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Glacier Tire Chains for the 2008 HHR by Chevrolet

Glacier Tire Chains

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Glacier Tire Chains - PW1034

Perfect for occasional use, these tire chains feature rugged steel wiring covered with case hardened steel rollers for traction. Easy-to-install chains comply with all DOT specifications and fit either front- or rear-wheel-drive vehicles.


  • Constructed of case hardened, low-carbon steel
    • Spring rollers are wrapped around sturdy wire cross cables
    • Durable side cables
  • Designed for passenger vehicles with limited wheel-well clearance
    • SAE Class S tire chains
  • Work on either front- or rear-wheel-drive vehicles
  • Created with a low profile that gives you a smooth ride
  • Install quickly and easily
    • Rubber adjusters (sold separately) are recommended
  • Meet Department of Transportation requirements in all states
  • Packaged in reusable tote - great for storage


  • Fits: 13" - 18" tires (for exact sizes, see below)
  • Quantity: 2 cable chains
  • 90-Day warranty

Note: To determine whether you can use snow chains on your vehicle, consult your owner's manual.

Class S Designation

SAE Class S tire chains are designed for use on vehicles with restricted wheel-well clearance. Certain newer cars, vans and small trucks, especially those with large, aftermarket tires, may require Class S chains.

SAE Class S Clearance Diagram

These chains will fit your tires provided there is both:

  • A - a minimum of 1.46" (37 mm) between the top of the tire tread and the wheel well
  • B - at least 0.59" (15 mm) between the tire's sidewall and the vehicle

How to Choose Snow Chains for Your Vehicle

To choose the right snow chain, you must match your tire size. Those measurements can be found on the side of your tire.

Tire size on sidewall


  1. (185) - indicates tire width in millimeters
  2. (60) - gives you the aspect ratio (sidewall height as percentage of width)
  3. (15) - denotes the diameter of the wheel rim in inches

1034 Glacier by Pewag, Cable Chains - Passenger Vehicles - 13" - 18" Tires

These chains fit the following tire sizes:

  • 185-15
  • 185/75-16
  • 185/80-15
  • 195-14
  • 195-15
  • 195/70-15
  • 195/75-15
  • 195/80-14
  • 195/80-15
  • 205-14
  • 205/45-17
  • 205/50-16
  • 205/55-16
  • 205/55-17
  • 205/60-16
  • 205/65-15
  • 205/65-17.5
  • 205/70-15
  • 205/75-14
  • 205/75-15
  • 215/35-18
  • 215/35-19
  • 215/45-16
  • 215/45-17
  • 215/50-16
  • 215/55-16
  • 215/55-17.5
  • 215/60-15
  • 215/60-16
  • 215/65-14
  • 215/70-14
  • 215/75-14
  • 220/55-390
  • 225/35-18
  • 225/35-19
  • 225/40-19
  • 225/45-16
  • 225/45-17
  • 225/50-16
  • 225/50-17
  • 225/55-15
  • 225/60-15
  • 225/65-14
  • 235/40-17
  • 235/50-13
  • 235/50-16
  • 235/55-15
  • 235/60-13
  • 235/60-14
  • 245/30-19
  • 245/35-17
  • 245/35-18
  • 245/50-13
  • 245/50-14
  • 255/50-14
  • 7.00-15
  • 8.5-14

Video of Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains - 1 Pair

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video install glacier tire chains 2005 chevrolet cavalier pw1034
Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier
Video install glacier tire chains 2005 chevrolet malibu pw1034
Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 2005 Chevrolet Malibu
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Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 2013 Dodge Dart
Video install glacier tire chains 2012 ford focus pw1034
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Video install glacier tire chains 2012 ford fusion pw1034
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Video install glacier tire chains 1999 ford taurus pw1034
Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 1999 Ford Taurus
Video install glacier tire chains 2012 honda civic pw1034
Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 2012 Honda Civic
Video install glacier tire chains 2011 honda fit pw1034
Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 2011 Honda Fit
Video install glacier tire chains 2013 hyundai elantra pw1034
Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 2013 Hyundai Elantra
Video install glacier tire chains 2012 lincoln mkz pw1034
Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 2012 Lincoln MKZ
Video install glacier tire chains 1995 mercury villager pw1034
Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 1995 Mercury Villager
Video install glacier tire chains 2012 toyota corolla pw1034
Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 2012 Toyota Corolla
Video install glacier tire chains 2001 toyota tacoma pw1034
Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 2001 Toyota Tacoma
Video install glacier tire chains 2013 volkswagen jetta pw1034
Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 2013 Volkswagen Jetta
Video install glacier tire chains 2013 volkswagen passat pw1034
Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 2013 Volkswagen Passat

Video Transcript for Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier

Today on our 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier, we'll be installing the Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains, part number PW1034. To begin this, we will go ahead and lay out the tire chain. Next, we'll go ahead and lay the tire chain over the top of the tire making sure that the way the hooks come around that the smooth part is towards the tire. Once we have the tire chain centered upon the tire, we will go ahead and roll forward just a little bit to allow the tire chain to go under the tire and give us some slack on the back side. Now that we have that done, we'll go ahead and go behind the tire where we will take the end of the cable. Go through the connector, pulling it down to where it is tight, keeping in mind that you want to make sure that the back of the cable is centered on the tire.

Once you have it pulled down and latched, we'll go ahead and use a safety latch for the excess wire that comes through. Now, we'll go ahead and move out to the front side. Again, you will fish the wire through the latch. Now on this instance, you need to make sure that it's within one either way of the rear tire connection. On our particular vehicle, we were all the way tight.

We need to be no more than one down from that. Now that we have that, we'll go ahead and hook the safety latch again. Now, we'll go ahead and make sure that the tire chain is centered upon the tire. On our particular application, we'll go ahead and use a Glacier Rubber Adjuster, part number PW99 for 16-inch to 20-inch rims. To install the tire tensioner, you need to put it into a pentagon-type shape.

When you install the rubber tensioner, you want to start at the top and evenly space the five hooks out over the tire. When hooking the rubber tensioner, you also want to make sure that the hooks face away from the tire. It's to not puncture the tire and that will do it for the installation of our Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chain, part number PW1034, on our 2005 Chevy Cavalier.

Customer Reviews

Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains - 1 Pair - PW1034

Average Customer Rating:  ratingratingratingratingrating4.7 out of 5 stars   (11 Customer Reviews)

- PW1034

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Greg G12/12/2013

Is this review helpful?

I tried them on; and they fit well. I'll be ready for my subdivision's icy conditions next time. Thanks for the rapid service, and here are some photos from the test today; though you may not want to use the tension photo, because the clips should have been rotated to the next section 110017

- PW1034

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Gary R02/06/2014

Is this review helpful?

The service from etrailer was spectacular! They upgraded my shipping request for a faster delivery, with no additional charge. The package arrived within three business days. That is about five days earlier than I originally expected. I have just unpacked my cable snow tire chains and the optional rubber adjusters (which I strongly recommend) and everything looks great. As a rural mail carrier I hope I don't need to use the snow chains very soon, because snow and ice create a real problem on the back roads. I couldn't complete my route without cable snow chains. Thank you etrailer.com115864

- PW1034

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Ron B.12/09/2013

Is this review helpful?

I am pleased with the chain set I received in a very timely manner. I haven't used them and hope I don't have to. Having them as insurance against bad weather for our vacation adds to a list of things I DON'T have to worry about! Thanks!109660

- PW1034

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Lewis F.01/28/2013

Is this review helpful?

I've received the chains and they look appropriate. I haven't tried them yet -- waiting for snow in NYC to melt. I bought them for my trips to Vermont, so I won't use them for a while, but they look like what I need. Thanks so much.64322

- PW1034

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Dominique Hock06/10/2011

Is this review helpful?

Great Quality and Customer Service Thank you so much!16713

- PW1034

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Zoe02/05/2014

Is this review helpful?

Unfolded yet, but seems good. 115832

- PW1034

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Henry01/15/2013

Is this review helpful?

Very rapid processing by Etrailer. Easy communication with friendly staff. That is how business should be done! Thank you very much also for reasonable prices and shipping cost. 63173

- PW1034

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Jeff01/14/2013

Is this review helpful?

Product looks well made. 63060

- PW1034

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Derek11/24/2011

Is this review helpful?

Fits tires, good price. bag with cables fits nicely under truck with spare tire. Be sure to purchase the rubber tension tie downs for the cables.27359

- PW1034

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Xavier R.11/04/2011

Is this review helpful?

Fast delivery and everything in order as promised. 26586

- PW1034

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Kaili Yang02/15/2011

Is this review helpful?

I got the chains yesterday. See how it works. Thanks, Kaili7195

Ask the Experts about this Glacier Tire Chains
Expert Answers about Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains - 1 Pair - PW1034                                            Do you have a question about this Tire Chains?

  • Are Adjusters, # PW100, Required when Using Snow Chain # PW1034
  • The Glacier Tire Chains for the 2000 Honda Accord, part # PW1034, are correct for your 2000 Honda Accord, and they do not require adjusters, but they are recommended. If you wanted adjusters you would need Glacier Rubber Adjusters for Class S Snow Chains - 1 Pair, part # PW100. They would make fitting and tightening the chains much easier and quicker. You should check the owners manual of your vehicle to make sure that your vehicle is capable of using tire chains. I have also included a
    view full answer...

  • Differences Between Thule CG-9 and CS-10 Tire Chains and Can Tire Chains Damage Tires
  • The Thule CS-10 tire chain has an external quick release system, they are self tensioning (just put them on and go), they have 10 millimeters clearance inside and on the tread, they feature a diamond pattern with icebreaker reinforcements for added grip, they have anti-scratch nylon bumpers to protect vehicle rims, and they have a color-coded assembly design. The CG-9 chains are also self tensioning, but do require one stop to fit the chain properly. They have 9 millimeters of clearance and
    view full answer...

  • Cable Tire Chains for a 2013 Ford C-Max Energi
  • If the owners manual says not use tire chains then I cannot recommend going against that. However, it is a Catch-22 because in some areas of the country, chains are required by law. I would speak with Ford to see how they handle that discrepancy. If they allow you to use chains then you could use either # PW1034 (and rubber adjuster # PW99) or # PW1938V that you have referenced if the tire size is 225|50-17. If you have a different tire size, let me know and I can make other recommendations.
    view full answer...

  • Does Driving With Glacier Chain # PW1034 on a 1993 Chevy S-10 Pick Up Create a Very Bumpy Ride
  • The Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chain # PW1034 that you referenced will not be as bumpy as other chains because they are not as large as linked tire chains. These have an outside diameter of just under 1/3 inch. When tire chains are installed it is not recommended to drive over 30 mph, so between the speed and the snow on the ground, you should not have that bumpy of a ride. I do recommend using the Glacier Rubber Adjuster # PW100 with the tire chains. These adjustors keep the chains taut arou
    view full answer...

  • Tire Chain Recommendations for a 2012 or 2013 Chevy Express 15 Passenger Van
  • I went by a 2013 Chevy Express Van and put it through our fit guide to find chains. There are two tire size options listed, 245/70-17 and 245/75-16. I will provide some recommendations for each size for you. First for the 245/70-17 if you plan on infrequent use then going with a set of cables, # PW3010C, with rubber adjusters # PW99 would be the way to go. Cables are great if you seldom need chains and/or live in an area where chains are not required by law. For frequent use and/or if you
    view full answer...

  • Tire Chains for Use on a 2013 Chevy Express Van with 245/75-16 Tires
  • For a one time, week long trip to Colorado Springs I would just go with some cable style chains, # PW2021C with rubber adjusters # PW99. The cables are no a big investment and it sounds like you will only need them a short time anyway so the cables are a good way to go. I have included a link to a video showing a typical installation for you. I recommend doing a test fit once you get the chains so you are familiar with the process ahead of time. Being stuck on the side of the road in a snow s
    view full answer...

  • Snow Chains For 2009 Mitsubishi Galant
  • The Glacier Tire Chains, part # PW1034, are SAE Class S rated snow tire chains. These are designed to fit 13 inch to 18 inch tires, and are designed for vehicles with limited wheel well clearance. I have linked you to an installation video for these snow chains. You will want to check with the dealership to make certain your Galant is able to have snow chains installed. If they recommend that chains are not to be used on your vehicle, I cannot safely recommend using them.
    view full answer...

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