Remote-controlled power jack has a high-capacity ball-bearing screw system that reduces noise and wear, and is more efficient than standard screw systems. Automatic stop prevents damage to gears. Front and side LED strips offer superior illumination. Call 800-298-8924 to order Husky camper jack part number HT82022 or order online at Free expert support on all Husky products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Husky Super Brute Electric Trailer Jack w/ Wireless Remote - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 24" Lift - 5K. Camper Jack reviews from real customers.

Price: $333.95

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Video Demo Husky Camper Jack HT82022

Husky Camper Jack HT82022 Review
Video review husky super brute electric a frame trailer jack ht82022

Husky Super Brute Electric Trailer Jack Review
Video mreview of husky superbrute ht82022

Husky Super Brute Electric Trailer Jack Manufacturer Demo

Husky Super Brute Electric Trailer Jack w/ Wireless Remote - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 24" Lift - 5K

Husky Camper Jack

(9 reviews)

Code:   HT82022


Price: $333.95

Shipping Special

Shipping Weight: 30 pounds


Husky Camper Jack - HT82022

Remote-controlled power jack has a high-capacity ball-bearing screw system that reduces noise and wear, and is more efficient than standard screw systems. Automatic stop prevents damage to gears. Front and side LED strips offer superior illumination.


  • Electric tongue jack lets you lift and lower your trailer quickly and easily
  • Wireless capability - operate jack from anywhere within 70' with included remotes
    • 2 Key fob remote controls included
  • Low-friction ball screw system minimizes resistance to reduce wear, noise, and heat
    • Ball bearings roll smoothly through threads - no direct, friction-inducing contact
    • Heavy-duty nut on ball screw increases load capacity by 33 percent
    • 30-Percent less power draw than typical screw systems
    • Maintenance-free and no need to grease the ball screw system
  • Internal overheat protection safeguards motor and extends life of jack
  • Automatic stop prevents damage caused by hard stops and excessive pressure
    • Motor is shut down before nut reaches end of shaft
  • 3 High-output LED strips illuminate area to front and sides of jack for superior nighttime visibility
    • Side lights ease weight distribution hookup and disconnect
  • Trailer connector storage bracket guards trailer wiring from the elements
  • Drop leg allows for greater adjustability
  • Large footplate provides excellent stability
  • Hardened steel gears, stainless steel fasteners, and soldered electrical connections offer maximum durability
  • Sleek, water-resistant housing is sealed to prevent damage to motor
  • Soft-trigger switches are weather protected
    • Backlit panel on housing unit makes it easy to see switches at night
  • Silver powder coat finish on outer tube and zinc plating on drop leg resist corrosion
  • Bolt-on installation for A-frame trailers - hardware included
  • Manual override crank; 6' long, 10-gauge power supply wire; and 30-amp, re-settable, push-button circuit breaker included
  • FCC and IC approved


  • Bracket height:
    • Retracted: 8-1/2"
    • Extended: 26-1/2"
  • Total lift: 24"
    • Travel: 18"
    • Drop leg: 6"
  • Lift capacity: 5,000 lbs
  • Outer tube diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Footplate diameter: 5-1/2"
  • Motor attributes:
    • 12 Volts
    • Cycles 6" up and 6" back down in 60 seconds
    • 25-Amp draw at rated load
  • 2-Year warranty

Wireless Ability with Included Remotes

Wireless Remote-Controlled Power Jack

The wireless capability of this powered jack lets you raise or lower your trailer from anywhere within 70 feet. Climb inside your camper while jacking it up to make sure everything is level inside, or eyeball your rig from afar to get it just right. The LED lights on the housing unit will flash to confirm that the remote is communicating with the jack. Two key fob remotes are included, each with controls to turn the jack on and off and to raise or lower it. Built-in sleep circuits will keep the remotes from losing power when they're not being used.

Smooth, Low-Friction Operation

Typical jack screw systems feature direct contact between the surfaces of the screw and the threaded nut. This constant contact produces a good deal of friction, which not only increases the amount of power necessary to operate the jack but also creates heat within the system. Heat leads to increased wear on the threads, and this wear can ultimately lead to failure.

Husky Ball and Screw Mechanical Leveling System

The Super Brute is built with ball bearings that roll smoothly along the threads of the screw shaft and the nut, thereby eliminating direct surface-to-surface contact. This produces far less friction along the threads, leading to a reduction in heat and wear, as well as noise. In addition, because much of the friction is eliminated, less power is needed to operate the Super Brute. This electric jack pulls 30 percent less amperage than jacks with traditional screw systems. The overall result is a jack that can be raised and lowered faster, smoother and more efficiently.

This jack has an advanced 20-mm ball design with a high-capacity ball screw that allows it to lift up to 33 percent more weight than comparable ball and screw systems.

SmartStop Automatic Stop

When a typical trailer jack is extended beyond the recommended height, the threaded nut that creates the up-and-down movement will hit a built-in stop at the top of the shaft - and hit it hard. If you leave the motor running, the nut will continue to apply pressure to this stop as it attempts to rise higher. The result is extreme stress on the gears and on the jack as a whole.

The Husky Super Brute has an integrated safety feature to combat this problem. The SmartStop timing system ensures that the jack motor shuts off before the nut can hit the built-in stop. No hard mechanical stops, and no undue stress on the screw system. Most importantly, there's no damage to your powered jack.

Sealed and Maintenance-Free Head Unit

Husky Super Brute Head System Unit

The head unit on the jack is sealed and water resistant. This gives extra protection to the motor, gears, and electrical components housed inside. The sleek design of the head also gives this jack a stylish appearance. There is no need to open the head because the motor is maintenance-free. In addition, the ball screw doesn't need to be greased routinely. The toggle switches are soft and weather protected, and they sit on a backlit panel that makes them easy to see and operate at night.

Universal Plug Storage Bracket

Trailer Plug Storage Bracket

A unique feature on this jack is that it has a place to store your trailer plug. This protects the plug from weather damage and makes it easier to find when it's time to hookup.

82022 Husky Towing Products - The Super Brute Electric A-Frame Trailer Jack with Remote - 24" Lift - 5,000 lbs

HT82022 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details HT82022 Installation instructions

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Video of Husky Super Brute Electric Trailer Jack w/ Wireless Remote - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 24" Lift - 5K

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Husky Camper Jack HT82022 Review

Today we're going to be reviewing part number HT82022. This is the Husky Super Brute Electric Trailer Jack with wireless remotes. It's going to come with a drop leg and it's rated at 5,000 pounds. It is designed for a-frame trailers. You're going to have your standard bolt pattern for the a-frame setup. Your outer tube is going to give us a diameter of 2 and 1/4 of an inch.

Inner tube is going to measure 2 inches when it comes to the diameter. The electric tongue jack is going to let you lift and lower your trailer quickly and easily. It's going to come with 2 wireless remotes. That's going to be these fobs right here. They're going to offer a range of up to 70 feet so you can easily operate the functions of your jack when you're not even around it. It's going to feature an advanced ball screw design that's going to supply superior lifting capacity.

It's going to reduce friction, it's going to reduce amperage draw and motor wear. It also offers a maintenance free design so there's no need to get in there and grease that ball screw system. As far as maintenancing and greasing, you don't have to worry about any of that with this jack. It's also going to feature an internal overheat protection that's going to safeguard the motor and help extend the life of the jack itself. One of the neat things I like about this jack is it has an automatic stop that's going to prevent damage to the motor because when it extends or retracts, to its full extent, the motor's actually going to shut off, it's going to power down before the nut reaches the end of the shaft so it's going to protect the gears and the components internally, making sure that you get a lot of years of use out of this trailer jack. Another neat thing I want to point out is here on each side, front and on each side, you're going to have an LED strip.

It's going to provide high output so it's going to illuminate the area to the front and the sides of the jack for superior visibility even in low light conditions. The side lights are going to be good because that's going to cast a light down to the weight distribution setup that you may have. This is going to be good because it's going to cast light down at an angle towards your coupler and your connection point. I already have connection or power running to it just so I can show you those functions. It's an easy on and off switch right here. When you have power running to the jack, all the functions, on/off, up and down that has a backlight into it so even in a lowlight setting, you'll always be able to identify what switch you're operating.

That's awesome to have. Again, you're going to have LEDs on each side of the unit here at the head except for the very back side. Just to go over some of the components here on the table, this right here is going to be your trailer connector storage bracket. You can mount this to the actual tubing here of your jack or you can mount it to a flat surface on your trailer. That's just going to provide a storage position for your trailer plug. It's going to make sure it stays up and out of the elements. It's gong to safeguard it and again it can be mounted to the jack tube or to a flat surface. It comes with all the included and necessary ties and hardware. Your drop leg's included as well. That's going to allow for more adjustability so it's going to offer an additional 6 inches of travel and it's going to have 5 holes that are going to be separated an inch 1/2 on center. The large foot plate is going offer a diameter of 5 1/2 inches. It's going to distribute the weight, provide excellent stability on a variety of surfaces. It's going to feature a sleek, water-resistant housing that's going to be sealed to prevent damage to the motor, the gears and the electrical components. You got the soft trigger switches that are all weather protected as well. You got the backlit panels so you can really see the switches, even in lowlight settings. Silver powder coat here on the outer tube. Zinc finish, zinc plated on the inner tube and the drop leg. That's all designed to resist rust and corrosion. Right here you're going to get a manual override crank. That goes in this unit up here. All you got to do is remove that watertight plug and you can install the crank handle. It's just an option for you in case you have power failure. Before doing that though, you want to make sure that you disengage the brake on the unit. It's got this little key in here, slides over the lever. You move it to the back position, that's going to allow you to operate with manual override. Just go ahead and reinsert that plug. Another neat thing that it comes with is it's going to come with a leveler. You can mount this to a nice flat surface that way you can always make sure your trailer is level. It's got 3 mount holes on there. It's going to come with some of these washers right here. Now your mounting hardware's going to be sold separately, it's not included but in the instructions it does recommend what hardware to use. It does come with these right here. These are going to be washers that are going to dig through the paint, that way you can get a nice ground connection when using and making your electrical connection. You want to make sure you get those installed because it is going to be grounded through the mounting hardware. This unit right here, this is going to be your 30-amp resettable push button circuit breaker and plug. It gets installed with the wiring. You're going to have a 1-wire design coming out of the unit. It's going to be your power wire so you can splice that in to this unit right here. Run one to the power wire of the jack, run the other one to the power source, a 12-volt battery. It's going to have a power draw, a 25-amp draw when connected to a 12-volt DC system. That power wire is going to be gauge 10. You're going to have 6 feet of wiring to work with, this is FCC and IC approved. The bracket height when fully retracted, that's measuring from the ground to this point here, we're looking at about 8 1/2 inches. When extended, that's going to increase to 26 1/4, not including the extension of the drop leg. It's going to have a total travel of 24 inches, 18 inches of lift with just the jack and an additional 6 inches with the drop leg. Again, this jack's going to offer a lifting capacity of 5,000 pounds and I guess now all we have left to do is just hook it up to our power source which we already do. That way we can go over the power function of the jack. Again, you got your light operation, you can operate the jack from the switch right here. Quick response time. It's also got really quick movement as well. And you can use either one of the remotes to operate the up and down function of the jack. I am going to show you that the motor actually stops when it gets pushed all the way down so that way we don't damage the components. I still have it pushed down but you can see that the motor completely shuts off, that way we don't damage our internal components. That's a great feature to have as well. That's going to do it for today's review of part number HT82022. This is the Husky Super Brute rated at 5,000 pounds.

Customer Reviews

Husky Super Brute Electric Trailer Jack w/ Wireless Remote - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 24" Lift - 5K - HT82022

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (9 Customer Reviews)

Remote-controlled power jack has a high-capacity ball-bearing screw system that reduces noise and wear, and is more efficient than standard screw systems. Automatic stop prevents damage to gears. Front and side LED strips offer superior illumination.

- HT82022

by: Robert B.06/21/2016

I originally ordered the wrong trailer jack. I called customer service and they took the time to listen to me and then helped me get the jack that I needed. I returned my original wrong jack and they emailed me a UPS label making it very easy to send back. I was only charged for the return freight which was very fair in my opinion as it was my fault in the first place ordering the wrong jack. Excellent, prompt service with a quality products. I will be ordering more jacks for the rest of my trailers from etrailer. 263481

- HT82022

by: Ron B08/13/2016

Excellent product...although the first one shipped had a defective brake...E-trailer met all my expectations and shipped me a new replacement jack which works perfectly, This is the smoothest and most powerful jack that I have used on my trailer which has a whopping 1500 pounds of tongue weight...Original jack lasted 2 years, a cheaper replacement jack lasted only 5 years...I expect this husky super brute to last as long as I own the trailer. Thanks again to e-trailer for the great customer service. 283395

- HT82022

by: Tim C12/27/2016

Arrived within a few days and installed in 30min. We did reverse the lights to opposite side to protect from road debris(snow, sand, rocks). Lift seems strong. I hope someday future models speed of operation improves but works great for now! We also had a much thicker/stronger aluminum mounting plate welded on further back so we could open the truck tailgate. 328234

- HT82022

by: Russ C.02/16/2017

Jack arrived quickly. Installed easily. You must supply your own bolts. This jack easily lifts the rear of my c10 off the ground with the Airstream attached. The remotes work great from inside the trailer. Hopefully this jack will last a long time. We had another model Husky ball bearing jack on our Scamp trailer that has been working well for the last year. 342601

- HT82022

by: Donnie B.06/02/2016

Love the power jack, it does the job smoothly ,it was very easy to to install, the remote controes are the best. 255761

- HT82022

by: Glenn M.11/23/2016

Very Pleased with the jack I ordered. It has the necessary power required to move my tongue heavy trailer. It was easy to install after I had a custom plate made for my homemade trailer. It performs well, I am pleased with the purchase. 319159

- HT82022

by: Sam B10/06/2016

So far the product worked fine just installed it hopefully it will last a lot longer than the previous one 304088

- HT82022

by: Jusin B02/01/2017

Product was ordered, shipped and delivered quickly and in good shape! 337611

- HT82022

by: jose06/15/2016

Very good 261406


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  • How Does the 5K Husky Super Brute Electric Trailer Jack Get Power
  • The Husky Super Brute Electric Trailer Jack # HT82022 does get powered by a trailer-mounted 12 volt battery. It has a power wire that will attach to the positive battery terminal or to the 12 volt circuit at a junction box (if the trailer is equipped with one). It will ground through the mounting hardware. I have linked a video review of the jack for you. Another option is Ultra-Fab jack # UF38-944037 which plugs into a 7-Way trailer connector to get its power from the 12 volt circuit....
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  • Quiet Electric Trailer Jack with Remote Operation for Use in Levitation Illusion
  • I think the Husky Super Brute # HT82022 is going to be your best option. It uses a ball bearing type of system rather than a screw and nut design like most jacks. These means less friction and thus less noise. It also comes with wireless remotes that would probably work better than a foot pedal would and is easier to conceal. It will also give you a little more flexibility as to how the illusion is done since there would not have to be a cable and switch attached to the jack. I have included...
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  • Electric A-Frame Trailer Jack with the Most Lift for a 7.5K Trailer and 2013 Ford F-250
  • Basically, the higher the capacity of the jack used the easier it will be for the jack to operate and the longer it will last. The highest capacity A-frame jack that we have is # HT82022 rated for 5,000 pounds. There is also a model with a wireless remote, # HT87641 rated for 4,500 pounds. If more height is needed you could add the Super Foot, # HT31610, for 7 more inches. The jack with the most lift is going to be the Husky Brute jack # HT82022 rated for 5,000 pounds. It has 24 inches...
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  • Trailer Jack Just Clicks and Will Not Raise Trailer
  • The first thing I recommend checking on the jack is the power source. If the battery that runs the jack is low on power then it will be hard for the jack to lift the trailer (lowering it tends not to be a problem because gravity is helping) and it may just refuse to do anything. If the voltage on the battery is good and the wiring is all intact then it is possible that the jack had been over extended at some point and the screw and/or nit inside is damaged. This would mean that a replacement...
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  • Will the Husky Super Brute Trailer Jack Fit Standard 3 Bolt Mounting Flanges on Trailer Frames
  • Yes, the mounting flange of the Husky Super Brute Electric Trailer Jack # HT82022 that you referenced is designed to fit the standard 3 bolt mounting flange that you trailer has. This will measure right at 3 inches between each adjacent hole with a bit of wiggle room since the holes are typically slotted. I attached an install video for this jack for you to check out as well.
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  • The warranty of the Atwood Premier Performance Series Power Jack w/ Robofoot # AT81069 that you referenced is 5 years for the jack and 2 years for the Robofoot. Basically if there are any manufacturer defects Atwood would take care of you. If you abuse the jack or otherwise misuse it that would not be covered. When you raise the jack all the way up the foot folds up by itself and locks into position. The Husky Super Brute Electric Trailer Jack # HT82022 that you referenced has a 2...
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  • Electric Powered A-Frame Trailer Jack Recommendation for a 1994 Cobra Sandpiper
  • The Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, # LC285318, works on a 12 volt system and can receive power from a battery mounted on the trailer or from the towing vehicle depending on how you want to have it set up. If you are looking to add an electric jack at the tongue, you will want to check the tongue weight of the trailer loaded and ready to tow and make sure the jack you get can support the weight. We have powered jacks ranging from 2,500 pound capacity, like the Pro Series, # PS500198, up...
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  • Can Husky Brute A-Frame Trailer Jack with Remote be Installed Inside of an Enclosed Trailer
  • The normal remote range for Husky Brute Jack # HT87641 is 40 feet. If the trailer walls are primarily wood the signal would be able to get through a little better than if it were metal. It would work but I can't say how reliable it would be and in some situations it might not work at all. There is a lot that is unknown about this application. The jack can be disassembled but it would void the warranty like you said and Husky does not provided information on how to take it apart or put...
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  • Recommendation for a Powered A-Frame Trailer Jack
  • For a Bulldog A-frame trailer jack like # BD155032, or a similar jack, there is not an electric conversion available. For a powered A-frame jack, the highest capacity we carry is a 5,000 pound model # HT82022. Since it will be at the front of the trailer, all of the trailer weight will not be on it, just the tongue weight of the trailer. Provided the tongue weight of your trailer does not exceed 5,000 pounds, this jack will work. I have incldued a link to an FAQ article that shows how...
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  • Replacement Snapper Pin for Husky Super Brute Electric Trailer Jack HT82022
  • We offer 3/8-inch diameter Replacement Snapper Pin # JFC-PN whose measurements are noted in the photo I linked for you. This item matches the original; I confirmed by going to our warehouse and measuring the pin included with your Husky Super Brute jack # HT82022. This item's price is noted on the page and you can order it only by clicking "Add to Cart".
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  • Would a Husky Super Brute Trailer Jack Fit Where a Lippert Jack Was Once Installed
  • Basically all A-frame jacks are designed to fit the same 3 bolt mounting flange on A-frame trailers. The Lippert trailer jacks like what you have would fit the same flange as the Husky Super Brute part # HT82022 that you are interested in. I would highly recommend this jack for you as well mainly because the screw of the jack uses ball bearings which allows it to operate smoother and quicker.
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  • Is a Replacement Circuit Board Available for Husky 4.5K Brute Jack with Wireless Remote
  • The circuit board is not available as a replacement part but the whole upper assembly is, # HT87638. That beats having to just toss the jack out. The other option is to replace the whole jack. Husky does have a new 5,000 pound model, # HT82022.
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