Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch for your 1993 Ford F-150 are available from etrailer.com. Installation instructions and reviews for your Ford Trailer Hitch. Expert service, and cheapest Trailer Hitch price guarantee. etrailer.com carries a complete line of Draw-Tite products. Order your Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" part number 75038 online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch for the 1993 Ford F-150

Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch

(1553 reviews)

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Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" - 1993 Ford F-150

Fully welded Ford F-150 trailer hitch is strong and durable. Draw-Tite's Tested Tough guarantee ensures that this hitch exceeds industry standards. The combination of an e-coat base and a powder coat finish provides excellent rust protection.


  • Custom-fit trailer hitch lets you tow a trailer or carry a bike rack or cargo carrier with your Ford F-150
  • Computer-aided, fully welded steel construction ensures strength and durability
  • Tested Tough - safety and reliability criteria exceed industry standards
  • Easy, bolt-on installation - no welding required
    • Complete hardware kit and installation instructions included
  • Lifetime technical support from the experts at etrailer.com
  • Black powder coat finish covers e-coat base for superior rust protection
  • Sturdy, square-tube design
  • Ball mount, pin and clip sold separately


  • Receiver opening: 2" x 2"
  • Rating: Class III
    • Maximum gross trailer weight: 5,000 lbs
      • Maximum GTW when used with weight distribution: 8,000 lbs
    • Maximum tongue weight: 500 lbs
      • Maximum TW when used with weight distribution: 800 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Draw-Tite Tested Tough

Draw-Tite Tested Tough

Draw-Tite's Tested Tough program provides testing standards far superior to those outlined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), the go-to source for engineering professionals.

Each Draw-Tite trailer hitch receiver undergoes extensive fatigue testing and static testing with the ball mount that is either supplied or recommended for use with that particular hitch, thus ensuring results that are applicable to real life use. Fatigue testing is also conducted on hitches rated for use with weight-distribution systems.

In addition, Draw-Tite performs static testing on a simulated automobile, as opposed to the rigid fixture used for SAE testing, resulting in a more true-to-life scenario.

etrailer.com Technical Support

At etrailer.com we're committed to the products we sell, and to our customers. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are available via both phone and email to address your questions and concerns for the lifetime of your hitch. The technicians at etrailer perform hitch installations on a daily basis, making them a valuable resource for do-it-yourselfers. The one-on-one, personal service you'll receive comes straight from an expert in the towing and automotive field. We've installed it, we've wired it and we've towed with it, so whatever your question, we can answer it.

75038 Draw-Tite Class 3 Trailer Hitch Receiver - Max-Frame

Video of Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2"

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Trailer Hitch Installation - 1990 Ford F-150 - Draw-Tite

Today on our 1990 Ford F-150 were gonna be installing the Draw-Tite Hitch part number 75038. For this application, weve gone ahead and removed the spare tire. Now were ready to install the hitch. Its a good idea to get an extra set of hands to help you put the hitch in place. Well use a pair of clamps or vise grips to secure the hitch to the frame. Its got a total of 6 attachment points and each one of these will need to be drilled out before you can install your hardware.

Using the hitch as a template, well go ahead and take a pilot bit and start drilling out our holes. Now with all our pilot holes drilled out, we can go ahead and take the hitch down and continue drilling them out large enough to fit our -inch hardware. Now with all our fastening points drilled out, we can go ahead and start installing our hardware. Well be using the -inch carriage bolt and block for the forward two attachment point. Simply slide them in above the frame and drop them into position.

Each process we do here on the driver side, were gonna repeat identically on the passenger side. And for our rearmost attachment point, well be using a -inch bolt and spacer block with the round hole. For our rearmost attachment points, well be using the -inch French nut. Now its a good idea to get an extra set of hands to help you hold the hitch in place while you install your flange nut. Now with our forward fastener in place, well go ahead and install the rear fasteners.

Well be using the split lock washer and -inch nut. With all our hardware installed, we can go ahead and tighten it down. Now with all our fasteners tightened down, we can go ahead and torque to specifications as indicated in the instructions. With all our fasteners torqued to specifications, thatll complete the install of Draw-TIte Hitch part number 75038 on our 1990 Ford F-150.

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Customer Reviews

Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" - 75038

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (1553 Customer Reviews)

Fully welded vehicle trailer hitch is strong and durable. Draw-Tite's Tested Tough guarantee ensures that this hitch exceeds industry standards. The combination of an e-coat base and a powder coat finish provides excellent rust protection.

- 75038

by: City of Paramount06/08/2015

Hi George, We did receive the trailer hitches and so far so good! Your turn around time from order to delivery is fantastic! The hitches have not yet been installed or used but we would be happy to provide additional feedback as soon as we do both of the aforementioned. Thank You! 201679

- 75038

by: Steve12/30/2013

Things went well with the install. Everything lined up good, drilled some holes and it was done. It fit well under the OEM bumper with no interference issues. 111453

- 75038

by: Roy W.06/18/2015

Hitch fit perfect,very easy to install, etrailer.com was great to do business with,I would recommend them to anyone.Thank you. 204455

- 75471

by: Kevin W.03/15/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

A very solid and well made trailer hitch. I had some trouble installing it, although that was not the fault of the hitch. Rather, the existing bolt holes in my Santa Fe were rusted from 4+ years of driving. My initial attempts to get the bolts to go in were a failure - I couldn't even turn them 1 full turn by hand (and I didn't want to try to force them with a wrench). I reached out to etrailer Support by email, and got a reply within an hour (on a Sunday, no less). They recommended getting small wire brushes that would fit up into the holes, and if that didn't work, using a metric tap to carefully clean up the threads. I had to order the brushes and tap online, so that delayed me by about a week. After spraying the holes with WD-40 and using the wire brushes, I was easily able to get three of the four bolts to thread in by hand. The fourth one required the tap to clean up the threads, then that bolt also went in easily. The rest of the installation was pretty easy. My wife helped me hold the hitch in place while I threaded the bolts in. I also used some bricks to hold up one end of the hitch while I put the bolts in the other end. Another challenge is getting a socket on the bolts to tighten them up with a ratchet wrench. Even with a long extension, it's hard to get a socket on some of the bolts, due to interference from the hitch itself, but with some finessing, it can be done. The final result looks great on my car and feels extremely solid. The picture is the final result, with my bike carrier installed on the hitch. Outstanding customer support from etrailer!! 120839


I had to run out the threads with a 10 X 1.25 tap on all four holes. A little bit of a pain in the neck, but worth the effort. Thank God for the video, especially for the wiring harness. Printed instructions would have you take your Santa Fem apart.

comment by: John D - 05/10/2014


Im very happy with my purchase of the trailer hitch after a year. I used it extensively last year with a bike rack for hauling one or two mountain bikes around. It is in great shape, no rust, and is very solid. I would certainly recommend it.Thanks for checking in.

Kevin W - 04/06/2015


- 75876

by: Gary B.07/11/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

I bought this product for a 2014 Subaru Forester XT Touring model. I am very pleased with it. I choose this particular hitch for several reasons (the Draw-Tite and the Hidden Hitch for this vehicle are the same hitch with different product stickers). While I have no intention of towing the weight this hitch is rated for as that would exceed the recommendations for my vehicle, I wanted the 2" receiver for my platform style bike rack. Also, while I realize it is unlikely, I didn't want to be close on the tongue weight if I loaded several bikes onto a 1 1/2" receiver. For a few extra dollars I don't have that concern. There were two other things that sold me on this hitch. One was that the competitors hitch recommended an additional strap from the bike platform back to the car or their warranty is voided. Draw-Tite does not require this for their product. I called them to confirm that this was not needed. I guess it might make a difference if you travel rocky / off road. Platform bike racks are typically not recommended for that type of travel. The other selling point was that Draw-Tite provided instructions on how to trim the muffler heat shields so that they could be kept in place. The competitors instructions called for those shields to be removed. Might be another "peace-of-mind" issue, but my feeling was that those shields were installed for a reason. I just felt better keeping them there. I am sure someone more mechanically inclined could figure that out with the other products (by even just using the instructions for this product) but I was having mine installed by a mechanic that deals with Subaru vehicles and I thought it better to have those instructions to provide them. Very pleased with the product, the instillation and how it looks on the car. I would recommend this hitch receiver. 140822


Thanks for the review and pictures. Reading the instructions it looks to me that you dont have to drill or widen any frame holes unlike other hitches. Is this what you found as well?

comment by: Glenn - 07/20/2014


Gary mentioned that he did not do the installation himself, so he might not be able to tell you if the frame holes were needed to be enlarged. Although, according to the instructions this is not needed. The only trimming that is needed is for the for the heat shield. Thanks again to Gary for the review and photos.

Rachael H - 7/21/2014

- 75280

by: Gary D. - Gray, TN03/18/2015

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Product is as described. I haven't installed the hitch or wiring yet, but wanted to say that the order is accurate and the delivery was super fast. Great communication before, during and a follow up email to insure my satisfaction. The rest of the sales world could learn from these guys! Thanks for the great service George J. Cudos! Gary Gray, TN 179597


This is my own review and I wanted to update. I installed the Draw Tight Hitch and light wiring on my 2008 Honda Ridgeline RTL yesterday. I did it by myself, old school. I did it all in three hours, laying on the ground. I wanted to see how difficult this would be. It wasnt as bad as I thought it might be. I cleaned the pre drilled threaded manufacturer holes with a battery brush and WD-40. This is the most important part. Clean them and run one of the bolts all the way in on every hole, otherwise this will be a huge pain. I used three heavy duty rubber bungies, one on each side and one in the middle, pre-hanging one end so I could grab it and stretch it under the hitch to support its weight after I got it under the truck. Thats right, after prepping, I laid on a piece of cardboard with the hitch on top of me and worked it into position after ing the muffler and heat shield, which was pretty easy. I worked it into position, used the bungies to hold it up and continued working it until I got all eight bolts started. I did need to use a crowbar to pry the receiver up into place as it is a tight fit. The wiring was easy after reading the instructions and I urge everyone to watch both videos of the entire installation on etrailer, it was very helpful to me. I called around and ask a couple of places what they would charge to mount the hitch and wire systems and the best estimate I got was $75. Its not easy to do this by yourself, but not so bad if you have a few tools and youre a cheapskate like me. Otherwise, watch the videos and get a friend to help and if you can get the vehicle safely off the ground, its a piece of cake. Thanks to etrailer for the great product, great price, the videos and help. You people are top notch in my book.

comment by: Gary D - 03/22/2015


- 75599

by: CW03/26/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Installed on '93 Honda Pilot in 1 1/2 hours while installing new Tow Ready 4- Flat Universal Mounting Bracket (118149) and Tow Ready One Connector wiring harness (118336). Easy install, did not have any trouble cleaning out those previously unused bolt holes on the right side, used wire brush and penetrating lube. Installed tow bar supported on top of grand kids red wagon with side rails, no extra hands required. Did not have to lower exhaust, only removed tow hook from left side. Fits snugly with good clearance from frame and muffler. Tow bar can barely be seen except for receiver. 122290


No complaints one year after install, very pleased with this product. Ive since ordered trailer tires and wheels from etrailer.com, great company to buy from, quick delivery too.

CW - 03/27/2015


- 75742

by: jim p11/01/2013

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Haven't used the hitch receiver yet, however, it was pretty easy to install. The instructions were easy to read. All parts came as described. The installation instructions that come in the product package are more detailed than online. The online instruction video has no sound on my computer, which is probably why they include the script. Customer service is ver good. The answered my questions the day of asking them. Good transaction overall. Like I said, I haven't used the hitch receiver yet (I need to buy a trailer first), but it is heavy and sturdy. I figure the pic will help give you an idea of what to do when cutting through the plastic undercover to install the unit and leave the cover on. 105940


Ive had and used a trailer for about 2 months on my CRV. No issues what so ever. Everything is working well. Customer service is still excellent-I recently called to check what I ordered and what the hitch could tow, and got immediate response. Great purchase. One suggestion: perhaps some instruction on how to properly attach and load a trailer to such a hitch, as it would help prevent any mishaps from misuse of the hitch itself. Heightweight/and positioning of trailer load on the trailer is important so as not to overload the tongue weight on the hitch. thanks.

jim p - 11/01/2014


Thanks for the feedback and reply. Happy to hear you are pleased with your hitch on your CR-V. Please keep in mind that you will need to check the tow rating of your CR-V, and it is rated lower than the tow rating of the hitch you will need to abide by the lowest rated component of your towing system. I have included links to several of our helpful articles that you might find helpful regarding loading your trailer, the tongue weight, and choosing the correct height ball mount for your trailer.

Rachael H - 11/3/2014

- 75699

by: Nicholas M09/09/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

The hitch was very easy to install. It was so easy in fact, that I installed it myself. I used a plastic bin to help prop the receiver and keep it elevated while I installed the bolts. The bolts on my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee took 21MM socket. There were 4 bolts that took a bit of elbow grease to loosen. I then used a torque wrench and tightened the bolts to 115 foot pounds as specified in the directions. It took about 15 minutes. I plan on using the hitch receiver with a bike rack. Specifically this one: http://www.etrailer.com/Hitch-Bike-Racks/Highland/1370400.html 150426

- 75742

by: Dale A.03/29/2013

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

My hitch showed up on time with no signs of damage. I opened the box and removed the hitch to find it badly scratched up in several places. I blame Draw-Tite for that. Very poor quality control. Shame on you Draw-Tite. Also, their drawing for showing where to cut the hole in the trim panel is awful. Shame on you, again, Draw-Tite. In the drawing it shows to cut a hole 17" away from the edge of a rectangular hole that is already in the trim panel. That dimension is from the wrong edge. Decrease it to 16" and you'll be better off. Same goes for the three inch dimension from the edge. Once I cut the hole with my dimensions, it fit great. I didn't cut the sound insulation, though. I released the far edge and tucked in under itself. I think that's much cleaner looking than hacking it up. I would not recommend leaving that trim panel off. It's there for several reasons. Air flow, insulation and weather barrier. I plan on using the piece I cut out as a patch by gluing a flange around the edge and putting it back to cover up the hole. I'll use some self-tap screws so I can remove it to check the mounting bolts. Also, I used thread locker (Loctite Blue) on the hardware. All this took me about an hour and I used my driveway. I'm very disappointed with the finish and hole dimensions for the cut-out in the trim panel. As a CAD professional; the guy that drew that would've been fired if he worked for me. Before I became a designer, I worked for Roush Racing for 10 years and several other teams as a fabricator/mechanic/electronics/crew member. I know what I'm talking about. Shame on Draw-Tite but I can only nice things about E-Trailer. If E-Trailer is the cause of the damage then I'd change my opinion. The hitch looks great with my Thule bike rack and I've already test driven it all. Works great! Good luck and best wishes. -Dale A. (Plymouth, MI) 73284

- 75710

by: Dave P09/26/2011

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

I bought a new 2011 Ford Explorer, I need to pull a small utility trailer. I bought this hitch from etrailer, this was so easy to install. It took about an hour to install by myself. Reading the directions, they were very easy to understand. The tips were very helpful too, soap was a very helpful tip to get the rubber isolators off the exhaust. I lowered the exhaust in the three places, and it fit perfectly. One thing I needed to do that was a pain was to do as they said, I should have tightened the bolts to # 6, 7, and 8 before I raised the hitch onto the car. I thought it only needed to be in place before installing. Make sure to put on the rubber isolators onto #6, 7, and 8 and tighten the set up before raising the hitch onto the car (it was a pain to tighten while hitch was up on the car. The hitch looks great, it is not ugly and works great. See attached pics. 24664

- 75517

by: Rob Rod03/15/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Installed on 2007 Dodge Nitro. If there was ever a true "Bolt On" trailer hitch made for a perfect fit on a particular vehicle, this is IT - Instructions were easy to follow. All of "etrailer.com" videos would be quite helpful for those less mechanically inclined. - No holes to drill as hitch is made with holes that match up with the factory weld bolts already in vehicle frame. I simply used a popular rust cleaning lubricant and a 1.75 mm Thread Tap to clean up the existing holes in the frame to which the hitch would be mounted. - This vehicle has a full size spare tire which did not even need to be removed to install the hitch. - Appropriate bolts and washers for mounting the hitch were provided with the hitch. - The rear bumper fascia was untouched to retain a better than factory trailer hitch appearance. PERFECT 120824

- 75528

by: Dylan03/14/2013

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

I received the hitch in the mail a few days ago, and I must first say that the packaging was very good. The hitch was well protected and boxed up nicely, with no loose parts anywhere. The instructions were fairly easy to follow and installation took about 1 hour. It could have taken less time if I had a lower profile torque wrench. The distance between the top of the muffler and the bolt was less than 2" and the height of my torque wrench and socket were more than that. So, in my case, it took me hanging on the muffler to make enough room to get the wrench in between to tighten the bolts to specification. As I said before, I didn't have the proper tool so I used what I had. For the 2012 GMC Acadia, the installation used 6 bolts, 6 cone washers, 2 spacers, and 2 handle nuts. The plastic bumper cover and the rubber muffler vibration mounts are the only things that need to be removed for the installation. Overall, it seems like a well-built trailer hitch. I look forward to many years of use! 70641

- 75992

by: Kirk04/05/2015

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

I purchased the Draw-Tite hitch for my 2014 Ford Edge SEL, don't plan to tow much but wanted the flexibility to use receiver hitch mounted accessories like bike racks and luggage storage. Choose the slightly more expensive Draw-Tite to avoid as much "modification" as necessary to my car. The instructions were good, needed to review the website pdf file once since they had just a little more detail than the paper copy provided with the hitch. The paper instructions made no mention of the need to drill the hole for the third hitch to frame bolt on each side (photos show hitch dry fit with undrilled hole location on each side). Install time was right on, took me just over an hour of work. Definitely easier to do this when the car is new and the exhaust rubber isolators are more flexible and the underside is clean. In addition to the small trimming of the heat shields as described by the instructions I had to make one small alteration to each heat shield to ensure the hitch to frame mounting bolts would clear the shields once installed. Routing the hitch to frame bolts and spacers through the frame with the supplied guide wires is more art than science and that is what took the majority of the install time. Completed all the work without lifting the vehicle (no rack or jack, photo shows exhaust supported with 2x4 blocks) and am very happy with the look and functionality. 183246

- 75599

by: Bret B.05/22/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Installed on a 2003 Honda Pilot. The hitch was delivered in 3 days from the purchase date. It was received in perfect condition. This is the third hitch I have installed on different vehicles over the past couple years and it was by far the easiest installation yet. It took me longer to clean out the bolt holes than it did to install the hitch itself. I removed the tow hook from the left side so the bolt holes were in good condition. It took me about an hour to clean out the 3 bolt holes on the right side. Tip - I sprayed the holes with liquid wrench and used a 20 gauge shotgun cleaning brush in a cordless drill to clean out the holes. I wire brushed the bolts I removed from the left side tow hook and used them to run in a little bit and then removed. Cleaned the bolts and the hole again with liquid wrench and wire brush. Repeated process several times until I could get the bolts to go all the way in using a ratchet. Once the bolt holes were clean, it took about 10 minutes to complete installation. Note I did not have to drop the exhaust, it easily slid by the muffler. This is a great hitch! I would highly recommend both the hitch and purchasing it from etrailer. 131797


Yes I am still completely satisfied with both the hitch and wiring harness.

Bret B - 05/26/2015


- 75528

by: Dave H.08/26/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Unbelievable service/support!. Let's start with shipping...2 1/2 days, delivered a whole day ahead of estimated arrival date. Product - superb. Didn't make the 1/2 install time on the hitch as I was working by myself (that sucker is heavy!) and when I went to lower the dual exhaust, got one of the hangers but not the other. Found this out when I went back to put the one I took off back on. My bad. So I was still able to install the hitch but couldn't get my torque wrench in there to do it proper. Will have to go back and do again but I was still able to install tightly to tow a little 4' X 7' utility trailer no sweat. Will probably have the hitch welded to the frame since its hidden when not in use. Electrical Install....another piece of cake with one minor exception. The directions indicated to attach the black wire coming from the battery to the RED wire coming out of the module. There is no RED wire coming out of the module, it's black also. My knowledge of DC wiring told me to go with it. I did, everything worked great. As previously reported, the green wire going to the passenger side was a little short (probably due to my routing) but the black wire going to the battery was about a foot long (I liked that)! I'm not real happy about my routing so I will go back and redo when I get the hitch welded. I want a really good job and the initial install I was under to gun to rush the job so I had to take a couple of harmless shortcuts. When I do the redo, I'll document for etrailer.com, they are most deserving in my book! I most strongly recommend these folks at etrailer.com. In fact, I need to go back to them for the 4 wire flat connector bracket and their 2" ball. Was in too much of a rush this go-around. . 148764

- 75087

by: A Cortes04/03/2015

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Awesome service! Excellent instruction (video)! Super-timely delivery! I can't say enough about this company and its service as it relates to my trailer hitch purchase and installation., but I'm going to try: When I started looking for a hitch trailer for my vehicle, I came upon their instructional video - which very clearly explained, and demonstrated how to install their hitch on my vehicle. This video made me want to buy their hitch instantly - because everything was laid out so clearly. Then, as soon as I called them up (no waiting) I was able to speak to a representative and ask them questions about the hitch. They were super friendly and helpful. Needless to say, I ordered the hitch. Then, as soon as I ordered, I got an email telling me that they had shipped my item - and just a couple of days later, I got it in the mail. I was surprised by how soon I'd received it! Because the video was so clear about the installation, I actually went ahead and installed it the day after I got it - and it all worked out exactly the way they described it! After the fact, I even asked if they had a hitch for another vehicle that I have. I'm usually very wary of providing reviews, and am certainly skeptical of "excellent" reviews from people on line, but they really did such a good job, I thought it only right for me to recognize in public. Keep up the great work, guys! (I'm sharing pictures omy installation. Enjoy!) 182640

- 75876

by: Jon12/25/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

The box arrived with the hitch protruding through large holes. Despite this everything was accounted for and worked fine. Another customer mentioned losing a wiring harness this way but mine was securely taped to the hitch itself. I had watched the videos for the hitch and wiring harness several times and loaded them on my phone to have as a reference. There were no big surprises. Like a lot of others we removed the muffler completely. On a car this new it's easy and clean, but like someone else said you DO need a deep-well 14mm socket. The "bolt leader" wires work great. We used a jack to hold our hitch in place until we had the middle nut fastened. Don't skimp on the torque wrench. The nuts are locked by toothed, domed washers that deform at a specific torque. The wiring harness worked fine. I wish there was the option of wiring through the bulkhead like the factory option hitch, where there is a flat-4 always at the hitch. The wiring harness video is okay but glosses over the details of those trim panel connections. The bottom wear plate around the hatchback latch uses two different connectors that require different motions to undo them w/o damage. The left foam tray under the cargo floor has a plastic latching snap that is very easily damaged. And so on, you just have to go slow and try to peer in to see what you're up against. I was quoted 800usd for a class I hitch from the dealer. I got a class III instead and I installed it myself so I can trust it, for about 200usd. Shipping was really fast, 3 days. One extra layer of cardboard in that box would have been great, but the powder coat was tough and it was fine. 166935

- 75599

by: Jonathan Tea08/16/2012

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Very high quality product, arrived in excellent condition. Very easy to install with the video online was helpful, I didn't lower the muffler as the instruction said. From the time to open the box and completed the installation is 33 mins, I did used the jack to support the center of the trailer hitch to make installation much easy for myself. Now it's look fantastic love black gloss and it's made in "USA", Etrailer, you guys "ROCK".... 51940

- 75128

by: Andy B04/28/2012

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Great post order customer contact from etrailer. One vendor related issue though, the box that the hitch was shipped in was a little flimsy. The staples had pulled out (someone downstream had thrown a few pieces of tape on it), and the hitch had broken through the cardboard in a few places scratching the paint. Install was a pain. I had to use a tap to clean the corrosion out of the holes in my '05 Liberty, as there was no way a bolt would thread in. Frankly it was almost like there were no threads at all. Very difficult to work a tap at these locations, as you don't have the throw to use a standard tap wrench. I had to use the bare tap and a little open end wrench, and it took multiple passes to clean out each nut insert. The worst insert to work on, the nut that sits above the tailpipe. As the video mentions, I had to pull the tailpipe out of the way with a strap to reach that one. Making it worse, the factory had welded this particular nut insert a little too close to the hole in the (unibody) frame. Also like in the video, the last bolt hole on the hitch frame (the one closest to the front of the vehicle) appeared to be out of line, almost like the Draw-Tite frame was bent. Unfortunately it was much further out than could be jostled back in place by hand, probably due to the aforementioned off center nut insert. I ended up using a big drift to lever the Draw-Tite frame into alignment, with multiple shims against the gas tank holding it out so I could get that bolt to start. Net-net, time consuming to install, but mostly because of the age, design, and construction of the vehicle. 38662

- 75902

by: Rich F.06/04/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" # 75902 The perfect Fit for our 2014 Nissan Rogue Select, I just unbolted the factory Tow Hook , and Bolted on the New Trailer Hitch Reciever in Aprox 15-20 minutes , Bolt Pattern was perfect, no need to cut or remove any body parts (Except factory Nissan tow Hook ). I would suggest though when installing new Hitch to Start on the Drivers side (Instructions also state Starting on Drivers Side) That makes a Big difference ,Only hand tight Bolts a few threads, less chance of trying to jam or push into place, Also have extension (s) on Ratchet to reach frame of SUV allowing you room to rotate your ratchet below muffler and frame, w/o the extension(s) you will have difficulty turning the Bolts due to Clearance. The Directions were very clear, all the parts needed were included ( You will need a torque wrench to set bolts at correct torque ) All very Simple........ EXcellent Product !!!! I hope I helped someone else with this review, for I had read several reviews which helped me choose this Item, and I'm glad I did. Thanks, Rich 134295


Rich,Will you be so kind to measure the clearance from the hitch pin hole to end of bumper. It seems this clearance measurements are still an illusive information to get.Thanks,Yuval

comment by: Yuval - 06/17/2014


The distance clearance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the very outer edge upper part of bumper of rear bumper is Aprox 5 1/2 inches. This would be on the 2014 Nissan Rogue Select model. I have no idea if the measurement would differ on the Nissan Rogue not sure if they have the same rear bumper.

comment by: Rich - 06/19/2014


- 75471

by: Marilyn01/03/2011

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Hitch installed My husband can't do this type of auto work any more, so I installed the hitch. We used a lift table to hold the hitch up while I did the installation. The one thing your video needs to state is to pull the mufflers over a little (about one inch). That gives just the amount of room for your hand to fit up there to start the bolts. The wrench was about the same. Frank pulled the pipes over just a bit and it went very well. I used large wire ties to hold the wire harness up, along with the sticky tape. We tested everything and all works perfect! Now to buy the trailer! We will recommend this, and your company to everyone! It took me just about one hour to do the job...I was a bit nervous because I wanted to do a good job, and make sure those bolts were tight. 4929

- 75118

by: Brian K07/04/2013

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

This is a great product, it is well made and fits perfectly. My order arrived in good time and everything was in good condition. The installation is fairly easy, the hardest part was fish wiring the bolts and plates into the frame. On my Ford Escape, the rear bumper is very close to the end of the frame so there is not much room to work with. Once the bolts were in place, it was easy. I ordered the wiring kit and that was a simple installation. One tip for the wiring kit - don't read the instructions that come with it, instead watch the video on this website, it is much clearer and easier. I did order 2 locking hitch pins and they both came with the same key number, which is great. Either the person picking the order made sure they were both the same key or we just got lucky! If you want a good quality hitch at a great price, you can't go wrong with this one. It looks great on the car and we are already towing the boat with it. 87670


Still working great, no problems. Great product and outstanding service from Etrailer.com, what more could you ask for!

Brian K - 07/05/2014


- 75876

by: BM03/09/2015

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

This is the 2nd trailer hitch I have purchased from Etrailer. I spent $7 for the upgraded shipping at the hitch arrived 4 days after I ordered it. I installed this hitch on my 2015 Subaru Forester XT. The installation video was dead on, I followed step by step and it took about 45 minutes using a cordless impact, a few deep well sockets and a couple wrenches. -I used my floor jack to raise the hitch and align the bolts. A must if you don't have a second set of hands. -Using the hole saw saved a lot of time to trim the heat shields. I used the dimples as suggested and it was close enough to re install the shield. I bought the hole saw at Home Depot for under $10. -I used a lot of penetrating oil on the muffler hangers, made it a lot easier to remove and reinstall. Reinstalling the mufflers was the most time consuming step, but was well worth it to have the access to get the bolts. -The hitch is tucked under the bumper, my thule bike rack fits perfect and is much more rigid than when I had it installed on a 1 1/4 receiver on my old car. -There is no visual obstructions in the rear when the bike rack is installed. -I saved about $300 using this setup over the factory hitch. I would highly recommend Etrailer. The customer support is excellent and this hitch was a perfect match for my bike rack. Thanks Etrailer! 177592

- 75528

by: John O. Midlothian, TX09/13/2012

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

I ordered the hitch at 6pm on a Monday and it arrived at 2pm on a Thursday via standard UPS delivery. This installation was a snap. I set my laptop up in the back of our 2011 Traverse, watched the installation video and had it on in about 30 minutes. We also purchased the 118450 wiring harness. My wife and I had a great time installing it together; again in about 45 minutes. Thanks "etrailer" for getting me the correct parts (so quickly) and for producing the fantastic install videos! 54619

- 75712

by: Kevin K.06/07/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

The hitch arrived in a nice box that has hand holes in it for easy handling. The hitch could use some sort of dense foam padding inside the box, especially on the flange tabs that attach to the car frame, as the shipper was less than careful and those we're sticking out of the box. The bag containing the parts was ripped and there were 2 loose washers floating around in the box (luckily they didn't fall out of the holes). The instructions were easy enough to follow, although there need to be some corrections/additions made to them. First is the depth dimension for the cutout in the rear fascia, as it wasn't even close, instead of 2" it turned out to be 4 1/2" up from the bottom. Second would be the addition of the socket/wrench size needed to tighten down the nuts and bolts, as the only place I saw that was in the reference video and you had to be watching closely because they don't mention the size in the video. I only bring this up because a lot of socket sets don't have a 7/8" socket or wrench (like mine) and you will have to make a trip to buy one (like me). It is very helpful to have someone help you get the hitch into position to finish the installation. Overall the hitch is a good bargain, well made and very sturdy, I would definitely recommend it. 134653

- 75586

by: Kennethpe07/07/2013

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

While installation was simple and straightforward, I am pretty disappointed with the fit relative to the spare (17") on my '13 Highlander. The spare is difficult to raise back up and secure with this hitch. Even with one person raising it and another guiding it, it can't go all the way back up to rest against the frame cushions for it. I had installed a OEM Toyota hitch on my '10 Highlander, which installation was the same, but the fit around the body and spare was much better. Overall I would say if you are a fanatic about fit and the little things, spend the extra money for the Toyota. If you are OK with the fact it works but may not be exact, go for it. 87992


After a year I am happy with the product. Same issue from when I installed it exists, the one time I had to use the spare, it is a bit of a puzzle to get it back just right. I am also surprised after the winter to see a few spots of paint chipping off and rust peeking through.

Kennethpe - 07/10/2014


- 75692

by: Greg J11/04/2012

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Thanks to others, who posted tips about installation of this trailer hitch, I wasn't surprised when it took a lot of elbow grease to move the fasia and install the rear bolts. But it's DONE and it looks GREAT. Very solid and virtually invisible. 58801


By reviewing all the instruction on this page, my son and I were able to mount the hitch in 20-30 minutes. Two key factors, zip ties and 18 in screw driver. So, we first put long strong zip tie looped through the two back holes holes furthest from the bumper. Then put the hitch into place, and put the zip tie through the hole in the hitch furthest from the bumper leave a little play in the tie for maneuvering. Now the hitch would stay in place without falling on us. I then took the 18in screwdriver and placed it into the unthread hole where the bolt will eventually go. I then used the screwdriver as a lever to pry the hitch into place, which was easy given the force the lever created. Then the threaded hole near the bumper was aligned and I was able to get the bolt started by hand then ran it up about 80 with my ratchet. I then went to the other side and did the same. Once both thread holes had bolts in the, I clipped the zip tie and place the bolt and nut into the unthreaded hole which was easy because now the alignment was fine.I also used the previous instruction of running the black bolts in the thread holes first to cut the threads a bit better, I also used a little DW-40. .

comment by: Frank B - 04/08/2013


Thanks for the install information, much appreciated.

Patrick B - 4/19/2013

- 75586

by: Willie03/14/2011

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Great fit installation was a breeze it took me a bit longer to install because instead of eliminating the plastic covers as suggested by even the manufacturer I modified the drivers side and didn`t have to remove the passenger side at all. 9250

- 75742

by: Glenn N.06/30/2013

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Great deal, like the hitch. Had some troubles with the diagram on cutting the plastic cover. Oh well no one looks under there anyway right? Not the point. Still looks good. 86790


Just what the towing geek that has to try to tow anything with what he or she has to tow with. Lol Maybe Honda should look at this hitch instead of the 1 they put on my car. I guess they are just keeping in tow ratings. Great hitch and I dont have any problems pulling my 17 foot 6 boat.

Glenn N - 06/30/2014


- 75902

by: Northeast Adventure11/14/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

I purchased the Drawtite Hitch Receiver for my 2014 Nissan Rouge SV. Overall I think this was the perfect DIY project with minimal tools and a little effort. The only challenges I faced was that two of the hitch bolt holes did not line up with the pre-drilled frame holes by about a half an inch. One of the hitch mounting brackets was welded inwards on the cross bar by about a half an inch. I called the customer hotline and was told this is a common problem, apply body weight to bend the mounting bracket outwards a little more. I will tell you now I'm pretty big and that is impossible. I used a heavy mallet and bent it out with ease until it lined up perfectly with the frame. I also stripped the first three threads on one of the bolts however I have a tap and die kit and that was corrected. This is the only reason I did not give an excellent rating as the mounting bracket was off measurement by a half an inch. My advice is to make sure all holes line up with the frame perfectly before your install and do not force bolts to turn they all should turn freely with ease. If it lined up properly the first time then yes, this is a 30minute install. 160915

- 75599

by: Steve H07/31/2013

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

This is the second hitch I have purchased from e trailer. The hitch arrived on time and the installation directions were straight forward and thorough. The hitch was easy to install and is an excellent hitch. Although I did not have anyone available to help me, I was able to install the hitch in about 30 minutes (I am 72). The previous hitch was for my Toyota pickup and was also easy to install and an excellent hitch. I have also purchased two wiring harness and they are easy to install and an excellent product. Thank you for your great products, videos and service 92588


Could not be happier with the products, the perfect fit, the fast deliver and the ease of installation I installed them myself as well as one for my Tacoma truck that I bought about 2 years ago However, I do recommend a second person to help as you state in your directions

Steve H - 01/30/2015


- 75876

by: Michael P.11/11/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Hitch arrived as promised and fit my '15 Forester perfectly. 2 words of caution before you start the project. I watched the video several times, assembled the tools mentioned and then had to go to Home Depot twice during the project to get additional tools (probably not an issue for most folks planning on doing this on their own who likely have a better tool selection at home than I do). 1) The instructional video states that removing the muffler is optional. You really have to take it completely off (do exactly what the technician did in the video). There's just not enough room to work if you just loosen the hangers. 2) Tools needed. You will need a deep well socket (14 mm) to remove the muffler. A standard one won't work (believe me, I tried). Also, the hitch itself requires a deep well socket to put on the large bolts (my second trip out during the project----my fault, I know) if I recall correctly it was 11/16ths. So, here's a complete tool list of what I used: 1. Socket wrench 2. Deep well 14 mm socket 3. 14 mm box wrench 4. 10 mm nut driver (on an electric drill) 5. 6-inch extension for socket wrench 6. Electric drill with 1 inch hole saw 7. Deep well 11/16ths socket 8. Torque wrench Overall, I'm happy with the result, and would recommend the product and etrailer.com to anyone who asked. 160440

- 75096

by: Will S02/01/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

The trailer hitch arrived in good condition although some of the flanges had punched through the shipping box. There was however no damage to the hitch. I chose to have the hitch professionally installed as I didn't have the resources to raise my vehicle (199 Mercury Mountaineer) and I had to get some other work done on the car. Sears installed the hitch (no wiring harness as I am using this for a bike carrier) for only $59.99 which I considered a deal. Unfortunately there were two bolts missing and had to be ordered which turned a 1/2 hour job in to a 3 hour job until the bolts could be delivered! (Note: parts box was intact but not enough bolts had been shipped!) The installation went smooth and the hitch fit perfectly. 115421

- 75742

by: Jerry W.06/05/2015

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

This was my first purchase from etrailer and it was the best experience. I wanted to buy a hitch and bike rack for a 2015 CR-V to transport my cruiser bike to the beach. I read a lot of recommendations, reviews and Q&A's posted on etrailer. I chose the Draw-Tite over the Curt, because the Draw-Tite does not require supporting a bike rack with a stabilizing strap. I chose the Thule Platform TH990XT rack, because my cruiser bike's bar is angled and not horizontal. I did not want the bike to hang on an angle. The items shipped quickly and were delivered in a few days. After watching the installation video and reading other reviewers tips, I decided to install the hitch by myself in the garage. I cut a flap in the appearance panel without removing it, by using a utility knife with a new blade. I measured 16 1/4" instead of 17". After spraying lubricant on the muffler hangers, they slid off easily. I loosely installed the U bolt to help support the hitch, while I attached the other bolts to the undercarriage. A 1/2" drive torque wrench with a 6" extension allowed me to get the proper torque on all the bolts. Gorilla tape was used to seal the flap and finish the installation. I have hauled my bike to the beach several times and both items are working well. I am extremely pleased with my purchase from etrailer. 200769

- 75876

by: Brian & Cali06/05/2015

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Great product, good price, helpful customer service, fast and free shipping, exactly as described. The installation went off without a hitch. bada bum. I used part of the box to cover the ground when completing the install, and followed the instructions just like in the video. There was no need to jack up the car at all as there was plenty of room. A second pair of hands was extremely helpful to raise the hitch and get one bolt on each side. After that a quick hit with my impact driver and then torqued to spec the hitch was secured. Why buy any of the other hitches when when this one installs without any modification to the cars frame/unibody. The heat shield needs to be trimmed with tin snips or removed all together to complete the install as indicated in the videos. The hitch is made from very heavy steel approx 3/8" thick and is assembled in Mexico however, I knew that before I bought it because their customer service staff was excellent. I have no doubt this hitch will outlive the rest of the car. Thanks etrailer.com for offering a great product and all the support & research that comes with it. 200998

- 75528

by: Keith G.07/12/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Ordering from Etrailer was easy and with free shipping, can't go wrong. This trailer hitch was easily installed and works great. Installed in less than 15min on a 2014 Traverse. I do not know about other hitches, but what is nice about this one, is the hitch sits well up under the vehicle, so the same plastic hitch cover that came with the vehicle can still be used. I was somewhat expecting to have to purchase the alternate cover which has extension for the hitch receiver or leave the hitch visible. The wife was pleased, that the hitch was not visible. 141031


Keith, which hitch did you buy and what model Traverse do you have? Where does one buy the alternative cover?

comment by: Mike H - 02/02/2015


Keith ordered the Draw-Tite Max-Frame hitch, part # 75528 from us for his 2014 Traverse. There are alternate covers from GM, but whether you'd need one would be dependent on year and which model. This hitch fits Traverse, Outlook, Enclave and Acadia.

Patrick B - 2/18/2015

- 75774

by: Jim M01/17/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

I was very concerned the hitch would fit my 2013 Mercedes GLK350 4-Matic and not lessen the. " look " of it. I was-impressed with whole process including expedited shipping and the hitch being exactly as described. Thank. You. Looks great. 114066


I saw your comments about the trailer hitch install on a 2013 GLK-350. Im about to do the same same year GLKSame hitch. I looked at the instructions and the install video. The video is straight forward enough but doesnt show anything about removing or bending up a tab on the bumper fascia. The print instructions mentions this but the video doing an install on a 2011 GLK does not. Did you have to remove or bend any of the bumper facia tabs when you did the install on your 2013? Thanks for any insight you may be able to provide.John Bellenzeni

comment by: John B - 04/07/2014


I am extremely pleased with the installl and the look. I had it installed by a local Auto and Truck Accessories store that Ive used with my 2013 GLK350 4Matic and other cars I have now and in the past. They quoted 2 hrs labor - and they stuck with the quote- but it took them longer to install - not as easy as they thought it would be and all I can say is that the product is as represented by etrailer and the install is 100 to my satisfaction - and the look is great. jm

comment by: Jim - 04/09/2014


Thanks from coming back and checking in with us Jim!

Patrick B - 4/9/2014

- 75599

by: Joshua E04/23/2013

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

It was so easy to install only took 20 mins and looks great. 77420

- 75528

by: jaron randall04/16/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

The towing hitch showed up in good condition and I installed it. It was easy to install and is not an eye sore to my car. Thanks 125461


just as happy with it as the day I installed it. Thanks

jaron r - 04/16/2015



just as happy with it as the day I installed it. Thanks

jaron r - 04/16/2015


- 75599

by: Mike M.02/10/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

The trailer hitch itself is excellent. It fits well. It looks well manufactured, and it's easy to install, though you might want to get a friend to help you hold it in place while you put the first couple of bolts in. The packaging was terrible. They just tossed it into a cardboard box with no padding and nothing to keep it from sliding around. When it arrived, there was a hole about a foot long in the side of the box, presumably from where the hitch had slid and burst through the side of it. Thankfully all of the parts stayed inside and nothing was damaged. 116214


One year later and its still working like new. I even took my camper on a cross country trip. Zero problems, zero complaints, and zero rust. Its rock solid.

Mike M - 02/10/2015


- 75742

by: Mark T.12/19/2012

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

I read the reviews and instructions prior to purchasing. Start to finish took well over 2 hours for me, part of that time was spent doctoring a cut on my thumb from the razor knife and going to the auto parts store to get a 3/8" to 1/2" ratchet adapter I had misplaced. I had no help and ended up using jack stands to help hold it up while I got the bolts started, I could not quite hold it still enough otherwise. There is what appears to be sound deadening material under the appearance panel, no instruction on what to do with that. I ended up cutting it and using outdoor duct tape on the edges. I may end up ripping the whole thing out later. I cut the appearance panel on the vehicle as others have done. I paid extra for the Draw-tite over the Curt for what I though was a better coating system, but it came in with some edges scuffed up and I worked on that with some black touch up paint I had. Overall I am pleased with the result, but it was harder than I thought and we'll see how my touch-up paint holds up. 61798

- 75742

by: Jack B09/15/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

I have really enjoyed working with etrailer.com to meet my needs for items required to tow a 2014 Honda CRV. The receiver was installed without removing the under side cover. By just cutting the opening for 3 sides using measurements provided on the driver side creates a flap permitting access to tighten the bolts and run toad wiring (this saved me a lot of time). Flap created can be zip tied and sealed with silicone. The receiver has tight tolerances on the passenger side making it hard to re-attach the muffler to hanger. An extra 1/2 inch removed from muffler hanger cut out on receiver would help. 151013

- 75902

by: dom09/03/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

The Draw-Tite Max Frame Hitch Receiver 75902 fits a 2014 Nissan Rouge with room to receive our Yakima Swing Daddy bike rack system with room to spare between the bumper and the bike rack. Initially, we had a local parts supplier fit the vehicle with a Curt brand hitch. Unfortunately, it did not extend out far enough to receive the Yakima system. We were left without any alternative hitch solutions other than a hitch extender which would be nothing but a headache. Thankfully, I found etrailer.com and I got all the necessary info to make the right choice. Thanks to customer service info, it was a go. 149900

- 75742

by: Steve S.05/15/2013

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

This is my first experience with etrailer, and it couldn't have been better. I ordered my hitch on Saturday, with the free shipping option. I got an email almost immediately telling me my hitch was available and would ship soon. I got another email on Tuesday saying it had shipped, with a link to check its progress. On the following Monday, my hitch arrived, right on time and in perfect condition. I got it installed on Tuesday, and I am towing! I had a great experience with etrailer, and I saved money, too! 80405


Yes, I still like our trailer hitch. You cant love a trailer hitch, can you? It does exactly what I expect, and its holding up well no sign of rust, unlike the hitch that came with our Highlander.

Steve S - 06/12/2014


- 75699

by: Lenny B.05/19/2011

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

2011 Jeep GC- Installed with ease! Looks great! My GC had the trailer wiring under the bumper so I purchased the 7 pin / 4 pin connector and it was plug and play. Finished with a Jeep OEM cover. Thanks etrailer! 14802


Looks great. I have the same hitch for my Jeep GC and Im looking to add the trailer connectors. Where did you get the 4 to 7 pin connector and do you have the part number? Thanks! James in Milwaukee.

comment by: James - 07/14/2014


Lenny used the # HM40975
Pollak 7- and 4-Pole Trailer Connector Socket w/ Mounting Bracket - Vehicle End
connector for the 4 to 7 way functions. This connector is a direct replacement if your Jeep already has a 7-way. If your Jeep does not have a factory 7-way then you will need to use a wiring harness like the # 118425
T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector
or the # 56009 to establish a 4-way, then convert that to a 7-way using the # ETBC7
Universal Installation Kit for Trailer Brake Controller - 7-Way RV and 4-Way Flat - 10 Gauge Wires
wiring harness.

Rachael H - 7/15/2014

- 75876

by: Larry12/31/2014

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

The hitch was delivered inside a crushed box. (see pics) I was worried but when I opened the box there was no damage, because you had stapled the smaller box to and inside the bigger box. Good job packing! The hitch easily installed as shown in your video on my new Subaru Forester Touring. (see pics) My best friend and grandson helped me install it and we used the install as bonding and installing time. 167372

- 75712

by: Sven A.06/09/2013

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

This for my 08 Jeep Patriot. Ordered on a Saturday, had the hitch by Thursday. And about 20 minutes after opening the package it was on my Jeep. Couldn't be easier to install, and i was able to do it all by myself. I bought this for my Thule bike rack, and it works perfectly. 83876


A year later and the product is every bit as good when it was brand new. Ive probably told a half dozen people about the site and how easy it was to install. Found my Thule bike rack on Craigslist, and the savings paid for the hitch.

Sven A - 06/09/2014


- 75600

by: Greg S.09/24/2013

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Searched for a hitch that did not require a visible section of the bumper fascia to be cut out of the X5. This hitch did not and tucks neatly under the fascia. You rated the installation difficulty 9/10, and I believe this was accurate. Fit and finish was great. Not a fan of having the connection to the trailer a long cord that hangs out the tail gate when in use. I routed the wire down to the hitch before re-installing the bumper fascia and attached it with a bracket. Installation and wiring videos are excellent and key to the success for the DIY individual. Upon ordering, etrailier reported the hitch was in stock, but this turned out to not be the case. Etrailer customer service were great at keeping me informed and minimized the delay. Well done! 101240


I am curious...You mentioned not having to cut the fascia but the instructions state that it needs to be cut. Can you help me understand if the instructions are wrong or if different year or trim of the car makes a difference? Thanks

comment by: Nathan - 01/13/2014


The visible section of the bumper fascia does not need to be trimmed, which is what Greg mentioned in his review. There is an under-fascia that is below the bumper and not really visible when standing. It is attached to the bumper cover, but is a separate piece that is not the same color as the rest of the body. This piece will need to be trimmed. You can see the procedure starting at about the 4:50 mark in the video.

Patrick B - 1/23/2014

- 75599

by: Roy02/25/2013

Review from a similar Draw-Tite Max-Frame in Trailer Hitch

Good day, here has been my install adventure. The bolts (3) on the drivers side that hold the tow hook came off and we installed the hitch on that side with the bolts provided using an impact drill. Then we attempted to install the passenger side. Keep in mind I WD40'ed the holes and used a battery brush to scrap them out. One bolt (center) took perfectly. The foward bolt did not and the weld for that nut came off, so we have to tape and dye that out. The rear bolt would only sink halfway using a ratchet, not impact drill. I looked with a flashlight and it appears the "nut" side was not evenly bored out. I then used the bolt that we took off from the tow hook and got it to sink further, but not flush. I will likely add a washer or two so it sinks flush to the hitch. Hopefully we can use a smaller bolt for the forward hole and manually get a nut to attached to the bolt. At least I will have two blots on that side, which can support the bike rack. However, it does look great as you can only see the connecting section and not the hitch at all, like you do other aftermarket hitches. Only thing I forgot to order (which someone should have mentioned) is a hitch cover. 67664

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  • How to Pick Out Correct Ball Mount Rise/Drop When Using Draw Tite Hitch 75038
  • When the Draw Tite Hitch part # 75038 is installed on your 1995 Ford F-150 the top of the hitch tube will be right underneath the rear bumper. To compute about how much rise/drop you would need from a ball mount you will basically need to measure from the bottom of your rear bumper down to the ground and subtract about an inch from this measurement. You will then need to use the jack of your trailer to level it and then measure from the ground to the bottom lip of the coupler. Whatever...
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  • Will the Draw Tite Hitch # 41004 fit a 1992 F-Super Duty/F450 W/Liftgate
  • I do not have a confirmed fit for your 1992 Ford F450 with the Eagle Lift liftgate, but I spoke to my contact at Draw Tite and he informed me of a way for you to determine by taking a few measurements on your vehicle. He said that from the rear most mounting hole to the end of the receiver tube is 10-7/8 inches. So if you can find that hole and then measure out 10-7/8 inches and that distance is not too far for your lift gate to still work you should be good. My contact did say that...
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  • Best Way to Approximate Ball Mount Drop Needed for a Trailer Before Hitch is Installed
  • When I said subtract an inch from the bottom of the bumper that was meant as a way to approximate where the top of the hitch opening will be once the hitch was installed. For nearly every vehicle the hitch ends up sitting right at the bottom of the bumper. Since it's hard to pick out a ball mount rise/drop without having the hitch installed first this was the best way to get a pretty good approximation. Depending on the suspension of the system you may get a 1/2 inch of sag on the suspension...
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  • Tools Needed to Install Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch 75038 on a 1988 Ford F-150
  • The Draw-Tite trailer hitch # 75038 does fit a 1988 Ford F-150 with a standard or step bumper. I have included a link to a video to the right showing a typical installation. The installation instructions, which I have also linked to the right, state you need a drill, 1/2 inch drill bit, 3/4 inch wrench, 7/8 inch wrench, and a torque wrench up to at least 95 foot pounds. Any tools listed that you do not have can usually be borrowed from an auto parts store. If you plan on doing some towing...
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  • Dimension and Installation of a Hitch on a 1995 Ford F150
  • The distance between the mounting holes from left to right when measured on center is 35 inches. You will want to push the hitch as far to the front of the vehicle against the rivet. To center the hitch on the frame rails you would want to find a reference point on both frame rails and then make sure that the hitch sits an equal distance from that point on both side of the vehicle. I attached an install video for this hitch for you to check out as well.
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendations for a 1979 Ford Bronco
  • It sounds like you are trying to determine if the distance from the mounting point to the hitch opening is large enough to clear your bumper. If you have a deep drop bumper you would want the Hidden Hitch part # 87480. If you have a standard bumper you would want the Draw-Tite Hitch part # 75038. The Reese Hitch part # 36025 you referenced would not be the correct hitch for you so I would not recommend it for you. I attached installation videos for you to check out.
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Do you have a question about this Trailer Hitch?

Weight Carrying Capacity
Gross Towing Weight (GTW):
5,000 lbs.

Tongue Weight (TW):
500 lbs.

Weight Distribution Capacity
Gross Towing Weight (GTW):
8,000 lbs.

Tongue Weight (TW):
800 lbs.

Trailer Hitch Installation Instructions 75038 Installation instructions 75038 Installation Instructions

Tech Tip
Drilling required for installation , Hitch will not fit on vehicles that have a 34" wide frame

Manufacturer Estimated Installation Time

Recommended Wiring:
wiring 118316

Most Popular Ball Mount:
Draw-Tite 2753

1-7/8" hitch ball - 19260

2" hitch ball - 63845

2-5/16" hitch ball - 63847

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