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Blue Ox Base Plates for the Chevrolet Malibu, 2011

Blue Ox Base Plates

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Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms - Chevrolet Malibu, 2011

This strong and durable base plate kit is custom designed to fit your Chevrolet Malibu. The hidden reinforcements, along with the removable bracket arms, provide a clean, unobtrusive look when your car is not being towed.


  • Custom-fit base plates provide attachment points for tow bar
  • Hidden reinforcement means that less of the bracket shows
    • No crossbar support beam or large, protruding brackets
  • Base plate tabs remove easily for a completely inconspicuous look
  • Sturdy, dependable design
    • Spreads towing force evenly to minimize weight placed on suspension
    • Constructed of durable steel
  • Simple installation - no welding required
    • Bolts securely to your Chevrolet Malibu chassis
  • Integrated mounting points let you easily attach an electrical connector plug or bracket (sold separately)
  • Instructions and necessary hardware included
  • Adaptable for use with Roadmaster tow bars with the Roadmaster Tow Bar Adapter (RM-031 or RM-031-5; sold separately)
  • Made in USA


  • Distance between brackets: 22-1/2"
    • Fits Blue Ox Aventa, Aladdin, Alpha and Allure tow bars
  • 3-Year warranty

BX1679 Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Tabs

Video of Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video install blue ox base plate kit 2012 chevrolet malibu bx1679
Blue Ox Base Plate Kit Installation - 2012 Chevrolet Malibu
Video install blue ox base plate kit 2010 chevrolet malibu bx1679
Blue Ox Base Plate Kit Installation - 2010 Chevrolet Malibu

Video Transcript for Blue Ox Base Plate Kit Installation - 2012 Chevrolet Malibu

Today on our 2012 Chevy Malibu, we'll be installing the Blue Ox base plate kit with removable arms, part number BX1679.Speaker 2: I'll go ahead and do a demonstration of installing the removable arms. We'll line up the arm with the base plate tube, slide it in, and turn until it locks into position. Take the removable arm out of the base plate or simply pull back on the locking ring releasing the pin. Rotate the removable arm, it will release from the base plate, then we can install the receiver cap plug to keep out the dust, dirt, and debris.To begin our install, we'll first need to remove the front fascia. To do this, we'll go ahead and raise the hood and remove the top cover between the fascia and front core support. Theyre 00:00:56 multiple bolts and push pin fasteners.

We'll first remove the bolts and then the push pin fasteners. To remove the push pin fasteners, we'll pry out on the center of the fastener and then remove the two-piece fastener completely. Once we have them all removed and set aside, we'll go ahead and remove the top cover.Next, we'll move to the wheel well. Inside the wheel well, there are four push pin fasteners that connect the wheel well to the front fascia. We'll go ahead and remove these four push pin fasteners.

Remove the bolt that secures the front fascia to the front fender. It's secured to the cutout whole in the wheel well. We'll go ahead and repeat this same process for the opposite side. Next, we're going to move underneath the vehicle, noting for this application a good portion of the underbody paneling is missing. However, what does remain still connects the front fascia to the wheel well, so we'll go ahead and remove those fasteners. Once we have all the fasteners removed, we can go ahead and remove the front fascia. To remove the front fascia, we'll pull out in the corner of the fascia where it meets the wheel well, releasing the fasteners underneath.

We'll work the front fascia loose as it goes underneath the headlight. Once we have both sides worked loose, we'll go ahead and remove from the vehicle. Note that it's a good idea to get an extra set of hands to help you do this so the front fascia doesn't fall. Next, on the passenger side, we'll need to remove to air baffle. The air baffle is secured with a push pin fastener which we'll remove. Remove the fastener completely and a bolt that's behind the air baffle near the wheel well and inner frame.

Once we remove the bolt, we can go ahead and pull down on the air baffle and remove it, setting it aside for reinstallation later.Speaker 2: On the inside, there's a fastener connecting the air dam to the frame. Well go ahead and remove it.Next, we'll need to start trimming the air calling 00:03:41 that goes around the radiator and core support. Just below the bumper inside the frame rail, we'll need to trim the air calling 00:03:48. Using a paint marker, we'll go ahead and mark it first. Then using a utility knife or a rotary tool, we can go ahead and trim the plastic. Once we cut it, we'll remove the bottom half by removing the push pin fastener and setting the whole piece aside as it will not be reinstalled. We'll trim out a larger section. Using a paint marker, we'll draw a straight line down the corner of the air calling 00:04:21 to make room for the base plate. Once we have it marked out, we'll go ahead and use our rotary tool or knife to remove this piece. We'll do this to both sides. On the fastener side, we'll need to cut along the top edge and then down the corner.Speaker 2: Next, remove the bolt that holds the horn to the frame. Then unhook the horn wiring. We can set the horn aside for installation later.On each side, there are multiple fasteners to be removed. Some of these fasteners will be secured to you. The underbody fascia, the frame, or the inner fender well. Once they're removed, we'll go ahead and pull the inner fender well out and remove this pieces completely, setting them aside for reinstallation later. Now with that done, we've exposed the frame rails on both sides. We can go ahead and put our base plate in position. As we put the base plate in place, it's a good idea to get an extra set of hands to held it in position. We'll push it up from the bottom of the frame tight and pull it out towards the front of the vehicle hitting the front bumper flange. Once we have in position, we'll secure it with vice grips or clamps. Now, with our base plate in position, we'll use it as a template to drill out our attachment points. We'll have a total of six attachment points, three in each side.Speaker 2: We'll go ahead and take the 13/32 drill bit using the base plate as a template. We'll go ahead and mark the center point for each of the holes. Once we have the center point mark, we can use a step-it 00:06:33 process starting with the smaller pile or bit and working our way up to the 13/32 drill bit size. Now, with each of the attachment points drilled out, we can go ahead and start installing the hardware. As per the instructions, each fastener will get red Loctite applied to the threads before being installed. We'll be using the Loctite part number LT37420. Now, we'll be using a 3/8 by 1 inch long bolt that will go through the two lower attachment points. On the back side, we'll secure it with a split lock washer and nut. For the upper attachment point, we'll use a handle nut. We can take the handle nut feed it to the access hole on the bottom of the frame, then over to the attachment point, and thread the bolt into the handle nut. We'll be using a 3/8 by 1.5 inch long bolt going through a split lock washer to the base plate into the frame and securing it into the handle nut.Once we have all the attachments in place, we'll tighten them down. We can remove the clamps and secure the last connection point on this side. There are three fasteners on the other side and we can repeat the same process. With all of our fasteners tightened, we can then torque the specifications as indicated in the instructions. We can use a pair of side cutters or tin snips to cut off the end of the handle nut. Then we'll push the remaining end inside the frame. Now with our base plate installed and secured, we need to trim the air dam so we can reinstall it. First well take a paint marker and mark out the section to be trimmed. Once again, we can use a utility knife or rotary tool to cut out the sections. Once we have it cut out, we'll put our air dam back into place to resecure it with the fasteners. We'll repeat the same process on the other side. On the driver side, we'll reinstall the horn and then we'll use the open fourth 00:09:21 hole on the base plate. Next, we'll reinstall the air baffle. The fasteners will go through the air baffle to the pre-drilled 00:09:33 hole in the base plate and then secure it. Next, we'll reinstall the front fascia. As we set it back into position as closely as possible, we'll need to mark the cutout section of the lower fascia to make room for the base plate. We'll use our paint marker to mark the sections and then we'll use our rotary tool to cut it out. Now, with the necessary trimming completed, we can go ahead and reinstall the front fascia. With all the fasteners and bolts reinstalled, we need to take each of the safety cables to go around the frame with it and come back up with each of the loops connecting to the base plate using the quick link. Next, we'll use a couple of zip ties. These will assist in keeping the safety cables up and off 00:11:06 the ground and clean up the install up 00:11:08. Now, with everything reinstalled, this will complete the installation. There you have it for our install, the Blue Ox base plate, cable, and removable arms, part number BX1679, on our 2012 Chevy Malibu. .

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Customer Reviews

Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms - BX1679

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (144 Customer Reviews)

This strong and durable base plate kit is custom designed to fit your vehicle. The hidden reinforcements, along with the removable bracket arms, provide a clean, unobtrusive look when your car is not being towed.

- BX1679

by: jerry n.06/18/2012

looks quality made, quick delievery ,very satisfied, have appt. for install. 44712

- BX1679

by: jerry n06/19/2012

fast del. good quality prod. great tran saction 44762

- BX1689

by: Rick & Debbie03/31/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

First we want to rate etrailer service- it was excellent! Items arrived on time. The video on the web was very helpful & Blue Ox sent good instructions in the box. The installation went well, completed in 3 days. Couple of points on the instructions/install; On the bumper fascia you will have to do a LOT of trimming, and it's a matter of trying to get it back on, numerous times. Also once you finally get it trimmed to fit with base plate installed, snapping in the fascia is not easy, it's push & shove to get it back on. The only other issue is getting those hex nuts screwed into the bolts, there is very little room to work & you have to get the nut lined up EXACTLY before the screw will fit. We painted the one side of it white to see it through the drilled holes better, you will also need someone to hold a flashlight while the other person tries to get it bolted on. Then you have to be ready to put the locktite on before the nut slips out of place. Patience, patience, patience!!! Luckily my husband has lots of it - he read & reread the instructions before he started-had all his tools lined up & then went to it - I just kept my mouth shut & held the flashlight & helped him with the bumper fascia. He is out in the garage now installing the wiring harness. We had to wait to order the receiver hitch (10") until the base plate was installed & we could line it up with our RV & figure the difference (2012 Chevy Equinox). We live in Prescott AZ & hope to leave for a trip to the Grand Canyon & Santa Fe New Mexico in about a week. 73518


Hi Patrick - thanks for the follow up....we are very satisfied with theitems we purchased from

comment by: Rick - 04/03/2014


- BX2628

by: Jim C12/25/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Videos did a great job of educating me for this install. Have done this before on a different car. Product and service could not have been better. 166917

- BX1126

by: Chuck S.05/26/2012

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Great base plate - -super service from etrailer. Couple of hints, at least for install on a 2012 Wrangler Unlimited: 1) the phillips push pins that hold the belly pan on come out best with a light touch on the driver. I buggered up 2 figuring that out. 2) the plate seems to be too narrow to fit, but with a rubber mallet and some persuasion, it will. 3) Use a corded drill for the holes into the frame. My 19.2 volt didn't have the grunt to get it done even with swapping out batteries repeatedly. 4) Directions don' t say anything about how to level the plate after the first (lower) bolt is in, but probably best to have it level or even slightly angled down or away from the grill (gives better clearance for the electric connection below the license plate frame). Wish the electrical connection had black spring return for the cover and the screws to mount it were black. Also wish Blue Ox didn't put a white part number label and the orange warning label on the FRONT, visible section of the plate. Why not the back? I installed it myself. Took half a day and 2 scraped knuckles, but not to tough of a job with the right tools. My third or fourth purchase from etrailer and all have been quick, reasonably priced, marked by good communication and respectful. Works for me! Thanks etrailer! 41767

- BX1128

by: wayne l.09/12/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

installation on a 2011 jeep grand cherokee wasnt too bad. the instructions should have included a note on removal of the front fascia wheel well bolt clip. you have to pry the fascia over the bolt clip. it will not just pull off. i used a 90 degree drill attachment to drill the upper frame mounting plates. my jeep had the tow hooks from the factory. the base plates fit well. i had to trim the "opening" very little where the base plates come through the fascia. great customer support from bob and carla 99609


just used the base plates and tow bar about 2 weeks ago. jeep cherokee pulled great, no sway or problems

wayne l - 09/15/2014


- BX2246

by: Dan Gentry10/29/2012

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

This installation obviously was not a Bolt in Ready unit, but still installed with little difficulty. The biggest obstacle was trying to figure out exactly how much to cut and where, then figure out exactly where to Base plate was to go for proper hole drilling. The illustration was less than adequate, however through process of elimnination it is on. 58299


It is still working great and I am confident I will many years of use from it. I have used etrailer for my towing needs ffor over 10 years and it has always been a good experience. I intend to use etrailer in the future.

dan g - 04/29/2014


- BX2639

by: Matt D.08/11/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Received the base plate from you in record time (helped prepare for trip). INSTALLED IT TODAY AND EVERYTHING WENT GREAT! 94450


Everything is working perfectly. Fast shipping and ease of installation with provided instructs was great.

Matt D - 08/11/2014


did you install it yourself. How long did it take.What did you did you do for wiring harness

comment by: john - 10/01/2014


I installed myself good instructions except for horn remou ting. Took about 5-6 hours total. Ran wire harness under car to back then up to tail lights where I installed separate bulbs with sockets from auto parts store. MattD

comment by: Matt D - 10/02/2014


- BX1126

by: Steve S.05/24/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

received the plate installed it in less than three hours, have yet to hook it up though. Great , fast shipping! The only issue were the cheap plastic push pins on the shield of the Jeep. 81899


8000 miles and still tight! When we get there rest assured the frame will make it!

Steve S - 05/24/2014


- BX1710

by: Howard L12/22/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

The base plate installation was easy to install after getting everything removed that is necessary to get the existing tow hooks removed. I had a similar base plate on a 2008 Silverado that I had also installed so was almost the same. The photos in the Installation booklet could be a bit more clear. Had a hard time making out some of the details there so wnet to the Blue Ox website and opened the Instalation PDF there and photos were easier to see. Overall was what I was expecting and very satisfied 110844

- BX1126

by: Alan B.12/30/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

My third Blue Ox Base Plate. Fit and function are perfect. Fits my existing (first) tow bar and the tab height is nearly exactly the same as my 12 year older Jeep so didn't even need to make any draw bar changes. 111481


Still attached and working perfectly. Continues to survive some rather intense back country trails with no complaints.

Alan B - 12/30/2014


- BX1689

by: Chris H11/25/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

This baseplate is very well made and sturdy. I would rate it excellent but for 2 flaws: 1. My vehicle has a power steering cooler which the instructions say to relocate on the supplied brackets. Relocating as instructed puts excessive strain on the connecting hoses. I had to cut the pipes and add about 3 inches of rubber hose to the power steering cooler to make it fit comfortably. 2. Blue Ox do not provide any kind of support outside office hours. This type of product is typically installed by the user over a weekend and BO should provide support to their customers during this time. Overall, I would rate ease of install at 5 (out of 10) excluding the cooler issue. Hook up to the completed baseplate is a breeze. We have the Aventa II towbar which takes about 2 minutes to connect. 108372

- BX1689

by: Gary04/18/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Received base plates in great condition and all the hardware intact. I previously installed base plates on my Ford escape in approx 4 hrs. It took me 8 hrs to inst on the chevy equinox much more involved. T he instructions where to the t. I will be using it to tow behind our motorcoach. I would not recommend the average Joe blow to try installing these which was stated on the box and inst.On page 6 of inst it stated fig 11A and 11B which should read 12A and 12B. The product works as advertised and I recommmend it to those in need. 76763

- BX2635

by: Harlow L07/18/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Have used Blue Ox tow bar and base plates for 6 years. Good service from bot Blue Ox and 90196


The base plate has now been over 15K miles and still good. The tow bar had over 45K miles on it and had to be replaced this year.

Harlow L - 01/16/2015


- BX1126

by: Dennis W09/26/2011

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Installation on the Jeep Wrangler was very easy. All the directions were clear and accurate. I Remove the valance under the bumper, disconnect the Fog Lights, remove the 8 bolts under the bumper, and remove the front bumper. I used a 4' board and a floor jack to balance and lift the base place. the base plate was a very snug fit and need a little tap with a mallet to align and level. The Nuts with long wires welded to them were great in easing the installation. I spent more time looking for a 17/32 drill bit which I could not find that anything. A 1/2" worked find. The only help I need was marking the valance, I aligned and held in place while my wife mark both sides. 24574

- BX2187

by: Thomas01/21/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

No problem with installation. Very sat isfied. 63629


I am very happy with Blue Ox Base PLate kit. You have my business as long as I need a hitch.

Thomas - 07/23/2014


- bx2246

by: Don G02/19/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

I recently purchased a Blue Ox baseplate BX2246 from The installation went well, the instructions were clear and the photographs exceptional. As you know part number 62-3468, attachment assembly, SF/SB R connects and may be removed from to the weldment base plate. The installation or towing instructions would be best if they included a photo and details for connecting and removing that part by users when not in use as the nose extends beyond the vehicle frame when the5 vehicle is not towed. Special attention shown to the connection and safety pin locking. Simple for many but not for all. Thank you. 116914

- BX2258

by: Bill11/13/2012

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Great service!!!!!!!!!!! 59409


Doing great except I have a Honda CRV following me all the time!!!!!!! Thanks, Bill

Bill - 05/14/2014


- BX3321

by: Mike02/22/2012

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Item installed as advertised. Installation tips: 1. Make sure you install all the attachment bolts finger tight to insure base plate alignment to the vehicle frame prior to torqueing them tight. 2. A powerful drill and sharp drill bits make installation much easier as you have to drill a few holes in the vehicles frame. The hardest hole to drill is the 1 1/2 inch hole in the frame for the attaching bolts to be installed. I used a 1 inch drill bit then a rotary file to enlarge the hole. My craftsman hole saw when dull almost immediately when I first started drilling this hole. 32234

- BX2319

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Bobl10/21/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Product was received incomplete with parts missing. Thank goodness for Etrailer. They contacted Blueox and had them send parts. I had asked that Blueox send them priority mail, since I had already waited almost 3 weeks due to the Mfg backlog, but instead they sent via ground and I had to wait yet another week. Blueox instructions were flawed and we had to make some modifications to car to allow installation. I am happy with Etrailer, but very disappointed with Blueox. This is my third installation, first two were great. 104533

- BX2246

by: Terry B.04/28/2012

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

The baseplate was delivered quickly. I had it professionally installed.It fit perfectly. Everything required for the installation was included in the box. All in all a very positive experience. I highly recommend etrailer for all your towing needs. 38668

- BX2635

by: Rich11/13/2012

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

This Ox baseplate for my 2012 Ford F150 was received promptly and installation was very easy per the included instructions. I also installed the taillight wiring kit, but I was not at all happy with that. I would recommend a diode kit. Having to drill the 1" hole generated a lot of plastic pieces which were difficult to remove from the taillight housing. The bulb holders are not sealed, so I assume I will get crud in the taillight housing. 59404

- BX1126

by: Mike W03/12/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Installed it myself on a Jeep Wrangler 2014. Installation when well, instruction were sufficient, took I'd say 3 hours from start to finish. HArdest part was the bumper removal. Base plate was welded good and paint job was good. It sure seems to be a solid base plate. Like the safety cables that it came with. Was a little tricky trying to do a nice cut on the plastic belly pan but if you take your time end result was great. 120431

- BX2630

by: road ranger09/11/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

installed on 2014 f-150 king ranch. it took about 1 full day to complete. the hardest part is getting a drill in position to drill the required 8, 1/2 inch holes. (angle drill works best) I think the unit is over built considering each side is bolted on with 7, 1/2 inch diameter bolts. instructions aren't the best I've ever seen but if you study them you can get the job done. VERY HAPPY WITH THE SERVICE FROM 150666

- BX2319

by: George Evely04/25/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

I purchased the BX2319 hitch plate for my 2008 Hyundai Tucson. I was thoroughly impressed with the etrailer experience. There were various emails with regards to the order, shipping, and delivery. Then I was sent tracking info from UPS. Delivery was ahead of schedule. The product arrived in excellent condition, and all the pieces and documentation was "as described" on the website.I would recommend to anyone. 77869

- BX2639

by: ottojf10/16/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Installed yesterday took us al of eight hours. Video was great, however we gave up on the whole saw. The metal is very, very hard. We broke a new hole saw and several bits. My friend who was helping had a gas torch. Should have used it from the get go as we lost over an hour trying to drill the holes. We had to do a lot of trimming for the breakaway bracket for the Break Buddy. BlueOx hides very well on the C-MAX bumper. 156094

- BX1513

by: Jeremy A.05/05/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Product works great and was easier to install than I anticipated, about three hours start to finish on our '08 Enclave. The directions need some tweaking, the steps are numbered out of order in a couple places and there are two screws on the outside of the front nose piece that are not mentioned in the directions that must be removed. They are inside the inner fender and mount vertically. Overall a great product though. 79041

- BX2238

by: Hugh L.09/03/2012

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

We ordered this part due to a front end accident with the vehicle we tow. The replacement was installed by a very competent Auto Body Repair garage here in Haverhill, MA. The original bar was installed by me 3 years ago and it was a breeze. It operated perfectly and we never had a problem. The accident we had with the tow vehicle bent it so we ordered the new one. You have a great product! 53818

- BX1126

by: Larry Zee01/31/2012

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Haven't installed any of the products, just received today. However, I can say that all of the merchandise is as advertised and arrived without incident. My dealings with has been excellent. Their style of doing business is the way it should be. If other companies followed their standards, America would be like it use to be. Thanks, for such professionals. 30753

- BX2605

by: Lyle03/12/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

mount plate arrived a day late which we were in formed was because of the snow storms in the middle of the week. all parts were their. the instructions were good and the vidio on line was very helpful. the two caps for the front horns dont cover the opening but all went very well with a helper to assist with the grill. total hrs toward the install was about 3. 70109

- BX2258

by: Philip L08/28/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

I am in the process of installation. Everything seems to be in the package and the instructions are clear. I was pleased with etrailer they filled my order and delivered in 5 days. I had a order with another web site for two months and was told it would be another month before my order would be filled. Etrailer delivered! I will use them again. Thank You etrailer. 97364

- BX2232

by: Ron A11/25/2012

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Product received in a timely manner and in good condition. Product perfectly for my auto and looks great. 60005


i have a 2007 honda element sc,i purchased a blue ox bx 2232 baseplate and wanna know why all the sites show no baseplate for the sc model?will this baseplate work on my sc if not can you tell me why and what baseplate i need if so.thank youmoose

comment by: moose - 11/27/2013


According to Blue Ox, the BX2232 fits all Element with the exception of the SC models. The front fascia headlights and bumper cover are different on the SC models and it will not accommodate the Blue Ox base plates. The BX2232 has the detachamble tabs up higher than does Roadmaster, which is why the Roadmaster kits will work but the Blue Ox will not. Check out 1541-5 and 1541-3 from Roadmaster.

Patrick B - 12/2/2013

- BX1126

by: Rich H.10/28/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Installation would be easier if you start with MM wrenches and sockets, mine are far and few between. Having the correct drill bit would help also, I didn't. It took about 3 hours in total to remove the bumper, install and put the bumper back. With a little bit of help and the correct tools you can do it faster, hay, I'm an accountant after all. 105431

- BX1986

by: Robert B.06/24/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

This is the 4th baseplate I have installed and definitely the hardest one to install because of drilling the 2 holes in the frame, One of the bolt wires was not welded properly but I have a welder so was able to fix it. With the 5 bolts on each side fastening the baseplate to the frame I think the safety cables are a bit of excessive safety wise. 85754

- BX2258

by: Jay07/19/2012

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

eTrailer great service as always. Product came in great shape. Check the contents carefully when you get this part. My came with the instructions from a BX2256 (Honda Civic) not the BX2258 (Honda CR-V). Not a big problem, just went to the Blue Ox website and downloaded and printed the right one. Haven't installed yet as it just came today. 48585

- BX1986

by: Rob A.06/06/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Have just finished install and everything went very smooth. It does help to have a lot of tools. I needed a big hammer two times during install to help get things in place. This one was my fourth plate system and it was nice not to have to remove the nose of the vehicle but a lot more drilling on this 2010 1500 pickup. This one took more time. 134565

- BX1126

by: John B.09/09/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

I ordered the blue ox base plate for my 2014 Jeep Wrangler, It was installed professionally it took them one hour and fifteen min. The folks at Etrailer were so helpful and kind it arrived when they said it would, could not be happier. I have since ordered the blue ox tow bar cover and will continue to do business with them in the future!!!! 150417

- BX1987

by: Geodog01/28/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

The instructions (#23) tell you to align the support bracket 1/4" from the bumper. When we drilled the holes we discovered that a nut could not be installed due too the lack of clearence with the frame rail end. This measurement should be 1/2". Other than this clearence problem the installation went fine. Very pleased with the Base Plate. 64285

- BX2258

by: Myron03/15/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Purchased this base plate for my 2013 CRV - great price and received in timely manner. Found instructions somewhat difficult to follow - could have been more specific. Installation took about 4 hours. I have made several purchases from etrailter and have always found them to be most helpful and professional. Free shipping was big plus. 71002

- BX2190

by: jim c.06/19/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

I was happy with the ease of ordering the Blue Ox baseplate (BX2190) for my 2007 Ford Edge. I have watched a video on the baseplate installation and am waiting for an opportunity to do the install. This base plate should be an easy install, as Blue Ox uses factory bolt holes, and very minimal cutting during the installation. 136650

- BX2635

by: Lmaisonv12/21/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

I was impressed with how well this went together. Took me about 1.5 hours to disassemble install and reassemble the bumper. I did not use the written instructions other than for the torque requirements. He video done by etrailer was spot on. I just followed their step by step instructions and bam it was done. 166406

- BX1126

by: tom l.08/05/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

I ordered 4 items from etrailer and due to some ordering errors I ended up having to return some items and order the correct ones. I was taken care of in a curtiuous and timely manner. I will always order from etrailer in the future. I am very happy with there service. No I don't work for etrailer. 144336

- BX1682

by: Miguel T07/07/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Product was just as described. Instruction photos were a bit unclear which made things a bit hard to identify and locate but overall I'm completely satisfied with the product. Shipping was fast which allowed me to install on time and get on my cross country trip on time. 139884

- BX1676

by: Don R05/27/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Have yet to install this base plate on my Cadillac Escalade. It looks like it will install easily, all parts are included and I like that it appears it will fit nicely with the styling of my truck. No protruding cross bars etc. I look forward to trying it out. 132870

- BX3758

by: JJD10/08/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

This product fits as designed and is not complicated to install. However the instructions could be printed more clearly. Several of the pictures are hard to see and it is difficult to figure out what the written description is saying without clear pictures. 102997

- BX1128

by: Richard M.03/11/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

The Blue OX Baseplate arrived quicker than expected. I had it installed with about three hours labor and it looks great. This is not my first Blue OX product, that is why I purchased another with confidence. Thanks, eTrailer for the service and pricing. 120163

- BX1674

by: Brian Davis06/25/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Installation was a pain but we did manage and instructions were good. Quick ship and properly packaged. 86022


I have a 2014 GMC 1500 crew shortbed 4x4.Looking for a blue ox base plate, but seem to be conflicting results on which one to order. Any help? Thanks

comment by: onChuck H - 10/06/2013


I checked with Blue Ox and the kit you need for a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 is part BX1711. We do not currently have this part on our website, but I will submit the addition request today and it should be up in the next day or so. Hold onto this email so that you have the link.

Patrick B - 10/10/2013

- BX1126

by: Larry01/28/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

We messed up the plastic screws on the dust cover, getting the lock washers on the bolts was tricky, we used a telescoping magnet with light to put them on. The wire on the nuts worked supper, all in all I like it very much. Thank you Larry 64295

- BX1689

by: Ricardo Martinez02/29/2012

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

The company that support customer all the way until the product has been delivered. Excellent customer service, the product price was outstanding compare to other companies. The plate was delivery on time as they prometed. Thanks etrailer. 32778

- BX1971

by: Dennis03/05/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms

Just finished installing product this afternoon, was able to use friends lift. Directions were well written and easy to follow. A little more information about cutting air dam would have been helpfull. Have not used product as of this time. 69007

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  • Base Plate and Tow Bar Recommendation for a 2011 Chevrolet Malibu
  • We have two base plate options for your 2011 Chevrolet Malibu. You can install the Blue Ox Base Plate Kit, # BX1679, or the Roadmaster EZ Base Plate Kit, # 523145-5. I would go with the Roadmaster EZ base plate kit because the installation will be a little easier and will not require you to remove and reinstall the headlights. The EZ base plates are compatible with all Roadmaster tow bars. The Falcon 2 Tow Bar, # RM-520, is our most popular Roadmaster tow bar. If you wanted to stay...
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  • Purpose of Two Small Tubes on Blue Ox Base Plate # BX1679 for 2012 Chevy Malibu
  • The two small tubes you mention are threaded on the inside, and provide an attachment point for the connector for the umbilical that connects the RV to the towed vehicle (such the one included with part # BX88206). If you look at the photo I provided, you can see the connector. I have also linked you to some FAQ articles about flat towing you might find helpful.
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  • Other Vehicle Fits for the Blue Ox Base Plate on a 2004 Chevrolet Malibu
  • The Blue Ox Base Plate, # BX1679, that you referenced will fit on your new 2012 Chevrolet Malibu. It will not fit on a 2004 Chevrolet Malibu. You probably have either the Blue Ox Base Plate, # BX1648 for classic models or # BX1655 for regular or Maxx models. These are the only two Blue Ox Base plates we carry for the 2004 Malibu. The BX1648 base plate fits a number of vehicles. I have added a link to the product page where you can find all of the vehicle fits for this base plate....
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