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Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch for the 2012 Sienna by Toyota

Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch

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Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" - 2012 Sienna by Toyota

Fully welded Toyota Sienna trailer hitch is strong and durable. Draw-Tite's Tested Tough guarantee ensures that this hitch exceeds industry standards. The combination of an e-coat base and a powder coat finish provides excellent rust protection.


  • Custom-fit trailer hitch lets you tow a trailer or carry a bike rack or cargo carrier with your Toyota Sienna
  • Computer-aided, fully welded steel construction ensures strength and durability
  • Tested Tough - safety and reliability criteria exceed industry standards
  • Easy, bolt-on installation - no welding required
    • includes all hardware needed for installation
    • Complete installation instructions are included
  • Lifetime technical support from the experts at
  • Black powder coat finish covers e-coat base for superior rust protection
  • Stylish, round-tube design
  • Ball mount, pin and clip sold separately


  • Receiver opening: 2" x 2"
  • Rating: Class III
    • Maximum gross trailer weight: 3,500 lbs
      • Maximum GTW when used with weight distribution: 5,000 lbs
    • Maximum tongue weight: 350 lbs
      • Maximum TW when used with weight distribution: 500 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Draw-Tite Tested Tough

Draw-Tite Tested Tough

Draw-Tite's Tested Tough program provides testing standards far superior to those outlined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), the go-to source for engineering professionals.

Each Draw-Tite trailer hitch receiver undergoes extensive fatigue testing and static testing with the ball mount that is either supplied or recommended for use with that particular hitch, thus ensuring results that are applicable to real life use. Fatigue testing is also conducted on hitches rated for use with weight-distribution systems.

In addition, Draw-Tite performs static testing on a simulated automobile, as opposed to the rigid fixture used for SAE testing, resulting in a more true-to-life scenario. Technical Support

At we're committed to the products we sell, and to our customers. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are available via both phone and email to address your questions and concerns for the lifetime of your hitch. The technicians at etrailer perform hitch installations on a daily basis, making them a valuable resource for do-it-yourselfers. The one-on-one, personal service you'll receive comes straight from an expert in the towing and automotive field. We've installed it, we've wired it and we've towed with it, so whatever your question, we can answer it.

75696 Draw-Tite Class 3 Trailer Hitch Receiver - Max-Frame

Video of Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2"

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Trailer Hitch Installation - 2012 Toyota Sienna - Draw-Tite

Today on our 2012 Toyota Sienna well be installing the Draw Tite Hitch part number 75696. This is what our hitch will look like once its installed, next well go ahead and give you a couple of measurements to assist you with selecting accessories for your new hitch. From the center of the hitch pinhole to the outermost edge of the bumper is 4 inches. From the top of the receiver tube to the ground is 10 inches. This will assist you with selecting accessories such as a draw bar, a bike rack or a cargo carrier. Now lets go ahead with the installation.Youll first need to remove the underbody trim panel.

There are multiple fasteners such as screws and push pin fasteners thatll need to be removed. Well go ahead and set the fasteners and underbody trim panel aside as it will not be reinstalled. Next well go ahead and point out our attachment points. The attachment points will be weld nuts in the frame rail built in by the manufacturer. There are a total of three on each side.

To use the weld nuts, we need to remove the plugs covering them up. To remove them, well just take a screw driver and twist them out of position. Well go ahead and set them aside as they will not be reinstalled.Next well go ahead and cleanout the weld nuts because overtime they can build up rust, dust, dirt and debris, and make it difficult to install our fasteners. To clean them out, well use a little spray lubricant and a -inch nylon tube brush part number 81492. Now with the weld nut cleaned out, I recommend to take one of the new 12-mm bolts and go ahead and thread it into the weld nut to make sure itll go nice and easily.

Now that we have the rear fastener done on the driver side, well go ahead and repeat the same process for the other five attachment points.Now were ready to go ahead and install the hitch. Well be using the new the 12mm bolt, split lock washer and flat washer. Now with our hardware ready and our weld nuts cleaned out, were ready to go ahead and install the hitch. Well take the hitch, feed it up over the exhaust on the passenger side and bring the driver side up at a position. Well go ahead and install the three fasteners on the driver side.

With that done, Ill go ahead and repeat the same process on the passenger side. With all six fasteners in place, well go ahead and tighten them down. Next, well go ahead and torque to specifications as indicated in the instructions. Thatll complete the install of our Draw Tite Hitch part number 75696 on our 2012 Toyota Sienna.

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Customer Reviews

Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" - 75696

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (16 Customer Reviews)

Fully welded vehicle trailer hitch is strong and durable. Draw-Tite's Tested Tough guarantee ensures that this hitch exceeds industry standards. The combination of an e-coat base and a powder coat finish provides excellent rust protection.

- 75696

by: Ray Kim07/16/2014

Couple of things. 1) The shipping box was full of holes by the time it showed up at my house. A few minor scratches here and there but no big deal... except I wondered what I would do if I had to return the hitch for some reason. Luckily, I didn't have to return it. 2) I installed it on a 2014 Toyota Sienna. One word of caution, the under carriage appearance panel that you have to remove in order to install the hitch has been modified by Toyota for 2014. The under panel has an inch wide convex hump that runs across the entire length right above where the cross bar of the hitch goes. Therefore, if you choose to re-install the under panel along with the hitch, as I did, the under panel will press down against the hitch and you will have to made some adjustments as you tighten the screws of the hitch as well as the under panel. I am attaching a couple of picks that show how the under panel is now pushed in. 141578

- 75696

by: Dadzuka12/09/2014

Very easy to install. I have a 2011 Sienna, that I bought used. It took about an hour doing it myself. You have to remove an appearance panel that extends from the rear wheels to the bumper first, and if you want to re install the trimmed piece which is very small, you should re install this first before installing the Hitch Receiver. The appearance panel cuts very easy with tin snips and you can see a line to follow on the panel. It's optional to install this small piece, you don't really need it. I've been a customer of etrailer for 15+ years and have bought all my hitches and bike racks from them and my family buys from them to. I've installed alot of hitches over the years. 163966

- 75696

by: Larry G.05/03/2012

Second time I'm using you guys and I'm again more then satisfied. Product came as described, the box was torn but everything was there. Installation took me a little longer because I did it all by myself. Watching the video at your site helped a lot. It went just like they said. The money I saved by doing the install myself more then paid for the torque wrench I purchased to complete the install. The next time I need anything that you guys handle I'm buying it from you, you're that good. 39286

- 75696

by: Scott07/26/2013

I was so thrilled to find I was referred by a friend and here's the skinny: VERY easy to work with website. Simple to pick what I needed. Pricing was great - very competitive. Package arrived before schedule and installation with wiring harness was easy going. I HIGHLY recommend this site! Happy towing! 91727

- 75696

by: Todd V.03/02/2015

The hitch was easy to install. Took only 30 minutes. This is my second hitch I ever installed and it really seams well constructed. I strongly suggest watching the install video(s) first. Shows you how to remove the protective cover under the vehicle. 176684

- 75696

by: mike06/20/2011

Arrived sooner than expected. Instructions were clear. Easy installation on the Sienna, under an hour start to finish. Product is well built, no concerns. 17282

- 75696

by: James S.11/07/2011

Item arrived quickly & and installation was straight forward; took no more than an hour. Great service from 26650

- 75696

by: Dean04/14/2011

My hitch arrived on time and exactly as ordered. The installation was easy (2011 sienna) and I'm very satisfied. 11716

- 75696

by: Leroy Powell09/28/2011

Service was outstanding. Ordered one day and got it the next day. Very easy to install. 24816

- 75696

by: Dale K06/23/2012

Went on like a breeze. Easiest one I've ever done. Didn't need to drop the exhaust to install. 45376

- 75696

by: Bobby V.04/14/2015

Easy Installation in under 30 Minutes! Fitment and Quality is Top Notch! Would buy again! 185205

- 75696

by: Robert L.07/12/2012

Absolutely just what I wanted and it even arrived early! Great customer service. 47747

- 75696

by: Jon K.04/12/2012

Easy to install and certainly worth doing myself. 36882

- 75696

by: David Fennell08/04/2011

Great and fast shiping. 1 Hour to install Hitch. 21137

- 75696

by: Kent V02/13/2012

good,very fast .will buy again. 31765

- 75696

by: Don F.03/28/2012

Fits like a glove 35341


Ask the Experts about this Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch
Do you have a question about this Trailer Hitch?

  • Differences Between Available Class III Hitches for 2011 Toyota Sienna
  • The Hidden Hitch and Draw-Tite model hitches you referenced would be identical, since Hidden Hitch and Draw-Tite are sister companies. Both hitches are identical in looks, share the same capacity and would install in the same manner. The Curt # C13105 has a straight cross tube that bends slightly at each end, while the Hidden Hitch and Draw-Tite Hitches have a cross tube that angles rearward from the receiver opening, with no bend. I have provided side by side photos showing the # 87586/75696...
    view full answer...

  • Comparing Class III Trailer Hitches and Ground Clearance for a 2012 Toyota Sienna
  • The Draw-Tite hitch # 75696 and the Hidden Hitch, # 87586, share the same parent company so they have the same specs, design, and use the same instructions which are linked for you. Ground clearance measuring from the ground to the top of the receiver opening will be approximately 12 inches. The Curt hitch, # C13105 is very similar in that it has the same specs and installs basically the same way, it is just designed a little different. It is the most popular choice for the 2012 Toyota...
    view full answer...

  • Which Trailer Hitch for 2011 Toyota Sienna Offers the Most Ground Clearance
  • The Draw-Tite Class III Trailer Hitch, # 75696, that you referenced will give you the most ground clearance for your 2011 Toyota Sienna. We have installed all of the trailer hitches for the 2011 Sienna and found that the Draw-Tite hitch will give you approximately 9-1/2 inches of ground clearance. This hitch offers 1 inch more ground clearance than the other hitches available. I have attached an installation video of this hitch on a 2011 Toyota Sienna for you to check out.
    view full answer...

  • Which Hitch For 2013 Toyota Sienna Provides Most Ground Clearance and the Least Underpanel Trimming
  • The Hidden Hitch Class III, part # 87586 and the Draw-Tite # 75696 are both made by the same parent company and are virtually identical, so they will install in the same manner. When installed, either of these hitches will have approximately 10 inches of ground clearance under the bottom of the receiver tube. The Curt Class III, part # C13105 will have about 9 inches of clearance under the receiver tube. I'll link you to the instructions and install videos for each of the hitches. As...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Hitch and Bike Rack Recommendations for a 2011 Toyota Sienna
  • I do have a bike rack solution for you but trunk mount bike racks will not fit the 2011 Toyota Sienna because the vehicle can not support the weight of a rack and bikes at the points where it would have to mount to the van. The remaining options are a roof rack or a hitch. A trailer hitch is the more cost effective and safest option and the bikes will be easier to load. You could also use the hitch to tow if you ever needed to or carry a cargo carrier. For a trailer hitch one of the...
    view full answer...

  • Can Appearance Panel Be Reinstalled on 2011 Toyota Sienna After Trailer Hitch Installation
  • The appearance panel that gets removed to install trailer hitch # 75696 on a 2011 Toyota Sienna can be reinstalled. However, such a large section of it gets trimmed off that there is really no point to reinstalling it. I have included a picture that shows the area that needs to be trimmed. You certainly can reinstall the panel after trimming it and it would go back on the same way it comes off. I have also linked the isntallation instructions for you to view. If you plan on doing...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Hitch for Best Ground Clearance on 2011 Toyota Sienna
  • When we test fit hitches, we take note of above ground height of the inside top of the receiver tube. When the size of the receiver (2 inch or 1-1/4 inch) and the thickness of the lip around the receiver (1/4 inch) is deducted, you get a good approximation of the ground clearance provided by each hitch. See the photo I've edited for you. Using these measurements, the Draw-Tite Class III, part # 75696 would provide you the best ground clearance under the hitch, about 9-3/4 inches. If...
    view full answer...

  • Does the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Installation Require Bumper Trimming on a 2012 Toyota Sienna
  • You will not necessarily have to perform any modifications on the 2012 Toyota Sienna to install Draw-Tite trailer hitch # 75696. Some models have an appearance panel under the vehicle that covers the trunk pan area that will need to be trimmed or removed to allow the hitch to be installed. The bumper is not trimmed or cut to install the hitch. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you to view. If you plan on doing some towing, I recommend the etrailer ball mount...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2014 Toyota Sienna to Use Yakima FullSwing Bike Rack
  • I believe the hitch in the video in question is Curt hitch # C13105. The Draw-Tite hitch # 75696, and Hidden Hitch # 87586 both have a J-pin hole in front of the regular hitch pin hole. The hitch in the video, linked for reference, does not have a J-pin hole which would indicate it is likely the Curt hitch. When we installed these hitches on a 2013 Sienna the Curt hitch was 6 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the rear edge of the bumper and the Draw-Tite and Hidden Hitch...
    view full answer...

  • Will Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch # 75696 Fit a 2011 Toyota Sienna SE
  • Our contacts at Draw-Tite have told us that trailer hitch # 75696 will fit the SE model of the 2011 Toyota Sienna. On all models, there is an appearance panel underneath that needs to be trimmed or not reinstalled to install the hitch but the rear fascia/bumper should not an issue. I have included links to the instructions and a video showing a typical installation for you. If you plan on doing some towing I recommend the etrailer ball mount kit # EBMK4. It comes with a ball mount, interchangeable...
    view full answer...

  • Hitch and 4 Bike Rack Recommendation for a 2015 Toyota Sienna
  • For a hitch for your 2015 Toyota Sienna that would work well with your bike rack and would provide the best possible ground clearance I would recommend the Draw Tite hitch part # 75696. This and the Hidden Hitch will provide 12 inches of ground clearance from the top of the hitch opening to the ground whereas the Curt would provide 10-1/2 inches. As long as you stay under the weight capacity of the hitch and the tongue weight rating of your vehicle you should be just fine using your...
    view full answer...

  • Hitch Recommendation With The Most Ground Clearance For 2013 Toyota Sienna
  • We have installed several of our trailer hitches on 2013 Toyota Siennas, and we check the clearance measurements so that customers can find a suitable hitch for their need. The hitch we offer that has the most ground clearance is the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch, part # 75696. This is a Class lll hitch and has a 2 inch receiver opening. The measurement from the center of the hitch pin hole to the back of the bumper is 4-1/2 inches. The distance from the top of the receiver to the ground is...
    view full answer...

  • Bike Rack Recommendation for a 2012 Toyota Sienna for Rear Cargo Access
  • As long as you have 2 inch hitch installed on your 2012 Toyota Sienna like the # 75696 I have a great solution for you. The Thule Vertex part # TH9031XT would work great as it can swing out and away from the rear of a vehicle with bikes attached. Check out the review I attached for more info as well. The T2 wouldn't be your best option because it wouldn't fold down enough to give you access to the rear of the vehicle.
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Wiring Recommendation for a 2015 Toyota Sienna
  • For trailer wiring for your 2015 Toyota Sienna SE you would want the Tow Ready wiring harness part # 118498 as it has been confirmed to fit your vehicle. Having the 4-way run out of the back hatch is actually the preferred method although it seems like it wouldn't be. Having the 4-way stored inside the cab of the keeps it protected from rain and moisture to prevent corrosion and keeps it protected from damage to the wiring or connector by rocks or debris that might be on the highway. For...
    view full answer...

  • Is ProSeries Q-Slot Platform 2/4 Bike Rack # PS63138 Compatible With Hitch on 2014 Toyota Sienna
  • It is easy to check if the ProSeries Q-Slot Platform 2/4 Bike Rack # PS63138 will fit the hitch on your 2014 Toyota Sienna. Your 2014 Sienna could be fitted with either of two hitch sizes, either a 1-1/4-inch Class II or a higher-capacity 2-inch Class III hitch. The linked articles on hitch sizes and classes show how to measure your receiver opening. In order to use the ProSeries Q-Slot bike rack as a 4-bike carrier you need to have a 2-inch hitch on the Sienna, such as the Draw-Tie...
    view full answer...

  • Can a Hitch Be Installed on an All Wheel Drive 2011 Toyota Sienna
  • Yes, you can install a hitch on the Sienna AWD model. None of the hitch manufacturers that supply us, Hidden Hitch, Draw-Tite or Curt have any fit exclusions for the AWD model of the 2011 Toyota Sienna. There are Class II and III hitches available for your Sienna. Whenever the alternative is available, I recommend going with the Class III because it uses the more common 2 inch receiver. Because it's more common, there are many more accessories available such as bike racks and cargo...
    view full answer...

  • Hitch and Wiring Recommendation for a 2012 Toyota Sienna
  • Tow Ready wiring harness, # 118498, and Curt harness # C56106 are similar and install the same way. The main difference is how the insides of each converter box are designed. The Curt harness uses surface mount technology meaning that all the circuitry is installed by soldering electronic components directly to the surface of a printed circuit board. They say that SMT eliminates the need for leads, which are used in older through-hole technology. The expected result is a circuit board that...
    view full answer...

  • Why are there 2 Different Capacities Listed for Class III Trailer Hitches for a 2013 Toyota Sienna
  • I assume that you are referring to one of the Class III trailer hitches for your 2013 Toyota Sienna: # C13105, # 87586, or # 75696. These hitches are all rated for use with weight distribution as well as just regular weight carrying. When used without weight distribution the hitches are rated for 350 pounds tongue weight at 3,500 pounds gross trailer weight. When used with weight distribution the hitches are rated for 500 pounds tongue weight and 5,000 pounds gross trailer weight. So...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2011 Toyota Sienna
  • There are some specialty trailer hitches that are designed to fit different width and frame types for RVs, but none that I would recommend for passenger vehicles. But some hitches do fit more than one vehicle. For example, The Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch, # 75149, will fit the 2004 to 2010 Toyota Sienna (but not the 2011). For the 2011 Sienna, the comparable hitch is # 75696, which thus far only fits the 2011 model. I have included a link to the installation instructions for this hitch...
    view full answer...

Do you have a question about this Trailer Hitch?

Weight Carrying Capacity
Gross Towing Weight (GTW):
3,500 lbs.

Tongue Weight (TW):
350 lbs.

Weight Distribution Capacity
Gross Towing Weight (GTW):
5,000 lbs.

Tongue Weight (TW):
500 lbs.

Trailer Hitch Installation Instructions 75696 Installation instructions 75696 Installation Instructions
No drilling required

Tech Tip
No drilling required for installation

Manufacturer Estimated Installation Time

Recommended Wiring:
wiring 118498

Most Popular Ball Mount:
Draw-Tite 2753

1-7/8" hitch ball - 19260

2" hitch ball - 63845

2-5/16" hitch ball - 63847

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