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RoadMaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar - 10,000 lbs

Roadmaster Tow Bars

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Roadmaster Tow Bars - RM-422

Say goodbye to binding with this heavy-duty, feature-rich, all-terrain tow bar. Tow your full-size truck, SUV or Hummer with ease and then, no matter the terrain, quickly release it with the flip of a switch.


  • Tow bar allows you to safely and effectively tow your vehicle behind your RV
  • All-terrain model features Freedom Latch for quick and easy disconnect in any environment
  • Telescoping arms hook up with ease and automatically center and lock as you drive ahead, preventing sway and making hookup quick and easy
  • Built-in cable guide protects wires and safety cables (sold separately) from getting damaged or tangled and enhances the look of your tow bar
  • Storage Latch automatically locks the tow bar in place when it is folded toward your motor home, providing effortless and secure storage
  • Quick-disconnect system lets you quickly and easily mount and remove tow bar on your own
  • Drop-forged steel yoke and SupraWeld steel alloy arms provide superior strength
    • Can tow Suburbans, Hummers, Excursions and full-size pickups
  • Made in the USA


  • Capacity: 10,000 lbs
  • Compatibility: works with all Roadmaster vehicle-specific base plates - EZ, EZ2, MS, MX, XL and Standard
  • 1-Year limited warranty

No matter how strong or good looking a tow bar is, it's all for naught if it doesn't work right. With the BlackHawk, hooking up and disconnecting has never been easier. As you drive the motor home away, the arms will self-extend, center and automatically lock. Towing can't get much simpler than this.


Non-Binding Tow Bar

Release your towed vehicle with the flip of a switch in any terrain. Roadmaster's Freedom Latch disconnects the first time, every time, releasing your car even when it is at a hard angle or out of level with the tow bar. No more binding!

Quick Disconnect

Quick Disconnects

Standard on most RoadMaster models, quick disconnects make it a snap to attach your tow bar. Their unique design lets you connect the tow bar to the bracket quickly and easily all by yourself and disconnect it the same way. These convenient brackets also make it simple to mount any number of RoadMaster accessories, from basic safety cables to the Guardian rock shield.

Built-In Cable Guide

Because safety cables and wires all too often tangle and drag, and wrapping them around your tow bar before every use is just no fun, RoadMaster has introduced built-in routing channels for their all-terrain models. Now you can tow with confidence, knowing that your cords and cables are safe and protected.

Storage Latch

Storage Latch

A feature unique to Roadmaster's All Terrain models, the patented Storage Latch makes it easy to stow your tow bar quickly and securely. Just fold the Blackhawk toward your motor home and it automatically locks in place.

422 RoadMaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar

Video of RoadMaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar - 10,000 lbs

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Video Demo Roadmaster Tow Bars RM 422
Roadmaster Tow Bars RM-422 Review
Video install roadmaster all terrain towbar 2013 jeep wrangler rm 422
Roadmaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar Installation - 2013 Jeep Wrangler

Video Transcript for Roadmaster Tow Bars RM-422 Review

Today we're going to review part number R-M-4422. This is the Roadmaster Blackhawk two all-terrain tow bar. This tow bar has a 10,000 weight capacity. This tow bar will allow you to safely and effectively tow your vehicle behind your RV. Basically these quick disconnects will be attached to your vehicle. This would attach to the it's a hitch mount tow bar. It'd attach to the hitch of your RV or motorhome. This is the all-terrain model.

It features the freedom latch, which is these latches on each arm here for quick and easy disconnect in any environment. Basically this will allow you to disconnect the first time, every time by releasing your car even when it's at a hard angle or out of level with the tow bar. There's no more binding of one of the arms. The telescoping arms will hook up with ease and automatically center and lock as you drive ahead preventing sway and making hookup quick and easy. If you'll notice on the side of each one of these arms, there is a built-in cable guide which will protect the wires like electrical wires and your safety cables from getting damage from hanging down or getting tangled. It enhances the look of your tow bar. This tow bar has a dropped forged steel yoke, has the super weld steel alloy arms to provide superior strength.

It does have the quick disconnect system which lets you quickly and easily mount and remove the tow bar on your own. This tow bar is large enough that it can tow a lot of your full-size vehicles like the Surburbans, the Hummers, the Excursions. This part is made in the USA. On this quick disconnect system, I just want to show you basically what you'll do is to disconnect it from your car; you just pull out the pin. You'll see this is the quick disconnect that is attached to the base plate of your vehicle. We'll do the same over here. You can see the quick disconnect comes off.

This straight base assembly is still on there. You can leave this on the tow bar if you want or you can leave it on the car. If you get into your camping spot and you just want to disconnect the whole thing, what you can end up doing is leave the disconnects and the tow bar assembly attached. What you can do is just disconnect the arms of the tow bar. If we pull that pin out; and then the same way over here if you pull this pin just like that and this tow bar assembly you could actually leave hooked to these quick disconnects on your vehicle. If you just want to store your arms, what you could do is you go ahead and push these in just like that; slides in very easily.

You might want to just compress them together. What you want to do is go to the end here. You'll notice there's this latch that's sticking up. This is your storage latch. This will automatically lock this tow bar in place when you fold it up toward your RV or motorhome provides a effortless and secure storage. Basically this part right here would be on your RV or motorhome. What you want to do is just go ahead and fold this right up. You'll notice as you push it, that will lock onto that big allen bolt head right here. It keeps this up against your RV or motorhome. When you go to attach it, you just pull this down, pull the latch down and then push down on it. You can lower your arm back down and hook it up to your quick disconnect assembly; very quick and easy operation. This does come with a one year limited warranty. This tow bar does work with all your Roadmaster vehicle-specific base plates like the E-Z model, the E-Z two, the M-S, the M-X, X-L, and the standard. That should do it for the review on part number R-M-422, the Roadmaster Blackhawk two all-terrain tow bar. .

Customer Reviews

RoadMaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar - 10,000 lbs - RM-422

Average Customer Rating:  ratingratingratingratingrating5.0 out of 5 stars   (4 Customer Reviews)

- RM-422

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Ace04/25/2013

Is this review helpful?

Received the item in less than 5 shipping days. Looks like it will be a great Heavy duty Roadmaster Blackhawk 2 10,000 LB tow bay for my Tundra. Best price I found on the web and with the discount code and free shipping. It was a very fair deal. i HAVE DONE 3 ORDERS SO FAR WITH ETRAILER AND HAVE BEEN VERY HAPPY WITH THEIR CUST. SERVICE/PRICES. Thanks Ace77795

- RM-422

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Steve K.08/23/2012

Is this review helpful?

Great product. This our second Roadmaster tow bar, we bought a heavier to toad, a 2012 Ford F-150. The first tow bar gave us great service and we hope to get many miles from this one.52730

- RM-422

ratingratingratingratingrating by: James G.01/24/2014

Is this review helpful?

Great service at a reasonable price. Unit I ordered was perfect for my purpose. 114640

- RM-422

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Rick M09/21/2013

Is this review helpful?

Received timely and in good condition. Nice tow bar. Will shop etrailer again.100911

Ask the Experts about this Roadmaster Tow Bars
Expert Answers about RoadMaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar - 10,000 lbs - RM-422                                            Do you have a question about this Tow Bars?

  • Roadmaster Blackhawk 2 Tow Bar Works to Tow Any Vehicle Under 10,000 Pounds
  • The Roadmaster Blackhawk 2 tow bar, part # RM-422, will work to tow any vehicle under 10,000 pounds, as long as the the corresponding Roadmaster base plates are installed on the vehicle. For the 2009 Dodge Ram , you will need the, part # 52289-1, base plates.
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  • Complete Tow Bar System for 2000 Dodge 3/4 Ton
  • My recommendation for towing your 2000 Dodge Ram 3/4 ton 4x4 pickup with a diesel would be the Roadmaster Blackhawk 2 All-Terrain Non-Binding Heavy Duty Tow Bar, 10,000 lbs, part # RM-422, and the Roadmaster MX Base Plate Kit, part # 249-6. This tow bar and base plate kit are especially designed to tow vehicles with heavy duty frames and the tow bar installs easily into a 2 inch receiver hitch. You will need to be careful of the amount of weight you put in the pickup due to the weight of the
    view full answer...

  • Tow Bar, Base Plate, Wiring Recommendations for 1995 Honda Del Sol
  • Yes, the RoadMaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar - 10,000 lbs part # RM-422 will work to tow your 1995 Honda Delsol. In order to mount the tow bar to your Delsol AND to your RV you will need Roadmaster XL Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms - 1995 Del Sol by Honda part # 510-1. This mounts to the front of your Delsol and is what the tow bars attach to so you are able to tow your vehicle. Due to the variances on the lower panels, trimming the splash panel may be required. As far as the Roa
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  • Troubleshooting Excessive Tire Wear on a 2007 Ford Focus when Being Towed by a Motorhome
  • There are several possible causes for the severe tire wear you are seeing on your Ford Focus. First, if the tow bar is not level with the RVs it can put extra stress (downward force in this case) on the front of the Focus. That extra force can lead to not only tire wear but also potentially damage the tow bar and base plates. Make sure that you have the steering on the Focus unlocked so that it is free to turn when being towed. If the steering is locked, it will cause severe tire wear and dam
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  • What Exactly Do I Need to Flat Tow a 1997 Ford Taurus or a 1989 Chevy Astro Van
  • Along with the RoadMaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar, item # RM-422, you will need a base plate kit to flat tow the Astro. I did some research and found that, although we have a base plate kit for the 1997 Ford Taurus, item # 445-3, the vehicle cannot be towed because the items needed to make the vehicle tow-able are no longer in production. For the 1989 Chevy Astro Van, the Roadmaster Classic Base Plate Kit - Fixed Arms, item # 101-1, is the correct fit. You will need to add a transm
    view full answer...

  • Base Plates, Tow Bar, Wiring, Safety Cables, Braking System to Flat Tow a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • There are several components needed to flat tow your 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee behind your motor home. I have included a link to our FAQ article that explains each one for you to view. First, you will need to install base plates on the vehicle. Base plates provide a safe and secure attachment point on the vehicle for a tow bar. For your Grand Cherokee, I recommend Roadmaster XL Base Plates, # 1419-5. With these tow bars installed, you will need a tow bar compatible with XL base plates. I re
    view full answer...

  • Tow Bar and Accessories Needed to Flat Tow a 2005 Jetta Wagon, Old Body Style, and 2005 Ford F-350
  • You will be able to tow your 2005 Jetta Wagon and your 2005 Ford F-350 with the same tow bar. We have two tow bars available which are rated for towing the F-350 so you will need to select one of those. The RoadMaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar, item # RM-422, or the Blue Ox Aventa LX Tow Bar, item # BX7445, are the correct tow bars for towing the F-350 and are both rated at 10000lbs capacity. You would then need a base plate kit for each vehicle. For the Jetta wagon, you will need th
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2012 GMC Sierra 3500HD 4WD
  • For a base plate kit for your 2012 GMC Sierra 3500HD 4WD truck I would recommend the Roadmaster XL Base Plate Kit # 3167-1, I will send you a separate email with a pdf of the installation instructions for this product for you to check out. This base plate kit would work well with the RoadMaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar # RM-422 that you referenced. To complete your towing setup you may be interested in a RoadMaster BlackHawk 2 All Terrain Combo Towing Kit # RM-9294-2. And finall
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Tow Bar, Base Plates and Accessories to Flat Tow a 1992 Honda Accord
  • For your 1992 Honda Accord, I would recommend the Roadmaster Base Plate Kit, part # 1526-3. This kit fits both the sedan and wagon models. I would then recommend the Roadmaster Falcon 2 tow bar, part # RM-520. The Falcon 2 has a 6000 lb capacity, and features telescoping arms that automatically lock and center. For more details about the Falcon 2, take a look at the product demonstration video I have linked to. Safety cables like part # RM-643 will be needed. You will also need to tie
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2007 Ford F-150 4x4 Behind an Dump Truck
  • Since your 2007 Ford F-150 4x4 has a manual transfer case and not the electronic shift on the fly feature, you can flat tow the truck. But, you will want to confirm this by consulting the vehicle owners manual for the proper towing procedure. You will first want to install base plates on the truck. I recommend using XL style base plates # 495-1A because there are a lot of compatible tow bar options for the XL style plates. For a tow bar, you you will be using a pintle hitch and want a tow bar
    view full answer...

  • Base Plates and Flat Towing Accessories for 2006 Buick Rainier and Blackhawk Tow Bar
  • From the research I did, you will need a transmission lube pump or drive shaft disconnect to flat tow the 2-wheel drive model. For the all wheel drive model you will have to use a transmission lube pump to flat tow. Be sure to consult your owners manual for the proper towing procedure and anything else that may be needed. Once you have determined what you need for your model, you will need compatible base plates to go with the tow bar. You can use the Roadmaster XL base plates, # 3109-1. The
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2007 Ford F-150 that Weighs Over 5,000 Pounds
  • Since your truck is pushing the limit of 5,000 pounds for some tow bars then I recommend Roadmaster base plates # 495-1A and using Blackhawk tow bar, # RM-422, with safety cables # BX88197. The tow bar and cables are rated for 10,000 pounds. Next you will need a lighting kit like # RM-154 for frequent flat towing or # C-ATL20A for a magnetic kit for infrequent towing. And finally most states require a supplemental braking system on the vehicle being flat towed. One of the easiest to set up
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Base Plate Kit for a 1993 GMC 1500 Pickup
  • There are two base plates kits offered for the 1993 GMC 1500 pickup, but you must take a measurement to determine which kit will work on your particular truck. Your RoadMaster Blackhawk 2 tow bar will work with either kit. The required measurement will be taken from the center point of the lower-most threaded hole on the side of the frame, to the center line of the rearmost elongated hole on the bottom of the frame. If this distance is 1-1/4 inches, you would need RoadMaster base plate kit
    view full answer...

  • Recommendations For Parts Needed to Tow 2012 GMC Canyon With Towbar Blackhawk 2 Behind Motorhome
  • When towing a vehicle with a motorhome there are five components needed: baseplates for the towed vehicle, towbar, safety cables/chains, lighting system, and supplemental braking system. Starting with the baseplate, as long as your 2012 GMC Canyon is not the Z71 or Xtreme model, then RoadMaster XL Base Plate # 3122-1 will fit your truck. If your 2012 Canyon is the Z71 model then RoadMaster XL # 3164-1 is the correct baseplate kit for your truck. Both kits have removable arms and will fit you
    view full answer...

  • How to Check a Roadmaster Blackhawk Tow Bar for Damage After Backing Up
  • If you were backing up in a straight line and slowly then the tow bar is most likely fine. The problem is the vehicle wheels can turn and scrub the ground or jackknife the vehicle so you would want to give the vehicle a good once over as well. To determine if there is any damage to the tow bar you will want to check the telescoping and locking operation of the arms. If the arms do not move in and out as easily as they did before they may be bent. You will need to remove the arms and roll them
    view full answer...

  • Flat Towing Setup Recommendation for a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
  • The first thing you will need is a base plate kit confirmed to fit your 2013 Jeep Wrangler with a Warn bumper. For that you will want the Roadmaster Base Plate Kit # 1439-3. This base plate kit is compatible with the Roadmaster Blackhawk 2 Tow Bar # RM-422 that you referenced. There are several other components you will need. For tail light wiring I recommend the Hopkins Tow Bar Wiring kit # HM56200. This plugs inline with your tail light wiring and will activate the taillights of your
    view full answer...

  • How to Connect the Roadmaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar to a 2002 Ford F-150 4x4
  • To connect the Roadmaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar, # RM-422, to your 2002 Ford F-150, you will first need to install the Roadmaster XL Base Plate Kit, # 456-15, on your F-150. The base plate kit provides the attachment point for a tow bar. Once you have the base plate kit installed, you will bolt the vehicle side quick disconnects that are included with the Blackhawk tow bar to the arms of the base plates. The quick disconnects allow you to easily hook-up and unhook the tow bar from
    view full answer...

  • Flat Towing Parts Recommendation for a 2012 Ram
  • The Roadmaster Blackhawk 2 Tow Bar part # RM-422 that you referenced is compatible with MX base plates like the Roadmaster Base Plate # 292-3. The crossbar and quick disconnects that are on the BlackHawk 2 would not be used, the MX base plate kit would attach directly to the arms of the tow bars like the picture I attached. In addition to the base plates and tow bar, you will also need safety cables, lighting, and supplemental braking to flat tow your vehicle. For safety cables you can use #
    view full answer...

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