Mount your spare tire up and out of the way with this corrosion-resistant carrier. Features steel plate construction and a security locking hole for added security. Fits both 4- and 5-lug wheels and up to 3" x 4" tongues. Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Cargo Control from Fulton. Fulton Hi-Mount Spare Tire Carrier - Fits 4- and 5-Lug Wheels part number FSTC1000301 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Fulton Hi-Mount Spare Tire Carrier - Fits 4- and 5-Lug Wheels

Fulton Trailer Cargo Control

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Fulton Trailer Cargo Control - FSTC1000301

Mount your spare tire up and out of the way with this corrosion-resistant carrier. Features steel plate construction and a security locking hole for added security. Fits both 4- and 5-lug wheels and up to 3" x 4" tongues.


  • Clamp-on installation - no drilling required
  • Welded, reinforced steel plate construction
  • Corrosion-resistant, zinc plating
  • Security locking hole for locking wheel and bracket to trailer (security cable and lock sold separately)


  • Fits both 4- and 5-lug wheels
  • Works with 4 on 4 bolt pattern and 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern with 10" diameter or larger wheels
    • Does not work with 5 on 4-3/4 bolt pattern, 5 on 5 bolt pattern or 5 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern
  • Fits trailer tongues up to 3" wide x 4" high
  • 5-1/2" rise

Product detail

Product detail

STC1000301 Fulton Hi-Mount Spare Tire Carrier

Video of Fulton Hi-Mount Spare Tire Carrier - Fits 4- and 5-Lug Wheels

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Video Transcript for Fulton Trailer Cargo Control FSTC1000301 Review

Today were going to review part number FSTC1000301. This is the Fulton high mount spare tire carrier. This will fit four and five lug wheels. This will allow you to mount your spare tire up and out of the way with this corrosion resistant carrier. It is a clamp on installation. I have an example here of this part which would clamp onto the trailer frame.

Theres no drilling required. The carrier is made of a welded reinforced steel plate construction. It also has corrosion resistant zinc plating. Also right here this hole at the very top is a security locking hole. That allows you to lock your spare tire wheel tot eh bracket and the trailer.

If you go to the product page for this part number we will list related products for different cables that are sold separately that you would be able to secure your tire wheel to this carrier. Again this fits both four and five lug wheels. Itll work with the four-on-four bolt pattern and the five-on-four and a half bolt pattern with 10 inch diameter or larger wheels. It will not work with any of the five-on-four and three quarters, five-on-five or five-on five and half bolt patterns. I have this setup to fit a this carrier will fit trailer tongues up to 3 inches wide and 4 inches high and thats how I have this one setup right now.

It also comes with shorter bolts that will allow it to fit on smaller trailer frames like 2 inch by 3 inch or 2 inch by 4 inch. All the hardware is included. Up here youd have two bolts that you would sit your wheel, align the holes of the bolt pattern with these two and tighten it down to secure the spare tire to this. Once this is on the trailer frame it will rise right here about 5 inches above the trailer frame. Then the distance from the frame to the back of this holder is going to be 4 inches.

That should do it for review on part number FSTC1000301.

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Customer Reviews

Fulton Hi-Mount Spare Tire Carrier - Fits 4- and 5-Lug Wheels - FSTC1000301

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (268 Customer Reviews)

Mount your spare tire up and out of the way with this corrosion-resistant carrier. Features steel plate construction and a security locking hole for added security. Fits both 4- and 5-lug wheels and up to 3" x 4" tongues.

- FSTC1000301

by: Mike S04/11/2014

You guys/gals at eTrailer are a model for GREAT customer service and products. I'm an IT Professional and love the order tracking with a map ... never seen that before. The product came quickly (thanks for upgrading my shipping FOR FREE!). Nicely manufactured part and the short bolts fit nicely on the relatively short single tongue of my 5x8 Carry-On trailer (13" wheels) with enough clearance to allow swinging up the wheeled tongue jack. The height of this unit allowed for ample ground clearance (about 10") from the bottom of the spare to the ground. In the event that the trailer ball came off at speed, the tire would hit the ground before the end of the coupler, not a good situation but I think the trailer would be less likely to dig in and pitch its contents off like a trebuchet! After looking at it installed, I think I could raise it an inch or so by sliding the unit up on the tongue and using a block to takes up the space between the top of the tongue and the bolts. Very happy ... if you need a tongue mount in a cramped space like I did, I highly recommend this. There is also a hole in the section that extends out away from the trailer's tongue through which you can pass a chain/security cable and if you cinch it up tight enough will prevent removal of the wheel and/or the mount itself. Nice! 124743

- FSTC1000301

by: Socalal11/23/2014

I have two little Honda CT-90's, and a couple of months ago I purchased a small utility trailer to haul them around on. I've been really concerned because there was no place for a spare tire. Problem solved. I bought your Fulton Hi-Mount spare tire rack and had it installed in about 30 minutes. The little 12" tire fits on the rack perfectly. THANKS! 162280

- FSTC1000301

by: Alan B06/30/2014

My bracket arrived when expected and I couldn't be happier with the service received from I needed something to attach my cargo trailer's spare tire to the trailer frame and this bracket did the trick. I installed it so that the spare rests horizontally on top of the frame and not on the side. Installation was easy and the tire is secure. I now have much needed space inside my trailer. 138375


Still works great! Very happy with the bracket.

Alan B - 06/30/2015


- FSTC1000301

by: don t10/21/2013

The material is very heavy duty and installation only took 15 minutes. Works very well to free up more space in a small cargo trailer. 104520


Continues to do the job. Some light corrosion as the result of salt treated roadways.don t

don t - 10/21/2014


- FSTC1000301

by: John Curran03/28/2012

This was my very 1st order from etrailer and my experience has been wonderful as follows: 1- Inititial Ordering Website: Phenominal!!! 2- Available Products: Incredible Variety with clear Specifications!!! 3- Ease, Clarity & Speed of Delivery: Incredible!!! 4- Customer/Order follow-up Service: Unbelievable, Thanks Katherine H and Dawson K, you guys are what makes it all happen!!! The shown product item: "Fulton High Mount Spare Tire Carrier" along with the the "Instructions PDF" describes very well how this product is used, therefore, any pictures from my system would not be of much benefit, however, I will say that "etrailer", is deserving of very "HIGH" praise of it's People & it's Products and I "Highly recommend their Products" and most of all "Their Fantastic People & Service" being one and the same!!! Thanks, John P. Curran, Gloucester Virginia. 35422

- FSTC1000301

by: Sam Johnson06/22/2012

I ordered this Fulton Spare Tire Mount to attach the 8 inch wheels as spares. I found that when I mounted the 8 inch rim on the support, the rim came in contact with the support arm and didnot allow the wheel to make a flush contact with the backing plate where the two bolts hold the wheel to the mount. I made a spacer to fit between the wheel and backing plate and used longer bolts to anchor the wheel to the support. This should be noted in the catalog that the support was not built for the 8 inch wheel. The unit would fit a larger wheel ok. Just take a new 8 inch wheel and try to fit it flush on the support. The support and the wheel were of good quality. The only problem is the arm between the two plates should be three inchs longer and the problem would be solved. Sam Johnson 45321


Listed in the specs is a note that the carrier should only be used with 10 inch or larger wheels.

Patrick B - 11/30/2012


- FSTC1000301

by: pegavas106/02/2014

Comes with all mounting hardware. very solid bracket. could weld install, or drill and tap install also. Well constructed. 133673


Mount works great on car hauler trailer. Have access to spare when trailer loaded. solid mount have no issues with product. Has various ways to mount.

pegavas1 - 06/02/2015


- FSTC1000301

by: Jellman10/16/2012

Great product, keeps tire up and away from the frame 57406


The products are still in place and working great. No issues or concerns. They have been through a harsh NewEngland winter being towed with a 4 place snowmobile trailer - worked great..

Jellman - 04/17/2014


- FSTC1000301

by: Raul B.04/03/2013

I finally got tired of having to lug around my spare tire in the back of my truck and ordered this spare tire carrier. It installs in less than 5 minutes and I love the fact that two sets of screws are included, short and long. This made my install even quicker because the short screws fit perfect and required less turns of my trusty ratchet. It is on my trailer very securely and is holding my spare tire ever so tightly. The built in lock is a must to thwart away any would be thieves. It is sad that we live in times where we have to lock everything down, but I am glad this feature is part of this product. Once again, excellent product, great price, super fast shipping. etrailer rocks! 73958

- FSTC1000301

by: Pat H.07/20/2012

I have two of these and they are both sturdy and durable. I installed the first about two years ago and the second a few days ago. The welding process warped the trailer frame plate slightly and this moved the bolt holes out of alignment on the second one. I could not assemble it until I re-aligned the holes by inserting a large screw driver into the hole and bending the plate. It'd didn't take much movement to make it right, but had I not done that I could not have installed it. Once this was done though everything went very well. The first one I installed has had zero durability problems. I would have rated it "excellent" but for the install hassle. 48615

- FSTC1000301

by: Dave09/29/2013

This is the second product I have ordered from etrailer and I must say I am a satisfied customer. Products are as described (no surprises) and were shipped fast to my house. I bought the trailer hitch kit and mounted to my VW Tiguan. Everything lined up perfectly. I recently ordered the spare tire mount for my LoadRite trailer and and it fit perfectly. Great company with great products and excellent customer service 101955

- FSTC1000301

by: Ken N07/14/2015

I am always a little worried about ordering anything online for a business I haven't used before. Well there is no problem ordering from here. Once I placed my order (late on Saturday) I received a confirmation email. Sunday I received the shipping notice and it was at my front door midday Tuesday. The order was correct and packed well. Today many businesses forget to appreciate the customer. I never felt this way with my order which included an email to make sure my order was correct. I will not hesitate ordering again from here and telling my friends about this company. Thank you Ken 211787

- FSTC1000301

by: Ken B.07/01/2014

This spare tire mount also arrived on time, like all my other items. I was impressed with it and it looks to be a quality made piece. My only negative comment about this item is this. It came with two sets of mounting bolts to attach it to the bumper. I have the typical 4" square RV bumper shown in the picture advertising the item. However, neither set of bolts were long enough to fit my bumper. This required me taking a trip to my local Home Depot to buy 4 longer bolts in order to mount it. No big deal really, just annoying. The mount itself however is great and works perfectly. 138502

- FSTC1000301

by: Dan Waddle03/24/2015

Really easy to install (once I read the instructions!!!!) Got it installed in less than 10 Mins (even including initial blind attempt) Rebecca provided great customer service by adding this carrier after my initial purchase of a spare tire and wheel was already submitted and they arrived the next day!!! Most companies would have made it two separate purchases. 180661

- FSTC1000301

by: TerryLee04/23/2014

This mount holds my 14" spare tire on my trailer securely. Installation was no problem and I'm very satisfied with it. etrailer's service is top notch as well! 126844

- FSTC1000301

by: Mike H.06/11/2012

Spare tire carrier fit up perfect. EZ to install only five minutes to bolt on and adjust. The galvanized surfaces look good and should resist rusting for a long time. The spare wheel and tire are just what I ordered, I tired the wheel on the cart and it fit as designed. Hopefully I'll never need it but it is ready to use if that situation arises. 43675

- FSTC1000301

by: MFG12/17/2010

Fulton Spare Tire Carrier I was looking for a spare tire carrier for my small, single axle trailer and checked around at some of the local stores. None of them stocked spare tire carriers so I got on the internet and found eTrailer. eTrailer has the biggest selection of trailer parts of any store. The prices are reasonable and the service and quality of the merchandise is great. The Fulton spare tire carrier is actually heavy duty. The photo doesn't do it justice. Installation is simple, just as the photo shoes. 4265

- FSTC1000301

by: Eric H.06/18/2014

Rating excellent for installation ease. Went right on, a perfect fit. Instructions suggest using a torque wrench to ensure proper bolt tightness (20lb-ft) but you might get away doing it by hand if you're careful. They suggest 45 lb-ft for the lug nuts holding on the tire. I thought the angle of the bracket would make the tire hang too far away from the post, but with the tire on it it actually looks pretty solid. Some of the metal has sharp edges from manufacturing, so be careful. 136393

- FSTC1000301

by: Marshall06/05/2015

Seems like a great product, shipping took about a week for me. Only thing bad I have to say is the place I wanted to mount it on my boat trailer, the frame was too big and this would not adjust to that size. That's completely my fault for not measuring! But I found another spot that works just fine and from start to finish I had my spare tire mounted on the trailer in about 10 minutes! Very happy now as I've never been able to pack a spare trailer tire for the trailer! 200950

- FSTC1000301

by: Billy05/08/2014

Not only did have the best prices for my products, their customer service was excellent. They kept me updated with the status of my order, and they upgraded my shipping method without additional costs, which got me my products sooner. The products were of high quality, and I got exactly what I needed. I highly recommend doing business with this company. I intent to continue my association with for future purchases. 129599

- FSTC1000301

by: Michael04/12/2012

The Tire Carrier and it's hardware look strong and should work very well. The lock is simple to use and will make it difficult for anyone to steal the wheel. To do so, they will have to unbolt all 4 nuts to remove the Carrier and then cut away the lock to steal the wheel. Way too much trouble for a $25 wheel and tire. Etrailer was very easy to deal with and my parts were shipped quickly. I'd definitely deal with them again. 36926

- FSTC1000301

by: Bob Pierleoni06/05/2015

Received and mounted the tire carrier today, took all of about 8 minutes. Works great. Did not want to mount on the tongue area, I felt it would be in the way when I power load the boat and climb down to winch it forward. I mounted on the side and it does not stick out any more than the tires so it won't interfere when I back in my garage. I wish the product came with a cable lock. Boat is an 18 ft. Nitro 200805

- FSTC1000301

by: Dean S.04/26/2012

The products I ordered are of the best quality and fit my application perfectly. As happy as I am about the parts, the Customer Service is what made my experience with etrailer so enjoyable. They worked with me to find me the right parts and were courteous and professional through the whole process. Thanks etrailer, you made a new lifetime customer. I will be singing your praises to everyone! 38441

- FSTC1000301

by: Jack07/26/2014

Had to add a spare tire on a trailer I purchased and this fit the bill for me. I don't think it is for an 8 inch wheel but it is on the trailer and the spare tire is mounted on it just fine. 143083

- FSTC1000301

by: C Hobbs12/05/2013

Quality looks good. But Made in Mexico is a skirt around the American people that can also make this item. Its all about the dollar. How much can we make, how fast and who can we get it from. 109248

- FSTC1000301

by: vern t04/17/2011

i have not installed it yet , but i belive it to easily done . if it becomes difficult i will inform you. ps you need to install a different way to mount the unit with a secured tamper proof bolt security system . the way it is , all you have to do is carry a pair of channel lock pliers wiith you and it would only take a matter of minutes and you would have a mount and spare tire . 11883

- FSTC1000301

by: Kent03/26/2013

Good quality product. I failed to research the product information enough and ordered a spare tire mount for a trailer much smaller than what I own. I have a 20' flat bed car hauler with 15: wheels. With a slight bit of modification I was able ro make it work. I would like to commend on great customer service! I will highly recommend you! 72678

- FSTC1000301

by: Woodie05/28/2012

Great product, fast shipping from etrailer, and easy to install. I am very happy with this purchase! 41868


Which model us on this picture and how much

comment by: Reny n - 01/26/2014


If you are asking which spare tire carrier model, it is the Fulton FSTC1000301. If you are looking for the model of something else in the photo, just let me know what, and I can see what info I can track down.

Patrick B - 2/5/2014

- FSTC1000301

by: Donald S.06/30/2013

The Hi-Mount Spare tire carrier is made to mount to the frame of the trailer but is too low as mounted. With my 15" wheel and tire mounted on it the bottom of the tire was within 1/2'' of the ground. I have a 5'X8' Route 66 Cargo Trailer. The mount is very well made and heavy duty if you have a trailer/tire combination that it will fit. 86767

- FSTC1000301

by: Fuzzy12/24/2014

Order arrived in a nicely packed box and all parts were in good condition. The spare tire carrier was easy to install and now my trailer will not ever have to be stranded on the side of the road because I did not have a spare tire with me (already had the spare ready to mount) Thanks...great price, quick delivery, solid product. 166814

- FSTC1000301

by: Ozzie09/23/2012

This carrier seemed sturdy and strong on my trailer. It took me no time to install and they even give you longer bolts in case of a thicker tongue. I had a 5 bolt wheel and it went on with no problems. It also comes with an extra hole to put in a lock cable. I bought the lock to go on the bolts for easier on/off and neater. 55566

- FSTC1000301

by: SD Mike11/15/2011

I purchased this tire holder due to my trailer not having one when I bought it. The bracket is heavily built and comes with all the hardware to mount to your specific trailer. This bracket is zinc coated and appealing to the eye, although I have not mounted the tire yet it will be very easy and straight forward job. 26993

- FSTC1000301

by: Chris07/16/2014

This spare wheel carrier bolted straight on to the A-frame at the front of the boat trailer. It is rugged and well made. The only problem I had was putting the thin washers on the wheel carrier bolts. I had to tap them into position and one I got on backwards. More explicit instructions would have helped. 141626

- FSTC1000301

by: Craig L.12/03/2012

Needed to move the spare on our Aliner to the front so we could use the hitch receiver on the rear for a bike rack. This unit is much sturdier than what was available from the RV dealer. and was a very easy install. Good selection, price and service from etrailer...what more could you need to know? 60575

- FSTC1000301

by: dhart2701/10/2015

Excellent product. All hardware included and easy to install. Took about 10 or 15 minutes. Perfect for my boat trailer. Works on 4 and 5 lug wheels. The price is very good and it came quickly as well.I would highly recommend this spare mount by Fulton. Great service from E Trailer. Thanks 168555

- FSTC1000301

by: Waddie09/16/2014

Sets the spare out a few inches so the boat hull doesn't hit. Came with good hardware, and even has a hole in the mounting plate which I can run the recommended safety/security cable through. The galvanizing is heavy and looks to last. Very basic piece of equipment and built sturdy. 151511

- FSTC1000301

by: Danny A10/03/2013

Typical service from Order arrived promptly and was exactly as described. The spare tire carrier fit my Aluma 6310 trailer perfectly and was obviously built to last. Quality products and world class service, that's why I am a repeat customer of! Thanks guys! 102414

- FSTC1000301

by: Jay B09/12/2013

Good, solid product. Adaptable to various frame sizes and tires. My only complaint is that the instruction only tell you guidelines on where to mount it. They do NOT tell you how to mount it! It's not hard to figure out from the illustration, but I don't understand the omission. 99695

- FSTC1000301

by: John F.07/16/2014

Heavy duty with good welds. Made in Mexico. I painted with rustoleum before installation. Note: Unit is supplied with 2 sets of installation bolts, 4 inch and 3 inch. If you are planning on installing on the 4 inch rear bumper you'll have to go buy four 3/8X5 inch bolts. 141519

- FSTC1000301

by: Scott H03/08/2011

I have yet to install this on the trailer because its parked to close to the fence at the moment. However, It looks sturdy and big enough to handle my spare tire. Now I can get the spare out from under the Her Majesty's queen size bed so she can pack more stuff under it. :) 8781

- FSTC1000301

by: John V.10/06/2013

This product was just what I needed for the spare tire on my trailer. Easy to assemble and worked well with my new wheels. The hardware is high quality and installation was simple. I do plan on having it welded to the trailer for neatness. Good product, good price. 102703

- FSTC1000301

by: Ken F07/24/2011

Spare Tire carrier fit perfectly and only took a couple of minutes to install. The fender and wire harness was exactly what I wanted and needed to fix my trailer. Everything arrived in time for me to get it installed and ready for the next weeks trip to the lake! 20127

- FSTC1000301

by: Woody08/22/2015

Good solid part. Much better quality than those sold in Hardware store chain and Farm supply chain store. One piece simplicity, easy to install. Good price, great turnaround purchase. Received it in a timely manner and the shipping was reasonable. Thank you. 221043

- FSTC1000301

by: Jeff Anderson03/16/2015

Thank you etrailer made this remodel easy and affordable 178732

- FSTC1000301

by: Roger A08/05/2011

Installation was straightforward. Holds the spare securely. The nuts that hold the wheel in place are 3/4", it would be nice if they were the same size as the lug-nuts, which are 13/16", but I know that other trailers probably have different sized lug nuts. 21192

- FSTC1000301

by: Rod F.06/23/2014

Great product. Exactly as described. easy to install. 137157

- FSTC1000301

by: Bruce W.07/11/2013

Product was excellent and shipping fast. I truly appreciated the follow-up emails which is great customer service. The adapter fit the trailer perfectly and the tire mounted effortlessly. I highly recommend for any trailer needs. 88883

- FSTC1000301

by: Dan H.12/07/2012

I purchased a spare tire and wheel from etrailer and obviously needed a way to mount it on the trailer. This is a good solid well made bracket and although neither will be used until spring I look forward to a simple and solid installation. 60959

- FSTC1000301

by: Bill R05/18/2011

Product worked well. Seems very strong and well made. Easy to put on. Would've been nice if there was a diagram showing the what washers went where. No real instructions, but, I think I have the washers where they're supposed to go. 14659

- FSTC1000301

by: Ed K05/04/2011

Mount was easy to install, looks great and is functional. Helps keep my spare out of the way yet accessible. Etrailer was excellent to deal with from selection to delivery... I will be back to them when I need something additional. 12866

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