Hayes / AL-KO 12" x 2" Right Hand Electric Brake Assembly Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Brakes from Redline. Hayes/AL-KO 12" x 2" Electric Brake Assembly RH part number 185150 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Hayes/AL-KO 12" x 2" Electric Brake Assembly RH

Redline Trailer Brakes

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Redline Trailer Brakes - 185150

Hayes / AL-KO 12" x 2" Right Hand Electric Brake Assembly


  • 7,000-lb Capacity per pair
  • Mounts with either 5-bolt pattern or AL-KO/Hayes 4 bolt pattern
  • Mounting bolts included
  • Passenger side
  • Uses 12" hub/drums
  • Center hole diameter: 3-1/4"
  • Replaces Kelsey Hayes brake assemblies with 4-bolt mounting pattern

60208713 Right Side Brake Assembly for Hayes, AL-KO 12" x 2" electric brakes

Video of Hayes/AL-KO 12" x 2" Electric Brake Assembly RH

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Video Transcript for Hayes 12" x 2" Right Hand Electric Trailer Brakes Review

Show you the Hayes/AL-KO 12" x 2" Electric Brake Assemblies for the right-hand side, part number 185150. This is a 12" x 2" assembly. So measure the diameter across the shoe and there is our 12". And then we'll measure the width of the shoe and there is our 2" mark. When paired up with the assembly for the left-hand side, these brakes are good for axles rated up to 7,000 pounds. There are two mounting patterns that you can use with this assembly.

The smaller holes are for standard 5 bolt pattern. And the larger 4 holes with the two tight ones at the bottom are for the AL-KO or Hayes for bolt pattern. Also included with this assembly are a pair of flyer leads that were into the magnet that you use for your electrical connections. It doesn't matter which you use for ground and which you use for your brake feed as long as you have a good electrical connection. This is a manual adjust assembly.

So when you first install it and as the shoes wear down over time, you'll need to adjust the brakes for proper tension. To do this, you'll work (to heat) the star wheel which will expand this pin and expand the shoes to fit tight inside the hub drum assembly. The way the electric assembly works as the drum and wheel rotate around the assembly and you apply brakes inside the vehicle, this magnet will become charged and will stick to the inside of the drum. As it drags along the drum, the magnet poles on this arm which in turn opens up the brake assembly and applies brake pressure. This is an electric brake assembly, so you don't want to use it on boat or marine trailer applications.

We know that this is for the right-hand side, because we have a shorter shoe up on the front, placed in the front of the trailer, and a longer shoe placed in the rear of the trailer. And that does it for the Hayes AL-KO 12" x 2" Electric Brake Assembly for the right-hand side, part number 185150.

Customer Reviews

Hayes/AL-KO 12" x 2" Electric Brake Assembly RH - 185150

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (4 Customer Reviews)

Hayes / AL-KO 12" x 2" Right Hand Electric Brake Assembly

- 185150

by: Walter L.12/06/2013

I have not had a chance to make sure they will work,but your service wass excellent,and the product looks the same.If they work I will need two more so I will let you know.Thanks for your support and help,Walt 109347

- 185150

by: Pete G08/16/2014

The brake assembly was an exact replacement for my Keystone 5th wheel trailer trailer.All new mounting nuts and bolts were included. 146976

- 185150

by: Casey05/06/2014

The brakes fit perfect. Great customer service. I will be back to purchase more from etrailer.com 129209

- 185150

by: Hartman01/29/2015

Easy to install. Worked well on a 1,000 mile trip without issues. 171708


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  • How to Select Correct Replacement 12 x 2 Electric Brake and Drum Assembly for 6000-lb Axle
  • The best way to identify the correct replacement components for your trailer is by using the part numbers from your current inner and outer bearings and grease seals (or a spindle measurement where the seal rides). It is possible to measure the spindles to obtain grease seal dimensions (location B on the photo) but this process is prone to error and requires a precision digital caliper. You will also need to confirm the diameter of your wheel studs. We already know your brakes are 12 x...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Old Round-Style Brake Magnets for Hayes 12 x 2 Electric Brakes
  • If your trailer has pre-1988 Hayes electric brakes that use the round-style magnets you will have to replace the entire brake assembly. Until a few years ago the old-style round magnets were still available as replacement parts but they are no longer offered. It will therefore be necessary to update your trailer with new brake assemblies. In your case you will also need to replace your hubs/drums in order to use these new brake assemblies. Replacement hubs/drums need to be matched based...
    view full answer...

  • Can Dexter Electric Drum Trailer Brakes Replace AL-KO Trailer Brakes
  • We actually have 12 x 2 inch electric drum brake assemblies that are replacements for the AL-KO brake assemblies. Take a look at Hayes/AL-KO 12 x 2 Electric Brake Assembly, # 185150. This is the right hand assembly. The left hand assembly is # 185100. The Nev-R-Adjust Electric Brake Assembly, # 23-459, will fit provided that the bolt hole pattern on the brake mounting flange matches your existing set up. It should have a 5 on 3-7/8 inch bolt pattern, like flange # 4-44-1, to work.
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Replacement 12 Inch AL-KO Electric Trailer Drum Brake Assemblies
  • The TruRyde Electric Brake Assembly, # TRBK12E01, and 02 are replacements for Dexter 12x2 brake assemblies # 23-105. These may work with your AL-KO axle but we do have Hayes/AL-KO brakes. For a left hand assembly, 12x2, use # 185100, and the right hand is # 185150.
    view full answer...

  • How to Choose the Correct Brake Assemblies and Hubs and Drums for a 7000 lb AL-KO/Hayes Axle
  • We do have replacement AL-KO/Hayes brake assemblies for 7,000 lb axles, # 185100, for left side and # 185150 for the right. These are 12 inch by 2 inch electric brake assemblies that will mount to AL-KO/Hayes 4-bolt pattern or standard 5-bolt pattern brake mounting flanges. The way to determine what hub and drum you need is to remove the old hub and find the bearing and seal part numbers. These part numbers will be stamped into the metal of the bearings and most likely in the rubber...
    view full answer...

  • 12x2 Trailer Brake Assembly Recommendation with 4 Bolt Mounting Holes
  • Sounds like you need brake assembly part # 185100 for the left side and part # 185150 for the right side. This configuration will work on both 4 or 5 bolt mounting hole patterns. I have included video reviews of these brake assemblies for you to check out.
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  • Replacement Electric Drum Trailer Brakes for Hayes 12x2 Inch Brakes
  • The dimensions that you have provided match those of Hayes brake assembly # 185150. It will fit in place of your existing brakes. The braking will be more aggressive considering the capacity of the brake is for 7k axles. You can circumvent this by adjusting the brakes a little weaker than you normally would. For the matching left hand side assembly use # 185100.
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  • Adding Electric Drum Brakes to a Tandem Axle Trailer With Hayes Axles
  • The first thing you will want to do is determine if the axle that currently does not have brakes already has a brake mounting flange. If it does not have a brake mounting flange, you would first need to have one welded to the axle by a qualified professional. The positioning of the flange needs to be precise, so someone with experience with trailer repair should perform the installation. If a flange is needed, the mounting pattern on the new brakes will not matter as our brakes are...
    view full answer...

  • Are Replacement Hubs And Drums Required When Replacing Brakes On Older Trailer
  • The Hayes/AL-KO Electric Brake Assembly, part # 185100 is designed to replace Kelsey Hayes brake assemblies with 4-bolt mounting pattern, and is used with a 12 inch hub/drum. The # 185100 is used on the left side of the trailer. For the right hand side you need part # 185150. The capacity for these brakes is 7,000 lbs for the pair. As far as the drums and hubs are concerned, you will want to inspect them for excessive wear or any signs of damage and replace them is you need to....
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  • Recommendation for 12 Inch Brake Assemblies on 6,000-Lb Axle With 4-Bolt Brake Mounting Flange
  • I have the Dexter 12 x 2 RH Electric Brake Assembly, part # 23-106-09, and the Dexter 12 x 2 LH Electric Brake Assembly, part # 23-105-09. These brake assemblies are for a right side and a left side on a 6,000-lb axle. Both of these brake assemblies are for a 4-bolt brake mounting flange. The magnets will begin humming when the brakes are applied. You can check the magnets for wear before going on to test them with a meter. If the magnets show abnormal wear or if you can see the windings...
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  • Replacement Brake Shoes and Linings for Hayes/ALKO 12 x 2 Inch Electric Trailer Brakes
  • The K568251 shoes and lining are actually for ALKO 12-1/4 x 3-1/2 inch brake assemblies so they will not fit if yours are 12 x 2 inch brakes. From what I was able to find you should need replacement brake shoe and lining # BP04-185. This is for one wheel and it fits Hayes/ALKO 12 x 2 inch brakes. For the bearings I would just need to know the inner and outer bearing numbers stamped into the metal of the bearings. With those numbers I can determine the correct parts or kit if available.
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  • Trailer Brake Recommendation for a 6,000 Pound Bull Dog Axle
  • It sounds like you need the Hayes/AL-KO 12 x 2 Electric Brake Assembly, # 185100, (left hand) and # 185150, (right hand). I have measured the 4 hole pattern on these brakes before. The top holes are 3.09 inches on center and 2.55 inches apart on center for the bottom 2 holes. Top to bottom they are 3.40 inches apart on center. The holes can accommodate a 7/16 inch bolt size.
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  • Electric Trailer Brakes for Trailer w/4 Bolt Mounting Flange w/Top Bolts Further Apart then Bottom
  • If the axle on your trailer is a Hayes/ALKO axle then you will need brake assembly # 185100 for the left side and # 185150 for the right side. If it is a Dexter axle then use # 23-105-09 for the left and # 23-106-09 for the right. The 4-bolt offset mounting pattern is not very common and these are the only brake assemblies we have that will fit that pattern.
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  • 12 x 2 Inch Electric Trailer Brakes with 4-Bolt Mounting Pattern
  • It sounds like you have Hayes/ALKO brakes. Take a look at left side assembly # 185100 and right side # 185150. These are likely what you will need.
    view full answer...

  • Brake Assembly Recommendations for a 2008 Forest River RV with 7k AL-KO Torsion Axles
  • For a 7,000 lb AL-KO torsion axle you would want a Hayes/AL-KO brake assembly # 185150 for the right side and a Hayes/AL-KO Brake assembly part # 185100 for the left side.
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  • Round Replacement Brake Magnet Recommendation for a 1988 Travalong Trailer
  • We have some older style round brake magnets that could work for you. Check out the Dexter Round Brake Magnet # BP01-140. This magnet is designed for assemblies that were made before 1988 so there's a good chance this is what you would need. Another round magnet we offer is the Trailer Brake Magnet Kit # BP01-068. The only solution for a bad brake magnet is to replace it.
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  • Replacement 12x2 Inch Electric Brakes with Hayes/AL-KO 4-Bolt Mounting Pattern
  • The mounting pattern you have is definitely a Hayes/AL-KO brake mounting pattern. When I do the math I come up with 4-1/4 on that diagonal measurement. So you would need left hand brake assembly # 185100 and right hand # 185150. These are 12x2 inch brakes rated for 7,000 pound axles. With the bearing that you have they are typical of 5,300 and 6,000 pound axles but some of hubs with these bearings are also for 7,000 pound axles.
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  • Replacement 12x2 Hayes/AL-KO Brake Assembly
  • For the price of all the parts you need and the headache of finding all the compatible parts you are better off just getting new brake assemblies honestly. It'll be easier and most importantly it will be cheaper. Plus everything is new. You said you have a 12 inch by 2-1/4 inch brake assemblies which isn't a standard brake assembly size. Most likely you have a 12 inch by 2 inch assembly as that is a very common size. The correct AL-KO brake assembly would be the part # 185150. I would...
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  • Replacement Round Magnets for 12 x 2-Inch Electric Drum Brakes on Old Trailer
  • We do carry replacement magnets for electric drum brake assemblies, including the older round magnet type you have. For a 12 x 2 brake size we offer part # BP01-140. This brake magnet is for pre-1988 Dexter brakes, typically used on mobile homes. Some of these older brakes may be welded in place. If this is the case you will find it far easier to simply replace the entire brake assembly. It may also be less costly when you factor in all the labor time needed to replace a magnet versus...
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  • Replacement Brake Magnet for 1980 Hayes Brakes With Recessed Back Plate and 3 1/2-Inch Center Hole
  • We do offer replacement magnets for older Hayes electric brake assemblies but none of these are suitable for brakes produced before the mid-1980s. For reference I have linked four such magnets. The good news is that we do offer complete brake assemblies that are not much more in cost than replacement magnets alone. The link provided will take you to our main page for electric drum brake assemblies where you can use the filters in the left-hand margin to narrow the results based on the...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of 4 Hole Recessed Backing Plates
  • A 7000 lbs axle will usually require a 5 bolt backing plate or flange, so there is a chance the assemblies you plan to use will be under-rated. With that said we do have several 4 hole flanges, but none that are recessed. I have included a link to all of our four and five hole flanges for you to check out. They include # T0872400 or # 4-34 for 1-3/4 inch round axles, # 4-35 for 2-3/8 inch round axles, # DM52415 for 3 inch diameter round axles, or # DM60124 for 2-3/4 inch diameter round...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Left and Right Hand Threaded Trailer Hub Wheel Studs
  • Brake assembly # 185100 that you referenced is a left hand assembly and the matching right side is # 185150 but the included mounting bolts are all going to be righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. But the included nuts will match so that isn't an issue. It sounds like you are talking about the studs in a hub though and not brake assemblies which is what # 185100 is. We have just one hub wheel stud that is left hand threaded and it is # 25-13-2. But it is 3/4 inch thread diameter. The half...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Drums For Hayes Axle On 1983 Carriage Conestoga Fifth Wheel Trailer
  • There are a couple things going on you can check. First, your shoes may be adjusted out too far and that is what is causing the fit issue with the drum. You will want to adjust the brakes so that they are not expanded as much and see if that helps. If you are going to replace the drums you will need to know the bearing and seal sizes that fit your spindles. I have attached a photo that shows where the numbers can be found on your old bearing and seal and make sure they are a match with...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Electric Brake Assemblies for AL-KO 12 inch by 2 inch Brakes with 4 Bolt Pattern
  • We have two sets of brake assemblies fit to replace your 12 inch x 2 inch AL-KO electric brakes. The Hayes/AL-KO # 185100 left-hand side, # 185150 right hand side, and the Dexter # 23-105-09 left-hand side, # 23-106-09 right-hand side. Both of these brake assembly system will mount on the AL-KO 4-bolt pattern. The Hayes/AL-KO # 185100, # 185150 are rated at 7,000 pounds per pair. The Dexter # 23-105-09, # 23-106-09 are rated for 6,000 pounds per pair.
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  • What is the Size of the Center Hole for AL-KO 12 x 2 Inch 9-Hole Electric Brake Assembly
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled brake assembly # 185100 to measure the center hole for you. I used a set of digital calipers and came up with 3.24 inches so just a hair under 3-1/4 inches. The matching right hand side assembly is # 185150.
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  • Availability of Compatible Electric Brakes for Old Travel Trailer with 7000-lb Axles and 6-Bolt Hubs
  • We offer several electric trailer brake assemblies for 7000-lb axles, including the Hayes # 185100 which is a left-hand unit that mates with right-hand brake assembly # 185150. These 12 x 2-inch brakes offer the flexibility to be able to mount to either 4-bolt or 5-bolt brake flanges. The link will let you see all electric brakes compatible with 7000-lb axles. If your current hubs use bolts to secure the wheels (rather than the more common lug nuts) you may be able to install screw-in...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended 12 x 2 Inch Brakes for Older Flying L Gooseneck Horse Trailer w/ 4 Bolt Mounting Flange
  • When it comes to brakes for your boss's older Flying L gooseneck horse trailer, I believe that I have exactly what you are looking for, # 23-105-09 and # 23-106-09 for a 6,000 lb axle or # 185100 and # 185150 for a 7,000 lb axle. I have included a picture which includes the mounting hole measurements for these brakes. Although these measurements are very close to those that you have provided, I recommend measuring one more time to ensure that they will work for you. As for hubs with...
    view full answer...

  • Selecting Replacement 12 x 2-Inch Electric Drum Brake Asemblies for 2004 KZ Durango Camper
  • The TruRyde 12 x 2 brakes # TRBK12E02 and # TRBK12E01 fit a 5-bolt mounting pattern and these are perfectly fine replacements as long as your brake flanges are 5-bolt. If you select replacement electric drum brake assemblies that are the correct size, such as 12 x 2-inch as in the case of your KZ Durango, and that are rated for your axle's weight capacity, then you will have plenty of stopping power regardless of brand. You'll want to be sure you choose both a left- and right-hand assembly...
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  • Replacement Trailer Brake Assembly that is 12 inch by 2 inch that Has 4 Bolt Mounting Pattern
  • We have exactly what you need. You have the AL-KO 4 bolt mounting pattern so you would want the Hayes/AL-KO 12" x 2" Electric Brake Assembly LH # 185100 for the left hand side and the part # 185150 for the right hand side. This is a 12 inch by 2 inch brake assembly that would work great for you. I attached a review video for you to check out as well.
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