Top-quality, bias trailer tire has been rigorously tested to ensure that it exceeds Department of Transportation standards. This tire fits 13" wheels; its maximum load is 1,725 lbs at 65 psi. Lowest Prices for the best Tires and Wheels from Kenda. Loadstar ST185/80D13 Bias Trailer Tire - Load Range D part number AM1ST79 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Loadstar ST185/80D13 Bias Trailer Tire - Load Range D

Kenda Tires and Wheels

(87 reviews)

Code:   AM1ST79


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Shipping Weight: 19.36 pounds


Kenda Tires and Wheels - AM1ST79

Top-quality, bias trailer tire has been rigorously tested to ensure that it exceeds Department of Transportation standards. This tire fits 13" wheels; its maximum load is 1,725 lbs at 65 psi.


  • Flatter tread offers improved stability for excellent handling
  • Special trailer tire design
    • Couples the strength of a bias tire with the durability and stability of a radial tire
    • Created specifically for trailers and not intended for use on other vehicles
  • Advanced rubber compound
    • Longer tread wear
    • Low rolling resistance for smooth ride
  • Bias tire meets DOT requirements


  • Fits: 13" x 4-1/2", 13" x 5" and 13" x 5-1/2" wheels
  • Tire size: ST185/80D13
    • Section width: 7.2"
    • Outer diameter: 24.4"
  • Capacity:
    • Load range: D
    • Ply rating: 8
    • Maximum load: 1,725 lbs at 65 psi
  • Limited 2-year warranty

1ST79 Loadstar K550 Bias Tire - LR D

Video of Loadstar ST185/80D13 Bias Trailer Tire - Load Range D

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Kenda Tires and Wheels AM1ST79 Review

Today were going to review part number AM1ST79. This is the Kenda Loadstar ST185/80D13, its a bias trailer tire with a load range D. This high quality bias trailer tire has been rigorously tested to ensure that exceeds the DOT standards, has a flatter tread, which will improve stability for excellent handling. This is a special trailer design tire, which is created specifically for trailers and not intended for use on other vehicles. This tire will couple the strength of a bias tire with the durability and stability of a radial tire. It does use an advanced rubber compound for longer tread wear and for low rolling resistance for smooth ride and again this is a bias tire and does meet the DOT requirements.This tire will fit on a 13x4-1/2in wide wheel, a 13x5 inch wide wheel, or a 13x5-1/2 wide wheel.

The tire size, which is stamped right here on the side is labeled ST for Special Trailer, 185/80D13. The D designates that it is a biased designed tire. The overall diameter of this tire is 24.4 inches. The section width of this tire is 7.2 inches. This is a load range D tire, which means it is an A ply rated tire.

It has a maximum load capacity of 1,725 pounds at 65 psi. This tire does come with a limited two year warranty. That should do it for review on part number AM1ST79. .

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Customer Reviews

Loadstar ST185/80D13 Bias Trailer Tire - Load Range D - AM1ST79

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (87 Customer Reviews)

Top-quality, bias trailer tire has been rigorously tested to ensure that it exceeds Department of Transportation standards. This tire fits 13" wheels; its maximum load is 1,725 lbs at 65 psi.

- AM1ST79

by: Kim S.04/25/2014

I placed my order on Friday and had my tires by Tuesday. Excellent customer service and no shipping fees to boot. Easy ordering, no hassle and they kept me informed all along the way of where my tires where. I have not worked with this company before, but will in the future when there is another need. I would recommend etrailer to friends and family. Totally satisfied customer 127434


I ordered my tires on a weekday and poof they appeared within a day or two. Awesome customer service. I ordered 2 replacement tires and shortly thereafter I sold my popup to my brother who drove it from North Carolina down to the Keys where he lives - he has made multiple trips throughout Florida and has not had any problems at all with the tires and wanted to make sure he knew where I purchased them when it time to replace. Will definitely be a repeat customer. These people do an awesome job!

Kim S - 05/07/2015


- AM1ST79

by: Melissa K06/19/2014

I have never ordered tires online or for a trailer before this experience. They had exactly the tire that I wanted in the correct size that I wanted. That made it very simple to just call them up and order. We received the tires in 3 business days. We have not taken a trip on these tires yet but I expect them to be just fine when we do. If you are looking to replace original tires for your camping trailer, this is the place to look first. I will return here for future trailer needs. 136606


Only took one trip on them last summer. One tire went flatlow sitting over the winter. We have kept it aired up during the spring, not sure if this is due to the tire or how they were installed on the trailer. never had that happen on the original tires in 6 years. So a little worried about what might happen on the one trip we plan to take this summer. any advice?

Melissa K - 06/19/2015


The problem you are describing may be associated with how the wheel was installed on your existing rim, or potentially with the valve stem. If the tire is no seated properly on the wheel, and if the valve stem is bad, or does not have a good seal, you may experience slow air leaks overtime.

Rachael H - 6/23/2015

- AM1ST79

by: John D.07/07/2014

Tires arrived quickly, package well, and best of all they are only two months old. Will evaluate tires as time goes by, but did a great job of fulfilling my order. 139759


After having these tires for a year, I must say I am pleased. They are wearing well, hold air great, and offer a good ride.

John D - 07/07/2015


- AM1ST79

by: Anthony B.06/09/2012

I recently purchased two Loadstar ST185/80D13 Load Range D Bias trailer Tires. This was a difficult item to find looking locally, online, or even calling several manufacturers and distribution centers. These tires are for our family's 10 yr old popup camper which on the last trip had a blow out and needed to have them replaced before our summer trip. I found them on etrailer at a fair price and made the purchase late one evening. By morning I had received two emails notifying me that the product had shipped and that shipping had been upgraded to 3 day with no extra cost. The tires arrived on time at my parents home where the camper was stored and the tires were installed by a local installer that afternoon. Thanks etrailer for making our summer camping trip possible and hope others find your services as beneficial as we did. Happy Trails! 43492

- AM1ST79

by: dave d12/07/2012

I cannot give these tires a rating other than good at this point as I have not had them long enough or installed them yet. I will however give e trailer an excellent rating as the tires arrived on time, in fact a day earlier than quoted when the order was placed, and exactly as specified. I had ordered the same tires from a local guy and recieved the tires in load range c instead of d and was told by this dealer that the manufacturer doesn't even produce this tire. I am very pleased with the ordering process as well as the updates and status of the order, the free shipping was also a plus. I will definately consider e trailer the next time I need tires. 60946

- AM1ST79

by: Terry V.09/14/2012

The prompt service I received from was fantastic. I called in my order and the gal (Lexus) that helped me was very friendly and efficient. I placed this order on a Friday, the tires were at my door on Tuesday and I had the tires on my camping trailer before dark. I would urge etrailer to keep these tires in their inventory as they are hard to find. I checked with several major tire retailers in my area and they either couln't get them, the lead time was to great or the price was way to high. As for the quality of the tire, I guess time will tell. I will certainly look to the next time I am looking for trailer needs. Thanks again! 54711

- AM1ST79

by: Ron S06/24/2014

Fast shipping, easy to mount, good price, trailer seems to tow better, more stable. Only place I found Load range D tires 137416


Still satisfied

Ron S - 06/29/2015


- AM1ST79

by: Rob B.02/23/2015

After researching tires for several days, watching etrailer videos and reading all the Q&A's, I decided on this particular size and brand because they're excellent in quality and couldn't find any local dealer that carried them. I ordered the tires, steel wheels and baby moon hubs all together to go on a 15' Scotty camper. They look great and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a smaller, yet durable tire. 175760

- AM1ST79

by: Lee T.09/28/2011

I am very pleased with the service and ease of ordering, tracking, and follow up, from etrailer. I will know more about the tires soon, as I am planning an 800 mile trip with the trailer these tires are going on. Hard to find load range D tires in this size, as there is only 1 other option that I can find ( the brand I have now ) and I am not pleased with the life, so I was looking for a choice. They arrived very quick, ( a couple of days ),undamaged, and appear to be just as described. Again, the real test for the tire will be soon, but I would definitely buy from etrailer again. 24768

- AM1ST79

by: David06/04/2015

Loadstar ST185/80D13 tires are replacing the ST 175/80C13 on my Scamp camping trailer. These are the only tires that have a 1725 lb load rating in this size. The rest of the tires are hundreds of lbs less and do not allow much of a safety margin when the camping trailer is loaded. First time buying Kenda trailer tires. I have had great tread life and road handling with my Kenda motorcycle tires. has great info on their web site and the tires were quickly delivered in boxes, not just shipped naked with a shipping label on them. 200551

- AM1ST79

by: gerry in PA08/26/2012

These tires are great for my Fleetwood redwood Popup, actually were original equipment when my popup was new. I looked everywhere, this is the best tire you can get in this size, etrailers price was great when you figured the free shipping, got them within a weeks time. Walmart mounted them and did heavy duty valve stems and kept the old tires for a total of 18.00 Make sure you run these at max pressure to insure even wear, previous owner of my popup ran them low and I had serious wear on the outer edges I run my tires at 65psi 53104

- AM1ST79

by: Dennis m.07/29/2014

Went on a family vacation and was worried about the tires because we had two flats previously. Bought these online, which were delivered in a few days. We drove from Missouri to South Dakota, from South Dakota to West Yellowstone National Park, Montana, from Montana to Cortez Colorado to Pueblo Colorado and then home. We put approximately 3900 miles on this trip and didn't worry about getting a flat tire, let alone two. If you are looking for great tires and a good price and fast delivery, I highly recommend!!! 143311

- AM1ST79

by: Darrell D.12/30/2010

Excellent product! These tires came as OE from my trailer manufacturer. I run them on a 26 foot tandem axle, enclosed snowmobile trailer with tortion spring suspension. They have proved to be an exceptional tire. Now after 8 years and 10's of thousands of miles of traveling in the worst weather that Northern Maine has to offer without any issues (flats, loss of control, etc) I am replacing them with the exact same tire. The orignal tires still have excellent tread depth and even wear just feel like it is time. 4782

- AM1ST79

by: Ronald S.08/07/2012

These tires look really great. I hope their performance is as good as they look. I was unable to get tires locally with a heavier (D) load rating in the 13 inch size for my boat trailer having a single axle and a boat weighing 3800 Lbs. I have had two tire failure over the past 7 years when using the C load range tires that originally came with the trailer. I hope this ends my tire failure problems. At least I'll have greater piece of mind on the highway. 50930

- AM1ST79

by: Craig B03/10/2015

These tires are great! Not too many miles on them yet but they ride well. The load range of these tires is great too. The awesome part of this purchase was the tires shipped the same day I ordered them and they arrived in four days! Great customer service! 177733

- AM1ST79

by: Big Jim06/21/2013

I've been trying to find a good trailer tire for my coleman popup for a few years now locally, to no avail. at one of our local tire shops, the meathead/owner behind the counter sold me a set of garbage tires that wore out in a year, so I'm anxious to get more miles on these loadstars. it has handled much better since leaving the driveway, plus the load rating is higher. based on what I've seen so far, these will be my tire of choice from now on. 85461

- AM1ST79

by: Peter O.; Boise ID05/29/2012

It's very hard to find a small 13 or 14 inch trailer tire in an 8 ply rating. I have a HD single axle trailer that is made to haul two atvs. We do a lot of back country travel with the trailer loaded and these 8 ply tires wear well and give you and extra margin of safety-- most people under tire their trailers. Etrailer was one of the few places that had these tires; took about a week to get them with their free shipping. So far so good. PWO 41978

- AM1ST79

by: Marlin06/23/2015

13" trailer tires arrived in a few days in excellent condition via UPS. One big sturdy carton held both trailer tires. These 185/80/13D tires are for a Jayco X17Z and hard to find sometimes but etrailer has been a reliable source, ship fast and will service you silly before, during and after the sale. I am using etrailer more and more. Good job George, my tires arrived in plenty of time to mount before our trip! 206721

- AM1ST79

by: Tommy W.09/27/2011

We ordered these in July, to replace a pair of Duro brand tires. The tires have felt very good while driving and have worn really well so far (3,000+ miles since install). With our pop-up being over 3,000 lbs, they were really one of the few options for our single-axle trailer to keep us in the safe-load zone. Very well done Loadstar. And a tip of the hat to for making the purchase and shipping easy! 24745

- AM1ST79

by: Paul B08/06/2012

Very difficult tire to find (popup camper). No RV dealers or national tire dealers could get them. Found etrailer online and called. They had them in stock and I explained I needed them quickly as I was going on vacation the next week. Within an hour I had confirmation they were shipped and got them after 2 days. Incredible service. Very happy and gratefull customer. 50772

- AM1ST79

by: Chris H08/17/2012

I was extremely impressed with etrailer, their web page was very easy to work with, I had no issues finding my correct boat trailer tires that I was looking for and they were delivered to my house in 4 days after confirmation. I highly recommend etrailer to anyone that is in need of tires, they have proved to me to be a great company to work with. 52127

- AM1ST79

by: Justin04/16/2012

Being tires I can't comment on the quality as of yet. After doing some research on these hard to find tires I went with this brand. In was willing to pay more but couldn't find anything better. Free shipping too. I was surprised, I figured it would be "oversized". They arrived very quick and appear right off the line. Great service. Thanks! 37359

- AM1ST79

by: Karl L.05/14/2014

I just love etrailer! Tires came in a timely fashion, delivered to my front door! I was updated the entire time they were in route to my house, i was even able to see where the package was at any given time! I will definately do business with etarailer again as i have ordered through them before and always had a great experience! 130609

- AM1ST79

by: T-Rod04/01/2013

I got roughly 5 years and about 15k miles out of the original set of Loadstars that came from the factory on my camper when in was new.The tread was just about worn down on the outside edges and decided to replace is the only place I could find these tires.Ordered 2 new Loadstars,had them in 2 days.Great service! 73595

- AM1ST79

by: Alex McLean10/09/2012

I have had problems in the past sourcing and getting these tires delivered. I was on my way down to SC and ordered these online. They were shipped and delivered within 3 days. These tires have now done 4000 miles this year with no real wear. Excellent Tires..Excellent service from etrailer...Thanks guys 56835

- AM1ST79

by: Mark F.06/16/2012

The shopping experience at eTrailer was fantastic! I received 2 emails updating me on my order status and had the tires within 3 days of ordering. Doesn't get much better than that. As for the tires... we'll see. I am replacing a set of Duro's which were good tires but seemed to wear quickly. 44440

- AM1ST79

by: ST185/80D13 Bias- Load Range D09/18/2012

I just got these tires yesterday to replace a set that had been on my camper for 5 years. The tires that they are replacing had a good life and still had plenty of tread left. had very good service and even delivered the tires before promised. Great customer service! 55005

- AM1ST79

by: frankie D.03/19/2014

Order these tire and arrived in two days . I was expecting them in four or five days . They are a good looking tire well made but time will tell how they last . etrailer provided excellent fast service . I will do business with them the next time I need product that they supply . 121231

- AM1ST79

by: Johnny J08/03/2012

The entire transaction was seamless - Customer Service was very helpful and let me know the tires I wanted were in stock. My order shipped the same day I ordered and I received my order two days later. I appreciate and they exceeded my expectations for great service. 50441

- AM1ST79

by: Mike L05/27/2015

Super fast shipping. I buy new tires every five years for my pop-up, and with the Loadstar tires have never had a tire issue. I am very satisfied with the service I get from these tires. Also, E-trailer has the best price that I have found anywhere. I would recommend these. 198209

- AM1ST79

by: Reynold R09/10/2012

Friendly customer service during order placement with understanding to my specific tire coding requirement. Order placement, shipping, and follow up information provided. Tires received in three days. Very satisfied, and will contact them again in the future 54152

- AM1ST79

by: Dave K08/11/2014

Same as the tires originally equipped on my boat trailer. I did not have any issues with those, I'm assuming I will not have any issues with these. Finding other tires with the same load rating was difficult so I cannot compare other brand's cost to these. 145786

- AM1ST79

by: tfdofficer05/12/2011

Tires, what can I say, look good and have a higher weight rating then the Duro they are replacing. Long time to receive but they are freshly manufactured. That is a plus, you should not mount tires over 5 years old from date of manufacture. 13698

- AM1ST79

by: Jen P.06/21/2014

Ordered tires for camping trailer. This size is hard to find so was extremely happy to find them on your site. They arrived before expected date and was very pleased. Would purchase from them again. Thanks for the great service. 136879

- AM1ST79

by: Ken G.11/30/2012

The tire is being used on a tow dolly to tow a vehicle behind my RV. The tire arrived much faster than I had expected. The last tire I purchased seems to be working out quite well and expect that this tire will do the same. 60304

- AM1ST79

by: Tony07/10/2012

At 1725 lbs it's the highest rated tire I could find in this size. I had been using Duro's rated at 1640 lbs . My trailer was originally equipped with 10 ply load range E tires. Which I'm told are no longer being made. 47351

- AM1ST79

by: Lora P08/01/2012

Local tire stores did not carry thiis tire but I easily found it online on your website.Thanks for keeping me posted via email on delivery time.Tires delivered super fast and just in time for first trip in our Pop up. 50230

- AM1ST79

by: Ed08/23/2011

Load D tires are difficult to find for pop-up campers. Even more difficult to find a place that has them in stock. As always, etrailer delivered. Not only did they have tires, but they were at my house in 3 days! 22556

- AM1ST79

by: Bruce G.08/30/2011

Tires received were as stated and pricing was the best around. Ordering was very easy, communication from etrailer was excellent and shipping was fast. I won't hesitate to place additional orders 23159

- AM1ST79

by: Dan H02/09/2011

The only tires I can find that have a better than C load rating for my trailer. I expect them to last a good bit longer than the tires I have. Excellent service and easy transaction. Thanks 6865

- AM1ST79

by: Steve E.07/30/2013

I bought these tires for my pop up camper, great price and free shipping. I was kept informed by e-mail about my order the whole time, great service. I would buy from etrailer again ! 92330

- AM1ST79

by: Steve Hansen02/18/2015

Perfect!! seems to be a difficult tire to find for my Coleman Bayside PopUp camper. This was a great price, free shipping and fast! Thanks, will do business for other trailer needs 175235

- AM1ST79

by: Jim C.07/04/2014

Well Packaged. Speedy delivery. E-mails on progress of shipping. This was everything I expected on an internet transaction. E-Trailer will continue to get my business. Thank you 139344

- AM1ST79

by: Sheldon S05/09/2014

These Tires were exactly what I was looking for. Delivery was quick. I have bought several items from etrailer and each time it is the same.... EXCELLENT!! Thanks etrailer 129733

- AM1ST79

by: Stan03/18/2014

Customer service was great. They had the best price on the tires. Order was received 1 day before expected delivery date. Will definitely place my next order with E Trailer. 121177

- AM1ST79

by: D Wright03/12/2014

Awesome deal . Ordered on Monday,shipped quickly same day, delivered on Wednesday. Manufactured date was 4313....(October 13)....less than 6 months old....great product! 120376

- AM1ST79

by: Rick07/19/2015

All the local so called trailer specialist , attempted to sell me a lower rated load tire, heavier was needed , etrailer provided the right tire at a better price, Thanks 212892

- AM1ST79

by: Tom H.11/08/2011

Ordered 2 trailer tires and they were sent within 3 days and received shortly after. Super service. Got exactley what I wanted. I'll certainley be a repeat customer 26711

- AM1ST79

by: George01/18/2013

Tires seem to be good quality; will find out how good when I drag my boat to Canada this summer. Order came very quickly. I am very pleased with speed of shipment. 63488

- AM1ST79

by: Jim R05/10/2012

Great tire for my trailer at a good price with no hassles. Delivered quickly with free shipping I mean come on how much easier does it get 39966

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  • Tire Recommendation for a Pop-Up Camper with ST185-80D13 Bias Ply Trailer Tires
  • We recommend staying with a ST185-80 D13 bias Ply tire, load range D, like the Loadstar ST185/80D13 Bias Trailer Tire, item # AM1ST79, because the ST175/80R13 Radial Trailer Tire that you referred to has a lower weight carrying capacity and there is no radial ST185-80D13 tire available. If you are having issues with tire longevity on your pop-up there are some precautions that you can take. Covering the tires when the trailer is sitting will reduce dry rot and sun damage. The Classic...
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  • Replacement Tire Recommendations for a Jayco Trailer
  • I would recommend you get Loadstar ST185/80D13 Bias Trailer Tires # AM1ST79. These tires have a capacity of 1,725 lbs at 65 psi and are the same size that you have on your trailer. With trailer tires you will always want to have them inflated to the maximum psi for the best ride performance and tire wear. I attached an FAQ on trailer tires for you to check out also. Karrier ST175/80R13 Radial Trailer Tire # AM10210 that you referenced could also work for you, but it has a slightly lower...
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  • Choosing Between Radial and Bias-Ply Tires for Coleman Bayside Pop-Up Camper
  • When the option is available, I always recommend going with a radial tire versus a bias-ply. The ride quality will be noticeably smoother and more stable. We offer a ST185/80/D13 tire in bias-ply only, that part # is AM1ST79. We offer the ST175/80/D13 in either radial, part # AM10210 or bias-ply, part # AM1ST77. Although either size tire would work well with your trailer, I would recommend going with the same size as your spare.
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  • Is a C Range 205/75-14 Tire Less Likely to Fail than a D Range 185/80-13
  • When comparing the 175/80-13 and the 185/80-13 tires, load range D, there is not much difference. The larger 185 is going to be about 0.3 inches taller, about 3/8 of an inch wider, and have a higher capacity at 1,725 pounds at 65 psi. Both sizes will fit on the same rim. Please note the higher capacity does not allow you to carry more weight. Trailer tires should also always be inflated to the maximum psi rating indicated on the tire. The next size up would be a 205/75-14. This of...
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  • Black Steel Wheel and Baby Moon Hub Cap Recommendation for a 1966 Serro Scotty Canned Ham Trailer
  • I will start out with your original tire. I did some calculations and the overall diameter of your original 640/15 tire would be approximately 25.48 inches and the width would be 6.4 inches. The diameter of the older tire is most likely why, when the wheels and tires were replaced, someone went with a 13 inch wheel and tire assembly. Newer 15 inch trailer tires all start out at around 27 inches diameter which may pose a contact problem with your trailers fender wells. In addition 15...
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  • Replacement Hub/ Drums, Brake Assemblies and Tires for 2003 Trail-Lite Travel Trailer
  • The Hub and Drum assembly you referenced, part # 84546UC3 has the same casting number on it, so it is most likely the correct replacement for you. I would recommend looking at your existing bearings to confirm a match. If the existing bearings you have are # L68149 inner and # L44649 outer, these are the correct replacements. For electric brake assemblies, use # 23-26 for the left side, and # 23-27 for the right. The mounting nuts, # 6-17 and lock washers, # 5-8 are not included....
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  • Can Tacker Boat Trailer Tires, 175/80-13 be Replaced with 185/80-13 Tires
  • The reason that you are having blow outs is probably not the tire size, it is the type of tire. Passenger vehicle tires should not be used on trailers because they are not designed to handle that type of load. Trailer tires are designed with a thicker side wall to handle more vertical load. When properly inflated and used within their capabilities the tires will not blow out. Trailer tires need to be inflated to the maximum psi indicated on the tire. That thicker side wall that gives...
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  • What Makes Trailer Tires Wear on the Inside Only and Can 175/80-13 be Replaced With 185/80-13
  • There are a couple of things that can lead to the tires wearing on the inside only. Basically what is happening is the top of the tire is leaning in towards the trailer causing most of the weight to ride on the inside. This pretty much means the axle is bent, especially if both sides have the same problem. If it were just one side, there is a chance that is just the spindle that is bent. It will keep wearing on the inside until the issue is resolved and that could mean a new axle. You...
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  • Availability of Replacement Trailer Tires for Obsolete Tire Size 7.00x13
  • The 7.00 x 13 tire you mentioned is an obsolete size, and is no longer available, from what I can determine. The closest replacement we have is part # AM1ST79 which is a bias ply tire, size ST185/80D13. The tire is rated for 1,725 lbs per tire at 65 psi. The diameter of your original tire is about 25.88 inches, while the replacements will be just a bit smaller at 24.65 inches in diameter. For best tire life, trailer tires should be kept inflated to their maximum, which is 65 psi in...
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  • Choosing Radial or Bias Ply Tires for Jayco 226 Travel Trailer
  • In the ST185/80-13 tire size, we only have a bias ply tire available, part # AM1ST79. If you were wanting a radial, you would need to go with size ST175/80R-13. We have that size in load range D with a 1610 lb capacity at 65 psi, part # AM10210 or in load range C with a 1360 lb capacity at 50 psi, part # AM10199. The dimensional difference between the ST175/80-13 and the ST175/80-13 is minimal. The 175 will be .2 of an inch narrower and .3 of an inch smaller in diameter. If the choice...
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  • Replacement Tire Option for an OEM Tire Size ST185/80 R13
  • You should not have any problem replacing your OEM ST185/80R13 tires with the Kenda Loadstar ST185/80D13 Tire, # AM1ST79. The Kenda Loadstar tires are bias ply tires tires meaning they have cords in the tire that run around the circumference of the tire. Your OEM tires are radial tires meaning they have cords in the tire that run across the width of the tire. Since the two types of tires are constructed differently you should replace all of your tires if you are changing from radial...
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  • Comparing ST175/80-13 and ST185/80-13 Trailer Tires for a Coleman Casa Grande Trailer
  • First, you should go with the tires that are recommended by the trailer manufacturer. This information should either be on the trailer tongue or frame somewhere or in the literature for the trailer. Trailer tire sizes ST175/80-13 and ST185/80-13 do fit the same size wheels and are about the same height (24.1 inches and 24.4 inches respectively). The 185s are wider by 0.394 inches. If you went with the smaller ST175/80R13 then for up to 3,000 pounds gross trailer weight you would...
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  • Replacement ST185/80D13 Bias Trailer Tires for a 2002 Coleman Utah Pop Up Camper
  • The Loadstar ST185/80D13 Bias Trailer Tire, # AM1ST79, is the exact same size as you currently have on your trailer so it will fit the trailer wheels that you have nicely. I have included a link to a video review of this tire for you. Remember to always inflate trailer tires to the maximum psi rating on the tire. In this case it is 65 psi. I have also linked our FAQ article on trailer tires for you.
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  • Replacement Tires for C78-13ST Tires on a 1993 Spartan Boat Trailer
  • The closest metric tire size to your C78-13ST Sport Trax tires is 185/80D13. The tire that I recommend using is the Kenda Loadstar ST185/80D13, # AM1ST79. This is a Load Range D tire that is rated at 1,725 lbs at 65 psi. This tire will fit 13 inch wheels that are 4-1/2 inches, 5 inches or 5-1/2 inches wide. At this time we do not carry a load range C tire in this size. Keep in mind, increasing the weight capacity of the tires will not increase the carrying capacity of the trailer.
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  • How to Correct Trailer Sway when Towing an ATV Trailer
  • Trailer sway or whipping is normally caused by a low tongue weight condition due to improper trailer loading. Proper tongue weight is the best defense against trailer sway. For your ATV trailer you should have at least 10 percent of the total trailer weight on the tongue of the trailer, this means that there should be more weight loaded in front of the trailer axle or axles than behind them. We have an informational article for you to review, see link, that explains tongue weight and...
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  • Will 185/80D13 Trailer Tire Fit On A 13 inch x 4 inch Wheel
  • When installing tires on a wheel, the tire will have a range of wheel widths it will fit on, which is 1/2 inch either way. In this case a 185/80D13 will work on a 13 X 4-1/2, 13 X 5, 13 X 5-1/2. The best fit is the middle of that range, which is 13 X 5. We currently do not offer a tire that will fit on a 13 inches X 4 inches wheel.
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  • Replacement Trailer Tires for a Boat Trailer with C78-13 Tires
  • The old size designation of C78-13 equates to a 185/80-13 tire. For this tire size we have # AM1ST79. It is rated for 1,725 pounds at 65 psi. I have included a couple of helpful links on trailer tires for you.
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  • Should Radial or Bias Tires be Used for a 3500lb GVWR Pop Up Camper Trailer
  • I can clear this up for you really quick. Radial tires run cooler and track better than bias ply tires. Bias ply tires are typically a little more heavy duty and better for rough terrain. But you can use either one provided that the size and capacity is enough for the trailer. It is usually best to stick with the tires recommended by the trailer manufacturer. In this case it would be a bias ply tire. For just a tire in an ST185/80-13 we have # AM1ST79 which is rated for 1,725 pounds...
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  • Does a Radial Trailer Tire have Better Roll Resistance than a Bias Trailer Tire
  • There is a difference in the way a bias tire rides versus a radial tire. A radial trailer tire will offer a smoother ride and will track better behind the tow vehicle than a bias tire. This seems to indicate that a radial tire would have less roll resistance also but under load you would probably not be able to tell the difference. For either type of tire, be it a radial tire or a bias tire like the Loadstar # AM1ST79 that you have referenced, it is important to inflate the tire to the...
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  • Availability of Load Star ST175/80-13 Radial Trailer Tire on a White Painted Wheel
  • I took a look at your order history, and the last tire purchase I saw was a 185/80-13 bias-ply load range D tire purchased back in 2010. This is part # AM1ST79, and was purchased as a tire only, not a wheel/tire combo. For a 175/80-13 radial tire load range C on a white painted wheel, we offer the Karrier Loadstar # AM31951 which is an 8 spoke white trailer wheel with a 5 lug on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern. For the same tire on a white painted modular wheel with the same wheel bolt pattern,...
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  • Will 175/80-13 Tires Fit in Place of 185/80-13 Tires on a Cox Tilting Boat Trailer
  • First, if your current tires have a P in front of the size that indicates they are likely passenger vehicle tires which should not be used on trailer due to the differences in construction. If they are trailer tires, they should have ST in front of the size. A 185/80-13 is a trailer tire size. Check the trailer tongue for a plate that lists the capacities and should also list the tire size the manufacturer uses for the trailer. That is the size you would ideally want to stay with. Both...
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  • Brake Controller Installation on 2012 Kia Sedona
  • How to proceed from here will depend on what you've completed up to this point. If you've installed a 4-pole already, you'll just need our Brake Controller Install Kit, part # ETBC7. The kit contains everything needed to install the controller, with the exception of the brake controller itself and a functional 4-pole trailer connector on the Sedona. Since I'm not 100 percent positive what you've already completed, I'll start from scratch, and you can disregard the parts that don't apply. The...
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  • How to Choose Correct Replacement Tires for a 2001 Coleman Bayside Pop-up Camper
  • The price of tires has risen over the last decade, but that is the case with almost everything. The best way to choose the correct replacement tires is by the tire size listed on your current tires or on the trailer's identification plate. If you can tell me the tire size or send me the picture of the tire information on your trailer, I would be happy to give you a few recommendations. I did some research on your camper, but I have found different tire size information, so it would...
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  • New Trailer Tires Appear Deformed
  • When trailer tires leave the manufacturer, they are palletized. When they are placed on the pallet, the tires are compressed in order to save space and reduce shipping costs, as you can see in the provided photo. Although they might look a bit alarming, there is actually nothing whatsoever wrong with the tires. Once mounted on rims and inflated, they will be perfectly safe and will preform very well for you. We sell hundreds of trailer tires on a weekly basis, and this has never presented...
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  • Loadstar ST185/80D13 Bias Trailer Tire # AM1ST79 Recommendation for a D78-13 Trailer Tire
  • The correct size tire you would need to replace the D78-13 tires that are on your trailer is ST185/80D13. I would recommend the Loadstar ST185/80D13 Bias Trailer Tire, part # AM1ST79. I attached an FAQ article on tires below for you to check out also. If you need a wheel and tire combo on a 5 lug on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern I would recommend the Loadstar ST185/80D13 Bias Trailer Tire with 13 inch Galvanized Wheel - 5 on 4-1/2, part # AM3S334.
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  • Recommended Tire for Single Sxle 3,600 lbs Coleman/Fleetwood Mesa Pop Up Camper
  • I recommend going with the 13 inch Loadstar ST185/80-D13 Bias Trailer Tire, # AM1ST79. This tire is the same size as the tire you currently have on your pop up camper. These tires have a capacity of 1,725 lbs at 65 psi. With trailer tires you will always want to have them inflated to the maximum psi for the best ride performance and tire wear. I attached an FAQ on trailer tires for you to check out also.
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  • Troubleshooting Uneven Tire Wear and How to Pick Out Replacement Trailer Hubs Shorelander Boat
  • In order to pick out the correct replacement hub you will need to remove the hub and get the numbers that are stamped on the bearings. You will also need to know the bolt pattern of the hubs. I attached an FAQ article on how to determine this. Since you have movement on your hub assembly you most likely have damage on the bearing/hub/spindle. Typically, when tires wear on the outsides it is because they are under-inflated. You always want to inflate your trailer tires to the maximum...
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  • Radial 175/80R13 Trailer Tire or Bias Ply 185/80D13 Trailer Tire for a 2005 StarCraft RV
  • You should have no problem going with a 185/80R13 tire to replace the 175/80D13 that you currently have. These sizes both fit the same size rims and the 185 would only be about .3 of an inch taller, so unless you had some super tight fender clearances it would fit just fine. Also the D13 in the old tire size indicates that you had a bias ply tire, the R13 in the new size you are considering is an upgrade since this means it is a radial tire. However, in the 185 size there is only bias...
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  • Can I Switch from ST185/80D13 to the ST205/75R14 on a 2009 Jayco 17C Ex-Port
  • It is always recommended that you use the original tire and wheel size that came on your camper but I have calculated the size differences between the two tires. Your current wheel/tire combination, ST185/80D13, has an approximate width of 7.28 inches and is 24.66 inches in diameter. The ST205/75R/14 has an approximate width of 8.07 inches and is 26.11 inches in diameter. The variance in the dimensions are very minimal so you should not have any difficultly making the switch. Just a quick...
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  • Availability of ST185/80D-13 Tires in Radial
  • The ST185/80-D13 tire is apparently a fairly uncommon tire size. I have checked with some other tire manufacturers, and they do not offer that size in radial, either. I would speculate that it is not available in a radial because of a lack of demand. The ST175/80D-13 is a much more common size, and for all intents and purposes is interchangeable. The # AM10210 in 175/80D-13 is .3 of an inch smaller in diameter and .2 of an inch narrower than the 185/80D-13 and has a 1,610 lb capacity...
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