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Replacement Trailer Hub Bearing - L68149

TruRyde Trailer Bearings and Races

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TruRyde Trailer Bearings and Races - L68149

High-quality, tapered roller bearing is designed for high-speed use. Replacement part uses industry-standard number.


  • Inner diameter: 1.378"
  • Matching race (sold separately): L68111
  • Application: inner bearing for #84 spindle

L68149 Replacement Bearing

Video of Replacement Trailer Hub Bearing - L68149

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Video remove inspect reinstall trailer bearings
Remove, Inspect, and Reinstall Trailer Bearings, Race, and Seals Demonstration
Video faq repacking trailer wheel bearings
Repacking Trailer Bearings Demonstration

Video Transcript for Remove, Inspect, and Reinstall Trailer Bearings, Race, and Seals Demonstration

This seal has to come out. Every time you pack the bearings you have to destroy a seal and put a new one in, its just the way works. There are actually two different ways of doing it, I know that there is a special tool for it, I dont have it, most people dont. What I like to do is take a punch and push this in a little bit, or actually make a hole in it, so it pulls the seal away from the edge where you can stick a screwdriver in there, tap it in a few times and pop it out. It is a little bit less stressful on the bearing. The other way of doing it, if you dont have that, is to take a wooden stake or something like the handle of this and go in though there and beat it out that way. It puts a lot of wear and tear on the bearing, but its another way of doing it. I dont know if you can see there or not how I punched it in and it brought the seal away from the edge. And that is where we will try to work in our screwdriver. There we go.

We will go ahead and get the bearing out and wipe it down real fast. Makes it a little bit easier to see, rotate the bearing cage, look for anything that bounces up and down too much. This is almost a continuous line so I think the cage is pretty good on this one. So we will just keep cleaning it up until it spins freely. Im looking for little nicks or stuff like that. Sometimes you can see a little bit of wear, it is like a dark band here, light band here, dark band here. For the most part that is kind of acceptable, it is not perfect, but in this case I think it will be fine. If its really dark you definitely want to change it out because that part of the bearing, this actual roller got overheated, but this one looks pretty darn good. Then you have to clean out this hub here. Here is something you might want to take a look at. See these marks on the race. Usually you see that when there is too much weigh that has been sitting on the bearings, and it sat there for a while. So it made an imprint and you get these dark bands in there. With something like that, you probably want to go ahead and replace the race at this point, and since you replace the race you usually get new bearings with it. So we will go ahead and take out the races here, and just rebuild the hub at this point. Weve got to take out the races. So what weve got to do is catch the back edge of this and force it out. Couple of different ways of doing it, most people just use a nice wide screwdriver and catch the edge of it and wail away. You go alternating sides, just work it out both sides. Another way of doing it is if youve got a piece of pipe like this, where it catches most of, or bigger chunk of the circle and then we have more force going down on it to push down on one side or the other. I like to start it off with a screwdriver and then finish up with that. Couple more times. And theres the old race. Dont throw this away because well need this to push the new one back in. We will set that to the side and we will drive the inner race out through the back side.

Grab our new race and one end is wider than the other. Put the narrow end, or I guess the cone facing out that way, coned in this way. Go ahead and just lay it on there and tap in a circle. You can hear it change the tone and that means it bottomed out. Take your other race, your old one, put it on top and drive it down just a little bit more with that. Dont go too far because, you might get this one stuck in there too. Find the biggest socket you have so you can put it up against the edge, where you can grab most of this edge right here with the socket and just go back and forth and work it. Kind of maybe go in a circle and work your way down. You know when you hit bottom when the strikes make a different tone, and do the same thing for the backside. We will pack this side and then flip it over and then pack the other side. Get a good gob, and put a light coating on the race itself. Actually, it doesnt take much, you dont have to pack it full. Because a lot of it doesnt get really used. In a marine application like this, you want to go ahead and get the grease gun out and use it since we have the special spindles. Go ahead and fill the cavity that way, but for most land trailers this is pretty much enough as it is. Grab your new bearing here, and all you have to do is work it inside of here a little bit at a time. Keep going around, flip it over and we want to get inside it here. Just get inside, so when the bearing starts spinning, it gets all worked up in there. Give it a couple of spins maybe before you pop it in there. We will pop in a new seal. It just goes in rubber side facing up, and you will notice that this is a double lip seal, which is really good for marine applications. You can tell it is a double lip seal because it has a spring in there. There is one lip here, and there is one on the outside. It is a lot more durable seal. Pop that on like so, and go in our circle again. There we go. Dont get crazy, it just has to be flush right here. Dont bang it down in there or anything like that, flip it and do it again.

Customer Reviews

Replacement Trailer Hub Bearing - L68149 - L68149

Average Customer Rating:  ratingratingratingratingrating4.9 out of 5 stars   (11 Customer Reviews)

- L68149

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Steve S.02/09/2014

Is this review helpful?

Product arrived faster than anticipated. Haven't actually installed yet, but quality looks good. They are Chinese but what isn't. I could have paid three times the price for the same thing locally. I've already recommended Etrailer to a friend. Thanks.116120

- L68149

ratingratingratingratingrating by: richard allen04/09/2014

Is this review helpful?

product performs as it was intended. 124417

- L68149

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Jack11/16/2013

Is this review helpful?

Low price and fast delivery. My local auto parts store quoted $115 for one of these $2.95 bearings!107535

- L68149

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Mike M11/04/2013

Is this review helpful?

Perfect replacement for my bad bearing 106244

- L68149

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Jim10/08/2013

Is this review helpful?

timely service . Product delivered as ordered. Easy installation.103012

- L68149

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Bill H.10/04/2013

Is this review helpful?

bearing matches original and fits perfe ctly102615

- L68149

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Rusty O.07/21/2013

Is this review helpful?

Good product - quick shipping - great pricing and customer service!90713

- L68149

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Jim07/02/2013

Is this review helpful?

Bearings and seals in stock, delivered fast and exactly what I needed. Thank You for your great customer service..... ready to transport my boat 1000 miles to Florida....Jim87065

- L68149

ratingratingratingratingrating by: john c05/08/2013

Is this review helpful?

seem to be good bearings. 79353

- L68149

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Paul05/07/2013

Is this review helpful?

Exactly what I ordered. Very quick delivery. 79325

- L68149

ratingratingratingratingrating by: rob b07/12/2012

Is this review helpful?

got just what i needed in great time. well done47694

Ask the Experts about this TruRyde Trailer Bearings and Races
Expert Answers about Replacement Trailer Hub Bearing - L68149 - L68149                                            Do you have a question about this Trailer Bearings and Races?

  • What is the Correct Race for Use with Bearing # L68149?
  • The # L68110 Race in my application charts works with the # L68149 bearing. We do show that the # L68149 bearing also works with the # L68111 race and this may be the application you need. The # L68149 inner bearing is paired with the # L44649 outer bearing which takes a # L44610 race. You could also order the Bearing Kit for #84 Spindle, L44649/L68149 Bearings, 10-19 Double Lip Seal, # BK2-100, if the race mentioned above is the correct part for your application. This kit includes the bearings,
    view full answer...

  • Do Bearings Come in Different Sizes
  • Bearings come in a lot of different sizes and often you will need two bearings of different sizes for one hub. We carry about 25 different bearings. You cannot modify a bearing to make it fit. Changing the shape or structure of the bearing will cause damage and the bearing will fail. You need to choose the correct bearings for your hub and spindle. I have added a link to a page with all of our bearings. I have added some links to an FAQ page and a trailer bearing video that may be helpful to
    view full answer...

  • Which Outer Wheel Bearing Do I Need To Match With Inner Bearing L68149 For 1991 32 Ft Fleetwood TT
  • I cross-referenced your inner bearing, part # L68149, and found that the correct outer bearing you need is Bearing, part # L44649. We do offer a replacement kit, Bearing Kit for #84 Spindle, part # BK2-100, which includes both the inner and outer bearings, inner and outer races, grease seal, cotter pin, and washer. You will need a quantity of 2 of part # BK2-100 for each axle. I have linked a video of removing and inspecting trailer bearings that you may find as a good reference. There is
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Race # L68110 Availability and Compatibility with the # L68149 Bearing
  • The information I have indicates that the # L68149 bearing is compatible with a # L68110 race. The L68110 race is most commonly used in boat trailers and the # L68111 is most commonly used in land based trailers. They both take the same bearing, # L68149, but use different seals and the installation surface on the hubs are different dimensions, as you have noted. Most commonly the # L68110 race is associated with the # 168233 grease seal and the # L68111 race is most commonly associated wi
    view full answer...

  • I Ordered a # 84656UC3 Hub/Drum, Where are the Races
  • When your purchase the # 84656uc3 hub/drum, the races are already installed in the hub bore, as you can see in the photo I produced. Races are fairly easy to remove, but can be difficult to install without the correct tool. This is why the races are typically pre-installed.
    view full answer...

  • Looking for Replacement Bearings for Axle Using # L68149 Inner Bearing
  • The # L68149 bearing you mentioned is most commonly used with the # L44649 outer bearing, but it is sometimes used with the # LM67048 outer bearing, as well. If you can't read the reference number of your outer inner bearing, you can always use a digital caliper to measure the diameter of the spindle where that bearing rides. If that diameter is abut 1.06, you'll need the L44649 bearing. If the diameter you get is about 1.25 inches, you'll need the # LM67048. The # BK2-100 bearing kit is
    view full answer...

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