Powered jack can be operated wirelessly with included remote. Ball-bearing screw system reduces noise and wear and operates more efficiently than standard screw systems. Automatic stop prevents damage to gears. LEDs offer nighttime visibility. Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Jack from Husky. Husky Brute Electric Trailer Jack w Wireless Remote - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 18" Lift - 4,500 lbs part number HT87641 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Husky Brute Electric Trailer Jack w Wireless Remote - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 18" Lift - 4,500 lbs

Husky Trailer Jack

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Husky Trailer Jack - HT87641

Powered jack can be operated wirelessly with included remote. Ball-bearing screw system reduces noise and wear and operates more efficiently than standard screw systems. Automatic stop prevents damage to gears. LEDs offer nighttime visibility.


  • Electric jack with powered drive lets you lift and lower your trailer quickly and easily
  • Wireless capability - operate jack from anywhere within 40'
    • 2 Key fob remote controls included
  • Low-friction ball screw minimizes resistance to reduce wear, noise and heat
    • Ball bearings roll smoothly through threads - no direct, friction-inducing contact
    • 30 Percent less power draw than typical screw systems
  • Automatic stop prevents damage caused by hard stops and excessive pressure
    • Motor is shut down before nut reaches end of shaft
  • 3 Built-in LEDs illuminate area to front and sides of jack for superior nighttime visibility
    • Side lights ease weight-distribution hookup and disconnect
  • Trailer connector storage bracket guards trailer wiring from the elements
  • Drop leg allows for greater adjustability
  • Large footplate provides excellent stability
  • Hardened steel gears and stainless steel fasteners offer maximum durability
  • Sturdy cover and weather-guarded switches prevent water-related damage to motor
  • Silver powder coat finish resists corrosion
  • Bolt-on installation for A-frame trailers
  • Manual override crank, 6' of 10-gauge power supply wire, and 30-amp fuse included


  • Bracket height:
    • 8-1/2" Retracted
    • 26-1/2" Extended
  • Total travel: 24"
    • Lift: 18"
    • Drop leg: 6"
  • Lift capacity: 4,500 lbs
  • Tubing diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Footplate diameter: 5-1/2"
  • Motor attributes:
    • 12 Volts
    • 10" Travel in 38 seconds
    • 25-Amp draw at rated load
  • 1-Year warranty

Wireless Ability with Included Remotes

Husky Brute Remote Operation

The wireless capability of this powered jack lets you raise or lower your trailer from anywhere within 40 feet. Climb inside your camper while jacking it up to make sure everything is level inside, or eyeball your rig from afar to get it just right. Two key fob remotes are included, each with controls to turn the jack on and off and to raise it or lower it.

Smooth, Low-Friction Operation

Typical jack screw systems feature direct contact between the surfaces of the screw and the threaded nut. This constant contact produces a good deal of friction, which not only increases the amount of power necessary to operate the jack but also creates heat within the system. Heat leads to increased wear on the threads, and this wear can ultimately lead to failure.

Husky Brute Ball Bearing Jack Screw System

The Brute is built with ball bearings that roll smoothly along the threads of the screw shaft and the nut, thereby eliminating direct surface-to-surface contact. This produces far less friction along the threads, leading to a reduction in heat and wear, as well as noise. In addition, because much of the friction is eliminated, less power is needed to operate the Brute. This electric jack pulls 30 percent less amperage than jacks with traditional screw systems. The overall result is a jack that can be raised and lowered faster, smoother and more efficiently.

SmartStop Automatic Stop

When a typical trailer jack is extended beyond the recommended height, the threaded nut that creates the up-and-down movement of the jack will hit a built-in stop at the top of the shaft - and hit it hard. If you leave the motor running, the nut will continue to apply pressure to this stop as it attempts to rise higher. The result is extreme stress on the gears and on the jack as a whole.

The Husky Brute has an integrated safety feature to combat this problem. The SmartStop timing system ensures that the jack motor shuts off before the nut can hit the built-in stop. No hard mechanical stops. No undue stress on the screw system. And most importantly, no damage to your powered jack.

87641 Husky Towing Products - The Brute - Wireless Electric Trailer Jack with Remote - 4,500 lbs

Video of Husky Brute Electric Trailer Jack w Wireless Remote - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 18" Lift - 4,500 lbs

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Video Demo Husky Trailer Jack HT87641
Husky Trailer Jack HT87641 Review
Video install husky brute electric jack ht87641
Husky Brute Electric Jack Installation

Video Transcript for Husky Trailer Jack HT87641 Review

Today we're going to review Part #HT87641. This is the Husky Brute Electric Trailer Jack with the wireless remote. This is a drop-leg design, it fits A-frame trailers and it has a 4500 lb. weight capacity. This electric jack with the power-drive will let you lift or lower your trailer quickly and easily. It does have the wireless capability. It comes with these two wireless key fob remotes right here.

This will let you raise or lower your trailer from anywhere within 40 feet of the jack. Basically, what's nice about this is you can climb inside your camper while you're jacking it up to make sure everything is level on the inside or you can eyeball your trailer from a distance to get it just right. You could control all the features of the jack by these wireless remotes which are included. Each one you notice it has the covers, you just slide the covers and you'll see the buttons on there. Each of them will control to turn the jack on or off and to raise or lower it. This jack does come with the three built in LED lights, one in front and one on each side.

This will help light and brighten up the area to the front and sides of the jack for superior nighttime visibility. The nice thing with these side lights is their designed to point down and what that does is it will help you when you are a going to have a weight distribution hookup or disconnection on the trailer. This will brighten up that area down there when it's dark out to help you with that connection. On the very back of this jack, you can see this is a trailer connector storage bracket. In other words, on your trailer your four-way, five-way, six-way or even seven-way you can just hang it up here. It will store it.

This cover will protect it from the elements getting to the connector. It does have this drop-leg here with the pin and clip in it. This will allow for greater adjustability. This will basically, if you leave it out all the way, it'll give you an additional six inches of total travel. The large footplate, it's a 5 and 1/2 inch diameter footplate, it will provide excellent stability for the jack. On the inside it has hardened steel gears and stainless steel fasteners which offer maximum durability. It has a nice sturdy cover and the switchers are weather guarded, it has a weather protection over it. This will prevent water related damage to the motor.

It has a nice silver powder coated finish which will help resist corrosion. As you can see here, it is a bolt-on installation for A-frame trailers. It has the three elongated holes which are usually matched up, it's an industry standard measurement on most of your A-frame trailers, so this should match up to those. Now it comes with everything showing here. It comes with the manual override crank that is used to manually operate the jack. It comes with six feet of 10 gauge power supply wire to hook to the 12 volt power supply. It comes with this 30 amp circuit breaker that you would wire in-line before you hook the wire to the battery. The nice thing since they include a circuit breaker, what's nice over a fuse is if it was a fuse, it would blow and you'd have to find a fuse to replace it. With the circuit breaker and it blows, you can just push the button to reset it. It also comes with the three star washers. The reason those are included, since you only have one wire which is for the power, you do need to have a ground. It grounds through this plate and since it's painted, you want to make sure you get a good ground connection. You put these star washers on your bolts and as you tighten it down, those star washers would gouge into the mounting bracket some to give you a good ground connection. It comes with this bubble level that you can put on top of the jack to make sure it is level. You can put it on the trailer to make sure it's level or anything you want to make sure is level. It comes with this little slotted bracket or slotted wrench here, and what this would be used for is when you used the manual crank, I'll show you in a minute here, this will need to be used to release the brake on the jack. I'll show you how that's used. Basically, on a typical jack screw system, it'll feature direct contact between the surfaces of the screw and the threaded nut. This constant contact on the typical jack screw system will produce a good deal of friction which not only increases the amount of power necessary to operate the jack, but it will also create heat within the system. Of course, when you create heat, that leads to increased wear on the threads and this wear can cause the jack to fail. What Brute does with this jack is they built a low friction ball screw system. Basically what that means is it has ball bearings that will roll smoothly along the threads of the screw shaft and the nut. When it does that it eliminates direct surface to surface contact. This will produce far less friction along the threads leading to reduction in heat, wear and even noise. In addition, because much of the frictions eliminated, less power would be needed to operate this jack and this jack will pull 30% less amperage than jacks with that traditional screw system. Overall your jack can be raised and lowered faster, smoother and more efficiently. It also includes the SmartStop system, which is Husky's name, it's an automatic stop. Basically what that does is the SmartStop will shutdown power to the motor before the nut will reach the hard stopping point of the jack. In other words, in the case you we're going to raise it, you pull up on your toggle switch, your jack will keep raising, when it hits the point where it stops, even if your finger's on the toggle switch, the SmartStop will shutdown the power to protect the jack from getting damaged. Same way if you push down on it, as you're lowering the jack, if your finger's still on it and you hit the point where it stops, it will shut the power down. The bracket height on this right now where it's set up is from the footplate to the mounting bracket, it's going to be 8 and 1/2 inches retracted. Now when it's extended it has an 18 inch lift, so when the jack is fully extended that 18 inches, if you add on the 8 and 1/2, it will give you 26 and 1/2 inches extended. And if you drop that leg out, if you want to add 6 more inches, that will give you a total travel of 18 for the lift, 6 for the drop leg of 24 inches. The lift capacity on this jack is 4500 lbs. Tubing diameter is 2 and 1/4 inches and we mentioned the footplate diameter is at 5 and 1/2 inches. This is a 12 volt motor. It has a 25 amp draw at the rated low and it would move the jack about 10 inches in about 38 seconds. First what I'm going to show you is how the manual crank would work. You just have this rubber plug up on top here, we pull this rubber plug out, it gives you a hole right here. You take the socket end of the manual crank, drop it in until it lines up in there, it latches on. Then what you need to do, right now it won't crank anywhere because it's locked, the brake is on. You need to release the brake. To do that, you go to the side here by the motor, pull this plug out, take this part that's included, you just slide this onto a lever in there, you just push it forward and that will release the brake. When you do that, you'll be able to see that you can hand crank it manually up or down, whichever you need to do. But you do need to make sure you release that brake. Now what I'm going to do, I do have a 12 volt power supply here. Let's see if we can fit this plug back in here. The main thing you want to do is just make sure, right now I still have the brake released. What you want to do if you're going to operate with power, you want to pull that back so it locks, puts that brake back into application or the brake will be working now, so let's put the plug back, I can't get that plug in. So we get this plug in. What we'll do, we won't worry about that right now. What I'm going to do is hook this up to 12 volt power. I have a 12 volt power supply here. The ground, and again the ground is usually through here, but since it's painted, it probably won't give us a good ground so what I'm going to do is use the bottom part as our ground. What we're going to do, you see the light, turn the front light on. You should be able to see the side light also, they both light up. You can turn them on or off. Then the jack, in other words, if you pull up on it you'll see that it will raise the jack up. If you go down, I'm going to show you that SmartStop, I got my finger on it. It's going all the way down and you'll see I still have my finger on it and it hit the point where it won't go any further. It will automatically shut out the power. The last thing I want to show you is the wireless remote. We have it hooked up. You just slide that open, push the on and then you should be able to go up or down. The same SmartStop feature will work. I have my finger on the button, it's working that way. That should do it. For the review on Part #HT87641, the Husky Brute Electric Trailer Jack with wireless remote for A-frame trailers. .

Customer Reviews

Husky Brute Electric Trailer Jack w Wireless Remote - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 18" Lift - 4,500 lbs - HT87641

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (11 Customer Reviews)

Powered jack can be operated wirelessly with included remote. Ball-bearing screw system reduces noise and wear and operates more efficiently than standard screw systems. Automatic stop prevents damage to gears. LEDs offer nighttime visibility.

- HT87641

by: Tim M.07/10/2013

Awesome shipping, communication and service. Install time from removing the old to complete install of new less than 30 minutes!!!! 88669


When you removed the electrical holder bracket on rear of unit what did you use to keep the elements out of the motor

comment by: Steve - 03/03/2014


- HT87641

by: Marcus H.05/20/2013

I have not yet been able to use this while camping, that will have to wait a few weeks, but the installation took under 30 min. I think I actually spent more time "testing" the jack than actually installing it!! The only thing I wish was that the in line circuit break was pre attached, But this was not a big deal. My E-3 camper is only 3 years old so the original jack came off with no problem and this one was bolted in just as fast. Wiring was simple, the most difficult part of the instillation was getting under the tongue to zip tie the wires. I can not wait to use this to hook up to my truck. I will take pictures and upload in a few days. Over all this was a great purchase!! Very happy with whole process, ordering, shipping and installation. E-trailer is the only trailer supply store I will use. 81099

- HT87641

by: Steve M03/12/2014

Excellent transaction. Great service and help from etrailer. Product arrived quickly and in perfect shape. Installation was very easy and only took about 40 minutes from start to finish. For those wondering about the electrical bracket on rear of unit. It can easily be removed so jack will fit if you don't have much room due to propane tank cover. It is sealed behind the bracket so there is no worry about removing it. You can the. Easily install it elsewhere if you wish to use it. Powerful jack. Operates smoothly and quietly. Lights are the only con but not a big deal. Love the jack and will definitely recommend to my friends will try to add a pic later 120470

- HT87641

by: Eric Weir12/13/2013

I received my Trailer Jack on time as quoted and in great condition. It was a very easy install, about 30 minutes. I did go to purchase the connectors for the wiring. I used the Jack this week camping and it was fantastic. The lights are a little dull. Thanks for the Great Service. Cheers, Eric 110102

- HT87641

by: Jim H02/24/2014

I just installed the jack.Installation is quite simple if you have any small amount of mechanical ability.Wiring on the other hand is vague if you are not a professional load and lind could be confusing on the breaker,most installers would use a butt connector I used a 2 pin deutcsh connector to keep out moisture from the jack to breaker from breaker to battery.The jack posed no strain on my 7800lb.33ft. bumper pull toy hauler when lifting it. Jim 117530

- HT87641

by: rusty branum04/28/2013

My new jack arrived in three days, exactly when my salesman said it would. The installation was very easy, took about one hour, including removing the old jack and addressing an ugly previous wiring job. The jack works flawless, extremely smooth and quite, I opted for the remote feature and glad I did. I'm very pleased with the product and service. 78220

- HT87641

by: Mike F11/24/2013

Wow, What a difference. Own six trailers all various sizes. Used and babied other jacks, the brand (nameless) we have been buying for 30yrs never did the job without assisting with a hand jack at times.Should have bought this brand first..The remote is a time and step saver..Put it on in 12 minutes,love the fuse box feature.(circuit Breaker). 108335

- HT87641

by: Keith B01/23/2013

This unit was breeze to install. It works well, I could not be happier. I love the remote controls, hooking up is a pleasant job now. Also the service from Etrailer is second to none. This is my third purchase from Etrailer and I will not even bother looking anywhere else for parts and accessories. 63922

- HT87641

by: Old Dog03/22/2014

My wife and I are both in our 60’s so saves a lot of time and work installing my equalizer. I also use it to level my trailer front to rear. It installed in just a few minutes and works great. Remote controls more helpful than I thought they would be. You can’t go wrong buying one these. 121779

- HT87641

by: Scott Mailand07/26/2013

Easy to install. Works great. So far so good! 91630

- HT87641

by: doug03/11/2013

Overall great product... 69993


Still working great

comment by: Doug - 03/11/2014


Thanks for the feedback!

Patrick B - 3/11/2014


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