Bearing Kit for #84 Spindle, L44649/L68149 Bearings, 10-19 Double Lip Seal Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Bearings and Races from TruRyde. Bearing Kit for #84 Spindle, L44649/L68149 Bearings, 10-19 Double Lip Seal part number BK2-100 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Bearing Kit for #84 Spindle, L44649/L68149 Bearings, 10-19 Double Lip Seal

TruRyde Trailer Bearings and Races

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TruRyde Trailer Bearings and Races - BK2-100

Bearing Kit for #84 Spindle, L44649/L68149 Bearings, 10-19 Double Lip Seal


  • Kit includes
    • One inner bearing and race
    • One outer bearing and race
    • Grease seal
    • Cotter pin - for standard spindle applications
    • Tang washer - for EZ-Lube spindle applications

Outer Bearing
Outer Race
Inner Bearing
Inner Race
Seal I.D.
Seal O.D.

BK2-100 Bearing Kit for #84 Spindle, L44649/L68149 Bearings, 10-19 Double Lip Seal

Video of Bearing Kit for #84 Spindle, L44649/L68149 Bearings, 10-19 Double Lip Seal

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for TruRyde Trailer Bearings and Races BK2-100 Review

Today, we're going to take a look at the TruRyde Bearing Kit for the #84 Spindle, part number BK2-100. This kit includes an outer bearing, part number L44649 along with the outer race that is L44610, and it fits right in there. It comes with an inner bearing, part number L68149 and an inner race, part number L68111, and that also fits right in there. The inner grease seal, part number 10-19, that's a double lip seal. Specs on that are 2.565 inches measured from outer edge to outer edge. The interior diameter measured from the inside edges to inside edge is 1.719 inches.

It also comes with the tang washer and the cutter pin. That should about do it for the TruRyde Bearing Kit for the #84 Spindle, part number BK2-100.

Customer Reviews

Bearing Kit for #84 Spindle, L44649/L68149 Bearings, 10-19 Double Lip Seal - BK2-100

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (388 Customer Reviews)

Bearing Kit for #84 Spindle, L44649/L68149 Bearings, 10-19 Double Lip Seal

- BK2-100

by: Gary D.09/29/2013

I am skeptical about using Chinese bearings on safety sensitive on-highway equipment. I wish you would offer a more expensive but higher quality equivalent part such as Timken. I will use these parts for running spares but will order higher quality bearings from another source for over the road use. 101927


Weve been building selling / repairing trailers for over 20 years... to the letter, almost every American axle we purchase Dexter, Quality, Al-Ko, Rockwell, etc use Chinese manufactured bearings in them. I, too, am skeptical about imported quality... but in my experience there is absolutely no discernible inherent difference between the bearings. If anything, I have seen more failures from some of the name brands though I suspect this is from the poor installation process followed, from DIY folks picking some up at their local NAPA and not understanding how to properly pack a bearing or the right mount of torque to use when reinstalling the hub. Sure, there are some poorer quality imported bearings out there. Knowing which is which could make your point valid - with Timken you know what you are getting. But I can say that the VAST majority of the axles, bearings and bearing kits we get from the major distributors have Chinese/imported bearings in them and perform well. As with most things, know-how is the most important part. Install properly, maintain them on schedule - no more problems.

comment by: Jimmy P - 02/10/2014


- BK2-100

by: Chad03/15/2012

I recently purchased a flood salvage travel trailer and for the most part it is still in excellent shape. However, I thought I had better repack the bearings that were probably exposed to water. When I took the hubs apart, I found that the bearings on one side were in very good shape but the other side was another story. The bearings were rusted and frozen and the races were noticably worn so this rebuild kit was just what I needed. One tip I found that worked out well was to take each of the old races and cut a radial slit all the way through it with an angle grinder. The slit should be a little larger than an eighth of an inch. This allows you to use the old race to drive in the new one. The slit allows the old race to compress into a sligthly smaller diameter so you can easily remove it once the new race has been fully driven into place. On my hubs, I needed to drive the new races a little more than the depth of one race so I actually needed a second old race to stack on the first to get it all the way in. The outer driver was just barely seated so there was no need to cut a slit in it. So, now I feel much better that my wheels should perform like new with a new set of bearings and races and packed with a good waterproof grease. With the EZ-Lube spindles, it should be easy to keep these bearings in good shape. 33941

- BK2-100

by: Jaydogg03/28/2014

Did come in plastic bags like it was from a bulk box but they had them wrapped tightly and nicely so there was no issue. Everything looked legit and nice quality couldn't be happier since it was going to cost me more at the box store for parts. I installed but haven't pulled the trailer down the road yet but I imagine there won't be any issues. Install was great. 122663


Pulled the trailer to the lake a handful of times last year and a few hundred miles across state there and back this year, still smooth and working as they should. I also run bearing buddies for the caps and these bearing are on the jet ski trailer. Would also suggest bearing buddies for water applications.

Jaydogg - 03/28/2015


- BK2-100

by: Sidney O.04/26/2013

Good quality bearings/grease seal. Fits perfectly and the website have very good information about how to do the job:-) Nice purchase, I am happy with it, and delivery was fast. 78050


Great product and service at etrailer, as usual! Never had a problem buying from etrailer, actually Ill order, pretty soon, new brake system for my trailer do to rusty old one! The bearings I installed over a year ago still tight and greasedno water proving one more time good quality product! The double lip seal is a good idea to keep water out and better lasting seal! Overall very happy with my purchase!:- Keep it up etrailer!

Sidney O - 04/29/2014


- BK2-100

by: Bob C.03/06/2014

The bearing kit was intended for a Dexter 3500lb EZ-Lube torque flex axle w/ electric brakes. When I ordered, I asked eTrailer to ensure I had ordered the proper parts, but after they shipped them, they told me that they could not verify what they'd fit, and the only way to be sure was to disassemble my axle and records the part numbers FIRST. Fortunately, the parts fit perfectly, Too bad eTrailer doesn't have a cross-reference parts list for what parts actually fit what. Having to disassemble things before ordering makes the device unusable until the parts are received. Fortunately, eTrailer shipped my parts 2-Day Priority, and I had them in jig-time. This is not my first eTrailer purchase and I am very happy with their service and prices. 119700

- BK2-100

by: George R01/07/2013

The kit was complete, of excellent quality, and the service was as promised. I will continue to use this vendor for all my trailer needs. I currently own 5 tandem axle trailers of varying lengths, weight capacities and purposes and it's nice to know that all maintenance and repair parts can be obtaines at a reasonable cost from a single source. 62570


The product has permed as expected. No problems at all and shows no signs of early wear or impending failure.

George R - 07/08/2014


- BK2-100

by: Larry C.03/06/2015

I ordered 2-sets of bearings for my 2000 Coleman Pop Up Camper via telephone on: 03_03_15 at a very competitive price. Order was completed promptly and courteously. I received email conformation and product shipped notice within 5 Hrs on same day. My bearings were easily located on after identifying bearing numbers. Site was superb and the transaction was awesome from order placing to product reception. Very fast 3 day shipping. I would buy from this vendor again should the need arise and I would encourage others to give them a try. One of the better e-retailers I have encountered recently. Website/Company appears to have many other products other than just wheel bearings. Give them a try! 177292

- BK2-100

by: RonV.10/15/2014

Bearings and seals looked fine. However, I didn't realize that the L68149 bearing comes with two types of races, L68111 for large hub and L68110 for narrow hub. This kit includes the L68111 and of course I needed the L68110. So had to buy new bearing set locally with the L68110 race. But that's was my fault. The description clearly states the L68111 is part of this set. I just didn't catch that. Also, I have the easy lube axles with zerk on the end. The included cotter pin is too small for the hole so when you try to grease the axle the grease comes out of the cotter pin holes and doesn't go into the axle. So had to buy larger cotter pin locally in order to get a snug fit. 155950

- BK2-100

by: Jeff e05/05/2014

Great customer service and prices. I will order more items. 129066


Worked great. Ordering another set of brakebacking plates for the drivers side of trailor...!those are great too ...

Jeff e - 05/08/2015


- BK2-100

by: KG06/04/2011

These bearings arrived quickly, fit perfectly, and didn’t break the bank. I picked up an extra set in case I have trouble on the road. The order did not match the picture on the website exactly, but I did get all the parts I needed to do a thorough job. The washer was not included with my bearings, but a dust seal for the outer bearing/race set was included-what can go wrong with the washer anyway? The things I really appreciate about are: 1) website design, 2) inventory-they had just what I needed, 3) Price, 4) The videos-I have watched several on different parts, and they are FANTASTIC! An overall great experience, I will be back. 16099

- BK2-100

by: Dan N.03/18/2011

I found etrailer's website and liked their prices. I was not sure exactly what parts I needed so I had to call the customer service number for help. Within minutes a polite and professional woman helped me and I was able to quickly make an order online. The parts were priced reasonably and Etrailer's service for my order was prompt. The bearing kits I ordered arrived quickly and shipping costs were minimal. I will be installing the bearings, races, and grease seals this weekend. All of the parts look like they should go into the trailer without a problem. I will come to etrailer first for parts in the future! 9673

- BK2-100

by: Dave F07/08/2013

Replacement bearings looked good. No problem with assembly. 88301


No problems so far. Im very satisfied.

Dave F - 07/08/2014


- BK2-100

by: Kevin Nowell01/26/2011

I placed an order on Monday around 3 pm. Before the day was over I received an email that my item has already shipped. Wednesday at noon it is sitting on my front porch. I really love this roof rack. It seems very solid and the finish is top notch. I cant wait to load it up with all the camping equipment. I also ordered a pair of wheel bearings for the boat trailer. Best price I could find anywhere. With the customer friendly help videos and free shipping with purchase over $150 I knew I found a site to save under my favorites for quick shopping. Thanks for great service. 6190

- BK2-100

by: Dave M06/21/2013

Could not find these bearings at the local auto stores. These are just what I needed! I have buddy hubs on my trailer wheels to prolong bearing life. After each outing I always check each wheel for warmth. If wheel is one a little warmer than the others I replace the bearings to prevent future problems out on the road. The original bearings that were 16 years old were made in Russia and Poland these were made in China (isn't anything made in the USA??) and seem to be of good quality. Fast shipping! Would highly recommend etrailer ! 85423

- BK2-100

by: Rodd05/05/2015

Took a noisey hub apart, got the bearing and race numbers and tried to match 'em up and found "" has a kit. Got the new parts in a couple days and put it back together. Everyting fit perfectly. None of the local parts stores had kits with the correct parts in it for what I needed. No need to worry about "China" parts from It had me concerned a couple years ago, but if you keep up on the PM, they work just great for cheaper. No problems here. Will use again. 190154

- BK2-100

by: Max01/22/2015

I had a hard time guessing for the right kit since my old bearings weren't stamped. A dial caliper got me close enough to make the right guess. Heated up the hub with a heat gun, applied a touch of ice to the race and tapped it right out while the new races sat in the freezer. Cold races + hot spindle = an easy install. I had some gray PVC conduit that worked perfectly to drive the races home, just like butter. I'll be happy not to have to clean axle grease off the boat this year. 170892

- BK2-100

by: Mel05/12/2011

Purchased to carry as a spare--I've seen too many small trailers broken down on the road because of a failed bearing. Little wheels make for high speed rotation! Careful inspection of the bearing parts received shows they are well made and will do the job, no problems. The bearing kit, a small punch for removal, and a can of grease are in my tool kit. With that backup, I know I will never have a failure--but a spare bearing kit gives a lot of peace of mind! 13716

- BK2-100

by: Don M07/10/2012

It was a joy to have found your site! The information is so complete it was real easy to research and find exactly what I needed to get my travel trailer ready for our vacation. When I called to place my order I was impressed with how my order was personally handled and the concern that I use the proper shipping to get my parts in time for our trip. I hung up the phone feeling really good about my purchase and the whole experience with etrailer. Thanks! Don... 47438

- BK2-100

by: Frank09/11/2012

We installed the bearings, inner and outer, the inside retainer, etc. Used marine grease to pack the bearings, etc. The bearing set replaced some bad bearings that we found on a pontoon trailer we purchased. When I called E trailer, they helped me to identify the bearing numbers and walked me thru their web site to make sure I was ordering the correct set. So, time will tell what happens. Overall, a good ordering experience. 54348

- BK2-100

by: Pete O05/02/2015

I called etrailer because I was not sure which bearings I needed due to the fact that they were completely destroyed. Customer service asked some simple questions about the spindle and hub, and were able to come up with a kit. It arrived a day earlier then expected and everything fit perfectly. Prices are good, but customer service is above average. Treat me good and you will have a loyal customer, and that is exactly what I got! 189431

- BK2-100

by: Mikey G.08/09/2014

This bearing kit was exactly what I needed to service my 1999 Bantam hybrid camper. I had a little bit of trouble driving the replacement seal into hub as it seemed to be slightly too large but I eventually got it. Make sure you thoroughly clean your spindle area before assembly and keep a clean working area and tools because the new bearings with Grease will attract every bit of dust and dirt around you! 145463

- BK2-100

by: JR06/27/2012

Having just purchased a used travel trailer, I needed to service the hubs. After talking with the helpful people a Etrailer I was sure I could do the job and they helped me determine the parts I needed. The parts arrived when expected and after reviewing all the helpful videos on the Etrailer website I started. I can report everything is done and was made very easy with Etrailers help. 45859

- BK2-100

by: Bill H.08/14/2013

The bearings and seals fit right and the seals are the correct double lip for submersion in water. I had a problem with some I bought at a local auto parts store. Quality is equal to the originals I removed and it is nice that the kit comes with a cotter pin and tab washer so you don"t have to find those parts separately. I have not pulled my trailer very far yet, but so far so good. 94956

- BK2-100

by: William04/19/2013

Product is great. No complaints about the parts I ordered. Your shipping department, how-ever, can you some more quality control.They apparently used one weak piece of tape to secure the package. My package arrived open and all the parts that were packed in a bag, were just laying on top. If not for a very conscious mailman, I probably would have received an empty box. 76844

- BK2-100

by: Rod M07/08/2015

I placed the order on Sunday late night. Parts arrived in Wednesday mail in San Diego, CA!! My order must have been processed immediately, which was very much appreciated. The trailer was back up and useful for the 4th of July weekend. Excellent company, excellent service, and excellent product. Thank you!!! I will definitely use your services again when/if needed. 210319

- BK2-100

by: Gary P.10/16/2013

When I had a bearing go out on my trailer the first place I looked to buy the replacement parts was etrailer. I've had good results in the past and their prices are usually the lowest as well as quick shipping. With this order I was able to find the parts I needed easily and when they arrived I put them on the trailer and everything fit perfectly. 104044

- BK2-100

by: Larry W.04/20/2012

I am a returning costumer, I have several trailers and a camper to up keep and since I found etrailer web site I don't look anywhere else etrailer has every thing in one place at great prices. this my second trailer I used there bearing kits on they are quiality bearings and buying as kits they are very good value. I am a satisified costomer. Thanks 37881

- BK2-100

by: Brandon H12/08/2013

I have placed 3 orders recently with E-trailer for 2 different trailers I have. Every order has been perfect. The customer service, and follow up is bar none the best that I have received from any online company. I would recomend anyone to place their order here and see what customer service is all about. Keep up the good work everyone! 109585

- BK2-100

by: E04/08/2013

Handling of my order was very good. Price of products was very attactive and as such I anticipated the goods were produced off shore and they were. We will see how well they hold up. etrailer has done a good job of setting up an easy to use web site and facilitates comprehensive shipment tracking. I will likely use them again. Thanks 74780

- BK2-100

by: RJ05/02/2012

Newer axles no longer use a pin, lock washer, and a castled nut but just use a standard nut with a locking cap. Upgrade kits are available. 39160

- BK2-100

by: Mechanic Mike01/22/2015

Procrastination is not possible with this site. Don't order the parts unless your ready to do the job. Parts arrived fast even with a slow shipping selection. Correct parts, and description's but would like to see them offer Temken Bearings although the one that come in the kit I ordered do seem to rate well given their origin. 170863

- BK2-100

by: Cliff H.08/08/2014

I ordered two sets of bearings for a trailer. It was easy to find the right ones and to order. I chose the regular shipping and so received them in about 7 days, as expected (could have gotten faster shipping, but did not need right away). Was very happy with locating the right ones, the processing, and when I got the order. 145119

- BK2-100

by: David A08/14/2013

Purchased the Bearing set On-Line instead of from a local shop in town, due to a huge price difference. Replaced the Bearings on my Boat Trailer, and took off for a 200 mile round trip Fishing expedition. No problems what so ever. When I get ready to replace the Bearings on my Utility Trailer, E-Trailer will have a repeat customer. 94972

- BK2-100

by: Dustin Davis06/12/2014

This product was an excellent purchase. It took all the guess work out of finding the right bearings and seals for my boat trailer. The price was awesome less than 30 dollars to replace all the seals and bearings. It is not a job for an amateur but will save you a lot of money. It only took 3 days for them to get me the parts. 135430

- BK2-100

by: Tim C.09/27/2012

Awesome. E trailer rocks, product is great. No complaints. Shipped faster than expected and everything was included. I do not normally send reviews because i'm short on time but E trailer exceeds my OCD requirements, and the best thing is...I'm posting the same review for ALL of the products I ordered. Thanks again. 55898

- BK2-100

by: Steve M.08/09/2012

Excellent service. This has been the best parts service I have recieved ordering parts online. I live 1 hours drive west of Colorado Springs & no other parts house could match the price/ shipping. I would like to see the seals packaged in a individual package to prevent damage during shipping. I will order again from etrailer. 51104

- BK2-100

by: Jimmy P.12/17/2014

Nice convenient package so I don't have to go searching for everything I need. Sure they are Chinese bearings but so were the ones I replaced, and they lasted 18 years of use prior to me getting the boat. Replace a whole corner for not much more than 1 timken bearing would cost. The cost savings is definitely worth it! 165809

- BK2-100

by: Will C.12/09/2014

The wheel bearing kit arrived in a timely manner and included all the pieces advertised. The kit includes bearings from China which is what I would expect from a kit as reasonably priced as this one. Even with the shipping, this was less expensive than Autozone and Oreilly's who don't carry all of these parts in stock! 163880

- BK2-100

by: Carlton E.07/30/2012

Recently I ordered two sets of seals, races, and bearings for my boat trailer, I ordered on Thursday and they arrived on Saturday. By Saturday evening I had the parts installed and the trailer and boat were ready to go fishing. Thank you eTrailer for such rapid service. I would and do recommend eTrailer to my friends. 49838

- BK2-100

by: Ray A.03/08/2011

More and more buying is changing to the internet and in order to keep customers comming back good communication is key. Etrailer not only has fair pricing, they communicate! Through out my order process I was keep in the loop without me even asking. I will tell my friends and continue doing business with Etrailer! 8812

- BK2-100

by: Dave w.09/15/2014 was great! I plugged bearing number into website and site provided me with package deal for races bearings seals and cotter pins! I ordered kit for both axles of my boat trailer. Package arrived in about three days and everything fit perfectly! I will use etrailer again when bearings are needed! 151162

- BK2-100

by: BOB J.06/16/2012

Ordered wheel bearings,and seals for my Camping trailer and my boat trailer,they were of Great quality ,exactly what I ordered ,and SUPER FAST Shipping. I have made purchases from E-trailer in the past, they are the BEST, I will be making future purchases from E-trailer.Thanks for being such a great company. 44417

- BK2-100

by: David G05/03/2011

The bearings were the correct size first time around and that never happens! Thanks to your product descriptions and easy to navigate website I was done on 5 minutes. Your pricing including shipping is the best that I have found. Thanks for a great all around experience and I will be shopping here again! 12787

- BK2-100

by: Dave E.04/14/2015

Excellent service, perfect fit, and the best price around. I highly highly recommend this company.I spent half a day in Fayetteville Arkansas, at automotive parts stores, looking for these bearings and seals and could not find them anywhere.One simple click and etrailer fixed me up. Many thanks guys. 185226

- BK2-100

by: Bob K08/20/2014

Just installed 2 of theses kits on an EZ-Loader trailer. The bearings were exactly what was on the trailer. Fit perfectly. The trailer did not have a tang washer. It had a D-washer. The Tang Washer would not work on this application. I just discarded them. Seals were just like the ones I took off. 147663

- BK2-100

by: David10/05/2013

It was nice to be able to order a kit at a reasonable price, to replace the bearings on my camper, instead of having to drive all over town to try and piecemeal the bearings and races and grease seals and it was at lower cost than it would have been at the local auto parts shops, I know I checked. 102696

- BK2-100

by: Don03/22/2013

I searched the net and shopped locally, and for the quality,etrailer can't be beat. This is my second time ordering this bearing kit, the first time for my Outback travel trailer and this time for my utility trailer. I have shared my positive etrailer experience with my friends, thanks!! 71869

- BK2-100

by: Susan K10/16/2014

The bearings were exactly as expected. The quality is EXCELLENT! And the service was amazingly quick! I know there will be future repairs needed on my trailer, etrailer will be the first place I look for parts!! They'd like a photo - kinda hard to see a wheel bearing in action! LOL! 156142

- BK2-100

by: Ron C.10/03/2013

The trailer bearing I purchased not only fit perfectly it was much cheaper than I could have purchased anywhere else. I could not find any company that stocked the bearing and if I ordered it on line it would have taken 7 to 10 days to get it. It was shipped fast from etrailer. 102377

- BK2-100

by: Gary W06/02/2014

The right quantity and the right parts. My trailer is critical to my business and the selection was great and just what I needed. The process was simple and delivery was fast. This was my second order of parts for trailers. Very pleased with the price, process and service. 133730

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Ask the Experts about this TruRyde Trailer Bearings and Races
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  • Is a Spindle Washer Needed Between the Spindle Nut and Outer Bearing on Dexter 5 on 4-1/2 Hubs
  • Yes, there should be a washer of some type between the spindle nut and the bearing on your trailer. The washer protects the back side of the bearing from the edges and points on the back side of the spindle nut. There are several types of spindle washers available depending on the spindle configuration on your trailer. The Washer For 1 inch Spindle, # SW1000, is typically used on spindles that have a castle nut, like # 165686, and a cotter pin, # 165649. A D washer, # 5-23, would...
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  • How to Determine The Correct Bearings for My Trailer with 1-1/16 inch Spindle
  • The easiest way to determine the correct bearings for your trailer is to use the industry standard numbers stamped into the lip of the bearings. This would require removal of the hub. Your measurement, 1-1/16 inches, comes to 1.0625 inches and the inside diameter of the, item # L44649, bearing is 1.063 inches which would be a close match. This bearing is usually mated with the same bearing on the inner race or with, item # L68149, bearing for an inner bearing. You will need to know what...
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  • What Size Grease Seal And Dust Cap is Needed on a 3,500 Lbs. Axle With L44649 Outer Bearing
  • The size seal you will need will depend on the part number of your inner bearing. If the outer bearing part number is L44649 and the inner bearing part number is also L44649, then you will use a TruRyde Seals, # RG06-020. If the outer bearing part number is L44649 and the inner bearing part number is L68149, then it will be TruRyde Seals, # RG06-050. The size grease cap you will need is 1.986 inches. For the standard spindle you would use the TruRyde Grease Caps, # RG04-020....
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  • How Tight Should a Spindle Nut Be
  • The nut on the spindle should be tightened until snug, with no side-to-side play in the hub and then backed off slightly, about maybe a 1/8 of a turn. If the spindle uses a castle nut and cotter pin or tang nut, tighten the nut finger tight until it stops, then back it off so the cotter pin or washer tang fits into the next indentation of the castle nut. If you click on the video link I provided, and forward to the 1:40 mark, you can see one of our techs demonstrating how to tighten...
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  • Which Bearing Kit With Grease Seal Will Fit My Dexter 3500 Pound EZ Lube Axles
  • You have the correct parts selected for your Dexter EZ Lube axles. The Bearing Kit for #84 Spindle, L44649/L68149 Bearings, 10-19 Double Lip Seal, item # BK2-100, contains the Inner bearing and race, outer bearing and race, grease seal and cotter pin.
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  • Replacing Damaged Spindle on Torsion Axle for Enclosed Trailer
  • Unfortunately, there is no good and easy way of replacing the spindle of a torsion axle. The spindle is welded into the suspension arm, and would need to be cut out. The replacement spindle would need to be welded into place. The heat involved in cutting out the old and installing the new spindle would damage the rubber torsion suspension cords inside the axle. I am sorry to say that replacing the axle will be your best bet. If you are in the St. Louis, MO area we can order an axle...
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  • Which Bearing Kit and Seals Do I Need for Escort Trailer with Inner Bearing L68149 and Outer L44649
  • BK2-100 is the right bearing kit since your inner bearing is L68149 and your outer is L44649. The seal that is included in the kit is the right size for that bearing configuration. We offer 3 Bearing Buddy kits in the 1.980 size. Drive-in chrome, part # BB1980A, drive-in stainless, part # BB1980A-SS and thread-in stainless, part # BB1980T-SS. I have added links to them below.
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  • Difference in Bearing Race # L68111 and Bearing Race # L68110
  • Race # L68111 has an outer diameter of 2.361 inches. Race # L68110 has an outer diameter of 2.327 inches. Based on these measurements, the two races are not interchangeable. They are designed for different size hubs, but can use the same # L68149 bearing. There may not be a pre-packaged kit with the L68110 race, but you can still get all the parts you need separately. I have included a link to our bearing and race main page for you to view.
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  • Availability of Bearing Kit with Grease Seal Included For Trailer with L44649 Bearing
  • A trailer hub assembly will use an inner bearing and race, an outer bearing and race, a grease seal, a cotter pin, and either a dust cap or a bearing protector. I am including a picture that will show where the part numbers are located and the areas that you will need to measure if your parts do not have part numbers etched on them. There is only one grease seal on the spindle and it is located on the rear of the hub assembly (see picture). Looking up the grease seal number CR12427...
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  • How to Convert Drum Brakes to Disc Brakes on a 2005 Boat Trailer
  • The Kodiak Dacromet Disc Brake Conversion Kit, item # K2HR35D, would be a good choice for conversion to disc brakes on your boat trailer. We have not had the opportunity to do a video installation for the disc brake conversion yet, but I will go through the installation with you. Before starting you will need to make some determinations to be sure you get the correct conversion kit and that you have the correct components on your trailer to work with the kit. You will need to be sure...
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  • Troubleshooting Hub and Spindle Not Fitting Together after Replacing Spindle on a Utility Trailer
  • It sounds and looks to me like you have the wrong hub assembly for the spindle that is welded to the axle on your trailer. The photos you sent clearly show a 1-1/16 inch spindle similar to the EZ Lube Spindle 1.25 RD STUB - 1.06 inch Bearing ID, item # R104BTREZ. This is a spindle for a 2,000 pound axle. The parts that you referenced are for a 3,500 pound axle and definitely will not work on a spindle designed for a 2,000 pound axle. In addition, the photo of the hub that you sent looks...
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  • Matching Bearings to Bearing Kit BK2-100
  • The TruRyde Bearing Kit # BK2-100, has the correct inner bearing that you will need. You will need to match up the numbers stamped on the outer bearing, races, and seals, for the correct replacement parts. I have linked an FAQ on trailer bearings and a video on the removal, inspection, and installation of trailer bearings.
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  • What are the Dimensions of a #99 Spindle
  • The #99 trailer spindle is typically found on 9,000 lb and 10,000 lb axles. This is not a spindle that we carry at this time, but I did find some of the measurements. I have attached a diagram showing the dimensions of a #99 spindle for you to check out. If you are looking for bearings and a grease seal, you can use part # 28580 for the inner bearing, # 25580 for the outer bearing, part # T51153 for the grease seal, and part # 6-96 for the spindle nut.
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  • Replacing Bearing Seals on Older DICO Hub and Drum
  • The best way to identify the seal needed, is to get the number that is stamped or imprinted on the seal. You may have to remove the seal in order to see the numbers. If you cannot find the number on the seal, if you can find the numbers on the inner and outer bearings, I can probably figure out the seal that way.
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  • Should a Bent Trailer Spindle be Replaced or is it Safe to Reshape it
  • Replacing the spindle is going to be the best bet. Since the old spindle was bent, there could be more damage to it than meets the eye. This damage could come to light or be made worse by heating and trying to reshape the spindle into working order. You run a higher risk of the same thing happening all over again. A new spindle will take care of that part of the problem. I have included a link to our spindle main page. There are some important measurements that need to be taken to find...
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  • Disc Trailer Brake Kit Recommendation for a 1997 EZ Loader Boat Trailer
  • With 13 inch wheels, you will need a different set up to add disc brakes to your boat trailer. For the brakes, I recommend the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 10 Inch Hub/Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Silver Cad, # K2HR35DS for inner bearing and race L68149 and L68111, outer bearing and race L44649 and L44610. These are designed for 13 inch wheels and the silver cad finish provides superior corrosion resistance for marine applications. Your wheels will need to have a 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern. The bearings...
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  • Bearing Kit Recommendation for a Titan Disc Brake Kit # T4843100
  • We sell a bearing kit that will give you everything you need, you would want the Bearing Kit for #84 Spindle # BK2-100. This comes with bearing, seal, races, a cotter pin and a tang washer. Thoroughly inspect the hub and spindle for damage as well.
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  • Replacement Rotors and Calipers Needed for a 2003 Mastercraft Single Axle Boat Trailer
  • To determine the correct Hub and Rotor for your 2003 Mastercraft single axle boat trailer you will need to determine what the inner and outer bearing part numbers are inside the hub, the brake mounting flange bolt pattern and the correct bolt pattern for your wheels. In my experience the Mastercraft boat trailers have an integrated hub and rotor that utilizes oil bath seals and caps. The integrated hub and rotor would need to be removed and a new hub and rotor would be needed to replace...
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  • Titan Disc Brake Kit and Bearing Seals Compatibility with a 1994 EZ Loader Tandem Axle Boat Trailer
  • The easiest way to determined if the bearings and seals in the TruRyde Bearing Kit, # BK2-100, are compatible with the spindles on your 1994 EZ Loader Tandem Axle boat trailer is to match up the part numbers on the bearings and seals. If you can send me the part numbers, then I can recommend the brake kit for your boat trailer. If you are unable to get those part numbers, then you can take some measurements using a tool like a dial caliper. I have attached an image showing where you can...
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  • Replacement Bearing, Race and Seal Parts for 2001 Coleman Cheyenne Camper
  • Since you know your 2001 Coleman Cheyenne Camper's bearing, race and seal part numbers it will be easy for you to find replacements. We offer both individual components and bearing kits too. We do happen to offer a complete kit with your correct bearings, races, grease seal, cotter pin and tang washer, part # BK2-100. You'll need to order one kit per hub. Individual bearings, races etc. can be found by entering each part number into our search box. You may care to consider a bearing...
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  • Seal Size Used in Tru Ryde Bearing Kit # BK2-100 for #84 Spindles
  • The grease seal you referenced, 168255TC, has slightly different dimensions than the seal included in the bearing kit # BK2-100. We do offer this seal on its own, part # 168255TB, and it has an inner diameter of 1.687-inches and an outer diameter of 2.561-inches. The seal included in the kit has an inner diameter of 1.719-inches and an outer diameter of 2.565-inches. We do not offer a complete kit with that original seal so your most cost effective option is to buy the kit # BK2-100...
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  • Double-Lip Wheel Bearing Seal to Replace AL-KO 568886 and Hayes 09103305 Seals
  • The TruRyde double lip grease seal set you referenced, part # RG06-050, is indeed the correct grease seal for use on a number 84 spindle with inner bearing # L68149 and outer bearing # L44649. The reference numbers you gave are the seal part numbers from other makers: number 568886 is the AL-KO part and number 09103305 is the Hayes part. We also offer a complete bearing kit for the number 84 spindle that includes the bearings, races, seal, tang washer and cotter pin, part # BK2-100. The...
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  • Can Bearing Protectors be Added to an EZ Lube Trailer Axle with Grease Zerk Fittings
  • Because your axle has the zerk fittings at the ends of the spindles, a bearing protector like a Bearing Buddy physically will not fit. You would either need to remove the zerk to use a bearing protector or replace the zerk fitting an continue using it. Zerk fittings are not always easily replaced if they have been pressed in so removing it may be the only option. Bearing protectors work well for boat or regular trailers and I would not say it is overkill for a strictly land trailer....
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  • What is the Correct Race for Use with Bearing # L68149?
  • The # L68110 Race in my application charts works with the # L68149 bearing. We do show that the # L68149 bearing also works with the # L68111 race and this may be the application you need. The # L68149 inner bearing is paired with the # L44649 outer bearing which takes a # L44610 race. You could also order the Bearing Kit for #84 Spindle, L44649/L68149 Bearings, 10-19 Double Lip Seal, # BK2-100, if the race mentioned above is the correct part for your application. This kit includes the...
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  • Do You Carry Replacment AL-KO Brake Assemblies for a 1995 Logan Two Horse Trailer
  • We do offer replacement brake assemblies for Hayes/AL-KO which you can view using the links below. For the left hand side, you would need assembly part # 60202803 and for the right, part # 60202703. Only by taking a good look at the inside of the hub and at the brake magnet will you be able to determine if a complete replacement is needed or not. If the inside of the hub shows wear and the brake magnet is worn it may be better to replace the entire brake assembly. For more information...
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  • Bearing and Seal Kit # BK2-100 Recommendation for a # 84 Spindle
  • Based on the measurements that you gave me it looks like you have a # 84 spindle, so yes, you are correct in your assumption. The replacement bearing and seal kit that you would need is the TruRyde Trailer Bearings and Races, part # BK2-100. I attached a link to a video below that shows how to repack bearings for you to check out also.
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  • Replacement Bearings and Seals for Hub 8-247 on a 1999 Coleman Pop-up Trailer
  • It sounds like you may have hub # 8-247-50UC3-EZ or similar. This hub takes bearing kit # BK2-100. The inner bearing is L68149 and the outer bearing is L44649. It takes a 10-19 grease seal with 1.719 inch inner diameter. If you can pull a hub and remove the bearings, the bearing numbers are stamped into the metal of the bearings. I have included a link to a video that should help. The brakes for this hub are 10 x 2-1/4 inch assemblies for 3,500 pound axles. The right hand side would...
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  • Will the BK2-100 Bearing Kit Fit On a Trailer with LM12749 Outer Bearings
  • Your outer bearing, LM12749, is not a trailer bearing that we carry at this time. I checked online and found that the outer bearing you need will have a 0.8656 inch inside diameter for your spindle. The # BK2-100 Bearing Kit is definitely not the correct kit for your trailer. If you would like to check the part number on your seals we may have the replacement parts for those.
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  • How to Determine the Right Bearing Kit for a Trailer with 3500 Pound Axle
  • To determine the correct replacement bearing kit for your trailer you will need to pull off a hub and get the inner and outer bearing numbers stamped into the metal of the bearings. With those numbers I can determine the correct replacement parts for you. There are a couple of different kits for 3500 pound axles. Once you have the bearing numbers it will be easy to figure out the correct one. I have included a link to a video that should help with this project.
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  • Replacement Bearing Kit and 8 Lug Hub and Drum for a Dexter Axle P12 SLR
  • The correct bearing kit you need is the Bearing Kit, LM67048/25580 Bearings # BK3-310. The only hub we offer with an 8 lug bolt pattern that is compatible with the spindle on your Dexter P12 Torsion axle is the Titan 8 on 6-1/2 Hub and Drum # T1870100CB042.
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