7" x 1-1/4" Driver's-side electric trailer brake assembly fits 2,000-lb axles. Mounting flange has 4-bolt pattern. Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Brakes from Dexter. Dexter 7" Electric Trailer Brake Assembly - Left Hand - 2,000 lbs part number 23-47 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Dexter 7" Electric Trailer Brake Assembly - Left Hand - 2,000 lbs

Dexter Trailer Brakes

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Dexter Trailer Brakes - 23-47

7" x 1-1/4" Driver's-side electric trailer brake assembly fits 2,000-lb axles. Mounting flange has 4-bolt pattern.


  • Configuration: left hand (driver's side)
  • Dimensions: 7" diameter x 1-1/4" thick
  • Axle rating: up to 2,000 lbs
  • Mounting flange: 4 bolt
  • Bolts, washers, and adjustment plugs sold separately

Dexter Electric Trailer Brake

23-47 7" Electric Brake Assembly for 2K Axles - LH

Video of Dexter 7" Electric Trailer Brake Assembly - Left Hand - 2,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Dexter Trailer Brakes 23-47 Review

Today we're looking at part number 23-47 from Dexter. This is a seven inch by one and a quarter inch electric brake assembly. The capacity for the pair is 2000 pounds and it mounts with four bolts. So, here are the bolts on the back. I think you can see these. The measurement from center to center, one bolt to another is two and seven eighths of an inch.

So you want to make sure that the mounting flange on your axle matches that measurement. You have two wires. One is for ground and one is for power and it does not matter which wire you use for which function. Now, the way you can tell that this is a left hand electric brake assembly is to look at the brake shoes. You have one here that's that long. You have one here that's shorter.

The shorter or smaller brake shoe always faces the front. Also, what must always face the front is the metal C-shaped actuating arm right here. So, if that's facing the front this is a left-hand brake assembly. The way this is measured is from the outside, the exterior edge from the brake pad from one to the other. So, going across the center here, from that outside edge to the other is seven inches. Then the other measurement is determined by the width of the brake shoes, which is one and a quarter inches.

The mounting nuts and the washers for these assemblies are sold separately and are required for installation.There you have it for part number 23-47 from Dexter the seven by one and a quarter inch left-hand electric brake assembly.

Customer Reviews

Dexter 7" Electric Trailer Brake Assembly - Left Hand - 2,000 lbs - 23-47

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (20 Customer Reviews)

7" x 1-1/4" Driver's-side electric trailer brake assembly fits 2,000-lb axles. Mounting flange has 4-bolt pattern.

- 23-47

by: Barry F.09/21/2012

Ordered my parts on Tuesday... showed up on Thursday! Awesome delivery time. Read the reviews for the 7" brakes I needed to replace on my popup camper, and several folks said to make sure to order the bolts, nuts and washers - since the etrailer replacements didn't come with them. The 7" brakes DO infact come with the pressed-in bolt studs already in place, the only thing extra you'll need to get would be the nuts and lock washers if you don't already have them. Installation is as simple as bolting them on and crimp connecting two wires. I'll make final adjustments to the brake controller once everything is back in place. 55385

- 23-47

by: Shawn D.07/05/2012

This brake assembly replaced my original electric brake on 2004 Fleetwood/Coleman Sedona. You need to order four nuts for the brake mounting bolts on each assembly. etrailer's service/delivery was extremely fast with the free shipping on orders over $150. I also bought the LH assembly and matching hubs for the dexter ez axle. I would definitely buy from etrailer again. 46845

- 23-47

by: Doug J.07/25/2014

The 23-47 brakes are an excellent replacement on my 1997 Coleman Fleetwood Bayports popup camper that I am close to finishing a restoration process on. They fit perfectly! Very happy to purchase an excellent product from the fastest shipper I have ever come across. I am blown away by the professionalism with this company! Thanks 142957

- 23-47

by: Tim B.11/14/2012

I purchached these brakes to convert from hydraulic surge brakes on my 1973 pop-up camper. It was a simple, bolt on conversion that took only a few hours to complete; including wiring. One week later, they performed flawlessly on the 400 mile trip to hunting camp. Thanks e-trailer for a great product and service. 59443

- 23-47

by: Mark B.08/20/2012

All of the items I ordered were delivered early (at no additional cost to me). All were in great shape. Plus, I received the 110% Lowest Price Promise refund! I'll definitely shop here again. 52384

- 23-47

by: Ron B.09/20/2012

Fast shipping and this was an exact replcement for what was instaled on my trailer. Remember to order the nuts for the 4 studs. The old one do braked off during removal. 55243

- 23-47

by: Tuch Outdoors12/28/2014

Item as described. Super Fast Shipping!!! Even though we ordered the week of xmas. We will shop etrailer again because the downtime is very minimal. Thank You! 167163

- 23-47

by: Sandi Craven06/12/2015

The product was very easy to install and was in good condition. It was free shipping and only took 3 days. Would recommend to others. 203016

- 23-47

by: Cameron T10/03/2014

Looked identical to the factory brakes on a 1996 Palomino Mustang pup trailer. Perfect fit. I didn't even have to adjust them. 154288

- 23-47

by: Steve L10/16/2014

20 Floe snowmobile trailer, Dexter axles, the replacements fit perfectly. Installed and running in one night after work. 156338

- 23-47

by: Jay S.06/16/2015

OEM Quality, at half the cost of my local parts supplier. Delivered to my door in 3 days, free shipping. Can't beat that! 203806

- 23-47

by: richard b06/09/2012

Putting them on was easy, Would be nice if new nuts came withthe kit 43489

- 23-47

by: Joel H.06/27/2014

Exact same as oem for 20% less. Great company to order from. 138011

- 23-47

by: chris w.05/08/2012

Great product. Direct bolt on. Could not have been easier! 39737

- 23-47

by: Doug K.04/16/2015

Parts went on without a hitch and worked fine 185429

- 23-47

by: Aaron c.09/04/2014

Worked like a charm on my Aliner camper ! 150128

- 23-47

by: Greg C05/27/2014

fit fine no nuts for mounting studs. 132753

- 23-47

by: Andy W.12/26/2012

Very fast shipping.Easy to install. 62014

- 23-47

by: 500sks12/13/2012

high quality part 61341

- 23-47

by: vince sullivan12/07/2012

great 60932


Ask the Experts about this Dexter Trailer Brakes
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  • Parts Needed to Install Electric Trailer Brakes on a Pop-Up Camper
  • You have compatible hub and brake assemblies selected. The brake assemblies, # 23-48 right hand, and # 23-47 left hand, will mount to a 4 bolt flange that has bolt holes 2-7/8 inches apart on center. You will need to make sure your existing bearings and seal match the bearings and seal in the hub and drum you selected, # 8-257-5UC3-EZ, and that the wheel bolt pattern, 5 on 4-1/2 inches, matches also. The trailer hub and drum # 8-257-5UC3-EZ is designed for use on an EZ lube axle with grease...
    view full answer...

  • Replacing Electric Trailer Brake Shoes and Magnets on a 2 Axle Scotty Camper with 4 Bolt Wheel
  • The best way to determine the correct parts for your brake assemblies is to either measure the diameter of the brake drum and the width of the pads on the shoes and determine the manufacturer or to use the inner and outer bearing part numbers and wheel bolt pattern to determine the hub on your trailer. The 8-147 number that you referenced is a casting number that is not related to the actual part number. The # 23-27 brake assembly is for 10 X 2-1/4 inch brake drums. Since your hubs...
    view full answer...

  • Electric Brakes And Hub And Drum Recommendation for 2,000 Lb Trailer Axle
  • Since you said you need electric brakes and hubs and drums, and the mounting flange has 2-7/8 inches between mounting holes, I recommend the Dexter system. The mounting hinge hole measurements will dictate which brake assemblies will work for you. For the left hand brake assembly I recommend part # 23-47 and for the right hand part # 23-48. These brakes are 7 inch by 1-1/4 and for axles rated up to 2,000 lbs. The hub and drum assembly I recommend is part # 8-257-5UC3. These come...
    view full answer...

  • Difference Between Idler Hubs and Hub/ Drums
  • The Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly you referenced, part # 34822BX is known as an idler hub. An idler is a hub that is no provisions for trailer brakes. It has no brake drum. Part # 8-276-5 is an example of a hub/ drum that has a brake drum that can be used with a brake assembly like part # 23-47. The 34822BX would be an acceptable replacement for an idler hub with a 4-on-4 bolt pattern that uses # L44643 bearings.
    view full answer...

  • Will the TruRyde 7 x 1-1/4 Inch Trailer Brake Assemblies Fit In Place of Dexter Brakes
  • The TruRyde 7 x 1-1/4 inch brake assemblies # TRBK-7E-01 (left) and # TRBK-7E-02 (right) will fit in place of the Dexter # 23-48 and # 23-47 brakes. the TruRyde brake assemblies are rated for up to 2,500 pounds whereas the Dexter assemblies are rated for 2,000 pounds.
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed for Adding Brakes to a Utility Trailer
  • You will need Hub Drums that have the hub built into the drum. For part # 23-47 you will need 7 inch Hub Drums, like part # 8-173-16UC3 and mounting flanges, part # 4-34, that will need to be welded to your axles. This size brake and hub drum assemblies are for smaller trailers. You will pick your hub drum based on your wheel and axle size, then you will pick the brakes that fit that hub drum. If you write back with your bolt pattern and bearing numbers, I can help you find the correct...
    view full answer...

  • Replacing Electric Brake Assemblies & Hub Seals on Haulmark Sport Lite 2-Axle Trailer
  • We generally recommend replacing brake assemblies on both ends of the same axle at the same time. If wired correctly both brakes on a given axle should tend to wear fairly evenly. Just because the initial electrical braking signal reaches one wheel on the axle before the other there should not be very different wear between the two. If the front/left brake was damaged due to a dead short, then all brakes will cease to function as they are all on a common circuit. The other three brakes...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Change Hydraulic Trailer Brakes Over to Electric Brakes on a 1997 Jayco Tent Trailer
  • You will need two of the 7 inch electric brake assemblies, one right hand, # 23-48, and one left hand, # 23-47. You will also need an appropriate length of 10 gauge wire, item # 10-2-1, for running the wires to the trailer connector at the trailer coupler. Next, you will need a trailer connector to match the wiring on your vehicle, or the wiring you will need to install on your vehicle, to activate the electric brakes. I would recommend the Pollak trailer connector, item # PK12706, for...
    view full answer...

  • Converting Existing Hydraulic Brake System to Electric on Pop-Up Camper
  • The Dexter Hub/ Drum you mentioned, part # 8-173-16UC3 would be a proper replacement for you as long as the inner and outer bearings in your existing hubs are # L44649, the grease seal is # 10-9 and the 4-on-4 bolt pattern matches up with your existing hubs. Your existing bearings and grease seals should have reference numbers stamped on them, make sure the numbers on the existing parts match those of the replacements. You will also need electric brake assemblies, part # 23-47 for the...
    view full answer...

  • Can Drums from a Trailer with 7 Inch Hydraulic Brakes be Used When Converting to Electric Brakes
  • You might be able to re-use the drums. Some 7 inch hydraulic drums are sized differently and will not allow electric brake assemblies to be properly positioned in the drum. Some times the hydraulic drums are too deep and will make contact with the brake backing plate before they are seated all the way on the spindle. The best way to proceed is to try re-using the drums first and if they do not fit get drums made for electric brakes or you can buy electric brake drums from the start. We...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Parts for Electric Brakes on a 1992 Coleman Fleetwood Trailer
  • If by solenoid you are referring to the brake magnets, then yes, we do offer replacement brake magnets depending on the size brakes that you have on your 1992 Coleman Fleetwood. I did some research on your trailer and it looks like you should have 7 inch Dexter brakes, so you could use the Trailer Brake Magnet Kit, # BP01-068. If you were interested in replacing your entire brake assemblies, then I would recommend taking a look at your current brakes to check if there is anything else...
    view full answer...

  • Electric Brake Install 2000 Coleman Sedona
  • Let's begin with the brake assemblies. You'll need the Dexter # 23-48 for the right side of the trailer, # 23-47 for the left. The brake assemblies have the mounting bolts integrated into the backing plate, but the necessary nuts and lock washers aren't included. We sell the nuts individually as part # 6-17 and the lock washer as part # 5-8. You'll need four of each per brake assembly. Dexter doesn't include the adjuster hole plugs with the assemblies, those are sold separately as part...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Convert to Electric Trailer Brakes or Repair Hydraulic Trailer Brakes
  • You can switch to electric brakes, but there are several parts you will need. First, you need to take a look at the hole pattern for the brake mounting flange. This is the piece that is welded to the axle that holds the brake assembly. The 7 inch brakes you are looking at have a standard 4 hole mounting pattern. If the existing flange has a different pattern, you will need to have the old flange removed and a new one welded on by a qualified professional with experience working on trailers....
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Add Electric Drum Brakes to a Little Guy Silver Shadow Trailer with 2k Axle
  • It sounds like your new axle does have a brake mounting flange, which is what that square piece you are describing likely is. I have included a picture that shows what an axle with brake mounting flanges looks like. For a square brake mounting flange and 2000 pound axle you would use 7 x 1-1/4 inch brakes. You can use # 23-47 for the left side and # 23-48 for the right side. You will also need hub and drum assemblies to replace regular idler hubs. For the correct hub and drum assemblies...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Add Electric Drum Brakes to a Trailer and Brake Controller for 2007 Pontiac Vibe
  • There are several parts you will need to add electric brakes to a trailer. First, you need to replace the idler hubs with a hub and drum assembly. The hub and drum assembly that you need will depending on the bearing numbers stamped into the metal of the inner and outer bearings. I have included a link to a video that will help. After you have determine the correct hub and drum assemblies, finding the other parts will be easy. Since you already have a brake mounting flange, you will...
    view full answer...

  • What Size Nuts and Studs are Used to Mount 7 and 10 Inch Trailer Brake Assemblies
  • The studs on the Dexter 7 inc brake assembly, part # 23-47, are 1-1/4 inch long with 7/16 - 20 threads. Brake Assembly mounting bolt, part # 7-75, is 1-1/4 inch long with 7/16 - 20 threads. The nuts, part # 6-17, are also 7/16 - 20. This size is pretty standardized as far as 7 inch and 10 inch brake assemblies.
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  • Can Trailer Hub and Drum # 8-257-5UC3-EZ be Used with 14 Inch Wheels on a 2K Flexride Torsion Axle
  • You can use hub and drum assembly # 8-257-5UC3-EZ with a 14 inch wheel. However since there will be more force with the larger wheel when it is spinning you will not get the optimum braking performance. All the hubs that have the 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern and fit 2,000 pound axles will all say 10 to 13 inch wheels but you can use a 14 inch. Just be aware that the braking performance will not be ideal. The brakes that are compatible with this hub and drum are # 23-47 for the left side and...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Install Electric Brakes On 1995 Coleman Destiny Royale Trailer
  • To make sure that you get the correct parts, I would need to know the inner and outer bearing numbers stamped into the metal of the bearings. There are different 5 lug bolt patterns. Use the FAQ I have linked to measure for bolt pattern so you can get the correct hub and drum assemblies. If you do not have EZ Lube axles, you will not need EZ lube hub and drum assemblies. If you do have L44649 inner and outer bearings and the seal has a 1.987 outer diameter and 1.5 inch inner diameter,...
    view full answer...

  • What Is The Distance Between Mounting Bolts On Dexter 7 Inch Brake Assembly # 23-48
  • I walked out to our warehouse and measured the mounting bolts on the 7 Inch Electric Brake Assembly, part # 23-48. From center of bolt to center of bolt, I measured approximately 2-3/4 inches. The 7 Inch Electric Brake Assembly, part # 23-48, is for 2,000 lb axles. For the left hand brake assembly, you will need part # 23-47. I took a picture of part # 24-48 and used Photoshop to illustrate the measurements that I took.
    view full answer...

  • Comparing Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly # 8-173-16UC3 with # 8-276-5
  • Basically, an electric brake assembly is going to be a 7 x 1-1/4 inch while a hydraulic brake assembly will be a 7 x 1-3/4 inch. If you are using electric brakes on the trailer, go with Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly, # 8-173-16UC3. For hydraulic drum brakes, use Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly, # 8-276-5.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Hub and Drum Recommendation for a Dexter 2k Axle
  • Sounds like you have a 2,000 lb Dexter Axle like the part # T20BTR-6048 which take inner and outer bearings L44649 and would use the part # 8-257-5UC3-EZ for a hub/drum that has a 5 bolt pattern or part # 8-173-16UC3-EZ for a 4 bolt mounting flange. For brake assemblies you would want the # 23-48 for the right hand side and part # 23-47. Before you order any parts you would want to pull a hub from your trailer to verify that both bearing numbers are L44649.
    view full answer...

  • How to Add Electric Disc Brakes to a Snowmobile Trailer
  • You can convert your setup to an electric disc setup, to do this you will need first to determine what spindle is on your trailer axles and what wheel bolt pattern you have on trailer wheels. To determine what spindle you have you will have to remove your hubs and get the inner and outer bearing numbers. With those numbers you will be able to determine what spindles you have. To determine the bolt pattern of your wheels check out the FAQ article I attached that details how this is...
    view full answer...

  • Electric Trailer Brakes for a Floe Snowmobile Trailer with 2,200 Pound Axles
  • The axle you have that can take brakes probably has a 4-bolt mounting pattern for the brakes. You could use Dexter brakes # 23-48 for the right and # 23-47 for the left. Or you could use TruRyde brakes # TRBK-7E-01 for the left and # TRBK-7E-02 for the right. If the mounting flange doesn't take a 4-bolt assembly let me know. In addition to the brakes themselves you will also need wiring, maybe a different trailer connector depending on what the trailer has now (if the trailer has a 7-Way...
    view full answer...

  • Adding Electric Brakes to 1999 Jayco Pop-Up Camper Trailer
  • Jayco offered its 1999 Pop-Up camper trailer with and without brakes. Typically pop-up campers are equipped with electric drum brakes. It is likely that the brakes are bad or there is a wiring issue on your 25 year old trailer. Hopefully you have a brake controller. If there was a wiring issue or if there were no brakes on the trailer at all, then the brake controller should have indicated so. First you want to determine if you have brakes or not (hub and drum vs. idler hubs). An...
    view full answer...

  • Will 10 Inch Trailer Brakes Fit In Place of 7 Inch Brakes
  • Ten inch brakes will use a larger hub than 7 inch brakes. So you will not only have to change the brake assemblies but also the hubs and the wheels. If cost is not a factor then you can do all of this but it would be much easier to just replace the 7 inch brakes. If the brakes are not providing enough power there may be another issue to look at. Make sure the brakes are properly adjusted. To do this you will turn the adjustment wheel until you can hear a slight but constant drag of the...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Brake Assembly Recommendation for a Trailer that Has 7 inch by 1-1/4 inch Assemblies
  • I would recommend you go with the same dimension assemblies you took off of your trailer. For that you would want the # 23-48 for the right hand side and # 23-47 for the left hand side. Although you have enough room for wider assemblies I wouldn't recommend going to a wider one since the surface of the drum has probably worn where the previous pads were and the new pads wouldn't match up to that surface well.
    view full answer...

  • Axles, Springs, Hanger Kit, and Brakes for a Home Made Trailer
  • Based on the measurement you have provided we do not have springs that are going to fit the spacing you need. I do recommend replacing the axles using # 20545I-ST-60-15 which has spring center 48 inches apart on center and a hub face to hub face measurement of 60 inches. It comes with idler hubs with a 5 on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern for 12 to 15 inch wheels. The axle is rated for 2,000 pounds. To add brakes you would have to have a professional weld on brake mounting flanges, # T0872400....
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  • Is Dexter Axle Trailer Hub & Drum Assembly # 8-173-16UC3 Recommended for 1993 Starcraft
  • The Dexter Axle Trailer Hub & Drum Assembly # 8-173-16UC3 is a compatible fit for the Dexter axle on your 1993 Starcraft so long as the weight falls at or below the product weight capacity of 2000 lbs and is compatible with your existing bearings. This assembly works only with 1-1/4 inch brake shoes, not 1-3/4 inch shoes and has a 4 on 4 inch bolt pattern. I have included a link to a video review of this item. The other two items you referenced, the Dexter Axle 7 Inch Brake Assembly...
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  • Choosing Replacement Brake & Hub Assemblies for 28-Foot Haulmark Race Trailer
  • If you cannot be sure what the weight rating is for the axles on your Haulmark trailer you can contact them with your VIN number and they should be able to confirm this for you. If not, you can choose brakes that are the correct size, say for example the 7 x 1-1/4-inch like the Dexter # 23-47 you referenced, and choose the highest-rated brake in that size. Sometimes a 7000-lb axle may be de-rated and referred to as a 6K axle. The link provided will take you to our main page for all electric...
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