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Bully Dog Performance Chip for the Chrysler Pacifica, 2004

Bully Dog Performance Chip

Code:   BY40400



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Bully Dog WatchDog Monitor - Color Screen - White - Chrysler Pacifica, 2004

Keep a close watch on your Chrysler Pacifica's vital engine data with this easy-to-read display. Run diagnostics, set safety warnings, measure performance and view up to 4 parameters at once. Driving Coach program helps you to maximize fuel economy.


  • Provides a general-purpose gauge unit for towing and everyday use
    • 2.4", Full-color LCD screen with adjustable backlight is flanked by touch-sensitive buttons
    • US standard or metric measurements can be chosen
  • Displays up to 4 of more than 15 available parameters
    • Keep an eye on the function and performance of your engine
  • Maximizes fuel economy with the help of Driving Coach program
    • Understand how your driving style and/or various add-ons affect your Chrysler Pacifica's performance and efficiency
  • Supports aftermarket pyrometer kit (sold separately) to monitor EGT in diesel applications
  • Alerts you to changes and problems in engine function and performance
    • Set audible and visual alerts for engine protection
      • Monitor engine coolant temperature, transmission temperature, boost and EGT
    • Run diagnostic checks and clear trouble codes
  • Records, displays and saves 1/4-mile performance testing times
    • Download free programs to compare runs and to further analyze data
  • Installs quickly and easily
    • Connects to Chrysler Pacifica's computer via the OBD-II port for real-time monitoring of vital engine data
    • Guides you through initial setup process with Setup Wizard
  • Can be easily transferred between different cars or trucks
  • Complements your Chrysler Pacifica's interior with white finish
  • Includes universal suction-cup mount
    • Custom mounts (sold separately) available for certain applications for that from-the-factory look
  • 1-Year warranty

The WatchDog can request a variety of data from your engine's computer. Only those parameters that the computer replies to, though, can be displayed. So the type of information will vary depending on the make, model and year of your application.

WatchDog Driving Coach Display

Bully Dog WatchDog Driving Coach Program
  1. This area displays the Driving Coach on your screen. Monitoring this information will give you a good indication of how your driving habits affect your fuel economy and overall engine performance.
  2. In the top portion of the Driving Coach display is the Wasted Energy graph. This shows your deceleration and acceleration in relation to a base centerline. The centerline represents zero wasted energy. If you accelerate or decelerate too quickly, a color bar will extend out from the centerline, showing the energy expended.
  3. Below the Wasted Energy bar is the Driving Efficiency graph. This bar indicates how consistently you are driving. If you bounce back and forth between accelerating and decelerating too often or if you hit the gas and/or brake with a heavy foot, your driving efficiency will be "low."
  4. In the center of the Driving Coach display, you will see three measurements. This is the Average Mileage line. The first measurement is Average MPG. This number is calculated based on all driving activity from setup on, and it represents your overall, average fuel economy.
  5. Gallons shows the estimated total number of gallons of fuel used.
  6. A Grade is given for your overall driving performance, and it is based on the information provided by all Driving Coach indicators. It ranges from "A" for optimal performance to "Epic Fail," indicating the need for a tune-up, as well as a change in driving habits.
  7. The bottom row on the Driving Coach display is the Instant Economy and Trip line, which shows three measurements. The first is Instant MPG. This represents your fuel economy at a specific moment in time and can be used as an instant indicator of driving performance.
  8. Trip MPG refers to the average fuel economy for a certain trip. This cumulative average resets every time that the WatchDog is turned off.
  9. Trip Grade is the grade that you are given to mark your performance for a single trip. This, too, resets each time the monitor is turned off.

When you are parked or idling for a certain period of time, driving tips will pop up on your screen. These are chosen based on your individual driving efficiency and are designed to help you improve fuel economy.

Monitoring Your Engine

Choose from more than fifteen parameters to monitor. Note: Not all of the following are available for all applications.

  • Engine load - no load = 0 percent; maximum load capacity = 100 percent
  • Coolant temperature
  • Fuel rail pressure (for diesel engines only)
  • Turbo boost pressure (pressure generated by the turbocharger) - monitored for safety
  • Engine RPM
  • Speed (mph or kph)
  • Ignition timing (gas engines) or injection timing (diesel engines)
  • Intake temperature - at point where OEM sensor is installed within air intake stream
  • Mass airflow (grams/second) - amount of air entering air intake stream
  • Throttle position - idle position = 0 percent; full throttle = 100 percent
  • Fuel level
  • Battery voltage
  • Barometric pressure
  • Real-time fuel economy
  • Average fuel economy
  • Trip fuel economy

You can monitor up to four parameters at a time, with each displayed along the left side of your screen. To view detailed information about any one of those factors, touch the button next to it, and the large gauge area on the right will display the information for that parameter. You can further customize the gauge to display in one of the following styles: analog, analog with mini-graph, or full graph.

40400 BullyDog Watch Dog Multi-Function Performance Gauge - White


Ask the Experts about this Bully Dog Performance Chip
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  • What Horsepower Gains Will Result from Using Bully Dog Watch Dog Monitor # BY40400
  • The Bully Dog Watch Dog Monitor, part # BY40400, is a display-only device. This product does not alter an engine tune but rather provides a monitoring function for up to 4 of 15 available engine parameters. These parameters will vary based on the year/make/model of vehicle. It connects to the vehicle computer via the OBD-II port. Currently we offer no performance tuners for your 1996 Toyota 4Runner, only the display devices shown on the link provided. For example, Edge Products offers...
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  • The Bully Dog WatchDog Monitor, # BY40400, is a monitor and can only display data. These monitors are not able to adjust or tune your engine. This monitor will allow you to keep a close watch on your vital engine data with the easy-to-read display. It also has a Driving Coach that will give you a good indication of how your driving habits affect your fuel economy and overall engine performance and will allow you to fine tune your personal habits for the best fuel economy. Basically this...
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  • Will Bully Dog WatchDog Monitor # BY40400 Improve Mileage and Will it Void Vehicle Warranty
  • The Bully Dog Watch Dog Monitor, part # BY40400, is a display-only device. This product does not alter your engine tune or performance in any way. Rather it provides a monitoring function for up to 4 of 15 available engine parameters. These parameters will vary based on the year/make/model of vehicle. The Watch Dog connects to the vehicle computer via the OBD-II port. These monitor products do offer a driving coach function which analyzes your driving habits to help you improve your...
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  • Available Power Settings for Bully Dog Triple Dog GT # BY40410FL on 2005 Ford F-150
  • The Bully Dog WatchDog you mentioned, part # BY40400 is a monitor only, not a programmer. It will allow you to observe up to 15 different parameters of engine performance 4 at a time but will not allow you to change any tuning parameters or settings on the vehicle. The Bully Dog Triple Dog, part # BY40410FL is a Programmer/Monitor will allow you to observe parameters, but will allow you to make changes to the vehicle computer that can lead to performance increases of up to 35 horsepower...
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  • Availability of Performance Chip for 1988 Ford Ranger XLT
  • Although we offer performance monitors for the 1998 Ranger that can monitor different performance parameters at a given time, an actual performance chip that would alter the engine computer to influence performance is not available. The Bully Dog # BY40402 (black monitor) or # BY40400 (white monitor) can display up to 4 of 15 available parameters at a time, and can monitor parameters like engine load, coolant temperature, RPM, throttle position and average fuel economy among others....
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  • Does the Bully Dog Watch Dog Monitor Show Transmission Fluid Temperature on a 2002 Ford F-150
  • I spoke with my contact at Bully Dog and for the 2002 Ford F-150 the Watch Dog monitor, # BY40400, can not display transmission fluid temperature. What you can do though is go old school with an analogue temperature gauge, # D13009. Mount this gauge on the dash to monitor the temperature of transmission fluid or engine oil if you wanted. This gauge will also light up with the running lights when installed to a running light or dash light circuit. I have included a link to the installation...
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  • Does the Bully WatchDog or Edge Insight Allow Tuning on a 2014 Chevy Camaro
  • The programmers for the 2014 Chevy Camaro are actually just comprehensive gauge displays and will not allow you to actually change the tuning of the motor or transmission. For a custom tune I recommend visiting a local performance shop.
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  • Availability of a Performance Tuner for a 2014 Ford Expedition
  • Edge and Bully Dog offer Gauge Displays like the touch screen # EP83830, the color screen # EP83730 or the WatchDog monitor in black as # BY40402 or white as # BY40400. A gauge display cannot change the factory tune of the engine, but they will allow you to observe several different performance parameters of the drivetrain in real-time. Edge provides the Mileage Coach and Bully Dog has the Watch Dog system, that can observe your driving habits and report back to you, telling you how your...
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Expert Answers about Bully Dog WatchDog Monitor - Color Screen - White - BY40400Do you have a question about this Performance Chip?

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