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Propane Bottle Rack for 5 Gallon Tanks

Manchester Tank Trailer Cargo Control

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Manchester Tank Trailer Cargo Control - 1801

Propane Bottle Rack for trailers

  • Holds two (2) 5 gallon (20 lbs) propane tanks
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 23-3/4"
    • Width: 8-1/4"
    • Height of lip around bottom: 7/8"

Video of Propane Bottle Rack for 5 Gallon Tanks

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Manchester Tank Trailer Cargo Control 1801 Review

Today we're going to review part number 1801. This is the propane bottle rack for 5 gallon tanks. Includes all these pieces right here, I'm going to show you how they attach. Now this is a propane bottle rack, which is designed to secure two 5 gallon propane tanks to your trailer. This is the bottom piece that would mount to your trailer. Now it does not include any mounting hardware, because it could vary between different applications, so they do have the holes in the bottom plate that are used to attach it, but you would have to supply your own mounting hardware.

I'll give you a few dimensions on this. The overall length on this very bottom piece, from longest to longest coming right at 23 and 3/4 inches. And the width on it is going to be right at 8 and 1/4 inches. Basically how you would go to install this, it includes this threaded rod and then these two brackets and the large wing nut. So basically what you do is take your threaded rod, and right at the very center of this there's a threaded nut welded on. So just screw your rod into place until you've got quite a few threads in there.

And then with that rod in, now what you want to do is your tanks will set right over here, and then what you want to do is take your bracket . now this a regulator bracket, you'll notice it has two sets of holes right here. There's a little tab in there, and that tab is made to go into this crossbar opening right there. So just like this. You can see that tab, and then that hole lines up. So you could install it this way, with this bracket towards the back, like if your trailer's right here.

And you can mount your regulators that way, or you could actually, if you want them facing out, you can even mount it this way. Then your bracket is facing out. Then what happens is, with that installed like this, you'll see these cutouts on your rim of your propane tank, this will sit right on there, and when you tighten this down, this large wing nut . once you do that you just keep tightening until this will push down on the propane tanks on each side and hold them into place. Very simple installation. Now one other thing I do want to mention, it comes with this regular wing nut that you can screw on and off, but we do sell a related product that's made, and it's a gas lock kit if you're afraid you don't want somebody messing with your propane tanks or them taking them.

There's actually a gas lock kit that you can replace this and put that on there and you can lock the propane tanks to this mounting bracket. We do sell that separately and it is listed on this product page as a related product. It's part number TLA7701 and it's a gas lock kit for the propane tanks. But that's basically how this would install. That should do it for the review on part number 1801. The propane bottle rack for five-gallon propane tanks. .

Customer Reviews

Propane Bottle Rack for 5 Gallon Tanks - 1801

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (32 Customer Reviews)

- 1801

by: John M.01/13/2014

Great product as I knew it would be, as I've ordered many items from etrailer before! The item was delivered on time and I've yet to install it, but I know it will be just what I needed at a great price! Way to go etrailer team! Thanks again! 112689


The dual tank carrier that we purchased worked wonderfully during a 9,200 mile that we traveled that summer and everywhere else that we went! We have since sold that trailer and have moved onto another. We will continue to be a loyal eTrailer customer, as were very happy with product selection and quality!

John M - 01/15/2015


- 1801

by: JW07/09/2013

Just as expected. I do however wish there was more measurements on the product page (as in where the bolt holes are at). I will have to drill a couple holes to make it fit my trailer, but it will double my tanks, that was what Iw as looking for. 88607


I avoided drilling additional holes by recruiting my neighbor with a welder and had it spot welded to the trailer frame. Holds both tanks well.

JW - 07/09/2014


- 1801

by: Kraig T.07/15/2013

This rack is the most recent item that I have purchased from etrailer.com. As I have come to expect from them, the quality of this product is very good. There were two simple modifications needed to install it for my application: the drilling of two holes to align with my trailer's frame and the shortening of the all thread rod for my five gallons tanks. I would highly recommend this item for converting to a two tank system. 89699

- 1801

by: Bill W.09/13/2012

I replaced the poorly designed rack that the RV dealer installed on my new camper. I asked them to install two tanks because the camper only came with one, but the setup they gave me did not secure the tanks very well & they wobbled and they were difficult to remove & re-install. Etrailer.com has a good description of the items size & their delivery & followup is second to none. I ordered the rack on Tuesday & installed it on Thursday. Perfect Fit. Problem solved. Thank You. 54634

- 1801

by: Greg from PA03/26/2013

Received my Manchester 1801 propane tank holder today. Product arrived very quickly and well packaged. I ordered other products from different companies at the same time and they arrived in crumpled boxes. This and their continuous emails from Etrailer really impressed me. The tank holder is very well made and exactly what I was looking for. Great design and simple to install. My overall experience with Etrailer has been a very good one. Would highly recommend this company. 72677

- 1801

by: Dave B.10/21/2013

I had my local welding shop add an angle iron cross member to the tounge of my enclosed trailer. It was very easy to bolt on the LP Rack. It looks great and appears to hold the 2 LP tanks securely! I'm very pleased. 104577

- 1801

by: T C08/10/2013

This bottle rack is utilitarian, constructed of stamped metal and a threaded rod. It does not come with any mounting hardware. However, the installation was quite easy. I had to drill a couple of holes in the pan and used U bolts to attach it to the trailer. I was able to use the predrilled holes in the regulator mount for my regulator. The rack seems to be quite sturdy and holds the bottles securely. 94356

- 1801

by: JP31410/10/2012

This propane bottle rack works as advertised. Although it doesn't come with instructions, there are ony 5 parts to figure out. The slots in the base lined up with mounting platform on my Starcraft 2407. It took about 15 minutes to swap out my old single battle rack with this double bottle rack, and I was able to use the same bolts/nuts/washers on the new rack. 56864

- 1801

by: Cindy S.09/11/2013

I would say excellent but I haven't installed it yet! :) I do, however, have it on good authority from other R-Pod owners that it's brilliant. 99423


Those R-Pod owners are a wild bunch for sure. We cut the factory mount at the welds, then just drilled a couple holes in this mount and through the existing cross members, solid.

comment by: Mark S - 10/17/2013


- 1801

by: Dan E.06/18/2012

I purchased and am currently renovating an '02 Coleman Mesa Pop Up. This dual bottle rack fits into the "L" bracket channels on the trailer tongue like a custom fabrication.. I am extremely pleased with the product, pricing, and quick delivery 44608

- 1801

by: Tonupguy07/17/2011

I had a single 5 gallon lp rack on my tt and replaced it with this dual rack. Mounted up perfectly with no issues and now I have the conveniece of having twice the lp capacity for a longer road trip. 19564

- 1801

by: Chet M.05/14/2015

I've ordered from eTrailer several times. I have always been impressed by the quick shipping times and the quality of their products. I would not hesitate to order from them again. 192982

- 1801

by: Charles W06/12/2015

Came in a timely manner. Was well packaged. This will be perfect for my recently obtained teardrop camper trailer. Thank you for a great product and great service. 202728

- 1801

by: Robert01/14/2013

The part was the right part, it arrived very fast and the price was excellent. I will continue to shop etrailer and highly recommend them! 63022

- 1801

by: Todd B.03/01/2012

Does what it's supposed to do. The threaded rod has a tendency to unthread so I used some threadlocker where the rod attaches to the base. 32903

- 1801

by: L. Lindsay11/27/2013

The product was exactly as described and worked great. The best part was etrailer keeping me updated on my order status the whole way. 108635

- 1801

by: S. Warren04/15/2014

I had to figure a way to mount on to the trailer but I mounted the unit and put on the two tanks securely and should be good to go. 125252

- 1801

by: M Parks02/17/2015

Exactly what I wanted for my new trailer. I need to carry more than one tank of propane and this is perfect. 175076

- 1801

by: Paul01/29/2014

Looks and fits perfect. 2 tanks will be a lot easier and looks a lot better than what rv store here sales. 115164

- 1801

by: Rich C05/13/2013

Looks like this will fit my needs very well. Very impressed with the customer service at eTrailer.com!! 79983

- 1801

by: Reed H.11/16/2011

The Product came boxed very well and in excellent shape. Will do business with them again in the future. 27042

- 1801

by: Daniel06/19/2014

This was a very easy install. There is no mounting hardware in the kit. Overall, a good product. 136497

- 1801

by: Adam B.04/11/2011

Item was just as described and worked great. This is just what I was looking for. Thanks! 11476

- 1801

by: Trent04/22/2015

Quick shipping. Good price. A much better look on the front of our camper. Thanks 187513

- 1801

by: bob d04/20/2012

what I needed for a project, as described. packed in heavy box! happy with product. 37812

- 1801

by: Jeff K06/06/2012

I had to do a little modification to fit the need but works good, Thankyou Jeff 42978

- 1801

by: Neal12/08/2014

I received this item ahead of schedule and it was as expected . 163683

- 1801

by: Henry H.11/06/2014

Very well made. Very prompt shipping. Thanks! 159762

- 1801

by: jason05/05/2015

worked great..exactly what I wanted! THANK YOU 190602

- 1801

by: Doug M11/11/2014

Works great, just what I thought it would be. 160388

- 1801

by: Barry Bacon04/28/2011

Fast Delivery, Good price 12504

- 1801

by: Bill A.05/24/2012

A great product. 41515


Ask the Experts about this Manchester Tank Trailer Cargo Control
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  • How to Mount the Dual Propane Bottle Rack for 5 Gallon Tanks # 1801
  • The Propane Bottle Rack for 5 Gallon Tanks, # 1801, does not come with frame mounting hardware due to the many different frame designs that are available for the rack to be mounted on. You could use U bolts or carriage bolts and straps that will accommodate the size of your trailer frame. Alternatively you could use self tapping bolts and mount directly into the top of the trailer frame. I added a photo of a propane tank holder and propane tanks setup on an RV trailer for you, although...
    view full answer...

  • How to Install Propane Tank Rack # 1801 on a Trailer
  • The Propane Tank rack, part # 1801, actually will be bolted to your trailer through the mounting slots provided in the oval base. To load your propane tanks, you will need to remove the top wing nut and horizontal piece with the teeth on it, place the tanks, and then tighten the horizontal piece over the top handles of the tanks. For extra support, you can bolt the extra U-piece to an upright frame or support on your trailer.
    view full answer...

  • Using Manchester Dual LP Tank Holder # 1801 with Camco Propane Tank Cover # CAM40525
  • If you go with the # CAM40525 cover, it should clear that tank holder with no problem at all, as you can see in the photo I provided, the central threaded rod isn't any taller than the collars at the top of the tanks. The bracket could be used to attach the regulator. You'd need the holder, the cover, and the dual regulator like part # CAM59005. You'd need to source the hardware for attaching the holder, as it's not included. To see some product demonstration videos, click the provided...
    view full answer...

  • Does the Camco Automatic Changeover 2-Stage Propane Regulator # CAM59005 Include a Mounting Bracket
  • The Camco Automatic Changeover 2-Stage Propane Regulator, # CAM59005, does not come with mounting hardware. Most trailers with two propane tanks come with the mounting bracket already installed. It is a flat metal piece with bolt holes mounted on the center screw on a dual propane setup. The mounting bracket is usually not available individually, so a trailer or RV dealer may be your best bet to find the bracket by itself. Otherwise, you can pickup a new dual propane bottle rack from...
    view full answer...

  • Will the CamCo RV Propane Tank Cover # CAM40525 Fit on a 2008 Escape 17B Trailer
  • After doing some research on your 2008 Escape 17B trailer, it appears that they came with two 20-lb steel propane tanks, so the Camco RV Propane Tank Cover, # CAM40525, should work well for you. This is a heavy-duty polyethylene cover that will stand up to crosswinds and odd air flow in any position. It also includes a cap that will allow you to access your propane tank valves without having to remove the entire cover. Another option that you may be interested in is using the Propane...
    view full answer...

  • Will the TorkLift Fortress GasLock Kit for Propane Tanks # TLA7701 Work with a Single Tank
  • The TorkLift Fortress GasLock Kit for Propane Tanks, # TLA7701, is a specially designed lock that attaches to a 3/8" threaded rod of a dual propane tank setup. I have attached a picture to illustrate the lock location. Basically you would need to install a propane bottle rack, like part # 1801, on your trailer to provide the threaded rod required to use this style of lock. I spoke with my contact at Torklift and the lock will still secure the tank even if only one is in the rack.
    view full answer...

  • Will Camco RV Polyethylene Propane Tank Cover Fit Over Threaded Propane Tank Holder On Trailer
  • The Camco RV Polyethylene Propane Tank Cover, part # CAM40521 will fit over the threaded rod and holder for your propane tanks on the trailer tongue. This cover is black. If you prefer white, the number to order is part # CAM40523. I have attached a product review video that shows a tank holder like part # 1801 installed and the tank cover being installed. It has an open bottom and slips over the tanks and will snap in place but also has two clips with holes that a bungee cord can be...
    view full answer...

  • Dimensions of the Base of the Propane Bottle Racks for Trailer
  • I attached a picture that shows the dimensions of the base of the Propane Bottle Rack part # 1801. 5 gallon and 20 lb tanks are the same size.
    view full answer...

  • How Would the Propane Bottle Rack # 1801 Mount to the Front Wall of a Gooseneck Trailer
  • That would take a little imagination and fabrication to pull off. To mount the Propane Bottle Rack # 1801 on a vertical wall you basically will need to have a qualified welder fab up a mounting bracket for the bottom of the # 1801 to attach to. There's no specific instructions on how to do this, but if you contacted a qualified trailer fabricator in your area I am sure they would be able to help you find a way to do this safely.
    view full answer...

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