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TowDaddy AutoFUSE Automatic Fuse Disconnect for Towed Vehicles - ATC/ATO Fuse

TowDaddy Tow Bar Wiring

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TowDaddy Tow Bar Wiring - TD704

The AutoFUSE saves you from having to pull and replace an ATC or ATO fuse every time you tow your vehicle. Fuse bypass activates automatically and charges the car's battery to prevent it from being dead when you reach your destination.


  • Bypasses your vehicle's ATC/ATO fuse so you can tow your car without draining its battery
    • Provides a simple alternative to removing fuse every time you tow
  • Automatically disconnects ATC/ATO fuse when towed car is hooked up to RV
  • Maintains functionality of ATC/ATO fuse when towed car is driven normally
  • Charges your towed car's battery during towing
  • Anodized aluminum control module resists rust and corrosion
  • Waterproof lid on rubber-coated vinyl fuse holder shields the fuse from moisture
  • Permanently installs inside engine compartment with included hardware
    • Remove fuse from car's fuse box and install AutoFUSE in its place
    • Place fuse in fuse holder on AutoFUSE
    • Hardwire AutoFUSE into plug on front of towed car that connects to the RV
  • LED indicator confirms installation
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: model year 2000 and newer automobiles that use an ATC or ATO fuse and require that the fuse be pulled during flat towing (see your owner's manual)
  • 90-Day limited warranty

How AutoFUSE Works

Some towed cars require that you pull a specific ATC or ATO fuse to keep the battery from being drained during towing. This fuse must then be reinserted when you want to drive your car. The TowDaddy AutoFUSE eliminates this procedure by automatically bypassing the fuse when your towed car is hooked up to your RV.

The AutoFUSE control module plugs into your fuse box in place of your ATC or ATO fuse, and it uses the pulled fuse to maintain circuit protection when your vehicle is not being towed. However, when the car is being flat towed, the AutoFUSE bypasses the fuse so that the system acts as though the fuse has been pulled.

If you tow on a regular basis, the AutoFUSE will eliminate the need to open your hood, pull a fuse, and then remember where you put the fuse to reinsert it when you are finished towing. And if you're driving cross-country and must regularly disconnect your towed car to drive around town, the AutoFUSE will save you the hassle of reinserting the fuse every time.

The AutoFUSE also maintains your battery's charge when your vehicle is being towed. This comes in handy for towing applications that use a powered supplemental braking system. AutoFUSE keeps the brake system from draining the towed car's battery.

Installing AutoFUSE

The AutoFUSE installs inside your vehicle's engine compartment. It taps into the trailer connector at the front of your vehicle that plugs into your RV, and it is powered by the RV's electrical system when the towed vehicle is connected to the RV.

Mount the control module inside the engine compartment, on or near the fuse box. Splice the ground and lead wires into the ground and running light wires on the towed car's trailer connector. The module even has an LED indicator light to let you know that it's receiving power.


Next, pull the designated fuse and insert it into the fuse holder on the AutoFUSE. Then plug the AutoFUSE into the recently vacated fuse slot.

It's that simple. Now every time you hook up to your RV, turn your towed car's key to the "tow" position, and turn on your RV's tail lights, the AutoFUSE is triggered to bypass the fuse and to charge the towed vehicle's battery.

704 Tow Daddy Auto Fuse - ATC/ATO Fuse

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