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Thule Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - D Link - CS10 - Size 102

Thule Tire Chains

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Thule Tire Chains - TH00204102

The built-in icebreakers on these chains offer superior grip and traction. Built-in release levers allow for fast, easy removal. Chains automatically tighten and align as you drive for quick, simple installation. Only 10 mm of clearance required.


  • Patented self-centering, self-tensioning system
    • Quick, simple installation
      • Loop the chains around the tire and drive off - chains tighten and self-center as wheel spins
    • Perfect fit for your vehicle's tires
  • External quick-release system
    • Pull lever to release tension and remove chains with one hand
  • Solid grip on snow and ice
    • Dual-sided, D-shape links for increased traction
    • Icebreaker reinforcements help bust apart ice beneath the tires
  • High-quality manganese nickel alloy steel construction is durable and corrosion resistant
  • Anti-scratch nylon bumpers protect rims
  • Unique, color-coded connection points make installation a snap
  • Plastic-coated tensioning sections won't freeze your fingers like standard, unfinished metal chains
  • Compatible with anti-lock brakes (ABS) and electronic stability control (ESP or ESC) systems
  • Durable storage container, kneeling mat, gloves and mounting instructions included
  • Made in Italy


  • Application: 16" - 19" tires (for exact sizes, see below)
  • Quantity: 2 tire chains
  • Internal clearance required: 10 mm
  • 5-Year warranty

Thule's innovative design makes the CS10 snow chains quick and easy to attach and remove. Once the chain is looped around the tire and the three color-coded connections are made, the patented self-centering, automatic-tensioning system takes over, creating a perfect fit as you drive away. You only need to get out of the car once. To remove the chains, simply pull the external quick-release lever and unwrap the chains from around each tire.

Thule snow chains are handmade in Italy of hardened manganese nickel alloy steel for ultimate durability. The dual-sided, 10-mm-diameter, D-shaped links provide superior traction for excellent grip on snow and ice. For even more traction, specially designed steel bars are integrated into the chains help to break up any ice beneath your tires. And anti-scratch nylon bumpers protect your vehicle's wheel rims.

Included with each pair of chains are mounting instructions, a kneeling mat and a pair of gloves, all packaged in a sturdy, reusable container.

Quick and easy installation of Thule CS-10 Chains

How to Install the CS10 Snow Chain

  1. Spread the chain around the back of the tire.
  2. Connect the plastic-covered yellow and blue cable on the back side of the tire.
  3. Pull the chain over the top and around the tire; connect the red hook to the red loop.
  4. Make the last connection by first running the red loop through the buckle then to the red hook attached to the tensioning cable.
    • Simply drive forward to activate the patented self-centering and auto-tensioning system to ensure a perfect fit.
  5. Pull the red handle to remove.

How to Choose Snow Chains for Your Vehicle

To choose the right snow chains, you must match your tire size. Those measurements can be found on the side of your tire, as shown below.

Tire size on sidewall


  1. (185) - indicates the width
  2. (60) - gives you the aspect ratio (sidewall height as percentage of width)
  3. (15) - denotes the diameter of the wheel expressed in inches

00204102 - Thule CS-10 Snow Chains - Size 102

These chains fit the following tire sizes:

  • 215/65-16
  • 225/40-19
  • 225/60-16
  • 235/40-19
  • 235/45-18
  • 235/50-17
  • 245/35-19
  • 245/40-18
  • 245/45-17
  • 255/35-18
  • 255/40-17
  • 265/40-17

Video of Thule Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - D Link - CS10 - Size 102

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video install thule tire chains 2005 dodge caravan th00204102
Thule CS10 Snow Tire Chains Review - 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan
Video install thule tire chains 2013 ford fusion th00204102
Thule CS10 Snow Tire Chains Review - 2013 Ford Fusion
Video review of thule tire chains CS10 TH00204102
Thule CS10 Tire Chains Review

Video Transcript for Thule CS10 Snow Tire Chains Review - 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

Today on our 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, well be test fitting the Thule Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains, part number TH00204102 on 215/65-16 tires. This vehicle is front wheel drive, so well go ahead and put the tire chains on the front tires. To begin our test fit, we will first lay the chains out on the ground to get out any tangles or kinks. Well now take the tire chains with the yellow cord facing the right and wrap it around the backside of the tire, bring it up around the tire and hook the yellow end to the blue end. Once you get the tire chains around the tire, making sure that the hooks are facing outward so they dont puncture the tire, you can take the red clip and the red hook and hook them together. Now that the red hook and the red clips are secured, you can take the silver cord, wrap it through the ratcheting hook and secure it with the self-tensioning cord.

Now that the tire chains are all together, youre going to want to drive a little bit as these tire chains are self-tightening; the more that you drive the tighter they will be on the tire. And that concludes todays test fit for the Thule Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains, part number TH00204102 on 215/65-16 tires on our 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Customer Reviews

Thule Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - D Link - CS10 - Size 102 - TH00204102

Average Customer Rating:  ratingratingratingratingrating5.0 out of 5 stars   (4 Customer Reviews)

- TH00204102

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Kurt B.12/06/2011

Is this review helpful?

You get what you pay for. The CS-10 is an incredible product. It takes less than a minute to install on a tire on my Toyota Sienna. In about 21/2 minutes I installed the chains on both tires. After about 20ft of driving the chains centered themselves. Highly recommendable!!27836

- TH00204102

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Nathan03/10/2014

Is this review helpful?

Great chains. Very easy to put on and they work great. I have a very steep driveway in Wisconsin with a 2 wheel drive vehicle. Not a good combination in the winter time. These chains are going to make that a whole lot easier! They are loud, but that is to be expected, so no complaints there.120027

- TH00204102

ratingratingratingratingrating by: James C11/15/2012

Is this review helpful?

I have not used the chains in snow yet, but I put them onto my car. It is easy, and the dismount is easier. You should get thoroughly acquainted with them prior to need, but the learning curve should be fairly quick. I feel confident that their use will be effective because of the agressive design. I have seen other sets of chains that are more impressive, but at 2 to 3 times the cost of these.59479

- TH00204102

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Ed Ardinger03/06/2014

Is this review helpful?

Excellent product,thankyou 119670

Ask the Experts about this Thule Tire Chains
Expert Answers about Thule Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - D Link - CS10 - Size 102 - TH00204102                                        Do you have a question about this Tire Chains?

  • What Tire Chains Will Fit a Tire Size of 225/65-16 on a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country
  • We do have numerous chains that will fit your tire size, but the CS10 chains, like # TH00204102, will not fit your 225/65-16 tires. The next closest chain would be the XB16, # TH01571240. I have included a video review for reference. I have also included a link to all of the available tire chains that will fit a 225/65-16 tire as well as links to 2 FAQ articles on tire chains.
    view full answer...

  • What is the Maximum Speed Allowed When Using Snow Tire Chains
  • The top speed when driving with tire chains on, like the Thule CS10 Chains, # TH00204102, is 30 miles per hour unless otherwise stated in the vehicle owners manual. You should always consult the vehicle owners manual to determine chain use and for specific restrictions and recommendations. I have included a link to a video review of these chains and links to 2 FAQ articles on chains for you.
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  • Will Thule CS10 Snow Tire Chains Fit a 2001 Volvo XC70 with 215/65-16 Tires
  • Thule tire chains # TH00204102 are listed as a fit for tire size 215/65-16. But you will need to consult the vehicle owners manual for the use of chains and if there are any special requirements. These Thule Chains are Class S compatible which is what many vehicle manufacturers require. These chains require at least 10mm of internal clearance to fit. I have included a couple of links to FAQ articles on Thule tire chains and tire chains in general for you.
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  • Tire Chains for a 2005 Pontiac GTO with Tire Size 245/45-17
  • What we have here is the old Tire Chain Paradox as I call it. This happens when a vehicle owners manual says that you cannot use tire chains but you live in or are traveling through an area that requires them by law. I would talk to a GM technician about what they expect you to do in that situation to make sure you could use some type of chain. The issue normally is the clearance on the inboard side of the tire nearest the vehicle. Thule makes a chain that eliminates this issue by only mounti
    view full answer...

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