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Rack'em Fitz-All Enclosed Trailer Ladder Rack

Rackem Trailer Cargo Control

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Rackem Trailer Cargo Control - RA-28


Fitz-All ladder racks do exactly that, they fit all trailer brands and sizes (4' to 8-1/2') with the telescoping design. Quick easy assembly in about 5 minutes.


  • Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Mounting tab dimensions: 8-1/4" L x 1-1/2" H x 1/4" W
    • 4 screw holes per tab
    • Center to center of outer screw holes: 6 1/2"
    • Center to center of inner screw holes: 4 1/4"
    • Bottom of bracket to top of crossbar: 17"
    • Bottom of bracket to lowest part of gusset: 11-1/2"
    • Top of bracket to top of crossbar: 15"

    Note: This ladder rack requires that your trailer have rain gutters in order to install.

RA-28 Rack'em Fitz-All Enclosed Trailer Ladder Rack

Video of Rack'em Fitz-All Enclosed Trailer Ladder Rack

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for RackEm Fitz-All Enclosed Trailer Ladder Rack Installation

Today on our flattop enclosed trailer we're going to be installing the Rack'em Fitz-All Enclosed Trailer Ladder Rack, part number RA-28. Here's what out enclosed trailer looks like with the Rack'em Enclosed Trailer Ladder Rack installed on it. On this particular trailer there is two sets of the Rack'em Enclosed Trailer Ladder Racks installed, that's two kits of the part number RA-28. You will notice that this is a flattop style trailer. The racks themselves have been cut down approximately 5" to lower the ladder racks closer to the roof of the trailer. While this is not necessary it will make things a little easier to load things onto your ladder rack because of the height of this trailer. Now that we've shown you what our rack system looks like let's go ahead and show you how to install it. On this particular trailer the customers requested that we put the rear ladder rack as far back as possible, because of it's height it will make getting the ladders up on top a little bit easier.

This screw right here that secures the rain gutter in place is in the way and it doesn't allow our rack to sit flush up against it. We're going to remove this and actually reuse this hole as one of the mounting location holes. It works out this way on both sides of the trailer. Before we mount any of the ladder rack pieces to the trailer we want to come inside and make sure that there's steel right in this area where you'll be screwing the brackets into. Now you'll notice on this trailer our wires run along there as well so you may need to move the wires out of the way on your trailer if they're in the area that you'll be drilling and putting the screws attaching the ladder rack. With the help of an extra set of hands we'll go ahead and set our ladder rack up on top of the trailer. It's a good idea to predrill the hole so that in case if you would hit a weld on the steel structure of the trailer it doesn't ruin the screw.

We're going to line it up with the hole that we just predrilled out. Now that we have our rear ladder rack installed here on our trailer, we've gone ahead and connected our camera to that rear ladder rack section. Now we'll go ahead and build out our next three ladder rack sections that we'll be installing on this trailer. Again, we'll be installing two of the kits so there will be a total of four ladder rack sections. Now we have all of our ladder racks attached to the roof of our trailer. Now you will see here's the screws that come through the steel frame here at the top and that's what is securing the ladder rack to the roof of the trailer.

You'll also notice that we have the wires here that are tucked down below where our screws come through so we didn't damage anything. Each of our locations looks similar to this one here. That will do it for the installation of the Rack'em Fitz-All Enclosed Trailer Ladder Rack part number RA-28 on our Flattop Enclosed Trailer. .

Customer Reviews

Rack'em Fitz-All Enclosed Trailer Ladder Rack - RA-28

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (57 Customer Reviews)

- RA-28

by: Wilson Windows09/11/2012

Great product,well made,easy to install and very fast delivery 54229


are the bars that the ladder lay on adjustable? I have a 5 x 10 enclosed trailer will it fit correctly? Thanks

comment by: Joe L - 09/20/2013


The cross bars are a telescoping design, so they can fit trailers as narrow as 4 feet and as wide as 8.5 feet. You can set them up at whatever length you need to accomodate the load, so long as you can still properly attach the feet.

Patrick B - 10/18/2013


my trailer is 16 similar to yours.I am a roofing contractor and use large 32 extension ladders and 20-24 walk boards. Would you recommend me putting 2 sets on, or do you think one set would be enough for all the equipment I intend to carry? Your input would be appreciated.Thanks

comment by: Erich - 06/11/2014


It seems if you extend it out to 85 it would make the rack less sturdy. My trailer is 85 wide. What are your thoughts

comment by: Vince - 11/17/2014


The crossbars on this ladder rack are designed to be adjustable from 4 feet to 8-1/2 feet, and will support 400 pounds. As long as you can securely attach this ladder rack to your trailer, and the width of your trailer falls within the adjustable range of the crossbars it will work. When extended closer to 8-1/2 feet you may see more flex and movement in the crossbars, but it is rated to support up to the full 400 pounds.

Rachael H - 11/18/2014

- RA-28

by: Doug M.05/22/2014

The ladder racks where delivered fast and were easy to install, I was able to install them in less than an hour, pictures to follow soon. Thank you for a Great Product! 131973


They work great and were easy to install!!

Doug M - 05/26/2015


- RA-28

by: Kyle F.10/21/2014

These ladder racks were excellent, as expected. Very easy to install, even for someone like myself who had never installed a set before. They're very sturdy and we have no issue with loading multiple ladders on them. On top of that, the customer service when I called in to place the order was excellent. They took my order quickly and shipped out the same day, plus emailed me a tracking number. I would definitely buy these racks again. 157058

- RA-28

by: Michael K.03/20/2015

I installed the Rack'em RA-28 on a 6x12 enclosed equipment trailer specifically for keeping extension ladders on site with my trailer. My previous set-up (ladder rack on my truck) meant when I was offsite so where the ladders. These ladder racks where incredibly easy to install, I was able to install them in about 45 minutes without help. They are extremely sturdy as well. Two were adequate for my needs (predominately 40' & 28' ladders on the rack). 179927

- RA-28

by: Paulie11/24/2014

I like this rack a lot but I did cut it down to size to sit lower on my roof. My trailer is a 6x12 and it supports 2 extension ladders and a 12ft a frame. 162371


What kind of saw did you use to cut the aluminum?

comment by: Rod B - 01/03/2015



Saw Zaw took care of it, no problem.

comment by: Paulie - 01/06/2015


- RA-28

by: Steve07/07/2014

This product was perfect for my 6'x10' enclosed trailer. It took about 2 hours to install with all the hardware included. My only complaint is that I was using an impact drill and I twisted off a couple of the bolt heads, my fault. I ordered them on a Tuesday and received them on Thursday. The e-mail confirmations and on-line tracking tools are excellent. Top notch service from start to finish. I'm definitely ordering from here again. 139712

- RA-28

by: Adam G.05/16/2015

Great product, well made and wonderful craftsmanship on the welds. Went together easily. Shipped extremely fast. 1 complaint, they're too tall, i ended up taking 8"out of mine because i wanted them low to the roof (for looks and easier loading and off loading of ladders.) It required some decent modification to get them that low. All in all i am a very pleased customer and would do business with them again! 193545

- RA-28

by: Brian C10/22/2014

Very good quality super easy to install was done in about 40 minutes. Super fast shipping I just messed up putting legs on backwards on one crossbar but that was an easy fix. 157465

- RA-28

by: Kent09/30/2014

Ordering was simple. They shipped it fast! And it was so easy to install that I did it by myself. ( might not be recommended though). I would definitely recommend this product! 153690

- RA-28

by: Joe and Melissa06/26/2015

The racks arrived at our door 4 days after ordering. They're exactly what we were hoping for to carry our kayaks. The racks are sturdy, well made, and will look great on our new trailer. We looked at a lot of other products but this one met all of our needs without alterations. We're pleased with this product, would buy it again, and will suggest it to others. 207384

- RA-28

by: Art B06/02/2015

This is a well designed, well built product. The craftsmanship and welding details on the aluminum structure are excellent. Although our trailer did not have supports anticipated by the rack design, we drilled a center hole in the 4 lower attachments and bolted each to a metal stud. I am confident the rack can be modified to work with virtually any trailer. 199914

- RA-28

by: Dave R. / Boston Construction, LLC05/05/2015

I received ordered and received (2) sets of the RA-28 Trailer Ladder Rack System for our 16' construction trailer. The installation was a snap and the quality superb. I couldn't have been more pleased with the product and service. Thanks for such a great and affordable product. And thank you Niki for the outstanding service. 190558

- RA-28

by: Jason W07/06/2014

Very quick shipping, the ladder rack installed very easily with no issues. Great quality, I couldn't be happier! Thanks guys 139562

- RA-28

by: Bernie F06/09/2015

The rack is exactly as it is represented. It is heavy duty, adjustable, east to install and if you are looking for a great rack for your enclosed trailer - look no further. Also - I have ordered many things from E-Trailer - always fast service and great people to deal with. They do it right! 201998

- RA-28

by: Patrick09/11/2012

The product is great. I am now ready to start hauling my equipment thank you the racks look great 54290

- RA-28

by: Frank C.06/14/2013

Sturdy aluminum racks that are of a basic design. Easy to install and will do the job that they are intended to do. I was quoted by a local company of more than double for the same style of equipment. Racks were shipped and received very quickly. They are on and already at work!! Thanks! 84745

- RA-28

by: A2Z Construction04/08/2015

Our order arrived very quickly and was packaged well, the plastic it was warped in smelled horrible though and it was the same in all 3 boxes . Product itself was great. Follow up emails & customer service were all great as usuall. Thanks again 184106

- RA-28

by: Ernie T.10/23/2012

Awesome product, installed in about 1 hour. Worked exactly like I wanted it to. Recommend getting ladder stops, ladders slide and tends to be harder to control because of the height of rack...etrailer has the stops, i just need to order them. 57938

- RA-28

by: Steve S.03/19/2014

Shipped fast, great product. Installment was easy once I got a metal cutting blade for my miter saw. My trailer is only a 4x6 and I had to do a lot of cutting. No pics yet but it turned out great, very solid Thanks Steve S. 121324

- RA-28

by: Dean O.01/12/2015

It was way too high to fit in a 8' garage door with the rain gutter of the trailer at 73" plus 22"…it would have caused significant damage. I had to do a lot of cutting to get it lowered. 168681

- RA-28

by: Cameron06/01/2015

I thought that the racks were excellent easy to install had them installed in about 45 minutes and cost about $70 cheaper than any place in my town will do business with this company again 199547

- RA-28

by: Kevin H.06/21/2012

Great product!! Very lightweight and easy to install by yourself. I installed in about 45 minutes on my hallmark enclosed trailer. Product construction is superior and built to last. 45106

- RA-28

by: Jonathan04/04/2013

I like the design. It will work great on my enclosed trailer. Wish you sold this item in sets of three or singles. I am very satisfied other than that. Thanks Jonathan Wilz 74310

- RA-28

by: Adam10/23/2014

Great product I installed it on a 18 ft enclosed trailer. The Install was quick and easy, i did it by myself. the package was short 5 screws but was a easy fix. 157658

- RA-28

by: john h06/07/2013

shipped very fast. had to trim as my trailer was 5' but a 15 yr old kid could put together . nice and heavy duty. am only using for kayaks but very nice product. 83748

- RA-28

by: tom k07/22/2015

I am very happy with the rack ... ...However...I did break 1 (one) long screw and was short 2 (two) short screws for the covers. It did it's job. tk 213545

- RA-28

by: Andrew04/16/2013

Easy to install, I did have to modify the installation. I haven't used it yet. It feels sturdy and for what I am going to use it for it will work great. 76300

- RA-28

by: David A.03/09/2011

Really Easy to install. I installed these on a 5x10 Cargo Trailer. They were 4" too wide for my trailer, but were very easy to cut to make fit. 8829

- RA-28

by: Steven W05/17/2015

Quick delivery. Easy installation. Good instructions. Exactly what i was looking for to get ladders out of trailer and to carry taller ones. 193859

- RA-28

by: Chris L.05/31/2012

Two thumbs up for the product and service. Installed smoothly on a 5x8 Intersate trailer. It is going to work great for hauling my canoe. 42115

- RA-28

by: Dennis P.08/25/2014

Rack fit really nice only complaint is missing screws and also quality of screws should be a little better but overall a good product. 148452

- RA-28

by: Dale-MN07/02/2015

Fast shipping, easy assembly, great quality product. Now I can haul long decking and trim material for my Handyman Service. 208820

- RA-28

by: Rick T.12/16/2014

Super easy to install, 30 min start to finish. I just put it on and haven't carried anything yet but it seems very sturdy. 165691

- RA-28

by: Jake L01/27/2015

Fast shipping, easy install and works perfect with other racks already installed on trailer. I would buy again 171327

- RA-28

by: Lennie Anthony02/17/2011

They have a good range of products to choose from. great people to deal with. Delivery time is very reasonable. 7323

- RA-28

by: Verl Hovey01/24/2015

Ordering was so easy. the racks came in, in less than 5 days ,and the instaulation was easy. great product 171093

- RA-28

by: Jon I.07/02/2015

Great value. Very easy installation. I have 2 wallboards and 4 ladders and the weight is not an issue. 208911

- RA-28

by: Duke Orr05/16/2014

Shipped in time and exactly what I ordered. Love the Youtube video on how to install the ladder rack. 130962

- RA-28

by: Michael F10/01/2014

The screws were terrible. Heads broke and I had to go to Lowes to get new hardware. Racks are fine. 153873

- RA-28

by: Bob V03/04/2014

The ladder racks were delivered quickly and were easy to install. I would recommend them to anyone. 118445

- RA-28

by: Gus11/27/2014

Very easy to instal, in a matter of minutes. good product, just needs to be stronger.... 162664

- RA-28

by: Justin r11/11/2014

Great product, excellent build quality, great prompt service from etrailer 160467

- RA-28

by: Screen Medics03/12/2015

This is the third one I've purchased. They work well. Easy to install. 178123

- RA-28

by: Jasen05/15/2013

Shipping was fast. Product was as described easy to install 80418

- RA-28

by: Kris V06/11/2015

The item came in a timely manner and was easy to install. 202585

- RA-28

by: michael white12/08/2011

product was recieved fast and in good c ondition 27895

- RA-28

by: Tim U.09/20/2013

Fast delivery, easy installation. Works well. 100723

- RA-28

by: Greg K06/16/2011

parts didnt go together like they should have 17128

- RA-28

by: Tanersjeep05/17/2013

Very nice product , got here quick too. 80719

- RA-28

by: Gary V.07/12/2012

Good universal design and well made. 47627

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