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Kenda K391M Mobile Home Tire - 8-14.5MH - Ply E

Kenda Tires and Wheels

Code:   AM10321


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Kenda Tires and Wheels - AM10321

Mobile home tire is designed for one-time use and has a maximum load capacity of 2,540 lbs at 85 psi.


  • Mobile home tire is designed for one-time use


  • Tire size: 8-14.5MH
  • Ply rating: E
  • Section width: 8.0"
  • Outer diameter (when inflated): 27.7"
  • Maximum load: 2,540 lbs at 85 psi
  • Rim size: 14-1/2" x 6"

10321 Americana Mobile Home Tire

Video of Kenda K391M Mobile Home Tire - 8-14.5MH - Ply E

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Video Demo Kenda Tires and Wheels AM10321
Kenda Tires and Wheels AM10321 Review

Video Transcript for Kenda Tires and Wheels AM10321 Review

Today were going to review part number, AM10321. This is the Kenda K391M mobile home tire in size 8-14.5 in a 10 ply. This Kenda tire is size 8-14.5MH. The MH stands for mobile home. This is a 10 ply rated tire. It does have a section width of 8 inches.

The overall diameter is 27.7 inches. The capacity on this tire is 2,540 pounds at 85 psi. It is designed to fit on a rim size of 14.5 x 6 inches wide. Now this is a mobile home designed tire and when I say that a mobile home designed tire is not really designed to be used on a trailer. It is not designed for the highway speeds, and also it will be stamped on the tire where it says 8-14.5MH right after it its printed for mobile home use only, and basically what that means is a mobile home tire is basically designed to be used to deliver that mobile home to a certain location and then thats pretty much it just a one-time use.

So we do not recommend this as being a trailer tire. It is more a mobile home designed tire. And that should do it for the review on part number AM10321, the Kenda K391M Mobile Home Tire in size 8-14.5.


Ask the Experts about this Kenda Tires and Wheels
Expert Answers about Kenda K391M Mobile Home Tire - 8-14.5MH - Ply E - AM10321Do you have a question about this Tires and Wheels?

  • Will the Kenda 8-14.5 Mobile Home Tire # AM10321 Replace a 7-14.5 Tire Size
  • The Kenda K391M Mobile Home Tire, item # AM10321, should work on your 14-1/2 inch rim, as long as the 1 inch extra width will not interfere with the trailer in any way. You should also check the height of the existing tire and make sure that a 27.7 inch tall tire will fit without interference.
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  • Can Regular Trailer Tires be Used to Replace Mobile Home Tires on Trailer
  • Due to the oddball rim size (14.5x6), there are no trailer tires available for that wheel size. We do offer a replacement tire, part # AM10321 that would work for you. Keep in mind that this is a mobile home tire. It is designed for one-time use in moving a mobile home, and is meant to be discarded after that. Using mobile home axles and wheels seems like a great idea at the time folks are constructing a home made trailer. They are cheap and readily available. The problem is that replacement...
    view full answer...

  • What is Back Spacing and Recommended Tire Size on Dexstar 14.5 x 6 Steel Wheel # AM20308
  • On the Dexstar Stud-Piloted 14.5 x 6 Steel Wheel, part # AM20308, the wheel has a 1/2-inch negative offset. This means the wheel will have a backspacing of 3 inches. This wheel is designed mainly for use on mobile homes. The only tire sizes that will fit this wheel are the 7-14.5 and 8-14.5. The narrowest tire would be the 7-14.5, but I do not carry anything in that size. The only tire size I would have available that would fit the # AM20308 wheel is the Kenda 8-14.5 Mobile Home Tire,...
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  • Recommended Uses for Kenda K391M Mobile Home Tire # AM10321
  • The Kenda K391M Mobile Home Tire # AM10321 is intended for mobile home use only. A mobile home-use tire will sometimes be stamped with One-Time Use Only or a speed rating indicating that it is not intended for long-term use. One of the ways to tell if a tire is for mobile home use only is by the 14-1/2 inch size. The standard trailer size is 14 inches, so the mobile home tire will stand out as not being compatible for other multi-use trailers. If you can provide the size of your wheel...
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  • Can 14.5 Mobile Home Wheels be Easily Changed Out to 15 Inch Standard Wheels
  • In order to change from a 14.5 to a 15 wheel on your mobile home you will need to know your bolt patten. (I have attached a FAQ article that covers how to determine bolt hole patterns). There is a chance that your mobile home has a standard bolt pattern which will make changing easy. If you do find you have a standard bolt pattern, you may be able to find a wheel that will match up with your hub. I have attached 15 inch tire/wheel options in both bias ply and radial for you. If you...
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  • Replacement Trailer Tires for 8-14.5MH Load Range E Tires
  • We have the exact same tire size available, # AM10321. It is also the only 8-14.5MH tire we carry at this time. It is rated for 2,540 pounds at 85 psi. It is a mobile home tire used when they transport mobile homes to and fro. I have linked a video review of this tire for you.
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  • Is there a Different Tire Size that Will Fit in Place of an 8-14.5 Tire
  • Another 8-14.5 tire would be the only way to go, # AM10321. Half sizes, like this 14.5, are not common and there isn't a metric equivalent. This particular tire is rated for 2,540 pounds at 85 psi and is a replacement for motor home axles, which is why you do not see a lot of tires in this size. It is a specialty size because mobile home axles are meant for one-time use only.
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  • What is the Ply Rating for Kenda K391M Mobile Home Tire
  • The Kenda mobile home tire # AM10321 has an E load range and 6 ply rating. It is rated for 2,540 pounds at 85 psi. This tire is an 8-14.5 so it will be wider than the ones you have now. This tire fits on a 14.5x6 inch wheel.
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  • Replacement Trailer Tires vs. Vehicle Tires for a Single Axle Trailer with 8.0 Tire on 14.5 Wheel
  • Passenger vehicle tires should not be used on trailers. Trailer tires are designed with a thicker sidewall that can accommodate higher air pressures and the weight of the trailer load. Trailer tires should also be inflated to their maximum pressure that is stamped on the sidewall. The trailer tires that we carry are not intended to be used at speeds over 65 miles per hour, unless stated otherwise on the tire. With the size that you provided that style of tire is typically used on mobile...
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  • Will There Problems If Upgrading Tires at Different Times on a Tandem Axle Trailer
  • The biggest problem you would experience by switching out one set at a time would be that the trailer axles would no longer be riding on the exact same tires with a similar amount of wear. This is probably going to affect the ride of the trailer, and may cause excess sway. It is really best to replace all tires at one time so that they wear the same way. Another issue would be that it does not look like 205/75-15 tires are readily available in a 8-ply load range D. None of our suppliers...
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  • Recommend Replacement Tire for Limited Clearance on Mobile Home Axle
  • The tire size you referenced, 8-14.5 has an overall diameter of 27.7 inches and a width of 8 inches. You could use the Kenda K391M Mobile Home Tire # AM10321, as a direct replacement. For a replacement wheel and tire package that will fit the # 8-201-5UC3 and the # 42655UC1 hubs with a 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern, we have the Karrier Tire and Wheel, part # AM32664. However this wheel and tire combo has an overall height of 28.4 inches and a width of 8.9 inches. You would need to measure...
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