This electric A-frame jack offers 27" of total travel. Includes a built-in level, convenient light for setup after dark, manual override in case of power loss, and corrosion-resistant surfaces. Call 800-298-8924 to order Bulldog Camper Jack part number BD500185 or order online at Free expert support on all Bulldog products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 17" Lift - 4,000 lbs. Camper Jack reviews from real customers.
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Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 17" Lift - 4,000 lbs

Bulldog Camper Jack

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Shipping Weight: 26.4 pounds


Bulldog Camper Jack - BD500185

This electric A-frame jack offers 27" of total travel. Includes a built-in level, convenient light for setup after dark, manual override in case of power loss, and corrosion-resistant surfaces.


  • Jack positions quickly and easily with integrated drop leg
  • Powered drive provides quiet operation and efficient use of electrical power
    • No more hand cranking
  • Built-in level makes jack ideal for pop-up campers
  • LED courtesy light makes it easy to set up at night
  • All surfaces are corrosion resistant
  • Easily accessible emergency manual override in case of power loss
  • White housing with sleek design protects motor


  • Bracket height:
    • 9-1/2" Retracted with footplate retracted
    • 26-1/2" Extended with footplate retracted
    • 36-1/2" Extended with footplate extended
  • Measures 4" from center line of round post leg to back of head
  • Total travel: 27"
    • Lift: 17"
    • Drop leg travel: 10"
  • Inner tube diameter: 2"
  • Outer tube diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Lift capacity: 4,000 lbs
  • 5-Year limited warranty

500185 Bulldog A-Frame Jack with Powered Drive, 17" Travel, 4,000 lbs

Video of Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 17" Lift - 4,000 lbs

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Powered Trailer Jack Installation

Today we are going to install part number BD500185 from Bulldog. This is their powered jack. The jack is ready for 4,000 pounds and it should be pretty easy to install. The first step involved is to remove the old jack and any accessories with it. We will lower the trailer on some jack stands. Get the jack loose. We have got a battery box for the brake away kit so lets take that apart and loose and out of the way. Once you have the stuff around the jack out of the way we will unbolt the jack from the tongue. Once we have got it unbolted we can pull it straight out. 00:43

We will install the power jack the same way we uninstalled the original jack. Line up the bolt holes, whichever ones match up the best. You have got a couple of different patterns on here. Get the wire out of the way. We are going to install the jack reusing the original hardware because of the higher grade than the original stuff that comes with the jack. We will reattach it that way. We can run the wiring out to the power supply. We will put our break away battery kit back into place. 01:14

Now we will run our power supply wire into our tool box in the trailer because the battery is hidden inside there. We have pulled our cable through the box. We will take the lid off our battery and what we will do next is wire our wire to go to the positive terminal on the battery. We are going to take a simple butt connector and just screw that on the end of the wire and just crimp on the extension. We will connect to our positive terminal now. Lets put our cap back on. We will actually run our ground wire to this bolt that we used to mount our battery box to. We have got our jack wired up. Lets install the jack foot itself. Slide it up into the jack. You have got holes in it for the snapper pin right here. Lets put the pin in and snap it into place and we are good to go. Lets give it a shot. It goes down and it goes up. With three little LED lights. With that, that will finish our install of part number BD500185 from Bulldog.

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Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 17" Lift - 4,000 lbs - BD500185

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (26 Customer Reviews)

This electric A-frame jack offers 27" of total travel. Includes a built-in level, convenient light for setup after dark, manual override in case of power loss, and corrosion-resistant surfaces.

- BD500185

by: Q.S.06/07/2012

Written June 7 2012 First, the E-TRAILER experience gets the EXCELLENT 5-Star rating. From the first contact through delivery, they stayed in touch with me and even answered a product question while the product was in transit. I ordered the Bulldog Power Jack model BD500185 on Friday June 1 2012 and received the product on Tuesday June 5 2012. Thank you e-trailer!!!! Now, for the Bulldog Product review----only a 4-Star rating, but only due to packaging for shipment. The package box from Bulldog was in bad shape when it arrived. Parts of the power jack were sticking through the box. When I opened the box, the power jack head motor was scarred on one side with black marks and there was something loose rattling around in the head of the power motor. The power motor was only protected by a very thin paper foam sheet, similar to the wrapping you would find when you buy a small set of venetian blinds or a pair of shoes! In addition, the plastic bag holding the bolts, washers, etc, was split open and all the contents were scattered in the box. When I gathered all the items, there was a lock washer missing and I found that when I took the power motor cover off, it was this lock washer that had gotten into the motor head and was rattling around. After seeing the bad packaging, I temporarily hooked up the power jack to make sure it worked. It still worked and the light also came on, and I was able to clean most of the black marks from the side of the power head cover, so I reluctantly installed it on my trailer. It works just fine, so far, and it is fairly quiet. The light is really weak but it will be better than pitch black darkness. Here are some suggestions for the Manufacturer of this model of Bulldog Power Jack: 1) Use better packaging to protect your product!!!! Think PRIDE in product and then there can be PRIDE in ownership! 2) Add a picture in the Installation Instructions showing the proper sequence of placing the bolts, nuts, lock washers and star washers because the written instructions are not clear. 3) Add just two feet to the wire lead going to the battery and I think you will better accommodate more trailers without having to splice the wire. Installation must stop to go buy more wire to add to the existing 4 feet. Two extra feet of wire just can’t cost that much more and you would have much happier customers! 4) Also, include the $0.10 battery post connector. An additional frustration to go buy that as well. 5) Build these in the USA! Disappointed to find out these are “Built in China.” The items I like about your product: 1) The 5 Year Warranty 2) The fact that there is not a “special” wrench to keep up with to manually crank the jack in case of power loss. It only needs a ¾” socket to perform this task, very nice! 3) The level provided on top is a really nice feature 4) The 10” jack foot extension included with the product 5) The lynch pin has a thumb assist that makes using the extension and pin very easy 6) There appears to be a nice rubber seal covering the manual crank access that hopefully will keep out the weather Sorry I cannot address longevity of the product yet but I hope this initial review will help someone else! 43223


Is this jack US made? If not, which one is? It really matters Thanks!

comment by: Jeff - 08/20/2013


This Bulldog jack is not made in the US. We do have two powered jacks that are US made from Atwood, an Elkhart, IN company. Part 80515 and part AT80718 are linked below.

Patrick B - 8/21/2013

- BD500185

by: D.B,06/03/2013

Excellent product. The etrailer service and delivery were the very best. You folks do business the right way and I will be back. Thank You from a customer in Texas!!! 83142


The Bulldog product is great and works as advertised.

D.B, - 06/03/2014


- BD500185

by: jeremy06/22/2012

delivery was within 3 days. awesome. unit is very strong and seems to be built solid. unit is ground to itself so when you bolt to trailer it is already grounded. no need to run an additional ground. mounted in 15 minutes. no hardware comes with unit. washers were not on stock jack so i had to purchase washers. would like to see hardware included ohterwise very good purchase. the drop leg is great. units with out will require more time to retract and extend. very nice. 45212

- BD500185

by: Peter L.06/24/2012

Very happy with product so far. Light isn't great but then I never use it to begin with. My biggest complaint and only reason I couldn't give it the highest rating is that the wire isn't long enough. Saw a similar complaint so was was ready for it to be an issue. I ended up connecting this unit to the existing the power line from the old power jack. I could have used an additional 10 inches of wire. 45447

- BD500185

by: Mark pracht10/21/2013

Seems to be a good piece. Packaging could have been a little better box the jack came in was a little damaged the outer box was ok Installation was easy seems to be working fine: 104554

- BD500185

by: charles11/05/2013

Prompt delivery and all was well with the package.install was straight forward. I used the machine screws from my old jack Instead of the included bolts and nuts. My only issue with the Device was the length of the wire. Another 24 inches would Have been nice. When I need anything else for my trailer, I'll Look here first. The delivery trace is a very nice feature!_ 106372

- BD500185

by: VHJ04/03/2015

I love this electric tongue jack. I have seen other brands in action -- none compare. This jack is extremely quiet and powerful. The foot that extends from inside the jack is very convenient. The ability to turn the jack 90 degrees for mounting is also a great feature. I would definitely buy another one. 182655

- BD500185

by: Brenda B10/19/2012

Bulldog Jack works great. Husband installed same day he got it. Extremely pleased with, free shipping, very grateful for the free shipping upgrade, which made it possible to go drag racing this weekend. Thank you so much! Will definitely do business with again. 57621

- BD500185

by: Steve & Linda06/24/2011

I had this unit installed in less than fifteen minutes. It's quiet and easily lifts my fully loaded thirty foot toyhauler. The electical wire could have been a little longer for my application, but we made it work. Also I wish it had a hood to keep it clean when traveling. 17875

- BD500185

by: Bill09/15/2011

Based on previous reviews I ordered the Bulldog power jack. It was easy to install, even though I watched the video prior. Fantastic product and love ordering from etrailer. No complaints at all. Superior service & delivery & follow-up with a great product. 24024

- BD500185

by: Bob S.03/01/2012

Product arrived very quickly. Trailer jack was a snap to bolt on as a replacement to the old one. Video provided by etrailer was helpful. I will certainly recommend the jack and etrailer to my friends. VERY satisfied with everything. 32899

- BD500185

by: Mathew M05/21/2014

Order process was clear and precise. Arrived quickly with good instructions. Equip. works to perfection. Would recommend to everyone who has a money ever spent...Has increased our boating pleasure experience by 100%. 131635

- BD500185

by: Carson07/26/2013

Bulldog makes the best power jacks. This jack effortlessly lifts my 9500 lb car hauler. It is quick, efficient, and easy on the battery. This is my third Bulldog jack and all are still in service. 91676

- BD500185

by: Donna01/18/2013

Shipping was fast and product just as described. We are senior citizens and this really makes our lives a lot easier. So glad we purchased from etrailer!! 63489

- BD500185

by: Josh A.04/22/2011

I installed on my 34' Sunnybrook travel trailer in about 15 minutes and it works great. Makes putting on the weight distribution bars a piece of cake. 12199

- BD500185

by: Susan h12/20/2013

Could not ask for better service from placing order with knowledgeable help from customer service to the delivery process. Thank you very much. 110655

- BD500185

by: Richard02/13/2013

Fast Shipping. Great service. Great product set up easy. Work great. Would recommend highly. Using on 31'9" travel trailer works great. 66181

- BD500185

by: CBVANB03/18/2011

The jack took 20 minutes to install and works beautifully. I bought this model because of the extending foot, and it is better than expected. 9748

- BD500185

by: Doug P10/10/2013

Product was as pictured. Easy to install, and works as needed on our heavy enclosed snowmobile trailer. Thank you for the helpful videos. 103383

- BD500185

by: Joseph G.07/17/2014

Was really easy to install. and runs a lot quitter than the one that came with trailer. I am very pleased with it. 141773

- BD500185

by: Bazz Y.07/11/2012

Arrived quickly, looks great, lifted my trailer so if it keeps doing that I'll be very happy... 47539

- BD500185

by: tom03/16/2015

Well worth the money easy to install the only thing I suggest is to buy a cover 178634

- BD500185

by: M. Lamb05/20/2015

Love easy to install works great with my 16ft Cargo Mate. 194563

- BD500185

by: Paul N.10/28/2013

Very easy install, Good price and great warranty 105392

- BD500185

by: martin s.09/11/2012

good service order it on tue. got it on thur. 54301

- BD500185

by: Justin P05/31/2014

Great product. Installed in 10 minuets. 133536


Ask the Experts about this Bulldog Camper Jack
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  • Troubleshooting Electric A-Frame Trailer Tongue Jack, # JET-3500 Blowing Fuses
  • You should be able to manually crank the Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, # JET-3500, up and down by removing the rubber plug on the side and inserting the manual handle or a properly sized socket wrench. Turn clockwise to extend the jack and counter-clockwise to retract it. I spoke with one of our installers about the fuses blowing. He stated that the power wire could be shorting to ground or there could be an internal component that is shorting out. Make sure all ground connections are...
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  • How to Wire the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack # BD500185 on a Trailer with No Battery
  • The Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, item # BD500185, only has one wire, the power wire. This jack attaches to ground through the mounting hardware and the trailer frame. When wiring the jack to your 7-Way trailer connector you will need to make sure that the ground wire from the 7-Way trailer connector is attached to the trailer frame to provide ground. You will then attach the power wire to the 12 volt accessory circuit inside the 7-Way connector or splice into the wire the is attached...
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  • How To Maintain Charge In Trailer Battery That Will Run A Powered Trailer Jack On A Pace Trailer
  • You will want to use a standard 12 volt deep cycle trailer battery to operate the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, part # BD500185. You will NOT want to use a trailer breakaway battery. The breakaway battery is not designed to power other trailer accessories or lighting, it is just designed to operate the breakaway system. To keep the trailer battery charged you will need to run a 10 gauge power wire like the, part # 10-1-1, from the 12 volt power pin (# 4 terminal at 11:00 position)...
    view full answer...

  • Comparing of the Atwood and Bulldog Electric Trailer Jacks
  • The Atwood Power Trailer Jack with Cover and Foot, item # AT81068, has a lift speed of 15 inches per minute. It also has a lift range of 14 inches. This jack has been around for a very long time and is very dependable. The wiring on this jack is slightly larger than the wiring on the Bulldog model. It is rated for 3,000 pounds. The Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 17 inch Lift - 4,000 lbs has a lift speed of 13 inches per minute and 1 amp draw unloaded. Loaded...
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  • Trailer Jack Recommendation to Replace a 2,500-Lb LCI Model 1300 Power Tongue Jack
  • For a powered A-Frame tongue trailer jack to replace your LCI model 1300 power tongue jack I would suggest the Stromberg-Carlson Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, part # JET-3500. This is a 3,500-lb capacity jack with a 18 inch lift. Another choice would be the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, part # BD500185. This is a 4,000-lb capacity jack with a 17 inch lift. Both of these jacks will give you a higher weight capacity compared to your current 2,500-lb LCI trailer jack. If you...
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  • What is the Lift Capacity of Atwood Powered Trailer Tongue Jack # AT81068
  • Yes, the Atwood Deluxe Power Trailer Jack W/ Cover and Foot, item # AT81068, should work fine on your trailer. You will need to weigh the tongue weight of your trailer to be sure, but you should not have more than 875 pounds of tongue weight. The # AT81068 powered jack is able to lift and support up to 3,000 pounds. If you are using a weight distribution system, you may want to consider the heavier rated jack, item # BD500185. With the higher 4,000 pound rating you will have the capacity...
    view full answer...

  • Wiring Options for Installation of a Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack # 500185
  • Ideally you would wire the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, part # BD500185, to a separate battery. Normally trailers with powered jacks have an auxiliary battery that is used to power accessories. If there is not a separate battery on your trailer, you could power the jack from the 12 volt power source in your 7-pin trailer connector.. Here is how you would wire it to your 7-pin connector: On the 7-pin connector that is on your tow vehicle there should be a red or black wire that...
    view full answer...

  • Clearance to Propane Tank Cover on Keystone Trailer of Control Housing on Bulldog Lift # BD500185
  • The rear of the control unit housing on the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, part # BD500185, extends 4 inches behind the center line of the main down tube. On your trailer frame simply measure 4 inches back from the center point of where the round mounting bracket will attach to your trailer frame to determine where the back of the housing will be when installed. Please refer to the included photo.
    view full answer...

  • What Electric Tongue Jack Will Work Best On A 2008 Dutchmen Trailer With 1,235 Lbs. Tongue Weight
  • The Stromberg Carlson Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, part # JET-3500, is manufactured by Lippert. I spoke with my contact at Stromberg Carlson and he said that the JET-3500 has a model number of 181794. He said that Lippert also builds a 2,500 lb. tongue jack, but Stromberg Carlson does not distribute the smaller jack. He did not know the part number of the smaller jack. He also said that the part # 103877 could be a number that Dutchmen might use. For your 2008 Dutchmen trailer with...
    view full answer...

  • Installing the Bulldog # BD500185 Electric Power Jack on a Heartlands Northtrail 28 foot Trailer
  • Yes, you should be able to mount the jack in any position that the mounting holes will line up. The Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 17" Lift - 4,000 lbs, item # BD500185, has mounting holes for either 2-1/2 inch mounting pattern or 3 inch mounting pattern. As you stated, the light will illuminate an area different than intended and the level will not be as usable since it will not be installed inline with the trailer frame or at a 90 degree angle to it. Otherwise...
    view full answer...

  • Will Atwood or Bulldog Powered Trailer Jacks Fit a Jayco Jayflight Travel Trailer # RKS-31
  • I went out to the warehouse to measure both of the jacks. The Atwood Power Trailer Jack with Cover and Foot, # AT81070, has a 3 bolt pattern. The center to center distance between the bolt holes is 3 inches. It is designed for A-frame trailers. The mounting bracket is more of a triangle shape. The Bulldog Jack, # BD500185, is also made for A-frame trailers, but it has a different bolt pattern because it has 6 holes for a wider variety of mounting options. Center to center Distance between...
    view full answer...

  • Where Does the Replacement Level Assembly # BD500193 Install on a Bulldog Jack
  • The Replacement Level Assembly # BD500193 that you referenced is designed to be a replacement level for the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack # BD500185. Check out the picture I attached that shows how it would install. To install this on a Bulldog Jack # BD500188 would take a little ingenuity since it wasn't originally designed to have a level installed on it. You would want to install it in the same place that the # BD500185 has it's though. For an easier install you might want...
    view full answer...

  • What is the Dimension from the Center of the Powered Jack Tube to the Back of the Head of the Jack
  • I imagine you are referring to the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 17 inch Lift - 4,000 lbs, item # BD500185. This jack has a measurement of 4-1/2 inches from the center of the tube to the farthest back part of the jack. The Pro Series Powered A-Frame Jack - Fixed Leg - 18 inch Lift - 2,500 lbs, item # PS500198, has a measurement of 2-3/4 inches from the center of the tube to the farthest back part of the jack. You will need to measure to be sure that the...
    view full answer...

  • Electric Jack Recommendation for Bumper Pull Horse Trailer
  • Since the Atwood Jack part # 80515 has been discontinued the decision would be pretty easy for you. The Bulldog Jack part # BD500185 is not only the obvious choice between the two you referenced, this jack is an excellent jack with plenty of power for your setup that has been reviewed highly by our customers who have bought and used it. I attached an install and review video for this jack for you to check out as well.
    view full answer...

  • Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack # BD500185 Recommendation for a 26 ft Travel Trailer
  • As long as your 26 foot travel trailer has an a-frame style trailer tongue and has tongue weight less than 4,000 lbs (it will) the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack # BD500185 that you referenced would work great for you. Check out the review video I attached for more info as well.
    view full answer...

  • Is the Foot Adjustable on Bulldog Powered-Drive Electric Trailer Jack BD500185
  • Yes, the jack foot is adjustable, with holes for mounting it at different heights. I spoke with my contact at Bulldog and found out that the foot on powered-drive trailer jack # BD500185 has 8 inches of adjustment, from the bottom of the main pipe assembly. I have included some pictures that will show you the adjustment holes.
    view full answer...

  • Is the BullDog Power Drive Trailer Jack the Correct Jack for a 3 Horse Trailer with Living Quarters
  • The Bulldog Power-Drive Trailer Jack, # BD500185, will work great on your 3 horse trailer with living quarters, as long as the tongue weight of the trailer is less than 4,000 lbs when loaded and ready to tow. You will also need to make sure there is room for installation of the jack. The head of the jack measures 11 inches tall, 4-1/2 inches wide and 8-3/4 inches deep, see photo link.
    view full answer...

  • Which Capacity of Powered Trailer Jack for Keystone Outback 277RL
  • Powered jacks are rated by their lift capacity. According to the specs I found online, the 277RL has an unloaded tongue weight of around 870 lbs. For quickest and most reliable operation, you'll want to choose the powered jack with a larger available lift capacity. In this instance, overkill is a good thing. I'd recommend the Husky Brute, part # HT87247. The jack has a 4500 lb lift capacity, but having a higher than needed capacity will mean a faster lift and a much longer life for the...
    view full answer...

  • Comparing the Stromberg Carlson 3,500 Jack and the Bulldog 4,00 lb Powered Jacks
  • I spoke to my contact at BullDog and he informed me that the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack # BD500185 that you referenced can travel at between 7 and 12 inches per minute based on the load that is on the trailer. I also spoke to Stromberg Carlson about the Stromberg Carlson Jack # JET-3500 and she said that it would take more like a minute 15 seconds to 2 minutes to completely go up or down.
    view full answer...

  • What is the Amperage Draw of the Bulldog 4000 Pound Powered-Drive Jack
  • The Bulldog Powered-Drive Jack is designed to run off the vehicle electrical system that has quite a bit more power. It has a 35 amp breaker inside so it probably draws around 30 amps depending on how much weight it is lifting. I would hook it up to the power circuit on the 7-Way connector so it has more power.
    view full answer...

  • Dimensions for Installation of a Bulldog Electric Powered Trailer Jack with Propane Tanks on Tongue
  • The distance from the top of the mounting plate to the bottom of the housing on the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, # BD500185, is 13 inches. I attached a photo that includes a number of other dimensions that should be helpful to see if this jack will work on your trailer with propane tank covers close to the jack.
    view full answer...

  • Distance from Bottom of the Foot to the Bottom of the Mounting Bracket on Powered Jack # BD500185
  • The retracted height of the Bulldog Powered-Drive 4,000 Pound Capacity Trailer Jack, # BD500185, is 9-3/4 inches, measured from the bottom of the foot up to the bottom of the bracket that mounts to the trailer frame. I have included a link to a video review of this jack below. This jack will offer the most clearance of the 4,000 pound capacity powered jacks we carry.
    view full answer...

  • Comparing the White and Black Bulldog Powered A-Frame Trailer Jacks
  • Basically the finish is the difference between the Bulldog Powered Trailer Jack # BD500185 and # BD500186. All of the other specs are the same or within a fraction of an inch (the only one that is different is the retracted height which is 1/4 inch off between the two; still well within the margin of error). If you need a black finish to match the trailer or you just like it, go with # BD500186. If white is more appealing, go with # BD500185. Both jacks are highly rated by customers...
    view full answer...

  • Will Bulldog Or Ultra-Fab Replacement Drop Leg Fit LCI Jack On Gulf Stream Trailer
  • I went to the warehouse and pulled part # BD500190, and part # UF38-751101 to measure the diameter of the leg. Part # BD500190 measured 1.773 inches which is just a shade over 1-3/4. Part # UF38-751101 measured 1.763 inches. Unfortunately, both of these are just a shade bigger than the diameter you said you measured on your jack. If you decide you want to replace the jack on your Gulf Stream, I recommend the Stromberg-Carlson Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, part # JET-3500....
    view full answer...

  • What is the Lifting Capacity of the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, # BD500185
  • On the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, # BD500185, 4,000 pounds is the lift maximum. So, if it mounted on the trailer tongue and the tongue weights is up to but not exceeding 4,000 pounds, the jack will lift it. There is no static capacity listed (how much it can hold just sitting) so, in this case, the static capacity will also be 4,000 pounds. I have included a link to a video featuring this jack below.
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting Malfunctioning Bulldog Power Jack # BD500185
  • I spoke with my contact at Bulldog, and he provided several possible causes for the problem you are experiencing. The jack grounds via its attachment point to the trailer. In case there is excessive paint between the jack and the trailer frame, running a separate ground from the jack mounting flange to the trailer could possibly solve this problem. Make sure that the jack mounting flange is making direct metal to metal contact, and that there is no corrosion between the two that would...
    view full answer...

  • Shaft diameter on the Bulldog Powered-Drive Camper Jack # BD500185
  • The Diameter of the main tube is 2-1/4 inches on the Bulldog Powered-Drive Camper Jack, item # BD500185. There are 6 holes in the mounting plate for either 2-1/2 inch mounting pattern or 3 inch mounting pattern. These are the standard bolt patterns used by most trailer manufacturers.
    view full answer...

  • Can The Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack # BD500185 be Installed in a 90 Degree Orientation
  • There is no reason why you could not turn the jack at a 90 degree angle to gain more clearance. Due to the configuration of the holes in the mounting flange, you might need to drill new holes in your trailer tongue to mount the jack in that configuration. The motor housing cannot be repositioned on the shaft. Bulldog tells me that the edge of the motor housing is 1 inch away from the side of the jack tube, as shown in the photo I edited for you.
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  • Troubleshooting Bulldog Powered Jack that Light Stays Dimly Lit
  • I spoke to my contact at Bulldog once about this very issue and he informed me that sometimes it can be a faulty switch (you would need part # BD500362), or it can be moisture in the circuits that causes a small short that bypasses the switch and allows the light to illuminate. You can protect the jack from moisture with the part # UF38-944020.
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  • The Bulldog Electric Jack - 4,000 lbs # BD500185 Keeps Blowing 30-amp Fuses
  • I am happy to hear that we and our website have been able to help you out. For your situation, I would go with a 35 amp fuse. Going higher than that will not benefit you at all since the internal breaker on this jack is rated for 35-amps. You are likely blowing fuses because, when this jack is under a load, it can pull around 30 amps. If a 35 amp fuse continues to blow, then I would suspect a short somewhere on the power wire. You will want to check for any sections that are pinched,...
    view full answer...

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