Included bracket fits up to a 3" x 4" tongue and lets you easily swing this jack up for travel and down for use. Jack has 11" retracted height and measures 4" from mounting bracket to top, excluding handle. Base sold separately. Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Jack from Bulldog. Bulldog Round, Snap-Ring Swivel Jack - Bolt On - Topwind - 10" Lift - 2,000 lbs part number BD151443 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Bulldog Round, Snap-Ring Swivel Jack - Bolt On - Topwind - 10" Lift - 2,000 lbs

Bulldog Trailer Jack

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Bulldog Trailer Jack - BD151443

Included bracket fits up to a 3" x 4" tongue and lets you easily swing this jack up for travel and down for use. Jack has 11" retracted height and measures 4" from mounting bracket to top, excluding handle. Base sold separately.


  • Dependable jack is recognized as industry standard for agricultural and commercial applications
    • ASABE compliant
  • Convenient, spring-loaded, plunger-pin swivel feature
    • Swing up to stow parallel to tongue for travel
    • Move back into upright position for use
  • Precision-fitted parts provide exceptional stability and reliability
  • Topwind handle has smooth, ergonomic design for easy cranking
  • Outer tube is gray-paint finished
  • Inner tube is zinc plated
  • Bolt-on mounting bracket includes hardware
  • Footplate or caster assembly sold separately


  • Bracket height:
    • 11" Retracted
    • 21" Extended
  • Lift: 10"
  • Clearance: 4" from mounting bracket to top of jack
  • Application: up to 3" x 4" tongue
  • Inner tube diameter: 2"
  • Outer tube diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Handle radius: 6-5/8"
  • Plunger pin diameter: 1/2"
  • Lift capacity: 2,000 lbs
  • Limited 5-year warranty

151443 Bulldog Round Retaining Ring Swivel Jack, Topwind, 10" Travel, 2,000 lbs - TWS 159 SX

Video of Bulldog Round, Snap-Ring Swivel Jack - Bolt On - Topwind - 10" Lift - 2,000 lbs

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Bulldog Trailer Jack BD151443 Review

Today we'll be reviewing part number BD151443. This is a Bulldog Round, Snap-Ring Swivel Jack. It is a bolt on installation and it has a top wind handle with ten inches of lift, and it's rated at two-thousand pounds. This dependable jack is recognized as industry standard for agricultural and commercial applications. It's ASABE compliant. It has a convenient, spring-loaded plunger pin swivel feature that's going to allow you to swing the jack up into a stowed position during travel and you can move it back into an upright position for use and support of your trailer. All you need to do is pull the plunger pin and then the mounting bracket is going to be mounted to your trailer, so that's going to hold tight. And once you disengage the pin, it's actually going to allow you to swivel the jack forward or backward into whatever position you need it to be in for your application. This does have precision fitted parts that are going to provide exceptional stability and reliability.

The top wind handle has as smooth, ergonomic design for easy cranking. And it's going to provide us with a radius of six and five eighths of an inch. Another great feature about the handle is when it's not in use, you can actually fold it over into a stored position and free up a little bit of space at the top of your jack. The outer and inner tube has a nice, gray paint finish and that is weather resistant so it's going to stand up well against the elements. Again, this is a bolt on install so the bolt on mounting bracket does include all the hardware. A few additional accessories that I want to show you that are not included with the purchase of the jack: We have the caster wheel assembly. This is available and sold separately with part number BD500245.

Your jack would fit into the wheel assembly and then you'd secure it with the included pin. The other accessory is the standard foot plate. This is available and sold separately with part number BD018564. It's going to install the same way and you would also use the pin and clip to secure it in place. When the jack is fully retracted, we have a bracket height of eleven inches - that's measuring from the center of the mounting bracket to the base or the bottom of the inner tube of our jack. When it's fully extended, that measurement is going to increase to twenty-one inches. If we subtract those measurements, we're left with ten inches and that's where we get our lift measurement from. This is going to provide about four inches of clearance from the center of our mount to the top of our jack.

This is designed to fit a three inch by four inch tongue. The tubing diameter here on the outer tube is going to measure two and one quarter inches and on the inner tube it's going to measure two inches. And the plunger pin here has a diameter of a half inch. Now this jack has a lift capacity of two thousand pounds. Some of the additional measurements that I would like to go over for you are the measurements here located on our mounting bracket. We have the top two holes and the bottom holes.

The internal four holes are for our plunger pins, so we don't have to worry about those. The distance between the top two mounting holes, from the center of one to the center of the other, we have a measurement of five and three eighths of an inch. From the center of our bottom hole to the center of the top hole we have a measurement of four and three eighths. From the center of our bottom to the center of the bottom top hole we have a measurement of three and three eighths. Which leaves us with a distance between the top two mounting holes of one inch. That's going to complete today's review of part number BD151443. That's the Bulldog Round, Snap-Ring Swivel Jack, rated at two thousand pounds. .

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Bulldog Round, Snap-Ring Swivel Jack - Bolt On - Topwind - 10" Lift - 2,000 lbs - BD151443

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (10 Customer Reviews)

Included bracket fits up to a 3" x 4" tongue and lets you easily swing this jack up for travel and down for use. Jack has 11" retracted height and measures 4" from mounting bracket to top, excluding handle. Base sold separately.

- BD151443

by: Don S.10/20/2012

I needed to replace my utility trailers jack after it was damaged when someone backed into it and I needed it fast. I was searching the web and stumbled onto I was able to find what I wanted thru the detailed description of the jack I purchased. The ordering process was a snap and to my delight they upgraded the shipping at no extra coast to me so I received my order a couple of days ahead of schedule. It arrived on time and in great shape and the installation was just as it was described on their site. Great job, will defiantly do business with them again. 57766

- BD151443

by: mike c.02/02/2012

the trailer jack on my trailer was in the way of me putting my tailgate on my truck down so, I buy the bulldog trailer jack . I like how easy it is to install on the fame rail of my trailer. It is easy to use to lift and lower on to the hitch ball. I like the trailer jack swing up and out the way. The new trailer as solve the problem so I can put my tailgate down on my truck now. 30841


I have the same problem on my trailer. My trailer is 3200 at full capacity and is a camper. Have you had any problems with balance of your trialer or it shifting? thanks!

comment by: heath - 03/21/2014


Moving from an A-Frame jack to a side-mounted jack should not cause any real issue with stability when you have it parked. Just keep the jack as close to the A-Frame. You probably have stabilizers at the back of the camper and they should be able to hold everything stead even if you got with different jack location.

Patrick B - 3/25/2014

- BD151443

by: Bill B.09/03/2015

I replaced my existing jack on my trailer, it was getting worn out. I like the swing away feature on this. Installed using U Bolts from old unit. I was thinking it would have come with new bolts but I suppose there are so many different applications and trailer sizes. This is the 2,000 lb , I also got the wheel kit that fits so I am good to go for winter. Well pleased with easy crank up. 223802

- BD151443

by: Mark G08/31/2011

This was my second order from etrailer. I recommend them to anyone looking for anything trailer or cargo related. the jack is for a snowmobile lift I am building so I haven't put it to the test yet but it seems like a wellbuilt product that will more than cover my needs. A+ to as they are awesome with service and prompt shipment! 23274

- BD151443

by: Phil N06/10/2015

Great jack. I got this jack to replace a side crank on my boat trailer that was too hard to crank. This jack is much easier to crank. A had a couple of questions about the jack that were quickly answered by etrailer. How it holds up being dunked in water, time will tell. Good service. Good product. 202157

- BD151443

by: Chris05/12/2015

Only swivel jack that could fit my small trailer tongue because its incredibly short distance from the center of the jack to the crank at the top and the detectable wheel which I purchases with it. The jack also is very high quality, technically could support my entire trailer at 2000 pounds capacity. 192349

- BD151443

by: Bob M07/17/2010

great jack I replaced my A Frame jack with this one because of low ground clearance. I did the trick. Only issue I had was the bolts were too long and I had to replace then. 3251

- BD151443

by: Tom L04/14/2011

This product is well built and very easy to install, just what I was looking for. Ordering, shipping and order information during transit was outstanding. Thanks 11729

- BD151443

by: Chip S09/22/2014

Came as advertised and works as promised. What more can you want? 152480

- BD151443

by: Howard D.02/05/2011

This is a perfect product for my needs. Easy to install. 6682


Ask the Experts about this Bulldog Trailer Jack
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  • Will the Bulldog Round, Snap-Ring Swivel Jack # BD151443 Bolt Around or Through the Trailer Frame
  • You might be able to bolt the Bulldog Round, Snap-Ring Swivel Jack, item # BD151443, through the frame but we do not recommend drilling the tongue of the trailer. This jack is designed to bolt around the frame. The dimensions of the mounting holes on the # BD151443 jack are 5-3/8 inches by either 4-1/2 inches or 3-1/2 inches. I have posted a photo, at right, with the dimensions added for you to review.
    view full answer...

  • Bolt and Bolt Hole Dimensions on the Bulldog Round Snap-Ring Swivel Jack
  • The image you referenced from our question and answer section does provide the dimensions from bolt hole center to bolt hole center. I went out to the warehouse and took additional measurements of the Bulldog Round, Snap-Ring Swivel Jack, # BD151443, for you. The dimensions between the inner edges of the bolts holes on this jack are 5 inches by either 3-15/16 inches or 2-15/16 inches. The diameter of the bolts used for this jack are about 11/32 of an inch. I have included an additional...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Frame Size, Footplate and Wheel Compatible with a 2K Bulldog Snap-Ring Swivel Trailer Jack
  • The Bulldog Round, Snap-Ring Swivel Jack, # BD151443, will fit on trailer frames up to 3 inches by 4 inches, so it should fit your 3 inch frame. For a foot, you can use Bulldog Detachable Footplate, # BD018564. If you would rather have a wheel, use Bulldog Removable, 6 Inch Poly Caster Assembly, # BD500245.
    view full answer...

  • How to Pick Out a Trailer Jack for a Boat Trailer
  • The best way to pick out a jack is to pick out one that has enough capacity to handle the tongue weight of your trailer. Typically, tongue weight is 10-15 percent of the total weight of the trailer. So lets say your boat and trailer weight a total of 10,000 lbs. Most likely you would have a tongue weight of 1,000-1,500 lbs. Without knowing your tongue weight but knowing the weight of your boat I think a 2,000 lb jack like the Bulldog Round Jack part # BD151443. Review video attached....
    view full answer...

  • Measurements of Bulldog 2K Snap-Ring Swivel Trailer Jack
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled Bulldog trailer jack # BD151443. From the center of the mount to the top of the jack is approximately 6 inches. And from the center of the mount to the bottom when retracted is approximately 11-1/8 inches.
    view full answer...

  • Will the Bulldog Round, Snap-Ring Swivel Jack # BD151443 Fit on a 2 inch by 5 inch Trailer Frame
  • We have several options for a bolt on swivel jack for your trailer with 2 by 5 inch frame (see link). I would recommend the Pull Pin, Easy Swivel Trailer Jack with 8 inch Wheel - Sidewind - 1,500 lbs. by Dutton-Lainson, item # DL22800, for your trailer if the 1500 pound capacity is sufficient for your boat and trailer. These jacks are high quality and designed to fit square tongues up to 3 x 5 inches. The Bulldog Round, Snap-Ring Swivel Jack - Bolt On - Topwind - 10 inch Lift - 2,000...
    view full answer...

  • Bolt-On Swivel Trailer Jack Rated for 2,000 Pounds
  • Bulldog Pipe Mount Swivel Sidewind Jack, # BD158109, is a pipe mount jack. The round tube the jack fits on is included and gets welded to the side of the trailer. The jack swivels on the pipe. You are thinking of a jack like # PS1401140303 but it does not get bolted on, it is a weld on as well and does come with the plate that gets welded on to the trailer. For a bolt-on you would use # BD151443. The brackets are included and it will fit up to a 3x4 inch trailer frame. There is no...
    view full answer...

  • Top Wind Jack Recommendation with Wheel Caster
  • The Bulldog Jack, Sidewind Swivel # BD1541150301 that you referenced is not available exactly the same but with a top wind. With this jack you can do a wheel caster like part # BDCP555 like you referenced. But the top wind jacks that are similar like the # BD158451 do not have a wheel caster you can use. Another option that uses a different mount system is the part # BD151443, this jack is a top wind that will allow you to use a wheel caster like part # BDCP555.
    view full answer...

  • Space Between Jack Tube and Swivel Plate on Bulldog 2,000 Pound Swivel Jack
  • First, the jack can swivel in either direction so if possible you would swing it up so that the bottom of the jack points towards the back of the trailer. I went out to the warehouse and pulled Bulldog trailer jack # BD151443 and the measurement from the plate where it swivels to the jack tube is 0.86 inches. This is in between 13/16 and 7/8 of an inch so greater than the 5/8 of an inch you need!
    view full answer...

  • Availability of a Bolt On Swivel Trailer Jack That Can Accept a Wheel or Footplate
  • I believe I have a jack that will work for you application. Take a look at the Bulldog Jack, # BD151443. This jack is actuality designed to accept either a wheel, # BD500245 (for 2 inch tubes). Though the tubing size is 2 inches, I cannot recommend modifying jack # DL22300, or any jack with a wheel or footplate welded on, as it will void the warranty and make the capacity unknown.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Side-Mount Bolt-On Trailer Jack And Removable Caster
  • I recommend the Bulldog Trailer jack, part # BD151443. This is a 2,000 lb jack that has a side-mount designed to fit trailer tongues that measure up to 3 x 4 inches. This jack is a topwind jack and has a 10 inch lift. The height from the ground to the bracket when retracted is 11 inches and 21 inches when the jack is extended. For a removable caster I recommend part # BDCP555. This has a 1,500 lb capacity and will work well with the # BD151443.
    view full answer...

  • How Many Cranks Does the Bulldog Jack # BD151443 Take to Lift 1 inch
  • The Bulldog Jack part # BD151443 has a 2,000 lb capacity and would easily crank and lift 500 lbs. I went out into our warehouse to determine how many cranks it would take to lift 1 inch and found that it takes 8 revolutions of the crank for the jack to raise 1 inch.
    view full answer...

  • Can Caster Assembly of MaxxTow Swivel Trailer Jack # MT70149 Be Removed
  • I'm assuming that you're wondering if the entire caster assembly of the MaxxTow Swivel Jack, part # MT70149 is removable. The caster assembly isn't removable (so you can install a footplate, for example.) I'd recommend going with the Bulldog # BD151443. The jack doesn't include a foot or caster, but you can add a foot with part # BD018564 or a caster with part # BDCP555. The jack has a 2000 lb capacity, but keep in mind that adding the caster will limit the capacity to 1500 lbs.
    view full answer...

  • Will the Bulldog Jack # BD151443 fit a 4 inch by 2 inch Trailer Frame
  • Yes, the Bulldog Jack part # BD151443 can fit on trailer frames that are up to 3 inches thick by 4 inches tall so it would work well on yours that is 4 inches tall by 2 inches thick.
    view full answer...

  • Measurements of Snap Ring Used on Bull Dog Swivel Trailer Jacks
  • The snap ring on Bull Dog swivel jack # BD151443 is actually # BD500241 and it has the following measurements: Inner diameter = 2.28 inches Outer diameter = 2.65 inches Width at widest part = 0.25 inches Thickness = 0.081 inches
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