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Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 10" Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Stainless Steel - 3,500 lbs

Kodiak Trailer Brakes

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Kodiak Trailer Brakes - K2R35S

Trailer disc brake kit includes 2 assemblies with rustproof, stainless steel rotors; calipers; and mounting brackets. Assemblies fit 3,500-lb axles and 14" and larger wheels. The 10" rotor features a 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern.


  • Brake assemblies make it easy to change from an idler axle to a disc brake axle
  • Disc brakes deliver better performance than drum brakes
    • More consistent stopping, even at highway speeds
    • Dramatically shorter stopping distance
  • Maintenance costs are lower than for drum brakes
    • Fewer moving parts to maintain, repair and replace
  • Stainless steel construction is durable and rustproof - ideal for extended marine use
    • 1,000-Hour salt-spray rating
  • Slip-on, over-the-hub rotors
    • Fit over standard idler hub and are held in place by wheel and wheel bolts
    • Remove easily for maintenance
      • No need to replace entire hub-and-rotor assembly if only hub or rotor becomes damaged
    • Increase distance from hub face to hub face by 1/2"
    • Prevent heat-related damage with vented design that effectively dissipates heat
  • Stainless steel calipers are self-adjusting for smooth, equal braking
    • Stainless steel construction does not flex like aluminum
      • Absolute corrosion protection - ideal for extended marine use
    • Low-drag design retracts piston farther than other calipers for a cooler-running brake
    • Stainless steel piston is 2-1/4" in diameter - 30 percent larger than other brands
      • More braking torque than the competition
    • High-performance, ceramic brake pads
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets provide strength and durability
    • Side-support design ensures that load is placed on bracket, not bolts
    • Extra embossing for additional thread contact ensures tight, secure mounting for caliper guide bolts
    • 4-Bolt brake flange mounting configuration - weld-on flange sold separately
  • Kit includes 2 full brake assemblies
    • 2 Stainless steel rotors
    • 2 Stainless steel calipers
    • 2 Stainless steel caliper-mounting brackets
    • 4 Stainless steel caliper-mounting bolts
  • Hydraulic brake actuator and lines (sold separately) are required for brakes to be activated
    • Requires psi rating of at least 1,500
  • Made in USA


  • Fits:
    • Axle capacity: 3,500 lbs
      • #84 Spindle
    • Wheel size: 14" and larger
  • Bolt pattern: 5 on 4-1/2"
  • Overall rotor diameter: 10-7/8"
  • Brake flange configuration: 4 bolt
  • 6-Year warranty

Disc Brakes

More and more people are switching their trailers over to disc brakes, and with good reason. Disc brakes deliver consistent braking - even at highway speeds - unlike drum brakes, which often show a substantial drop in braking torque at higher speeds. In addition, disc brakes offer a substantially shorter stopping distance than drum brakes.

Disc brake calipers have only one moving part, rather than the many found in drum brakes. This means that there are fewer parts to maintain, fewer parts to get damaged and fewer parts to have to repair or replace, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Over-the-Hub Rotor

Kodiak's slip-on, stainless steel rotor makes it easy to convert an idler axle to a disc brake axle. Simply place the rotor over your hub. It is most often wheel bolt piloted for a loose fit and then held in place by the wheel itself. With a separate rotor and hub, you can easily repair or replace one element of your brake system without having to junk the whole thing.


Kodiak calipers are constructed of stainless steel to prevent flexing and rust. Less flex means more braking torque, resulting in smooth, even braking every time. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel piston is 30 percent larger than standard pistons, ensuring shorter stopping distance and increased torque. In addition, the unique low-drag design of Kodiak's calipers allows the piston to retract farther than in most standard models, giving you a cooler-running brake.

Mounting Brackets

Designed for axles with 4-bolt brake flange configurations, the included mounting brackets are made of heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel that is embossed to provide additional threading for guide bolts. The added thread strength ensures a tighter, more secure connection between the caliper and bracket. Another unique feature of Kodiak's brackets is the side-support angle, which guarantees that the load is carried by the bracket, rather than the bolts.

2/RCM-10-SS Kodiak Disc Brakes - 2 Wheel Set - Rotor Only - Stainless Steel - 3,500 lbs

Video of Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 10" Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Stainless Steel - 3,500 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Demo Kodiak Trailer Brakes K2R35S
Kodiak Trailer Brakes K2R35S Review

Video Transcript for Kodiak Trailer Brakes K2R35S Review

Today we're going to review part number K2R35S. This is the Kodiak disc brake kit with the 10" rotor, 5 on 4-1/2" bolt pattern, stainless steel finish, and it fits 3,500 pound axles. Now these brake assembles will make it easy to change from an idler axle to a disc brake axle. Your disc brakes will deliver better performance than drum brakes, and it will give you more consistent stopping even at highway speeds, and it's also a dramatically shorter stopping distance. Also, the maintenance costs are lower than for drum brakes because you'll have fewer moving parts to maintain, repair, or replace. Now this kit is all stainless steel construction, which is very durable and rust-proof. It's ideal for extended marine use.

All the parts have a 1,000 hour salt spray rating. Now these over-the-hub rotors, these are a slip-on over-the-hub rotor. You can see you just line it up with the wheel studs on the idler hub and this will slide right over. Fits over the standard idler hub and is held in place by the wheel and the wheel lugs. You can remove this easily for maintenance.

There's no need to replace an entire hob and rotor assembly if only your hub or the rotor becomes damaged. If you notice on this rotor also it is vented so that will effectively dissipate the heat, and it prevents any heat-related damage to the rotor. Now on the calipers they are also a stainless steel construction. They are self-adjusting for smooth equal braking. The stainless steel construction does not flex like aluminum. Gives you a absolute corrosion protection so it's ideal for the extended marine use.

Also, the piston is a stainless steel piston that's in here. It has a low drag design, which means it retracts the piston farther than other calipers, keeps the brake pads off the rotor so it gives you a cooler-running brake. Now that stainless steel piston right here, right down in here, it is 2-1/4" in diameter, which is about 30% larger than other brands, so that will give you more braking torque than the competition. Then the brake pads, right here here you can see they are high performance ceramic brake pad. Now the stainless steel mounting brackets, they will provide strength and durability. You notice them, they do have a nice side support design. This will ensure that the load's placed on the whole bracket, not just on the bolts.

Up at the very top it does have some extra embossing for additional thread contact, so when you use your caliper bolts to attach the caliper to this bracket it will ensure a tight, secure mount. If you notice this bracket it is a 4-bolt brake flange mounting configuration, so this will need to be put on an axle that has a 4-bolt brake flange. Now if your axle doesn't have a flange, we do sell a weld-on flange separately on our website. No this kit does include two full brake assemblies, so it's actually two stainless steel rotors, slip-on rotors, two stainless steel calipers, two stainless steel caliper mounting brackets, and then the four stainless steel caliper mounting bolts. Now one note I do want to mention is that when you do switch to disc brakes they do require a higher line pressure, about 1,500 psi, when compared to the standard drum brakes. What you need to make sure is that on your trailer you will have a brake actuator that will at least have a minimum of 1,500 psi rating for it to work correctly. A few specs on this. The axle capacity it fits on is 3,500 pounds. It does fit the axle with a number 84 spindle. does use a wheel size of 14" and larger. The bolt pattern is a 5 on 4-1/2" bolt pattern. The wheel stud size is 1/2", so it does use 1/2" lung nuts. Now the overall diameter on one of these is 10-7/8". Again, just to mention on the brake flange, it does use the 4-bolt brake flange configuration. That should do it for the review on part number K2R35S, the Kodiak disc brake kit with the 10" rotor and 5 on 4-1/2" bolt pattern, and the finish is in stainless steel. .

Customer Reviews

Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 10" Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Stainless Steel - 3,500 lbs - K2R35S

Average Customer Rating:  ratingratingratingratingrating4.8 out of 5 stars   (24 Customer Reviews)

Trailer disc brake kit includes 2 assemblies with rustproof, stainless steel rotors; calipers; and mounting brackets. Assemblies fit 3,500-lb axles and 14" and larger wheels. The 10" rotor features a 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern.

- K2HR858D

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Montie01/04/2012

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

6 Horse Trailer Triple Axle With 20' Living Quarters 18,000# no horses, 24,0000# with horses. Three 8K Dexter Electric Drum Brake Axles. Took off old electric drum brakes (6 of them) without much problem other than "breaking" so many lug nuts. Caliper brackets mounted up just fine and fit perfectly on the spindle bases of the axle. After that, the rotors were installed with new bearings and seals, and again everything fit as it should. The old spindles were grease and the new hubs were oil bath. After researching, I decided to leave the zerks in and pack the bearings with grease even though they were also capable of oil bath. Calipers fitted nicely although some of the powder coating on both parts were inconsistent, although the fit did not seem to cause a problem. The brakes pads are not sticking. I picked the 1600 PSI Carlisle EOH actuator, I guess in part on its shape, and in part the brakes said 1500 PSI min and the 1600 PSI of the unit over 6 tires sounded good. It also was clearly stated as compatible with my 2011 F450 factory controller. It turned out to be easy to wire and mount. I used the suggested gauge wire and moved the controller as far back and close to the axles as I could. I ordered several of the brake line kits and other than the rubber sections, I had to cut every line. The line was 3/16 and the literature suggested that runs more than 20' might be best served with 1/4. But trying to put together all the 1/4 parts proved too difficult so I stayed with the 3/16. Using a hand double flaring tool I had to make about 10 of my own flares, and about three of them leaked...a little, but still leak. Had to redo those. The little 90 degree fitting on the calipers needed to be rotated in my installation, and it was impossible to turn it w/o bending it to being useless. I finally figured out that if the hose was installed first, and then you rotated it, the hose fitting kept the 90 from collapsing. So that all finally got done nicely. Came time to bleed, and it went pretty easily. Had to jack the controller in the truck up to 6 plus to get enough flow to bleed effectively. Mounted the tires up using the old lug nuts but with anti-seize this time, torqued to 150 ft lbs and made sure front bearings greased well... and went for the first road test. On my f450 with truck controller set to EOH and at a setting of about 6, it stops the trailer better than my Freightliner Sportchassis M2 did with the electric brakes. The 6 trailer discs are doing a lot of work. On my first 100 mile trip, the surface never got to over 100 degrees. Granted it was 60 outside, but still, they seemed to cool nicely. They also all read the same which indicated to me that they were all working the same, which was what I wanted, as this to me indicates that pads are not rubbing and all the bleeding is correct. Progressiveness is nice and I'm glad I did not split a gut trying to go after the 1/4 steel tubing. If you crank it up to 8,9 or 10, which I might do if I haul all six horses, I'm confident it will stop great as now it is way too much with two horses. Anyway, I'm happy and satisfied with the project. I wish my brake lines were straighter underneath and that they might need to be supported more frequently, but I'll tweak that soon. You pretty much have to understand how brakes work to pull this off on your own. The few times I wanted to double check things, both e-trailer and Kodiak were pretty much instantly available and gave good help. It took me alone probably close to 40 man hours to completely finish and test, and I'm pretty good at working on things and had proper tools...other than the crappy hand line flaring tool :-) On any significant trailer purchase that I ever make again, I will only get discs. They are at least 40%-50% stronger stopping (maybe more) than the electric drums were, and of course they will last longer, be easier to service, and I think are surely more reliable. Also, the promise of not fading so badly is true. On our first "emergency" red light stop, I was gobsmacked (for my NZ friends) about how fast we could stop and no fade. I can think of no disadvantage other than spoiling you when you use one of your other trailers with electric drums, and wish they were EOH discs. I have full backseat of kids, my bride, and 6 of our horses being towed along, and doing everything you can to STOP, not just pull, is of utmost importance. 29089

- K2R35D

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Hank B05/16/2013

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

Nice quality caliper/Disc set. Hard to find a setup that has rotors without the Hub and Disc as a one piece unit. This Kodiak has a few configuration options for a separate Disc Rotor. Only one problem is that the shipping container had no packing for the protection of the components. The brake caliper hose fittings had broken through the boxes and were exposed outside the packaging. The seal plugs had fallen out of the brass caliper connections. This is a less than acceptable and desirable way to protect the units. 80504


They are still excellent in performance and quality.

Hank B - 05/16/2014


Rachael H - 5/27/2014

- K2HR712

ratingratingratingratingrating by: LarryD09/15/2014

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

After a lot of research with the help of etrailer support I purchased the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit K2HR712 and installed on a 2013 Dutchmen Rubicon 2900 with 7K lippert axles to replace the 13” Electric drum brakes. I discovered any questions about whether the disc hubs would fit my axle was eliminated when I realized I just had to verify the wheel bearing numbers for the disc hubs were the same as what was on my axles. (bearings, caps and seals do not come with the kit and need to be ordered separately). My trailer had dual axles, the disc kits came in separate boxes that did fairly well in shipping, nothing poking out of the boxes or anything. Parts matched and fitted without any problems. Again, etrailer support was very helpful in getting the correct parts and any questions I had during the installation. I could have done this myself however I choose to have a brake tech do the hydraulic lines and bleed the system out. Very satisfied with the product and support. Tried to upload pictures but kept getting errors. 151073

- K2HR35DS

ratingratingratingratingrating by: GT Marine05/12/2014

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

The Kodiak brake kit was delivered intact. When installing it , i found that you can not install this brake set on a Road King aluminum I bean trailer. the calipers will hit the frame rails. no matter where i put the caliper, unless all the way on the bottom, which isnt good . So i will have to eat this purchase. Installed the tiedown stuff that wont last 2 years in salt water. I wish there was some information about the Kodiak system needing more clearence between the caliper and the frame.I rated it a good for its not the problem of the brake manufacturer, but the trailer manufacturer for spacing the wheels so close to the frame. 130171


I just spoke to my contact at Kodiak about the clearance issue you have and he informed me that as long as your bleed the brakes with the bleeder valve pointed up you could then install the calipers in the 6:00 position and they would work just fine.

comment by: Jameson C - 05/23/2014


- K2HR35E

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Mitch08/26/2013

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

Note that these do not include bearings, grease seals, lug nuts, dust caps, or bolts to attach the bracket to the trailer. Functionally: These brakes work great. I've had them on a boat trailer with standard surge brakes for years. The e-tec coating has held up better than I would have thought. The rotors get the brunt of the corrosion - the etec wears off due to heat in addition to frictional surface. The calipers still look great though. and really - who cares if the insides of rotors are rusty? I recently bought another set for the second axle, and Kodiak actually put the wrong brackets in the box. The folks over at etrailer worked hard to get the order corrected. 96977

- K2R35DS

ratingratingratingratingrating by: fred01/09/2013

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

Easy assembly and good quality. 62642


Patrick The brakes worked out very good. I am real careful to flush them with fresh water after each use. Excellent product.

fred - 07/16/2014


- K2HR712

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Chris05/15/2013

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

The product was very good and fit as I thought. It would be important to ensure you get the right parts as not every trailer is the same. Also the Kodiak directions are terrible, if you know anything about brakes then it still should be easy, but there are a few things that need to be checked while installing 80365



comment by: BILL K - 05/25/2013


It should not be a problem so long as you have the proper size lug nuts to match the studs on on the rotors. I looked at all of the 16 inch, 8 on 6.5, aluminum wheels that we carry and they are all either for 1/2-20 studs or they will work with both 1/2-20 and 9/16-18. We do not have any of these wheels that will only fit 9/16-18.

Patrick B - 5/28/2013

- K2R35DS

ratingratingratingratingrating by: B. Haines03/25/2011

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

Products were delivered very quickly. Easy directions and installation. I just wish I would have known extra hardware would be required to install products. Tried to talk with etrailer about the addtional bolts required but they could not offer much information. They did try to answer my questions though. I used these guys twice and will use them again! 10333

- K2R35D

ratingratingratingratingrating by: bob s.09/13/2011

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

I just recieved my order from etrailer. Three day shipping and free shipping. Expecting a product simular to a brand that i purchased from a local retailer, you can see why i was pleased. The quality of the Kodiak brake kit was far superior to what i purchased locally. and less expensive. thanks bob s. 23880

- K2HR35D

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Mark M.11/03/2013

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

Product arrived in great condition no damage to packaging or contents. Easy installation about an hour for the pair. Parts are of high quality and fit is perfect. Highly recommend to anyone needing brake replacement parts, I'll be using them on my other units as needed. 106157

- K2HR526D

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Patrick04/14/2012

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

Service by etrailer was excellent, order received within 7 days and exactly what I ordered. Product is what I expected and meets the needs of the trailer I ordered it for. Thanks for the excellent service. Pat 37176

- K2HR526D

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Patrick O.01/04/2012

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

Excellent servie, parts shipped immediatlly and where exactly what I ordered. Will continue to use etrailer for all my trailer needs. Thanks for the excellent service. 29069

- K2R526D

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Casey F.05/14/2014

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

The brake kit came with everything I needed. It seems to be of good quality and is working great. Installation was very easy. Fast delivery and good customer service. 130526

- K2HR35D

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Richard04/09/2013

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

Brake kit was easy to install, replaced a separate hub and rotor combination. The races already installed was a plus. Price and shipping was right. 75125

- K2R35DS

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Steven S.10/11/2011

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

Quick processing, delivery and great customer communication; this is the reason I will make future etrailer purchases. 25405

- K2HR35D

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Jillian08/30/2014

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

Excellent product and included everything I needed for the brake job. Customer service was also amazing. 149335

- K2HR35E-8

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Victor G.09/12/2013

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

Excellent product and very fast delivery. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff, a pleasure! 99699

- K2R35D

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Scott C11/13/2013

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

Great product, very good price and kicked in 3 day shipping for free. Outstanding deal! 107273

- K2HR35DS

ratingratingratingratingrating by: frank L09/15/2014

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

Received my purchase within 3days. Everything was perfect and was easy to install 150967

- K2HR35D

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Alan, Lakeland FL07/29/2012

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

Kodiak Dacromet Looks like good stuff! Will need time to test though 49712

- K2R526S

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Larry04/17/2013

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

A little more money than aftermarket but well worth the money 76548

- K2HR2E

ratingratingratingratingrating by: scott c12/31/2013

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

Just what I was looking for 111605

- K2HR35D

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Jack07/01/2014

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit

All worked out fine 138592

- K2R526D

ratingratingratingratingrating by: ANDY03/24/2014

Review from a similar Kodiak Disc Brake Kit



Ask the Experts about this Kodiak Trailer Brakes
Expert Answers about Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 10" Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Stainless Steel - 3,500 lbs - K2R35SDo you have a question about this Trailer Brakes?

  • Can Electric Trailer Brakes be Used in Salt Water when Adding a Weight Distribution System
  • There are several options for using a weight distribution hitch with your boat trailer and keeping the brakes working properly. If you want to go to electric brakes you can, but you will need to be sure to rinse the brakes with clear water each time you use the boat in salt water conditions. I normally do not recommend electric brakes in wet conditions but it can be done. Electric brakes will corrode much faster and are not available with galvanized parts like hydraulic drum brakes are....
    view full answer...

  • Is the Titan Disc Brake Kit # T4843400 Good For a Salt Water Boat Trailer
  • In the Titan disc brake kit, # T4843400, the hubs and calipers are silver cad plated, the actuator is zinc-coated, and the lines are all steel. This is not an ideal set up for a salt water application. The best option would be to go with stainless steel parts. You could start with Kodiak disc brakes, # K2R35S. For 2 axles you would need 2 sets. They fit 14 inch and larger wheels and will fit a hub with a 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern. The rotors are the over the hub style. The actuator...
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  • Recommend Kodiak Disc Brake Kit To Fit Trailer With 13 Inch Wheels
  • The reason why the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 10 Inch Rotor, part # K2R35S, will not fit 13 inch wheels is because part # K2R35S uses a slip on rotor, so the assembly is slightly bigger making the caliper sit out further. You would need a hub and rotor assembly disc brake kit. The caliper and rotors you would need for your trailer with 13 inch wheels is the Kodiak Disc Brake Assembly, part # K1HR35S. You would need to order a quantity of 2 of part # K1HR35S, as it is sold for one side....
    view full answer...

  • Best Disc Trailer Brake Kit for Salt Water Use on 3500 Pound Axle
  • The Kodiak disc brake kit # K2R35DS is made up of Dacromet and stainless steel components. Dacromet has a 400 to 600 hour salt spray rating while stainless steel is about as corrosion resistant as you can get. Still when using these items in a salt water environment be sure to hose them off after use with fresh water. For the absolute best in corrosion resistance go with an all stainless kit like # K2R35S. I have linked installation details for you. I have also included a link to our...
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  • Availability of Rust-Proof Electric Trailer Brake Assemblies for Use in Sea Water
  • Generally electric trailer brakes are not ideal for use in or near water. Boat trailers generally use either drum or disk hydraulic braking systems to avoid mixing water and electricity, which generally do not like each other. The best brakes for salt water environments are stainless steel disc brakes, such as # K2R35S from Kodiak. It would not be a good idea to mix brake components from different manufacturers since these parts would not have been tested together.
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  • Availability of Kodiak Disc Trailer Brake Kit for Salt Water Use
  • Many of our Kodiak disc brake kits are made up of Dacromet and stainless steel components. Dacromet has a 400 to 600 hour salt spray rating while stainless steel is about as corrosion resistant as you can get. Still when using these items in a salt water environment be sure to hose them off after use with fresh water. We do not have Kodiak kits for 2 axles that include new lines and a controller. However we can build a kit for you ala carte. To build the correct kit we will need your...
    view full answer...

  • Are the Backing Plates for the Pads in a Kodiak Stainless Steel Disc Brake Kit Also Stainless Steel
  • I spoke with my contact over at Kodiak and he said that the stainless steel disc brake kits that they carry are completely stainless steel. That does include the backing plates for the pads.
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Expert Answers about Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 10" Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Stainless Steel - 3,500 lbs - K2R35SDo you have a question about this Trailer Brakes?

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