The Stromberg Carlson electric tongue jack removes the physical exertion required to crank your trailer up and down by doing it for you. It features 3,500-lb capacity and travels 18". Call 800-298-8924 to order Stromberg Carlson Camper Jack part number JET-3500 or order online at Free expert support on all Stromberg Carlson products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack - 18" Lift - 3,500 lbs. Camper Jack reviews from real customers.
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Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack - 18" Lift - 3,500 lbs

Stromberg Carlson Camper Jack

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Stromberg Carlson Camper Jack - JET-3500

The Stromberg Carlson electric tongue jack removes the physical exertion required to crank your trailer up and down by doing it for you. It features 3,500-lb capacity and travels 18".


  • Effortless trailer raising and lowering
  • Breakaway power offers superior strength to "break" bond between trailer tongue and hitch ball when they are stuck together
  • 10-Gauge connection with 30-amp fuse
  • 3-Diode LED light for use at night
  • Emergency crank operable with 3/4" socket wrench
  • Removable foot pad
  • Bolt-on installation - includes hardware to mount to standard A-frame coupler


  • Capacity: 3,500 lbs
  • Lift: 18"
  • Tube diameter: 2-3/16"
  • Measures 2-3/4" from center of jack to back of housing
  • Distance from jack foot to bottom of mounting bracket when retracted: 10-3/8"
  • 1-Year limited warranty

JET-3500 Stromberg Carlson Electric Tongue Jack - 3,500 lbs Capacity

Video of Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack - 18" Lift - 3,500 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Stromberg Carlson Trailer Jack JET-3500 Review

Today we're going to review part number JET-3500. This is the Stromberg Carlson electric A-frame tongue jack. This jack has a thirty five hundred pound weight capacity, and an eighteen inch lift on it. This jack will allow you to raise and lower your trailer with an effortless motion. It does have a breakaway power, which will offer superior strength to help break the bond between your trailer tongue and your hitch ball when they arestuck together. You can see here, it has the red wire, which is about a five foot long, ten gauge wire, and it comes with the in-line thirty amp fuse to protect it. It also has the L E D light here, right on the front.

It's three diode L E D light, for use at night. It's very bright when trying to hook up in thenight time. It does also come with the mounting hardware. You can see the three bolts, used right here when you mount it to your A-frame trailer. It bolts right on, and it does ground through this connection to your your trailer. You want to make sure, when you install those bolts, that you have a good clean connection. It also comes with this emergency crank handle that has a three quarter inch socket on the end, here.

That would be used in a situation where you might have lost power, and you won't be able to operate the jack. You can actually operate it manually. What you would do is, at the very top, here, they have a rubber plug that you can just pull out. If I can tilt it a little bit, you'll be able to see, there's a three quarter inch bolt up there. All you would need to do to operate it manually is just take this socket, and the handle, put it right onto that, and then as you crank it, you can raise or lower it manually using this handle.

When you're done, you can just put your plug back in. It does have a removable foot pad. It's right done here. If you pull this clip out, and thenpull the pin, you'll be able to see the foot pad comes right off. To reinstall it back in there, just line your pad up with the hole. Push it through, and then just put your clip back on to secure it. This is a bolt-on installation, as I mentioned.

It comes with the mounting hardware. It mounts to a standard A-frame coupler. It does have a weight capacity of thirty five hundred pounds. It does have a lift of eighteen inches. The tube diameter itself is two and three sixteenths. I do have this jack fully retracted. What I'm going to do is give you a measurement from the ground up to the bottom where it mounts to your trailer. It's going to be ten and three eighths inches to the bottom of the mounting bracket. That's with it fully retracted. This does come with a one year limited warranty. What I want to do is, I have a twelve volt power source here, so I'm going to show you how this light comes on, and how the jack would operate. We'll take this red wire, hook it to our twelve volt power. Then to ground it, since we don't have it mounted to a trailer, I'm going to just hook a ground to this foot plate to get a good ground connection. You'll be able to see, when I turn on the light, you'll be able to see the three diodes right there. Over here we have the retract on the two buttons up front. One is for the light, this one's for the jack itself. It'll have R E T for retract, and E X T for extend. If we just push the extend button, you can see how the jack would extend upwards. When you pull your finger off. let's put the ground back on. There we go. I'll show you, when you pull your finger off, it will automatically stop. Just push it down to retract it. Just like that. Very simple operation. That should do it for the review on part number JET-3500, the Stromberg Carlson electric A-frame tongue jack. .

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Customer Reviews

Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack - 18" Lift - 3,500 lbs - JET-3500

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (41 Customer Reviews)

The Stromberg Carlson electric tongue jack removes the physical exertion required to crank your trailer up and down by doing it for you. It features 3,500-lb capacity and travels 18".

- JET-3500

by: Walt K11/01/2012

Product very easy to install. Worked the first time. Love the length of the jack extension and the foot (no longer need a cement block and several pieces of wood). Wish it were a little faster. Haven't tried it yet with the trailer loaded. 58656


Product continues to work flawlessly. Wish it worked a little faster, but I can take the slower speed as long as it continues to work so well. I was surprised to find out that the load of the trailed does not seem to affect performance. I would buy another one if needed.

Wally8k - 05/02/2014


- JET-3500

by: Leo06/07/2014

Replacement of the existing unit was quick and happily uneventful - a best case scenario. I now have a working jack on my trailer where I did not before, and it's even quieter than the old unit when the old unit was still working. Very happy. 134683


A year later: still working, still happy. :-

Leo - 06/07/2015


- JET-3500

by: Jim F.08/20/2013

Received the jack within three working days. Installation was easy and took only 45 minutes. Jack works great! Would recommend this jack. 96102


Jack still works great! Probably have used 10-12 times. Perfect! Would definitely recommend this product.

Jim F - 08/20/2014


- JET-3500

by: Burlyn Keller12/18/2010

Super Support Thanks etrailer for your super support. We had an accident while traveling through New Orleans, resulting in damage to our tongue jack. Our tow vehicle went to a shop but I took on the trailer repair. A quick on-line search found several available. Yours was about 18% less in price and the "no charge" shipping made it even better. The really good news is that within 48 hours, I had the new jack installed and working. Your prompt action, and letting me track the progress, certainly took the stress out of what had been a worrisome problem. I have you bookmarked and if I ever need anything that you supply, be assured you will hear from me again. Burlyn L Keller LT, USN retired 4313

- JET-3500

by: Steve02/11/2013

Installed this on my 28' Cargo Trailer and it worked very well. Wired it into the power feed from the truck to the trailer and it lifts and lowers the trailer without an issue. Haven't put it through a heavy load test yet, but it does not appear to strain much with the truck running and a few hundred pounds to tongue weight. 65635


After a year on my truck and about 50 updown uses on my 28 trailer, the jack still works well and I have not had any issues at all with it! I have the power hooked up through the aux power in my trailer plug and it works fine, but does bog down if I dont have the truck running it pulls a LOT of current! Overall happy with my purchase, and I certainly dont miss having to crank the tongue up and down!

comment by: Steve - 02/11/2014


- JET-3500

by: Abilene Al09/19/2011

This seems to be a good product, but there were no directions on the electrical connections. A novice might have problems with this. I am replacing an existing jack and have a construction background, everyone who buys one may not be experienced. There was nothing telling me what the side rubber plugs were for, they seem to be in the right place for the manual jack handle. A short person would have some problems turning the manual handle stuck in the top of the jack since it is shaped like a speed handle, handle should be shorter. I would appreciate a more indepth owners manual, rather than one sheet with little info. Maybe if I write the manufacture direct they will supply me one or there may be one on line. 24216

- JET-3500

by: Harry M05/24/2014

Easy to install seems to work great so far... 132262


We went on a three month journey last year different camp ground every other day so jack had a good work out without a flaw!! Good product!!

Harry M - 05/24/2015


- JET-3500

by: Jim H08/15/2012

A piece of crap. Mine quit 2nd time out and switch was broken . I could not get up or down. Tried to use manual crank and it did not work either. ended up breaking the housing trying to get switch out. Now I am confronted with broken unit, not knowing if I will be able to get my $ back. Would not replace with same unit. 51842


Im having the same issue. The dealer told me it was the battery on the camper that was causing the issue, replaced the battery, still doesnt work! They wont exchange it either! What tool did you get to manually crank it? I didnt get one with the camper and I purchased it new.

comment by: Tony - 07/31/2014


Since your dealer did not provide you with a handle for maual operation of your jack you might want to contact the trailer manufacturer or Stromberg Carlson directly to inquire about the correct handle.

Rachael H - 8/1/2014

- JET-3500

by: Don M08/01/2012

Received product much earlier than expected. Was vary easy to install, took less than 15 minutes. operated flawlessly. would highly recommend this to anyone who is tired of manually jacking trailer to unhook and level unit. THANK YOU Don 50107

- JET-3500

by: Elaine04/08/2013

I was very happy with the service from e-trailer! order made, sent and recieved with no issues. The product was very easy to install. I was very impressed that it came with the fuse already in the wiring and the crank with socket as a back-up... other products require you to purchase separately. I have used it only a few times but so far so good!!! 74908

- JET-3500

by: Chris A.04/17/2012

Ordered this product and rec'd it several days later. I installed this product in less than an hour and I am not handy by any means. I used the jack right away. The LED's are a big plus at night when you need to see to hook up your RV. Great customer service by etrailer. This is the second item I have bought from them in a 3 week span. 37510

- JET-3500

by: Dale A.08/03/2013

the product will be mounted on our 30' travel trailer, making it much easier to hook and unhook from our vehicle. the product is a very high quality product and we are looking forward to many years of good service from the product. It was easily installed with the instruction given. Great overall experience 93050

- JET-3500

by: Paul Persson04/01/2012

So far so good. It was easy to install and has worked well. I have only used it once as a test. I like the fact that if my battery goes down that I can still use it manually. It looks good and just testing it told me that it will be a lot better that cranking it up, down, up and down again by hand. 35868

- JET-3500

by: Daryl E08/19/2011

I received the Electric Jack 3 days after I ordered. It was shipped via regular / ground UPS. I installed the jack last night and it from start to finish, it took a maximum of 15 minutes. I used it briefly last night and am very impressed. 22141

- JET-3500

by: Tony G07/23/2015

I received my new Jet-3500 electric jack lift as promised in 3 days. It took me all of 10 mins to get the old lift out and install the new one. Thank you for having exactly what I need and for great customer care. 213857

- JET-3500

by: Bud07/02/2015

Nice quiet jack. No instructions but it's just take one off put new one on. Prompt delivery. Of course the service minded folks at etrailer were on top of the order that's why I keep coming back. Thanks Bud 208888

- JET-3500

by: Chad K04/27/2013

Just bought the tongue jack for my father for a birthday present. Installed works great easy fast installation. A must have if your getting tired of always hand cranking alot faster and easier! 78087

- JET-3500

by: Jerry M.04/04/2015

The item was exactly what I ordered. It was priced good. And I got it really fast. My purchase was a good experience. I will continue using E trailer and would recommend them to a friend. 183027

- JET-3500

by: Darwin S.05/16/2013

Great product and very easy to install and use. Would recommend it to anyone especially persons who don't want to wear themselves out cranking on a convential trailer lift. 80514

- JET-3500

by: Ed Muscat04/22/2012

the electric trailer tongue jack is very slow. I have another unit silmilar to this one that is 3X faster. it looks good but takes too long to extend and retract. 38042

- JET-3500

by: Lee J04/22/2011

It arrived, I installed it and it appears to work just as advertised. Not my first order with etrailer and so far I've never been disapointed. Thanks 12217

- JET-3500

by: al02/10/2013

looks good,easy installment. haven't had a chance to use it much yet as we are parked for the winter but after install it seems to work good. 65590

- JET-3500

by: Karen H06/25/2015

Electric jacket works great! Excellent customer service. Fast and helpful with selecting a replacement when the original was back ordered. 207004

- JET-3500

by: Bob M.06/27/2012

This is one of the nicest products I've bought in a while, its very easy to install, and it works great, Keep up the good work. 45787

- JET-3500

by: Steve M05/31/2011

fast shipping, arrived in good condition, and very easy to install, took my and my five year old about fifteen minutes 15728

- JET-3500

by: Brandon Studdard09/27/2012

Install super easy! Looks Great.Motor a little slower than others I have but who needs speed when hooking up trailer. 55913

- JET-3500

by: chusker09/27/2014

exact match replacement. light ant controls would be better on side to survive damage if you back into it. 153329

- JET-3500

by: John G.10/27/2014

Arrived intact and in record time!!! A cinch to install, took five minutes. Great experience! Thank you! 158052

- JET-3500

by: MICHAEL CAMERON SR02/24/2012


- JET-3500

by: Elwood01/08/2013

The jack is everything I expected. I received it in less time than I thought it would take. 62597

- JET-3500

by: R Buddell04/14/2015

Arrived in perfect condition and it works great!! Thanks for the great service! 185008

- JET-3500

by: Ralph. F08/14/2011

Great to deal with. All came as expected. Great place to get all your trailer needs 21894

- JET-3500

by: RICK04/14/2013

Installation was a snap. The jack is a little slow, but it beats hand cranking. 75897

- JET-3500

by: JTM07/08/2011

Product arrived on time and it installed w/o a problem. Thanks 18956

- JET-3500

by: teresa03/28/2013

This product worked great for us and was very easy to install. 73071

- JET-3500

by: LaVonne B.05/18/2015

Very easy to put on, haven't had a chance to use it yet. 193946

- JET-3500

by: Mike S.07/19/2012

The jack was easy to install and it works great so far. 48512

- JET-3500

by: Alan P.03/24/2011

From start to finish, a class act all the way. 10299

- JET-3500

by: Barbara05/27/2014

Excellent product with prompt delivery. 132563

- JET-3500

by: Wayne07/02/2012

So far works great 46572

- JET-3500

by: Stu Amos04/13/2011

great service! 11660


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  • Troubleshooting Electric A-Frame Trailer Tongue Jack, # JET-3500 Blowing Fuses
  • You should be able to manually crank the Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, # JET-3500, up and down by removing the rubber plug on the side and inserting the manual handle or a properly sized socket wrench. Turn clockwise to extend the jack and counter-clockwise to retract it. I spoke with one of our installers about the fuses blowing. He stated that the power wire could be shorting to ground or there could be an internal component that is shorting out. Make sure all ground connections are...
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  • LCI Electric Trailer Jack Keeps Blowing the 30 Amp Fuse
  • What is probably occurring on your jack is that it has been extended too far at some point and has become stuck. Trying to move it in either direction draws too much power as the motor tries to push the leg free. This cause the fuse to blow. What many electric jack manufacturers will do is to smash or otherwise distort the end of the screw that turns to move the leg up and down to prevent it from extending to far. If it does end up extending too far the threads will become permanently...
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  • How To Manually Operate Jammed Electric Trailer Tongue Jack
  • It is likely that the interior gears have stripped when the jack over-extended. If you have the manual crank that should have came with the jack, use it by removing the rubber plug at the top of the jack, insert the crank and fit it to the override nut. Turn handle counter-clockwise to lower the trailer. If you no longer have the crank, we sell a replacement as part # JCH-1. If manually cranking the jack is unsuccessful, you will probably need to replace the jack, as the jack manufacturers...
    view full answer...

  • Is a Parts List or Diagram Available for the Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack # JET-3500
  • I spoke with my contact at Stromberg Carlson to find out if there are parts available for the # JET-3500 jacks. I found that this jack is manufactured by Lippert Components and internal parts are not available for the jack. If internal components were to fail, replacement of the jack is the only option. The representative at Lippert also said that the jack is internally lubricated and is not meant to be lubricated by the user. The only parts available for this jack are the Crank Handle,...
    view full answer...

  • Electric Trailer Jack Light Comes On but Motor Does Not Run
  • I do not think the fuse is blown because the light still comes on. It sounds like the motor has gone out. This could happen from over extending a jack or overloading it. If the jack is connected to a battery mounted on the trailer, the battery may not have enough juice to power on the motor but just the light. Take the battery off and have it tested. For a battery charger, use # CTEK56158. This charger works much better than a trickle charger and can revive a battery unless it is completely...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Replacement Motor for Lippert Model 1300 Power Tongue Jack
  • The part you referenced, Stromberg-Carlson Motor and Switch Kit for Landing Gear # LG-217884, is for converting Stromberg-Carlson manual landing gear to powered, or to replace the motor and switch on their # LG-1 electric landing gear. It is not suitable as a replacement motor for a tongue jack. My contact at Lippert advises that they do not offer a replacement motor for their powered tongue jacks. These units are not user-serviceable except for exterior components such as power switches...
    view full answer...

  • Installing Trailer Mounted Battery to Power Trailer Tongue Jack
  • Due to the importance of a properly functioning break away system, it would be best to leave the existing break away battery in place and add an additional battery for powering the jack. A standard automotive or small deep-cycle 12 volt battery would work just fine for you. I would recommend using a battery box to protect the battery from the elements. The 12-volt accessory circuit from the 7-way would run to the positive terminal of your auxiliary battery, and then to the positive...
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  • Trailer Jack Recommendation to Replace a 2,500-Lb LCI Model 1300 Power Tongue Jack
  • For a powered A-Frame tongue trailer jack to replace your LCI model 1300 power tongue jack I would suggest the Stromberg-Carlson Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, part # JET-3500. This is a 3,500-lb capacity jack with a 18 inch lift. Another choice would be the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, part # BD500185. This is a 4,000-lb capacity jack with a 17 inch lift. Both of these jacks will give you a higher weight capacity compared to your current 2,500-lb LCI trailer jack. If you...
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  • Husky Electric Tongue Jack Recommendation
  • For an electric tongue jack, I recommend the Husky Brute # HT87247 for a couple of reasons. Although both companies are very reputable and produce quality product, it seems as if the Husky more favorable reviews from customers. For about the same money, the other benefit is that the Husky has a higher weight capacity at 4,500 lbs versus the 3,500 lbs of the Stromberg-Carlson. Aesthetically, the Stromberg wins hands down. The white is cool, but, with it being out in the weather on...
    view full answer...

  • What Replacement Parts Available for Stromberg-Carlson Electric A-Frame Jack, Part # JET-3500
  • We do offer some replacement parts for the Stromberg-Carlson Electric Tongue Jack, part # JET-3500, however these are limited to extend/retract switches, light switches, LED light components and plastic housings. Based on your description it sounds like the only user-serviceable item we offer that might address the wiring issue you have is the replacement extend/retract switch, part # 7145-226023. My manufacturer contact confirms that no motor or internal mechanical replacement parts,...
    view full answer...

  • What Electric Tongue Jack Will Work Best On A 2008 Dutchmen Trailer With 1,235 Lbs. Tongue Weight
  • The Stromberg Carlson Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, part # JET-3500, is manufactured by Lippert. I spoke with my contact at Stromberg Carlson and he said that the JET-3500 has a model number of 181794. He said that Lippert also builds a 2,500 lb. tongue jack, but Stromberg Carlson does not distribute the smaller jack. He did not know the part number of the smaller jack. He also said that the part # 103877 could be a number that Dutchmen might use. For your 2008 Dutchmen trailer with...
    view full answer...

  • How to Wire the Stromberg-Carlson Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, # JET-3500, to a Trailer Battery
  • The red power wire on the Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, # JET-3500, is the power wire and it will attach to the positive battery terminal on your trailer battery. First, remove the fuse in the in-line fuse holder on the red wire. Mount the jack to the trailer and tighten it down. The jack grounds through the mounting hardware. Then connect the red wire to the positive battery terminal. The last step is to insert the fuse in the fuse holder.
    view full answer...

  • Stromberg Carlson Motorized Tongue Jack # JET-3500 Extend/Retract Switch No Longer Operates
  • Thank you for detailing your troubleshooting steps taken on your Stromberg Carlson Motorized Tongue Jack # JET-3500. Based on your description is does sound like the extend/retract switch is shunting some of the current from the battery to ground. This would explain the dimming of the LED lights. However a damaged motor could cause this also. You can test the switch using a voltmeter, such as # BTMT15. With the switch wired into the jack and the multimeter set to read voltage, apply...
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting a Electric Jack that will Extend but not Retract
  • It sounds like the switch in the jack is bad and should be replaced. Typically when an electric jack will go one direction but not the other its because the switch is broken. You might try checking all the fuses on the jack also. Since your trailer is brand new I would imagine there is some kind of warranty that would cover your jack. I would try contacting where you bought the trailer.
    view full answer...

  • Removing the Top Cover on Stromberg-Carlson Trailer Jack JET-3500 to Replace Switch
  • There are 4 screws on the bottom of the bottom cover holding it to the top. And if you remove the cap on the very top of jack # JET-3500 you will see 2 more screws. With all the screws removed you should have no problem with the cover.
    view full answer...

  • How to Wire the Stromberg Carlson Electric A-Frame Trailer Tongue Jack, # JET-3500
  • The Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, # JET-3500, runs off a 12 volt battery. The best source for power would be from a 12 volt battery (like a car battery) mounted on the trailer. If you have a separate battery mounted on the trailer, a 7-Way trailer connectors 12 volt circuit can be used to maintain (but not up charge) that battery.
    view full answer...

  • Powered Trailer Jack Fuse Keeps Blowing on Stromberg Carlson Trailer Jack # JET-3500
  • It sounds like there is a short somewhere in the wiring on the trailer. Something may be switched like the positive/negative or there is some bare metal on a wire that is touching the trailer frame. The fuse blowing indicates a short or something drawing too much power constantly. You will want to go through the trailer wiring and make sure its all set up correctly, there are no broken wires touching bare metal, and that all the grounds are attached to clean and corrosion free bare metal...
    view full answer...

  • How Many Amps does the Motor Draw for the Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, # JET-3500
  • According to the specifications of the Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, # JET-3500, from Stromberg Carlson, the jack motor can draw a maximum of 30 amps at 12 volts. The closer to the capacity of the jack (3,500 pounds) the more power it will draw. I have included a link to all of the powered jack options we carry for you to view.
    view full answer...

  • Do Powered Trailer Jacks Draw their Power from their Own Battery or Do they Get Power from the Truck
  • Typically these powered jacks would get their power from a trailer mounted battery that is maintained via the 7-Way on the truck. The truck would keep the battery topped off when towing down the road and the jack would pull the amperage it needs from the trailer battery. Depending on the load, it could draw more current than should be drawn through the truck 7-Way wiring.
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  • Replacement Electric A-Frame Trailer Jack for a 9,000 Pound Dutchman Travel Trailer
  • A 9,000 pound trailer should have a tongue weight of 900 to 1,350 pounds, maybe a little more, so any jack that has a capacity higher than the tongue weight would work. But the higher the capacity of the jack the easier it will be for it to lift the trailer and the longer it will last. That is why I recommend going with the Husky Brute, # HT87247. It is rated for 4,500 pounds and has 18 inches of lift. And with this jack it will shut off before it can over extend which can damage a regular...
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  • How to Remove the Housing from the Stromberg-Carlson Electric A-Frame Trailer Tongue Jack
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled a Stromberg-Carlson jack # JET-3500. Based on what I saw there are screws that enter from the bottom half of the housing and hold on the top part of the housing. These very narrow holes will require a long and thin phillips head screwdriver. I made a video for you showing the locations.
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  • Hole Size for Electric Trailer Jack Installation on the Atwood Coupler # 81911
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled the Atwood Trailer Coupler, # 81911, and the center installation hole in the coupler is 2-1/4 inches inside diameter. The bolt holes around the hole are 3-1/8 inches on center at the back of the coupler and 3 inches from the back two bolt holes to the front bolt hole. See photo attached for clarification. I also pulled the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, # BD500186, and the Stromberg Carlson Electric Trailer Jack, # JET-3500. The Atwood coupler...
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  • Replacing Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, # JET-3500, on a 2011 Coachman Freedom Express Trailer
  • What you are going to need is another, independent jack with the capacity to lift and hold the trailer while you remove the old one. Once you have the trailer lifted and secured, retract the leg of the jack and remove the foot plate. Then you can un-bolt it from the frame and pull it up and out of the way. Remove it and the wiring and then reverse the process for the new jack. make sure to test it first before putting a load on it.
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  • What are the Dimensions of the Head on the Electric A-Frame Trailer Tongue Jack, # JET-3500
  • I went out to the warehouse to measure the head of the Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, # JET-3500. It measures 6 inches wide from side to side, and 8-3/4 inches wide from front to back. The overall height of just the head is 10-1/2 inches.
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  • How Does the Stromberg-Carlson Electric Jack Wire for Installation
  • Typically these powered jacks would get their power from a trailer mounted battery that is maintained via the 7-Way on the truck. The truck would keep the battery topped off when towing down the road and the jack would pull the amperage it needs from the trailer battery. So yes, you would attach this Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack # JET-3500 to the positive side of the battery for installation.
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  • Will Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, # JET-3500 Clear the Propane Tanks on a Trailer
  • I went out to the warehouse to take some measurements on the Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, # JET-3500. When fully retracted, the distance from the jack foot to the bottom of the mounting bracket is 10-3/8 inches. From the center of the jack to the back of the housing is 2-3/4 inches. The distance from the center of the jack to the front of the housing is 6-3/4 inches. From the bottom of the housing to the top of the bracket is 10-3/8 inches.
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  • Super Jack 3500 LB Capacity by H&H Engineering Won't Lower Trailer Tongue
  • Without being familiar with the particular jack you have, I have an idea or two about what might be causing the problem. If the jack will extend but not retract, the switch might be going bad. The fact that it's an intermittent problem would seem to make this fairly likely. Another possibility is that you might be hyper-extending the jack. This would be the case if the jack was installed too high on the trailer frame. Next time this occurs, manually operate the jack to lower it a few...
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  • Comparing the Stromberg Carlson 3,500 Jack and the Bulldog 4,00 lb Powered Jacks
  • I spoke to my contact at BullDog and he informed me that the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack # BD500185 that you referenced can travel at between 7 and 12 inches per minute based on the load that is on the trailer. I also spoke to Stromberg Carlson about the Stromberg Carlson Jack # JET-3500 and she said that it would take more like a minute 15 seconds to 2 minutes to completely go up or down.
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  • Troubleshooting Electric Trailer Jack that Doesn't work When Not Connected to a Tow Vehicle
  • The problem is most likely the ground circuit for the jack. Since most trailers ground to the tow vehicle it sounds like the jack isn't able to ground properly when you are trying to power it with just your trailer. The jack grounds through it's mounting hardware to the trailer frame. If the trailer isn't grounding to a vehicle like when it is connected to your vehicle it won't work.
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