Trailer hub assembly includes lug nuts, inner bearing (L44643) and race, outer bearing (L44643) and race, grease cap and grease seal. Fits 2,000-lb axles. Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Hubs and Drums from Dexter. Trailer Hub Assembly - 2,000-lb Axles - 4 on 4 - L44643 Bearings part number 34822BX can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Trailer Hub Assembly - 2,000-lb Axles - 4 on 4 - L44643 Bearings

Dexter Trailer Hubs and Drums

(105 reviews)

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Dexter Trailer Hubs and Drums - 34822BX

Trailer hub assembly includes lug nuts, inner bearing (L44643) and race, outer bearing (L44643) and race, grease cap and grease seal. Fits 2,000-lb axles.

  • Application: 2,000-lb axles
  • Bolt pattern: 4 on 4"
  • Includes bearings, races, seal, grease cap, wheel bolts and lug nuts
    • Bearings:
      • Inner bearing: L44643
      • Outer bearing: L44643
    • Grease seal: 34823
      • Inner diameter: 1.249"
    • Grease cap: 1.986" outer diameter
  • Capacity: 1,250 lbs

Dexter 8-91A should be stamped on back of hub


Note: Some axles rated at 2,000 lbs require a different seal and bearings. Be sure that the bearings in the hub being replaced have L44643 stamped on them. If the bearings have L44649 stamped on them, use 8-91-05UC1 trailer hub.

Determining the Bolt Pattern

The first number in the bolt pattern is the number of bolt holes. The second number denotes the diameter, in inches, of the circle on which the bolt holes sit.

Bolt Pattern - Even

On wheels with an even number of bolt holes, measure from the center of one bolt hole to the center of the hole directly across from it. (Example: 8 on 6-1/2 means 8 bolt holes with 6-1/2" from the center of one hole to the center of another on the opposite side.)

Bolt Pattern - Odd

To determine the bolt-circle diameter on wheels with an odd number of bolt holes, measure from the center of any bolt hole to the point halfway between the two bolt holes directly across from the first. (Example: 5 on 4-1/2 means 5 bolt holes with 4-1/2" measured to a point halfway between the opposite bolt holes.)

Bolt Pattern - Side

Measuring the distance (D) from the center of one bolt hole on the wheel to the center of a bolt hole right next to it can also help to determine the bolt pattern.

  • If D = 2-5/8", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 4-1/2"
  • If D = 2-3/4", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 4-3/4"
  • If D = 3", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 5"
  • If D = 3-1/4", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 5-1/2"

34822BX Trailer Hub

Video of Trailer Hub Assembly - 2,000-lb Axles - 4 on 4 - L44643 Bearings

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Dexter Trailer Hubs and Drums 34822BX Review

Today we're going to review part number 34822BX this is a Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly with a 4 on 4 bolt pattern for 2000-lb axles. This trailer hub assembly will include four of the 1/2-inch cone seat lug nuts. It will include the inner and outer bearing which will be the same part number that is L44643. It will include the grease cap and the grease seal which is part number 34823. Now the bearing races will also be included and they are already installed into the hub assembly. Here is the outer bearing race right there and if we go to the back you'll see the inner bearing race right in there.

Most all our hub assemblies will come pre installed with the bearing races. Now this application will fit on the 2000-lb axles. Now there is a note you want to make sure that some axles that are rated at 2000 lbs will require a different seal and bearing. Be sure that the bearings in the hub that you're replacing have the L44643 stamped on them. If it does use a bearing that will have L44649 stamped on them then you will need to use a totally different trailer hub which would be the part number 8-91-05UC1.

The capacity on this hub assembly is 1250 lbs. So if you use this or pair this with a hub assembly of the same thing on the other side of the axle would give you a max of 2500 lbs. Now we do mention this is a bolt pattern of 4 on 4 and basically on a bolt pattern that would normally even number of lugs, which in this case would be four. You could just measure directly across from the center of one stud to the center of the other. But in this case because this hub sticks up or protrudes up some it's going to be hard to actually get a correct measurement.

So what you can also do is just measure from the center of one stud to the center of the other and on a 4 on 4-inch bolt pattern that would measure up 2-7/8 inches. That will determine that this is a 4 on 4-inch bolt pattern. Now this hub assembly that uses the L44643 inner and outer bearing will be stamped on the back. It's stamped in it. It might be hard to see but it is stamped 8-91A.

And that should do it for a review on part number 34822BX.

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Customer Reviews

Trailer Hub Assembly - 2,000-lb Axles - 4 on 4 - L44643 Bearings - 34822BX

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (105 Customer Reviews)

Trailer hub assembly includes lug nuts, inner bearing (L44643) and race, outer bearing (L44643) and race, grease cap and grease seal. Fits 2,000-lb axles.

- 34822BX

by: Kerry05/05/2013

Hub itself is better quality than the original hub I replaced on the trailer. I am extremely happy with the hub and it rates excellent. However the bearings, grease seal and cap are very cheap parts made in china. They rate poor in my book. What do you expect from a $3.25 China bearing? I installed the dry bearing into the race to check fit and it had flat spots and wobbled as I spun the bearing. All four bearings in 2 kits all had the same problem. I purchased 4 SKS bearings from local parts store @ about $8.50 each. They spin perfectly in the race. I upgraded the grease seal to a double lip instead of the single lip in the kit. I installed the cap with a rubber mallet and block of wood but they are thin and dented badly before they seated. They may work if you had a large socket or a collar that fit around the lip but if you contact the center of the cap in any way it will dent badly. I will replace those with a bearing buddy or better quality cap someday. What is the point of an assembly if you have to replace the substandard parts within it? Cheap bearing and single lip grease seal may work fine with light duty local hauling but I plan to run several hundred miles and believe I need better bearings and seals to handle the long miles without trouble. I did a 220 mile test trip yesterday and the hubs did not build any heat at all after the parts upgrades. I am not telling people to not buy this hub because the hub is excelent quality but I am telling people to plan on upgrading the bearings, seals and caps if they need a top quality trouble free assembly. Now let me tell you the good news. The price of the assmebly from Etrailer is good enough that even after the upgrades, the price is better than other hubs I found locally or on the web. Buy it but upgade it for the best possible hub assembly. I plan to purchase one more assembly from etailer as a back up. I do not want to be several hundred miles from home without a replacement I can install on the road if needed. Best $35 "insurance" I ever spent. 79060

- 34822BX

by: Joe R03/24/2014

I've attached some pics of the smoker I'm building using the hubs and spindles I purchased from you. Thanks for the quick shipping. Hubs and spindles fit perfect. 121889

- 34822BX

by: John M08/07/2013

The staff at e-trailer was very helpful and informative regarding their product. I learned several things about trailer equipment, in general from the staff, as well. I especially appreciated their efforts to assist me in solving a problem that arose several weeks after I had received the tires and wheels that I had ordered. The fix was to replace the existing hubs (4.5 inches) with new ones that were the standard 4.0 inch hubs. 93773


I am still relying and using those products purchased from e-trailer.

John M - 02/20/2015


- 34822BX

by: Alex V06/22/2012

I have a small 1200 lb Harbor Freight Tool trailer. The original bearings blew out and I had to replace the bearings, seal and hub. Went to our local Colorado Springs bearing supply house. I bought the hub, seal, bearings and cap for less that what they charged for one bearing, bought tires too - for less and better quality than what Discount Tire charged. Will be coming back 45225


Hello, I also have a Harbor Freight trailer 1200 lb trailer. my hubs do not turn true. did you change just the bearing or the hubs too? I want to make sure these hubs fit this trailer?Jerry

comment by: Jerry M - 06/02/2015



Jerry M, In 2012 I replaced the spindle, bearings and tires on my Harbor Freight trailer. I had a local welder put the new spindles on the axle. Since this time, the trailer has remained true, no bearing issues, and no tire wear issues. Approx 2500 miles since then. Very happy with my decision to use eTrailer. Just wish they used FedEx and not UPS

comment by: Alex - 06/05/2015


- 34822BX

by: Richar H.05/15/2014

The actual hub is of exceptional quality as it is a cast hub and is a giant improvement over the tubular steel w/welded on lug plate I took off. Was not impressed with the fact that the MFG did not pack these in a cardboard box and just wrapped all the parts around the hub with tape, paint job on the hub was not the greatest but did not matter to me as I repainted it a different color to compliment my new wheels, the dust cap is flimsy and easy to dent unless you cut a notch the width of a hacksaw blade 1/2 way to the stop ring but again did not matter to me for anything but to keep the paint off the bearing race as I used my old bearing buddies. The hub is of automotive quality and I give it a 10 for quality, cost, fit and my hat's off to the service at Etrailer. 130887

- 34822BX

by: Wayne M.06/02/2011

I needed to replace the hubs on my jon boat trailer. Etrailer had the exact hubs I needed, in stock. The description in their shopping cart made it easy to order the right part. They shipped promptly and I received the order within a few days. The hubs were well packed. Their quality is first rate. They even included bearings, seals, races which came installed in the hubs saving me some time (thank you!), and lug nuts at a price that was less than the bearings and seals alone were going to cost me at a local auto supply store. A diagram on their web site showed me how to install the innards and I installed both hubs on my trailer in a little over an hour. Thanks again, Etrailer. 15993

- 34822BX

by: Customer03/25/2015

1 the tech service is top notch, Ricky is great he was perfect at guiding me to the proper product 2 Shipping was super fast, less than 24 hours true they are 1 state away, however they were on it 3 Product, hubs seem fine (not installed yet, paint) however the bearings, grease cap and races are all Chinese ,the grease caps were bent , and too cheap to use, the bearing retainers on a couple of pieces were somewhat out of round, I ordered some American made ones , they rhyme with" bimikin" this, keep off of the side of the road. 180784

- 34822BX

by: Jason A.04/20/2015

For the price, this can't be beat. I have a small beater trailer that I use to make a few local trips a year, and replacing the whole hub was much quicker than trying to rebuild the one that I had. Shipping was very fast, and unlike many websites like this, the folks seem to really care about customer satisfaction. I didn't have any problems with my two orders so far, but given the responsiveness I've seen, I'll be coming here from now on. 186529

- 34822BX

by: Bill F.01/30/2012

Great response time and follow-up. I ordered this hub assembly on a Friday and received it on Tuesday. Everything needed was in the package to replace a damaged hub and bearings on a small trailer a friend and I are rebuilding. I did find damage to one of the bearings when I received it. I called etrailer, spoke to Ashley and another bearing was shipped that day. If I need any other trailer parts etrailer will get my business. 30630

- 34822BX

by: Rick S.12/31/2010

First Time User I had ordered a utility trailer wheel hub assy, ( I thought). It arrived quicker than I had paid for, but it wasn't an assemlby. I may not have read the smaller print on the product page when I had ordered the hub, which may be why I had expected all the parts to have been assembled upon receipt. Great job on the illustrated installation instructions!! Over all, I am very pleased with the service! 4843

- 34822BX

by: Paul08/13/2014

Phone rep was great with technical information. When asked, told me ahead of time that product was made in China. Product arrived in god time and was as described. I was disappointed that the bearings cover is so thin and difficult to place without denting. It would be helpful if a cotter pin was included. It would also be nice it retailer had a source of USA made bearings to offer. 146543

- 34822BX

by: Jim06/15/2012

Your processing, delivery and communication were very good. I would have given an excellent rating except the bearing seal was received with a slight bend and nick in it. In the interest of time, I am removing the seal from the old hub and using it. I recently ordered that seal from you and installed it before realizing there was another problem in the old hub. Thanks.....Jim 44274

- 34822BX

by: Ty11/24/2014

The replacement hub assembly shipped very quickly. This was the first time I tried rebuilding a hub but the dimensions were spot on and it was very easy to assemble (I did watch some videos on YouTube). It seems to be a good replacement. The only complaint I have is that the grease cap came bent so it was a little tricky to round it out just right to fit the hub. 162357

- 34822BX

by: Dennis Crawford03/10/2011

Original wheel bearings on the trailer finally give up after 30 years so went shopping at etrailer again. I received a replacement hub and bearings at a very competitive price and in a short time. It took 4 days via ground. I’m happy. I’ve purchased 4 hitches for four cars plus accessories through etrailer and I’m very satisfied with the product and service. 9056

- 34822BX

by: Matt S04/18/2012

Great product and shipped promptly. The difference between these hubs and my old ones is HUGE, really glad I decided to replace the whole assembly. Remember, this is just the hub assembly and bearings, so if you're replacing existing hubs, hold onto your castle nut and cotter pin. The dust caps are also a real tight fit so be patient when putting them on. 37571

- 34822BX

by: Eddie K. Hardy Jr06/11/2014

Everything was delivered worked out great Very very pleased with the service experience working with y'all Have already told to other people about you all 135040

- 34822BX

by: Michael B.03/03/2011

Building a Custom Double Kayak Trailer.........res for best prices.....E-Trailer has the prices and inventory I was looking for! I ordered a whole list of parts in two separate orders. Both orders were processed and shipped immediately and arrived well packaged and on time! Site is easy to navigate! Highly recommend for a new-build or repairs! 8336

- 34822BX

by: Don P.05/27/2013

Fit and finish are better than the original hub. Nice to have races pre-installed. Coating on the stud threads made it a little tough to thread the nuts by hand, but lug wrench did the job without much hassle. Casting had a minor shortage of material on the outside diameter of the outer bearing case, but the inside diameter was completely round. 82083

- 34822BX

by: Dave O.07/06/2011

The purchaser, me, ordered the incorrect hub and it is being returned to etrailer. I called etrailer while the order was in transit to let them know that I had discovered my mistake and they were very understanding to my situation and even provided specific return instructions by a follow up e-mail. This is a great organization to do business with. 18701

- 34822BX

by: Alain P.09/29/2015

The hub seemed to be of very good quality. It shipped out and I received it very quickly. I have only one issue and that was the grease cap seemed a tad small and was extremely difficult to put on without damaging, but in all fairness that could be my lack of experience installing them rather than a product issue. before an after pictures attached 228448

- 34822BX

by: Don J.08/08/2014

Great price, quick delivery, perfect fit. I installed it with no problem (I used by old bearings because they were still good). Used my old cover because the new one was dented. So far it has worked very well. I recommend this part and etrailer for the price, technical help already on their website, and quick shipping. 145346

- 34822BX

by: Kirk08/12/2014

Ordered a set of these for my PWC trailer. Fit great but I should have ordered some codder pins. Don't forget those when replacing your bearings. Some of the paint came off, but no big deal. Bearings looked great and roll super smooth now. Order some bearing buddy's with this too for any watercraft trailer. BB1980A 146338

- 34822BX

by: Phil H.07/15/2014

This was an exact fit for what I needed; very heavy duty. I was able to assemble and install the items with ease, especially after viewing their product installation video. E-trailer is such a nice company to deal with anyway. Their personal, friendly -- and fast -- service are all reasons why I love shopping with them. 141425

- 34822BX

by: Krist B.07/14/2015

Purchased hubs & wheel sets for my boat trailer. Prices were great & the folks at etrailer were very knowledgeable & shipped quicker than expected. Installation was as described & they made a 1500 mile trip with no problems at all. I highly recommend this company & their products. 211665

- 34822BX

by: Anthony H03/27/2014

the cap was bent beyond repair, I'm using this for my harbor freight 1195 lb trailer as a spare. the harbor freight trailers use 25 mm tapered bearings this one comes with 1" bearings. so I changed the bearings to the correct size and it will work great for my purposes. 122500

- 34822BX

by: Fran Bailey09/11/2012

I was very pleased with the prompt delivery. My trailer was down and I desperately needed the two hubs to reassemble it and get my equipment back from the small engine guy. My order was processed in hours and arrived in just five days. I highly recommend etrailer. 54391

- 34822BX

by: Mark F03/30/2012

Everything was perfect, except for the dust cover. I had a time getting it on and damaged it in the process. It seemed just a smidgen to large. Shipping was excellent and arrived a day early! The price was excellent also! I will be ordering from etrailer again. 35703

- 34822BX

by: Danny A03/11/2014

Very satisfied with my transaction with etrailer. Item arrived as per description. Good packaging and product was expedited for free! Constant email communication from Kevin J, George J, and Tamara W. I would purchase from again! THANKY YOU! 120221

- 34822BX

by: Braden R07/04/2015

Great kit! Only way it could be any better is if it came with carter pins for the castle nuts and stronger dust caps. They are a little weak like others have said and regardless of how gentle they bent when you put them in just as other reviews say. 209377

- 34822BX

by: john09/26/2015

up on delivery had a damaged bearing and grease cap also damaged was the grease seal called customer service dayna who took care of damaged items with replacements same day i called thank you dayna and etrailer keep up the good work! 227811

- 34822BX

by: ken09/17/2011

The hubs that I received fit the trailer without any effort . The bearings were adjusted and greased . Now the only thing that is left to do is use the trailer and hope the hub and bearings last forever . Thanks Ken 24160

- 34822BX

by: Toby MacFarlane03/06/2015

Once again a great product . I was happy to see that you sell these hubs with bearings . It's a lot easier to by these hub assemblies verse fighting the old bearing races out of the original ones. Thanks again. Toby MacFarlane 177234

- 34822BX

by: toby08/06/2012

Heather was very helpful when ordering this part for my old boat trailer. She walked me thru the different measurements necessary to get the right hub. It fit the first time and I was back out on the boat cruising this weekend. 50688

- 34822BX

by: John B08/27/2015

A great value, fit and finish are fan5astic. Only issue is both caps were damaged during shipment. After tapping them out they still won't fit. That being said I love etrailer, it should be everyone's one stop shopping site. 222193

- 34822BX

by: Adam07/05/2015

Got this as an emergency spare and it looks as though it'll be good for that. The bearings are Chinese and semi suspect, but for an emergency it'll probably work great. The hub itself is cast iron and seems high quality. 209446

- 34822BX

by: Todd10/16/2014

The lug nuts are a nonstandard size, which is annoying. The only real problem is the dust caps are super thin and showed up bent and would not fit. The bearings seem cheap, I will probably replace them with Timken ones. 156363

- 34822BX

by: Dan Simpson03/30/2012

Had an older boat trailer and the rear seal would not stay in place and allowed water to enter the hub. This replacement hub was a perfect fit and should solve my problem. Ordering was easy, shipment was fast. Thanks 35611

- 34822BX

by: Whisper30804/06/2015

I ordered them on a Friday and got them the following Tuesday without a problem. They are good quality and fit right up it was really the best bang for my buck. Thank you 183448

- 34822BX

by: Fonzy G04/15/2014

The part I got was exactly the right part I order. This place is the best place to get for your trailer, I'll be purchasing more from this place. The price and shipping were very very reasonable. Thank you so much. 125272

- 34822BX

by: John W06/01/2011

eTrailer's customer service is 1st rate. I appreciated the follow-up. The new wheel hub is exactly what I needed and it is already installed. Was not too impressed with the bearings from China though. 15841

- 34822BX

by: jim s08/20/2014

everthing went fine until i tried to install the dust caps. they were flimsy compared to the ones is was replacing, after trying for awhile i used the old ones. it could have been my inexperience. 147763

- 34822BX

by: Jose R.08/19/2013

Very good product. Product was exactly as described. Service was outstanding and follow up confirmed customer satisfaction. What more could anyone ask for? I will definitely return. Great job! 95914

- 34822BX

by: Bigfoot05/02/2015

Received the hub assemblies, installed, put on the buddy bearings, and went fishing. So far seems like a great choice. Much easier than rebuilding the hubs, and about the same price. 189449

- 34822BX

by: Rick07/17/2015

The hub assemblies were great! The price is great! The only difficulty I had was with the dust caps! One would not go on! I needed to us an old one! The trailer puls like new now! 212407

- 34822BX

by: Lou Serino12/21/2010

TRiple AAA Service!!! Quality product, great prices,excellent communication, warp .speed shipping. Doesnt get any better. Will definately buy again and highly recommend to all. 4441

- 34822BX

by: Bob Glover02/09/2011

Excellent pricing, service and shipping! Arrived 3 business days after I placed the order. Will buy from them again (hope I won't have to--that means my trailer won't tear up!). 6921

- 34822BX

by: Jason RUSOFF07/13/2011

It arrived quickly and was very well made. I was replacing hubs and bearings from a Chinese trailer and it was pretty obvious how much better made this hub and bearings were. 19343

- 34822BX

by: pappoose01/14/2011

nice hub great price i liked the hub it was new looks strong smooth design i just wish it was a galvanized hub i didnt find any on the site but this one will do the job 5495

- 34822BX

by: Robert B.06/15/2015

Overall good value. Caps are a little tough to get on. But with enough persuasion, they finally go on. Etrailer service was excellent – as usual. 203628

- 34822BX

by: Bob06/21/2015

I was very pleased with the product and price . The dispatch was very nice and it was shipped out the same day Thanks etrailer for the good work 206126

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  • We actually offer more than one hub that features a 4 bolt pattern and fits a straight spindle, but in order to determine which one would match your current setup, I would need to know either the industry standard numbers on your bearings or the inner and outer diameters. The # 34822BX hub uses a seal # 34823, which has an inner diameter of 1.249 inches. This would be the closest inner diameter size we offer to the 1.1875 inch measurement you provided. I would recommend checking the...
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  • The BT8 bearing kit uses the TruRyde Bearing, part # L44643 for the inner and outer bearings. I have three hub assemblies that will use the BT8 bearing kit. The Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly, part # 34822BX that you have referenced is a hub that will use a BT8 bearing kit. This is a hub assembly with a 4 on 4 bolt pattern and has a capacity of 1,250 lbs per hub. The other two hub assemblies that will use the BT8 bearing kit is the Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly 5 on 4-1/2, part # 34822545BX...
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  • Replacement Hub for a Haul Master Kit Trailer with 30205 Bearings
  • The bearing that you have on the trailer hub measures just under 1 inch (0.985) and we are not going to have a hub that accepts a bearing with an inner diameter of that size. This is common for the trailer kits like the Haul Master branded trailers. You have 2 options though. First, to obtain the right size replacement parts you would have to go to through the manufacturer since the hubs are not a common size. Second, and the best option, replace the axle so that you will not run...
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  • Are Trailer Hubs Shipped with the Bearings Greased and Installed
  • The hubs are not shipped completely assembled or greased. You will have to install the bearings and seals and add grease and install the cap. I have added a links to some videos that demonstrate how to install bearings and pack the hub with grease. I have also added a link to our Grease Department on our site.
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  • Recommended Spindle And Hub Assembly For 2 In Square Tubing Axle On Small Cart
  • You said you planned on making the axle out of 2 inch square tubing. When choosing a spindle that will work with this tubing, you will need to measure the inside dimension of the tubing to make sure you have a good fit. Square tubing will have a seam that is welded on the inside so you may run into an issue with the fit of the spindle in the tubing. Our strong suggestion is that you have a professional weld the spindles in place because they need to be square and concentric. If not, they...
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  • Does Trailer Hub Assembly for 2,000 Pound Axles Include Bearings and What Spindle Will Fit
  • The inner and outer bearings, races, seals and cap are all included. We carry three spindles that will fit this hub. The differences is the shanks that are to be welded to the axle, but the machined portions will fit the hub assembly you were looking at. The spindles are part # R104BT8, part # R104BT8-38, and part # SP204BT8.
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  • What is the Hub Measurement Between the Races on the Dexter Trailer Hub # 34822BX
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled the Trailer Hub Assembly for 2,000 lb Axles, item # 34822BX, and measured the distance from the back of the inner race to the back of the outer race and it is 2-3/8 inches on this particular hub. This measurement is usually not a concern because there is adjustability built into the spindle bearing surfaces. The spindle for this hub is the Redline Trailer Spindle, # R104BT8. I checked the range of adjustment for the bearings on the spindle, and...
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  • Replacement Hub, Bearing Buddy, and Rim/Tire for a Dexter 9-81A Hub
  • There are two different Dexter 8-91 hubs that are available for a 2000 lb axle that will use different size bearings and seals. You will want to use the correct bearings and seal that are designed for that particular hub. The Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly, part # 8-91-05UC1, comes with the # L44649 inner and outer bearings, the # L44610 races, the # 10-9 grease seal, and the # RG04-020 grease cap. The Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly, part # 34822BX, comes with the # L44643 inner and...
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  • Recommendations On Changing Out Hub Assemblies On A 4x4 Mini Trailer From 12 Inch Tires To Larger
  • I hope that things are going okay for you in Iraq and that you will be returning to the States soon. You will need to see if you can have somebody pull the hubs off of your trailer because the best way to check which hubs will fit on your trailer axle is to pull the hubs off and get the inner bearing part number and outer bearing part number. With those part numbers we will be able to tell what the diameter size is on your axle. In the 5 on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern the difference in...
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  • Replacing 4.80-12 Trailer Tires with a Larger Size on a Harbor Freight Trailer
  • I will be happy to recommend different tires for your trailer. However keep in mind that going to a higher capacity tire does not increase the capacity of the trailer. That is set by the axle and other components. A 145/80-12 tire would be a good option. Tire # AM10130 is a load range D rated for 1,220 pounds at 65 psi. Always inflate trailer tires to the maximum psi indicated on the tire. But it will be approximately 0.8 inches wider and 0.8 inches taller than a 4.80-12. You will...
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  • Are Replacement Hubs Available for a Harbor Freight Trailer
  • Harbor Freight trailers do not typically use standard hubs or spindles. In most of the situations that we have encountered, we do not carry a hub that uses the same bearings and seal that Harbor Freight uses. The best way to determine if we have a hub that will fit your trailer would be to find the bearing and grease seal part numbers and search for a hub that uses the same bearings and seal. I have attached a photo that shows where the part numbers are located. If you do not have the...
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  • Will the Kenda Wheel and Tire # AM30780 Work With Hub Assembly # 34822BX
  • Yes, the Kenda 5.30-12 Bias Trailer Tire and Wheel, # AM30780, can be used with the Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly, # 34822BX. The wheel that you purchased is lug-centric, meaning the wheel is centered on the hub when you tighten down the lug nuts. The diameter of the pilot hole on the wheel is not going to have any effect when mounting the wheel on the hub, so the difference between the two diameters is not an issue. Hub-centric wheels require the pilot hole diameter on the wheel...
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  • Boat Trailer Hubs for a 1957 Boat Trailer with 07100 Inner and Outer Bearings
  • I did some checking on bearing 07100 and found that it should have an inner diameter of 1.000 inches which is the same as an L44643 bearing. For a hub that uses the same inner and outer bearing, L44643, and that has a 4 on 4 bolt pattern, we have one option, # 34822BX, for 2,000 pound axles. To make sure you have a 4 on 4 bolt pattern you can use the linked help article.
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  • How To Determine What Hub Assembly is Needed With a Bearing Inner Diameter of 3/4 Inch
  • The Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly - 4 on 4, part # 34822BX, uses the # L44643 bearing as the inner and outer bearings. The inner diameter of the bearing on this hub will be 1 inch. The Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly - 4 on 4, part # 8-91-05UC1, uses the # L44649 bearing as the inner and outer bearings. The inner diameter of the bearing is 1.063 inches (1-1/16). The only bearing I have that has a 3/4 inch inner diameter is the Redline Bearing, part # LM11949, which is used as an outer bearing...
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  • What Trailer Spindle and Hubs Go With 3-Leaf, Double-Eye Spring Kit for 2,000 Pound Trailer Axles
  • The 3-Leaf, Double-Eye Spring Kit, # 2-1020, is designed for use on 2,000 pound axles. For 2,000 pound axles we have the Spindle 1-1/2 inch Square x 4 inch Long Stub, # SP204BT8. You would then need a hub for 2,000 pound axles and inner/outer bearings L44643. In that category, we have 3 options. First is the Trailer Hub Assembly, # 34822BX, with a 4 on 4 bolt pattern. Second, we have Trailer Hub Assembly, # 34822545BX, with a 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern for 8 to 10 inch wheels. Lastly,...
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  • Dexter Hub and BT8 Trailer Spindle Compatibility
  • Yes, the Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly, # 34822BX, is compatible with our Redline BT8 Spindle, # R104BT8. The BT8 spindle requires inner and outer bearing L44643 and a grease seal with an inner diameter of 1.24 inches, which the Dexter hub uses. This hub and spindle combination was designed for a 2,000lb trailer axle. The only additional item that you will want is suitable trailer grease. We use red grease like part # L10321.
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  • Bearing Buddy Recommendation for a Trailer Hub that has an Outer Bearing # of L44643
  • The bearing buddy I would recommend for your trailer hub that has a outer bearing part # of L44643 is the Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors - Model 1980A w/ Auto Check, part # BB1980A. I have attached a review video of this product below that you might find informative. I would also recommend you measure the outside diameter of the original drive in grease cap seating surface and make sure it is 1.98 inches, if the grease cap is too damaged you could also measure the inside diameter...
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  • Replacement Hub for Master Pro PT A-4 and National Bearing A-17 Bearings on a Utility Trailer
  • Based on the information I could find on those 2 bearings it appears that they are the same as L44649/L68149 bearings. Hubs that take these bearings include: # 84545BX for a 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern # 84545UC1-EZ for an EZ lube axle and 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern # 84550BX for a 5 on 5 bolt pattern # 845475UC1 for a 5 on 4-3/4 bolt pattern # 845475UC1-EZ for an EZ lube axle and 5 on 4-3/4 bolt pattern # 84555UC1 for a 5 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern The star design is just a newer...
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  • What Spindle Measurements are Needed to Pick Out a Hub for a Trailer
  • Since I cannot find any information on the bearing number you gave me I think the best option you have would be to take some measurements of the spindle. Check out the picture I attached that shows what measurements are the most important. Before I recommend a wheel and tire lets figure out what hubs will work on your spindle. Email me back with the B and C measurements of the spindle from the picture and I will see what we have that could work. You will want to use a digital dial...
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  • Are Lug Nuts Included with the Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly, # 34822BX
  • The Trailer Hub Assembly, # 34822BX, does come with lug nuts in addition to the bearings, races, and seal.
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