Trailer hub-and-drum assembly fits 5,200-lb and 6,000-lb axles with spindles that require a 2-1/8" or 2-1/4" ID grease seal. Bearings, seal and grease cap sold separately. Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Hubs and Drums from Dexter. Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly - 5,200-lb and 6,000-lb Axles - 6 on 5-1/2 part number 42656 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly - 5,200-lb and 6,000-lb Axles - 6 on 5-1/2

Dexter Trailer Hubs and Drums

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Dexter Trailer Hubs and Drums - 42656

Trailer hub-and-drum assembly fits 5,200-lb and 6,000-lb axles with spindles that require a 2-1/8" or 2-1/4" ID grease seal. Bearings, seal and grease cap sold separately.


  • Application: 5,200-lb and 6,000-lb Dexter axles with spindles that require a 2-1/8" or 2-1/4" ID grease seal
  • Works with both electric and hydraulic brakes
  • Drum dimensions: 12" diameter x 2" wide
  • Bolt pattern: 6 on 5-1/2"
  • Includes races and wheel bolts
  • Requires bearings, seal and grease cap (sold separately)
    • Bearings:
      • Inner bearing: 25580
      • Outer bearing: 15123
      • Use BK3-100 or BK3-110 Bearing Kit (according to your seal dimensions)
  • Capacity: 3,000 lbs

Determining the Bolt Pattern

The first number in the bolt pattern is the number of bolt holes. The second number denotes the diameter, in inches, of the circle on which the bolt holes sit.

Bolt Pattern - Even

On wheels with an even number of bolt holes, measure from the center of one bolt hole to the center of the hole directly across from it. (Example: 8 on 6-1/2 means 8 bolt holes with 6-1/2" from the center of one hole to the center of another on the opposite side.)

Bolt Pattern - Odd

To determine the bolt-circle diameter on wheels with an odd number of bolt holes, measure from the center of any bolt hole to the point halfway between the two bolt holes directly across from the first. (Example: 5 on 4-1/2 means 5 bolt holes with 4-1/2" measured to a point halfway between the opposite bolt holes.)

Bolt Pattern - Side

Measuring the distance (D) from the center of one bolt hole on the wheel to the center of a bolt hole right next to it can also help to determine the bolt pattern.

  • If D = 2-5/8", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 4-1/2"
  • If D = 2-3/4", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 4-3/4"
  • If D = 3", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 5"
  • If D = 3-1/4", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 5-1/2"

42656 Trailer Hub and Drum

Video of Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly - 5,200-lb and 6,000-lb Axles - 6 on 5-1/2

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Dexter Trailer Hubs and Drums 42656 Review

Today, we're going to take a quick look at Dexter Axles, Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly, part number 42656. This hub and drum is designed to work with 5200-pound and 6000-pound axles. Basically, any spindle that requires a 2-1/8 or 2-1/4 inter-diameter grease seal. Its got a 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern. There are six studs and if we're able to accurately measure from the center of one stud directly across to the center of the other, we'd get 5-1/2 inches. The races are included and they're already pressed inside where they need to be.

You will need to add bearings. Inner bearing part number is 25580. Outer bearing is 15123 or you can simply use the bearing kit, part number BK3-100 or BK3-110 according to the seal dimensions that you need to use with your spindle. This drum has a gross capacity of 3000 pounds. So when you pair it up with another drum with the same part number, you'd have your 6000-pound capacity.

Now, we'll flip it over and take a look inside the drum. We'll take our depth here and we'll get about 2-1/4 inches. Go across the diameter inside and we get 12 inches, which means that this drum is set up for use with 12-inch by 2-inch brake assemblies. And that's it for our quick look at Dexter Axles, Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly, part number 42656.

Customer Reviews

Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly - 5,200-lb and 6,000-lb Axles - 6 on 5-1/2 - 42656

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (10 Customer Reviews)

Trailer hub-and-drum assembly fits 5,200-lb and 6,000-lb axles with spindles that require a 2-1/8" or 2-1/4" ID grease seal. Bearings, seal and grease cap sold separately.

- 42656

by: Shane Mahoney03/15/2011

The product is excellent — I boutght the four drums to go with the four new brake kits that I bought from you. But the seal/bearing instructions indicate that you can order either kit. So, I picked the one that seemed to have the outside washer included. Unfortunately, the kit I selected had 2 1/8" ID seals and I need 2 1/4" seals. Now I have to go out and buy new seals, which are much more expensive locally. The fault is partially mine for not locating and reading the "fine print". But etrailer could be helpful by saying in its instructions, "Select the kit that corresponds to your required seal dimensions." 9374

- 42656

by: Randy, Randys Racing01/03/2011

Quick service Ordered on Tuesday, Received my hubs, bearings and seals on Monday after the New Years weekend . Parts were shipped the next day after a late night order. Good service, parts were what i ordered with Free Shipping.. Most Excellent !!! Randy 4970

- 42656

by: Randy G12/04/2014

The only bad thing I can say is I found it difficult to make sure u was getting the right bearing. I would figure since bearings are not included when u click on the hub they would have what bearings fit come up under the hub. Again very fast shipping 163326

- 42656

by: EM11/12/2014

I ordered an extra set of brakes for my dump trailer so that both axles provide stopping power. I called Juanita at etrailer and figured out every single part needed the first time. I didn't have to send anything back. Great job! 160578

- 42656

by: Josh08/13/2014

Excellent quality product. Just what I needed to convert from 8 lug to 6 lug hubs. Just note this part does not come with lug nuts, the spindle cap, seals or bearings. 146642

- 42656

by: Gary Frost03/03/2014

Drum was exactly as described and identical to one I was replacing, Arrived quickly and got it installed this weekend. 118246

- 42656

by: Miranda H04/02/2015

Very good quality arrived quickly. will definitely order from again. 182475

- 42656

by: Phil G.03/20/2012

Everything was as ordered and is for the correct application. 34449

- 42656

by: Dan M.04/15/2012

Received parts in timely fashion. Everything fit well. 37282

- 42656

by: Evert03/22/2012

Perfect Exact Replacement for Dexter 8- 201-9 34730


Ask the Experts about this Dexter Trailer Hubs and Drums
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  • Grease to Oil Bath Trailer Hub Conversion Kit for 3500 Pound Axles
  • The kit in question is # XLPROLUBE1980KIT. It fits 1.98 inch hubs (the opening where the grease cap fits in the hub) and 3500 pound axles. The seal which will replace the regular grease seal fits 1.72 inch spindles (diameter where the seal rides on the spindle) but will not fit 1.68 inch spindles.
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  • Hub and Wheel Recommendations for Converting to Oil Bath Hubs
  • As far as caps are concerned the main difference between an oil and grease caps is how they have to attach to the hub. Grease hubs will press in, while oil seals need to be screwed into a threaded hub. You will need to upgrade to oil bath hubs. We have oil bath hubs that would fit your spindle, except they all have an 8 on 6-1/2 inch bolt pattern. One of them is the Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly # 8-219-9UC3. This hub would work on your trailer, but you would need rims that have the...
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  • Can a Dexter Hub and Drum Assembly Replace an AL-KO Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly
  • Yes, a Dexter Hub and Drum like # 42656 will be interchangeable with an AL-KO hub and drum of the same size. When replacing the hubs, you need to make sure you get the proper hub for the spindle on the axle. Each trailer manufacturer uses a range of spindle sizes depending on the application. To determine the exact replacement, you will need to pull one of the existing hub/drums, locate the bearings, and get the bearing numbers that are stamped into both the inner and outer bearings....
    view full answer...

  • How to Convert Oil Bath Trailer Hubs to Grease Hubs
  • Actually all you really have to do is remove the oil from the hub and then pack the hubs with grease and then get the correct bearing buddy to match the threaded hub bore. You will need to measure the inner diameter of where the old grease cap installed on your hub to pick out the correct bearing buddy. If that measurement is 1.98 then you would wan the # BB1980T-SS, if it's 2.080 inches then you'd need part # BB2080T-SS, if it's 2.44 inches you'd want the part # BB2441T-SS. For grease...
    view full answer...

  • Hub And Drum Recommendation For Standard Axle
  • The Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly that fits axles without E-Z Lube is part # 42656. This uses the same seals as the hub and drum assembly you referenced. The only difference is the grease cap that will not have the removable seal for access to the zerk fitting on an E-Z Lube axle. This hub and drum uses bearing part # 15123 and part # 25580. I have included a link to a product review for this hub and drum.
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  • Recommendation for Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System with 5,200 LB Weight Capacity
  • Timbren offers the Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System, # ASR5200S04, that has a 5,200 pound weight capacity with 4" drop spindle allows for a low deck height. Since this system does not include hubs you would need the following: Hub and Drum Assembly, # 42656 Qty 2 Bearing Kit which includes 15123 and 25580 bearings with 10-36 seal, # BK3-100 Qty 2 OR Idler Hub, # 42655UC1 Qty 2 The idler hub includes bearings, races, seal, and grease cap.
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  • Recommended Hubs and Spindles for 2500 lb Homemade Trailer
  • The first thing to determine is if you want an idler hub or a hub/drum. The weight threshold at which brakes are mandated varies by state, so you might want to check that with your state police or highway patrol. If you decide on an idler hub (no brakes), I'd recommend the # 42655UC1 hub from Dexter Axle. The bearings, races, grease seal, lug bolts and grease cap are included. The hub will have more than enough capacity for your application. This hub would use the # R50642 spindle. For...
    view full answer...

  • Bearing and Seal Recommendation for a 6k Dexter Axle
  • You will need to pull off your current hubs to remove the bearings and seal to get the numbers so that we can determine for sure what you would need. But MOST likely the correct kit you would need would be the part # BK3-100. This kit comes with outer bearing # 15123 and inner bearing # 25580 and seal 10-36 # RG06-070. This is the most common bearings and seals used on 6k Dexter axles, but you need to verify your bearing and seal numbers to be certain.
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  • Switching 5 Spoke Hub to 6 Bolt
  • The Dexter Trailer Hub and Drum for 5200 and 6000 lb axles, part # 42656 uses the same bearings as your existing hub, and therefore would be a good replacement 6 bolt hub for you. This hub does not include the bearings, races and seals which are available as part # BK3-110. Each kit contains 1 inner and outer bearing, 1 inner and outer race, the grease seal and the cotter pin.
    view full answer...

  • Electric Drum Brakes, Hub and Drum, and Bearing Kit for a 1979 Airstream Land Yacht Trailer
  • If your 1979 Airstream has 12 by 2 inch brake assemblies, and the mounting flange has 5 bolts, 4 that are 2-1/4 inches on center from each other, and the bottom two being 3 inches on center, then the # 23-106, and # 23-105 brake assemblies will work on your trailer. We have several hub and drum assemblies in a 6 on 5-1/2 inch bolt pattern. If your trailer has 5,200 or 6,000 pound axles, you can use Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly, # 42656. You will need to check the existing bearing numbers...
    view full answer...

  • Bearing and Seal Kit Recommendation for Hub 42656 on Spindle R50342EZ
  • The correct bearing kit for the hub # 42656 to install on the spindle part # R50342EZ is the bearing kit part # BK3-100.
    view full answer...

  • Hub Recommendation for an Old Mobile Home Axle
  • It sounds like you have found the correct hub and drum assembly. The Trailer Hub and Drum # 42656 that you referenced recommends inner bearing 25580 and outer bearing 15123 which are the exact measurements you gave. Also, this hub has a 12 inch diameter and a 2 inch depth like what you said you needed. For the correct bearing and seal kit you would want a Bearing Kit # BK3-100. I attached a video on cleaning and replacing hubs and bearings for you to check out also.
    view full answer...

  • Will There Be Sufficient Clearance To Mount Kenda Tire and Wheel # AM3S870
  • I walked out to our warehouse and pulled the Kenda Tire and Wheel, part # AM3S870. I measured from the back of the mounting flange on the wheel to the edge of the tire. I shot a video showing these measurements for you to checkout. I have also linked an FAQ on trailer tires.
    view full answer...

  • Which EZ Lube Grease Caps for # 8-201-5 and # 426-56 Hub/Drum Assembly
  • Both the 8-201-5 and the 426-56 Hub and Drum Assemblies you mentioned would use a grease cap with a 2.44 outside diameter. The EZ Lube Grease Cap, part # RG04-080 would be the correct cap for both hub/drums. The 8-201-5 hub/drum would use the # BK3-310 bearing kit, and the 426-56 hub/drum would use the # BK3-100 bearing kit.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Wheel Studs for the Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly # 42656
  • The wheel studs of the Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly # 42656 are 1/2 inch diameter. I checked with Dexter and the recommended replacement studs for this hub are the part # 165995.
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  • Parts Needed to Replace Grease Lube Hubs with Oil Bath Hubs
  • If you had a 3,500 lb axle we sell a kit that would easily convert your hubs to oil bath hubs. But since you have 7,200 lb axles you would have to replace the hubs. The oil bath hubs that you choose should come with the proper bearings, seal and oil cap for that hub. You will want to check the part numbers on your bearings and seals to ensure you select the correct hubs for your spindles. We carry two oil bath hub and drum assemblies. Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly, # 8-219-9UC3-A,...
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  • Recommended 12 x 2 Inch Brakes for Older Flying L Gooseneck Horse Trailer w/ 4 Bolt Mounting Flange
  • When it comes to brakes for your boss's older Flying L gooseneck horse trailer, I believe that I have exactly what you are looking for, # 23-105-09 and # 23-106-09 for a 6,000 lb axle or # 185100 and # 185150 for a 7,000 lb axle. I have included a picture which includes the mounting hole measurements for these brakes. Although these measurements are very close to those that you have provided, I recommend measuring one more time to ensure that they will work for you. As for hubs with...
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  • Items Needed to Rebuild Boat Trailer Hydraulic Drum Braking System
  • It sounds like you have a great winter-season project on your hands! Based on your description of the condition of the existing trailer hydraulic drum braking system it sounds like you'll be replacing just about everything. When in doubt, swap it out. A good starting point for your project is the linked article on hydraulic drum brakes. This article covers the process of installing drum brakes from scratch but it will still give you all of the considerations to keep in mind when...
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