High-quality, tapered roller bearing is designed for high-speed use. Replacement part uses industry-standard number. Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Bearings and Races from TruRyde. Replacement Trailer Hub Bearing - L68149 part number L68149 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

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Replacement Trailer Hub Bearing - L68149

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TruRyde Trailer Bearings and Races - L68149

High-quality, tapered roller bearing is designed for high-speed use. Replacement part uses industry-standard number.


  • Inner diameter: 1.378"
  • Matching race (sold separately): L68111
  • Application: inner bearing for #84 spindle

L68149 Replacement Bearing

Video of Replacement Trailer Hub Bearing - L68149

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Video faq repacking trailer wheel bearings
Repacking Trailer Bearings Demonstration

Video Transcript for Repacking Trailer Bearings Demonstration

Today on This Old Trailer were going to show you how to repack the wheel bearings on a disc brake set-up. We have already gone ahead and removed our wheel and tire from the trailer. We began by removing the dust cap off the end of the axle. We will need to remove our caliper bracket. We will undo the two bolts here on the back side, where we can then undo the bracket and set it off to the side. We will also go ahead and remove the outside brake pad.

Now here in the center of the axle, where we removed the dust cap, we will need to clean the grease off so that we can see the cotter pin. We will then remove the cotter pin and the nut stop where we can now undo the nut with a pair of channel locks. This nut should not be very tight. After removing the nut, we can go ahead and pull the hub of our axle off. Now you will notice with the hub off that our spindle is exposed.

We can go ahead and clean the spindle off and make sure that its in good working order. We will make sure that it does not have any scratches or nicks in the seal surfaces as well as on the bearing surfaces. With that done we will move over here to our hub where we can remove the bearing from the outside. Now when removing the bearing we will also be pulling out the flat washer. We can go ahead and set them off to the side.

Leave the flat washer with the bearing just to indicate which side that bearing came from. We will now flip the hub over where you will notice there is a seal. This grease seal will need to be removed. Now when removing the seal you will probably damage it, but its a good idea to go ahead and replace them anyway. There are several ways to remove a grease seal. You can use a large screwdriver or pry bar.

You can use a seal remover tool or you can use a hammer and a punch. Now these seals are a tight fit so they will require some work to get them out. Once the seals removed we can go ahead and remove the bearing and set it off to the side. We will now clean all the grease out of our hub. We will be using Brake-Clean to help break down the grease so that we can remove it from the hub. We will also want to inspect the bearing races here and on the other side here. Again we will want to make sure that the races are in one piece without any cracks, chips, or scars in them. Now that we have confirmed our races are good, we will set our hub off to the side. We will now take the bearings and clean each individual bearing using Brake-Clean and some shop towels. We will go ahead and clean up the nut and the nut stop as well, getting as much of the old grease out of the way as possible. Now we have got both bearings, the flat washer, our nut, and nut stop all cleaned up. We have got our new seal. We will begin by repacking the wheel bearings. Now there are several ways to repack wheel bearings. We are going to go ahead and use a bearing repack tool, as this does seem to get the job done the best. Now to use a bearing repacker, we will go ahead and place the bearing into the tool and bring the cone down over the bearing. Well then apply pressure and allow the grease to come out the backside of the bearing. We can then remove the cone and the bearing and make sure that the grease surrounds all bearing surfaces. We can then drop it into our hub here on the backside. With that done were ready to install our new grease seal. We will place the seal into position and using a ball-peen hammer well lightly tap it into place. Now that the seal is in place well flip our hub over and repack the outside bearing and install it into the hub. With that done well take our hub assembly and slide it over the spindle of our axle into place. We can then install our flat washer and our nut using the channel locks to lightly snug the nut down. We will put the nut stop on and using a new cotter pin well slide it into place and bend it around. With that done we can reinstall our bearing cap dust cover. We will now reinstall our brake caliper. That will complete the process of repacking wheel bearings on a trailer with disc brakes.

Customer Reviews

Replacement Trailer Hub Bearing - L68149 - L68149

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (21 Customer Reviews)

High-quality, tapered roller bearing is designed for high-speed use. Replacement part uses industry-standard number.

- L68149

by: Steve S.02/09/2014

Product arrived faster than anticipated. Haven't actually installed yet, but quality looks good. They are Chinese but what isn't. I could have paid three times the price for the same thing locally. I've already recommended Etrailer to a friend. Thanks. 116120


I sold that boat and trailer last fall. No problems related to using your products. Ill go to you first on any future projects and recommend to friends.Thanks, Steve

Steve S - 03/03/2015


- L68149

by: Jim07/02/2013

Bearings and seals in stock, delivered fast and exactly what I needed. Thank You for your great customer service..... ready to transport my boat 1000 miles to Florida....Jim 87065


everything is fine and working the way it should, Happy New Year

Jim - 01/05/2015


- L68149

by: Jack11/16/2013

Low price and fast delivery. My local auto parts store quoted $115 for one of these $2.95 bearings! 107535


If only our Federal Government worked as well.

Jack - 11/16/2014


- L68149

by: Rusty O.07/21/2013

Good product - quick shipping - great pricing and customer service! 90713


Everything is still great...trailer is still rolling along.

Rusty O - 01/20/2015


- L68149

by: Ed03/10/2015

Product worked great, just returned home from a 600 mile trip and the bearings worked great. This was my first time doing a bearing replacement and the website videos made the job easy for me. As long as I own a travel trailer, I will be shopping here.?? 177765

- L68149

by: Glen C.05/01/2014

Ordered trailer bearings and bearing buddies for RV. Fast shipping, items priced below anything retail nearby, looked to be good quality. Bearing buddies install went smoothly. Definitely will be repeat customer! Thanks! 128465

- L68149

by: Jeff05/07/2014

Quick delivery..... kit convenient and gives you everything. If replacing one bearing , do it right and replace them all. 129484

- L68149

by: dave allen11/17/2014

everything was right and kim was very helpful . I will keep u in mind for all my needs 161318

- L68149

by: Jim10/08/2013

timely service . Product delivered as ordered. Easy installation. 103012

- L68149

by: Scott F.06/10/2014

The right part the first time. Need time to rate the bearings. 134880

- L68149

by: Gary08/15/2014

The products I received worked as promised, at a great price. 146933

- L68149

by: Carl m03/17/2015

Bought as spare so have not installed this yet. 178892

- L68149

by: rob b07/12/2012

got just what i needed in great time. well done 47694

- L68149

by: Paul05/07/2013

Exactly what I ordered. Very quick deli very. 79325

- L68149

by: Bill H.10/04/2013

bearing matches original and fits perfe ctly 102615

- L68149

by: Mike M11/04/2013

Perfect replacement for my bad bearing 106244

- L68149

by: richard allen04/09/2014

product performs as it was intended. 124417

- L68149

by: Joe T11/06/2014

Fits perfect. Quality product 159635

- L68149

by: john c05/08/2013

seem to be good bearings. 79353

- L68149

by: Mark L07/15/2014

Great for the price 141319

- L68149

by: Paul c04/24/2014

Just what I needed 127208


Ask the Experts about this TruRyde Trailer Bearings and Races
Do you have a question about this Trailer Bearings and Races?

  • How to Determine the Correct Hub Assembly for a EZ Loader Boat Trailer Tapered Spindle
  • The only way to be sure the Trailer Hub Assembly, item # 84545UC1-EZ, will fit on your spindle would be to take some measurements or get the bearing and seal part numbers to match up. Since it sounds like you cannot get to the bearings to record part numbers, you will need to use a dial caliper or similar precise measuring tool to take the measurements. The bearings in the # 84545UC1-EZ hub assembly have inner dimensions of 1.378 inches for the inner # L68149 bearing and 1.063 inches...
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  • How to Determine The Correct Bearings for My Trailer with 1-1/16 inch Spindle
  • The easiest way to determine the correct bearings for your trailer is to use the industry standard numbers stamped into the lip of the bearings. This would require removal of the hub. Your measurement, 1-1/16 inches, comes to 1.0625 inches and the inside diameter of the, item # L44649, bearing is 1.063 inches which would be a close match. This bearing is usually mated with the same bearing on the inner race or with, item # L68149, bearing for an inner bearing. You will need to know what...
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  • Replacement Bearing Kit for Bayliner Boat Trailer
  • We offer both individual bearings, races, and seals as well as complete bearing kits in many common parts combinations. The best way to know what parts you need is to obtain the part numbers from the existing bearings and seals. The linked photo will show you the typical locations and appearance of these part numbers. You can directly enter the individual part numbers on our site. This method is far easier than measuring. Measuring will requires a precision digital caliper and measurements...
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  • Recommended Kit for Converting EZ Loader Boat Trailer Drum Brakes to Titan Disc Brakes
  • The item you selected, Titan Disc Brake Kit and Leverlock Actuator w/ Electric Lockout, part # T4843200, is zinc coated to prevent corrosion. To prevent warping, I would recommend allowing the brakes to cool after driving a long distance before backing your boat into the water. I would recommend The Titan Disc Brake Kit, part # T4843200, for a boat trailer rather than the Galphorite Coated Assemblies. With any brake assembly, heat can remain around the bearings and can be sucked in...
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  • Recommendation for Rebuilding a Trailer Braking System on a Boat Trailer
  • First, lets start with master cylinder replacement. The recommendation you got for replacing the complete actuator, is most likely a good idea because there is a reason for the crud and such that you are finding in the master cylinder and replacing the master cylinder itself is a pretty involved undertaking. We have a video showing a master cylinder replacement that should be helpful, if you decide to go this route. Other reasons for replacing the whole actuator would be that you will have...
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  • Difference in Bearing Race # L68111 and Bearing Race # L68110
  • Race # L68111 has an outer diameter of 2.361 inches. Race # L68110 has an outer diameter of 2.327 inches. Based on these measurements, the two races are not interchangeable. They are designed for different size hubs, but can use the same # L68149 bearing. There may not be a pre-packaged kit with the L68110 race, but you can still get all the parts you need separately. I have included a link to our bearing and race main page for you to view.
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  • Will Titan Disc Brake Kit # T4843200 Fit Tandem Axle Boat Trailer w/ 3500 Axles
  • We do have a kit with a larger capacity coupler available, Titan Disc Brake Kit and Aero 7500 Actuator w/ Manual Lockout - Tandem, part # T4843600. I would recommend this kit, but you will need to check a few things to make sure it will work on your trailer. You will need to check your bolt pattern and wheel size, check your bearing numbers, check to see if the other axle has a brake mounting flange, and measure the trailer tongue. To make sure that your bolt pattern is 5 on 4-1/2 inches,...
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  • Will The Titan Disk Brake Kit Fit My EZ Loader Tandem Axle Boat Trailer
  • The item you selected, Titan Disc Brake Kit, part # T4843200 is designed for tandem axle trailers with an axle capacity of 3,500 pounds and will fit trailers with 14 or 15 inch wheels. You will need to check the VIN plate on your trailer to check the axle capacity. You will need to check your wheel size by measuring them, or checking the number on your tire size, for example, 205/50/15, the last number is the wheel size, in this case 15 inch wheel. Also, part # T4843200 fits a wheel...
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting Hub and Spindle Not Fitting Together after Replacing Spindle on a Utility Trailer
  • It sounds and looks to me like you have the wrong hub assembly for the spindle that is welded to the axle on your trailer. The photos you sent clearly show a 1-1/16 inch spindle similar to the EZ Lube Spindle 1.25 RD STUB - 1.06 inch Bearing ID, item # R104BTREZ. This is a spindle for a 2,000 pound axle. The parts that you referenced are for a 3,500 pound axle and definitely will not work on a spindle designed for a 2,000 pound axle. In addition, the photo of the hub that you sent looks...
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  • Titan Disc Brake Kit and Bearing Seals Compatibility with a 1994 EZ Loader Tandem Axle Boat Trailer
  • The easiest way to determined if the bearings and seals in the TruRyde Bearing Kit, # BK2-100, are compatible with the spindles on your 1994 EZ Loader Tandem Axle boat trailer is to match up the part numbers on the bearings and seals. If you can send me the part numbers, then I can recommend the brake kit for your boat trailer. If you are unable to get those part numbers, then you can take some measurements using a tool like a dial caliper. I have attached an image showing where you can...
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  • Which 5 Lug and 6 Lug Hubs Use Inner Bearing # L68149 and Outer Bearing # L44649
  • For a hub with a 5 on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern you would want a Trailer Hub Assembly # 84545UC1-EZ. This hub uses a # L68149 as an inner and a # L44649 as an outer. For a hub with a 6 on 5-1/2 inch bolt pattern you would want a Trailer Hub Assembly # 84655UC1. This hub uses a # L68149 as an inner and a # L44649 as an outer. I attached a video on how to remove and install a trailer hub for you to check out also.
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  • Replacement Rotors and Calipers Needed for a 2003 Mastercraft Single Axle Boat Trailer
  • To determine the correct Hub and Rotor for your 2003 Mastercraft single axle boat trailer you will need to determine what the inner and outer bearing part numbers are inside the hub, the brake mounting flange bolt pattern and the correct bolt pattern for your wheels. In my experience the Mastercraft boat trailers have an integrated hub and rotor that utilizes oil bath seals and caps. The integrated hub and rotor would need to be removed and a new hub and rotor would be needed to replace...
    view full answer...

  • Will Dexter Hub # 84545BX, Kenda Tire/Wheel # AM3S440, Redline Spindle # SP20484 Handle 1600 Lbs
  • The Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly, part # 84545BX, is rated for 1750 lbs. So two of the hub assemblies will work on a 3500 lb axle. The hub does come with one # L44649 outer bearing and race, one # L68149 inner bearing and race, one # 10-19 grease seal, and a grease cap. The Redline Spindle, part # SP20484, is rated for 1750 lbs and two spindles will work on a 3500 lb axle. This spindle will work with the bearings and seal in the Dexter hub assembly # 84545BX. The Kenda Loadstar ST205/75D14...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Race # L68110 Availability and Compatibility with the # L68149 Bearing
  • The information I have indicates that the # L68149 bearing is compatible with a # L68110 race. The L68110 race is most commonly used in boat trailers and the # L68111 is most commonly used in land based trailers. They both take the same bearing, # L68149, but use different seals and the installation surface on the hubs are different dimensions, as you have noted. Most commonly the # L68110 race is associated with the # 168233 grease seal and the # L68111 race is most commonly associated...
    view full answer...

  • What is the Correct Race for Use with Bearing # L68149?
  • The # L68110 Race in my application charts works with the # L68149 bearing. We do show that the # L68149 bearing also works with the # L68111 race and this may be the application you need. The # L68149 inner bearing is paired with the # L44649 outer bearing which takes a # L44610 race. You could also order the Bearing Kit for #84 Spindle, L44649/L68149 Bearings, 10-19 Double Lip Seal, # BK2-100, if the race mentioned above is the correct part for your application. This kit includes the...
    view full answer...

  • How to Determine the Correct Hub and Drum for Use With the Nev-R-Adjust Electric Brake Assembly
  • You will most likely need the Trailer Hub & Drum Assembly, item # 84546UC3, for installation of the 10 inch Nev-R-Adjust Electric Brake Assemblies, item # 23-469 and # 23-468, on your trailer spindle. You will need to check the inner and outer bearing part numbers, seal part number and hub bolt pattern on one side of your trailer to be sure you order the correct hubs to work with the Nev-R-Adjust Electric Brake Assemblies. The bearing included with the # 84546UC3 hub are the # L68149...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Hub, Bearings, Races, and Seals for Trailer Hub with H-1377 Bearing
  • First, it does sound like, based on the measurement and information you have provided, that race # L68110, is correct since its outer diameter is 2.327 inches. This race is associated with bearing # L68149 which has an inner diameter of 1.378 inches and fits a number 84 spindle. On these spindles the diameter where the seal goes is 1.73 inches such as # R40484. The seal should be a tight fit. I once had a heck of a time pulling a hub off of a trailer that was held on by the seal only!...
    view full answer...

  • What Size are the Bearings in the Titan Disc Brake Kit # T4843200 and the Spindles That They Fit
  • The bearings that are included in the Titan Disc Brake Kit, part # T4843200, are the # L44649 for the outer bearing and the # L68149 for the inner bearing. The # L44649 outer bearing has an inside diameter of 1.063, which is 1-1/16 inches and the # L68149 inner bearing has an inside diameter of 1.378, which is 1-3/8 inches. These dimensions match the dimensions on your spindle. The Titan Disc Brake kit will work on tandem axle trailers with 3,500-lb axles and a wheel size of 14 inch...
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  • Recommend Kodiak Disc Brake Kit To Fit Trailer With 13 Inch Wheels
  • The reason why the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 10 Inch Rotor, part # K2R35S, will not fit 13 inch wheels is because part # K2R35S uses a slip on rotor, so the assembly is slightly bigger making the caliper sit out further. You would need a hub and rotor assembly disc brake kit. The caliper and rotors you would need for your trailer with 13 inch wheels is the Kodiak Disc Brake Assembly, part # K1HR35S. You would need to order a quantity of 2 of part # K1HR35S, as it is sold for one side....
    view full answer...

  • Pros and Cons of Adding Cast or Aluminum Disc Brake Calipers to a Boat Trailer
  • The first thing to do is verify that the the disc brake calipers and wheel bearings will fit your trailer. The majority of 3,500 lb axles use # L68149 inner, # L44649 outer bearings and the # RG06-050 grease seals, but you should check to be sure. Next, make sure the wheels on your trailer are 14 inch diameter or larger, and that the spring on your trailer is at least 3 inches from the outer face of the brake mounting flange so that the caliper can be installed without contacting the...
    view full answer...

  • Will the BK2-100 Bearing Kit Fit On a Trailer with LM12749 Outer Bearings
  • Your outer bearing, LM12749, is not a trailer bearing that we carry at this time. I checked online and found that the outer bearing you need will have a 0.8656 inch inside diameter for your spindle. The # BK2-100 Bearing Kit is definitely not the correct kit for your trailer. If you would like to check the part number on your seals we may have the replacement parts for those.
    view full answer...

  • Need Correct Bearing Kit for Dexter 2990 lb Axle On a 2009 Pace American Cargo Trailer
  • Yes, I spoke to our local Pace trailer dealer and they were very helpful. Your trailer has a 3,500 pound Dexter axle under it that is de-rated to 2990 pounds because of the spring placement on the axle. This is the case most of the time for enclosed trailers. I have listed the bearing, race and seal part numbers below for you. Bearing Inner # L68149 Bearing Outer # L44649 Race Inner # L68111 Race Outer # L44610 Grease Seals # RG06-050
    view full answer...

  • 10 by 2-1/4 Inch Brakes Needed for a 20 foot Boat Trailer with Brake Mounting Flanges
  • The # 23-468 and # 23-469 brake assemblies will work on an axle with a 4 bolt mounting flange that has bolt holes 2-7/8 inches on center apart. The Trailer Hub & Drum Assembly, # 84546UC3, is designed to work on trailers with spindles that accept the # L68149 inner and # L44649 outer bearing, and the # 58846 single lip seal, and with wheels that have a 5 on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern. You should check these items to be sure you are selecting the correct parts. If your parts are different,...
    view full answer...

  • Identifying Replacement Bearings, Races and Seals for Trailer Spindle on 3500-lb Axle
  • The most sure method of identifying replacement bearings and seals is to find the original items' part numbers. The appearance of these reference numbers is shown in the linked photo, along with the points on the spindle to measure (as you did) to find the dimensions that will be needed if the part numbers cannot be confirmed. If you can find the part numbers you can search for those directly using our search box. If you cannot and need to find bearings by measurement you can use the...
    view full answer...

  • How to Determine the Correct Replacement Trailer Idler Hub
  • To determine the correct hub for your trailer you will want to go by the inner and outer bearing numbers stamped into the metal of the bearings. With these numbers I can determine which hub is a correct fit. Hub # 84555UC1 uses inner bearing # L68149 and outer bearing # L44649. The inner bearing # L68149 has an inner diameter of 1.378 inches. Outer bearing # L44649 has an inner diameter of 1.063 inches. Bearing measurements are in decimals and go to the thousandth of an inch because...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Hub and Drum Assembly to Fit 2,200-Lb Torsion Axle With 10-Inch Wheels
  • The Titan 5 on 4-1/2 Hub and Drum Assembly, part # T1543900CB042, you have referenced is a 10-inch hub and drum assembly. A 10-inch size wheel will not fit this assembly. This hub and drum assembly will use 13, 14, or 15 inch wheels. The hub and drum assembly that would fit a 2,200-lb axle that uses 10-inch wheels would be the Titan 5 on 4-1/2 Hub and Drum Assembly, part # T1540500CB042. This is a 8-1/2 inch hub and drum assembly and will accept 10-inch wheels.You will also need to order...
    view full answer...

  • What is the Inner Diameter of Trailer Bearings L44649 and L68149
  • The inner diameter of bearing # L44649 is 1.063 inches. The inner diameter of bearing # L68149 is 1.378 inches. Both fit on a #84 spindle. The matching race for bearing L44649 is # L44610. And the matching race for bearing L68149 is # L68111. These bearings and races along with a grease seal associated with them (10-19 seal), cotter pin, and tang washer are available together in a kit, # BK2-100. The seal inner diameter is 1.719 inches.
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  • Using Old Bearing Numbers to Find the Correct Replacement Bearing Kit for an Interstate Trailer
  • The best way to find the correct replacement bearings is to get the numbers stamped onto the metal of the inner and outer bearings that are currently on the trailer. With those you will be able to find the correct replacement bearings, races, and seals. If you find that the outer bearing number is L44649 and the inner bearing is L68149, then this is probably the correct kit. You will also want to check that the seal has an inner diameter of 1.719 inches. I have included a link to a video...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Replacement for a Dexter Hub with a 5 Bolt Pattern and A 2-3/4 Inch Bolt Distance
  • If the 2-3/4 measurement is from center of bolt to center of bolt, then your current hub should have a bolt pattern of 5 on 4-3/4. Hub # 845475UC1 does have a bolt pattern of 5 on 4-3/4, but you will want to make sure that your current bearings will match the ones included with the hub. Hub # 845475UC1 uses inner bearing # L68149 and outer bearing # L44649. These industry standard numbers should be lasered onto the back side of your bearings, or if the numbers are not visible, you...
    view full answer...

  • Which grease seals for 2005 Hi Lo Travel Trailer with Torflex Axles
  • Since you have 10 x 2.25 brakes on Torflex axles, your inner bearing would then be part # L68149. Your outer bearing is part # L44649. The Grease Seal, part # 58846, fits these bearings. You will need two for each axle. If you have EZ-lube axles or bearing buddies, like Bearing Buddy II Model 1980A (Pair) with Auto Check, part # BB1980A, you could also use the Double Lip Seal, part # RG06-050, which comes in a two-pack. You will need one pack for each axle.
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