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Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch for the 1993 Ford F-150

Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch

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Hidden Hitch Class III Trailer Hitch Receiver - 1993 Ford F-150

Hidden Hitch Class III Trailer Hitch

  • Trailer hitch is dipped in a black rust resistant coating
  • Custom designed for each Ford F-150 type and model year for simple installation and better fit
  • Low profile design to compliment the rear contours and aerodynamic styling of today's Ford F-150s
  • Trailer Hitch includes mounting hardware and easy to read installation instructions (see Typical Installation Instructions in the "detailed info" link)
    • Simple bolt-on installation, no welding required
  • 2" square receiver opening
  • Removable drawbars and ball mounts (sold separately) eliminate banged or bruised shins and enhance the appearance when not in use
  • All Hidden Hitch trailer hitches meet and exceed V5, VS, CSA, and SAE J684-98 standards are inspected for quality workmanship
  • All Hidden Hitch trailer hitches have a limited lifetime warranty

Replaces Hidden Hitch #82168

Video of Hidden Hitch Class III Trailer Hitch Receiver

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Hitch Install 1994 Ford F150
Trailer HItch Installation - 1994 Ford F150

Video Transcript for Trailer HItch Installation - 1994 Ford F150

All right, today we are going to install part number 75038 on a 1994 Ford F-150 pickup truck. All right, the hitch gets mounted to the frame right here. There is actually a dent in the hitch where it mounts against this rivet right here. And it mounts onto the frame about this far back. And you do have to drill all the holes out in the frame. So the best way to do it is to clamp it up to the frame and then use the hitch as a template and drill out all the holes. All right, one other thing you want to do before you install is lower the spare tire as far as possible to give you some working room to get up in there.

All right, why do we not go ahead and install our hitch. We are going to clamp it in place. And it is a good idea to have an extra set of hands. All right, once you have your hitch installed, when you clamp it into place, make sure that this rivet here is going toward this side of the dent on the hitch. Push it all the way forward and push the hitch against the rivet, and you will be set and it will be squared on the frame. After that, you will not have to worry about it left and right. Now we can go ahead and drill out our holes. What we are going to do is drill out everything with our 1/4 inch bit first to mark our holes, for a pilot hole for our larger bit, and then before we use our larger bit we will take down the hitch and finish drilling out the holes to a little over 1/2 inch. For the pilot holes, then, we can go ahead and take down the hitch and finish drilling out the holes. What we are going to do is actually go up to a 1/2 inch bit and then after that we are going to run it out to about 9/16. That way, that will give us a little extra wiggle room for the bolts to move around to get into the hitch. Also, you might not get them exactly perfect and aligned, so a little extra wiggle room will help. Again, we will go ahead and repeat the same process on the other side.

Next we will go ahead and install our hardware. The bolt with the black anodized finish goes toward the end of the frame. And the plate you want to have kind of like matching the end of the frame, too. Not sticking out - kind of like matching the frame itself. And then the rest of the hardware, the bolts and plates go in just like so. If you can get the plate to fit in like this, great. If you cannot, it is no big deal to leave it on the outside. It usually never does. Repeat the process for the other side. Now we can go ahead and reinstall the hitch and we will use a couple of nuts to hold it in place while we guide the rest of the other bolts in. Now we can go ahead and reinstall some bolts - if any of them came out, we can push those back into the hitch. Now we can install the rest of our fasteners: the lock washers and the nuts, in their proper sequence. And the bolt on the end gets a flange nut - and it is a locking one, so you only get like two or three threads in before it will stop. And then you have to crank it down after that. Again, repeat for the other side. At this point we can go ahead and snug down our bolts. On the bolt on the end of the frame you will have to have a wrench to hold down the bolt while you tighten it down. And again, it is a lock nut, so you will have a lot of resistance tightening it down. Go ahead and snug up the rest of the bolts. At this point we will give them their final torque. All right, that is all it takes to install our hitch, part number 75038, on a 1994 Ford pickup truck.


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  • Hitch Recommendation for 1974 Chevy C10 Stepside Pickup
  • If your truck has the standard bumper, I'd recommend the Hidden Hitch Class III hitch, part # 87034. If you have the deep drop bumper, use the Hidden Hitch # 87480. I've linked you to an FAQ article that explains the difference between the standard and deep drop bumper. If you need to install a 4 pole trailer connector, use # 118311. You might also need a ball mount like # 2753, a 1-7/8 inch trailer ball like #19261 or a 2 inch trailer ball like part # 63845.
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendations for a 1979 Ford Bronco
  • It sounds like you are trying to determine if the distance from the mounting point to the hitch opening is large enough to clear your bumper. If you have a deep drop bumper you would want the Hidden Hitch part # 87480. If you have a standard bumper you would want the Draw-Tite Hitch part # 75038. The Reese Hitch part # 36025 you referenced would not be the correct hitch for you so I would not recommend it for you. I attached installation videos for you to check out.
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  • Recommendation for a Trailer Hitch for a 1999 Ford F-350 Towing a 7,000 Pound Trailer
  • If you can let me know the Year and the specfic model of your Ford F-350 1 Ton Truck I would be glad to make a recommendation for you. The hitch you referenced # 87480 is only capable of 5,000 pounds weight carrying so you would need to use a weight distribution system, see link, with this hitch to tow a 7,000 pound trailer. With the specific year make and model I can try to find a hitch that will install with the under body mounted spare, as long as it is not larger than the standard...
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Ford F-150 Accessories

Weight Carrying Capacity
Gross Towing Weight (GTW):
5,000 lbs.

Tongue Weight (TW):
500 lbs.

Weight Distribution Capacity
Gross Towing Weight (GTW):
10,000 lbs.

Tongue Weight (TW):

Trailer Hitch Installation Instructions 87480 Installation instructions 87480 Installation Instructions

Tech Tip
Drilling required for installation,Will fit with heavy-duty suspension,Adapter kit 01685 required for 1980-1997 F-Series pickups,

Manufacturer Estimated Installation Time

Recommended Wiring:
Hidden Hitch 118316

Most Popular Ball Mount:
Hidden Hitch 2753

1-7/8" hitch ball - 19260

2" hitch ball - 63845

2-5/16" hitch ball - 63847

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