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Edge Juice with Attitude CTS - Color Touch Screen - for Dodge 5.9L Cummins


Shipping Weight: 5 pounds



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Edge Performance Chip for the Dodge Ram Pickup, 2001

Edge Performance Chip

Code:   EP31101



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Shipping Weight: 5 pounds


Edge Juice with Attitude CTS - Color Touch Screen - for Dodge 5.9L Cummins - Dodge Ram Pickup, 2001

Adjustable power levels increase horsepower and torque to dramatically boost your engine's power. Full-color, high-resolution touch screen displays up to 8 parameters at a time. Mileage Coach program helps you maximize fuel economy.


  • Provides 5 adjustable power levels
    • Maximizes energy efficiency for gains of up to 120 horsepower (hp) and 350 foot-pounds (ft-lb) of torque
      • More powerful 6th level is available with purchase of Hot Unlock Code
  • Sports a full-color, high-resolution, 4-1/3" touch screen
    • Displays information about Dodge Ram Pickup's performance
    • Dims or brightens automatically, based on ambient light
  • Shows up to 8 parameters at a time
    • Engine and transmission temperatures, speed, RPM, 1/4-mile and 0 - 60 times, EGT, boost, engine load, diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration status and more
  • Includes advanced safety features
    • Automatic defueling prevents excessive EGT and transmission slippage
    • User-selected audible alerts advise you of temperature readings, boost and DPF regeneration
  • Offers cold engine protection - keeps additional fuel from being added until engine is warm
  • Prolongs turbo life with Turbo Timer
    • Vehicle keeps running after shutoff until either predetermined time or EGT is reached
  • Boosts fuel economy and improves overall driveability by maximizing efficiency of engine
    • Mileage Coach program helps you track and improve driving habits to achieve better fuel economy
  • Can be updated easily
    • MyStyle software is provided as a free download - lets you customize your screen backgrounds
    • Hot Unlock Codes are available - additional fee and waiver required
  • Comes with universal suction-cup mount
  • Works with various Edge accessories (sold separately), such as the backup camera, expandable EGT probe and custom dash pods, for that from-the-factory look
  • Made in USA

Get more power than you thought possible with the new Edge Juice with Attitude. This module dramatically increases your engine output to give you more horsepower and torque with the push of a button. Change between six power levels.

  • Level 1: additional 40 hp and 150 ft-lb torque
  • Level 2: additional 60 hp and 200 ft-lb torque
  • Level 3: additional 80 hp and 250 ft-lb torque
  • Level 4: additional 100 hp and 300 ft-lb torque
  • Level 5: additional 120 hp and 350 ft-lb torque
  • Level 6 (with Hot Unlock Code): additional 120 hp and 350 ft-lb torque

Each level offers different benefits. Levels 1 and 2 are designed for towing applications, making it simpler to maintain your speed so that you can take those hills with ease. With Level 3, you can take advantage of the most power your Dodge Ram Pickup has to offer. When used responsibly, this level should not damage stock engines or transmissions. All additional levels are considered racing levels and are designed for use with upgraded drivetrains only. These levels may cause stress and damage to a stock Dodge Ram Pickup.

Though the amount of horsepower and torque may be the same for level 6 as for level 5, by using level 6 you will get a more aggressive throttle response and longer-lasting power. To obtain level 6 you must purchase a Hot Unlock Code from Edge. Because the additional power is designed for high-performance Dodge Ram Pickups only, it is strongly recommended that you use the necessary aftermarket equipment to ensure that your Dodge Ram Pickup does not become damaged.

Aside from gains in power, the Juice with Attitude CTS also provides a variety of safety features. Automatic defueling prevents transmission slippage. And if slippage does occur, the power level is automatically decreased to prevent any damage to your transmission. User-determined alerts can be programmed to sound when certain parameters are met as well. Between that and the eight parameters you choose to view on your screen, you'll always be fully informed of your Dodge Ram Pickup's performance and status.

The full-color touch screen display keeps you in the know about your newly tuned engine, ensuring that its enhanced power doesn't damage your system. With this unique feature, you can monitor vital engine data. And the free, downloadable software kit lets you customize your screen's background - use stock images or upload your own picture for a unique look.

Maximize Fuel Economy

Edge's Mileage Coach program is designed to help you achieve better fuel economy. When you're not racing, towing or taking advantage of your engine's newfound power, switch on the Coach to view information from various parameters that will give you an indication of how your driving habits affect your fuel economy and overall engine performance.

Monitor real-time gas usage, displayed in either gallons per hour or liters per 100 kilometers. Enter the current price of gas to determine the cost of your trip or your overall fuel costs.

Analogue gauge shows how your driving habits effect fuel economy

The Mileage Coach gauge indicates your overall engine performance and fuel economy. This analog gauge has three different colors to show where your driving and fuel economy are at a glance. If you are in the red, your current driving performance is poor. The green section in the middle of the gauge denotes good driving habits. The top portion will be a color of your choosing, and it indicates that you have reached optimal performance.

In addition to monitoring your driving performance, the Mileage Coach also offers tips to make you a more conscientious driver, thus enhancing your fuel economy by improving your driving skills.

31101 Edge Juice with Attitude Module and Color Touchscreen for Dodge 5.9L Cummins


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