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Curt Trailer Hitch for the 2013 Toyota Sienna

Curt Trailer Hitch

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Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" - 2013 Toyota Sienna

This fully welded trailer hitch receiver bolts onto your Toyota Sienna's frame with no welding required. Powder coated steel is sturdy and corrosion resistant.


  • Custom fit is designed specifically for your Toyota Sienna
  • Precision, robotic welding maximizes strength and improves fit
  • Bolt-on installation - no welding required
    • includes all hardware needed for installation
    • Complete installation instructions are included
  • Lifetime technical support from the experts at
  • Gloss black powder coat finish over protective base coat offers superior rust resistance
  • Ball mount, pin and clip sold separately
  • Made in the USA


  • Receiver opening: 2" x 2"
  • Rating: Class III
    • Maximum gross trailer weight: 3,500 lbs
      • Maximum GTW when used with weight distribution: 5000 lbs
    • Maximum tongue weight: 350 lbs
      • Maximum TW when used with weight distribution: 500 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty Technical Support

At we're committed to the products we sell, and to our customers. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are available via both phone and email to address your questions and concerns for the lifetime of your hitch. The technicians at etrailer perform hitch installations on a daily basis, making them a valuable resource for do-it-yourselfers. The one-on-one, personal service you'll receive comes straight from an expert in the towing and automotive field. We've installed it, we've wired it and we've towed with it, so whatever your question, we can answer it.

13105 Curt Class 3 Trailer Hitch Receiver

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Video of Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2"

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Trailer Hitch Installation - 2013 Toyota Sienna - Curt

Today on our 2013 Toyota Sienna, well be installing the Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver, part number C13105. Now here is what our hitch looks like installed on our vehicle. Now well go ahead and give you a couple of measurements in helping you choose some accessories for your hitch, such as a bicycle rack or a cargo carrier. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the outer most edge of the bumper is approximately 6 inches. From the top of the opening in the receiver to the ground is approximately 11 inches. Now lets go ahead and install our hitch.

Now before we begin, were going to need to remove this lower appearance panel that covers the rear of the vehicle. Now in order to remove the lower appearance panel, theres multiple fasteners that will need to be removed. Now well go ahead and set our appearance panel aside for reinstallation later. Now lets go ahead and point out our mounting locations. Well begin over here on the driver side. Well be using the existing weld nut underneath this cover.

This one and this one. Just simply use our razor knife to trim out the cover. Now that we have our attachment points uncovered over here on the driver side, to be exactly the same over on the passenger side. Now were going to go ahead and take our appearance panel and were going to do some trimming on it first in order for it to fit around our hitch. Well have mark out some areas. Then well be removing this section right in here.

In order to remove our section, were just going to use our razor knife, cut along the plastic. After we cut our openings for the hitch arms, well lay the panel on top of the hitch. Now the hardware that well be using for all six mounting locations is the same. Its the 12mm hex bolt and a inch conical tooth washer. We want to make sure that when installed, the teeth on the washer are facing towards the hitch.

Now its a good idea to get an extra set of hands to help you raise the hitch up into position. Well go ahead and install one bolt on each side loosely. Then well reinstall the fasteners for the panel. Then when all the fasteners are reinstalled, well loosely install the rest of our hitch hardware. Well make sure the hitch is centered on the vehicle and then well tighten it down. Then well torque down all of our bolts to the manufacturer specification. Now that our hardware has been torqued down, that will complete our installation of the Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver, part number C13105, on our 2013 Toyota Sienna. .

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Customer Reviews

Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" - C13105

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (254 Customer Reviews)

This fully welded trailer hitch receiver bolts onto your vehicle's frame with no welding required. Powder coated steel is sturdy and corrosion resistant.

- C13105

by: John05/23/2014

Hitch Installation 2006 Toyota Sienna How I Did It: I had no plastic bottom splash cover on this van to work around. The van was not jacked up.. I simply hooked the passenger side of the hitch over the exhaust pipe (to support the hitch). Using a block of wood on a jack I raised the (center receiver) of the hitch to draw the driver side up into the mounting position. A 8-in heavy shank Phillips screwdriver and a tapered piece of wood helped to 'align' the (3) holes, and loosely set the driver side (bolts with washers), into place. Moving to the passenger side.. I used a 2nd jack (with a piece of 2x4x6 (on the jack) placed between the body and exhaust to rise the hitch up and away form the tail pipe, and into mounting position. Alternating between center jack supporting the "receiver", and passenger side jack (raising the right Hitch side), I kept the hitch level as the hitch was snugged into mounting position. Again, using the tapered wood and screwdriver as an alinement set, I screwed in 2 of the 3 right side bolts. The third bolt, refused to 'catch' and failed to screw into place even though alinement appeared good, and the bold had been tested as screwing into the hole cleanly, prior to raising the hitch.... My solution to this was to use a 'bolt & nut of the proper size that I had on hand', identical to the supplied bolts but mine happened to be shorter, but with good threads. I placed a nut on this bolt. I ground a leading cone shape taper (grinding about 4-threads away to make the taper), on the end of this new "alignment bolt". I oiled the treads, and then removed the nut to 'self-clean' the threads out to it's new end taper. I did not cut a thread-cutting chip-relief 'notch' in this bolt end, as I knew the van threads were good as pretested. Using this modified bolt I was able to now 'catch' the van hole's lead-thread, and cinch-up this modified aligning bold tightly. Or,... if you don't have an extra nut and bolt laying around, you can use one of the supplied hitch bolts, a grinder and a small file to touch-up the lead thread. There is plenty of length on a new Hitch bolt to work with. (Be sure you have cleaned & pretested all 6 of the Van's bolt-hole threads with the supplied bolts prior to your install efforts!) I also found it handy to have another small block of 2x4 to pry the exhaust pipe out of the way of your hand/tools, when using the socket set on the right side bolt holes. With my modified bolt tight and in place, I then tightened the 2 installed right-side bolts.. remove the 'modifier aligning bold' and installed the 3-rd and final hitch bolt with it's washer. Time To Tighten All the Bolts Down: A point about torque on this Hitch/bolt install. Though the instructions say to use a torque wrench, it seemed rare for anyone in comments/Product Review, to actually mention "using" a torque wrench with their installs. Since the bolts are to be tightened to almost 80ft/lb this is ALLOT of force.. and even with the torque wrench it seems you will break the bolts, until you hear the wrench's refreshing STOP 'click'. For those just 'guessing' as they use a beaker bar, or just grunting the bolts into place, I imagine allot of trailers are being pulled at 60mph+, with essentially loose bolts, or at the least, under-tightened/under torqued hitch bolts. Hmm, overloaded trailer, over speed pulling, and under tightened bolts.... Sounds like fun! Seriously, try very hard to get your hands on a proper torque wrench and be surprised at the amount of oomph it takes to properly tighten these bolts. Anyway, the Hitch? Great bumper-cover hugging design. Good paint-job and pretty "gold colored" bolt and washer set. The instructions are clear. Plastic Problems: Some who have it installed, have goofed and cut the wrong side for the rear plastic underside splash panel. Just mark BOTH sides of the same lift side, so you don't get confused, or cut it, installed, and in place, as some have done with a utility-knife or tin snips. (Consider also a soldering-iron tip and steady hand). Matching It All Together: I also found that the CURT ball (one with a 2-in body rise) brought my ball-mount (it's a 1-in rise) and ball combo up to an acceptable (3-in rise), and level, to within 1/2~3/4-in connected to the trailer. Final Thought: I'm all for advertizing but not all over the van, so I pulled the stick-on labels off the hitch. It looks cleaner for me. Sorry eTrailer! If someone asks, I'll tell e'm I got it from you. :-) The takeaway? This is a good company to buy from... Thanks! 132062

- C13105

by: Nathan A05/30/2013

Very happy with the hitch and the ease of installation onto my 2013 sienna. I don't have a lift, but our driveway has a small dropoff at the end, so backing it within a few feet of the end gave me a couple more feet of clearance to work with. Even then, it was pretty cramped and maneuvering the 40lb hitch into place did require some patience. Overall it probably took me closer to 2 hours total, but everything basically went exactly as the instructions and the video showed. I used tin snips instead of a rotary tool to cut the plastic undercoating, and that produced just as nice of an edge. I also needed to get a 10" extension for my socket wrench (which I think the instructions do say you need) to get at some of the nuts. I didn't have a torque wrench, so "get a torque wrench and properly retighten all the nuts" is on my "someday" list of things to do. The mounted hitch doesn't interfere with anything during normal city driving (my wife hasn't complained about it on her daily commute getting the kids to and from school) Mounted a "Thule Apex Swing 4 Bike Hitch Rack" onto it, drove some bikes up to camp and back, everything held up just fine. Even with the rack loaded and swung out to the side, which should put quite a bit of torque on the hitch joint, the hitch never seemed to be under strain. I have to say that the etrailer videos showing how to mount it basically sold me. Very smart on their part! 82623


Hello Nathan,Your paragraph on the install was just great. What are you towing with your Sienna?I have just started to investigate what I could buy for a trailer to sleep in. All of the in-formation I am starting with is somewhat confusing.My van is an 11 four cylinder Sienna and the tong weight is not up to high for what I want to buy. So interested if you camp. My first wife died and now I started up again at 70 with a new wife who is much younger and we like to travel. Every thing is so expensive that if we bought a trailer, it would be great with two older dogs to 10-8 on the road.Fritz F.

comment by: Fritz F - 10/29/2013


We have sent an email to Nathan about your question. Remember to make sure whatever you pull falls within the capacities of the hitch and vehicle. With the 4 cylinder in particular, you will probably need to look for very light weight setups like a tear drop or pop-up.

Patrick B - 11/11/2013


Hi Fritz - it sounds like you have quite an adventure ahead of you! Unfortunately, I dont have much advice to offer. We just used the hitch to carry a bike rack - we never used it to tow anything. I did see some folks with minivans towing pop-ups and they seemed to be doing ok, although our New England roads tend to be pretty flat so I dont know how their engines would do on more mountainous terrain. Just do whatever Patrick says, and good luck!

comment by: Nathan A - 11/14/2013


- C13105

by: Mike L01/07/2012

2012 Sienna LE FWD. Watch the 2011 installation video before you start. This 13105 hitch tucks in even prettier than I expected, and now my brother is jealous. Note I made the cutout in the underbody panel narrower, starting 1.75 inches from the hole (see photo), for a closer fit, and there is still room for torque wrench. I also cut a slit out to the front edge, so I could slip it on with the hitch in place, and for better access to my air hoses inside the left fender. I decided to add Airlift after reading reviews, since on trips I carry a maximum load. Installed single-handed, raised on jack stands. 29277


Hi Mike,I was ready to purchase a 2014 Sienna until I found out Toyota would not put a hitch on this vehicle because of low ground clearance. I will be carrying heavy loads and have heard you bottom out on the hitch when going into parking lots etc. At times when the van is fully loaded I will also have a travel trailer attached which adds 400 lbs. to the tongue weight. Even with this hitch it may not be the right van for my needs. Do you have experience that can help me?Can you tell me what type of Airlift assist you put on and if you ever have trouble bottoming out on your hitch.How does the Airlift affect the ride both when heavily loaded and empty?Thank you for your time and have a great Labor Day weekend.

comment by: Terry B - 08/31/2014


- C13105

by: Bob D.08/15/2012

After I ordered it, I was somewhat worried about the possibility I may have ordered the wrong year. This was because the web based ordering process was slightly cumbersome and did not make it clear in the cart that the product I placed there was definitely for a 2004 Toyota Sienna. However, it arrived the day after I ordered it! Prior reviews are correct that the packing was lacking as the hitch is simply in a cardboard box (with the accessory items taped to the bar). So the paint was scrapped off in a couple small places where the box had been slightly torn. In one spot, there was already rust appearing where the paint had been scraped. But overall, the hitch looked great. Instructions in the box were somewhat lacking, but the etrailer installation videos were spot on and made the process very simple. I had some trouble cleaning the nut holes under the van and wish I had been given one extra bolt. I had to cut a groove in one of the bolts to create a self-tapping bolt because the threads in the nut became fouled. (I did not have a tapping tool to fit the thread--if you do, then I strongly recommend you clean out the nuts with your tapping tool after you clean it with WD-40 and a wire brush.) My trouble would probably only happen 1 in 10,000 times. Hitch fit perfectly on my Sienna. The harness installation was as quick and easy as the video demonstrated. Thank you etrailer for your excellent video installation demos! They made all the difference and made the process mostly enjoyable. The final product looks fantastic on the van. I particulalry like the curve of the bar fitting underneath the bumper--perfect. Well worth the price. I bought it from etrailer and installed it myself at half the price the Toyota dealer wanted for just the part! I never found out how much they wanted for installation. Thank you etrailer. 51732


I took my 2011 Sienna to Toyota dealership and they wanted $725.00 which I thought was unreasonable.

comment by: MI - 05/09/2014


- C13105

by: Jim H.05/13/2014

This is the second hitch and wiring harness Ive bought from etrailer and I will likely be buying from them again. I had a local hitch company install the last hitch and harness but this time I did it myself. The Curt C13105 class III hitch I bought this time was pretty easy to install on my new Toyota Sienna even if it was much heavier and I didnt have any help. The included written instructions for both the hitch and the Curt C56106 vehicle specific harness seemed to be meant for a pro but installation videos on the etrailer and Curt websites filled in the gaps. When installing on a Sienna, be sure to install the wiring harness before you reattach the trim panel under the rear of vehicle and fully tighten the hitch bolts. It is not necessary to cut a slot in the underbody trim panel nearly as large as the one shown in the instructions. I recommend cutting out only the rib section shown in the instructions - perhaps only 1/2 inch wide and 11 inches long and easily cut and enlarged if necessary with a standard utility knife. The trim panel is easily pushed aside when attaching and torqueing the bolts though the slot you cut. This was a very satisfying project as I know I did a much better job than a professional would have taken the time to do. I spent much longer on the installation than the instructions said it should take but I was especially careful and meticulous. I was able to route the wiring harness from the rear of the Sienna to the battery in the engine compartment by raising only the back of the Sienna on jack stands - be sure to use chocks on the front and back of both front wheels for safety. 130317

- C13105

by: Sienna towing09/24/2013

Etrailer was excellent in answering my presales questions. The video was great in overviewing the install process. I ordered 2:30pm CDT on a Monday and received the product on Tue afternoon - now that is fast delivery - granted we lived closer to the distribution center within 250 miles. The installation was like painting. Takes 80% to do the prep work of cleaning the holes and spraying it down with lubricant (like WD40 or rust penetrating oil). The actual install of the hitch was only 20 minutes while it took nearly 45 minutes to clean the holes out. I recommend anti-seize lubricant on the bolts as well. This will also aide in lubricating the bolt for easier tightening. Curt makes the highest ground clearance hitches. I'm very pleased with the overall quality and install process. It looks great on my Sienna! One tow with renting a Uhaul trailer vs driving their gas-guzzling truck will have paid for this hitch, wiring harness, and ball hitch. Please remember to do your research on the Sienna for proper towing capacity. Toyota appears to have made 2008+ model optional in towing prep package. Without towing prep, your tow may be only limited to 1200 lbs. Lucky with for me, the Sienna had towing prep that provides up to 3500 lbs. I will look to add an automatic transmission cooler still in the future. 3500 lbs will cover many of my usage scenarios. Good luck! 101253

- C13105

by: Adam C05/15/2013

Well built hitch receiver. Brackets matched frame contour and bolt holes perfectly. Included hardware was exactly what was required, however, I really would have appreciated a thread chaser, even a cheap one to go with the bolts. I would definitely recommend some type of anti-seize on the bolt during install. Installation would have only taken minutes, but dealing with rust/debris in holes complicated things. 80449


Still very happy with the product. I have found that even when driving through deep dips in the road like from parking lots to the highway hitch does not scrape. Ive used the hitch to pull light and heavy load and Ive noticed the same thing with both: the square bore receptacle is slightly too large for the square tube hitch that fits in it. While I dont see this as being a safety issue, it does result in a loud clonk every time you change direction. However, unit MUST be durable as I was towing a loaded trailer and was forced to slam on brakes. If it was ever going to fail, it would have done it then, and it didnt. Again, well built product. Would be perfect with some tweaks.

Adam C - 05/17/2014


Thanks for the reply after using this hitch for over a year. To help reduce noise while towing a trailer you can use an anti-rattle device like the Blue Ox # BX88224
Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II - 2" Hitches
. This will stabilize the ballmount in the hitch receiver while towing, and reduce the loud clonking noises you are hearing.

Rachael H - 5/27/2014

- C13105

by: William M11/23/2013

Just like the wiring kit I purchased from, the video instructions were great and the part fit perfectly to my van. I was able to haul alot of stuff from MD to NC and back with no problems. Be prepared to do some prep work if you've never had a hitch attached to your van. I have a 2005 Sienna XLE which already has the threaded holes in the frame for the hitch to attach to. I spent more time (several hours) cleaning out the 8 years of dirt, grime, and rust from the threads in the frame than actually installing the hitch. I recommend making sure the bolts run all the way up through the holes before trying to install the hitch. Also, although the hitch is attached as close as possible to the van, you must be careful going over steep driveway entrances or taller speedbumps as I have bottomed out a couple of times since installing the hitch, even without the trailer attached. 108253


William...was there any issues with the wire harness installation....?

comment by: Danny A - 02/04/2014


We have sent an email to William letting him know about your question. In the meantime, I have added a link to the wiring harness he installed. On that page are links to several videos of this harness being installed on different model year Siennas that you may find helpful.

Patrick B - 2/10/2014


There were no issues hooking up the wiring. Just some partial disassembly of interior panels to hide the wiring behind and removal and replacement of exterior taillight covers. I took out the rear interior panel but only loosened the side interior panels and worked the wires in behind everything. Basically only needed a screwdriver do do those parts and then found space in the jack compartment to store it all. The wiring kit I bought from etrailer just plugged right into the existing taillight system in the van. See their instructions and video for installation of the wiring harness.

comment by: William M - 02/13/2014


Thanks for coming back and following up with us, we appreciate it!

Patrick B - 2/14/2014

- C13105

by: Mark04/28/2013

This is the second time I have ordered from I ordered two hitches from them in the spring of 2008. Those worked perfectly. I returned to etrailer because of my favorable experience 5 years ago. etrailer’s service remains first-rate. Within moments of ordering, I received email confirmation. I received a second email approximately 24 hours later, stating that my order had shipped and identifying tracking information. Three days after that when I could not track my order online, etrailer promptly replied to my email with delivery information. The order I placed just before midnight on a Tuesday was delivered to my driveway the following Monday morning. Packaging was bulletproof. All components (two hitches and two wiring harnesses) were well restrained, padded, and delivered unharmed. A final email was sent the day after to indicate that the shipment should have arrived and asking for me to rate my experience. Printed installation instructions for the Curt hitch are pretty simple and straightforward. I viewed the installation video at etrailer in advance and consulted it once when installing to make sure I had the measurements correct for cutting the plastic panel once I had removed it from under the car. I own all the correct tools needed to install the hitch. I backed the van up onto my car ramps and then used my jackstands to hold the hitch in place while threading the bolts into place. Did the job alone, took my time, and had it installed right in about an hour and a half. Looks good. 78241

- C13105

by: Mike G.06/08/2013

The finish on the hitch was very good. Only some of the very edges of the plate material used on either side of the hitch showed some steel. As a precautionary measure, I spray painted an additional coat of Rustolium paint. This final coat went on very well over the existing finish. The hitch fit well. Pay close attention to the video when they take the plastic undercover off. For the Toyota Sienna, there are three distinct types of fasteners. The bolt types are obvious to take off, but the other two are not. One unscrews and the other has a white center part that pops out allowing the remainder of the plastic rivet to come out. Also, the placement of the cut-out slot in the plastic under-panel shown on the video and in the instructions is slightly off for the 2013 Sienna. I think that it should be moved about 1/2 inch toward the driver side of the van to be more in line with the hitch support arm. One last note, which may be obvious to some, is to realize that once you tighten the hitch in place, there is no room above the hitch to allow you to move the plastic under-panel around for alignment. Therefore, as recommended, leave as much slack in the mounting bolts as possible to give yourself the most room between the hitch and the van to maneuver the plastic cover in place for fastening. 83821

- C13105

by: John M.07/09/2012

Tried to show how well the hitch fits thanks for a great service, excuse my hi tec eco friendly workshop.. 47292

- C13105

by: James T.04/23/2014

I purchased this for my 2012 Toyota Sienna. Instructions from were very good and the product arrived in a couple of days. I did not loosen the exhaust system and just worked around it (make sure the tailpipe is cool). Also, I would recommend chocking the wheels for safety. The clearance was definitely low at the back and sometimes challenging, especially when trying to read the torque wrench. I used wood blocks to support one side of the hitch while I bolted the other in place. I finished in about 2 hours and the hitch looks great and is solidly in place. I tested it with a bike rack and drove it for about 60 miles with no rattling or loosening of the rack. 126891


I have had no problems in over a year of use with the bike rack. Great product.

James T - 04/25/2015


- C13105

by: Craig C04/05/2014

The hitch fit like a glove. I only wish Toyota had left some plugs in the six mounting holes. 8 years of road spray took their toll on the threads. I searched high and low for a tap or a wire brush to clean up the threads and came up empty at Home Depot, Lowes, and three different auto parts stores. Fortunately some anti-rust spray and working one of the bolts in and out of the threads a few times was enough to get all six bolts driven in. 123923


Still good after a year. At some point I noticed that etrailer sells a thread cleaner that I should have added to my cart when I bought the hitch. If your vehicle is more than a few years old, buy the thread brush. That will make bolting the hitch on that much easier.

Craig C - 04/05/2015


- C13105

by: Ed B.06/25/2014

I have to say I am still amazed at how well this hitch just snugged right up under my Sienna. Honestly, it looks custom made, and in a way it was. I was able to do the vast majority of the install on my own, at the very end I asked my wife to hold back the tailpipe so I could do the final snug down of the bolts on that side. I work slow and I was still done in well under an hour. The hitch itself is very well made and finished. I would recommend this to anyone in the same circumstances without reservation. 137721


It still looks great, works great. The highest compliment I can give this hitch is I dont even think about it, its just part of the car now. Shame on me for not using it more often!

Ed B - 06/25/2015


- C13105

by: Josh07/22/2013

True bolt on for a 2010 Toyota Sienna. The only issue I encountered was that the driver side threading was really dirty and needed to be blasted with some PB blaster and wire brush cleaned. But that doesn't really have to do with the hitch itself. The passenger side must have been cleaner because the exhaust covered up that side a little bit. Once everything was cleaned, the bolts were torqued to 79 lb/ft and I was good to go. Thanks! 90793


No problems!

Josh - 07/23/2014


- C13105

by: Dave M02/11/2012

This installation of the Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver C13105 was on a 2006 Toyota Sienna. The fit was perfect. It was not necessary to remove the exhaust hangar to access the passenger-side bolts - I was able to hold the exhaust pipe aside with a block of wood, and use normal socket wrenches w/ extenders. I used a small scissor jack under the receiver to raise it into position, with blocks under both ends to stabilize it. Had this been a new vehicle, the job would have taken about 20 minutes, working alone, no jacks or lift. Since this was a 6-year old vehicle in NJ with salted roads, it took another hour and a half to clean the rusted threads in the weld nuts. A well-worn plumber's wire brush intended to clean copper fittings before soldering started the job, followed by a lot of WD-40 and back-and-forth with a socket wrench on a 12-1.25 bolt. The unit just clears the bottom of the bumper trim, so it preserves as much ground clearance as possible, given the design of the Sienna. About delivery - ordered after 9pm on Monday, delivered before noon on Friday. The order was complete (wiring harness, etc.) and in perfect shape. 31597

- C13105

by: BobC09/04/2012

I was very pleased with the Curt Hitch. I did not remove the panel under the car. I cut the opening with a good sharp uitility knife with the panel in place. It was easy to measure. I backed up on two car lifts for extra space. The hitch fit the holes perfectly. I placed the hitch on a 4 wheel dolly, shimmed each side until the hitch was lined up and put the bolts in with a long extension. I did this alone. I used the Curt wiring harness. I discovered it is just the opposite from the Toyota harness in that the extra wiring goes to the left side rather than the right side as the video suggests. I am using the hitch to carry a Rally cargo carrier with a ramp to carry my electric scooter. I had to add an extension to my hitch so the assembly that holds up the ramp would not hit the tail light on the passenger side when the cargo carrier is in the upright position. I added a second platform to the cargo carrier and short ramp and the a board to the bumper of the Sienna 2011. I can go up the ramp and into the back of the Sienna so that the scooter can be transported completely inside the car if I choose. 53897

- C13105

by: si03/28/2013

The product arrived after a couple of days and was in great condition. no nicks or scratches. The personal follow up by E-trailer staff was impressive and felt more like attention level you usually get from a store purchase. The videos are priceless... SO MUCH EASIER THAN PAPER INSTRUCTIONS.... I did the work with my ipad running video next to me. the cuts took 10 minutes with a saws-all. the installation was about as easy as something like this could be. Two pairs of hands are recommended, but I did it on my own with a bit more effort in about an hour. the product lined up perfectly and was easy to install. NOTE have a wrench with an extension to get around the tail pipe. I think the hitch looks as intergrated as any after market hitch can. The round tube (my preference - hence choosing the Curt) seems to contour the rear fender well. I would highly recommend this product to others 73054

- C13105

by: Marty H01/06/2014

The hardest part of the job was the small amount of ground clearance the Sienna has without jacking it up. If you have drive up ramps to give yourself more room, they are very helpful. Completely removing the underbody panel is not required and it is easier to install the hitch if you only remove enough fasteners to allow the half of the panel on the driver's side to hang free. This allows extra space between the fuel tank and the hole you need to cut through the cover (so you don't puncture the fuel tank with a rotary bit). It provides room to easily thread in the bolts. It also means you don't have to mess with both the panel and the hitch flopping around when lifting the hitch into place. Cutting the hole in the plastic is super easy. Here's how I did it. I cut a cardboard template (2.75" x 12.5") out of the shipping box and held it up to the underbody panel where the diagram showed. I marked the outline with a permanent marker and then used a utility knife to cut the hole. After that, it was simply a matter of getting the hitch in place and bolting it down. 112000

- C13105

by: Ken k07/30/2013

This product was well built and sturdy. I am using my hitch to tow a small 4x6 trailer. The bolts and washers are thick, not flimsy. The overall package is more than capable of handling any of my towing projects. The website is excellent, especially for novices and diyers. The vast amount of knowledge, tips, and video is unmatched. Couple this fact with top quality brands, this is the way to go 92315


Since I purchase over a year ago it has performed superbly. No sign of wear or rust. I use the hitch on several large haul without any issues. I am very pleased with this hitch

Mr K - 02/03/2015


- C13105

by: Ryan R07/07/2014

Customer support was great. The biggest issue was cleaning out the bolt holes, which took about 45 minutes. Having the right tools is really key. Once the bolt hole was clear, took about 15 minutes for the remainder of the install. Came out great. Have not hooked up the bike rack but don't anticipate any problems. 139634


Product working great. No issues.

Ryan R - 07/19/2015


- C13105

by: Jim E03/21/2014

If you need a hitch, you NEED etrailer ! I ordered my second hitch from them for my 2014 Toyota Sienna and just as promised the price was a great deal, all parts were right, and the instructions were very well written ! I also installed the "Tee" wiring that fit like a glove! I use my hitch to tow a small utility trailer, a 2 place jet ski trailer, and a small camper so we will use it a lot! I would suggest having 2 people or a floor jack covered with a towel (so as to not scratch the hitch) to hold the hitch up when starting the mounting bolts! I have not taken any pictures yet but plan to when I can and will send them in. Thanks for awesome customer support both by email and over the phone!!! 121699


I was just wondering if the hitch drags when you have a load on it or not? My 2009 drags when i hit a bump. Thank you.

comment by: kevin h - 04/30/2014


Kevin H No I have not had any problems with the hitch dragging other that if I am in a VERY deep dip like at the end of a steep driveway, and that has only occurred twice since installing this hitch!

comment by: Jim E - 05/13/2014


- C13105

by: John B07/15/2015

Shipped extremely fast after ordering. Delivered quickly by UPS. The box was very well stapled together. The box looked like UPS gave it the bottom of the truck treatment but the hitch was perfect condition and all parts included. I installed it myself on a 2014 Toyota Sienna minivan using the included instructions and watching the videos on the site. The installations was identical to the video on the site. I highly recommend using two people to hold the hitch or a jack stand and a floor jack. I did not have those and used a stack of 2x4's to get the hitch balanced in place. I used the torque wrench to get the bolts tightened to instructions. The video install of the identical vehicle is why I purchased from etrailer. There is a little over 9 inches of clearance from the bottom of the hitch opening. I will be using a 5 bike rack (Draft Master) this summer on vacation with this hitch. Another tip is to wash the under body before working on it as to lessen the dirt around the working area. 212066

- C13105

by: David B.05/16/2014

The hitch was delivered in two days, (earlier than I expected). The only thing that I might suggest is a double wall box for shipping. the box as pretty rough when it arrived. The hitch itself was in good condition and the instillation was 40 minutes( by my self) just like the video said it would be. The holes all lined up the way they were supposed to and the install went flawlessly. Certainly I would not hesitate to buy another one if I needed one. I wish everything was this simple. 131052


so far so good

David B - 05/17/2015


- C13105

by: Hunter04/21/2015

Installed with myself and 4 jack stands -- 2 to hold the rear end up, 2 to hold the hitch up -- in about an hour and a half (I had to find the lifting point on my Sienna first). There was some grunting to get the hitch in place. If you have a friend and know where the lifting point is you could probably get it done in 45 minutes or less. If you have a car lift and a friend it would take maybe 15 or 20 minutes. The hitch looks as expected from the photos, and the video was a great help. I was worried about bottoming out, but haven't yet (I live near Chicago, so there aren't a lot of uneven surfaces around). My uncle who lives in Denver, CO has a 2006 sienna and bottomed out all the time before he had airbags installed. This may not be as big of an issue on the newer generation. Overall good hitch. I was considering the one by torklift central for aesthetics and possibly more clearance, but went with this one because it was so much cheaper. So far I haven't regretted it. 187090

- C13105

by: Kyle P.07/02/2013

Fit like a glove. Product was exactly as described, and was installed without even the smallest issue. Thanks to the install video, I knew exactly what needed to be done. I had all tools ready and waiting. I had a small audience as I installed it, so I was glad it was quick and painless. Best part was, it was Made in the USA. 87036


Bottomed it out HARD on a local speed bump several times, and it is solid as a rock. After one year, I have no complaints about anything whatsoever.

Kyle P - 01/01/2015


- C13105

by: Joe J in MD08/17/2012

I am very pleased with service, shipping, and especially their helpful videos. I had one bolt that I had trouble with due to some minor thread damage, but one call to Customer Service, and a replacement was on the way. The Kurt hitch fits nicely up under the rear bumper and I especially like that I could reinstall the the plastic appearance panel on my 2012 Sienna. As mentioned in the videos, check to make sure each bolt will easily screw all the way into the weld nuts before you start to install the hitch. I had a couple on weld nuts that needed work to clean out, even on a new van. Also read the other reviews before you start for useful hints. I installed by myself using a floor jack to raise the hitch up into place as another reviewer suggested, and the hitch slid right up into position for bolting. Also, I did not need to undo the exhaust hanger, just moved it out of the way a little to get clearance. 52094

- C13105

by: Kelly House08/12/2014

This fit perfect on my 2014 Toyota Sienna minivan. I had no issues installing it. 146453


I use this all the time to pull my aluminum trailer. Love it. would buy again if I ever get a different car.

Kelly H - 08/12/2015


- C13105

by: Shaun H07/24/2011

This is a well made tow bar. The powder coat finish well done except for inside the receiver. However, as in other posts packaging needs work. The box was broken and retaped at on end, and the nice powder coat was worn off in places. If you're going thru the expense of powder coating, why would you have mediocre packaging. DO NOT CUT your plastic panel until you size up the tow bar. In my case the drawing was off buy 2 inches, peak thru on the driver side of the panel and locate your mount holes,before you remove the panel. Use a grease pencil and sketch out a rough hole. The panel cuts easily with a sharp mat knife, error on the side of too small. Flex down the outside of the panel to start the bolts. I did not have to remove the exhaust hanger, the bar will slip thru the gap. Drivers side first, other side supported by 5 gal bucket and helper. Easy install. 20139

- C13105

by: Paul K07/27/2013

Product is well built and looks good. Installation was easy (mostly due to etrailer's great videos). I was able to do the install alone. By myself it took about 1.5 hours. If I had a helper the 40 min suggested time would have been about right. The 2012 AWD LE sienna undercarriage plastic is slightly different than shown in the video and directions and requires an additional cut to make the hitch fit correctly, but again not a big deal (I included a pic of the added cut). 91877

- C13105

by: Kevin01/31/2013

Well, it took exactly one half hour to put on. Including watching the video on how to install and cut out the plastic cover. I cannot express how much I am impressed with etrailer. In this day and age, it is difficult to find a company that gives service properly and promptly. Etrailer does more than that. I spoke with an agent from customer service via email requesting more information and she was outstanding. She was able to sweeten the deal for me by attach links to installation videos for the hitch and the wiring harness. I only have one regret. I thought I could out think the video and decided that I would cut out the spot on both sides of the plastic undercovering. The video shows one side and it was for good reason. The plastic shrouding is not as wide as the hitch/ therefore it did not need to slots. It only needed one.....damn...... 64741

- C13105

by: Trent05/05/2014

Quick shipping, product install video was GREAT and was the deciding factor for ordering here and doing it myself. Quick install and it looks great. 100% happy with my experience. 128970


Hitch is doing great. I was impressed with how well the I assume powder coating held up to all the road salt this winter. Other brand hitch we had on RAV4 was 75 rust after 5 years.

Trent - 05/05/2015


- C13105

by: Jim09/02/2014

Excellent product. Installed easily with no vehicle modifications on the 2007 Sienna van. It was a simple bolt on installation. I'm glad the instructions specified the torque settings (79 ft. lbs.) because I would have never known to snug them that tight. It seems that the cupped washers had to be compressed to serve as lock washers. That seemed like a lot of torque. I was afraid that the bolts were going to shear, but they did not. Once the washers got compressed the bolts tightened up to recommended torque. 149549


How did you attach the trailer wiring harness to the hitch? I did not see an attachment for it in the pictures. Thank you.

comment by: Josh - 03/03/2015


The attachment show is a bracket for 5 and 6 pin trailer sockets, not very common configuration. As an example, a 2012 Toyota Sienna would use part # 118498
T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector
as a harness kit. From there you can use a bracket like part # 18144
Mounting Bracket 4-Pole Flat
. The hardware should not be secured into the hitch though. It can be attached to a trim panel on the underside of the minivan or used with a clamp-on bracket like part # 18136
No-Drill Mount Bracket, Long

Patrick B - 3/3/2015

- C13105

by: John03/28/2013

Just received and installed a Curt C13105 hitch on my 2006 Sienna with no problems whatsoever in about 30 minutes. I backed my van up onto some auto type ramps on a concrete portion of my car port so that I would have a little more room to work and also be able to use a creeper (I'm 60 years old and not as nimble as I would like to be). I did run a wire brush on a cordless drill into the frame mounting holes to clean them out. Propped one side of the hitch on top of the exhaust and inserted a couple of the supplied bolts into the drivers' side, then on to the passenger side three bolts. Once all the bolts were installed, I tightened everything with ratchet wrench and an 8" extension. Final torque with a torque wrench and done. It helps if your vehicle is fairly clean underneath: less junk in your eyes! 73057

- C13105

by: Bob05/20/2013

To be honest, I was apprehend at first for buying a receiver hitch for my 2013 Toyota Sienna XLE. Well, I decided to purchase "Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" - C13105; watched the video several times. Once the hitch arrived, jack the van up, take off the plastic panel, (FYI-2013 sienna there were no plastic bolts in factory hold just plastic peeled off sticker-6 holds), cut out one side of the panel per instruction, greased all six bolts, and hand tightened bolts on one side and another person hold the side and continued to other. Yes, take two person to do this little project; and only took us 40 minutes. Barely notice that the hitch underneath the van. Very good product. BTW, bout cargo carrier and cargo bag. 81233

- C13105

by: Rob S.09/10/2015

Good quality, but the installation on the 2015 AWD Sienna is not possible with the stock under body plastic panel. I had to cut it all up and it came out terrible. I ordered the new panel $163 with a huge discount for the 2WD model to see if it fits better as per the instructions. I believe the AWD panel has an extra down curved area that has to be entirely removed, not leaving much connecting the front and back parts of the panel. if the 2WD does not fit the AWD model, I'll have to buy a third panel and try again.... not fun. The fitment otherwise seems to be fine. The fit and finish and bolts seems to be of good quality, but the paper sticker should be easier to removed. It does come off cleanly with careful use of a heat gun. 224851

- C13105

by: Chris S.05/30/2014

My second hitch purchase from etrailer. First was my 2008 Toyota Highlander so I could use the hitch mount bike rack.. It's been working great for 5 years. This was for my 2014 Sienna awd. Same application. As before, the order was completed incredibly fast. Only took three days to show up. Installation is easy for anyone with even mediocre mechanical skills. If you have the roughly 60-90 minutes (when doing it by yourself) and the inclination it will save you a bunch of dough over having the dealer put one in. Thanks etrailer.... 133483

- C13105

by: Brian G.06/17/2014

Great product, fast delivery. It was easy to install. I did it all myself in an hour with a 4 year old and 18 ,month old "helping me." 136098


The hitch is still in good shape even after being dipped into the ocean alot.

Brian G - 06/18/2015


- C13105

by: Michael04/13/2013

The quality of this hitch is outstanding! I read the instructions and was prepared to spend at least part of my weekend modifying the pan and moving the exhaust but the installation took only an hour done alone. I slid it into place on the muffler side from back to front and then started the bolts on the driver's side, returning to the muffler side to install the bolts. It only took a socket with extension and a universal to get around the tailpipe. The fabrication is precise and when all the bolts were tight, it just cleared the back bumper. Wow, you guys have a geat product. Now my weekend is free to enjoy riding my bike. Thanks, I recommend your product to anyone woh appreciates quality. 75776

- C13105

by: Mike A05/19/2014

Love it. right price, made in usa, high quality hitch 131396


still works like a champ. its my second hitch from etrailer and my dad has bought a few too. recommend you guys to anyone who is buying a hitch.

Mike A - 05/20/2015


- C13105

by: Dan M04/26/2015

Hitch arrived at my address very promptly after I ordered it & appeared to be well made but the forward left hand bolt hole on attachment flange did not align with weld nut on vehicle frame rail. This was possibly the result of hitch being dropped & tweaked slightly during shipment. I had to make an adjustment to the flange in order to install this bolt. The importance of cleaning the weld nuts cannot be stressed too much. I had to use a 12mm by 1.25 tap to clean the threads of dirt and corrosion. The use of a brush as suggested in your instructions was not adequate. Once installation was completed, the hitch looks fine and I believe will work well for me. 188293

- C13105

by: John M.07/03/2011

Box arrived banged-up, but the hitch itself was mostly undamaged. Not a whole lot of packing material in the box. Lickily all the mounting hardware is taped inside the hitch cavity. VERY EASY to install - eTrailer on-line video made it really easy - just clean out six weld nuts and you're good to go. I installed mine without lifting the van up and by myself in my driveway. The hitch is heavy, but you can do it yourself - it'll be easier with someone helping. If you're doing it by yourself, save the exhaust side for last. Curt hitch is very sturdy and has the top reinforcement plate that others didn't have. eTrailer had the best price on-line - great deal !!!! 18458

- C13105

by: Mark F03/31/2014

Solid contruction. A little heavier construction than I anticipated. We only plan to use it for a bike rack, or extension tray and occasionally to pull a 4x8 trailer with some mulch now and then and this hitch is way more than enough for our purposes. Gloss glack finish looks great. I have only put on one of these before on another car about 8 years ago and I was able to get this one on without any frustration. The 6 bolts only took me less than an hour. You do need about 6 inches extension on a good sized ratchet to get to the bolts and to apply enough pressure without having to move the tailpipe. Very happy with the product. I put this on a 2009 Toyota Sienna. 122913

- C13105

by: Adam05/03/2014

Just as advertised. Videos made the installation super easy! Very happy!! Quick delivery, great customer service, overall wonderful experience. 128746


Still rocking!

Adam - 05/03/2015


- C13105

by: Jim L.08/08/2013

Installing this went "without a hitch." I followed the instructions per the 2012 video and had no problems. The documentation that came with the hitch gave instructions for temporarily removing the exhaust pipe hanger, but we found this to be unnecessary, as there was sufficient stretch in the rubber hanger to push the pipe out of the way. We put a bit of Locktite #248 on the threads of the bolts to keep them from backing out. Medium strength stuff. 93865

- C13105

by: Tommy07/03/2014

Great hitch! Heavy Duty! A 2 man job for sure for easier install! Make sure to clean out the pre drilled holes under the van before you begin the install! Toyota leaves the holes wide open so they get rusty and full of dirt and more. We used a wire brush on a drill and that worked best! Once that was complete the install was allot smoother. And we bought the T-One wire harness that was a breeze to put on after watching the install video on the website! 139033

- C13105

by: Brad08/01/2015

Everything was excellent - right down to my call to the customer service agent who explained the differences in the trailer hitches for my Sienna Van. I watched the installation video a few times and then a friend helped me install the hitch with no issues. The only thing I didn't have was an extension bar for my ratchet set. I had a 3 inch extension, but in order to clear the exhaust pipe on the right side of the van you'll need a about an 8-10 inch extension bar. The video even shows the mechanic using a longer extension bar so no fault of e-trailer. Total install time was about an hour...great product and no issues. 216128

- C13105

by: SW Erick07/22/2013

Extremely fast delivery, excellent customer service and easy install. We traded our Suburban in for a 2013 Sienna. We knew we'd needed a hitch mount cargo hauler after loosing all our suburban cargo area and didn't want to go with a roof mount luggage carrier to decrease our mpg. We swapped vehicles one week before leaving on a two week vacation and needed the hitch fast. got it to me quick and install was super quick and easy. We are now on vacation and I realized that I need the suspension airlift system to compensate for being loaded down. I ordered it yesterday. Extremely happy with the purchase. 90829

- C13105

by: Josh03/21/2015

Hitch was delivered quicker then expected even with the "Free Shipping." Install was super easy. It is definitely easier with a second pair of hands. Install took no more then 30 min. Throw it up there and tighten six bolts. 180079

- C13105

by: Johnny W.07/18/2012

Just got the Curt hitch yesterday afternoon. I was at work, so the product was delivered to my side yard (out of sight from thief). Thx. I installed it onto my 2004 Toyota Sienna as soon as I got home. It took me about 45 mins to install this all by myself. I wish I have the video to show you how I did it without much hassel. I must say that the installation video on this site is excellent and it helps tremendously. The product is great. I also ordered the Rhino Bike rack from to be used with this hitch. Both products are great and can't wait to use it on our bike trip this coming weekend. 48367

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  • Differences Between Available Class III Hitches for 2011 Toyota Sienna
  • The Hidden Hitch and Draw-Tite model hitches you referenced would be identical, since Hidden Hitch and Draw-Tite are sister companies. Both hitches are identical in looks, share the same capacity and would install in the same manner. The Curt # C13105 has a straight cross tube that bends slightly at each end, while the Hidden Hitch and Draw-Tite Hitches have a cross tube that angles rearward from the receiver opening, with no bend. I have provided side by side photos showing the # 87586/75696...
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  • Bolt Size for Curt Trailer Hitch, # 13256 and Availability of Replacement Hardware
  • The bolts for the CURT Trailer Hitch, # 13105, for the 2006 Toyota Sienna, are M12 - 1.25 x 40 hex bolts. I have included a link to the installation details below for the hitch. Re-tapping a weldnut can be difficult and you could end up breaking it loose from the frame. Instead, I would first try to clean them out using a penetrating spray like WD-40 or similar product, and then give them a thorough cleaning with a wire brush like the Battery Post and Terminal Cleaner - Wire Brush,...
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  • Differences Between Curt Hitch # C13105 and Hidden Hitch # 87415 for a 2008 Toyota Sienna
  • As far as installation and strength are concerned, the two hitches are actually very similar. Both install in the same location and mounting holes on the vehicle, and both are rated to tow up to 3500lbs. Both hitches will also have a similar ground clearance, because they both would feature the entire cross tube running below the vehicle bumper once installed. The main difference in this case would really be aesthetics. The Curt hitch # C13105 is angled slightly near the ends, so...
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  • Do I Need to Install Wiring on 2011 Toyota Sienna Equipped With a Tow Package
  • I researched the 2011 Toyota Sienna, and found that your Sienna should have the V6 motor which would be the model rated for towing and has a few added features. The 2011 Toyota Sienna does not come equipped with trailer wiring, and you will need to install Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring for the Toyota Sienna, part # 118498 which will allow you to have light functions on your trailer. I have linked instructions for installation of part # 118498. To complete your towing setup,...
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  • Which Trailer Hitch for a 2007 Toyota Sienna Has the Most Ground Clearance
  • When we have installed trailer hitch # 36513 on Toyota Sienna vans the same generation as yours we measured approximately 11 inches from level ground to the TOP of the receiver opening. To the bottom of the receiver that would be approximately 9-1/2 inches. On a 2 inch Class III hitch like # C13105, the measurement to the top of the tube is 10-1/4 inches and to the bottom of the tube it is 8 inches. The smaller Class II hitches like # 36513 will give you a little more clearance but have...
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2012 Toyota Sienna for Trailer Towing and Bike Rack
  • Since you want to tow a trailer and use the hitch for bikes, I recommend a Class III trailer hitch for your 2012 Toyota Sienna. A Class III trailer hitch with a 2 inch receiver is going to afford you more options for accessories than a smaller hitch. The receiver on any of the available trailer hitches will be directly below the rear bumper on the van, including the Curt hitch, # C13105, that you have referenced. Because the vehicle sits so low to the ground, ground clearance can be...
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  • Comparing Class III Trailer Hitches and Ground Clearance for a 2012 Toyota Sienna
  • The Draw-Tite hitch # 75696 and the Hidden Hitch, # 87586, share the same parent company so they have the same specs, design, and use the same instructions which are linked for you. Ground clearance measuring from the ground to the top of the receiver opening will be approximately 12 inches. The Curt hitch, # C13105 is very similar in that it has the same specs and installs basically the same way, it is just designed a little different. It is the most popular choice for the 2012 Toyota...
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  • Fit of CURT Trailer Hitch Part # 13256 on 2011 Toyota Sienna SE
  • I have spoken with one of our friends at CURT Manufacturing, who assured me that the CURT Class III Receiver Hitch, part # 13256 will fit all models of the 2011 Toyota Sienna, including the SE model. The different bumper on the SE should not hinder the installation. I have provided a link below to the installation instructions for you to review. Also linked is an FAQ on trailer hitch installation tips.
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  • Bike Rack Recommendation Is the Thule Raceway the Best Choice for a Toyota Sienna Mini Van
  • You are correct, Thule does recommend the Thule Raceway Trunk Mount 3 Bike Carrier, item # TH9002PRO, for your 2004 Toyota Sienna. I recently had the chance to install this rack on a vehicle, not a mini van, and it is the easiest to install trunk mount rack that I have used. If you will be using the bike rack on different vehicles or might be getting a new vehicle in the near future, this is the rack I would recommend, and it will safely carry your bikes, see video link. One hint is...
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  • Will the Thule Apex Swinging Bike Rack Clear the Bumper on a 2012 Toyota Sienna
  • We have installed Curt trailer hitch # C13105 on a 2012 Toyota Sienna and found that from the center of the hitch pin hole straight back to clear the rear bumper measured 5-1/2 inches. On the Thule Apex swinging rack # TH9027, from the center of the hitch pin hole to the anti-rattle knob portion is 4 inches so it would interfere with the bumper. What I recommend is the Thule Vertex swinging rack, # TH9031XT. This rack does not have that anti-rattle knob so it would fit without issue...
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  • Trailer Hitch and Cargo Carrier Compatibility with a 2011 Toyota Sienna
  • The receiver from a trailer hitch will not protrude past the bumper on your 2011 Toyota Sienna. We have installed the Curt Class III Trailer Hitch, # C13105, on a 2011 Toyota Sienna and found that the trailer hitch will be recessed under the edge of the bumper 5-1/4 inches. I have attached a photo of what the trailer hitch will look like when installed on your vehicle. I have also attached the installation instructions and installation video of the Curt trailer hitch for you to check...
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  • Bike Rack and Hitch Recommendation for 2014 Toyota Sienna
  • To install a bike rack on your 2014 Toyota Sienna, you'd first need to install a trailer hitch, if you don't have one already. The Curt Class III trailer hitch, part # C13105 would be an excellent choice. The Class III hitch uses the more common 2 inch receiver opening, which would give you a better selection of hitch mounted accessories like a bike rack like the Thule Hitching Post Pro # TH934XTR or a cargo carrier like the Curt # C18153. For carrying 4 bikes, you cannot go wrong with...
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  • Bike Rack Recommendations for a 2011 Toyota Sienna and a 2004 Toyota Corolla
  • Since you want to carry at least three bikes with the 2002 Toyota Corolla the only option for that would be a trunk rack since the only hitches available for this vehicle are Class I which can only carry up to 2 bikes. For a three bike trunk rack confirmed to fit this vehicle check out the Hollywood Racks Expedition part # HRF6-3. This rack only weighs 20 lbs and would do well for you. Check out the review video I attached for more info. Now for the 2011 Toyota Sienna you would want...
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  • Compatibility of Thule T2 Bike Rack with 2011 Toyota Sienna
  • You are correct. Curt requires the use of the # 18050 strap for all non-trailer loads used on any of their Class I or II receivers. In my research, I was unable to find a similar product to the Roadmaster Rollaway that is compatible with a Class I receiver. Whenever the alternative is available, I always recommend choosing a Class III receiver over a Class II. There is a much better selection of accessories of all types that are compatible with the 2 inch receiver than you find available...
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  • Differences Between Class II and III Hitches for 2012 Toyota Sienna
  • The primary differences between the 1-1/4 inch and 2 inch receiver are the size and the capacity. The Class III hitches for your Sienna have a 3500 lb towing/ 350 lb tongue weight capacity. The Class II hitches have the same towing capacity, but a lower tongue weight capacity, at 300 lbs. We usually recommend going with the Class III if the choice is available. The 2 inch receiver opening used by the Class III hitch is more common, and therefore there is a better selection of hitch...
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  • Which Hitch For 2013 Toyota Sienna Provides Most Ground Clearance and the Least Underpanel Trimming
  • The Hidden Hitch Class III, part # 87586 and the Draw-Tite # 75696 are both made by the same parent company and are virtually identical, so they will install in the same manner. When installed, either of these hitches will have approximately 10 inches of ground clearance under the bottom of the receiver tube. The Curt Class III, part # C13105 will have about 9 inches of clearance under the receiver tube. I'll link you to the instructions and install videos for each of the hitches. As...
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  • Hitch Recommendation for a 2014 Toyota Sienna SE
  • Both the Curt Hitch part # C13105 and the Hidden Hitch part # 87586 will fit pretty tight to the rear of your 2014 Toyota Sienna. I attached an install pic of both hitches to show you that they both hitches will basically be just as tight. The e-coating is not that new. I will say that if you stripped the e-coat from the hitch, had it galvanized and then powdercoated it would be very corrosion resistant. Is that excessive? Maybe, but it should work.
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  • Curt Hitch Recommendation and Platform Bike Rack Options for a 2012 Toyota Sienna
  • All the hitches that are available for your 2012 Toyota Sienna including the Curt Hitch # C13105 that you referenced will all have the hitch opening in the same spot. Your best option would be to pick a bike rack that has enough clearance to allow you to fold it up. Check out the Yakima Holdup 4 Bike Hitch Mounted Folding Rack # Y02443-2. This rack has a distance of 12 inches from the center of the hitch pin to the nearest bike tray and should work well for you. I attached a review video...
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  • Trailer Hitch for 2014 Toyota Sienna
  • According to my Curt representative, the discontinued # 13256 was a fit for 2004-2010 second-generation Sienna models, but it will not fit the 2014 model. The # C13105 you referenced is a fit for your 2014 Sienna. If you will be towing with your Sienna, you might also need the following: Trailer Wiring Harness, part # 118498 Ball Mount, part # 2753 2 Inch Trailer Ball, part # 63845 1-7/8 Inch Trailer Ball, part # 19261 I have linked you to the instructions and installation...
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  • Cleaning Out Corroded Weldnuts to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2006 Toyota Sienna
  • What you are experiencing are weldnuts on the vehicle frame that are corroded and packed with road grime. This makes it seem like the bolts are too large. Really all you have to do is clean out the weldnuts. I have included a link to an FAQ article and a video that will help. A stiff wire brush, like # DW00254, will help. This happens any time a vehicle has seen at least 1 winter. The bolt size for the weldnuts on your 2006 Toyota Sienna should be M12-1.25 x 40.
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2014 Toyota Sienna to Use Yakima FullSwing Bike Rack
  • I believe the hitch in the video in question is Curt hitch # C13105. The Draw-Tite hitch # 75696, and Hidden Hitch # 87586 both have a J-pin hole in front of the regular hitch pin hole. The hitch in the video, linked for reference, does not have a J-pin hole which would indicate it is likely the Curt hitch. When we installed these hitches on a 2013 Sienna the Curt hitch was 6 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the rear edge of the bumper and the Draw-Tite and Hidden Hitch...
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  • Under Body Panel Trimming to Install Curt Class III Receiver Part # C13105 on 2011 Toyota Sienna SE
  • According to my contacts at Curt Manufacturing, no trimming of the bumper fascia will be needed to install the Class III Receiver, part # C13105 on your 2011 Sienna SE. Certain models of the Sienna that are equipped with the plastic under body panel (see linked installation instructions) might need a 12-1/2 by 2-3/4 inch area of the panel trimmed. This panel is located completely underneath the vehicle, and is not visible unless you are under the vehicle. According to the person in Tech...
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  • Why Use a Class III 2 Inch Receiver Over a 1-1/4 Inch Receiver for 2007 Toyota Sienna
  • The biggest reason to go with a 2 inch receiver over a 1-1/4 is the wider range of hitch accessories that are compatible with a 2 inch hitch. You are right that you would not gain any towing capacity with a Class III 2 inch receiver. However, you would gain 50 pounds of tongue weight capacity. There is a great selection of 2 inch accessories available like bike racks and cargo carriers. To use cargo carriers as an example, we have about 30 different carriers for 2 inch receivers, but...
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  • Will Anderson Alumistinger Ball Mount # AM3507 Fit CURT Hitch on 2013 Toyota Sienna
  • We have 2 CURT hitch receivers that fit your 2013 Toyota Sienna. The CURT Trailer Hitch Receiver # C13105, a Class III, 2 inch receiver that uses the # 2753 ball mount and provides a 4 inch drop or 2-3/4 inch rise. I have provided a link to instructions on the proper installation of this item and a link to a video showing the installation of this product on a 2012 Toyota Sienna. We also carry the CURT Trailer Hitch Receiver # C12065, a Class II 1-1/4 inch receiver that comes with the...
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  • Hitch and Cargo Carrier Recommendation for Compatibility with a 2009 Toyota Sienna
  • For your 2009 Toyota Sienna Minivan I would recommend a cargo carrier with a raised shank to help eliminate dragging the carrier when going through dips at steep entrances to driveways and over large speed bumps. The carrier you selected, while very economical, has a straight shank and could cause damage to the carrier, contents, hitch or vehicle frame on a vehicle that requires a low hitch like the Sienna. I would recommend the Pro Series Hitch Cargo Carrier, # 63153, which is slightly...
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  • Bike Carrying Options for 2011 Toyota Sienna XLE
  • According to both Yakima and Thule, your 2011 Toyota Sienna is not suitable for use with a strap-mounted bike rack. The rear hatch of the vehicle is not strong enough to support the weight of the rack and the bikes placed upon it. Your best option would be to install a receiver hitch and use a hitch mounted bike rack. For your 2011 Sienna, I would recommend the Curt Class III Receiver, part # C13105. For a two bike rack at the inexpensive end of the spectrum, the Rola TX-102 part...
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  • Will the CURT Trailer Hitch, # 13256 Transfer from a 2004 Toyota Sienna to a 2011
  • Yes, if you have the CURT Trailer Hitch, # C13105, for the Toyota Sienna, it will fit on your 2011 model van. If the hitch on your 2004 van is an OEM installed hitch then I have no way of knowing if the hitch will install properly or if the installation would be safe on a newer model of the Sienna minivan.
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  • How to Carry a Power Wheel Chair with a 2006 Toyota Sienna
  • The trailer hitches for the 2006 Toyota Sienna max out at 350 pounds tongue weight capacity. The combined weight of the chair and carrier is 467 pounds so it exceeds the capacity of the hitches and likely the vehicle. What you could do is use a small trailer instead of a hitch mounted carrier. This is the safest way to carry the power chair, it will be more stable, and much less stress on the vehicle. You would need a trailer hitch, # C13105 will work fine, a ball mount, ball, and wiring. I...
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  • Will a Curt Weight Distribution System Fit a Reese Pole Tongue Adapter
  • Yes, you can use Curt weight distribution system # 17300 (or another Curt system) with pole tongue adapter # RP3280. The pole tongue adapter actually accepts lift brackets from most manufacturers.
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  • Installation Hardware and Wiring for a 2009 Toyota Sienna Hitch Installation
  • The bolts that are included with the CURT Class III Round Tube Trailer Hitch, item # 13256, are hardened to manufacturers specifications but are not stainless steel. The Review that said that the bolts were too big must have been an isolated incident because that is the only time I have heard of the bolts not fitting. We do get questions about bolt size from time to time that usually are resolved by proper cleaning of the weld nuts before installation. We use the round end of a battery...
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Do you have a question about this Trailer Hitch?

Weight Carrying Capacity
Gross Towing Weight (GTW):
3,500 lbs.

Tongue Weight (TW):
350 lbs.

Weight Distribution Capacity
Gross Towing Weight (GTW):
5,000 lbs.

Tongue Weight (TW):
500 lbs.

Trailer Hitch Installation Instructions C13105 Installation instructions C13105 Installation Instructions
No drilling required

Tech Tip
No drilling required for installation , Underbody trimming required (not fascia)

Manufacturer Estimated Installation Time

Most Popular Ball Mount:
Curt C45067

1-7/8" hitch ball - 19260

2" hitch ball - 63845

2-5/16" hitch ball - 63847

If you have any questions you can contact our customer service department.

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