One-piece security wheel lock and anti-theft device for trailers, cars and ATVs. Fits tires up to 12" wide. Fastest Shipping and Guaranteed Lowest Prices for The CLUB Tire Claw XL - Wheel Lock. Read our customer reviews of Winner International Locks. Call 800-298-8924 for expert service or order your Locks part number WI491 by Winner International online at
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The CLUB Tire Claw XL - Wheel Lock

Winner International Locks

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Winner International Locks - WI491

One-piece security wheel lock and anti-theft device for trailers, cars and ATVs. Fits tires up to 12" wide.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Vinyl-dipped arms protect wheel rim
  • Laser-encrypted key cannot be copied
  • Covered key lock guards against elements


  • Fits most wheels
  • Can fit tires up to 12" wide
  • 1 piece

Self-locking claw wraps around tire and locks in place to prevent rolling. Quick and easy to use - just unlock to open, spread the arms, wrap the device around the tire and close tight to lock.

The CLUB Tire Claw XL, Lock

Video of The CLUB Tire Claw XL - Wheel Lock

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Video Transcript for Winner International Club Tire Claw XL Review

Today we're going to be reviewing the Club Tire Claw Extra Large Wheel Lock. It's part number WI491. Now the great thing about the Tire Claw is that you can put this around your tires. It can fit up to a 12 inch tire. This is great for keeping your vehicle from getting stolen, possibly if you have to keep it in a place for a long period of time, or if you're possibly going to be parking it in a neighborhood that's not so great. Now this is going to be able to accommodate for up to a 12 inch wide tire, and now it's got all these different little rivets here. These are going to help secure this, so depending on the size of your tire, it fits right into there, and then you can lock it.

Now we'll over here at the lock, I do want to talk about the keys for a second. The great thing about these keys is they're not the traditional style of key. These are a laser encrypted type of key, so they cannot be copied. That's why there are 3 of them, so if you either lose one or misplace it or if you need to give one to a spouse or significant other, then you have the option of that. Now once these are gone, they're gone and you won't be able to open that, so definitely make sure that you at least keep one in the house or keep it in a safe place or give it to somebody you trust. Now back to the actual lock itself.

It's got a nice little cover on it. It's going to keep any dirt, dust, or debris out of there. This way you don't have anything obstructing the entrance of the key itself so that you can widen it out or put it back in as you need it. Now the claw itself is made of a durable steel. It's coated in this nice, red finish. This coating is there to help prevent any rust or corrosion or any dust, dirt, and debris that might damage it, so this way it will stay nice and together.

The ends of the claw are dipped in a vinyl coating. This is going to prevent any scratches on the wheel hubs or on the tires themselves. This way you don't have to worry about wearing the finish on your hubs or any of the treads on your tires. Now that we've gone over all of the features of the Club Tire Claw Extra Large, let's go ahead and put it on our vehicle. We're here at our car. Now we're just going to go ahead and bring that around here.

Slide that into the hubs, secure it in, lock it in place, take out our keys, and we're good to go. That is going to do it for the Club Tire Claw Extra Large Wheel Lock, part number WI491. .

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Customer Reviews

The CLUB Tire Claw XL - Wheel Lock - WI491

Average Customer Rating:  4.2 out of 5 stars   (15 Customer Reviews)

One-piece security wheel lock and anti-theft device for trailers, cars and ATVs. Fits tires up to 12" wide.

- WI491

by: David M07/19/2013

Product works good on trailer but not so well on motorcycle with large rear tire and a low tire wall. My bike tire is well (9inches) under the products max usage size but because of the tire wall low height this unit can be slid off tire and rim by simply pushing to the side and slipping it around rim and tire... Also I bought two and would have liked them both keyed a like but the charge for such a simple task was outrages. To sum it up I'm Ok with product... 90524

- WI491

by: Alan R01/22/2013

Easy to install. Fits on tire and gives me the peace of mind that no one is going to come onto my property and steal my trailer! Working with etrailer was a great experience! They keep you informed of your order, when it is received, when they review their stock, and when they ship! 63817

- WI491

by: Ernie A.02/20/2014

I love this lock its very easy to use.Just open it and close it around your wheel.It doesn,t matter how you put the key in, it will fit either way. 117056

- WI491

by: Steve12/01/2012

Shipped the same day and arrived 2 days later! Just put it on my ice house today, the true test will be if my ice house is there next weekend! 60416

- WI491

by: Happy Camper07/10/2015

Buying a tire claw lock from was a painless and easy transaction. My lock arrived on time and was very well packaged. 210780

- WI491

by: Vincent08/28/2013

Easily installed in second, good price. I love this product and it's a perfect fit for my cargo trailer. 97338

- WI491

by: Steven Warn07/18/2013

Product was as expected. I am very satisfied. Very impressed with the care that was taken in shipping. 90311

- WI491

by: Robert Uranga08/23/2013

fits just like i knew it would i feel more comfortable knowing that my trailer is secure. 96603

- WI491

by: billy08/03/2011

quick shipping, item as described. recommended. 20960

- WI491

by: Sam S.06/12/2013

Simple and Rugged. Nuff Said! 84212

- WI491

by: Shawn K.05/12/2012

Good product. 40203

- WI491-491LNP

by: Joyce C04/09/2011

Review from a similar Winner International Tire Claw XL in Locks

I have two complaints about this product. 1) The plate which covers up the lug nuts does not come ready to assemble. A 6 mm hole must be drilled into the the claw. Lame. If you are that handy with tools, save yourself some money by cutting and drilling your own flat plate--that is all it is. 2) This lock comes with three keys and it is not possible to get extras. I am notorious for losing keys so I called Club to get extras--they said they didn't have any--I'd have to get them from a lock smith. And the two locksmiths I talked to said I'd have to get them from the company. 11426

- WI491-491LNP

by: Richard Douglas10/31/2013

Review from a similar Winner International Tire Claw XL in Locks

Installing the lug nut plate was not nice, they sent the screw that attaches the plate to the club arm, and instructions simply say to drill a 6 mm hole in the arm, but doesn't say anything about tapping the hole for the screw to screw in. If i wasn't mechanically adept and already knew how to do these sort of things, I would be SOL. Otherwise, I like the device. Richard 105819

- WI491-491LNP

by: Mike M01/15/2013

Review from a similar Winner International Tire Claw XL in Locks

I bought the Club wheel lock for my trailer. The fork to the rear of the tire does not properly clear the brake disk assembly, therefore the Club unit mounts crooked. This makes it impossible to use the lug nut plate. I am resigned to using just the Club attachment. 63144

- WI491-491LNP

by: coyote04/03/2012

Review from a similar Winner International Tire Claw XL in Locks

the tire claw seem to work good, not to keen on the the the protector plate goes on. screws are not self treading. maybe the holes could be pre-drilled. 36076


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  • Trailer Tire Wheel Lock for 20.5x8x10 or 205/65-10 Trailer Tires
  • The metric equivalent to a 20.5x8x10 tire is going to be a 205/65-10. I went out to the warehouse and pulled a tire and wheel combo in this size and tested it with Fulton Trailer Keeper Wheel Lock # FTK1000100. The tire was about a 1/2 inch to 1 inch too wide so I do not recommend this wheel lock. But I do have a great recommendation for you. You can use the Wheel Club # WI491 made by the same people who brought you the original Club steering wheel lock. This wheel lock will fit tires...
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  • Will The CLUB Tire Claw XL fit a Trailer with Tire Size 225/75-15
  • A 225/75-15 tire is 225mm or 8.86 inches. The CLUB Tire Claw XL will accommodate wheels and tires up to 12 inches wide, so you should be fine as your tire is under 12 inches.
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  • Will the CLUB Tire Claw XL, # WI491 Fit on 275/35-19 Tires
  • The CLUB Tire Claw XL, # WI491, is designed to fit up to 12 inch wide wheels. A 275/35-19 is going to be about 10.835 inches wide. This size is within the range of the lock so it will work on your tires and wheels. I have included a link to a video review of the lock for you.
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  • Is Drilling Required on a 2001 Ford Taurus to Use The Club Tire Claw XL, # WI491-491LNP
  • You will not have to do any drilling on your 2001 Ford Taurus to use the Club Tire Claw XL, # WI491-491LNP. The drilling mentioned is to attach that triangle-shaped plate to the claw arm. Otherwise without the plate, you would basically have Tire Claw, # WI491. In either case they clamp around the tire. The one with the plate protects the lug nuts. I have linked a video of the regular Tire Claw so you can see how it works.
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  • Club Tire Claw for a John Deere Tractor Mower X300
  • The standard rear wheel/tire combination on your tractor is 20 by 10 by 8 which is roughly the size of many ATV tires, so the Tire Claw you have selected should work. You will need to make sure that there is room at the rear wheel to install the Tire Claw without interference from the tractor frame, axle or any other parts, and that the wheel/tire combination on your tractor is no more than 12 inches wide.
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