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Curt Trailer Hitch for the 2012 Forester by Subaru

Curt Trailer Hitch

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Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" - 2012 Forester by Subaru

This fully welded trailer hitch receiver bolts onto your Subaru Forester's frame with no welding required. Powder coated steel is sturdy and corrosion resistant.


  • Custom fit is designed specifically for your Subaru Forester
  • Precision, robotic welding maximizes strength and improves fit
  • Bolt-on installation - no welding required
    • Complete hardware kit and installation instructions included
  • Lifetime technical support from the experts at
  • Gloss black powder coat finish over protective base coat offers superior rust resistance
  • Stylish, round-tube design
  • Ball mount, pin and clip sold separately
  • Made in the USA


  • Receiver opening: 2" x 2"
  • Rating: Class III
    • Maximum gross trailer weight: 4,000 lbs
    • Maximum tongue weight: 400 lbs
    • Not rated for use with weight-distribution systems
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Note: All non-trailer loads - bike racks, cargo carriers and so forth - should be supported with stabilizing straps. Failure to properly support these loads will void your hitch warranty from CURT. Technical Support

At we're committed to the products we sell, and to our customers. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are available via both phone and email to address your questions and concerns for the lifetime of your hitch. The technicians at etrailer perform hitch installations on a daily basis, making them a valuable resource for do-it-yourselfers. The one-on-one, personal service you'll receive comes straight from an expert in the towing and automotive field. We've installed it, we've wired it and we've towed with it, so whatever your question, we can answer it.

13147 Curt Class 3 Trailer Hitch Receiver

Video of Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2"

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Trailer Hitch Installation - 2012 Subaru Forester - Curt

Today on our 2012 Subaru Forester, we're going to review an install, the CURT class 3 two inch receiver tube hitch, part number 13147. Here's what our hitch is going to look like once it's installed. As you can see, we've got the nice, stylish, round cross tube design. It's a fully welded construction, with a really nice black powder coated finish to prevent rust and corrosion. On the other side of our receiver tube is our chain hold down, and then pre drilled all the way through the receiver tube is our 5/8ths pin hole. This is a class three 2 inch by 2 inch receiver tube, and is capable of up to 400 pounds of tongue weight with a 4,000 pound tow capacity. Next, I'll give you a couple measurements to assist you with selecting accessories for your new hitch.

From the center of the hitch pin hole to the outer most edge of the bumper is 4 1/2 inches. From the top of the receiver tube opening down to the ground is 15 inches. This will assist you with selecting accessories such as a ball mount, bike rack, or cargo carrier. Now to begin our install, we need to lower the exhaust. Before we lower the exhaust, we're going to put a safety strap underneath it to help control the weight of the exhaust once we remove the rubber isolators and metal hanger. Now, we've got a total of 5 rubber isolators to remove.

Two, one on each side of our mufflers, and one just forward of our rear axle. To remove the rubber isolator from the metal hanger, we're going to spray each one with a spray lubricant and then use a pry bar or pliers to remove it. Keep in mind both sides are the same here, so each process we do on one side, we're going to repeat identically on the opposite side. With all four muffler hangers removed, we'll go ahead and do the one here at the rear axle, and then we can use our safety strap to safely lower the weight of the exhaust. With the exhaust down and out of the way, we can go ahead and point out attachment points. We're going to have two attachment points on each side for a total of four.

These attachment points have rubber plugs covering up pre drilled holes in the frame. Using a screwdriver, we just pull the plugs out of the way. The hardware provided for securing our hitch is going to be a half inch carriage bolt and block. To get the hardware into the frame, we'll use the half inch bolt leader that's supplied with our install kit. Keep in mind our attachment points and hardware are identical on each side, so each process we do here to the driver side, will get repeated identically on the passenger side. To drill out the rear attachment point, we're going to use a 17/32 drill bit as per the instructions.

Once we have it drilled out, we can also take our carriage bolt and make sure it'll go nice and easily. Now, we need to open up the access hole and forward attachment point. To do that, you could use a hand file, but we're going to use a round file on a drill. Once you have it honed out, you want to make sure both your carriage bolt and block will fit through the access hole. To get our hardware into the frame, we're going to start with the rear attachment point. We'll take our bolt leader, go into the attachment point and out the access hole. Once we have access to the bolt leader coming out the access hole, we'll slide on our block and thread on the carriage bolt. Well then feed our block and bolt into the frame separately using the pull wire to pull them into place. Once it's in place, I'll go ahead and remove the bolt leader. Now, for our forward attachment point, we're going to use the reverse pull method. We'll take the bolt leader, slide the block on and then thread on the carriage bolt. We're going to feed the carriage bolt into the frame first, followed by the block, and then pull them back over the access hole to create the attachment point. To help get our hitch up into position without pushing our hardware back into the frame, we're going to go ahead and leave that bolt leader attached. Go ahead and repeat the same process on the passenger side. We're now ready to go ahead and put our hitch in place. It's a good idea to get an extra set of hands to help you hold the hitch while you install the fasteners. Bring the hitch in above the exhaust and take our pull wire, feed it through our forward attachment point, and then bring the hitch up to the frame. Once we have it in position, we'll go ahead and install our flange nut, and it'll help support the weight. With the flange nut there in the rear holding the weight of the hitch, we'll go ahead and remove our pull wire and install our forward flange nut. With our hardware installed finger tight, we'll go ahead and run it down. Next, we'll go ahead and torque to specifications as indicated instructions. With out hitch tightened down to torque specifications, we can go ahead and reinstall the exhaust. We'll install our rubber isolators back in place. We'll go ahead and remove our safety strap, and we're ready to hit the road. That'll do it for the review and install of the CURT class three 2 inch receiving tube hitch, part number 13147 on our 2012 Subaru Forester. .

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Customer Reviews

Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" - 13147

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (191 Customer Reviews)

This fully welded trailer hitch receiver bolts onto your vehicle's frame with no welding required. Powder coated steel is sturdy and corrosion resistant.

- 13147

by: Bernard I.09/15/2011

I ordered and installed this hitch last month (Aug 2011). I was very satisfied with customer service that took my telephone order and with the fast shipping. I installed the hitch myself and read most of the prior reviews to get hints on installation. I think that the instructional video doesn't make it clear that besides the 2 rubber "doughnuts" supporting each muffler there is an additional doughnut hanger just forward of where the single exhaust pipe forms the "Y" to the dual mufflers. If you don't remove this one you will not be able to lower the mufflers low enough to install the hitch. I think this is why a couple of people had to remove their mufflers to install the hitch. Taking advice of previous reviewer, I also removed the foam storage trays that are on both sides of the spare tire and removed the round pieces of tape covering access holes which allowed me to drill from inside the vehicle. I installed the unit myself. Had the cars rear tires on low ramps. Used a small floor jack at the "Y" to lower the exhaust and kept the jack there to support exhaust. Laying on cardboard I used a second floor jack support and raised the hitch into place and pumped only a few strokes with my right foot as I used my hands to level/balance and position the hitch and started the nuts on the bolts. It took about an hour & 15 minutes to complete the install. A friend was supposed to help me with the job but by the time he got here I was done. I also bought the S64670 Swagman XTC-2 bike carrier and S64029 locking anti-rattle hitch pin. Very satisfied with both. 24031

- 13147

by: LV Dan02/24/2011

I debated between the factory hitch and this one from Curtis. In the end, I think installing this hitch was the right choice for us. I was debating for a couple of reasons: 1) the factory hitch is less noticeable and 2) the integration into the chassis is better for the crush zone (in the event of an accident). However, I decided on this Curtis Hitch, mainly for the 2" receiver (verses the factory 1-1/4"). The 2" works with more equipment and accessories (the hitch can take more than the Subaru so don't overload the Subaru). The receiver was used with an equipment rack from Harbor Freight. I loaded it with 270 lbs. The Subaru did sag a little and it did have a little bit of side to side play when cornering. I would put this at the limit of what the both can handle for this setup. Installation was really simple and the instructions on this website made it very easy, once I found all 5 of the exhaust hangers. For those that work on cars and have the tools (dremmel or file, 1/2" socket set, torque wrench with good extensions), it will be no problem. I did find the included threading wires, which help insert the bolts, to be of poor quality, so they bend when removing them, preventing a subsequent use. You might want to consider buying two more. Getting the torque wrench in there can be a challenge, too. I was worried about letting the exhaust drop low enough to fit the Curtis hitch in. With the factory hitch installation, the exhaust is removed, the Curtis installation requires lowering an supporting the exhaust. As it turns out, the exhaust has a point in the middle that allows the rear portion of the exhaust system to drop without breaking the seal or bending the pipe. So no need to fear future exhaust problems unless you let it drop; just make sure you support it. After the installation, my wife, who is very picky about looks, said it looked great. So there is no worry about the asthetic aspect. So other than affecting the crumple zone, I think this hitch was the right choice. And by the way, eHitch is definitely the retailer to use for your trailer needs. They shipped fast, the order was complete, and the communcation excellent. 7765

- 13147

by: David04/16/2013

Shipping is fast and you can visually see where is your item on the map. The item arrived on Apr 8th at the border and I picked it up on Apr 13th. The box was broken but everything wasn't lost, except there are some scratches on the hitch hole edge. The box was too big to fit into my forester, so I just took every thing out and throw it to a cardboard recycle bin. It took me 4 hours to get it installed. I live in a high-rise building on the top 27th floor. I had to walk between home and underground parking back and forth several times to get drill, bits, extension cord and a vacuum. I did it all by my own! Learned from other people here, I drilled on the top which makes lot more easier to do the job. Lowering the exhaust is way more difficult for me. I can't take off the rubber thing at the beginning, then I went home to find a video on Youtube to learn how to do that first. Then I went down, finally I got every rubber thing off and I used my 7-year-old son's broken belt to hold the muffler. I drilled on top side by removing everything on the spare tire. Then I use the fishing wire to put all screws in place. Then I lay down under the car holding the hitch. Thanks to my ramp, it rises the car in right height and I can use my knees to hold the hitch up and just free my hands to put all 4 nuts on. Tightening all screws is a big work for me because I seldom do the labour work even I am a handy man. I don't have a torque wrench, so just tighten them till you can't make it turns any more. Putting mufflers back is a pain for me because I forgot to buy WD40. After half an hour fighting with those rubber things, I went back home to get some water. I applied water around each hole, then push them so hardly. finally I got all rubber thing back to their original position. Clean up, put everything back, 4 hours! my goodness! I'm typing with my painful fingers, hands and arms... Thanks again for those of you who made very meaningful reviews and good suggestions. David Vancouver, Canada 76432

- 13147

by: TS12/24/2010

Easy as the video to install Received Hitch in excellent condition. I watched the install video several times before the hitch arrived and read the reviews some containing added info for the install. There are five muffler hangers on the Subaru that need removing. One on either side of the mufflers and one where the exhaust Y goes to the mufflers. I supported the exhaust as shown in the video with a tie down strap. Make sure you lower the exhaust down far enough to slide the hitch in above the mufflers from the rear. Since I did the job alone I backed the subaru up on wheel ramps to gain access and when I slide the hitch in over the mufflers I rested the hitch on the mufflers and attached two tie down straps on either side of the hitch and to the gate catch at the back of the Forester with enough slack to maneuver the hitch into place. With the hitch supported I started the bolts on the front of the hitch closest to the front of the car and then started the bolts on the rear of the car. With all of the bolts started I removed the tie down straps made sure it was centered and tightened the hitch down. It helped having a universal joint for the socket. In addition I used a file like some others suggested to enlarge the front holes enough for the bolt heads and blocks to fit through. The holes in the back I used a 1/2 inch drill bit instead of the 17/32 noted in the instructions. The video showed them using a 1/2 inch drill bit. I also spray painted the holes after enlarging them. Everything went well. I was afraid the bolts and blocks would come off of the fishing tool but it was as easy as the video showed. No worries. Would definitely recommend this hitch and etrailer to anyone. 4589

- 13147

by: Wayno08/25/2011

WOW !!!! Fast delivery !!!! It had taken me a full two hours...I stopped to take pics at nearly every step..I even used the box it came in to lay on while I installed....I'm so happy with all the money I saved ordering through and installing myself. Thank you very much for such a pleasant experience. 22786


What do you call those orange step blocks to lift the car? Thanks.

comment by: John D - 08/21/2013


Those are typically called drive-on car ramps. They can be made of steel, recycled plastics or there are some home-made ones using 2x10s. Though I would stick with the manufactured ones.

Patrick B - 8/22/2013

- 13147

by: Ernie S.09/22/2015

Ordered on a Monday (after hours). Shipped on Wednesday and arrived on Friday. High quality hitch, great finish. Watched the installation video several times and read all of the suggestions in the product review comments. The hardest part of the installion, in my opinion, was the removal of the rubber exhaust hangers. They do not pop off like the video shows. Perhaps they do if it's a recently installed exhaust system. I used a combination of very large Channel Loks, crowbar, and various pieces of wood jammed into the area to pry the crowbar against. Keep in mind that I am 69 years old laying under the car that was jacked up by a 3-ton hydraulic jack. I drilled from the top, as suggested, with a 1/2" bit. I reamed it out a little more to allow the fish wire to easily fit through. Expanded the front holes with a Dremel tool. The first fishwire was deformed and it was difficult threading the bolt on to it. Getting the fishwire back off was difficult and resulted in the wire stretching quite a bit. It was salvageable and still usuable with the front block and bolt. The other side of the hitch went without a hitch. Easy install. Lifted the hitch using the hydraulic jack. I guided it into position while my son pumped up the jack. A few rough points during the install but still totally satisfied with the purchase and the vendor. 227026

- 13147

by: Frank P.04/10/2011

I selected the Curt Hitch after viewing the video and checking customer experiences noted on Subaru forums. I'm a little wary of reviews on retailer sites. The only problems noted were that the hitch is prone to rust earlier than some others due to spotty paint jobs and scratches. The suggestion made was to put a coat of Rust-oleum automotive paint on it before installing. I cleaned the hitch, primed it, and added few light coats of paint. I used maybe a half can of primer and paint each. Getting the two stickers off the hitch prior to paint wasn't a problem for Goo Gone/Goof Off. That added three hours to the install with two of that letting the paint dry. I also recommend a Dremel with a carbide cutting tip to expand the two holes and a step drill bit for the other two. Running the bolts through the frame was easier than I expected. I kept envisioning either the bolt of the plate getting lost or stuck in the frame. It was actually just as easy as the video shows. I only needed a 5 minute assist to get the hitch bolted on. I probably saved $300 by doing this myself instead of having the Subaru factory hitch. And the Curt 2" 4000#/400# hitch is way more capable than the Subaru 1.25" 2500#/200#. Sure, the Subaru is still limited by the engine and brakes so I can't exceed the 2500# weight limit. I'm very happy. 11440

- 13147

by: skipro304/11/2011

Hitch was fine except for the top of the receiver part which was badly scratched. Of all the places, this is the one place that would show the most. I touched it up with some liquid plastic available from hardware stores used to coat handles on hand tools in order to keep it looking good. This hitch was very easy to install. I would offer some suggestions on making the installation easier; put ramps under the rear tires and drive up on them, lifting the rear. Pull the cover off the rear loading area where the spare is. On each side are taped over holes. Pull the tape and you are looking straight down to the plugs that will be pulled to install the mounting hardware. It's easier to install the bolts from this side than laying on your back getting drill filings down your collar or in your eyes. Use a velcro strap to support the exhaust system. It's very light, maybe 20 pounds to support. Get a second person to start the nuts once you have the hitch held up there. My wife came in very handy for that task. From start to finish took me 60 minutes and that included putting away all the tools. Scale of 1 to 10 on difficulty, I rate it a 4 only because I needed someone to start the nuts. Otherwise, a 3. 11518

- 13147

by: Ruben H.05/09/2014

This was exactly what I needed. This high quality hitch was very easy to install. Instructions were pretty easy to follow. The YouTube installation video was a lot easier to follow. Now I can move up to 4 mountain bikes on this bike rack with confidence to any place I want to go. Thanks!!! 129828


Awesome!!!!! This product is of the highest quality. Install was a snap. And it works with all kinds of bike racks.

Ruben H - 05/09/2015


- 13147

by: Jeg02/07/2014

Hitch is great. Price was great, shipping was fast. This is my second hitch from e trailer. Install was OK. I used ramps to get more clearance. Due to age of vehicle and rust I chose to remove rubber exhaust mounts rather than risk stripped nuts or broken bolts. Was able to lower whole exhaust with mufflers attached enough to do the job. Use plenty of lube and slip over barbed mounts on vehicle, it's too far to slip them over non - barbed mounts on mufflers. See other reviewers pictures. (Thank you for the pictures by the way.) Most helpful tool was a IRWIN #4 step drill bit. One short bit did the job of three shown in the video. Helps to have short if your not removing mufflers, plus no need to change bits. Basically watch the great video provided by e trailer, read other reviews and look at their pics, and get a step drill bit. One reviewer mentioned installing hardware from inside, on my 2011 I would have had to drill the holes on the inside the same as on the bottom so I just did it all from the bottom. In my opinion 6 one, half a dozen the other. 116042

- 13147

by: Warren S.06/30/2011

The included directions weren't that easy to understand but the installation video on this site made everything completely clear. The hitch fits well and since it is a 2" hitch it leaves a lot of options open for accessories. It fits well on the car and does not look out of place at all. All of the welds looked great and I didn't see any spots that were unpainted. It is a very solid hitch. For installation - the access holes don't need to be widened by a huge amount, but using the correct tools will make the process much faster. When filing metal make sure you have eye protection at a minimum so you don't get metal slivers in your eyeballs. Long sleves and pants/shoes are also a good idea. Also, just as in the video, using lubricant helps make removing the rubber exhaust hangers easier. I backed the car up onto ramps to give plenty of room while working underneath. It would have been a pain to fit both me and the hitch without having the car raised. All in all this is has been a great buy, and etrailer's service has been more than expected 18277

- 13147

by: Rolland M.05/26/2012

Received all products ordered within a week of ordering. Looks like a quality product being new to installing/using receivers/hitches. My receiver had a small scratch on it but did not appear to deep and not enough to send back. This was a very easy and simple install and took about 45min with most of the time dedicated to drilling the holes wider and removing/reattaching the mufflers. My neighbor and friend were surprised how quick I completed this task; by myself, no straps, ramps or jacks. I was hesitant about it fitting without any modifications to the body of my 2010 Subaru Forester, but it was a perfect fit as indicated by etrailer. Have not towed or loaded anything on it so unsure of its durability in the future but have confidence that it would hold up. I encourage anyone to self-install since it is so easy, as my local Subaru dealer wanted 4x as much for parts and labor. I would recommend installing by removing the mufflers like the video shows and impact would have save me half the time, but had nothing to do on a rainy Saturday morning. 41773

- 13147

by: Joel H.07/30/2014

Great product and was fairly easy for me to install in my garage . I am a trained mechanic with all OT of tools so if your not familiar with using a die grinder and are using a file it could take awhile to enlarge the holes to fit the spacers and bolts in. Also the directions said to "enlarge the the front holes(holes closest to the front do the car, things can get mixed up when your on your back looking at things upside down and reversed), but you need to enlarge them to fit the head do the bolts as your guide(bolts are about 1/32 larger than the spacers). I had to climb back out and grab my grinder again to enlarge the holes some more to fit the bolts through, also it took me a little while to get the spacer on the fish wire back out, almost lost it in the frame rail. After that fairly easy if you follow the directions with the fishwire. Be carefully to not pushes the bolt back up into the frame rail when you slide the hitch on them the bolts have a little aligning to do when putting the hitch up. I'd recommend a second set of hands. 143702

- 13147

by: Eddie S.08/13/2015

I bought this trailer hitch for my 2015 Subaru Forester. I wish I had 4 wire threads for all four bolts instead of just two. I actually threaded the other two bolts with thread so not to lose those as well (the video you had was excellent, but I do not have a car lift and am on the ground under the car). Also could you state to wipe clean the surface that the trailer hitch is in contact with? As I was torquing down the bolts I heard crunching sounds (probably dirt and such). I was not going to lower the hitch to clean at that point. I am sure it is okay, but cleaning would have been nice. Everything else worked out great. It took me about 2 hours and 40 minutes to install (my drill is weak, the five exhaust supports took longer to take off and on, and I took pictures and video). But overall I am very happy with the product. 219095

- 13147

by: wes09/12/2011

On a 2011 Forester EACH muffler has two rubber hangers and a 5th hanger further forward. The silicone spray does help in sliding off the hangers. If you are working alone it is easier to remove at least one muffler - just two bolts/muffler. On the side you are NOT fitting up put the nuts part way on so you don't shove the bolts up into the frame(screwed). On the other side, carefully get one bolt through the hitch and nut it. Then the second bolt. Now remove the nuts from the 1st side and fit the bolts through the hitch holes. One guy can do it with no jack. On the threading of the bolt and rectangular piece through the frame with the wire spiral tool: the bolt head is harder to get through the ground out hole in the frame than is the square steel piece. It's not a problem to enlarge the hole in the frame with the pull wire/plate/bolt in tow threaded through - IF you use a Dremel tool grinding setup; which I highly recommend. I think it took about 1.5 hours working alone. 23849

- 13147

by: Dave H05/05/2013

Installed on a new 2013 Subaru Forester. Web site was very good, hitch arrived about a week after ordered and was in good shape. Video of install on 2011 Forester was very helpful. Mufflers were a pain to remove and install but got it done. Start to finish just over 2 hours. Suggestions would be to read through the reviews for tips. The only tips I would add that I didn't see mentioned in earlier reviews would be to tape a small piece of cardboard to the muffler flange so you don't ding-up the gasket while moving the muffler around trying to get it out of the hangers. The 2nd thing that helped me was using a pair of wide-mouth pipe pliers to help push the hanger rod out of the rubber hanger. Put one side of the pliers on the end of the rod post and the other side of the pliers on the opposite side of the rubber hanger and squeeze the pliers to push the rod through the hanger. Hitch looks great and far exceeds any towing capacity a Forester has. 79092

- 13147

by: JACIII12/23/2011

Rocks! This is the best DIY installation package I have ever received for anything. Everything other than tools is supplied and well thought out. Hitch fits up great on my 2011 Forester. The fish wires included in the hardware package are an extremely nice touch. A note to DIYers - have a flexible magnet or grabber handy just in case a bolt goes astray within a frame tube. It is highly unlikely you will need either so long as the directions for use of the fish wires are followed, but s**t happens. A dremel tool with grinder stone works fine to enlarge the access hole. (Safety glasses!) The hitch weighs about 30lbs and is a bit awkward but one man can mount it. The nuts are a bit tricky to start. Just be patient and persistent. Get all the bolts through, then both nuts started on one side before raising the other over the passenger side bolts. Thanks etrailer! 28655

- 13147

by: Steve T.07/30/2012

Just put this hitch on my 2009 Subaru Forester and it fits great. Haven't gotten the chance to put it to the test but just put my new bike rack on it and took it for a spin. I couldn't be happier. Installation was straight forward and we didn't run into any problems. My dad helped which made the installation a lot easier. Doing it by yourself would be tough but possible. We opted to go in from the top (by the spare tire, underneath the foam inserts) to get the bolts into place. Made working a lot more comfortable and easy. Pulled all of our bolts into place by enlarging the bigger hole toward the back of the vehicle in the spare tire area. from there it was a piece of cake. Also put lock tight on the bolts just to make sure they stayed put. Also greased the exhaust hangers to get them to come off and on more easily. Overall great product. Excited to see what it can do. 49899

- 13147

by: Jim L02/28/2012

Hitch arrived in good order - thanks! There are many good suggestions for self-installation posted. The included directions are good and result in a good job. I completely removed the two mufflers as the install was on a new clean Forester without using ramps or jacks. One additional trick for those who only have two hands is to place an eighteen pack of full Bud bottles (or other personal preference) on edge under one side of the hitch to brace and balance the mounting flange close to the frame through bolts. On the opposite side you can then lift and guide the free flange with one hand and affix the nuts with the other. It did seem a bit odd to mount this substantial hitch to the under structure of the Forester - there's more metal in the hitch compared to the whole substructure of the car! When complete don't forget to remove the beverage. Cheers! 32730

- 13147

by: Mike07/02/2011

I wanted a 2" receiver and couldn't order it with my 2011 Subaru Forester. All they offerred were 1-1/4" receivers so I ordered this one from eTrailers. I Received the hitch promptly and installed per the online video. The hitch came in a heavy card board box and with the exception of the receiver, had no other padding to protect it during shipping. The result was small scuff marks on the cornersnear the cross tube. No big deal but a little cardboard taped there would make a big difference. The video was excellent and frankly, was the reason I ordered from eTrailers. What wasn't shown in the video was the need for deep well sockets to seat and torque the mounting bolts. Also, the rear clearance was sufficient enought that I did not need a lift or stands to install. I'm very happy with this purchase and would gladly recommend eTrailers to friends. 18422

- 13147

by: Butch07/25/2012

Arrived on time, and undamaged. Fits perfectly and looks good. Installation is straightforward, but pay attention to the reviewers comments: can be done with the vehicle on flat ground, in which case the long case of Buds is perfect to hold one side while you offer up and secure the other; don't drop the exhaust, just disconnect the rear flanges + inside rear hanger. The cans pivot out of the way. Work from the inside; all the mods can be done from the top, including slotting the large hole to slip the backing spacers and bolt heads through. The helicoil type fish wires are the nuts! They're in my toolbox now. Estimated time is a bit ambitious, unless you (1) never drop parts, and (2) never lose tools on the bench in plain view. I took < 2 hrs, alone, car on the ground, and I'm pushing 70. Light Kit is also Plug 'n Play: maybe 10 minutes. 49331

- 13147

by: Ben A05/04/2014

I think that simply releasing the mufflers from their hangers is a mistake. It's not that hard to just take them off, and I feel the job would NOT have been possible trying to work around them. The small holes that need to be drilled out need to be drilled out LARGER than the recommended 17/32". They should be at least 1/2" or even 19/32"-5/8". Drilling the slot for the bolt heads to go in was even trickier, but we got it done. It helps or may even be necessary to have two people on the job. The video was, perhaps, the most important thing to watch that made me think I really could install the product myself. All parts were there, and thanks for including the wire "fish" tools. Now to test it out. It looks WONDERFUL and does not hang down as far as I was afraid it would. Thanks for a GREAT PRODUCT!!! 128804

- 13147

by: R. Murphey01/03/2011

Curt Hitch on 2010 Forester - Check Hardware!!! Solidly constructed hitch and excellent instructions. Etrailer was superb in their order processing & shipping. Etrailer's video of a generic Forester installation is highly recommended, for the do-it-yourselfer. One problem, on Curt Manufacturing's end, was one(1) of the four(4), main fastening nuts was not threaded. Can't describe how frustrating that is as you're lifting the hitch assembly up, trying ...and trying, and trying, to get the nut started. Especially the first one to take the load off one side. Check your hardware first detail. A suggestion would be the addition of "dum-dum" caulk around the support bolt holes, to seal the body from moisture, where the factory plugs were removed. Then make sure the fasteners are fully torqued to spec. 4960

- 13147

by: Mark F.05/02/2012

Hitch arrived in excellent shape with all hardware, and the fit was perfect . I installed it on a 2010 Forester in about an hour and a half, with just a little help from my wife holding up the hitch to get it bolted on. Watched the video and read through other reviews for ideas, so here is my take. I thought it was much easier going in through the spare tire compartment to feed the bolts into the frame- kudos to whoever figured that out. I did not need to pull the muffler off, dropping it a couple of inches gave plenty of room. I started off trying to remove the bumper, couldn't figure it out and it turned out not to be necessary anyways with the rear tires up on blocks. Overall, great product, service, and price- and a reasonable self-install project. 39162

- 13147

by: Mario M.06/24/2014

The online video instructions were great. I installed the hitch using the version where you just detach the muffler at the hangers and one more on the exhaust pipe (5 total) and drop it down, but with a strap in place. I installed it right in my driveway without jacking it up or using ramps. Took maybe two hours, but I took my time with it. 137276

- 13147

by: Tom K10/06/2011

I ordered the Curt Class III hitch for a new 2011 Subaru Forester on a Saturday afternoon and it arrived on Tuesday afternoon. With the free shipping, I expected at least a week or two wait. Talk about fast service!! I started installing it the same day. It took about 4 hours, but I did it without putting the car up on ramps. The hardest part was wrestling the rubber exhaust hangers off. My left wrist was broken at the time and I had a cast on my arm. My wife got home from work just in time to help me support the hitch until I got the nuts started. The hitch is very good quality, and the installation was very straight forward. The videos are a big help and were much appreciated. etrailer has a new loyal customer. 25180

- 13147

by: George R10/01/2011

This is my fourth hitch from etrailer. It was easy to install although the fishhook installation process was a little hard to figure out as I had never done that before. Looks like it was built on vehicle. Wiring was great also as it was just a plug-in. The video helped too as I knew exactly where to find the wiring end. 24932

- 13147

by: Dark05/18/2014

Installs as easy as the video showed (easier in our case as we used a lift). Fits up with no problems, everything is included that is needed. 131142


Solid, hasnt had any problems. Isnt showing any unusual signs of wear.

Dark - 05/22/2015


- 13147

by: Vadim12/27/2011

It was not 15 minutes as on video. Taking rubbers off needed some lube and force. Drilling and dremeling while under the car is a bit of a chore :-) watched video 3 times to get fishhooking right :-) but after couple of hours it was on. It looks sharp :-) can be done by two folks and small ramps. Needed extra: 1/2 inch drill bit and drill, Dremel with some cutting wheel, lube, belt, ramps, wrench with bit, power for tools, some rug and gloves :-) overall : good product and good instruction by etrailer. 28757

- 13147

by: Paul M.06/14/2011

I orsered a Curt Hitch on a Wednesday and recived it on a Monday soo fast. Woke up Tuesday morning and went to install reciver and wireing, total time to install both pices with clean up (by the way I did this on my driveway pn my back) was 35 min.. Talk about fast I was given a time of 4 hours and $400.00 to do this job you do NOT have to be a mechanic to do this job, it helps but I feel almost anybody can do it. Ordering was easy and fast.The wireing was a snap lift up floor panles locate conector (right where instructions said it would be) snap the conector together mount control unit done. Great product, quick service and the vidos help alot keep up the good work. 16954

- 13147

by: Richard11/11/2012

Did the install myself after reading the user comments and viewing the videos. As some have suggested this goes much easier if you drill from the inside of the wheel well. Just remove the tape that covers the holes and you'll be looking straight down through the mounting holes. Then feed your blocks and bolts through from the top and pull them through with the fishing wire from the bottom. I did not do the following but I really think you could bypass fishing the bolts and blocks by purchasing longer bolts and just mounting it that way. I can not attest to the strength of this method but it would seem a stronger method since you would go through the complete frame. 59208

- 13147

by: Kathy B02/13/2013

What a great product, just as it was described. Thank you e-trailer for selling such a high quality product at such an affordable price. Also very, very fast delivery. All video's on your web site were spot on, they made this project a breeze. My hubby has been a mechanic for 30+ years now and he was so pleased with the accuracy of your instructions, and said it made his job so much easier. He was also impressed with your time line for the job as it to was exactly right. Please keep up the good work e-trailer, and we will continue to be a customer for life, as well as sharing your company with everyone we know. Thanks again, Kathy 66105

- 13147

by: James C.09/24/2011

Compared to the Subaru OEM hitch, this is about 1/3 the price and can have a 2" receiver (the OEM is limited to 1-1/4"). It was easy to install; the directions provided are sufficient and the fishing wire supplied makes inserting the bolts easy. The only part I didn't like was the part of the directions that instructs the installer to enlarge and slot one of the mounting holes in each frame rail of the car. I found that taking off the rear bumper gave plenty of access to put the bolts in from the open end of the rails without making a mess of the frame holes. Overall, I'm very pleased with how this installation turned out. 24518

- 13147

by: Saturn Ayala 2013 Subaru Forester12/19/2012

Product arrived so quick, I had to put it aside until I had time to install it. Quality and service was great. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. Installation was as described and everything looks great. Chicago, IL 61772

- 13147

by: Big Bob02/18/2014

Hey this thing went on as stated even better. I thought I was going to have to remove a bolt but when I got the hitch it was already modified to accommodate the bolt on the car. I used a couple of rat tail files to easily modify the access holes rather than use a drill. I also ended up removing both mufflers rather than drop the entire exhaust system down, getting the mufflers out of the way was very easy and gave me a lot of room to work. Definitely need to people for final install. etrailer was great at keeping me informed and were able to get it shipped quicker than expected, you guys saved me $500! 116881

- 13147

by: Harry J.08/01/2012

This hitch seems sturdy enough but I would have liked a bit more strength in the bolts connecting to the frame. I had to watch the video a few times before I felt confident in the stringing of the bolts via the wires. It went quickly though. The mufflers do NOT have to be taken completely off to complete the job,, they just need to be dis attached from the exhaust line and left to hang on their support brackets. The electri harness is very easy to hook up and the wires can be stored inside the spare tire well. All in all I saved a hundred + bucks doin it myself--Thanx Etrailer!! Hman in MT 50100

- 13147

by: Niall09/17/2015

Installation is about an hour for a home mechanic. I'd suggest looking at the installation video, it definitely helps give guidance over the rather busy instructions sheet. Quality is good and for price, this will most likely take care of any hitch needs that the Subaru would be capable of anyways. I currently use it for a 4 bike Thule hitch rack. Can't complain. Tip: hardest part of the install was getting the exhaust hangers off. My car is only 5 years old and it definitely was a pain to get a couple off. Blast that with PB or any penetrating oil and it'll help. 226000

- 13147

by: Bill W.02/14/2015

The product was all I could have hoped for. While the wiring harness did not have any double sided tape enclosed (?), that's no big deal. I just used some I had on hand. A previous video that I had viewed on-line of how to install the hitch was a bit misleading. It suggested that the hitch could be installed without lowering the mufflers, but that it would be easier if I lowered the mufflers. However, it is impossible to install the hitch without lowering the mufflers, which adds to the amount of work required, but allows for a much easier installation. 174792

- 13147

by: Just Bob09/03/2011

Really easy to order the right parts for my 2010 Forester and they arrived in much less time than I'd imagined. Installation of the hitch went without a hitch. Plenty of good information on the installation and it was easier than planned because upon removing the cargo trays I discovered access holes on top of the beams, one over each bolt hole. This made the drilling and fishing the bolts a lot easier than if it had been done all from below. Wiring harness equally successful. Thanks guys. No doubt that I'd use and recommend eTrailer in the future! 23527

- 13147

by: Jiam M.11/19/2012

I am no mechanic and I had no ramps or jacks, so I did the crawling undeer the car. I had no extra set of hands either so I propped one side of the hitch up while I mounted the other side. I was very cautious and referred back to the video at each step. Everything went smoothly and I finished inside of two hours. I would say the estimate of 40 minutes is an underestimate, but again, I took my time, worked carefully, and referenced the video frequently. I would have no problem recommending this hitch to anyone who can screw a nut on a bolt! 59741

- 13147

by: Mike S.10/05/2011

The hitch was delivered quickly and in good condition. Curt makes a top-notch product and I would recommend one for anyone looking for quality. Installation was simple and straightforward. It only took 45 minutes from start to finish. I did put the rear up on ramps to make it easier. Also, I came in from the top of the frame rails to drill out the holes and to open up the insertion point. Fit was perfect. The video was helpful and instructions easy to follow. Thanks for a quality product at a great price and the free shipping was a bonus! 25140

- 13147

by: Matt B.06/09/2011

I received and installed my hitch yesterday on my 2010 Forrester. The fit and finish of the hitch was very good. Installation of the hitch went smoothly once I managed to lower my exhaust. My Forrester has 2 hangers per muffler and the top one can be a chore due to the limited access. I must add that the shopping experience with etrailer was very good. My hitch shipped promptly and was delivered quickly. I also received a follow up email telling me it had been delivered within a couple hours of the actual delivery. Nice Job! 16597

- 13147

by: Michael Y06/19/2012

Installed exactly as the instructions described. I didn't have to use ramps. There was enough room after I removed both mufflers. 44815

- 13147

by: Gary A.07/10/2012

This is my fourth hitch purchase from etrailer and there is a reason I keep coming back.. Fast Shipping, Great Prices, and Great Service!. As for the hitch this is my first Curt product, unboxing the product I was amazed at the quality of the welds and the finish of the paint... TOP NOTCH! and as for the installation it was so easy it only took me 37 minutes to install from start to finish, very impressed with this product and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a hitch for their Forester, stop looking and buy it! 47425

- 13147

by: Mark B.03/10/2011

Hitch is well made, installation is exactly like the video, so pay close attention and you can't go wrong. The hitch fits like a glove and looks better than a factory installation. The wiring is also easy if you follow the video, a little tip, run your hookup harness through one of two drain plugs under your spare tire, it makes a nice clean install. I hope this review helps make your installation a breeze. Good Luck. Mark B. P.S. Use a silicon spray on the exhaust hangers, they slip right off easily! 8993

- 13147

by: Dave L.03/21/2011

I ordered the hitch receiver to fit my 2010 Subaru Forester and it arrived remarkably fast and in excellent condition. Am pleasantly surprised at how heavy duty and well made this product is! Plan to install it this weekend and confident this will be a snap because of the video I watched on the etrailer web site and included instructions. Will recommend etrailer to all in my network, as their service is above my usual online expectations for speed, quality, and customer service. Thank You etrailer! 10030

- 13147

by: Kermit Workman05/21/2013

The hitch fit the vehicle and looks very good.Quality was excellent with no regrets of the purchase. Definitely strong enough to pull anything that the vehicle will. Instructions might be a little more thorough. Instructions said to drop mufflers down. Internet said to remove the mufflers. I agree with internet. Instruction says professional installation takes 30 minutes. First time installers 1 hour. Yeah... and I got a rooster that can pull a turning plow. My time was nearer 2 hours. 81439

- 13147

by: Christa S06/08/2012

I like the product. LOVED the fact that there was a video specific to my vehicle (2009 Forester). It wasn't as easy as the video made it seem, and the hitch makes getting rubber hanger back on even worse than taking off. Looking back, it might have been worth buying the hitch and then passing installation on to someone with more patience. But it's done and being used for x-country trip tomorrow. Hitch is obvious, so if you're wanting that 'hidden' look, try another style. 43390

- 13147

by: Ray D.04/02/2013

I have a 2013 Forester. Product arrived quickly and in good shape. This install was just as the demo video showed. Take notes from the video, it is better than the instructions in the box. I was surprised at how well the "fish wire" worked. Took some effort to loosen the bolts holding the mufflers. Also, reinstalling the mufflers was a little tight as the hitch took up some of the manuvering space. This is an install that a shade tree mechanic can do. I reccommend. 73938

- 13147

by: Erik L01/12/2011

Curt Hitch for 2010 Subaru Forester Nice! My hitch came faster than I thought it would. The install took a little longer than I thought because I removed the mufflers for added work space. It the end, I probably didn't loose much time and had a much easier time getting to the bolt holes. The hitch came in great shape. Paint is nice and shiny black. Everything bolted up just like it showed in the video, which was also a big help. In short, I am completely pleased. 5405

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  • Trailer Hitch for 2010 Subaru Forester and Yakima FourTimer Bike Carrier
  • Yes, the Yakima FourTimer bike carrier # Y02469 is compatible with the Curt trailer hitch # 13147 for a 2010 Subaru Forester. However, Curt does say that you need to use stabilization strap # 18050 when using this hitch for a bike carrier. Since the carrier isn't really designed for that I recommend going with Hidden Hitch trailer hitch # 87493. It does not require a strap.
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  • Curt vs. Draw-Tite Hitch for a 2009 Subaru Forester XT
  • Either the Curt Hitch # 13147 or the Draw-Tite Hitch # 75650 would work very well for you. The main difference between the two is the tube design like you noticed. There is not an advantage to having a round tube over a square tube hitch or vice versa. Some people just prefer the look of one over the other. Check out the picture I attached that shows both hitches installed on a vehicle so you can see which look you prefer. When determining the towing capacity of a setup you must always...
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  • Which Hitch is Better for a 2010 Subaru Forester Hidden Hitch 87493 or Curt Hitch 13147
  • The Curt part # 13147 and Hidden Hitch part 87493 are similar designs as they are built to fit the same vehicles. There are a couple of key differences that may help you in making a decision. Curt uses a high-gloss black finish on their hitches and the Hidden Hitch is not so glossy. If you want a duller finish go with the Hidden Hitch. If you like high-gloss black, use the Curt. Additionaly, in this model, Curt uses round tube for the cross member and Hidden Hitch uses square tube....
    view full answer...

  • 2 Inch Class III Hitch Recommendation for a 2010 Subaru Forester Limited
  • We have 3 Class III hitches available for the 2010 Subaru Forester Limited, see link. Of the three options we offer, I would recommend the Curt Class III Custom Fit Receiver Hitch, item # 13147, which is the most economical hitch. All of the hitches for your vehicle install similarly and use the same attachment points, so they all will perform the same. The towing capacity of your vehicle is less than the towing capacity of any of the 2 inch hitches offered for it, so you will need to check...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Hitch, Ball Mount, Hitch Ball, and Wiring Recommendation for a 2010 Subaru Forester
  • For your 2010 Subaru Forester, I recommend a 2 inch trailer hitch, like the Curt Trailer Hitch, # 13147, that you have referenced. The advantages of a 2 inch, Class III hitch are, as you have pointed out, greater weight capacity, more options for accessories, and you will be able to use weight distribution if you wanted. I have included a link to the installation details and a video installation below. You will also want to check your owners manual for your vehicle towing capacities. The...
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  • Does the Fishwire Tool Come with Trailer Hitch # 13147, Will the Holes Rust on 2009 Subaru Forester
  • The fishwire tool does come with Curt Trailer Hitch, # 13147, for the 2009 Subaru Forester. Corrosion and rust is a possibility and one way to help prevent it from happening is to give the holes a shot of spray paint like you mention. I have included a link to the installation instructions for reference.
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  • Is The Installation Process For Curt Hitch # 12047 The Same As Curt Hitch # 13147 To Use Video
  • Yes, the installation instructions for the Curt Trailer Hitch, part # 13147, are the same as Curt Trailer Hitch, part # 12047. You can use the video for Curt Hitch # 13147 as reference when installing on your 2011 Subaru Forester. The Curt Hitch # 12047 is a Class II 1-1/4 hitch, and Curt Hitch # 13147 is a Class III 2 inch hitch. The Curt Hitch # 12047 comes included with a drawbar, pin and clip. To complete your towing setup, you will need the following items: Tow Ready Wiring, part...
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  • Trailer Hitch and Bike Rack Recommendation for a 2007 Subaru Forester
  • All of the available hitches for the 2007 Subaru Forester have 1-1/4 inch receivers but the good news is that they are Class II hitches which will allow you more options for bike racks because they have a higher weight capacity than Class I hitches. Swinging bike racks are good for access to the rear of the vehicle, but we also have numerous tilting bike racks that allow access to the rear of the vehicle. Take a look at the Softride Element Parallelogram Tilting 4 Bike Rack, # SR26248....
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  • Anti-Rattle Device Recommendation for 2 Inch Trailer Hitches
  • I do have a couple of possible options for you that will both fit the Curt trailer hitch # 13147 and the ball mount # 2923. First, if you do not need to have a lock we have anti-rattle device # 93347. If a lock is desired, then take a look at # SR25219 from Softride. This works in much the same way as the above device except that it can be locked. I have included a link to a video review for you.
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  • How to Protect Trailer Wiring on a 2011 Subaru Forester from Winter Weather
  • If the dealer does not have the exact part, you may be able to take the grommet with you to a hardware store where you may find something that will work in its place. I could not find an aftermarket grommet. It may be that the vehicle is still fairly new and that part is not yet available. Another option is to provide some protection for the wiring. For the actual wires, you can use a wire loom, # 39035. I would would go ahead and wrap the wiring in electrical tape for added protection. ...
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  • Trailer Wiring and 4-Way Mounting Brackets for a 2011 Subaru Forester
  • You can certainly route trailer wiring however you would like provided that you can find a grommet or other exit source in the bottom of the cargo area through which to route the 4-Way. You will also need to seal it up with silicone once you have the wire routed to keep out exhaust fumes and moisture. I recommend the T-One Wiring Harness, # 118467. I have included a link to the installation details for you. If you look at the product page, you will see a diagram and picture under the...
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  • Rear Fascia Trimming on a 2009 Subara Forester
  • The 2009 Subaru Forester will not need to have the rear fascia trimmed or cut in order to install a hitch. The hitches designed for your vehicle sit just under the rear fascia. Some vehicles will need to have the rear fascia trimmed in order to install a hitch, but not in this case.
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  • Trailer Hitch, Ball Mount, Hitch Ball, and Wiring Recommendations for a 2010 Subaru Forester
  • We gauge difficulty of installing a trailer hitch by how long it takes (on average for the every day do-it-yourselfer) to perform the installation. We rate each of the 2 inch hitches for the 2010 Subaru Forester a 4 out of 10, meaning it will take about 40 minutes. All of the 2 inch hitches will require temporary lowering of the exhaust and the widening of a few holes on the frame using a drill (no new holes need to be drilled) to install the hitch. You will also need to fishwire some...
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  • Do I Need to Remove the Exhaust on My 2011 Subaru Forrester to Install Curt Hitch # 13147
  • You may only need to lower the exhaust system on your 2011 Subaru Forester to install this Curt Hitch, part # 13147. The mechanic maybe did not realize that you only had to lower it temporarily, and he thought you had to remove the whole system. Or maybe he did not realize that if you unhook the four rear exhaust hangers the exhaust will drop enough to allow you to install the hitch. The exhaust will have to be supported at this point to prevent any damage from being done to the exhaust. I...
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  • Will the Yakima DoubleDown Bike Rack Work with Curt 2 inch Hitch # 13147 on a 2010 Subaru Forester
  • The Curt Class III Round Tube Receiver Hitch, item # 13147, for your 2010 Subaru Forester has a 2x2 inch receiver opening and will work great with the Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Rack, item # Y02424. The Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Rack is designed to fit both 1-1/4 x1-1/4 inch (Class II only) and 2x2 inch trailer hitches, and has 11-1/2 inches of clearance from center of hitch pin hole to back of upright bar. This means that as long as the distance from the center of the hitch pin hole on...
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  • Curt Hitch Recommendation for 2011 Subaru Forester Towing a Motorcycle Trailer
  • The only way to know that for sure would be to load the motorcycle into the trailer and check the setups tongue weight. I attached an FAQ article on determining tongue weight for you to check out. Typically, tongue weight is 10-15% of the total weight of trailer. So if your whole setup is 2,100 then most likely your tongue weight would be between 210 lbs and 315 lbs, which would be adequate for a hitch with a 350 lb tongue weight capacity like the Draw-Tite Hitch # 36521. However, I...
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2010 Subaru Impreza and Recommendation for Towing a Wheelchair
  • The Curt trailer hitch # 13147 is designed to fit a 2009 to 2013 Subaru Forester but not a Subaru Impreza. All of the hitches that are available for the 2010 Impreza have 1-1/4 inch receivers. In order to safely carry an electric wheelchair you will need to tow a small trailer. We do have an option for this, # UWT1, if you cannot find one locally. You will need a trailer hitch first. Curt hitch # C11317 will fit an Impreza with dual exhaust. For the correct ball mount use # C45521 and...
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  • Choosing Between Curt Class III and Draw-Tite Class III Trailer Hitches for 2013 Subaru Forester
  • Other than the fact that the Curt # 13147 has a slightly higher (500 lb) towing capacity and the fact that the hitch crossbar is round instead of square tubing, there's not a whole lot of difference functionally between the hitches you mentioned. Since the Forester is limited to towing 2400 lbs, you won't be able to use all the hitch capacity anyway because you'll be limited to the towing capacity of the vehicle. The Curt hitch is less expensive, but it has one drawback. Curt's warranty...
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  • Will Curt Class III Hitch # 13147 Fit a 2015 Subaru Forester
  • The Subaru Forester underwent a change of generation after the 2013 model year and your 2015 Forester is now part of this vehicle's 4th generation. The Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver # 13147 that you referenced fits model years 2009 through 2013, but will not fit the 2015 Forester. However, for this new vehicle we do have a confirmed hitch fit, one that is also a 2-inch Class III design. The hitch for your 2015 is Curt # C13144, which actually offers higher tongue weight and towing capacity....
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  • What Class of Hitch Should I Use To Tow Motorcycle Trailer With 2013 Subaru Forester
  • I recommend going with a Class III hitch like the Curt Custom Fit Trailer Hitch Receiver, # 13147, for your 2013 Subaru Forester. A Class III not only offers you the highest towing capacity available for your Forester but it is also more versatile when it comes to the availability of hitch mounted accessories since it provides a 2 inch receiver opening. Since you plan on doing some towing I have included an article that covers the steps to choosing the correct ball mount for your set-up....
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  • Trailer Hitch and Brake Controller Recommendation for a 2012 Subaru Forester
  • For your 2012 Subaru Forester the Curt Hitch part # 13147 has been confirmed as a fit. For trailer wiring we tend to have better luck with the Tow Ready brand so I would recommend the part # 118467. From there you would need to convert the 4-way to a 7-way so that you can install the brake controller. For that you will want the Brake Controller Install Kit and 7-Way Adapter part # ETBC7. I attached installation instructions and an install video for this product as well. For a brake...
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  • Replacement Hardware Kit for Curt Trailer Hitch 13147 for a 2012 Subaru Forester
  • You certainly can order just the hardware to install Curt trailer hitch # 13147 on your 2012 Subaru Forester. You will need # RHK and just enter the hitch number and choose the Curt as the manufacturer where indicated. Once the order is placed our warehouse team will assemble the proper kit to send to you. I have included a link to the installation instructions for the hitch and a video showing a typical installation as well for you.
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  • Trailer Hitch and Wiring Recommendations for a 2011 Subaru Forester
  • Absolutely. However, just because the trailer hitch is rated for 400/4,000 pounds does not mean that the vehicle is. You still have to go by whatever is rated lower: the hitch or the vehicle. The Curt trailer hitch # 13147 has been constructed and tested for the capacity stated, in this case 400 pounds tongue weight and 4,000 pounds gross trailer weight. Despite these capacities, if you are going to use the hitch for a bike rack or cargo carrier Curt recommends the use of a stabilization...
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  • Installing Curt Custom Fit Trailer Hitch Receiver # 13147 on 2012 Subaru Forester
  • Although I do not have specific recommendations for installers in your area, when it comes to installing the Curt Custom Fit Trailer Hitch Receiver, # 13147, on your 2012 Subaru Forester this is fairly simple so any local mechanic should be up for the job. I have attached a video to give you an idea of what the install entails.
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  • Is MaxxTow Ramped Carrier # MT70106 Compatible with Curt Class III Hitch # 13147 on 2009 Forester
  • The MaxxTow Ramped Carrier # MT70106 is compatible with your 2-inch Curt Class III hitch # 13147 and will easily clear the rear bumper of your 2009 Subaru Forester. It's 48-inch ramp will make it easy to load your snow machine. Since this carrier's inside width is 28-inches it will accept your 26-inch-wide snowblower with no problem. Do note that your hitch warranty requires you to use a stabilizing strap like # 18050 or similar item to help take some of the weight burden off the receiver...
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  • What Size Hitch Pin is Required for Curt Class III 2-Inch Hitch # 13147 on 2010 Subaru Forester
  • The Curt Class III 2-Inch Hitch, part # 13147, for your 2010 Subaru Forester, will use a hitch pin size of 5/8-inch. It will use the Pin and Clip, part # PC3. If you need a ball mount for the # 13147 hitch it will use the Draw-Tite Ball Mount, part # 2923. The Class I and Class II hitches that have a 1-1/4 inch hitch opening will use a hitch pin size of 1/2-inch, and the Class III and higher hitches with the 2-inch hitch openings use a hitch pin size of 5/8-inch.
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  • Recommended Trailer Hitch w/ 2 Inch Receiver For Carrying Bike Rack on 2009 Subaru Forester
  • The Curt Class III hitch you referenced, part # 13147 is indeed a fit for your 2009 Subaru Forester. However, I'd recommend the Hidden Hitch model, part # 87493. I make this recommendation because the warranty requirements of the Curt hitch state that a stabilizing strap like part # 18050 must be used on all non-trailer loads in order to preserve your warranty coverage. The strap isn't compatible will all vehicles, so I'll typically recommend the Hidden Hitch or the Draw-Tite brand which...
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  • Hitch Recommendation for a 2014 Subaru Forester
  • There is a Curt Class III hitch available for your 2014 Subaru Forester, but the part # 13147 would not work for you as it is for older model Foresters. You would want the Curt Hitch part # C13144. For trailer wiring you would want the Curt Harness part # C56040. For ball mounts I recommend the etrailer Ball Mount Kit # 989900. It comes with 2 ball mounts, 2 balls, a hitch pin with clip, and a carrying bag.
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  • Replacement Hardware Recommendation for a Hitch for a 2013 Subaru Forester
  • Yes, since the hitches that are confirmed to fit the 2011 Subaru Forester also fit the 2013 models the hitch you have should easily fit on your 2013 model with the correct install kit. You will need the part # RHK. On the product page you will need to enter the part number for the hitch you have and the select the hitch manufacturer from the drop down menu and we will ship you out the correct hardware.
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  • Does the 2009 Subaru Forester Hitch Fit the 2010 Subaru Forester
  • Yes, this hitch # 13147 does fit both the 2009 and 2010 Subaru Foresters. It is actually confirmed as a fit for the 2009-2013 Subaru Foresters all models. This hitch is a Class III hitch that has a 2 inch receiver opening that is rated for up to 4,000 pounds trailer weight and 400 pounds of tongue weight. Please make sure that you check the towing capacity of your Subaru and make sure that you abide by the lowest rated component of the systems. Per the Curt warranty all non-trailer...
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Weight Carrying Capacity
Gross Towing Weight (GTW):
4,000 lbs.

Tongue Weight (TW):
400 lbs.

Weight Distribution Capacity
Hitch does not allow
use of weight distribution

Trailer Hitch Installation Instructions 13147 Installation instructions 13147 Installation Instructions

Tech Tip
Drilling required for installation , Access holes may need to be enlarged by drilling, filing, or rotary tool , Per Curt warranty requirements, all non-trailer loads (bike racks, cargo carriers, etc) must be supported by stabilizing straps, such as 18050, sold separately

Manufacturer Estimated Installation Time

Most Popular Ball Mount:
Curt C45030

1-7/8" hitch ball - 19260

2" hitch ball - 63845

2-5/16" hitch ball - 63847

If you have any questions you can contact our customer service department.

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At we provide the best information available about the products we sell. We take the quality of our information seriously so that you can get the right part the first time. Let us know if anything is missing or if you have any questions.

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