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Grease Seal - Single Lip - 58846

TruRyde Seals for Trailer Bearings

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TruRyde Seals for Trailer Bearings - 58846


  • Trailer Hub Grease Seal
  • Single Lip

171255 VB Redline Seal #35

Use With:
1.719 2.565 3,500 LB Axles

Customer Reviews

Grease Seal - Single Lip - 58846 - 58846

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (27 Customer Reviews)

- 58846

by: Jim07/02/2013

Bearings and seals in stock, delivered fast and exactly what I needed. Thank You for your great customer service..... ready to transport my boat 1000 miles to Florida....Jim 87067


everything is fine and working the way it should, Happy New Year

Jim - 01/05/2015


- 58846

by: Rusty O07/21/2013

Good product - quick shipping - great pricing and customer service! 90714


Everything is still great...trailer is still rolling along.

Rusty O - 01/20/2015


- 58846

by: Charles D01/16/2013

I recently ordered grease seals and electric brake assemblies from etrailer.com. The service was fantastic and the products were delivered very quickly. The on-line videos of how to do the job right were extremely helpful. I make a lot of on-line purchases and etrailer has consistently been the very best at responsiveness, ease of use, getting the order right, prompt delivery and helpful on line services. I don't often provide feedback for online purchases, but etrailer is the best and deserved some of my time to write this review. 63249

- 58846

by: Jim R.04/10/2015

Excellent customer service on the phone, great info provided on their website and a one stop shop for all your bearing and seal needs. I have five trailers and no two are the same in terms of bearings / races / seals etc. Additionally, there is no place in the San Diego or Yuma area that offers both boat / jet ski and land based trailer parts. Glad I found them and will use them for all my future needs. 184554

- 58846

by: Henry08/20/2015

Orderred hub and bearings monday. They were here wednesday.Had problems finding the right parts in the catalog because I could not read the existing bearing numbers, but in about eight minutes on the phone had the order in. Great prices and service. I highly recomend these folks. 220507

- 58846

by: Jenna08/31/2015

This was extremely difficult product to find in my area for my Older Scotty camper, but thankfully etrailer had it and after we received it, the part fit perfect! I'd definitely buy products from etrailer again! 223035

- 58846

by: Ron P.09/24/2014

Product worked perfectly. Website worked exceptionally as I needed to order by size for my Carson trailer as I could not find an application catalog to order by part number. This made for a quick repair! 152832

- 58846

by: Russ S04/30/2015

could not find this seal at local auto parts stores but was easy to find online. etrailer.com is a nice web site with very good information and service. thanks 189121

- 58846

by: Steve L04/20/2011

the only place to get trailer parts around here is from the local parts store... if it isn't listed in their computer, they can't find it! 12057

- 58846

by: Bill G.06/15/2014

fast delivery, all I needed was the dimensions and then looked it up and THERE it was ! Thanks for making it easy. 135643

- 58846

by: Royce04/09/2013

Grease seal was the right one for my trailer, easy to find and select, will definatly by from again 75086

- 58846

by: Walter L.09/21/2012

These seals are an exact fit! All my local auto parts stores could not match it. Thanks etrailer. 55471

- 58846

by: Ben B.06/03/2015

An inexpensive alternative to the Dexter brand bearing grease seal. Quality seems to be good. 200302

- 58846

by: JIM C02/27/2014


- 58846

by: Bill H.10/04/2013

Seal is well build and in my opinion superior to the failed NAPA seal it replaced. 102617

- 58846

by: Larry P.06/23/2014

this is my second order of brake parts , all fit great and look and work like new 137106

- 58846

by: Jason M03/31/2011

Product was exactly what I ordered and was shipped fast. 10848

- 58846

by: dklompy04/08/2015

Replaced the seals in the hubs and they fit great. 183998

- 58846

by: rob b07/12/2012

excactly what i ordered in great time. well done 47695

- 58846

by: Chris03/31/2015

Perfect replacement! Fast shipping! 181885

- 58846

by: mark s.08/19/2015

good product, fit like a glove 220284

- 58846

by: Allen C01/24/2011

Another great product, thanks 6057

- 58846

by: A Dockery10/06/2014

good quality fast shipping 154820

- 58846

by: chancey08/15/2014

Exact fit replacement 146934

- 58846

by: mark08/08/2013

Worked good fix right 93878

- 58846

by: jodie06/07/2011

did the trick 16417

- 58846

by: Michael McCoy01/21/2015

looks good 170715


Ask the Experts about this TruRyde Seals for Trailer Bearings
Do you have a question about this Seals for Trailer Bearing?

  • Is Seal # 442251 The Same as #171255
  • The National Part # 442251 is a single lip seal. The part # RG06-050, 10-19, seals are double lip seals of the same dimensions and will work as replacements for the # 442251 single lip seals. The double lip seals are usually used for applications where the trailer is backed into water and helps keep water out of the trailer hub. For the single lip style seal two of part # 58846 is what you will need.
    view full answer...

  • Does Grease Seal # 58846 Replace Dexter # 010-004-00 and How Many Are Included
  • Grease Seal, # 58846, is a replacement for the Dexter 010-004-00 part number. To double check, you can measure your existing seal. If it has an inner diameter of 1.719 inches and an outer diameter of 2.565 inches, then this is the correct seal. The 58846 single lip seal is sold in quantities of 1. The double lip version, # RG06-050, is sold in pairs.
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  • How to Determine the Correct Hub and Drum for Use With the Nev-R-Adjust Electric Brake Assembly
  • You will most likely need the Trailer Hub & Drum Assembly, item # 84546UC3, for installation of the 10 inch Nev-R-Adjust Electric Brake Assemblies, item # 23-469 and # 23-468, on your trailer spindle. You will need to check the inner and outer bearing part numbers, seal part number and hub bolt pattern on one side of your trailer to be sure you order the correct hubs to work with the Nev-R-Adjust Electric Brake Assemblies. The bearing included with the # 84546UC3 hub are the # L68149...
    view full answer...

  • What Is The Difference In A Grease Seal Labeled 171255TB and A Seal Labeled 171255VB
  • On grease seals the TB means a low pressure, double lip seal with a spring and the VB means a non-pressure, single lip seal without a spring. The seal you will need for the part # 171255TB is the TruRyde Grease Seals-Double Lip, part # RG06-050. This is a double lip seal with a low pressure spring.
    view full answer...

  • Need To Replace Old Grease Seal # 171255
  • You will want to match up the old seal with the number stamped on the seal. Each seal number is an indication of a different size seal. The correct # 171255 seal that you will need is Grease Seal - Double Lip, part # 58846. This seal includes the spring that you referred to.
    view full answer...

  • Need a Grease Seal to Replace a Transcom Grease Seal 171255
  • based on the number you have provided, you have a Transcom grease seal. We have a TruRyde brand that will fit. For a pair, you would need # RG06-050. Or for one double lip seal, # 58846. To be sure, you can check the measurements of your seal. The measurements will have to be as accurate as possible so I recommend using a set of dial calipers. The inner diameter of the TruRyde seal is 1.719 inches. The outer diameter is 2.565 inches.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Race # L68110 Availability and Compatibility with the # L68149 Bearing
  • The information I have indicates that the # L68149 bearing is compatible with a # L68110 race. The L68110 race is most commonly used in boat trailers and the # L68111 is most commonly used in land based trailers. They both take the same bearing, # L68149, but use different seals and the installation surface on the hubs are different dimensions, as you have noted. Most commonly the # L68110 race is associated with the # 168233 grease seal and the # L68111 race is most commonly associated...
    view full answer...

  • 10 by 2-1/4 Inch Brakes Needed for a 20 foot Boat Trailer with Brake Mounting Flanges
  • The # 23-468 and # 23-469 brake assemblies will work on an axle with a 4 bolt mounting flange that has bolt holes 2-7/8 inches on center apart. The Trailer Hub & Drum Assembly, # 84546UC3, is designed to work on trailers with spindles that accept the # L68149 inner and # L44649 outer bearing, and the # 58846 single lip seal, and with wheels that have a 5 on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern. You should check these items to be sure you are selecting the correct parts. If your parts are different,...
    view full answer...

  • Dexter Hub 8-248 Bearing and Seal Replacement Recomendations
  • I am surprised you have a # 10-40 hub seal. The Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly # 8-247-50UC3 that you said you have would take a part # 58846 seal or # RG06-020. And then for bearing part # L68149 for the inner bearing, part # L44649 as outer bearing. For races part # L68111 for inner, and # L44610 for outer. If you do have different bearings than what I listed you don't have to order the bearings all as a kit. You could piece together all the parts you need by ordering them individually.
    view full answer...

  • What is the Correct Seal for a Trailer with Outer Bearing L44649 and Inner Bearings L68149
  • You are correct, if you have outer L44649 bearings and inner L68149, then you would use 10-19 seals, # RG06-050. The inner diameter of these seals is 1.719 inches and the outer diameter is 2.565 inches. I have included a couple of videos on replacing bearings that you may find helpful.
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  • Replacement Hub for Hammer Blow Hub Part HB732 on Old Trailer
  • My online research did not turn up any direct replacement parts for the HB732 hub you referenced. However, we can help you select new replacement hubs. The things you need to know in order to select replacement hubs are: the bolt pattern on your current hubs (and wheels); the bearing numbers from your inner and outer bearings; the grease seal number; and the axle's weight rating. For example, Dexter Hub # 84546UC3 has a 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern, works with inner bearing # L68149 and outer...
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  • Determining Capacity of Unknown Axle
  • According to my online research, your axles are old Dexters with a capacity of 3500 lbs apiece. I would recommend confirming this by checking the reference numbers on your bearings. The inner bearings should be # LM48548, outer bearing should be # L44649 and the grease seal should be # 58846. If these reference numbers match up, you have confirmed the capacity. Replacement bearings and seals are available should you need them, but I could not find a hub.
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  • Need Inner Grease Seal for 1980 Fruehauf/Jartran Single Axle Trailer
  • We do offer the replacement # 58846 grease seal that you need for your 1980 Jartran trailer. The part you need to order is # 58846. This is a single lip grease seal with an inner diameter of 1.719 inches and an outer diameter of 2.565 inches that is intended for 3500-lb axles. It is sold as single units. For reference I have linked a video that demonstrates the process of installing a grease seal as well as a helpful article on bearings and seals.
    view full answer...

  • Which grease seals for 2005 Hi Lo Travel Trailer with Torflex Axles
  • Since you have 10 x 2.25 brakes on Torflex axles, your inner bearing would then be part # L68149. Your outer bearing is part # L44649. The Grease Seal, part # 58846, fits these bearings. You will need two for each axle. If you have EZ-lube axles or bearing buddies, like Bearing Buddy II Model 1980A (Pair) with Auto Check, part # BB1980A, you could also use the Double Lip Seal, part # RG06-050, which comes in a two-pack. You will need one pack for each axle.
    view full answer...

  • Grease Cap and and Double Lip Seal for Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly # 84546UC3
  • For a single grease cap for hub # 84546UC3 you can use # F001518. The grease cap being slightly larger in diameter than the hub bore is normal to create a tight fit. Grease seal # 58846 is a single lip. Single lip seals do not keep grease in as well as double lip seals. For double lip you would use # RG06-050 for a pair.
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  • Correct Replacement Grease Seal for Boat Trailer Grease Seal # 470361
  • The correct replacement grease seal for seal number 470361 is part # RG06-050 for a pair or part # 58846 for a single seal. Part # 168255TB has a smaller inner diameter than your current seal.
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  • Compatibility of a # TMC21333VB grease seal with replacemnet seal, # 10-1
  • Yes, we have the Grease seal you will need for your 2002 Load Auto Carrier. Grease Seal item # GS-2125DL is the proper replacement seal for your trailer with TMC21333VB seals.
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  • Replacement Brake Assemblies and Grease Seals for Cargo Trailer
  • We can help you with both new brakes for your cargo trailer and new grease seals. A link to our trailer brake page is provided. At the top of the page choose electric or hydraulic drum brakes to see all options. Then choose your axle capacity, which should be noted on a sticker or plate on the axle itself, then brake size and either manual- or self-adjust type. For example, if you need a 10 x 2-1/4-inch electric brake with a 4-bolt mounting flange you can use # 23-468 (left) and # 23-469...
    view full answer...

  • Adding Electric Brakes To Utility Trailer With 3,500 LB Axle Towed With 2006 Volkswagen Jetta
  • I have attached a helpful article you can check out that shows all of the components needed to add electric brakes. You will need several items to add electric brakes to your Carry-On Utility trailer. Starting with the trailer you will need a hub and drum that matches the bearings and seal on your trailer spindle and your wheel bolt pattern. The only way to be sure is to check the bearing part numbers and seal part number, but with a 3,500 lbs Dexter axle that has brake mounting flanges...
    view full answer...

  • How to Pick Out Replacement Bearings and Grease Seal for a Trailer
  • We don't have the information, but I can tell you how to find it. You will need to take off a hub on your trailer and pull out both bearings. There should be a numbers stamped on either of them. Or, you can use a dial or digital caliper to measure the spindle where the bearings ride and with that info we can determine what you would need. The same process would be for the seal as well. You will want to measure the spindle surface where the seal rides as well as the inner bore of the...
    view full answer...

  • How to Pick Out Grease Seals for a Trailer Hub
  • To pick out a replacement grease seal you will need to measure the diameter of the spindle where the grease seal rides with a digital or dial caliper and then need to measure the hub bore where the current seal rides. With those two dimensions we can pick out the correct seal that you would need. I attached a link to a page that has all of the grease seals we carry. You will need to select your inner and outer diameter from the filters on the page and the correct seals will be listed.
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  • What is Difference Between Bearing # 168255TB and # 171255TB
  • We recommend using digital calipers to measure the spindle. If you did not do so, you might try that. The part number 171255 that you referenced actually gives the measurements of the seal that you need. 171 means 1.71 inches inner diameter and 255 mean outer diameter of 2.55 inches which is what the # 58846 has. So part # 168255TB will have an inner diameter of 1.68 and an outer diameter of 2.55, so it should give you a slightly better seal. We usually recommend you use the exact...
    view full answer...

  • Grease Seal Replacement Recommendation with Inner Diameter 1.865 and Outer Diameter 2.565
  • Based on the dimensions you listed you would want the Grease Seal Set part # BB60002.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Seal for Part 17146
  • The replacement seal for 17146 is Grease Seal - Double Lip, part # 58846. This is a single lip grease seal with an inner diameter of 1.719 inches and an outer diameter of 2.565 inches that is intended for 3500-lb axles. It is sold as single units. I was unable to find a cross reference for TCS PO6887.
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  • Can a Different Grease Seal Be Used on Dexter Trailer Hub and Drum # 8-247-50UC3
  • The Dexter Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly # 8-247-50UC3 that you referenced calls for a single-lip grease seal # 58846 which has an inner diameter of 1.719 inches and an outer diameter of 2.565 inches. The seal you referenced, part # 168255TB, is a double-lip type with an inner diameter of 1.687 inches and an outer diameter of 2.561 inches. We do not recommend using other than the specified seals for any hub application. Using an incorrect size will either allow grease to leak out or...
    view full answer...

  • How to Pick Out Replacement Grease Seal
  • If you sent a picture it didn't make it through, but I can still help you find a grease seal. To pick out a replacement grease seal you will need to measure the diameter of the spindle where the grease seal rides with a digital or dial caliper and then need to measure the hub bore where the current seal rides. With those two dimensions we can pick out the correct seal that you would need. I attached a link to a page that has all of the grease seals we carry. You will need to select...
    view full answer...

  • What is the Inner Diameter of the Grease Seal that Comes with Trailer Hub # 84545BX
  • The seal that comes with hub # 84545BX is # 58846 and it has an inner diameter of 1.719 inches and outer diameter of 2.565 inches. I have included a picture showing the measurements for you.
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