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Glacier Tire Chains for the 2012 Focus by Ford

Glacier Tire Chains

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Glacier Tire Chains - PWPLC1138

These sturdy tire chains feature a square-link design for better grip on snowy or icy roads. Chains fit either front- or rear-wheel-drive vehicles. Designed for highway use; not intended for off-road applications.


  • Made with case hardened square links for superior grip and excellent traction
  • Constructed of low-carbon steel
  • Designed for passenger vehicles with limited wheel-well clearance
    • SAE Class S tire chains
  • Work on either front- or rear-wheel-drive vehicles
  • Install quickly and easily
    • Rubber adjusters (sold separately) are recommended
  • Meant for highway use; not intended for off-road applications
  • Includes reusable storage case


  • Fits: 14" - 19" tires (for exact sizes, see below)
  • Quantity: 2 chains
  • 90-Day warranty

Please Note: To determine whether you can use snow chains on your vehicle, consult your owner's manual.

Class S Designation

SAE Class S tire chains are designed for use on vehicles with restricted wheel-well clearance. Certain newer cars, vans and small trucks, especially those with large, aftermarket tires, may require Class S chains.

SAE Class S Clearance Diagram

These chains will fit your tires provided there is both:

  • A - a minimum of 1.46" (37 mm) between the top of the tire tread and the wheel well
  • B - at least 0.59" (15 mm) between the tire's sidewall and the vehicle

How to Choose Snow Chains for Your Vehicle

To choose the right snow chain, you must match your tire size. Those measurements can be found on the side of your tire.

Tire size on sidewall


  1. (185) - indicates tire width in millimeters
  2. (60) - gives you the aspect ratio (sidewall height as percentage of width)
  3. (15) - denotes the diameter of the wheel rim in inches

PLC 1138 Glacier by Pewag, Square Link Chains - Passenger Vehicles - 14" - 19" Tires

These chains fit the following tire sizes:

  • 185/75-16
  • 185/80-16
  • 205-15
  • 205/50-17
  • 205/60-16
  • 205/65-16
  • 205/70-16
  • 205/75-15
  • 205/80-14
  • 205/80-15
  • 215-14
  • 215/40-18
  • 215/45-18
  • 215/50-17
  • 215/55-17
  • 215/60-17
  • 215/65-15
  • 215/65-16
  • 215/70-15
  • 215/70-16
  • 215/75-14
  • 215/75-15
  • 220/60-16
  • 220/65-390
  • 225-14
  • 225/35-20
  • 225/40-18
  • 225/45-18
  • 225/45-19
  • 225/55-16
  • 225/60-16
  • 225/60-17
  • 225/65-15
  • 225/65-16
  • 225/70-14
  • 225/70-15
  • 225/75-14
  • 235/35-19
  • 235/45-17
  • 235/50-17
  • 235/55-16
  • 235/60-15
  • 235/70-14
  • 240/45-15
  • 245/40-17
  • 245/40-18
  • 245/45-16
  • 245/50-15
  • 245/50-17
  • 245/60-14
  • 255/40-17
  • 255/45-15
  • 255/55-14
  • 255/60-14
  • 27x8.5-15
  • 285/40-15
  • 7.5-14
  • FR/78-15
  • GR/78-15

Video of Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains - 1 Pair

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video install glacier tire chains 2007 ford fusion pwplc1138
Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains Review - 2007 Ford Fusion
Video install glacier tire chains 2013 dodge avenger pwplc1138
Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains Review - 2013 Dodge Avenger
Video install tire chains 2013 dodge grand caravan pwplc1138
Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains Review - 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan
Video install glacier tire chains 2013 honda accord pwplc1138
Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains Review - 2013 Honda Accord
Video install glacier tire chains 2013 hyundai sonata pwplc1138
Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains Review - 2013 Hyundai Sonata
Video install glacier tire chains 2014 jeep patriot pwplc1138
Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains Review - 2014 Jeep Patriot
Video install glacier tire chains 1995 mercury villager pwplc1138
Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains Review - 1995 Mercury Villager
Video install glacier tire chains 2001 toyota tacoma pwplc1138
Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains Review - 2001 Toyota Tacoma

Video Transcript for Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains Review - 2007 Ford Fusion

Today on our 2007 Ford Fusion, we'll be test fitting the Glacier square link snow tire chains, part number PWPLC1138, with tire size P205/60/16. We'll begin our test fit by laying the chains out on the ground, and making sure we get any kinks or knots out of the chains themselves. This will make it easier for installation. We'll now take the chains and drape them over the tire, making sure that the cross chains are centered with the tire tread. Now in order to identity whether the chain is going on correctly or not, we'll make sure that the cross chains attach to the side chain with the hooks facing out. This will protect the tire, as well as ensure that the chain is going on correctly.

We'll now let our chains drape around the tire, where we'll need to move to the inside here at the 6 o'clock position. We'll connect the two ends of the side chain together, making sure to get as much of the slack out of the chains as possible. We can then move to the outside of the chains here at the 6 o'clock position, and again take up as much of the slack within the side chains as possible, and connect the two together. We'll pull the lever over, and using the excess side link here, we'll hook the tension device around. We can then use our rubber chain tensioning device, part number PW100.

We'll work in a pentagonal shape, hooking it to the side chain. This will help further ensure that the chain stays on the tire, and making it safer to drive. And that completes our test fit of the Glacier square link snow tire chains, part number PWPLC1138, on our 2007 Ford Fusion.

Customer Reviews

Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains - 1 Pair - PWPLC1138

Average Customer Rating:  ratingratingratingratingrating4.8 out of 5 stars   (9 Customer Reviews)

- PWPLC1138

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Rocco S.01/19/2011

Is this review helpful?

Shipping and Parts The Tire Chains I ordered were perfect and came just in time for the snow and subsequent ice and freezing rain. They fit perfectly but I expected nothing more. However, the reason I was able to use them was because E-Trailer upgraded the shipping to 3 days from the ordered 5. I received them and am now using them. Thanks5690

- PWPLC1138

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Vic K.12/12/2013

Is this review helpful?

Chains arrived quickly. I thought they would be a little heftier, but I believe they are going to be a good addition to my tires when I'm driving in the mountains. Thanks for a good product and timely shipping!109961

- PWPLC1138

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Vicki T11/14/2013

Is this review helpful?

We ordered snow chains and tension devices the order was placed and within hours had been sent an email that our purchase was ready to ship and they had upgraded our shipping. Items were delivered as promised. The best part is the video of how to install the snow chains on their website. Thank You! 107309

- PWPLC1138

ratingratingratingratingrating by: al seidel01/04/2012

Is this review helpful?

Great chains, great price and great service. Tomm was also great to deal with over the phone.29087

- PWPLC1138

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Joanna08/08/2011

Is this review helpful?

The chains came quickly, and the shipping was upgraded for me at no extra cost! 21352

- PWPLC1138

ratingratingratingratingrating by: ken lytle12/27/2013

Is this review helpful?

excellent, as described 111257

- PWPLC1138

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Jennifer C12/03/2013

Is this review helpful?

Great looking product. I am sure these snow chains will do the job when the time comes. Very pleased with product and service and fast delivery time! 108973

- PWPLC1138

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Steve S11/21/2012

Is this review helpful?

I had no problem finding the product iI needed, and was sent to me quickly. 59889

- PWPLC1138

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Rich T.01/11/2012

Is this review helpful?

Hands down the best retail site that I've used on the web. From product menus to customer notifications, great job.29484

Ask the Experts about this Glacier Tire Chains
Expert Answers about Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains - 1 Pair - PWPLC1138                                         Do you have a question about this Tire Chains?

  • How Fast Can I go with Snow Chains on my Vehicle, Should the Chains be Removed for Dry Pavement
  • You will want to stay within the speed range the manufacturer of your chains recommends, typically 25-30 miles per hour is the limit. To prevent damage to the chains and your tires you should remove the chains once you get on dry pavement. I attached an FAQ article below on snow chains that you might find informative.
    view full answer...

  • What Is The Difference Between The Glacier Snow Chains # PWPLC1138 And The # PWPL1138
  • The Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains, part # PWPLC1138, is a square-link design snow chain and the Glacier Twist-Link Snow Tire Chains, part # PWPL1138, is a twist-link design snow chain. The C is just designating the different part number. See the picture to the right that will show the two different styles of links on the snow chains. The square-link design snow chain is rated for better traction, because more of the link is in contact with the pavement. It will also have better durabil
    view full answer...

  • Effect of M+S Tire Rating on Snow Chain Sizing
  • The Glacier Square-Link Tire Chain you referenced, part # PWPLC1138 would be correct for your Mud + Snow (M+S) rated 225/60/17 tires on your 2006 Sienna. An M+S rated tire is not any larger in diameter than a standard tire, the difference lies in the extra cuts or sipes incorporated into the tread design itself. I would also recommend the rubber adjusters, part # PW100. The adjusters will provide constant tension to the chains. Before ordering, be sure to read and abide by any procedure
    view full answer...

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