a very timely manner. The online installation video was a great help. I definitely will use etrailer.com again. Thanks! 136342


by: Luke05/18/2015

Great shopping experience. Someone helped me on the phone to find the part I needed, it was quite inexpensive, and it was a perfect match for what I was replacing. 194010


by: Rick C.06/26/2015

Great customer service! Shipped via Priority Mail and received in two days.Product was as advertised and easy to install with the push on wire connections. 207491


by: Bob G05/16/2011

Just what I ordered and delivered when they said it would - if I need more trailer stuff I know right where I'm, going! Oh yea - price was right too! 14362


by: Mg4907/21/2011

Quick delivery. Products were exactly what I viewed while shopping. Delivery charge was less than what the gas would have cost to drive to store. 19800


by: Brian H03/19/2015

Very good low-cost trailer light. Very well worth the money. Highly recommended for good quality low-priced non-submergible trailer light. 179770


by: Bruce W09/17/2014

Exact Optronics replacement tail light for my trailer and was easy to install (two bolts on rear of unit). It came with the bulbs as well. 151663


by: Truman03/06/2013

Product is a advertised. Arrived in good order and quickly. eTrailer keep me up to date almost daily. A great bunch to do business with! 69278


by: adel abdelkrim06/05/2012

excellent product. and I told my friend about e trailer a good place to make order form,and you going have order coming form Washigton dc 42806


by: Ken K09/04/2013

it was a pleasure ordering from trailer from finding the product to ordering to the quality of the item. I would order from them again! 98199


by: Kb12/11/2013

Haven't hooked it up yet but it looks good. No packing invoice or receipt with product tho, I like having something like that but... 109932


by: Kevin S.06/09/2011

This is an exact replacement for the light on my costco trailer - it was so good to find this and especially at such a good price! 16589


by: Tom S.09/11/2015

I was expecting to pay a lot more for this part and they sell it for 1/2 of what the other trailer supply store want for theirs. 224915


by: Al M04/25/2014

My wife installed the tail light on the trailer without any problems. The lights worked like a charm. Thank you for the product. 127431

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  • Utility Trailer Light Wiring Diagram and Required Parts
  • I have attached two basic trailer light wiring diagrams of utility trailers for you to check out. The difference between the two diagrams is the type of wiring harness that is being used. Diagram 1 shows a traditional wiring layout with jumper wires to provide running light functions for both sides of the trailer and Diagram 2 shows a wishbone harness. The wishbone harness has two running light wires, one for each side of the trailer. Diagram 2 is the preferred method and it is more common...
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  • Testing Trailer Wiring for Function to Troubleshoot Both Blinkers Turning on at the Same Time
  • On the Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, 6-Function, Right Hand, # ST8RB, the back is labled, the brake light and turn signal wire (usually green) goes in the left connectors. The taillight wire (usually brown) goes in the right connectors. It sounds like the right turn signal wire is somehow connected to both turn signals. If your trailer wires have different colors, or the colors do not match the functions described above, you will need to use a circuit tester, like the Quickee #...
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  • How To Connect Optronics Trailer Lights # ST8RB and # ST9RB To a Trailer
  • The quick connect feature on the Optronics Light, part # ST8RB, and part # ST9RB, means that you can connect the wires by inserting them into the four holes on the back of the light. It is not referring to a separate part. The wires would be stripped about 1/4 inch and pushed into the correct hole on the back of the trailer light. The holes are marked with the tail light function that the hole provides. The wire when pushed in the hole will automatically lock in place and give you a...
    view full answer...

  • How to Wire Optronics Right-Hand Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, Part # ST8RB
  • The Optronics Right-Hand Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, Part # ST8RB, connects with two wires. On the rear of the housing are holes to accept bare wire and underneath each one is a smaller hole that serves as a wire release; just insert a small pin (or something like a paper clip) to release the wires. The left-hand matching light is part # ST9RB. If you refer to the included photo illustrating a trailer-side 7-way connector you will be able to see which two wires from the connector...
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Running Lamp Circuit on 2005 Ford F Series
  • I am assuming you are speaking of the 7-way trailer connector. Use a circuit tester like part # 40376 on the pin in the 11:00 position on the trailer connector. If you do not have voltage on that pin while the headlights or running lights are on, you most likely have a blown fuse. The lid of your fuse box should have a legend showing which fuses protect which circuit. This information should also be provided in your owners manual. The fuses might not necessarily be located in the...
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  • Using a Circuit Tester to Find Taillight Functions on a 1985 Ford F-250
  • I actually do have a diagram that you can look over to help with wiring trailer lights and the 4-Way wiring harness. I have included a link to the page below. The best way to find the functions of the wires on the 1985 Ford F-250 is to use a circuit tester like the Quickee # 3808. You will need to test the wires behind each taillight for function. Behind the left taillight, the wire that carries a signal in unison with the blinker connects to the yellow wire on a 4-Way harness. This...
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  • Can the Bulb in Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light ST8RB Be Easily Replaced
  • The bulb # ST8RB trailer tail light can definitely be replaced, and to do so is not difficult. The face of the light taken off by removing four small screws, and once this is done you have access to the bulb socket and can proceed with changing the bulb. The replacement bulb for this light would be part # A1157B.
    view full answer...

  • Can the Optronics Tail Light # ST8RB Be Used on the Left and Right Side of a Trailer
  • You should not have a problem using the Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, 6-Function, Right Hand # ST8RB on the left and right hand sides of your trailer. It would be just a matter of wiring up the lights accordingly. On the # ST8RB there is an arrow that points to a wiring hole with the word Green. On the right side of your trailer this will be correct, but on the left side of the trailer you would need to install the yellow wire there.
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  • Availability of Replacement Lens for Do-Ray 169
  • I was not able to find any specifics about lighting products from Do-Ray, nor one for a lens with the reference number 169. If you can submit a photo of the part you need along with measurements I'll be glad to check for a replacement. If you prefer you can choose a new light fixture using the link provided. The link will take you to our main page for trailer lights where you can use the filters in the left margin to narrow the results shown based on the color, shape and type of light...
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  • Recommended Replacement Trailer Lights With Side Lights For Small Utility Trailer
  • We have just what you are looking for. I recommend the LED Submersible Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, part # STL8RB. This is for the right side of the trailer and is a stud mounted LED light. It has the side marker light that illuminates when the running lights are powered. For the left side of the trailer you will want part # STL9RB. I have attached a product review video and have also attached a drawing that shows the dimension for these lights you can take a look at.
    view full answer...

  • Installation Method for Optronics 6-Function Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light # ST8RB
  • The Optronics 6-Function Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light # ST8RB that you referenced does not require a bracket for installation. This light is of the type that uses the two threaded mounting studs, spaced 2-inches apart, to attach to your trailer. These mounting studs also serve a second purpose; they provide the ground connection to complete the electrical circuit. Please refer to the linked video. Certainly if you wanted to mount these with a bracket you could use a simple L-bracket...
    view full answer...

  • How Is Trailer Wiring Connected to the Optronics Trailer Lights # ST8RB
  • Stripped wire get inserted into the ports on the back of the Optronics Trailer Lights # ST8RB and that is how they are connected. Fast forward to the 2:15 mark of the video I attached to see how this is done.
    view full answer...

  • Running Lights Function but Brake and Turn Do Not on a 2006 Carlson Utility Trailer
  • It could definitely be a ground issue. Since you were able to duplicate the same result with the same trailer on two different vehicles, than it is pretty safe to say the problem is somewhere on the trailer. I would start with the trailer connector and work back. Trace the ground wire, usually white, back from the connector. Make sure it has a good clean connection to the metal of the trailer frame. Paint, rust and corrosion can insulate connections so make sure it is good metal to metal...
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