Need more hauling options? With the addition of Agri-Cover's 2" ATV trailer hitch receiver you'll be ready to haul in no time. The vehicle-specific design makes installation a snap. Lowest Prices for the best Specialty Trailer Hitches from SnowSport. Agri-Cover 2" ATV Trailer Hitch Receiver for Honda Rancher, Rubicon and Foreman part number A60140 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Agri-Cover 2" ATV Trailer Hitch Receiver for Honda Rancher, Rubicon and Foreman

SnowSport Specialty Trailer Hitches

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SnowSport Specialty Trailer Hitches - A60140

Need more hauling options? With the addition of Agri-Cover's 2" ATV trailer hitch receiver you'll be ready to haul in no time. The vehicle-specific design makes installation a snap.


  • 2" x 2" Steel hitch receiver increases your ATV's versatility and hauling ability
  • Great for cargo carriers and other hitch-mounted accessories
  • Vehicle-specific design makes installation easy
  • Towing capacity: manufacturer's maximum recommended load rating for your ATV
  • Ball mount and hitch ball sold separately
  • Made in USA
  • 3-Year limited warranty

Expand your ATV's usefulness with this 2" hitch receiver made specifically to fit your vehicle's frame.

60140 ACI 2" ATV Rear Receiver - Honda (Rancher, Rubicon and Foreman)

Video of Agri-Cover 2" ATV Trailer Hitch Receiver for Honda Rancher, Rubicon and Foreman

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for SnowSport Specialty Trailer Hitches A60140 Review

Today we're going to review part number A60140. This is the Agri-Cover 2 inch ATV Trailer Hitch Receiver for the Honda ATV Rancher, Rubicon, and Foreman. Now this is a custom fit part. It is designed to fit the Honda TRX ATV vehicles starting in the year 2000. What I would recommend is to go to the product page for this part number and at the bottom of the page it will list the years and models of the Honda ATV's this will fit on. This is a two inch by two inch steel hitch receiver which will increase your ATV's versatility and hauling ability.

It's great for cargo carriers and other hitch mounted accessories. Again, it's a vehicle specific design which makes the installation easier. The towing capacity will be limited by the manufacturer's recommended load rating for your ATV. The ball mount that goes in here, or the pinning clip that holds it into place, they are not included. Those we do sell separately. Basically, the way this would install is you would take the original hitch off your ATV and then on that original hitch you have, it's a ball mount with a hole in it, you'll put this bolt through that hole on your original hitch.

Take this 3/4 inch lock nut and then go ahead and tighten this down onto your original hitch. Then on the original hitch, the bolt holes on your original hitch, will line up to these bolt holes right here. What you'll do is with your original hitch mounted onto the bottom of this, you'll go ahead and install it all back on there. Then what you'll do is take these bolts and you'll go ahead and put a washer in. Put it through the hole in here and then through the original hitch holes.

The same way with this, put a washer on top. Then you'll take the whole thing, with the original hitch mounted to this, put it back onto your ATV. Then put your washer and your lock nut at the bottom. Same way on this one. You put your washer and your lock nut on. Basically, this would be attached to your original hitch and then you'll go ahead and put both of them back on.

What this will do is give you a hitch receiver opening on the back of your ATV. That should do it for the review on part number A60140, the Agri-Cover 2 inch ATV Trailer Hitch Receiver for the Honda ATV vehicles. .

Customer Reviews

Agri-Cover 2" ATV Trailer Hitch Receiver for Honda Rancher, Rubicon and Foreman - A60140

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (61 Customer Reviews)

Need more hauling options? With the addition of Agri-Cover's 2" ATV trailer hitch receiver you'll be ready to haul in no time. The vehicle-specific design makes installation a snap.

- A60140

by: james f01/30/2014

Good solid product , one thing i would add would be a supporting arm that could help keep it from bending upwards . I purchased a groundhog max and needed a way to attatch it on a rancher 420 . The problem i still have is due to the four wheeler using its downward preasure to work the disk , it has the tendancy to want to bend it upwards . If you all could figure a way to do that "help it not bend upwards"i bet you could sell a ton.I have other buddy's with Honda atv's that say the same we need something !!! send me one if yall fab one i'll test it pot for you guys . 115290


James I am having same problem with a 2012 Rancher on the groundhog max. does this hitch bend upwards to the point your groundhog max is not cutting properly. I am desperate... looks like I bought a $330 plus piece of scrap iron

comment by: Phil - 08/25/2014


Does it work with the ground hog max. What have you done I just got the groundhog max. And need something that works with it. What have you found?

comment by: Justin R - 12/07/2014


- A60140

by: Stephane C.05/10/2015

Great product. Easy installation, heavy duty, works great. It's really nice when a product works the way it's supposed to. Thanks! 191695

- A60140

by: Mac08/19/2013

this product installed with all the parts included with the kit. 30 minutes max installation time. hey very simple bolt on installation awesome. 95788


after one year the product is working flawlessly no problems whatsoever

Mac - 02/17/2015


- A60140

by: WT06/03/2013

No modifications needed. Bolted right up! Works great! 83029


Works just fine and holding up very well. No problems!

WT - 06/03/2014


- A60140

by: Roger k04/24/2014

I purchased this product knowing that it fit the 2011 Honda Foreman, but at the time it was unknown if it fit the 2013..I'm here to say that it doesn't. !!! The bolt pattern is the same but I had to put a bushing between the old mount and the new hitch of about 1/4 to 3/8.. Only other problem I see with the Honda's is that after it is mounted it has a slight downward tilt towards the rear.. I guess it depends on your own personal application..But I'm only using the hitch for pulling my ATV trailer around the the back of my 5th Wheel and then putting it back..Food for thought.. 127218

- A60140

by: Cato11/17/2011

Very sturdy, well-made product. Very tight fit to get the two back bolts through this unit and the original hitch bracket. Had to use a hammer, but did get it on and secure. 2008 Rancher 420. 27064


Did it aim kinda downwards on your rancher. It did on mine but barely. Just enough thats noticeable. And when u our a hitch in it it aims down??

comment by: Jonathon. M - 07/13/2013


If it aims down, I didnt notice it. Its been working fine for light duty.

comment by: Cato - 07/16/2013


Thanks for coming back and following up with us. Much appreciated!

Patrick B - 7/16/2013

- A60140

by: Eric10/28/2013

Can't give an excellent rating as I have not had a chance to use it yet. The one thing I will immediately change is the length of the 3/4" bolt, it is approx. 1/2" to 3/4" too long. The reason this is a problem is because it is on the underside of the hitch and will definitely snag on something. The use of some grade 8 bolts and nuts would help also. Just my 2 cents, seems very well made otherwise. 105402

- A60140

by: J. Hurdle10/22/2014

As far as the customer service, it was first class, receive my order in a timely manner. The product itself exceeded my expectation for quality. I have one problem with the holes lining up with my hitch, this maybe that my hitch has been bent, not sure yet. I can drill the holes out to make it fit if it comes to that. Other than the holes lining up, i would give this product a thumbs up. 157433

- A60140

by: Jimmy D03/16/2015

Product was machined correctly and fit perfectly. Now, that said, by adding this piece to the existing factory one, I found that the factory piece wanted to flex a little to much for my liking so I made a piece to replace the factory one. So beware of extra movement under load. The Etrailer piece is stronger than the Honda piece...Period... Kudos to Etrailer...BOOOO to Honda. 178556

- A60140

by: Richard Litchfield01/03/2014

The product mounted with no problem. However, due to the original equipment the receiver bolted to I will have to heat and bend the receiver up or shim the receiver since it tilts downward and would allow a carrier to drag on the ground, especially if the carrier is loaded. Nothing wrong with the receiver, just a problem with the original equipment. 111790

- A60140

by: Joe B03/23/2015

Easy to install and seems very sturdy will have to wait till next I've fishing season to put it to the test! 180206

- A60140

by: Bill S.03/01/2012

Product delivered in a timely manner. Fit well with existing hitch although I did have to use a rubber mallet to get the screws completely seated. Would recommend making the screws a 1/2" longer so the nut will get a little more clearance from the end of the screw shaft. Overall fits and works as described. 32964

- A60140

by: Paul10/16/2014

Hitch was exactly what I was looking for. Bolted right on in 5 minutes. Great service fast shipping. 156368

- A60140

by: Robert G.12/06/2013

The Hitch arrived in a very tough and sturdy box ( great job). The hitch is a Christmas present for my son and it looks like it will work. We will see when he asks me to install it. It looks strong and sturdy ( good manufacturing job). Thanks Robert 109448

- A60140

by: Dennis F02/11/2015

Installs easily in 10 minutes or so. Quality is good 173290

- A60140

by: Jim M04/09/2015

This was a very simple solution to make my ATV a much more versatile machine. The instructions were very clear and installation was easy. This will make it very easy to pull trailers and use a hitch that will give me the ground clearance I needed. 184254

- A60140

by: Ray Miller12/20/2014

The product is well made but the final inspection lacks supervision. There were saw burrs left and restricted the opening. They would take it back and issue me another but I decided to file the burrs off, and now have to paint so it doesn't rust. 166357

- A60140

by: Pat G.01/20/2014

This hitch is exactly what I needed to use with a ATV plow. It fit my 2007 Honda Rancher perfectly and did not require any additional hardware or modifications. It is a solidly built piece of hardware and should last longer than the ATV. 114317

- A60140

by: john j02/06/2012

the product was exactly as i hoped it would be. the delivery was timely, the installation instructions were complete and simple. it took all of 15 minutes to install, it would have been faster except for a stubborn nut and bolt! 31178

- A60140

by: TeeJay07/01/2014


- A60140

by: Ron D08/29/2013

Another great product from etrailer! the receiver Hitch , bolted right up to my existing mount! just remember to only tighten the bottom 3/4 inch screw loosely untill you get the top bolts lined up and drawn down abit! 97500

- A60140

by: Karen04/24/2015

If you want to hook up a blade or a rake to your ATV, then get this hitch. The other ones I've tried aren't stiff and they just get lose and don't hold the blade it in place. Good sturdy quality! Fast shipping! 187992

- A60140

by: Joseph V.06/04/2012

The hitch fit perfectly, just as described, & was very easy to install. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an economical fix for installing a trailer ball on their ATV. 42589

- A60140

by: Larry01/21/2013

The install was easy and the bolts fit just fine on my Rubicon. Finally a hitch that solves the problem of having the receiver pivot when you don't want it to. Thanks etrailer! 63722

- A60140

by: Peter04/04/2013

The hitch receiver went on like a glove. Bolts, nuts and washers all fit. So far I have purchased two items from e trailer. And to this point all products installed as advertised. 74079

- A60140

by: Herb N04/04/2014

The trailer hitch purchased for my Honda Rubicon ATV appears to be a high quality structural product which fits the ATV very well with a minimum of installation effort! 123804

- A60140

by: Lee H06/06/2012

This hitch is easy to install and is stout! I bought a multi-attachment hitch so that I can tow via hook, ball, or clevis pin depending on the orientation of the hitch. 43007

- A60140

by: Greg06/18/2014

the product appears to be very well constructed. I immediately installed it onto my Honda ATV and was able to push/pull a RV popup camper weighing approx 3600 lbs. 136265

- A60140

by: Chuck09/15/2014

Fit as marketed. I can now use my ATV with a trailer in the field, and to take my tras bins to the street with the tow-a-bin product (very long driveway). 151180

- A60140

by: jerry b.04/01/2014

This product arrived on time and fit like it was machined for my Honda Rancher. It took me about 10 minutes to complete the installation. jdb 123211

- A60140

by: Jim10/09/2011

Exactly what I was looking for, a reciever that is solid, secure, easy to install, and does not pivot when in reverse like other recievers. 25298

- A60140

by: Josh Wurth08/15/2013

Awesome..Product got to the house quicker than i figured..cant wait to use it..i will definitely order from you guys again..thanks alot 95265

- A60140

by: Justin02/05/2015

Fits perfect for my 2002 Honda foreman 450trx. Took less than 10 minutes to install. Only wished it was about half the price. 172573

- A60140

by: Michael S01/02/2015

Works fine for a hitch. It would work better if the angle was changed for a carrier so that it doesn't drag the ground. 167558

- A60140

by: Jeff B.02/19/2015

The hitch arrived in a timely manner. I have not had a chance to install and use it, but will give a review when I do. 175350

- A60140

by: a.t.06/26/2012

Have not installed yet, but product looks to be well made and easy to install. Should work out great for what I needed. 45752

- A60140

by: David D.08/10/2014

The product is exactly what I need. Thank-You for checking out my question and finding the right part to fit my ATV. 145579

- A60140

by: Maryse10/07/2014

Excellent product as expected. Shipped faster than anticipated. Will definitely shop here again. Thank you. 155026

- A60140

by: Jose D.07/01/2015

Excellent quality, fast shipping, bolted right up, this will fit a 2014 Honda rancher 420 no problem. 208542

- A60140

by: Paul E.02/16/2014

Everything worked great, many thanks for the excellent and efficient service and quick delivery. 116672

- A60140

by: Rob05/07/2012

I really like this hitch. It's just what I was looking for. It's beefy and well put together. 39651

- A60140

by: Tom K.05/16/2014

Went on very easy. Now just to try it out. I'm sure it will do the job I need it to. 130999

- A60140

by: jim02/19/2013

great product took 10 minutes to assemble fit perfectly thanks jim from canada 66988

- A60140

by: Ray C02/12/2015

Strong and easy to install. Makes my ATV more adaptable for many options! 173425

- A60140

by: Matt M.05/20/2013

Product fits great in my Honda Rancher. It was extremely easy to install. 81139

- A60140

by: Dave R.05/15/2015

Well built, easy installation and includes all necessary Hardware. 193323

- A60140

by: Bill01/26/2015

Shipping and delivery was very fast. Easy to install. Works. 171217

- A60140

by: Chris10/18/2012

Looks OK but I had drill one of the holes out to get it to fit! 57582

- A60140

by: Nick B.11/05/2013

The product fit perfect. I can't ask for anything better. 106338

- A60140

by: A jack06/02/2013

It fit like a glove and only took 10minutes to install. 82913

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Do you have a question about this Specialty Trailer Hitche?

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