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Curt Trailer Hitch for the 2003 Honda Odyssey

Curt Trailer Hitch

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Shipping Weight: 33.22 pounds


Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" - 2003 Honda Odyssey

This fully welded trailer hitch receiver bolts onto your Honda Odyssey's frame with no welding required. Powder coated steel is sturdy and corrosion resistant.


  • Custom fit is designed specifically for your Honda Odyssey
  • Precision, robotic welding maximizes strength and improves fit
  • Bolt-on installation - no welding required
    • Complete hardware kit and installation instructions included
  • Lifetime technical support from the experts at
  • Gloss black powder coat finish over protective base coat offers superior rust resistance
  • Ball mount, pin and clip sold separately
  • Made in the USA


  • Receiver opening: 2" x 2"
  • Rating: Class III
    • Maximum gross trailer weight: 3,500 lbs
      • Maximum GTW when used with weight distribution: 5,000 lbs
    • Maximum tongue weight: 350 lbs
      • Maximum TW when used with weight distribution: 500 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty Technical Support

At we're committed to the products we sell, and to our customers. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are available via both phone and email to address your questions and concerns for the lifetime of your hitch. The technicians at etrailer perform hitch installations on a daily basis, making them a valuable resource for do-it-yourselfers. The one-on-one, personal service you'll receive comes straight from an expert in the towing and automotive field. We've installed it, we've wired it and we've towed with it, so whatever your question, we can answer it.

13068 Curt Class 3 Trailer Hitch Receiver

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Customer Reviews

Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" - C13068

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (115 Customer Reviews)

This fully welded trailer hitch receiver bolts onto your vehicle's frame with no welding required. Powder coated steel is sturdy and corrosion resistant.

- C13068

by: Francisco03/16/2013

Curt hitch C13068 and cover I-728 installed on an Oddy 2012 for the purpose of installing a YAKIMA bike rack. Due to the combination of OEM price and the need for large cutouts in the bodywork required I decided on CURT aftermarket vs. OEM. Selected CURT based on ground/receiver ground-clearance, looks and no mods to bumper bodywork. I installed the CURT hitch by myself in about 1 hour, I used a furniture dolly to move the hitch into position and cribbed it with wood to get to the right height. I did not undo the exhaust mount. Some people have expressed concern over the hitch design, at the end of the day in this "product liability environment" I assume CURT is doing their homework and properlly designed the hitch. Mind you, I do not expect to connect anything heavier than a loaded Yakima 4 bike rack (less than 250 lbs loaded). I do not think I can add to the wealth of information provided by etrailer and the CURT instructions themselves, other than I disagree with the comment to not install the driver side plastic cover. I re-installed by trimming with a box cutter a approx. 1/2 in. × 4 in. corner section. With regards to e-trailer. They could do a slightlly better job packing the hitch so that they do not break through the box (mine showed up sticking out with some minor scuffs). Mind you, I would buy from them again tomorrow based on all the product info, videos and reviews (good and bad), THANK YOU and Kudos I deduct the CURT hitch 1 notch, for not extending the wings to capture all three (3) OEM mount points. Other notes: I separatelly installed an OEM tranny cooler as recommended by HONDA. 71131


Good evening!Great job in placing back the driver side plastic cover. I have a question on photo no.1, whats the extension above the hitch

comment by: Dexter - 08/28/2013


That is actually a hitch cover that he wedged up above the hitch to get it out of the way. If you look closely, you can see it has a tether that goes around the hitch behind the collar at the moth of the hitch. It is part I-728.

Patrick B - 8/29/2013


Hi Francisco, Thanks for the great review. It helped us to clear any doubts and decide on the hitch. One humble request...could you please post the picture for where you replaced the driver side plastic cover? Im curious to see how to cut out in order to replace it. Many Thanks!

comment by: Paul - 12/23/2013


You just need to cut on one corner of the inside lip of cover, you are cutting the tip of this lip. Take your time, place the cover and cut away the interference little-by-little. I placed and removed three times because I wanted a tight fit and did not wanted to cut more material than required. Attached find two images indicating the location where I had to cut on the inside lip of the cover. I used a box cutter and shaved little by little, you could also use a hot knife or a rotary tool just dont overcut. Take your time.

comment by: Francisco - 12/30/2013


Thanks for the follow up, I added the two new photos to the original review.

Patrick B - 12/30/2013

- C13068

by: Dave V04/12/2015

The Curt hitch receiver arrived with some minor scuff marks from the box and one 2" scratch that had been touched up with black spray paint. I could tell it was touched up because there were drip marks on the crossbar. It probably could have been packed better. There was also a white product sku sticker on the side of the receiver about 4" square in size. The sticker didn't have removable glue on it, so it was a total pain to remove. Start to finish, it took just over 3 hours to install the hitch receiver. This included everything from unboxing to installation to clean-up. I installed the Curt hitch on a 6-year old 2009 Honda Odyssey, which required the threads to be re-tapped. I live in a midwestern climate and, while the underbody was rust-free, the weld nut threads were in bad shape. At first I tried cleaning the threads with rust Blaster and a 1/2" battery terminal wire brush. After several go-rounds, I had only made progress on one nut. At that point, I decided to tap the threads. I visited one big box home improvement store and called 2 auto parts stores looking for a 12mm x 1.25mm tap. After all of this, I finally found the tap at Menards (it cost approx. 15 for tap, wrench and tap oil). Once the weld nuts were re-tapped, things went very quickly. I used a hydraulic jack to raise the back end of the van and had help holding/hoisting the hitch receiver into place. The final touch was to use blue loctite to secure the bolts into place. Lesson learned: Next time I purchase a newer vehicle that is capable of having a hitch receiver, I'm going to put silicone or wax on the threads to keep them fresh! I'm rating 4/5 because of the underwhelming packaging and poor touch-up job. Otherwise, the price was right, customer service has been excellent and shipping was super fast. Thanks etrailer! 184865

- C13068

by: Preston04/04/2013

Great product. Installing the down bolt was easy, my ten year old did it. I went with the Curt hitch because the ends are closed when compared to the hidden hitch or draw-tite. I put this on my 2003 Odyssey, the weld nuts were pretty corroded but everything went on perfectly. I did read several reviews about the customer service at etrailer and how outstanding it is. I agree. I made two separate orders, both shipped from the warehouse 48 hours after the order was placed. 74242


Its been a year, still love the Curt hitch I purchased. Coupled with the Yakima 5 bike rack I purchased from etrailer, my family has been able to mountain bike in Moab, Jackson Hole and Fruita among other places. Never had a problem with the Curt hitch or the Yakima rack.

Preston - 04/28/2014


- C13068

by: Allan07/12/2013

Kudos to eTrailer for fast shipping and above all the excellent installation videos. The Curt hitch was a snap to install, fit perfectly on our 2007 Odyssey, and looks great also. I bought this over the other choices because I liked the look of the closed end-caps vs. the open tubes (which i suspect have a greater opportunity for debris and rust). I had one minor thing on the install and that was the threading of the bolt onto the leader that is provided (which is excellent), and it was my mistake: I threaded it on too far, and so as a result, once I got it into the hole, I couldn't undo the wire from the bolt, so I had to basically just unwind it - nothing wrong with the product, just a tip for other consumers - only thread enough to pull the bolt through.. :) Once installed, I like the fact that the receiver is slightly recessed from the bumper because there's less chance of smacking your leg on the metal bar. I also bought the Curt rubber end-cap as a precaution. eTrailer also upgraded our shipping so we received in just 3 days, even though we used standard free shipping. So a big thanks for the upgrade and we are extremely satisfied with this purchase and can recommend eTrailer whole-heartedly. 89170

- C13068

by: Adam L.10/03/2013

All companies should be run like this one. I ordered Tuesday night and received my hitch on Thursday (for FREE!) and had excellent email status messages along the way. The hitch arrived in perfect condition. Install: I'm a Gomer and I got this thing installed by 40-minutes. No problems, no injuries. The printed instructions weren't terribly clear where they explained the fish-wire/carriage bolt step, but the online video clarified things perfectly for me. I recommend having a friend help, but solo-install is possible. Product: Excellent build quality and well-finished. Mine arrived with no obvious blemishes from shipping. I liked the tapered lines of the Curt hitch compared to the other products when choosing one for my Odyssey. Seeing one out in public before ordering sealed the deal. There are only 4 threaded attachment poins on the Odyssey frame, so the 4 bolts and one fished-in bolt for redundancy give me plenty of confidence. I plan to use a bike rack, but I wouldn't hesitate to pull a small boat. I wouldn't tow anything huge with this vehicle regardless of the hitch rating. Thanks guys! My neighbor should be ordeering soon! 102484

- C13068

by: Robert P05/27/2015

Easiest thing ever to install. This is my 3rd purchase of a trailer hitch from eTrailer (2004 Nissan Xterra, 2010 Honda Accord, 2007 Honda Odyssey). It probably took 20 minutes from start to finish. Holes line up perfectly, video was perfectly done to make sure I did what I was supposed to. There is no drilling required. Just spray some WD-40 in the holes, clean with a bristle-brush (I used an old baby bottle-cleaning brush - the small one) and screw them in. I found it was helpful to disconnect the rubber mount from the tailpipe. It doesn't move very much, but it's just enough to slide the mount in to place. If you're installing it alone, do yourself a favor and balance the other side on a bucket. You can try and be a "man", but you'll get tired pretty quickly while trying to hold a 50 lb hitch and screw in a bolt with one hand! Hitch is very low profile and SOLID. UPS beat the box up pretty badly, but it didn't damage the hitch at all. I would recommend to anyone and everyone. What at great line of products, and fast shipping! (NOTE: You need to have a torque wrench for any of these installations! Borrow one or buy one, but you NEED it) 198290

- C13068

by: Thai N.09/10/2014

I really liked the look of this hitch with the circular tube. I would prefer that it was tucked in under the bumper a little more, but it's not an eye-sore. It was fairly easy to install with a little bit of elbow grease. I first thought the hitch wasn't wide enough as the holes did not line up. Getting the bolts screwed in was a challenge. If I still had my lift I could have used that to push up and hold the hitch in place so that the holes lined up. Once it's installed, it works great. 150504


Ive had no issues with this hitch. Ive only used it for my bike rack and have not tried to tow anything. But, Im sure it can handle it. The hitch still looks great with no rusting.

Thai N - 09/10/2015


- C13068

by: Ozzer02/27/2015

Received the package sooner than expected which is awesome. The one end of the rack has already broken through the packaging box. Maybe in the future, a tiny bit more padding like stuffed boxes or styrofoam may prevent the content to sway inside the box during transit. Nonetheless, the rack remained intact. Install. Thanks for the video on your site. Install was very easy. Fit like a glove and aligned perfectly. Installation time could have probably taken less than 30 mins if I didn't have to scour for the right sized tools. I use mainly metric size (bike mechanic stuff) so I had to match the closest metric with the english spec. Otherwise, squeaky clean and pain-free install. Tips: I used the packaging box as a place setter. I placed the rack on top of the empty box (unflattened) and used that to guide the rack underneath the van. I used an old thick phone-book sized catalog to wedge underneath the rack to raise it and line up with the holes. I moved the box with the rack on top as needed to fine tune the alignment. Easy peasy. 176382

- C13068

by: RW07/13/2013

Hitch arrived in a couple of days; was a breeze to install, and cost less than half of what the dealer would have charged for the part (not including installation), and the dealer part came with a 26-page installation manual and would have required cutting the bumper (for which no template was required). 89396


We have had no problems whatsoever with the hitch we have used it on several long trips and many shorter ones, and have not had a single problem. I would definitely buy this again.

RW - 01/13/2015


- C13068

by: A. Wetbrook05/24/2012

The original hitch arrived packed loosely in plastic and was damaged with lots of scrapes and exposed metal. I contacted customer service and they sent a second hitch with no questions asked. The second hitch arrived well packed in a cardboard box with bracing inside. The hitch was is excellent condition. It took me a little under an hour to install the hitch myself from opening the box to putting away the tools. You can install the hitch without lowering the exhaust, but you have to be a little creative with the wrench angles. I was also able to reinstall the plastic fairing on the drivers side by trimming it back a bit to get around the hitch. There's a little reinforcing rib that is perfect to cut along. Overall I am pleased with the hitch (we'll see how it goes through a few winters though) and the ease of installation. While the condition of the first hitch was disappointing, I am happy with how the situation was handled. 41613

- C13068

by: Big A08/19/2015

Box was a bit damaged, no big deal... everything else was great. Firstly the customer service when you make the order! Amazing and perfect X10! Online vs calling? Calling expedites the shipment by one day. And the customer service people who answer the phone are very happy and pleasant type of people that answer questions like they know what they are talking about and with opinion. I installed the hitch and it took 20 or maybe 15 minutes... The video is almost exact. If I made the installation vid / I would fine-tune a couple of minor points. It is heavy and awkward to hold when beneath the van while threading the bolts...getting a friend to help is suggested for this reason and to have beers with after. A stubby Phillips is mandatory to take the panel off / no work around this? Get a stubby and a friend is what is missing from the vid. I recommend your company to every one including my granny. Thank you! 220332

- C13068

by: Matt S.05/29/2014

The hitch arrived without issue. The box had no damage or any look of being mishandled. Installed the hitch with reletive ease although a second hand could have been used in certain instances. I chose not to mess with moving the exhaust. We are excited to utillize the hitch when we embark on our annual camping trip! 133369

- C13068

by: Manfield08/26/2015

I delayed for 8yr and finally put a tow receiver on my 2007 odyssey in less then 30min. The video is extremely helpful that I dont even extra hand. 5 nuts and muffler hanger... and that is it!! Cant wait to put my bike on it and go! Thank you etrailer! P.S. the package canbe better prepared. Apparently the carrier has problem taking care of that. 221848


Glad to hear install went well. What bike rack did you end up running with your 07 Ody and Curt hitch? Im in the same situation but want to make sure I order the right combo. Need to make sure the bike rack has enough clearance to clear my bumper when installed and folded up.

comment by: Jerry T - 09/16/2015



I use the Yakima 4 bike rack 2 and dont go 1.5 with adapter that has a base arm can let u swing the whole unit awaywith the bikes and access the truck. Sorry I forgot the name since the bike is from craiglist. It can hold 4 bike with cable lock and receiver lock. Hope that will help.

comment by: manfield - 09/22/2015


- C13068

by: Chris07/03/2011

Despite being easy to install (all hitches for the Odyssey are that way), the design is simply lacking when compared to the Hidden Hitch or Draw-Tite. The Odyssey has three factory mount points on each side. The Curt hitch only uses four of the factory mounts, their fifth requires you to snake a bolt up. While not difficult, it's simply a poor design compared to the alternatives (they use all six factory mounts) Unfortunately I didn't notice this until the hitch arrived (my bad, and in to way a reflection on etrailer, their service was great). Chris 18443


Thank you so much Chris for this review. I was leaning towards the Curt trailer hitch because of the extra 12 inch of clearance that it gives over the Hidden Hitch and Draw-Tite which both have 12 inches as opposed to 12 1/2. But, now that I have verified how many bolts are used, I will probably go with Hidden Hitch. Thanks again.

comment by: David - 07/29/2014


- C13068

by: Dave M09/30/2014

Very easy install. The instructions are very clear and accurate. 153677


It works very well. We occasionally rent a small trailer from U-Haul and pick up or deliver a motorcycle. The hitch and wiring harness are very easy to use and perform reliably. If asked, I would recommend them both to friends.Thank you for following up!

Dave M - 10/02/2015


- C13068

by: Mark U.06/12/2012

I ordered the hitch receiver to attach a bike rack to our '08 Honda Odyssey. I got tired of the marks the bike tires and pedals left on the vehicle due to rubbing with our old rack. The hitch receiver was delivered very quickly and installation was simple. The installation videos posted on were helpful and accurate. The printed instrutions included with the product were clear and accurate to my vehicle. It took me about 35 minutes to get the hitch installed. The qaulity of the hitch receiver exceeds my current needs as I am only attaching a bike rack and not towing anything heavy, but it seems to be extremely well-constructed. The steel seems to be very heavy-duty and all of the welds look to be well-done. 43881

- C13068

by: Harvey P.06/09/2014

I was quite satisfied with the product. Although the 2-layer cardboard box was pierced by the end of the hitch when it arrived, it was undamaged. I like the way it looks on my van, too. The video was invaluable in helping me install the unit, especially the part with the fish wire, since details in the photos in the printed instructions were hard to make out. I had requested a hitch for a 2014 Odyssey but was a bit concerned that since the latest video showed an installation on a 2013, it might not apply to the 2014 model. A note somewhere that the design is unchanged would have allayed those fears. Otherwise, a great product, website, and company. 134757

- C13068

by: Matt03/31/2014

Perfect fit and fast shipping 123095


I have had this hitch installed for a year now and it has given zero problems and the finish still looks great!

Matt - 03/31/2015


- C13068

by: Jim D08/06/2014

Web site was beyond helpful; install videos were invaluable. 144779


Product is great. Service was great.

Jim D - 08/07/2015


- C13068

by: Chuck205/09/2015

Second receiver hitch I have gotten from etrailer, both were exactly as advertised. I installed.the Curt hitch on my Odyssey in about 30 minutes. Did not have anyone to assist me so I used a car ramp to position the passenger side end while I started the bolts on the driver side. The plastic cover on the Odyssey, driver's side, did not fit back in but I believe I can modify it just a bit and it will fit securely back in place. This is a very easy install for anyone who can turn a wrench. Do not be intimidated, I did not not even need to jack the van up. 191580

- C13068

by: Pam C.07/06/2012

I received my items in 3 days. The customer service reps were very helpful. They even verified that the products I was ordering would indeed fit on my minivan! The items came with color photos and EASY to follow instructions for installation which were again specific to my minivan! Everything was very easy to install and I was very pleased with all aspects of the service and the products! If I ever need anything of this nature again, I will not waste time shopping anywhere else! Highly recommend this company1 46958

- C13068

by: Andy07/10/2012

I am very happy with my purchase. The Curt trailer hitch arrived sooner than expected and in perfect condition. The hitch was well packed in a cardboard box so there was no damage during shipping- this was one of my biggest concerns when ordering. Etrailer did a great job of letting me know the status of my order. Installing the hitch was easy and took less than a half and hour from the time I started to get the tools out until I was done cleaning up. I would not hesitate to purchase from Etrailer again. 47348

- C13068

by: Josh04/29/2011

My Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver came VERY fast. Instructions and videos were extremely helpful and made the installation go very quickly. It took me longer to clean out the existing holes on the van, than it did to actually install the hitch. Wiring could not have been any easier. I will finally be able to haul my trailer and bikes. I cannot stress enough how great it was to work with etrailer. I don't buy hitches every day, but Anything automotive in the future will be from etrailer. 12562

- C13068

by: Chris K04/01/2012

My order arrived very promptly. Hardware included a bolt that was poorly threaded which I replaced with one I purchased from the local hardware store. Installation was fairly easy, I wished I had a hoist and an extra set of hands. I do believe some of the other hitch designs are better. Had I looked closer at all of the products, I may have chosen the Hidden Hitch unit instead. However, for the bike rack use and light towing I intend to use this for, I am sure it will work just fine. 35833

- C13068

by: David L.09/16/2015

Order was delivered in timely manner and in appropriate packaging. I did the installation myself, with a few ordinary tools, following the directions. The fit was perfect, and everything went fluidly. Went back and tightened the bolts again a week later, before our long weekend road trip. Used it for a 5 hour roundtrip camping trip with a hitch-mounted 4-bike rack. The hitch and bike rack worked great, solidly. Would buy again and buy from again. 225792

- C13068

by: Calin08/14/2015

It fits Honda Odyssey 2012 just perfect. The installation is very easy if you follow my advice. DO NOT REMOVE THE EXHAUST!!!!!! You have enough room to slide the hitch trailer in without removing anything. I did remove it by instructions and it was impossible to put it back with the Trailer Hitch Receive mounted. I wasted 30 minutes trying to put everything back together. Etrailer should rewrite the instructions. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with this product. 219295

- C13068

by: Omar A08/02/2015

Installation was a breeze after I spent couple of hours getting rust/grime out of the weldnuts on my 2006 Odyssey. Etrailer's video on how to clean these weldnuts was very helpful; particularly the part about using a battery terminal cleaning brush. The hitch itself seems very well made. The bolts supplied with the hitch are also very well and did not strip or break despite me having to drive them in and out of the weldnuts several times. 216278

- C13068

by: Chris G.09/14/2015

Product arrived in three days, impressed with that to start things. Installation was somewhat simple. I watched the youtube video created for this particular installation and it helped with the overall installation. I recommend getting the first couple bolts started above the muffler side due to the angle. Then with a li bit of sweat and force, installing the other bolts was fairly simple as well. Cant go wrong this this product. 225406

- C13068

by: Campy_Guy05/30/2013

I got the hitch in one day. I wonder if someone delivered it personally. Installed very easily. I had it installed within the estimated time on the website. The flap removal on the drivers side was the only thing that did not go perfectly. There were some areas on the hitch that were scrapped up a little. This is the third hitch I have purchased from etrailer. I am sure I will order more in the future as I need them. 82568

- C13068

by: Fred03/06/2011

I just installed your CURT C13068 receiver on my 2007 Honda Odyssey. Having the instructions available on-line mad it clear that the installation would be manageable. I haven't turned a wrench in years, but I was able to do the installation in less than an hour. I bought this unit and it saved me hundreds just in parts cost compared to the dealer never mind the labor. I am very pleased! 8633

- C13068

by: Trevor H06/01/2015

I received the hitch when I was expecting to. I installed it the next day. It is as easy to install as they say. The installation video is easy to follow and helps the install process. I didn't need to lower the exhaust to get to the fittings, so it was even easier than I thought it would be. I haven't used it for cargo yet, but it looks to be exactly what I was looking for. 199446

- C13068

by: bob08/30/2015

the hitch came exactly when they said it would . I tried to order on Amazon and thy could not guarantee when the hitch would be delivered , I almost gave up on my vacation plans . Then I found etrailer. They saved my trip. The hitch was a prefect fit and it installed in less than 40 minutes. The price was excellent and the product couldn't be better made. Thanks etrailer!!! 222879

- C13068

by: mike07/29/2011

Great hitch,fits tight to bumper and looks great.Only thing I would suggest is a tap be included in hardware!! The bolt holes on my 2005,after 6 years in New England, were rusted over badly. After tapping them, the job went smooth though.Unless your van is like new or you live where it doesnt cause rust, do yourself a favor and get a 12x1.25 tap and re-tap the holes first. 20577

- C13068

by: Joe M05/19/2014

This hitch was easy to install and works great. I highly recommend using the great instruction videos from The video was right on the money. Make sure you follow the instructions, especially the cleaning out the threads in the bolt openings, otherwise you will have trouble, but that's not a problem with the product. Great product. 131369

- C13068

by: Lee G.05/01/2012

I installed this hitch on my 2007 Honda Odyssey with a little help from my wife. With her helping me hold it in place, we had the hitch installed in 15 minutes. I couldn't be happier with the quality of the hitch and the way it looks on the vehicle. It's very discreet and the ends of the Curt hitch are not open which makes for a cleaner look. 38954

- C13068

by: William, W.06/01/2012

The ordering process was smooth and simple. The hitch and wiring harness were shipped ahead of schedule. The packaging was adequate with no damage. The instructions that were included were easy to follow. It helped to watch the videos that were available on the website. I would recommend this company in the future. 42347

- C13068

by: Todd F.04/14/2014

What an outstanding product! The ease of installation was incredible! I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey that I installed it on. Fits like a glove! Our use primarily will be a 5 bike rack carrying system. We couldn't be more pleased with the new hitch. This company really knows it business. What a great price also! 124969

- C13068

by: Paul t.09/05/2013

Hitch came very quickly, for no charge! Was exactly what I wanted: a low profile, high ground clearance hitch, with a stealthy look to it. Easy install directions included with real pictures of each step. An amazing experience altogether. I cannot imagine a better way to buy a hitch. Great pricing too! 98505

- C13068

by: Scott10/28/2013

This hitch looks much better than the previous one I had. It sits higher off the ground, doesn't stick out on the sides, has a modern appeal that gives a more seamlesss appearance as if it's standard on the vehicle. My wife thought the old hitch stuck out and was an eye sore. She really likes this one. 105365

- C13068

by: Sam C.08/12/2015

Pretty nice setup, simple to install. If you can thread a bolt you can install this receiver. Even the one carriage bolt that has to be fished through the frame is simple. No special tools required either. E-trailer got it to me very quickly too, and shipping was cheap for a heavy chunk of metal. 218654

- C13068

by: Paul F Yenter04/26/2012

Product was as advertised. If we had know wharves were doing installation might have gotten done in the half hour they allotted.the hitch looks good and I am satisfied with everything. Delivery was fadyervthan I had epected and quality looks good too. Would gladly do business with them again. 38517

- C13068

by: Scott09/30/2014

Installation did not go exactly as I expected BUT I was installing the hitch with the car on the ground with no help. Overall I am very satisfied with the hitch and REALLY appreciate the installation videos especially when removing the interior trim to install the wiring harness. 153686

- C13068

by: Chris S06/20/2015

Excellent product. We bought it for use with a hitch bike rack for our 2013 honda odyssey and it works great. The install video from etrailer was really well done and made the install a piece of cake. Awesome service as well. Would highly recommend this hitch and etrailer. 205778

- C13068

by: Caleb02/02/2014

Great gear. Super-fast shipping! Had a UPS tracking number less than an hour after calling in my order & getting a few questions answered by Rose. Installed quick, will be great for hauling camping gear &/or bikes in the van while also keeping the back available for the dogs. 115458

- C13068

by: Ron B03/29/2014

This is a really good hitch. I like the fact that it bolts right onto the frame with no welding required. The installation video was a help but it truly is a very simple installation. I am very happy with my purchase and compared to going to a garage I saved a ton of money. 122840

- C13068

by: New York05/05/2014

Great product ... Easy installation (15min with out lifting car ) 128891

- C13068

by: Glh03/31/2014

Installed in 30, as advertised. Not sure why curt uses only 4 of the6 factory mounting bolts. I am carrying a bike rack and using a small trailer so I am not that concerned. The fit was great and it looks more finished than the other brands. I would buy again. 122983

- C13068

by: Samuel S.10/01/2013

Extremely easy to install. My wife and I completed the installation in less than 30 minutes. The Curt trailer hitch receiver looks great, even on a mini van. We plan to use the hitch for carrying our bikes. I highly recommend the Curt hitch and 102146

- C13068

by: Chet L.07/11/2011

Product was just what I ordered. Arrived promptly. Easy to track. Came complete with the necessary hardware and instructions. There is also an instruction video online that made it even simplier. I plan to order more products from etrailer in the future. 19139

- C13068

by: Andy B.01/23/2012

Hitch came as advertised. Installed it over the weekend. Directions were very clear. If the threads on my 12 year old vehicle were not rusted, I would have had it installed in 10 minutes. The wiring harness was also simple to install! 30163

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  • Recommended Hitch with Best Ground Clearance for 2013 Honda Odyssey
  • As you can see by the photo I have edited for you, the Hidden Hitch, Draw-Tite and Curt hitches available for your Odyssey are all pretty similarly designed. When we installed all three hitches on a 2013 Odyssey, we found that the Curt # C13068 had about a 1/2 inch greater ground clearance (12-1/2 inches) versus 12 inches for the Hidden Hitch # 87479 and Draw-Tite # 75270 models. The receiver of the Hidden Hitch and Draw-Tite hitches are recessed a bit more under the vehicle, but none...
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  • Ground Clearances Of Class II and III Hitches for 2014 Honda Odyssey
  • When we installed the Hidden Hitch Class III # 87479, the Draw-Tite Class III # 75270 and the Curt Class III # C13068 on a 2014 Honda Odyssey, we found that the distance from the bottom of the receiver tube to the ground of all three hitches is right at 10-1/2 inches. The Curt Class II you mentioned, part # C12031 offers slightly more clearance at 11-1/2 inches. Low ground clearance is kind of the nature of the beast with the Odyssey. Using a hitch mounted roller like part # UF48-979020...
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  • Other Than a Hitch What Parts Are Needed To Tow a Trailer With a 2008 Honda Odyssey
  • Yes, in addition to a hitch, you will need a ball mount, ball and trailer wiring. I will explain what the parts are and what they do, then I will include some recommendations of parts for your 2008 Honda Odyssey. A ball mount slides into the receiver, or square opening in the hitch. They are available in different heights so that depending on how tall the vehicle is and how tall the trailer is, a ball mount can be selected that will keep the whole rig level. Balls are available in...
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2013 Honda Odyssey to Carry 5 Bikes
  • First, the most popular Class III trailer hitch and what I recommend for your 2013 Honda Odyssey is Hidden Hitch trailer hitch # 87479. Ground clearance can be estimated but ultimately every vehicle is going to be just slightly different meaning if you install one of these hitches on your Odyssey it might measure 11 inches, or 12, or 13. As for the amount of hardware used to install each of the hitches the Hidden Hitch is going to use 6 attachment point whereas the Curt does just have...
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  • Trailer Hitch and Wiring for a 2015 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite
  • I checked with Curt and trailer hitch # C13068 will fit your 2015 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite. They list is as a fit for all models of the 2015 Odyssey. If you plan on doing some towing you might be interested in etrailer ball mount kit # EBMK4. It comes with a ball mount with a 2-3/4 inch rise or 4 inch drop, interchangeable ball set, hitch pin with clip, and a storage bag. If the ball mount kit does not have the right rise or drop to tow the trailer level, use the link I have included...
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  • Will Hollywood Racks SE 4 # HR1400 Fit on a 2012 Honda Odyssey with Curt Hitch # 13608
  • Yes, the Hollywood Racks SE 4 Bike Rack, # HR1400, will fit on your 2012 Honda Odyssey with the Curt Trailer Hitch, # C13068. In the folded position, the closest part of this bike rack will be 6 inches away from the face of the trailer hitch receiver. Once the Curt hitch is installed, the distance from the face of the Curt trailer hitch and the rear-most edge of your bumper will be 3 inches. You will have 3 inches of clearance between the rear-most part of your bumper and the closest...
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  • Fixing Broken Weld Nuts on 2006 Honda Odyssey Installing a CURT Class III Trailer Hitch Receiver
  • The weld nuts were probably still dirty, when you were installing the hitch which caused the weld nut to brake off when putting torque on it. If you have not already installed the other bolts, you will want to clean them out with WD-40 and wire brush (see video link). What you will want to do is take some vice grips to hold the head of the bolt in place, then take an angle grinder with a cut off wheel or a reciprocating saw to cut the bolt. Then, using an access hole towards the front...
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  • Trailer Hitch and 4-Bike Hitch Carrier Recommendations for 2009 Honda Odyssey
  • You came to the right place! Here at etrailer we can help you with both a trailer hitch for your 2009 Odyssey and a suitable bike rack for the family's 4 bikes. A hitch-mount rack is definitely the way to go for carrying 4 bikes on an Odyssey. Although there are trunk-mounts types available for your car, they can carry only 3 bikes. Since your total bike weight load is substantial - and will grow as the kids get larger bikes in the future - a hitch rack is the best option since it...
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  • Hitch Mounted Bike Rack Options for 2004 Honda Odyssey
  • For carrying 4 or 5 bikes, you will need a hitch mounted bike rack which would require the installation of a hitch on your 2004 Odyssey. I would recommend the Curt Class III receiver, part # C13068. For 5 bikes, you would be limited to a hanging-type rack, where the bikes would be suspended from the rack by their top frame tube. The bike frame tube will sit in padded cradles and will be secured with sturdy rubber straps. Many racks use an additional anti-sway strap that wraps around...
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  • Trailer Hitch and Wiring for 2010 Honda Odyssey for Bikes and Light Duty Towing
  • The amount of bolts used to install any given hitch will always be appropriate for the capacity that hitch is rated for. So with that said going with an aftermarket hitch will be just as safe as the OEM hitch. The difference is an aftermarket hitch is going to cost less. Based on the amount of people in your family and the things you want to do with the hitch I recommend going with a Class III hitch with a 2 inch receiver. The most popular option is # 87479. I have linked a video showing...
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  • Is Transmission Cooler Required After Adding Trailer Hitch Receiver # C13068 to 2013 Honda Odyssey
  • Since you plan to add the Curt Custom Fit Trailer Hitch Receiver, # C13068, to your 2013 Honda Odyssey for the purpose of towing, the owner's manual states you must carefully observe the load limits (I have attached a snapshot of the manual) and use the proper equipment, an ATF (automatic transmission fluid) cooler. I have attached an article for you that is loaded with information on transmission coolers as well as a link to those available for your Odyssey. I personally recommend taking...
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  • Is Cutting Or Trimming Required for 2010 Honda Odyssey Trailer Hitch Installation
  • The CURT Trailer Hitch, # C13068, for the 2010 Honda Odyssey does have an installation note that states models have underbody fascia covering the driver side frame. This will be removed and can be left off or trimmed and reattached. I have included a link to the installation instructions and a link to a video showing a typical installation for you. Some items you may need to complete your Class III towing setup are listed below. Drawbar # 2923 Hitch Ball # 19260 or # 63845...
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  • Cleaning Rusty Bolt Holes to Install Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver # C13068 on 2002 Honda Odyssey
  • I want to start by thanking you again for your recent order. We appreciate your business. When it comes to installing the Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver, # C13068, on your 2002 Honda Odyssey, it is best to just clean out the bolt holes on your frame instead of using a tap. You will want to start by soaking the bolt holes on your frame with a penetrating lubricant like UltraLube, # L10444, or WD-40. Let the lubricant soak in and then use a wire brush, like part # 814092, to scrub out the...
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  • Folding Cargo Carrier Compatibility with a 2013 Honda Odyssey
  • The Curt Cargo Carrier # C18151 that you referenced should work well on your 2013 Honda Odyssey in the folded down position as long as you have a hitch with a 2 inch opening like the Curt Hitch part # C13068. However, there would not be enough clearance for the carrier to fold up. This carrier has a distance of 16-1/4 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the nearest rail of the carrier when folded down and 6 inches when folded up. All of the hitches available for your vehicle...
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  • What Is The Bolt Hole To Bolt Hole Distance Needed On A 2007 Nissan Xterra Trailer Hitch
  • The Curt Trailer Hitch, # C13068, you have referenced is for a 1999-2011 Honda Odyssey. It will not fit on a 2007 Nissan Xterra. The Curt Trailer Hitch, # 13514, is the correct hitch for your 2007 Nissan Xterra. The distance between the bolt holes, side to side, is 40-1/4 inches for the front two sets of holes and 40-3/4 inches for the rear set of bolt holes. The distance between the front bolt holes on the side brackets of the hitch is 2-5/8 inches. The distance between the middle...
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  • Will The Hidden Hitch From My 2002 Honda Odyssey Fit My 2011 Honda Odyssey
  • Most of the hitches that we carry for the 2002 Honda Odyssey are also compatible with the 2011 Honda Odyssey. The item that you referenced, Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver, part # C13068, is compatible with the 1999-2011 Honda Odyssey. The Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch, part # 87479, will fit the 1999 - 2011 Honda Odyssey. I have linked instructions and a video installation for the Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch, part # 87479, that you may find informative. Also linked is an FAQ on trailer...
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  • Are CURT Trailer Hitches Compatible with Pro Series Weight Distribution Systems
  • A CURT Trailer Hitch, like # C13068, is compatible with weight distribution systems made by Pro Series. On any hitch, you would check the installation instructions to determine if the hitch is rated for use with weight distribution. You will also want to check the vehicle owners manual to determine if the vehicle manufacturer allows the use of weight distribution. To determine the correct weight distribution system for you, you will want a system that has a tongue weigh capacity range...
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  • Hitch Pin Hole to Bumper Distance for Curt Hitch vs. Hidden Hitch on 2007 Honda Odyssey
  • I can actually do better than frame hole to pin hole measurements. I can tell you what the actual clearance will be! For a 2007 Honda Odyssey, when we installed Hidden Hitch trailer hitch # 87479 the distance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the back of the rear bumper was 5 inches. I have linked a video that shows this for you. For Curt hitch # C13068 it is going to be about the same. We do not have the measurement for a 2007 Odyssey but on the 2005 it was 3 inches, on a 2010...
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  • Height of the Curt Hitch # C13068 from Hitch to Ground on a 2007 Honda Odyssey
  • We have had the chance to install the Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver # C13068 on a few Honda Odyssesys like your 2007 model and have found that the hitch will sit any where from 12-1/2 inches to 13 inches from the ground. To help you pick out the correct rise/drop ball mount for you setup check out the FAQ article I attached that details how to pick out the correct ball mount so that your trailer will be towed as level as possible.
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  • Availability of Hitch, Wiring, and Transmission Cooler For 2004 Honda Odyssey
  • For your 2004 Honda Odyssey the CURT Class III 2 Inch Hitch, part # 13561, has been discontinued and replaced with the CURT Class III 2 Inch Hitch, part # C13068. I am including a link to the installation instructions on the # C13068 hitch. The Tow Ready T-One Wiring Harness, part # 118336, is the correct wiring harness to install a 4-Way at the rear of your vehicle. I am including a link to the installation instructions on the wiring harness. The Derale Series 8000 Transmission Cooler,...
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  • Hitch Pin Hole to Bumper Distance for Curt Hitch # C13068 Installed on 2007 Honda Odyssey
  • The exact position of the hitch pin hole on Curt Class III 2-inch hitch receiver # C13068 when installed on a Honda Odyssey will vary among various model years. Your 2007 is the same (3rd) generation as the 2010 vehicle shown in the linked video and so should share the 4-1/4-inch hitch pin hole to bumper distance. However, I did also go to our warehouse to take a measurement of this hitch that will allow you to approximate the position of the hitch pin hole on your vehicle once the...
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  • Height of Curt Class III Hitch Receiver, Part # C13068, When Installed on a 2007 Honda Odyssey
  • For the video on the Curt Class III hitch receiver for 2007 Honda Odyssey, Part # C13068, as you noted we did not happen to include the measurement of the distance from the ground to the top of the installed receiver, as we did for the Hidden Hitch # 87479. However, since we have both parts in stock I visited the warehouse and took measurements that allow me to determine what the approximate after-installation hitch height will be for the Curt. Since both hitch receivers mount to the...
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  • 4 Bike Platform Bike Rack Recommendations for a 2011 Honda Odyssey with a Curt Hitch
  • If you have a Class III Curt hitch like the Curt Hitch # C13068 then the Thule T2 Platform-Style 4 Bike Carrier # TH916XTR-918XTR. You will want to measure the opening on your hitch to make sure you have a hitch with a 2 inch opening to be sure you have a 2 inch hitch. Check out the FAQ article I attached on hitch sizes as well as the picture I attached that shows how you will measure the opening. The Swagman XTC4 part # S64665 would also be an option that should work well for you....
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  • Hitch Mounting Hardware Recommendation for a Curt Hitch # C13068 for 2007 Honda Odyssey
  • Yes, we offer replacement hardware for the hitches we sell including the Curt Hitch part # C13068 that you referenced. What you will need is part # RHK. You will need to select Curt as the hitch manufacturer from the drop down menu and then enter the part number of the hitch, C13068, and we will ship you out the correct hitch hardware. I attached an install video for this hitch for you to check out as well.
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  • Recommendation for Swinging Bike Carrier and Hitch for 2012 Honda Odyssey
  • The Curt Class III Trailer Hitch, # C13068, is a great choice for your 2012 Honda Odyssey. This custom fit hitch bolts directly to your Odyssey's frame with no welding required. You are correct, the measurements we have show the center of the hitch pin hole to the outer edge of the Odyssey's bumper being 5-1/2 inches. Since the Yakima FullSwing, # Y02465, only has a distance of 6-1/2 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the closest part of the rack, it might be a bit tight...
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  • Can Class III Hitch from 2001 Honda Odyssey Be Installed on 2012 Honda Odyssey
  • Even though the 2001 and 2012 model years of the Honda Odyssey are in different generations of the vehicle (the second and fourth generations, respectively) they can both be fitted with many of the same hitch receivers. Hidden Hitch # 87479, Curt Hitch # C13068 and Draw-Tite # 75270 are all Class III 2-inch hitches that will fit both model years of the Odyssey. You can order correct replacement hardware by entering part # RHK (for Replacement Hardware Kit) in the search box on our...
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  • Yakima FullSwing Bike Rack and Hitch Recommendation for a 2007 Honda Odyssey
  • When we installed the Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch # 87479 on a 2007 Honda Odyssey like yours it only had 5 inches from the center of the pin hole to the furthest part of the bumper. So this hitch would give you a little more clearance than the Curt hitch with the Yakima FullSwing Bike Rack part # Y02465 you are interested in. I attached in install video for the hitch that shows the measurement I referenced plus a review video for the bike rack. If you plan on carrying any womens or...
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  • Hitch Adapter to Increase Ground Clearance to Use Tow Ready Cargo Carrier # 63154 on 2015 Odyssey
  • Your 2015 Honda Odyssey can be fitted with either a 1-1/4-inch Class II or a 2-inch Class III hitch. All hitches for your Odyssey can be seen on the link provided. If you want a Class II hitch you can use Curt # C12031 without need for any adapter. I recommend Curt Class III hitch # C13068 because it has the same 350-lb tongue weight capacity as the other Class III options but it costs less. The written instructions and an installation video are linked for you to review along with a...
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  • Folding Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier for a 2012 Honda Odyssey and Curt Trailer Hitch 13068
  • When we installed Curt trailer hitch # C13068 on a 2012 Honda Odyssey, from the center of the hitch pin hole to the back of the rear bumper measured 5-1/2 inches. For Curt cargo carrier # C18153 it measures 9 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the nearest part of the carrier when folded. Based on these measurements the carrier will not fold up without hitting the bumper. We have Draw-Tite cargo carrier, # 6502, which is a little smaller at 20x48 and it measures 7-1/2 inches...
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Weight Carrying Capacity
Gross Towing Weight (GTW):
3,500 lbs.

Tongue Weight (TW):
350 lbs.

Weight Distribution Capacity
Gross Towing Weight (GTW):
5,000 lbs.

Tongue Weight (TW):
500 lbs.

Trailer Hitch Installation Instructions C13068 Installation instructions C13068 Installation Instructions
No drilling required

Tech Tip
Some models have underbody fascia covering the driver side frame. This will be removed and can be left off or trimmed and reattached. No drilling required for installation

Manufacturer Estimated Installation Time

Most Popular Ball Mount:
Curt C45067

1-7/8" hitch ball - 19260

2" hitch ball - 63845

2-5/16" hitch ball - 63847

If you have any questions you can contact our customer service department.

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