This bike carrier provides a stress-free way to transport your bikes. Each bike is secured at both wheels and the frame--providing a more stable and safe ride. Cushioned hooks are adjustable for different sized bikes and ratchet down for a tight fit. Call 800-298-8924 to order Swagman Hitch Bike Racks part number S64650 or order online at Free expert support on all Swagman products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Swagman XC 2-Bike Rack Platform Style for 1-1/4" and 2" Trailer Hitches. Hitch Bike Racks reviews from real customers.
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Swagman XC 2-Bike Rack Platform Style for 1-1/4" and 2" Trailer Hitches

Swagman Hitch Bike Racks

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Swagman Hitch Bike Racks - S64650

This bike carrier provides a stress-free way to transport your bikes. Each bike is secured at both wheels and the frame--providing a more stable and safe ride. Cushioned hooks are adjustable for different sized bikes and ratchet down for a tight fit.


  • Carries up to 2 bikes
  • Secures bikes at 3 different points
  • Wheel mount design works with most bike regardless of frame size
  • Works great with children's bikes
  • Will not work with recumbent bikes or those with an extra long wheel base
  • Bike hooks securely grasp frame to keep bike in place
    • Constructed with soft coating to protect frame
  • Slide smoothly up and down by using easily-adjustable push button ratcheting system
  • Offset to accommodate bikes of the same size
  • Lockable with a padlock through a 1/4" hole
  • Wheel hoops provide a stable platform to carry the bikes
    • Eliminate the hassle of removing wheels
    • Accommodate wheels up to 3-1/2" wide
    • Hoops are adjustable in and out to fit the length of the bikes
  • Each side with wheel loops folds up for easy storage
  • Powder-coated finish for corrosion resistance


  • Fits 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" (Class I and II) and 2" x 2" trailer hitches
    • Hitch adapter requires 6 mm Allen wrench for installation (not included)
  • Shank rise: 4"
  • Distance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the edge of the first wheel hoop measures 10-1/2" long
  • Maximum bike wheel base is 51-1/2" long (center of wheel loop to center of wheel loop)
  • Weight capacity: 70 lbs total (35 lbs per bike)
  • Includes threaded pin and clip with anti-rattle to secure the rack into the trailer hitch
    • Can be locked with Swagman's anti-rattle lock S64029 (sold separately)
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Approved for use on cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs

This cross country model offers convenience and reliability for your traveling needs. With a two-bike capacity, it accommodates most frame sizes using wheel hoops and bike hooks. Constructed with soft-frame coating to protect the bike's finish, the bike hooks securely hold the bike in the wheel hoop cradles. The hooks smoothly slide up and down by using an easily-adjustable push button ratcheting system. The hassle of removing wheels is eliminated with fat wheel hoops that accommodate wheels up to 3-1/2" wide and adjust to fit different frame lengths. For easy storage or when not in use, the rack folds up to decrease its size. A powder-coated finish protects it from corrosion from the elements.

Ratcheting system with bike hooks and push buttons

Bike hooks slide easily down the ratcheting system and click securely in place. The push buttons allow the hooks to slide up the ratcheting system to allow for bike removal.

Wheel hoops with adjustable knobs

The wheel hoops accommodate wheels up to 3-1/2" wide, and turning knobs are used to adjust the distance between hoops to fit bikes of varying lengths.

64650 Swagman XC Cross Country 2-Bike Rack

Video of Swagman XC 2-Bike Rack Platform Style for 1-1/4" and 2" Trailer Hitches

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Swagman XC 2 Bike Rack Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Swagman XC Platform Style 2 Bike Rack for 1 1/4 and 2 inch hitches. Part number S64650. The Swagman XC provides a stress free way to transport your bikes. Each bike is secured at both wheels and at the frame providing a more stable and safe ride. The cushion hooks are adjustable for a variety of different size bikes and ratchet down for a nice tight fit. The wheel cradles are adjustable along the platform to accommodate different wheel bases.

It features a 4 inch shank rise to give you a little more ground clearance here at the rear of the vehicle. It has a weight capacity of 35 pounds per bike and the whole bike rack has a powdered coat finish to resist rust and corrosion. The Swagman XC2 will accommodate a wide variety of bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, Sally's bike, Jimmy's bike and even grandpa's bike. Now that we've gone on some of the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. We've got our adapter on there for our 2 inch by 2 inch receiver. If you wanted to take off the adapter, you can use class 1 and 2 1 1/4 hitches.

What we'll do is we'll place it into our receiver and we'll push it all the way in to line up with our pin holes, that looks pretty good. Then we can take our included anti rattle bolt and clip and thread that through. Now the nice thing about this anti rattle is it going to help reduce the play and most of the wobble within our hitch and our bike rack as you can see all of that there. Let's go ahead and finish tightening that up and put our clip in place. As you can see most of the play and the rattle is gone. We've got it in a stow position here.

This is a going to be a great space saver when not in use. Let's go ahead and get ready to load our bike. First thing we want to do is lower our two arms down. You want to come over here to this pin, go ahead and pull up and lower it down to realign the pin holes right here and just simply slip that back in to lock it in place and we'll repeat that same step on this side. Now this is the platform position of the bike rack, but before we grab our bike I'd like to show you that we can get into our rear hatch.

You can simply pull this pin down here to fold down our center mast and as you can see gives us the opportunity to remove any cargo, gear or groceries, anything we might have with us on our trip. Now we can raise our center mast back up to get ready to load our bike. We want to make sure that our frame hooks are all the way up and out of the way. We'll also want to make sure that our wheel cradles are slid out and loosened up ready to receive our wheels. Now we can grab our bike, insert the front wheel in the wheel cradle and the rear tire in the rear wheel cradle and we'll bring down our first hook. Now we can tighten up our wheel cradles. Now if we are just transporting one bike, we are going to lower down our frame hook on top of the other one but let's go ahead and load up one more bike, take it out on our test course and see how it perform. Here on our test course let's go into our slalom, this is going to show side to side action such as going around corners or evasive maneuvering. Then on to our alternating speed bumps, this is going to show a twisting action such as going over pot holes or or uneven pavement. Then finally onto our solid speed bumps, this is going to show an up and down action such as coming in and out of the driveway, or out of a parking lot and that's going to complete our look at the Swagman XC Platform Style 2 Bike Rack for 1 1/4 and 2 inch hitches, part number S64650. .

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ProductPrice DifferenceNumber of BikesInstallationRack Folds withEasy to Use ScoreRack Locks to HitchLocks Bike to RackAnti-RattleBike Frame ContactBike Compatibility ScoreBike Love ScoreTest Video

current product
2WrenchPin5NoNoOne-WayWheel Supported, Frame Stabilized54 

2WrenchPin5NoNoOne-WayWheel Supported, Frame Stabilized54

2PinPin6NoNoNoneWheel Supported, Frame Stabilized53

2WrenchSwitch6Yes, BoltYes, CylinderOne-WayWheel Supported, Frame Stabilized58 

2WrenchSwitch7Yes, BoltYes, CableOne-WayNo Contact, Wheel Supported79 

2WrenchPin5NoNoOne-WayHangs by Frame43 

4WrenchPin4Yes, BoltYes, CableOne-WayWheel Supported, Frame Stabilized58

2WrenchPin5NoNoNoneWheel Supported, Frame Stabilized53 

4WrenchPin3.5NoNoOne-WayHangs by Frame32.5 

2WrenchPin5NoNoOne-WayWheel Supported, Frame Stabilized54 

2WrenchPin5NoNoOne-WayWheel Supported, Frame Stabilized54 

4WrenchPin4NoNoOne-WayHangs by Frame43

2WrenchPin5NoNoOne-WayWheel Supported, Frame Stabilized64 

2WrenchPin5NoNoOne-WayHangs by Frame43 

2PinSwitch8Yes, BoltYes, CableTwo-WayNo Contact, Wheel Supported79.5

2WrenchSwitch7Yes, BoltYes, CableOne-WayNo Contact, Wheel Supported79 

2PinSwitch9Yes, BoltYes, CableTwo-WayNo Contact, Wheel Supported79.5 

2WrenchPin4NoYes, CableOne-WayHangs by Frame45 

2WrenchNone4NoYes, KnobNoneHangs by Frame33 

2WrenchPin5NoNoOne-WayWheel Supported, Frame Stabilized54 
ProductPrice DifferenceNumber of BikesInstallationRack Folds withEasy to Use ScoreRack Locks to HitchLocks Bike to RackAnti-RattleBike Frame ContactBike Compatibility ScoreBike Love ScoreTest Video

Buyers Guide Columns

Number of Bikes - The maximum number of bikes the rack is designed to carry.

Installation - Racks with a tool free installation are typically easier and quicker to install on your vehicle.

Rack Folds with - Switches typically make using a rack more convenient. Pins will provide the same functionality in a lower cost alternative.

Easy to Use Score - Ease of use is determined by how heavy the rack is, how easy is it to attach to your vehicle, how easy is it to load your bikes and how easy is it to use the features of the rack such as folding.

Rack Locks to Hitch - Bike rack locks to the hitch on the vehicle to help deter theft of the rack.

Locks Bike to Rack - Secures the bike with a lock to help deter theft of the bike.

Anti-Rattle - Provides a method for tightening rack in hitch opening to reduce the amount of bounce and sway in a rack. One-Way reduces side to side movement, Two-Way reduces side to side and up and down movement.

Bike Frame Contact - Important if you are concerned about scratches and marring of your bike frame.

Bike Compatibility Score - Racks with a higher compatibility score will work with a wider variety of bikes, such as road, mountain, women's, kid's, downhill, fat bikes, cruisers. Racks with a lower score may need a bike adapter bar to carry some bikes, or only be designed to carry a specific bike type.

Bike Love Score - Higher score racks do a better job of keeping your bike safe, theft and damage free while on the rack. Locks, anti-rattle and how the bike is supported are important aspects of Bike Love.

Customer Reviews

Swagman XC 2-Bike Rack Platform Style for 1-1/4" and 2" Trailer Hitches - S64650

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (276 Customer Reviews)

This bike carrier provides a stress-free way to transport your bikes. Each bike is secured at both wheels and the frame--providing a more stable and safe ride. Cushioned hooks are adjustable for different sized bikes and ratchet down for a tight fit.

- S64650

by: Paul F.03/15/2012

I own a 2005 Jeep Wrangler X with 31x10.5x15 oversized tires and wheels. I installed B6196001 HighRock 4x4 Oversize Tire Carrier by Bestop to carry larger spare tire. I needed a bike carrier that would carry our two crusier bikes and clear my spare tire. After measuring, I ordered: -> S64650 - Swagman 2-bike carrier -> 80300 - 7" Hitch Adapter 2" to 1-1/4" Trailer Hitch Receiver -> RM-061 - Roadmaster Quiet Hitch for 2" Trailer Hitches Our order arrived very quickly, upgraded the shipping. All these products arrived well packaged and without damage. In 15 minutes I had every thing assembled, installed on my Jeep and bikes loaded. The bike carrier is very well constructed, finish is excellent and easy to adjust. When adjusting wheel loops and loading bikes, make sure you pay attention to bike pedal position. I chose this extension because I did not want to use the adapter that comes with the bike carrier, I wanted as few parts as possible to keep rattles to a minimum and gives me more options for towing. The anti-rattle bolt/pin firmly secures the bike carrier to the extension and the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch keeps the extension adapter from rattling in the receiver. Road tested approximately 25 miles over rough city roads ( including railroad tracks ), county roads and highway. Bikes traveled very well without any rattles. I can remove my complete setup quickly, fold and put in rear of Jeep if desired. I am very well pleased with my purchase. Note to etrailer: Please consider offering Roadmaster Quiet Hitch in black to match receiver and accessories. Paul In the Land of Oz . . . Just South of the Yellow Brick Road! 33947


Is this rack able to carry a mountain bike with 29 inch wheels?

comment by: Juan - 08/02/2014


I have confirmed with Swagman, and this rack will work with bikes with 20 to 29 inch tires.

Rachael H - 8/5/2014


Love the rack perfect fit. One of the tightening screws for the wheel cradles was really tight and i called e trailer and a new one was on the way the next day.Thanks E trailer

comment by: Paul H - 06/30/2015


- S64650

by: AV06/29/2013

Order this bike rack for use on a 2014 Subaru Forester with a factory 1 1/4" trailer hitch. The rack appears to be solid and capable of holding two front suspension mountain bikes. One bike is a 15" men's bike and the other is a 19" men's bike. The rack went together easily and fit into the hitch with no problems. We ordered an anti-rattle locking hitch pin with a cable to lock the bikes and the rack to the car, but the locking hitch pin was too big to thread through the rack. etrailer sent another locking hitch pin in a very easy return process. The new one worked perfectly. We did find that when putting the bikes on the rack, we had to take off the ratchet arms and then slide them back down the center post. We used old socks on the pedals of the bikes to avoid any damage to the car or bikes, and old washcloths between the ratchet arms and the bikes as well since other people reported damage to their bikes' finishes. We also used velcro straps to secure the wheels to the wheel hoops for extra security. All in all the rack seems to be a great product. 86737


6-29-13 comment and today 7-4 reading review, just bought a 2014 Subaru Forrester as AV comments on. Perfect! Glad to see it works for you, time for me to buy one

comment by: Andy S - 07/04/2013


Please send us some photos when you do. The new factory hitch has really piqued our interest.

Patrick B - 7/5/2013


HICan you open the rear lid of your Subaru when the bikes are mounted on this XC?Also, does this vertical center console fold down?And, are there any problems with this XC?Thanx

comment by: AlanR - 10/27/2013


We have sent an email to AV about your first question. We can answer the latter, and yes, the center upright mast can fold down flat on top of the tray arms. The tray arms can also fold up. You can see an illustration of this in the instructions we have linked on the page.

Patrick B - 10/30/2013

- S64650

by: Norm09/01/2015

I bought this rack to carry one mountain bike and one hybrid path bike on my Sienna van or my 4Runner. I wanted something easier than my hanging bike rack. I received the rack in good condition with slight damage to the inner box but the shipping box was in perfect condition. Very quick delivery. The rack is mostly put together when you receive it. I just installed the bicycle wheel rings and the receiver bar. Each of the hex bolts on the receiver bar have lock washers for very secure attachment, though you need to have a hex wrench to tighten. The wheel rings move smoothly on the support bars and tighten with knobs that have secure nylon locknuts inside to prevent loosening. By the way, the two Phillips head screws go into the ends of the support bars as stoppers ( wasn't explained in the brief instructions). The fit and finish of the rack was better than expected and easy to use. I did have to spend some time, with a helper, to figure out how to position the bikes for the best placement on the rack. It was a bit of a puzzle, but I figured it out. Make sure you put the tallest bike next to the hatch with the derailure inside. This protects the back windshield from the handle bar and moves the pedal further from the door. Now, removing the bikes and replacing them back on the rack should be very quick and easy. To easily remove the holddown clamps, simply push down the top while pressing on the latch. The rubber on the holddown clamps tend to rub off on the bicycle; so, I treated it with 303 protectant and have a layer between it and the bicycle. Also, on the holddown clamps there are holes to allow you to lock each of the latches, however I typically use a cable and lock. 223265

- S64650

by: William E.06/24/2014

This is our second rack. We have another one on our other Toyota Corolla. When we got a newer model Corolla I ordered both hitch and rack from etrailer. I love the way this allows the bikes to be behind the airstream of the car, not as much drag, to reduce gas mileage. It actually only drops the gas mileage by one mile/per gallon. Much better than any other rack &/or accessory we've used. We use a cable and key lock to security secure it to the car. then we can use a regular bike lock to lock the bikes to it. The only drawback is there is a little trouble getting into the truck with our mountain bike, straight, handlebars. Only a slight inconvenience to have to adjust the bar/bike a little to get the truck open. Love it. 137428


No complains about the Bike [rack] at all..But I have to tell you a story to keep this from happening to you. I had the trunk lid open and the inside bike wasnt secured, just leaning. Suddenly the bake fell into the trunk. The handlebar just touched the very bottom of the back windshield, not even a half inch anlong the edge, but it broke the whole window out. My fault for not watching andor not taking precautions to keep the bike secure.

William E - 06/24/2015


- S64650

by: LD01/05/2014

This product is very sturdy and surprisingly well made and easy to assemble. The upper arms ratchet downwards to secure the bikes firmly without damaging their finish. The bikes don't shake or swing when going down the road. Its exactly what i was looking for while being 1/3rd the cost of some brand name units. While i think this has an excellent value for the price, if i had to do it over i would pay the $50 extra to get the next model (XTC-2) because that model has wheel ties a well as the upper arm for holding the bike in place. I don't expect these arms to come loose any time soon but it cannot hurt to have additional straps as a backup. 111925


I have used this product probably 2-3 times a month since purchasing it and its not showing any sign of wear yet. in Retrospect, my initial thought that i would need to tie the wheels down seems overly cautious as i have not had any mishaps or near mishaps.

LD - 02/21/2015


- S64650

by: Kenneth C.09/24/2012

I was fully prepared to have a difficult time assembling this bike rack from some of the other comments about confusing or missing directions on how to construct. I was puzzled - as I've never assembled anything that was easier or more straight forward. You may think I'm highly advanced or being egotistical - but my take is you'll find this assembly easy - and you'll be relieved. As for the bike rack itself - you'll thank God for who ever engineered this thing many times over. I went by a park recently, before my shipment arrived, and saw a mom & daughter trying to load their bikes on the traditional carriers out there. With frames slanted every which way and their bikes being damaged in the process - I was sold before mine even arrived. I talked to them about the alternatives - but sadly they looked at me like what they were doing was the only way and what was I talking about. I now have the bike rack and I haven't installed a bike yet [will this weekend as I carry 2 over the pass into Eastern Washington]. The rack is so compact and simple behind my car that I hardly notice it's there - and when I do I am amazed by the design simplicity. I'm really going to like this thing. Buy it - everyone will think you're a genius and you be gratefull everytime you pass jumbled bikes or the harness with 50,000 straps. 55595

- S64650

by: AJ11/03/2013

As usual, I ordered this late one night and it arrived from etrailer within less than a day of shipping. I purchased after reviewing photos and videos of the rack on the website. It's a good, solid bike rack. The bike rack is easy to assemble and attach to the car. Adjustments for bikes is easy and the rack seems stable. Probably about 1/2 inch of sway to the left and right and the same fore and aft during transport. It does seem to fit closely to the car, but pedals clear the bumper and have enough room to move without hitting the car. I would turn the bikes so that the derailleurs are outboard, but I wanted to show how much clearance the bikes have from the bumper, turning them out would give more room than shown. 106132


It would be best to switch those bikes. You always want to keep the heaviest bike closest to the vehicle.

Patrick B - 11/05/2013


- S64650

by: Keith B.07/07/2012

I needed a rack to hold two bikes on a 2005 Honda CRV. This rack is perfect! Since one bike has the dropped crossbar, I needed a rack that would carry both styles, this rack does that. Also, the spare tire and hard cover make clearances an issue. Using the etrailer questions page, I was able to determine the dimensions and clearances of the bike rack to make certain is was correct for my application. I placed the order, had an immediate confirmation and the rack was shipped the next day. It arrived as scheduled in perfect shape. The directions are a little vague and do not match the hardware, but it is not an issue. This is very simple to assemble. I like the fact that the weight of the bikes is supported in the hoops, then the clamps secure the frames, a very secure system. The hoop locations are adjustable, it took me a couple of tries to find the ideal configuration for holding our bikes. Also, the rack can be folded down (with the bikes removed) to allow the rear door to opened without removing the rack from the car. Etrailer is great to deal with and I got a great price with free shipping. 47052


Would the ratcheting arm work on a traditional, old-fashioned girls bike? It looks like the angle and the distance it would have to go down would not make it very stable.

comment by: Jenny H - 05/08/2014


Depending on the bike frame, it may not go down far enough. The solution is a bike adapter bar that would give the hook a different tube to grab on to. Check out part # S64005.

Patrick B - 5/14/2014

- S64650

by: Donald02/15/2013

We just purchased the Swagman XCS64650 bike rack. I anticipate we will love it. I was able to assemble it without any problems. The instructions and video were helpful. However, I must say it would be beneficial if the pictures showing where the bolts and associated washers go were bigger. I was able to sort it out and I am not that mechanically gifted. 66402


I anticipated we would really like the bike rack we purchased. After a year, we really, really like it. We relocated from Maryland to Washington state and the bikes rode in the rack without any problems. We are in our 70s and like the fact it is very easy to mount the bikes in the rack. I would highly recommend this rack to anyone.

Don - 08/16/2014


- S64650

by: Mary D. Sloan06/04/2014

my swagman came within 48 hrs. after the phone conversation/ placing the order...Bridget was great with the initial order ....helping me select the right model for my needs.... the product was well packaged and easy to carry down to the garage....clear directions...I'm now ready to take my bike to nearby parks...and ride the trails... thank you etrailer for doing a fabulous job... no shipping fees...and a 1 :1/4" converter to fit my 2" hitch was included...Thank you etrailer and thank you...Bridget 134315


I love my Swagman. Its easy for me Im 77 yrs. to assemble and take apart and I dont have to life bike very far to place wheels in well.

Mary S - 06/05/2015


- S64650

by: Jim12/05/2012

I have a heavy, long wheelbase curvy framed cruiser with a 3" wire rear tire, wide cranks, and huge handlebars - no other affordable racks I've seen specs for would handle my bike safely and without a high potential for damage. This one works like a charm. Even a somewhat larger bike would fit without much trouble. Placing the bike in the "outside" position is trivially easy. The "inside" position can cause some problems with my vehicle - the pedal ends up in the license plate "well" - but that's OK. Haven't made my long trip yet, but everything about this rack inspires confidence. It's easy enough to install that I won't think twice about popping it on for a quick run out to a nice riding location. 60656

- S64650

by: Lee06/30/2012

The assembly instructions could have been a lot better or the photos could have been large enough to actually see them. The rack looks good and fits nicely on the back of my CRV. I was worried that my Townie wouldn't fit because of a longer wheelbase and odd frame but the rack adjusted easily to the bike. 46329

- S64650

by: Anthony M.10/04/2012

The whole experience is worth 5 out of 5 Stars! Everyone I spoke with at E-Trailer was very helpful and the product that was recommended fits fine and is a good value. There is only one thing about the Swagman XC bike rack that I'm not happy with and that is the ratchet locking on the clamp down arms. The release mechanism is hard to activate so if someone with out strong hands - like my wife for example - tried to release the arms to remove the bikes they would have lots of trouble. Swagman may want to consider changing this locking mechanism to a hand wheel so strong hands aren't required for release. I'm enclosing photos of the rack installed on my 2005 Acura MDX. 56281

- S64650

by: Jim M.04/24/2013

Outstanding product. Very well made and very sturdy. I would highly recommend to anyone. is an outstanding company with great high quality products and a great staff. 77709


I LOVE both the Draw-Tite Hitch and the Swagman Hitch Bike Rack. I have used them numerous times over the past year and they performed flawlessly.I have highly recommended both of these products, and, to my friends and family.You can be sure that when I am in the market for these types of products again I will most assuredly buy them from

Jim M - 05/16/2014


- S64650

by: Brad B.09/13/2013

So far, I've used this carrier only for short trips around my area, so I don't have any long-distance trips to report. It works great. I chose this style because I like having my bikes supported by their tires. I feel there is less chance of damaging them in transit with this method. It was very easy to assemble. I have a torn rotator cuff, and my wife weighs a lightweight 95 pounds - both of us were able to install this rack to our Kia Soul's hitch without help from the other. In other words, it's very easy to use. My plan is to use it as a 1-bike carrier primarily, so I only installed the parts for 1 bike, and I store the rest of the components under the cargo floor of my car. This way, the rack looks cleaner and weighs a bit less when we go to move it from house to car. If we rent or borrow a bike for my wife, it will take me about 5 minutes to add the rest of the equipment. (If you want to use this technique, DON'T put the stop-screws in the main rail, or you won't be able to slide the second bike supports on.) 99805

- S64650

by: Danny C07/04/2013

Rack was easy to assemble and holds the bikes well. even the comfort bike fits. Only problem I had was that the 2 inch adapter was installed and the bolt holding it was really tight. If you don't have quality allen heads it could be hard to remove. This could have been an isolated instance. 87648


Rack has worked great over the past year. I have hauled bikes around the states without any problems. I like that I can put a lock on the release lever for the arm that goes up and down.

Danny C - 07/04/2014


- S64650

by: Jeremy C10/18/2011

I received this rack as promised and immediately took it on a camping trip. The trip was 150 mi one-way so it got plenty of testing time. It performed flawlessly! The construction is very well thought out and well-made. I really like that it requires no additional straps...just the ratcheting hook is all that's necessary to hold the bike very secure. I put two bikes on it as the pics show. Another truck has a dual rear exhaust but I had no issues with exhaust heat on the tires. This is a great product! 25734

- S64650

by: J Lance06/30/2012

I really like this bike rack. Easy to assemble. East to mount on my 2004 Chevy Tracker. I also found it easy to mount my two bikes. I was concerned about clearance from the spare tire, but as you can see there is plenty of clearance. In fact the bikes don't touch anything else. I also purchased the velcro straps to secure the bike wheels to the wheel mount. 46343


Yes Lance. Does this picture show a ladies bike? Were you able to mount a ladies bike step in model without an adaptor?

comment by: Robyn - 07/08/2014


- S64650

by: Dale08/16/2013

I put this on the back of a 2003 Wrangler today and fit was such that I could transport a bicycle in either position. This was even with a tire on the back of the Wrangler. E-trailer had the bike rack in my hands in less than three days...Fantastic service. 95480

- S64650

by: Allison05/25/2013

This is a very high quality bike rack but I'm marking this a 2/5 because I'm very disappointed for one major reason: the threaded hitch pin/anti-rattle bolt does NOT prevent rattle. The bolt itself easily slides right through the hole and does not require tightening, and therefore the entire rack rattles. I'm desperately trying to find a solution and I'm very dissatisfied. I'm driving a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium and I'm using the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch ( 81983


If your bolt slid through the hitch hole without having to thread it in, either:A. This is a manufacturer defect and you should get a replacement.or B. You didnt get the rack far enough into the hitch and the bolt isnt in the rack. Youre likely to lose your entire rack and bikes if youre using it that way.

comment by: Bill F - 06/15/2014


Thanks for the information Bill. I have checked and we did speak with Allison shortly after her review, and got her all straightened out. She was using the wrong hitch pin hole. One of the holes is threaded and the other is not. The non-threaded hole is used for the 1-1/4 to 2 inch spacer for 2 inch hitches, and is pictured above with an recessed hex head bolt installed. Since this hole is not threaded the included hitch pin did not secure the bike properly, and was the source of her problems.

Rachael H - 6/18/2014

- S64650

by: Jack L.10/02/2014

Once delivered (early September) a VERY easy assembly & same day left for Southern California. 1300+ miles one way (Houston to Los Angeles). Was easy to put together/assemble & kept my bike safe & stable the entire way! VERY pleased, A+++++++++++++ 154047

- S64650

by: kevin g03/27/2015

I returned my swagman hanging rack in exchange for this great, affordable platform model. It couldn't be easier to install and load bikes. I added additional reflector tape that I found at Home Depot. I also bought the recommended anti-rattle hitch lock. The Bolt sticks far out, however, and could be hack sawed off, if someone really wanted it. But it does the job nicely. Also, if someone really wanted, they can remove the entire rack minus the bar that feeds into the hitch by unscrewing 2 allen bolts and pulling a pin. I don't quite understand that part of this, otherwise excellent design. I'm actually not that paranoid or worried about it. Basically, if someone really needs this off your car, it's theirs. Pretty stoked I read all the reviews and settled on this solid rack. It stores pretty easily. Not overly cumbersome. 181183

- S64650

by: A. Davis08/28/2014

This product was purchased to transfer a BMX bike to school when dropping off a high school student. Works well. The upper arm easily rachets up/down to secure/release the bike. The latch release may be tricky for those with finger dexterity issues. The hex head screw holding the adapter used to mount on a 2" receiver, was extremely tight and bit dificult to remove. Additionally, (and initally) I was unable to install a hitch lock because it would not penetrate the bike rack. Didn't realize an insert could be removed from the interior of the rack that is inserted into the hitch receiver. At this point, my only concern is the theft prevention of the racheting arms or the mounts the tires sit in. Not sure who would want to steal them but they are very easy to remove. With that said the, the rack is well worth the price of $160. 149033

- S64650

by: Joel H06/08/2015

bike carrier weighs less than the old one ordered from trailer which is the principle reason for ordering it. bike is secure. Easy to adjust. Despite 3 things to improve, expect this carrier to work OK. 1. instructions can be clearer--pictures too small but can eventually assemble it correctly 2. a design flaw: the longer hook goes below the shorter one on the vertical bar but if they get too close the shorter hook wedged into the longer one and you need to force it out. so need to be careful re getting them too close. should be very easy to redesign and fix 3. Altho better than some others the hitch is a bit too close to the back bumper -- lengthening the connection to the hitch by 2 or so inches would make a big difference and likely make it a bigger seller since it is otherwise a nice carrier. 201785

- S64650

by: Dan E.08/08/2014

Easy to use. Exactly as I thought it would work. The only thing that I would say is that I find the instructions on how to put it together out of the box a little lacking. So it takes a little guess work, but not difficult to do. Very solid and stable product. Easy to use. Great price. 145350


Still excellent!!

Dan E - 08/08/2015


- S64650

by: Mike P07/08/2014

As a first-time hitch bike rack owner I am pleased with how easy ordering was online and the fast delivery from e-trailer. The Swagman XC-2 installation diagrams are too small but putting the rack together without them isn't that difficult. Allow for a larger parking spot as the rack sticks out when not in use. This, I feel, is a tradeoff for not having to deal with straps or tying down your bike. After the initial adjustment, transporting an older and heavier mountain bike is as easy as lifting it into the tire cradles and clamping it down. The clamping mechanism seems superb and the cradle knobs satisfactory. Over tightening the cradle knobs is not needed but I'm sure that I could mess them up if I put undue elbow grease into them. Overall, a very positive experience through e-trailer. 139980

- S64650

by: Stef w07/16/2014

Received the Swagman XC and immediately installed it. Instructions were easy to follow. Loaded up the bikes and drove 250 miles on the interstate. The bikes were nice and secure, so much so I almost forgot they were back there! Would highly recommend this system! 141689


Still loving this Swagman!

Stef w - 07/23/2015


- S64650

by: John B06/04/2010

Nice bike rack Would have given all excellent grades however, there were a couple of small issues for me. First, the instructions are very general and could have been better detailed with instructions as to where the locking washers are to be installed for example. Second, I have a 2010 Camaro and can only fit one bicycle on the rack. There is not enough clearance for the pedals between the rear bumper and inner hoops. Perhaps there may be an extension I can purchase for the receiver bar but that may be a safety issue. All things considered for the price and the functionality the XC-2 is a great bike rack. I have used other racks and the Swagman XC-2 is the best I have ever used. Loading and unloading a bike takes about 10 seconds and the bicycle stays very well secured. 3096

- S64650

by: R Sweezy02/20/2014

This seems to be a solid well built bike rack. Cant beat the price and service I have received from etrailer. Top notch service! 117054


Still solid bike rack. Easy on and off with the bikes. Does require some lube after some road grime gets in there. Five stars.

R S - 02/20/2015


- S64650

by: Copaseick04/24/2014

The carrier was easy to assemble once I used WD40 to screw in the set screws on the trailer arm. I had a not so easy time using the ratchet clamp for my grandson's 20 inch bike which does not have a straight crossbar. It will take a little experimentation to get the best position for the tire holders to then get the best lineup with lowest part of the curving crossbar on his bike. But adjusting the tire holders is easy. While driving the rig, I saw a wobble. I think the trailer arm was not perfectly tight-fitting in the hitch. Maybe I did not fully tighten the screw pin? It is hard for an old man to crawl under the car to tighten that screw. I think an Allen fitting (like the screw bolting the2-inch adapter) would be a big help 127147

- S64650

by: Dave S.08/04/2012

What a great company-what a great bike rack! I ordered my rack Saturday and it arrived Thursday. etrailer upgraded my already free shipping at no cost. Easy to assemble, easy to install, we got off of our butts and took the first of many family bike ride in the mountains. I can get my big cruiser bikes off and on in 1 minute and they are very secure while driving. No hassle, peace of mind, a high quality rack and built to last. I would recommend getting the anti-sway locking hitch pin, I am ordering one today. 50564

- S64650

by: Scott04/16/2013

I really like this rack. It is easy to use, folds up small, and keeps the bikes very steady. Plus, it is RV rated, which we will use often. I do have some recommendations. When assembling it the first time, the square brackets that hold the wheel ovals on the frame were tough to compress with the plastic hand-knobs. I opted to use pliers to try to torque the brackets down enough to keep the ovals from sliding on the frame. This caused a problem because one of the knobs broke. What I would suggest: 1. larger more sturdy hand knobs. 2. compress the square brackets before putting them over the frame tube. 3. Improve the plastic/metal connection between the plastic knob and metal nut. 76356

- S64650

by: Russell04/16/2013

Very satisfied with the product and delivery time!!! 76280


I have had the product a year now and have used it quite often. I have not had any issues with the bike rack. I would buy it again!!! Good product.

Russell - 04/17/2014


- S64650

by: Travis S.07/09/2015

This is my second attempt at a bike rack. This one hit the target for me. It's well designed and so easy to use. No wobble in the hitch, bike stays solid and so easy to load and unload bike. Easy to assemble and the instructions are easy to follow. However, Swagman could make the detail large for those of us with bad eyesight. I had to go to their site, download the instructions and expand the detail so I could see the instruction examples. If you have really good eyesight, the printed instructions that come in the box should work. Bottom line Great Bike Rack! I have a friend who has a rack he paid more than twice the price of my rack and he like my rack better. So do I. 210566

- S64650

by: Dave07/20/2013

Well constructed carrier, easy to use, and hitch tube has rise to avoid bottoming. Only problem is the rack is too close to the car for some bikes, you must have the crank closest to the car up to avoid hitting the bumper and also the trunk can hit wider handlebars when opening and closing. 90664


Dave how far from flush is your hitch connection? Mine is about 4 from being exposedflush with the bumper. Wondering if Ill have the same problem or if I should try to get an extension. Thanks!

comment by: Mike K - 05/13/2014


- S64650

by: M Stewart05/27/2014

Awesome, just awesome!! So glad we bought this bike rack, hold the bikes solidly in place, easy to load and unload. I would highly recommend this bike rack! 132625


Great still very happy!

Mark S - 05/27/2015


- S64650

by: Bill H.08/01/2014

Easy to assemble and works as advertised. Exactly what I was looking for. 143962


Everything is working fine. My only dislike is having to rachet the lock bolt in place.

Bill H - 08/05/2015


- S64650

by: Chris R08/26/2014

I installed this on my 3rd generation Mazda Miata MX5 and though I've only used it once (the big road trip is next week) it really worked great. Delivery was quick and it was easy to put together, but the real joy came once I got it on the car. Bikes go on easily and fit solidly in the rack, no movement or banging around at 75 mph on bit of rough highway. Leaves easy access to the trunk and the rack seems to be of strong construction even though it weighs comparatively less than other, more expensive, racks I looked at. This rack made my perfect little sports car perfecter, and now I will be transporting my bikes to the various weekend rides in style. 148698

- S64650

by: dave08/10/2014

i am very happy with my bike rack, it supports the bikes nicely and does not move around much while driving, exactly what i wanted 145578


i really do like it still :

dave - 08/17/2015


- S64650

by: Mike B01/02/2014

Easy setup - holds both bikes tight - also no movement in hitch - great product! 111748


Its a year later and we still love the bike rack - sturdy and tough!

Mike B - 12/24/2014


- S64650

by: Bradley01/09/2014

Very pleased with the construction, better than I expected at this price. I knew I wouldn't be getting the high-dollar-brand functionality, but I'm happy with the amount of quality here. Before ordering I was concerned with the side-mounted wheel cradle "loops": the pics make them look a bit flimsy. But, now that I have hefted them I'm not worried about loading my good bikes on them. They are solid. (I will, however, warn the kids to never stand on them.) Practical design makes loading bikes quick and efficient. I haven't road-tested it yet, but mine is fully assembled and mounted, and passes the grab-and-shake test. 112388

- S64650

by: Don H.04/08/2012

I very highly recommend this carrier. Good build quality, assembles fast, adjusts for each bikes tire size, bikes are securely held tight in place with the two padded ratchet hold down hooks. Bikes load very fast with this carrier. To further stabilize the bikes I'm using one strap #18050 for the top and two straps #Y8890156, one for each side. Note the video and picture under comments with these straps for suggestions on usage of them. Combined with these straps, the bikes are held quite securely on our 2002 Honda Civic. This is a fantastic carrier at a great price from a very reputable company, thank you etrailer! 36563

- S64650

by: Chuck W.10/17/2013

Recently bought two touring bikes and needed a way to carry them. Didn't want a "hanging" style rack and decided on this rack after reading the reviews. Seemed an excellent mid-range priced rack. While the drawings on the installation instructions are on the small side, they are nevertheless clearly understandable. An easy 30 minute job. Haven't driven down any rough roads yet and I don't expect any substantial "rattle" issues. This rack was for a Nissan Juke and the bikes are Treks. An 18 and a 16.5. The clamp on the womens 16.5 comes close to the sprocket, but I don't believe this will ever be an issue. 104167

- S64650

by: Octavian09/24/2013

Very very good bike rack! Stable, durable, pretty light, easy to use, folding, adjustable for different types of bicycles, different types of frames, wheels, tyres and different sizes. Keeps the bikes fixed and horizontally. Safe! We have been using it since June 2013 for two bikes with problematic frame shapes (one is a 29er) It's mounted on our SUV non-stop (usually folded and it doesn't bother at all), we did very long road trips with the bikes on (like Seattle-Yellowstone and back) and once, on a very rugged off road, I even hit pretty hard the ground with the rack and nothing happened :) it's very solid. 101339

- S64650

by: Cindy E.08/19/2012

I purchased this bike rack with the hitch for my Hyundai Sante Fe. I had originally tried the strap style bike rack and it did not work well with the small spoiler in the back of my SUV. The hitch and rack system is very secure, the bikes didn't move at all as we drove. The rack is much lighter than my neighbor's (which has the center bar style), so I can maneuver this easily myself. One great feature is that when the rack is empty, the center bar folds over and you can get into the back hatch of your SUV. Very easy to set up, use and remove. High quality and good value - I highly recommend this product! 52261

- S64650

by: ted H02/18/2015

...good product,and easy to install. Two Problems: comes with 2" adapter affixed and it requires a huge allen wrench and strength to remove - needed help from my neighbor (a mechanic); also, the 1/4 inch padlock hole won't take a padlock with a 1/4 inch shank and the next size down, a (three sixteenths) shank is too small to stop the latch mechanism, so it can't be locked unless you can find a padlock with a 6mm shank ( I couldn't) - using a 6 mm bolt and nut from the hardware store to properly secure it but it won't protect from theft. Despite these problems I still like it and would recommend it. 175209

- S64650

by: Robert & Patricia McLaughlin09/26/2014

Excellent!!!!!!!!! 153307


i still use the products and have no problems at all. very satisfied! 5 stars!

Robert - 09/28/2015


- S64650

by: Alice B06/27/2013

Two bike carrier arrived very quickly (within 5 days). I am a 66 year old, single, not very mechanical woman. The bike carrier was easy to put together. It only took me about 45 min. Probably could have done it quicker but see the not very mechanical reference. The only negative I could find, the instruction picture could be bigger. It took me awhile to figure out where the washers went (they don't show up very good in the small picture, finally got a magnifying glass). Tried it out and it is sturdy, easy to load, and easy to store. I would definately recommend it for anyone. 86446

- S64650

by: Manuel Llorens11/24/2013

This is a great rack. Fits perfectly in the hitch and loading the bike could not be quicker. The delivery was prompt and with follow up. These people deserve to have a good business. 108353

- S64650

by: Lori P04/07/2014

Sturdy bike rack, easy to put together except for one part. The Allen bolt set screws. I made a call to the manufacturer, they asked me to send a picture of my problem. The returned my call within 30 minutes and told me to tap the shaft on the ground a couple times. This slid the steel piece inside into position, so the holes lined up for the set screws. See the attached picture. 124242

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  • Comparing the Swagman XTC-2, 2 Bike Carrier and SportRack 2 Bike Racks
  • All three of these platform bike racks are very similar when compared to one another. There are some differences though that I will outline to give you a better idea of what each has to offer and what might work best on your 2007 Honda Civic. To start with, all carriers can carry two bikes, but they all have a different overall capacity in terms of weight. The Swagman XTC-2, # S64670, has a capacity of 35 pounds per bike, or 70 pounds total. The Swagman 2 Bike Carrier, # S64650, has...
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  • What are the Differences Between Swagman XTC-2 S64670 and Swagman XC-2 S64650
  • The Swagman XTC-2, part # S64670, offers a few things that have been improved over the Swagman XC-2, part # S64650. The most noticeable is the two-tone color scheme. Beyond the aesthetics, the XTC-2 offers re-designed and improved wheel cradles that are stronger and position the bikes higher up to provide more ground clearance. The wheels hoops on the XTC-2 also have stronger, more durable clamps for adjusting the wheel hoops. Finally, the wheel straps are a better, heavier design. They...
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  • Benefits of Swagman XTC-2 Bike Rack Part # S64670 Versus the XC Rack Part # S64650
  • If I had to choose between the two, I would choose the XTC-2, part # S64670. Not only do the rubber straps you refer to further secure the bikes to the rack, but the wheel hoops themselves are much stronger. The rack includes a threaded hitch pin, but I would also recommend the locking hitch pin, part # S64029. With the addition of two padlocks like part # 131D, your bikes would be secured to the rack.
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  • Recommendation of Bike Rack for Beach Cruisers with Fenders and 3 inch Wide Tires
  • The Thule T2 Quick-Load 2 Bike Hitch Mounted Folding Rack, item # TH916XTR, will accept 3 inch wide tires but, unless you have over 1 inch of clearance between the fender and the front tire on your cruiser with a fender, you will not be able to secure the bike safely. A better fit for both of your cruisers would be the 2 Bike Carrier for 1-1/4 inch and 2 inch Trailer Hitches - Wheel Mount, item # S64650, as long as the weight of each bike is not over 35 pounds. This rack will accept...
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  • Comparing the Swagman XC and XTC-2 Platform Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Racks on a 2004 Pontiac Vibe
  • There are several differences between the Swagman XC, # S64650, and the Swagman XTC, # S64670. First, the XC uses a different type of wheel loop than the XTC. While it is a solid and sturdy wheel loop, the ones used on the XTC are not only a different design, but a little more well constructed. Both racks use the same ratcheting hook assembly to secure the bikes at the frame. The ratcheting system is a secure and convenient method of securing the bikes. The XTC also includes a strap...
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  • Comparing Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, and Curt Trailer Hitches for a 2010 Mazda 3
  • You have done your research. As you have seen, all of the hitches for the 2010 Mazda 3 are Class I trailer hitches. The Draw-Tite and Hidden Hitch models do have the safety notch in them that prevent the insertion of a Class II accessory. This is so you will not accidentally overload the hitch. The Curt hitch does not have this feature. This notch and the capacity are what makes a Class I hitch a Class I. As you have said neither the Draw-Tite nor Hidden Hitch models require the use...
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  • Bike Rack Recommendations for the 2010 Honda Fit Sport
  • The options for carrying bikes on your 2010 Honda Fit are hitch mounted bike carriers and roof mounted bike carriers. There are no trunk mounted bike racks that are recommended for use on the 2010 Honda Fit or Fit Sport 5 door. The roof rack option consists of the Thule Traverse Roof-Rack Foot Pack, item # TH480, the Thule Load Bars - 50 inches Wide, item # THLB50, and the Thule Roof-Rack Fit Kit for Traverse Foot Packs, item # THKIT1465. You would then need a roof rack mounted bike...
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  • Comparison of Swagman XC and XTC Bike Racks
  • The main difference between the Swagman XC, part # S64650, and the Swagman XTC-2, part # S64670, is that the XTC-2 is capable of handling bikes with longer wheelbases, up to 66 inches, while the XC can handle bikes with a wheelbase up to 51-1/2 inches. The XC has a shank rise of 4 inches, where the XTC-2 has a shank rise of 3 inches, which helps a bit when unloading and loading bikes. The XC can accommodate wheels up to 3-1/2 inches wide, while the XTC-2 can accommodate wheels up...
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  • Will Men's and Women's Electra Townie Adult Bikes Fit on Swagman 2 Bike Rack S64650
  • I was unable to track down any frame measurements for the Electra Townie bikes, but from my research it looks like they are pretty solid cruiser style bikes. The # S64650 bike rack does accept a big range of bike styles, but I would recommend confirming a few specs on the two bikes, just to make sure the rack will work for your needs. First, I would find out what the wheelbase is for both bikes. The Swagman 2-bike rack will accept the bikes as long as they have a wheelbase of 51-1/2...
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  • Will Swagman XC-2 and XTC-2 Hitch-Mount Platform Bike Carriers fit a 2014 Subaru Forester
  • Both the Swagman XC-2 and XTC-2 hitch-mount platform-style 2-bike carriers, parts # S64650 and # S64670, will fit either 1-1/4-inch and 2-inch hitch receivers. Either one will work on your 2014 Subaru Forester. The main differences between the two carriers are the amount of clearance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the edge of the nearest wheel hoop, and the size of the bike wheelbase they can carry. The specific type of bikes you have and their dimensions may help determine...
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  • Will the Kuat Beta 2-Bike Rack allow Clearance for Bikes On a 2010 Prius With Curt Hitch
  • I have a few recommendations for you. My personal pick would be the Swagman XC2 Wheel Mount Bike Rack, item # S64650. This rack has a shank that rises about 2 inches for clearance and is very easy to load and unload. The ratcheting hooks are easy to use and they hold the bikes very securely. A friend of mine uses this rack on his Ford Focus and has no clearance problems, even when going over large speed bumps. We have a video review of this rack for you to check out, see link. For a...
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  • Comparing the Swagman XC and XTC Trailer Hitch Mount Platform Bike Racks
  • In my opinion, if given the choice between the Swagman XC, # S64650, and the XTC, # S64670, I would go with the XTC every time. The upgraded wheel loops and rubber straps better secure the bikes than the wheel loops alone on the XC. The XTC can also handle bikes with a wider wheelbase, up to 66 inches. The XC can only handle up to a 51-1/2 inch wheelbase. These features are very useful and the extra security of the straps on the wheel loops add peace of mind and functionality. I have...
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  • Trailer Hitch Mount Platform Bike Rack for a Step-Through Frame Bike and 2014 Subaru Forester
  • First, highway driving should actually be less stressful on the rack than surface road driving because there tends to be less curves, bumps, pot holes, and other similar things you would find on the streets. Any of the racks you are interested in should have no issues on the freeway. Stability: platform bike racks are going to move around. This is because of their design. You have long platforms extending out from the center of the hitch with weight on them. There is going to be some...
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  • Hitch and Bike Carrier Recommendations for a 2010 Toyota Highlander
  • The hitch we recommend for you is the Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch for the 2010 Toyota Highlander part # 87452. This hitch will work perfectly for your application and is one of our top sellers. The bike carrier we recommend for you is 4 Bike Rack for 2 inch Trailer Hitches, Wheel Mount - Swagman XTC4 part # S64665. If all you need to haul is two bikes the 2 Bike Carrier for 1-1/4 inch and 2 inch Trailer Hitches - Wheel Mount - Swagman XC part # S64650 is what we recommend. The reason...
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  • Will a Hitch Mount Hanging Bike Rack Damage the Cables on a Trek Hybrid Bicycle
  • Using a hanging rack like the Standard 4 Bike Rack, # S64400, could put pressure on the cable. And while in transit the bike will move at least a little which will apply some friction to the cable. So while it is highly unlikely it will damage the cable, it is possible, but i have not heard of any problems like this occurring. This rack does have channels in the cradles to help protect the cables on bikes. You may want to consider a platform rack that secures the bike at the wheels...
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  • Trailer Hitch and Bike Rack Recommendations for a 2010 Honda Insight
  • For your 2010 Honda Insight I would recommend the CURT Class I Trailer Hitch, item # 11051, and a two bike rack like the Swagman XC2 Wheel Mount Bike Rack, item # S64650, or the Tow Ready 2 Bike Folding Rack, item # 63120. The only hitch available for the Insight is a Class I hitch and the weight capacity of Class I hitches will not allow for carrying more than two bikes. Putting bikes on a rack farther out than where two bikes will fit can cause too much torque on the hitch or vehicle...
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  • Recommendation of a Hitch and 2 Bike Carrier for a 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser
  • Carrying two bikes with a 2005 PT Cruiser convertible can be accomplished with a trailer hitch like the Hidden Hitch Class I Trailer Hitch, item # 60818, and a 2 Bike rack like the Swagman XC2 Wheel Mount Bike Rack, item # S64650. Remember to stay within the vehicle, hitch and bike rack tongue weight capacity when carrying bikes on your vehicle. A trunk or hatch mounted bike rack is not available for the PT Cruiser Convertible. This type of bike rack would not have attachment points...
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  • How Do I Lock the Bikes to the Swagman XC Bike Rack and My 2008 Scion
  • Yes, you can lock the Swagman XC Cross Country 2-Bike Rack, item # S64650, to the hitch with a Locking Anti-Rattle, Threaded Hitch Pin for Swagman Hitch Racks, item # S64029, and then lock the bikes to the rack or to the safety chain loops with a cable lock, item # CAB-10.
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  • Can the Yakima Holdup # Y02433 Be used with Bikes that Have Fenders
  • For bikes with fenders I would recommend any one of the following bike racks. The Thule Doubletrack Platform-Style 2 Bike Carrier, item # TH990XT, will accept bikes up to 35 pounds each and is also a high quality rack that comes with locks to secure the bikes to the rack. Finally, the Swagman XC2 Wheel Mount Bike Rack, item # S64650. This rack has a weight capacity of 35 pounds per bike and is more economical than the above mentioned racks but is a very good rack and secures the bikes...
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  • Recommendation for Bike Rack that Does Not Interfere with Backup Camera on a 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • That is a tough one, I can usually come up with some sort of recommendation but this one has me stumped. Any spare tire bike rack, see link, is going to use the same mounting location as your backup camera is using and any hitch mounted bike rack is going to block the view of the camera. The only way I can see that bikes could be carried with your 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser would be to use a Front Mount Trailer Hitch, item # 31367, and a bike rack like the Swagman XC2 Wheel Mount Bike Rack,...
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  • Platform-Style Bike Rack Recommendation for an Alpenlite Fifth-Wheel Trailer
  • Due to the excessive stress put on a bike rack when mounted on the back of a trailer, only select racks are rated to be used on a trailer or motorhome. The # TH916XTR Thule T2 platform-style rack you referenced would not be compatible with use on your Alpenlite fifth-wheel trailer. We offer the # S64650 Swagman XC2 platform-style rack that is rated for use on the back of your trailer, and which has a similar bike-carrying style to the T2. I am including a link to all the bike racks...
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  • What Does the Curt Hitch # 11771 Look Like When Installed on a BMW Sport Wagon
  • There is minimal trimming required to install the Curt Trailer Hitch, item # 11771, on the 2009 BMW 3 Series Sport Wagon. I have linked instructions that show the trimming that is required. Once installed the hitch receiver tube and safety chain loops will be the only visible part of the hitch from the rear of the vehicle. We have not had the opportunity to install this hitch at our facility yet, so I called Curt Manufacturing and they were kind enough to send a photo of the hitch...
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  • Can a 2010 Mazda 5 Carry 4 Bikes with a Trailer Hitch Mounted 4 Bike Rack
  • You are correct, the hitches available for 2010 Mazda 5 are all Class I hitches and will not support 4 bikes and a 4 bike bike rack on the rear of the vehicle. The weight of the bikes and bike rack, and the distance out from the back of the vehicle would cause too much torque on the vehicle frame and/or hitch, resulting in damage. There are options for carrying 4 bikes with your 2010 Mazda 5 though. You could install the Curt Trailer Hitch, item # 11338, and use a 2 bike rack like the...
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  • Hitch and Bike Rack Recommendation for a 2014 Infiniti Q50
  • Right now the only hitch that is confirmed to fit the 2014 Infiniti Q50 is the Curt Hitch part # C11407 that I recommended for Cindy so I would recommend this hitch for you as well. The Swagman XTC-2 # # S64670, offers a few things that have been improved over the Swagman XC-2, part # S64650. Beyond the aesthetics, the XTC-2 offers re-designed and improved wheel cradles that are stronger and position the bikes higher up to provide more ground clearance. The wheels hoops on the XTC-2...
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  • 2008 Infiniti G35 Sedan Trailer Hitch Differences and Bike Rack Recommendation
  • All three of the hitches available for your 2008 Infinity G35 Sedan are Class I hitches. I would recommend the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch, item # 24831 since you will never be towing with this vehicle, and consequently will not need the drawbar, pin and clip included with the Hidden Hitch, # 60221, that you mentioned. The hitches all install in the same location at the center of the rear bumper on the vehicle, none are more hidden than the others, and all require trimming a small area of...
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  • Trailer Hitch and Bike Rack Recommendation for a 2010 Mazda 3
  • The CURT Class I Receiver Hitch, # 11393, for the 2010 Mazda 3 will fit on either model, with or without LED tail lights. The note you are seeing about LED lights pertains to the wiring for the Mazda 3 because a different trailer wiring harness is recommended for these vehicles. All of the hitches for the 2010 Mazda 3 will work on vehicle with either lighting option. If you want to install trailer lighting, you can tell if you have LED lights by looking at the rear taillight lens. If...
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  • Recommended 2 or 4 Bike Platform Type Rack for 2011 Chevy Equinox
  • For a two bike platform rack that is compatible with your Curt Class III Receiver, I can highly recommend the Swagman XTC-2, part # S64670. The XTC is an upgrade of the XC model you referenced, it has stronger wheel hoops with straps to secure your bike wheels. The XTC2 can also handle bikes with wheel bases up to 66 inches, while the XC is limited to 51-1/2 inches. Either rack would include an anti-rattle hitch bolt, but I recommend using a locking hitch bolt and cable lock combo, part...
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  • Trailer Hitch and 2 Bike Rack Recommendation for a 2010 Chevy Malibu
  • There are many different types of bike racks. Some attach to a hitch, others mount on the vehicles trunk. Some tilt, some swing out to the side. The good thing about most racks is that you can install them yourself, though a dealer that sells bike racks can install one for you. If you do not have a trailer hitch, but want a hitch-mounted bike rack, the first step is to find the right hitch for your vehicle. For your 2010 Chevy Malibu we have several hitches available. All are Class...
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  • Would the Swagman XC Bike Rack Scrape the Ground through Dips When Installed on a 2010 Toyota Prius
  • As long as the dips you go through with your 2010 Toyota Prius are not too deep you should not have a problem with ground clearance with the Swagman XC Rack # S64650. I attached a picture of this rack installed on a similar Prius as yours that a customer submitted to us and it appears to have a decent amount of ground clearance. I attached a link to a review video for this product for you to check out also. Lastly, you will want to consult your owners manual to determine if there...
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  • Swagman 2 Bike Carrier # S64650 Recommendation for a 2008 Honda Fit
  • In order to determine if this Swagman 2 Bike Carrier, part # S64650, will work on your 2008 Honda Fit that has a 1-1/4 inch hitch you will need to make one, easy measurement. You will need to measure the distance from the center of your hitch pin hole out to the furthest point on your bumper. If this measurement is less than 10-1/2 inches this rack will work for you. The reason is because the distance from the center of the hitch pin on this rack to the edge of the first wheel hoop is...
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