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Loctite Urethane Sealant - 10.2-Fl Oz Cartridge - Gray

Loctite Tools

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Loctite Tools - L0150811

Use this product to seal and bond materials employed in trailering and construction, including metal, concrete, glass, plastic and wood. Excellent for sealing doors, windows, vents and other potential leak sites on motor homes and enclosed trailers.


  • Provides a waterproof seal between joined parts
  • Bonds to metal, wood, glass, plastic, masonry and concrete
  • Withstands temperature changes
  • Can be painted 72 hours after setup


  • Applications: all seams and joints in enclosed trailers and RVs as well as in construction projects
  • Quantity: 10.2-fl oz cartridge
  • Gray color

Loctite urethane sealant is applied as a thick liquid to parts before assembly or in seams after assembly to create a waterproof bond in a variety of applications. It can seal doors, windows, vents and other areas in enclosed trailers where water could enter. It can also seal concrete and masonry construction applications.

Note: Requires a cartridge applicator to apply sealant.

0150811 Loctite Urethane Sealant - 10.2 Fl-Oz Cartridge - Gray

Video of Loctite Urethane Sealant - 10.2-Fl Oz Cartridge - Gray

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Demo Loctite Tools L0150811
Loctite Tools L0150811 Review
Video install ventline ventadome trailer roof vent v2092sp 28
Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent Installation

Video Transcript for Loctite Tools L0150811 Review

Today we'll be reviewing part number CE17100ATB. This is the CE Smith Single Axle Trailer Fender with Aluminum Tread Plate Design. This is designed for 14-inch wheels. This part number is going to include one fender. This round fender is going to cover one tire on your single axle trailer. You can see that on both sides, it does have the nice curved edge.

This fender is also going to act as a splashguard to keep road debris from hitting other vehicles and also to help protect your trailer's cargo. The diamond tread plate design is going to provide a stylish look and also give a non-slip surface. The fender is made from a lightweight, sturdy, 14-gauge aluminum construction that's also designed to help resist corrosion. The fender itself is going to weigh about 5 pounds. This is a bolt-on install. We do offer mounting brackets on our website because your mounting brackets for the bolt-on install are going to be sold separately.

Keep in mind that your mounting choice will need to be determined based on what will fit your trailer the best. You can also use to use self-tapping screws to go along the inside here. Also, keep in mind that your being able to do that is also going to depend on the style of the trailer that you have. When joining a couple different items, especially on a trailer, it never hurts to use some Loctite Sealant. We do provide that with part number L0150811, you can find that on our website. That's just the Loctite Urethane Sealant that's going to help provide a waterproof seal between joined parts. Let's go over a few measurements real quick.

This is going to give us an overall length of right around 32 inches. It's going to give us an overall height of 16 inches, and it's going to give us an overall width of right at 10 inches. That's going to do it for today's review of part number CE17100ATB. This is the CE Smith Single Axle Trailer Fender for 14" Wheels. .


Ask the Experts about this Loctite Tools
Expert Answers about Loctite Urethane Sealant - 10.2-Fl Oz Cartridge - Gray - L0150811Do you have a question about this Tools?

  • Can 2 LED Domed Utility/Multipurpose Lights Light Up a 24 Foot Box Truck
  • The utility light # ILL24CB has 24 diodes so it will be on the bright side. Two of them will probably provide a decent amount of light but 3 would be better especially if light is essential. Attaching the lights to the ceiling using a high grade automotive type of double-sided tape would suffice. What I recommend is to use self-taping screws, like # 101131802, so you will not have to drill and then just seal the holes with a sealant like # L0150811. It would be best to attach screws...
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  • How To Install the Redline Trailer Vent # WHMAV2-WAVT2 on an Enclosed Trailer
  • I do not have an installation video on the Redline Trailer Vent, part # WHMAV2-WAVT2, but I can help you with the installation. The tools you will need are a caulk gun, drill, a 3-inch hole saw, a 3/16-inch drill bit, and a flat-tip screwdriver. The other parts you will need I have listed below in the instructions. The # WHMAV2-WAVT2 vent is two pieces. The # WAVT2 is the 3 inch round interior vent that will need to be installed in a 3 inch diameter hole on your trailer. You will need...
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  • What Size and Type of Screws are Recommended for Installing Light Duty Trailer Tie-Down # SR10-C
  • Since you would be putting the Light Duty Trailer Tie-Down, # SR10-C, on a wooden trailer floor, I recommend using 1/4 inch wood screws. I would first put down the Backing Plate, # BP12, which will help disperse the amount of pressure applied to the wood floor, protecting it. For the underside of the trailer, should the screws go all the way through, I would use some silicone sealant or another sealer, like # L0150811, around the holes. For the underside of the pressure treated wood floor,...
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  • How To Secure UWS Truck Bed Chest, # UWS01026 To the Bed of a 2008 Ford Ranger
  • To secure the UWS Truck Bed Chest, # UWS01026, to the bed of your 2008 Ford Ranger, you would need to drill through the bottom of the box and through the bed. You would then need to use bolts and nuts of your choosing to secure the box to the bed. I recommend grade 5 or higher hardware. I also recommend using a sealant like # L0150811. With the box bolted to the bed, no one will be able to come along and take it out of the truck.
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  • Installing T-Connector Part # C56093 on a 2011 Ford Explorer
  • The wiring will be ran from the drivers side to the passenger side under the threshold trim at the rear of the cargo area. Remove any screws or cargo tie-downs holding this piece in place. The threshold is held in place by a series of plastic clips and can be loosened from the front bottom edge and removed by GENTLY prying with a large screwdriver. Take your time here, you do not want to break any of the clips. The wiring can be zip tied to the existing wiring harness under the threshold...
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  • How Should the 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent be Positioned when Installing
  • On the 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent, # WHMAV2-WAVT2, I would mount it near the top front of the trailer with the vent openings pointed down or towards the rear of the trailer. Ultimately, it does not really matter. Use some self-tapping screws like # 31071 and some sealant like # L0150811 when installing the vent.
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  • Will the Loctite Urethane Sealant Seal Lexan Polycarb to Fiberglass on a 1996 Winnebago Motorhome
  • I spoke to my contact at Loctite and she said that the Loctite Urethane Sealant # L0150811 that your referenced should do well to seal lexan polycarb to a gel coat or fiber glass on your 1996 Winnebago motorhome skylight.
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  • Is Caulk Required when Installing MaxxAir White Trailer Roof Vent Cover # 64643
  • The MaxxAir vent cover # 64643 uses and exclusive Zero-Leak mounting system to provide a watertight installation. But you will need to drill into the vent frame to mount this vent cover. You would want to use a sealant, like # L0150811.
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  • Should a Sealant Be Used When Installing Alliance 2-Piece Enclosed Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2
  • When installing a vent like the Alliance 2-Piece Enclosed Trailer Vent, part # HMAV2-AVT2, to a trailer we do recommend to use a sealant like the Loctite Urethane Sealant, part # L0150811, to help seal the trailer from the elements. The Loctite urethane sealant is applied as a thick liquid to parts before assembly or in seams after assembly to create a waterproof bond in a variety of applications. It can seal doors, windows, vents and other areas in enclosed trailers where water could...
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  • Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch, part # 24685 Recommendation for a 2002 Saturn L-Series
  • Yes, this Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch, part # 24685, would be the right hitch to use on your 2002 Saturn L Series. You will need to drill two holes in order to install this hitch onto your vehicle. I installed installation instructions and installation video for this product below for you to check out also. As long as the trailer you planned on towing had a tongue capacity that was lower than 200 lbs and had an overall trailer weight that was less than 2,000 lbs this hitch would work. You...
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  • Will the Curt Trailer Hitch # 11438 Fit on a 2001 Volvo V40
  • The Curt Class I Trailer Hitch Receiver, # C11822 is the correct hitch for your 2001 Volvo V40. This hitch requires drilling four holes in the trunk pan. Unfortunately, the hitch you referenced, # 11438, is not compatible with your 2001 V40. When installing a hitch on your V40 I would recommend that you use some sealant under the hardware that is installed in the holes drilled in the trunk pan. Loctite Urethane Sealant, # L0150811, is a high quality sealant that will keep moisture...
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  • Where to Install Redline 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2
  • The Redline 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2 can be installed in any convenient location on your enclosed trailer where you have or can make a 3-inch diameter hole. These vents will work best when used in multiples, with some near the ceiling and some near the floor, to allow cooler air to enter through the lower vents and hotter air to exit through the upper vents. I recommend you use a sealant for installation, such as silicone caulk or Loctite Urethane Sealant # L0150811....
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  • Availability of Seal for Roof Vent to Seal Connection Between Dome and Vent
  • We offer exactly what you're looking for. What you need is the Replacement Dome Seal, part # BVD0455-01.
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  • Securing Replacement Dome Seal # BVD0455-01
  • I would start off by trying to secure the corners of the Replacement Dome Seal, # BVD0455-01, using a silicone sealant like the TremPro 644 Silicone Sealant, # 0160297. I am unsure if trimming the corners will help.
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  • Installing 2-Piece Vent On Cargo Craft Enclosed Trailer
  • Using the Great Stuff sealer you mentioned is a great idea to insulate and fill all the voids between the wall and outer aluminum siding on your trailer when you plan on installing the Polypropylene Trailer Vent, part # HMAV2-AVT2. A word of caution when using this sealer is that it expands a great deal, and if it has nowhere to expand will cause issues by pushing the walls apart. A little goes a long way with this stuff. Please make sure you read the label before using this sealer....
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  • Can Polypropylene Trailer Vent Be Adjusted to Fit Thick Trailer Walls
  • The 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2 that you referenced will work on a trailer wall up to 2 inches thick. There is no spacer designed to fit with the vent. You can use a sealant like the Loctite Urethane Sealant, part # L0150811, to help seal the trailer from the elements. The Loctite urethane sealant is applied as a thick liquid to parts before assembly or in seams after assembly to create a waterproof bond in a variety of applications. It can seal doors, windows, vents...
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  • Will Black Butyl Sealant # 48092 Work on the Seams and Edges on the Roof of an Enclosed Trailer
  • The Black Butyl Sealant # 48092 might work for you. It all depends on what was there previously. When you add a new sealant you will want to make sure the old sealant is removed and the area cleaned first before applying the sealant. This type of material works well on trailers since it sticks to metal, plastic, wood, glass, and concrete. You might wasn't to also look at urethane sealant like # L0150811.
    view full answer...

  • Function Of Trailer Vents On Enclosed Trailer
  • The vents we offer for an enclosed trailer like part # 9139 are designed to allow air into the trailer. None of the vents we offer create a pressurized condition in the trailer and none are equipped with an air filtration system to keep dust out. Some of the features on the vents like # 9139 allow you to adjust the amount of airflow in the trailer with a butterfly valve mounted on the inside of the vent which would be operated from inside the trailer. Other trailer vents, like part...
    view full answer...

  • Can a 7-Way Junction Box Be Used for a 4-Way
  • There's no reason you couldn't use a 7-way junction box like the part # 38656 to install a 4-way. It would be just a matter of wiring up only 4 posts of the junction box on the input and output side of the box instead of 4. With only 4-wires going into and out of the box the rubber grommet would be too big to provide a seal for the wires. You would need to use a sealant like Loctite Urethane Sealant # L0150811 to seal the grommet. I attached an install video for you to check out as well.
    view full answer...

Expert Answers about Loctite Urethane Sealant - 10.2-Fl Oz Cartridge - Gray - L0150811Do you have a question about this Tools?

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