This adjustable, right-hand, UTV side mirror attaches to your roll cage for superior visibility. Fastest Shipping and Guaranteed Lowest Prices for CIPA UTV Adjustable Side Mirror - Black - Right Hand. Read our customer reviews of CIPA Mirrors. Call 800-298-8924 for expert service or order your Mirrors part number CMM38 by CIPA online at
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CIPA UTV Adjustable Side Mirror - Black - Right Hand

CIPA Mirrors

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CIPA Mirrors - CMM38

This adjustable, right-hand, UTV side mirror attaches to your roll cage for superior visibility.


  • Attaches easily to your roll cage with included hardware
  • Adjusts to provide you with excellent side vision
    • Flat mirror provides a true representation of the size and distance of reflected objects - objects are actually as close as they appear to be
  • Black housing


  • Fits roll cage diameters 1-3/4"
  • Includes 1 right-hand (passenger's-side) mirror, bracket and hardware
  • 1-Year limited warranty

01138 CIPA Adjustable UTV Side Mirror - Black - Right Hand

Video of CIPA UTV Adjustable Side Mirror - Black - Right Hand

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Video Transcript for CIPA UTV Adjustable Side Mirror Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the CIPA UTV Roll Cage Mounted Side View Mirrors. For the left side, the part number is CMM37. For the right side, part number is CMM38. We've already got the passenger or the right side, that's been installed on the UTV. I wanted to go over what you're going to get. Of course we're going to have our mirror with the fully adjustable base and fully adjustable angle. We're going to have the bracket or the strap that goes around the roll bar.

This is going to accept anywhere from an inch and three quarter all the way up to a two inch roll bar. You don't have to worry about it not working. We're going to have the rubber gasket or rubber gripper that's going to go inside of that. That way once we have our mirror mounted on the UTV we don't have to worry about this losing its position. We've got a mount. The mount's designed to have a lock washer on it, go through our clamp, another lock washer and a nut.

The inside of our mount's threaded and we'll be putting our mirror into that before we start our install here. Just as easy as threading this right onto our mirror. We want to snug this down. That way we won't have any movement or vibration coming from our connection point. We have that nice and snug. We can set that aside for just a second.

Now let's get our clamp around the bar of our roll cage. Now as you can see, we do have a windshield that's mounted here on the front of the UTV. It's flexible, so it's going to give us enough room to get around our bar. One thing we will want to avoid though, you see these wires that we've got here for our light bar We don't want to get our clamp around those. We want to tuck our clamp in behind that, okay Just kind of spread our clamp out a little bit here to kind of help us get it into position.

Bring it back and around just like that. See how our wires, they're still out here, so we're not pinching those. We don't have to worry about any damage there. It really slides in perfectly right behind that windshield. We've lost no functionality of our UTV at all. Now let's get it into the position we want it. Then we'll kind of squeeze our clamp together here a little bit. That's going to help us when we want to put our mount through, which will be our next step. Mirror mounts- oh before I tell you the wrong thing, lock washer goes on. Then we'll bring this into our clamp. I found that sometimes with these clamps, having a pair of pliers to kind of pinch that together can help you get everything lined up. That rubber will kind of pull that one around. All right that should be good. Pull through both portions of our clamp. Place our wing nut on and then we'll get our nut started on there. All right with that started, we'll grab our wrenches and we're going to start putting a little bit of torque on it. They've got that powder coat finish on there so as you initially tighten it down it might be a little bit tight, but then it loosens up as you get in a little bit. Now we just want to get that started, we don't want to tighten it up fully yet because we still need to adjust the positioning and figure out exactly where we want this to be mounted to give us the best view. We can kind of adjust that around. Grab a seat in the UTV, figure out where it's going to work for us. All right I got to adjust it there. Make sure that you've got a range of adjustment. Not everybody's going to be the same height getting in there. They're going to want to adjust this to conform to them. I guess unless you don't let anybody use your ATV, but what's the fun in that That's going to allow them to adjust it for them as well. Be good for you because they won't hit any trees with your side by side. Now it's just a matter of getting that clamp tightened on down. It's a very simple process, very easy installation. We know we've got it approximately where we want it. Now that everything's nice and firmed up let's just dial that back in. All right perfect. Should keep me from hitting any trees or any cars. Also going to be handy if we're hauling a trailer with wood or something like that and we need to get it back to the house. Now that we've seen how the CIPA UTV Roll Cage Mounted Side View Mirrors are going to work, we'll take it out and let you see what they look like in action. .

Customer Reviews

CIPA UTV Adjustable Side Mirror - Black - Right Hand - CMM38

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (11 Customer Reviews)

This adjustable, right-hand, UTV side mirror attaches to your roll cage for superior visibility.

- CMM38

by: Rusty K06/08/2013

Decent for the price. They're perfect for my application (Kawasaki Mule, running on wide trails and for groundskeeping), but I don't know if they'd be sturdy enough for ATV in brush. They were shipped with's usual fine attention to customer service 83826


The Mule gets only occasional use, but the mirrors have held up well.

Rusty K - 12/07/2014


- CMM38

by: Mac M.12/24/2010


- CMM38

by: Rick Wirth07/24/2015

Without the utv mount, all I had to do is drill a hole on the loader arms and attach this mirror. Works great, exactly what I wanted. Although I have a compact tractor, the mirror is big enough to work on larger sized tractor as well. Great price, quality and delivery! 214029

- CMM38

by: RB12/23/2013

The machined male/female threaded connector between the clamp and mirror arm is low grade metal and the male threads will strip very easily. This makes it difficult to tighten enough to prevent excessive vibration if mounted on an ATV which will be used off road. 111029

- CMM38

by: Richard03/25/2013

Just what you described and what I ordered,,Nothing fancy about the mirrors but just what I wanted. Mounted them on the cab of my snow plow and they helped keep me safe from behind!! Thanks for the fast overland delivery. I would recommend you to anyone..... 72364

- CMM38

by: Sherrie H.06/02/2011

I ordered both the right and left side. These were installed on our Gator. I like that you see a true view of what is behind you. The service is great. I ordered on 5-30-11 and rec'd on 6-2-11. I will be ordering from this company again. 15982

- CMM38

by: BT05/28/2012

Mirror is overall a good product. Be careful tightening, the bolt will twist off. It is a fine balance between keeping the mirror tight enough to keep from moving and twisting it off. Once on, they work well. 41836

- CMM38

by: Jim Z.05/02/2015

The mirrors are excellent quality and are just what I needed. The only suggestion I can make is possibly a smaller clamp included with the large one, so the mirror can be attached to an ATV front rack. 189421

- CMM38

by: Vern T.04/10/2014

Product is as advertised, I am adapting mirrors to my small tractor, worked out well. Fast easy ordering and delivery as well. 124600

- CMM38

by: wally perry10/23/2012

same as the other one, love it...... 57990

- CMM38

by: Elwood Holmes04/16/2014

It is just what I wanted. 125376


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