11/16" Diameter x 15/16" deep; PC rated; sealed; waterproof; recessed grommet mount; 2-wire; 2 amber LEDs; amber lens Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Lights from Optronics. Sealed, Uni-Lite Mini LED Side Marker and Clearance Light w Grommet, 2 Diode - Amber part number MCL11AKB can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Sealed, Uni-Lite Mini LED Side Marker and Clearance Light w Grommet, 2 Diode - Amber

Optronics Trailer Lights

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Optronics Trailer Lights - MCL11AKB

11/16" Diameter x 15/16" deep; PC rated; sealed; waterproof; recessed grommet mount; 2-wire; 2 amber LEDs; amber lens


  • Amber, round, PC-rated mini-light functions as clearance, side marker or identification light
    • Combines clearance and side marker functions
      • Produces 90-degree angle of light left and right when mounted at a 45-degree angle
  • Great replacement for incandescent lights
    • No bulbs to replace
    • No brittle filaments
  • Sealed, waterproof housing and lens
  • Recessed grommet mount
  • 2-Wire design includes lead and ground for wires for mounting to all surfaces
  • 2 Amber LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) in a single marker light
  • 11/16" Diameter x 15/16" deep
    • Installation requires an 11/16" hole at desired location
  • LED light draws 0.047 amps at 12 volts
  • DOT approved
  • Lifetime warranty on LEDs

Less than 3/4" in diameter, the Uni-Lite MCL11 series fits the tightest applications.

Recess mount design is quick and easy to install.

Features sonically sealed, waterproof lens and housing in a single unit.

PC-rated lights function as both clearance and side marker lights when properly mounted at a 45-degree angle.

Design includes both lead and ground wires.


MCL-11AKB Optronics Uni-Lite Mini LED Side Marker and Clearance Light with Grommet, PC-rated, 2-wire, 2-Diode - Amber

Video of Sealed, Uni-Lite Mini LED Side Marker and Clearance Light w Grommet, 2 Diode - Amber

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

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Customer Reviews

Sealed, Uni-Lite Mini LED Side Marker and Clearance Light w Grommet, 2 Diode - Amber - MCL11AKB

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (70 Customer Reviews)

11/16" Diameter x 15/16" deep; PC rated; sealed; waterproof; recessed grommet mount; 2-wire; 2 amber LEDs; amber lens


by: Phil McKrevice08/19/2014

I bought 6 of these lights to put on my jet ski trailer. 4 amber and 2 red. And they are very bright. I highly suggest putting these lights onto your fenders. I put an amber and a red one on each fender in their appropriate locations of course. It helps when backing up into small dimly lit spaces at night...like a driveway The red ones reflect off of whatever you are backing towards...and the amber ones give you an idea how close you are to walls or trees in the side mirrors. Just be cautious when you put them in. Make sure that in your mind everything is good to go (like, say, the wiring), and you do not need to pull it back out. If you push it in all the way...good luck getting it out. The grommet mushrooms out at the bottom basically locking it in place. If there was a warning about this on this site and I missed it...my bad. I just made sure I left them all loose until I was done, made sure the wires in the trailer (especially the ground wire) were not getting stretched or pinched, as my trailer is old, and then pressed them all in by hand. I made the mistake of pressing one into my passenger fender...just to see how it looked. This was before I started wiring anything. At this point I was drilling the 3/4" holes...which by the way is very time consuming. I spent a few minutes trying to remove it without damaging the wires. No luck. Not even a little did it want to budge. And I was able to get at it from the top and bottom. Thank goodness this didn't happen with the holes I put into the sides of the trailer because I think I may have had to destroy that light just to get it out and wire it up, which would have sucked because I think that would have pissed me off to the point of not even wanting to use the lights anymore and I would have picked something else out. And that would have been a shame because these lights put out an incredible amount of light. When you put them in the first time, they give off a sort of weird glow. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me at first. If you manually adjust the lights to the proper DOT code or whatever, they look good. But, if you rotate them so that they are horizontal instead of vertical, they put out a ton of light towards the street. What I'm saying is...if you want to change it up, you can turn them all horizontal in a matter of seconds, and be lighting up the road...literally...just like the neon vehicle underbody kits of the 90's. Admit it. You thought they were cool too. Now, you can sort of have that, except it's legal. I went overkill on my small trailer. At least I thought I did. Now, after using it at night, I am more than satisfied. What a huge difference these tiny lights make. A++++SELLER. WOULD BUY AGAIN. ASSET TO ETRAILER.COM 147443


What a great idea. Follow up with customers to get feedback. That way you can tell if the products are still good or if they have limited lifespans. You get to see if people are still happy and get them thinking about your company again if theyre in the market for more trailer stuff.To answer your question, I do not have them anymore. I sold all of my gear, but do know they are still working. I really liked those small lights. They put out an incredible amount of light and were easy to install once I drilled holes into my old trailer.

Phil M - 08/21/2015



by: steve h08/12/2013

Just installed recently, Lights mount nicely in a 3/4" hole. Wiring harness about 8 inches. Just as bright or brighter than standard size clearance light. They work and look great. I used them on the front of fender step mounted on a 45 angle . Not sure if they meet "reflector" requirements for corner light but works great as indicator to on-coming traffic (and width marker when looking in mirror) and side marker light. As far as reliability or longevity, don't know, but they appear to be well constructed and sealed lights. 94576


So far theyve still been working well, they are very bright and while towing at night, they light up the yellow line on the highway nicely so I know exactly where my fender is and oncoming traffic can see. I added some yellow reflector tape next to the light so that it meets reflectivity requirements, but as a light, its much smaller, looks cleaner, and less prone to damage than a regular clearnace light

steve h - 02/10/2015



by: Larry W.08/02/2013

Easy to install, drill a 7/8" hole and push in. very bright. 92996


These small lights were just the thing for marker lights on my boat trailer. Been under about 30 times and everyone is still working real strong, super bright for their seze

Larry W - 01/31/2015



by: Dan F.06/23/2014

Very nice. Epoxy potting material extends further up the wires than I would have liked, but was able to trim it back without damaging wires. 137053


Fine. Still working well.

Dan F - 06/23/2015



by: Jeff B.08/27/2014

I have bought these before and have been happy with them. Simple to install and look good. 148910


Still working great!

Jeff B - 08/27/2015



by: psmith05/08/2011

Buy these. The amount of light they put out for each milliamp they consume is impressive. The polycarbonate lens has a very defined left-right pattern. Get one and experiment with it to see how well it broadcasts bright light around to its sides. After installing these on my boat trailer, I was impressed with how much light these put out at 80 and 90 degrees to their installed point of focus. Drill a 3/4" hole and touch it out a few thousands to get an easy but secure installation. The 8" leads are good enough for most installations. These, and the red LED clearance LEDs, are a good deal. 13069


by: Bader08/30/2014

They are low profile in the day, and very functional in the night with their brightness. I did not expect them to be this good. I wired them as marker lights for my rear fenders. 149291


by: Brian01/16/2013

Lights ate super bright easy to install and fit very tight in a 3/4 inch hole!! Very satisfied 63281


Love these little Super bright lights, Put Amber on Front Air Damn Under Bumper

comment by: Glen D - 10/06/2013


Glad to hear you liked them. They are quite bright for their little size.

Patrick B - 10/10/2013


by: Greg K09/04/2015

I installed these lights as front side marker lights on my boat trailer, and installed the red version as rear side marker lights. These lights are great! The only comment I have is that the recommended hole size of 11/16" for the grommet seemed to be a little tight. I ended up drilling 3/4" holes and the grommet and light seem to fit fine and very securely (I didn't have an 11/16" drill). 223992


by: John C - Arizona04/14/2015

These were designed as a clearance light application and at a great price. I bought them to use as turn signal lamps on my RZR. They are high quality and extremely bright when lit, so they work great for both applications. These guys have great parts at a great price and quick shipping. I would recommend them to anyone needing trailer/boat/lighting. Thanks guys. 185171


by: Ed S.11/03/2014

Found etrailer.com during a Google search for small amber marker lights. My order was small but did not matter to etrailer.com Got emails about my order status from placing to shipping! Received my order in record time and securely packaged and exactly what I ordered. Going to bookmark this page because they sell more items than what I purchased ! 158905


by: Keith08/07/2014

I bought these to use as blinkers for my off-road Motorcycle. They look really durable and will stand up to getting pounded off road but only time will tell how they do. They are really bright and easy to install. My only complaint was it was unclear if this was only for 1 light or a pair of two. The price is per light. 144866


by: BOB J11/03/2013



by: jeff12/16/2011

great light. was a pleasure to buy from etrailer. put my order in on sunday it shipped monday i got on tuesday. will be buying more in the future. was emailed every step of the way fro shiping to the lights getting to my home. thanks etrailer keep up the great work 28225


by: Eric W.09/01/2014

I'm switching the lighting on my lawn equipment trailer to LED. These were an easy choice as they are bright enough to be seen and pass safety inspection but are small enough not to get knocked off or broken when loading and unloading equipment. 149449


by: James L02/27/2015

They look to be a quality product. I would have liked the bearings and races packaged so they could be stored with out damage or a chance of rusting. Two of these sets are spares so I don't have to sideline a trailer for an extended period. 176437


by: Dave E01/04/2011

Small clearance lights These little lights work nice, they take up so little room and are a snap to install. And the order process was great with Etraliers, they keep you informed through the whole process until they arrive at your door. 4994


by: Flying Fish02/03/2014

Easy to install and looks great. 115528


by: Matt T.02/24/2014

I ordered these lights on a Sunday and received my shipping info very quickly, got the lights in about a week. Tested them all out and they work good, but haven't got to install and see how they are outside yet, thanks etrailer. 117317


by: Travis02/13/2013

Lights were very easy to install but the hole that you need is a little bigger than per the instructions. I used these lights to make a light kit for my polaris RZR. I am very happy with them. 66107


They are still working great

comment by: Travis - 02/14/2014



by: Bob H.10/04/2013

I plan to use these to replace the bulbs in my markers lights on the 1957 Corvette Trailer I am rebuilding. That way I can turn on the markers at night and not chew up battery! Thank You Bob 102618


by: Karl S.06/06/2015

I made steps to put in front of my trailer fenders and wanted some lights . I used 3 of the 1 in. amber lights and they put out lots of light . At night i have no problem seeing the of the road. 201227


by: Grant11/25/2013

I was surprised at how bright this little LED is! Installation was easy too. Just drill a 3/4" hole, push and pull it into place, connect the wires, then stand back and admire your work. 108481


by: ed r12/05/2012

i received my package today.everthing was packed correctly so everthing was unharmed.i will alway say to my friends if you need parts for your trailer or tow truck-order from etrailer 60766


by: brett01/11/2011

great Product was great super bright and was here in no time. I am very pleased with the quality and will be buying more in the future. I highly recommend this light to anyone. 5317


by: jacob02/28/2013

Badass product, I just wish they made them to fit a 1/2" hole, could find a lot mor places to mount them. They're bright and awesome, but a little hat to place 68107


by: Larry S03/24/2014

Super small and super-bright sure glad I ordered them they will work perfect for my trailer very bright can even see them in the daytime. 122021


by: Tyler06/20/2012

Great looking product! Can't beat the price, and they shipped for a really reasonable price, and quick!! Will buy from them again! 44954


by: Gavin M.05/11/2015

The side marker light I ordered fit perfectly, and was easy to install. It was a exact OEM match to the ones on my boat trailer. 191713


by: steve t.12/03/2012

i was very pleased with the lights ,fasttttt service, and fair price ,you have my future purchases ......thank you steve t. 60487


by: Bryan W07/03/2013

You can put these anywhere on your rig or trailer. They are very bright for their size. Easy to install and look great. 87238


by: Eric K12/10/2013

Small, but very bright. Perfect to go along with the Fulton fenders. Easy installation with the right size drill bit. 109843


by: Robert M.07/25/2015

Super bright, low draw, and small foot print. Great qualitys for my off-road trailer! 214449


by: Roger Z.05/03/2011

Great product. Also, great was dealing with 'etrailer', shipping couldn't be faster. 12760


by: Davy D.03/03/2012

Nice little LED light when you need a small size marker/clearance/indicator light. 33058


by: Rob D05/08/2015

Same as red , very well designed and very bright, perfect for camper rebuild 191349


by: John12/03/2013

Very good service will be ordering again great product keep up the good work. 108957


by: Chris I08/11/2013

Easy installation, I used a 3/4" hole and the fit is fine. Nice bright light. 94430


by: Matt W.12/15/2010

small but cool light is small but looks cool. adds to look of trailer for sure 4145


by: Barber Recycling10/21/2014

Great customer service, prompt delivery. Very satisfied with the product. 157105


by: Matt R04/21/2015

Super bright. Quick shipping. Product is exactly what was advertised. 186970


by: George05/11/2011

Great product at a really great price. Shipping was extremely fast. 13466


by: DeWayne P07/08/2015

same as the red one small but convenient installation very quick. 210244


by: Tony T01/06/2015

Great craftsmanship brilliant output very easy installation 167899


by: Brett03/12/2013

Great Product! Highly visible. Perfect for wheel mount. 70117


by: chancey08/15/2014

Verry bright if you can't see my trailer now your blind 146937


by: Steve B06/26/2014

Beautiful light and product. Very well made. Steve B 137783


by: William Barmann06/30/2015

Fast shipping. Nice product. Installed and looks good. 208501


by: Jon R04/03/2015

Great-glad I found you and now, so are all my friends. 182962


by: John Record04/30/2014

I received the order on time through our mail carrier. 128243

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