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Integrated OEM Tailgate Lock - 1999-2007 GM Full Size Pickups

Pilot Automotive Locks

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Pilot Automotive Locks - LH-003

Integrated OEM Tailgate Lock - GM

These tailgate locks have been designed to give your truck an OEM look while securing the tailgate to help prevent theft. These patented tailgate locks are the perfect companion for pickups with truck caps and tonneau covers.

  • For year 2007, this only fits "Classic" models
  • Note: Cannot be keyed alike to match vehicle keys

LH-003 Integrated OEM Tailgate Lock - 1999-2007 GM Full Size Pickups

Video of Integrated OEM Tailgate Lock - 1999-2007 GM Full Size Pickups

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Bully Integrated OEM Tailgate Lock Installation - 2001 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab, we're going to be installing the Pilot Integrated OEM tailgate lock for 99-2007 GM full size pick up trucks. Part Number LH-003, before we begin our installation, let's go over the parts that will come with the kit. You'll get a new bezel, it has the hole in it for where the lock will come through. You'll get 2 keys for the lock, here's the locking mechanism. For securing the locking mechanism you have 2 options, you can use the standard Phillip's head screw or the security style screw. Once you tighten it down, you can't back the screw back out. Now that we've gone over our parts, let's go ahead and show you how to install it.

We've gone ahead and opened up the tailgate, one way to get the bezel out from the factory a little easier is to remove this bottom screw first. We'll go ahead and take this one out, we're going to need to remove this one later anyway. Go ahead and take the screw on out, go ahead and close our tailgate back up. You're going to need to push down on the top of the bezel, because there's 2 tabs up here. There's one right here and right here, as well as a tab on the underside that actually pushes down into the tailgate itself. We're just using a trim panel removal tool, you can use a small flat head screwdriver too to push down on the tabs, just be gentle as they do break easy.

We'll go ahead and push down, now we have it loose, go ahead and slide the bezel out the rest of the way. Sometimes the tabs do snap off pretty easy, especially if it is cold. If you look underneath here, there's the hole of the screw that we removed from the backside of the tailgate. Now with the screw removed, we're going to need to insert the key into the locking mechanism. We'll need to work the mechanism up into position, so that it's lined up with the hole. This hole here will line up with the hole in the tailgate.

From the backside, we'll install the flat washer, and in this case we're just going to use the regular Phillip's head screw. We'll use the key to help us guide the lock into position. Then take our Phillip's head screwdriver, go ahead and make sure everything is lined up underneath, and we can tighten it down. Here's the security screw that comes with the kit as well. You'll notice that it has a ground down edge to where once you tighten it down, it's in place, you're not going to get it to come back out. Now on this particular install, we just put the Phillip's head in it, but this screw here could replace the Phillip's head if you wanted it to.

That's up to you, it's just an option that comes with the kit. We have everything lined up, we have it tightened down. Now with the key in the turned position it lowers this arm here. That's what's actually locking it or keeping it from moving. This is in the lock position, turn the key sideways it's in the unlock position. Then you're able to use the tailgate like the normal, it allows you to open the tailgate. When it's in the lock position it doesn't allow the arms to be pulled in, releasing the mechanism securing the tailgate. Now that we have the lock mechanism in place, all that's left to do is to install the new bezel that comes with the kit. Next we're going to need to install the new bezel. Go back in place like this, these 2 bottom pins here are going to line up with the 2 holes in the tailgate. The top 2 clips will actually slide up underneath, you want to make sure you get the bottom 2 pins lined up first before pushing it in place. Once the bottom pins are in and we know we're going to line up with our keyhole. Go ahead and push in on the top, snapping it in place and then put your key in. Lock or unlock, with our key in the unlock position we can open our tailgate. We can then close the tailgate and lock it by turning the key to the upright position like that. This tailgate lock will add a level of security especially if you have a tunnel cover or maybe a camper shell on your truck. It will help give you that added level of security that somebody can't just pull your tailgate open and get in at your items that may be stored in the bed. That will do it for the installation of the Integrated OEM Tailgate Lock. Part Number LH-003 as installed on our 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab. .

Customer Reviews

Integrated OEM Tailgate Lock - 1999-2007 GM Full Size Pickups - LH-003

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (173 Customer Reviews)

- LH-003

by: Nick H.11/03/2013

Purchased the LH-003 for my '04 Silverado, only regret is I should have bought it sooner. Product has OEM fit/function and installation was easier than "oatmeal", in fact, it literally took me seven minutes from start to finish and two minutes of that was unpacking the item. Similar to other locking devices this will not preclude a determined thief from getting to the contents behind the lock but it will "keep honest folks honest". The keys are heavy duty, I liken them to the OEM Chevy ignition key and not likely to bend/break under normal use. The locking mechanism is of solid form and function, just keep in mind it is a simple locking mechanism and only contacts one side of the tailgate latch when locked...not a big deal and it does preclude both latches from opening when the lock is engaged but the user will notice that the tailgate handle will have more "pull" on the left than on the right but this is a normal function of this type of locking device. Business with e-Trailer is absolutely the best, secure ordering, fast shipping (did I say fast?) and outstanding customer follow-up...cannot think of anything else e-Trailer could do to improve my experience. 106109

- LH-003

by: Dave N.05/10/2013

Recently bought a hard bed cover for my 06 Silverado and wanted to lock the tailgate. I purchased the Tailgate Lock through etrailer. The product arrived on time and complete. The instructions were easy and the installation was a breeze. The only thing I would change is the mounting bolt. It would be nice if it matched the existing bolts. However for the price and ease I highly recommend this product. 79725


Its been a year since I purchased and installed my tailgate lock. Its still installed and working as intended. I have no complaints! Great product!

Dave N - 05/10/2014


- LH-003

by: Robert01/03/2011

Tailgate lock installation The service I received was very good. The tail gate lock I bought installed very easily and only took about twenty minutes to complete. 4932

- LH-003

by: SPIFFY05/08/2013

The product is ok but i had a few issues with it, all cosmetic however. The first being that the hole left for the lock on the replacement bevel did not line up exactly so the top part is actually on top of the locking mechanism instead of being on the bevelled edge of the mechanism. Secondly, the tabs on the top of the bevel piece would barely latch onto the sheet metal of the tailgate. So little in fact that i needed to modify it a bit by taking a dremel to the tabs to open the space to get them to actually "pop" into place. Before I modified it all I had to do was apply pressure with one finger and the bevel would pop out abot a quarter inch on the top. The last issue is the sides of the bevel don't seem to conform to the tailgate. They stick out about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch on both sides instead of being flush. The lock works great, it is the bevel replacement piece that I had the problems with. 79394

- LH-003

by: David K07/13/2013

Everything from quick shipping to easy installation as shown on the video on the web site made this a great buy. I would recommend this product to anyone. 89407


The tailgate lock seized up after the first winter so I Had to remove it and put the original latch and bezelBack on. This lock was a waste of money. The keyTumbler inside corroided and the key would notMove it.

David K - 01/11/2015


- LH-003

by: Bob P.01/16/2012

I recently purchased one of these for my 04 Silverado. I watched the video on instalation and let me tell you, It really is that easy.But like the instructions say "if it's too cold warm the new one before installing. I wound up breaking the two upper tabs on the old one trying to remove it. It was very cold. Today I installed the lock in just 2 minutes.Earlier today it was only 16 degrees so I warmed up the new one by wrapping it in a towel and sticking it by a heat vent in the house for about half an hour. Went outside and popped it right on. A little tip for you. Put a piece of duct tape on the tailgate right at the edge of the old plastic. I then used a small plastic putty knife to slide under the cover and another to find the exact location of the tabs. A great product & I highly recommend it. The service from etrailer is unbeatable. Bob. 29803

- LH-003

by: Freddy K10/19/2011

Device is easy to install, but be careful when doing it. Try not to break original plastic handle cover(you might want to use it again). When installing DON'T TIGHTEN the screw holding the lock in place, especially if you use the security screw. If you do, the lock won't work and tailgate won't close...ask me how I know. Adjust screw with tailgate closed. Lastly, get some 3m double sided adhesive and place on new replacement plastic to keep it attached. My cover didn't snap in place and fell off on the first bump I hit. Thanks to great customer service, got manufacturer to send me a replacement. With better fit and instructions I would have rated this item higher as locking unit and replacement cover were well made...just a little tricky to install easily. 25819

- LH-003

by: John H.07/28/2012

got my tailgate lock fast 3 days. watched the video on how to install it and had it on in 20 minutes. works great i will order again for sure. 49680

- LH-003

by: Tom W.10/19/2013

Easy to install, most of the time was removing the tail gate cover to get to the screws I needed to remove. If you do not have a tail gate cover, maximum time to install is at the most 10-15 minutes tops. I highly recommend this lock to secure the tail gate. It looks like a factory item. Highly recommend installing one. 104431

- LH-003

by: Vic Y.08/27/2013

Super good product. 5 minute install. Looks GREAT!! 97240


Its been a year since I installed my tail gate lock. Still works like new and still looks great.

Vic Y - 08/27/2014


- LH-003

by: Shane in Utah03/31/2013

This is one of the best investments I've made and it works perfectly! The door on the LEER shell I just put on my truck (06 Silverado) locks but my tailgate didn't so it was a huge worry for me that someone would just open it and get in there, either at home, the store or out camping. Shipping was fast, the item and all the parts associated were a perfect fit and SUPER easy to install! This seems like a real nice, quality part that wont break, bend or just wear out anytime soon. Watch the video and it'll take you like 5 minutes to install this lock. Don't be skeptical like I was, if you need this, buy it and install it, you wont regret it! 73538

- LH-003

by: Carl G.11/21/2013

Very good, looks great. etrailer is a good place to do business. 108008


It has been outstanding. Works great.

Carl G - 11/21/2014


- LH-003

by: BOB05/13/2013




BOB - 05/13/2014


- LH-003

by: Phil F.10/19/2014

This lock was entirely UN-satisfactory! After several attempts to install in my 2004 GMC 2500 HD, I finally managed to get it on. The supplied screws were too short, and only grabbed one or two threads on the lock. I viewed the install video (twice), read the supplied instructions (twice), and, by the hardest, got the lock installed. After replacing the supplied bezel and shutting the tailgate with it UN-locked, I pulled on the handle to open the gate, and IT broke! I'm now out the price of the lock, plus the cost of a new gate latch plus labor. Wish I had never ordered it!!!!!! 156767

- LH-003

by: George M.10/11/2011

This is the completed installation of the Tail Gate lock on my 2007 GMC Sierra. Thanks for the good and prompt service. 25422

- LH-003

by: Jscott01/24/2013

I had also bought a new OEM handle to go along with this lock product. The instruction video made the installation seem extremely simple. However, the handle bars that open the tailgate and make the lock work had to be adjusted, and anyone can access the parts to bend them to gain access with the lock in position. I would appreciate a call to see what else can be done to assist with this issue. My phone # is on file. I had planned on purchasing more items from you, however I need them to be more dependable. 64013

- LH-003

by: Seneb05/17/2013

This was really easy to install, just as the video shows. The photo shows two bolts/screws with no description. One is a standard phillips and the other has a security head. I used the security head since I don't currently use a bed cover. The fit was great, just like stock, and the lock mechanism lined up nicely with the hole in the bezel. The only downside is the handle now looks totally faded with the new bezel so I'll have to break out the supplies and shine it back up! 80672

- LH-003

by: Randy M.04/25/2013

I bought the first one in 2011 for my 2007 Chevy Silverado and it's worked flawlessly ever since. Easy to install. Bought the second one just for the bezel because the latch handle on the Chevy sheared and unfortunately, the bezel will also break when being removed. At least the Chevy's always do. So bought the kit to get the bezel in case this one breaks also. Have bought other items from etrailer and have always been treated great. Will buy again! Thanks. 77787

- LH-003

by: James W.10/18/2013

Looks as good if not better than the OEM bezel . I installed it in about fifteen minutes with the lock . Price is less than the OEM and the OEM bezel does not include a lock for the tail gate . I am 73 years old and if I can install this anyone can . 104242

- LH-003

by: Bert Mann01/27/2014

The tailgate lock took 3 days to arrive, using the "free" freight. The instructions were concise and detailed, with pictures, which made installation easy . Because the bed of my truck is lined, it took more time just to remove the lining on the inside of the tailgate, just so I could get to the bolt holding in the old mechanism.Once installed, the unit looks origonal and works very well. I'm very satisfied with this tailgate lock. 114840

- LH-003

by: Jeremy R06/28/2011

Very easy to install. No problems with the supplied hardware. I only wish you could reuse the same bolt that you take out as it is larger and retains factory look and matches if you've got a sprayed in bedliner. The keys supplied are huge, bigger than the factory ignition key. They don't need to be that big. The plastic overmold barely fits on the keyring. The supplied bezel matches the factory look 100%. 18146

- LH-003

by: David Fitz04/30/2015

Installation went fine though the lock wouldn't turn because the tab on the right struck the tailgate lever. I had to file off a small amount of material to get it to fit. After that it worked fine. Unfortunately after 5 days the lock no longer works and I can't determine why. Locked or unlocked the tail gate opens easily. I plan on contacting etrailer to determine what can be done. 188870

- LH-003

by: Richard West01/01/2012

I searched the NET for tailgate locks, found several. ETRAILER's OEM integrated lock and their installation video stopped me in my tracks and made for an instant sale, instant purchase. This product installed easily and exactly as shown (1,2,3). Believe me, it looks and works as well as any factory or authorized service shop job, for a lot less loot. Thanks R W West 28957

- LH-003

by: Brian M.09/30/2011

Outstanding! Better communication from your company than I have seen in 10 years. Product was shipped the day after I bought the item. Item delivered to my house within one week. Product was exactly as described and took 2 min to install as was described on your site. Thank you very much, you have not only earned my business but those of my friends and family as well... 24897

- LH-003

by: ERossbach05/11/2011

I installed the lock as per the instructions. It worked great for a while then it started to jam and I thought i would not be able to open my tailgate. I took another look at the installation and it was installed correctly. It works sometimes and other times I have to play with it to make it work. I have sence stopped locking my tail gate. 13383

- LH-003

by: Abraham V04/15/2014

Product looks and works great. Installation was a breeze, but I did have to trim some excess flash that was in the cutout for the lock. I painted mine white at the dealership to match the body, and the fit and look is excellent. Customer service was excellent, and delivery was very quick. That is partially attributable to living in MO. 125321

- LH-003

by: Erich Benedix07/18/2012

Install is quite easy. If you have access to a machine shop, you can machine the original screw from the tailgate down to an M6-1.0 then use that for the install. This will leave everything looking factory and the three screws will match. If you want to preserve the old bezel, be very careful taking it off, the clips snap very easily. 48386

- LH-003

by: John L.10/29/2014

Good fit. Went on easy, had to hold the handle in the open position and start screw for the lock then lower the handle and tighten the screw. Otherwise the handle would not operate. '04 Silverado. Good idea to lubricate all moving parts while bezel is off, especially on older vehicles. Overall install time was 10-15 minutes! 158345

- LH-003

by: Chris S.03/28/2014

This is about as quick and simple a way there is to secure your tailgate. Took less than 10 minutes and works great. Now I don't have to worry about someone stealing stuff out of my truck bed. With my solid fold cover on and this lock my stuff is as secure in the bed as it is in the cab. Great product at a good price. 122729

- LH-003

by: Wayne J06/13/2013

Product installed very easily and worked great for almost 3 months. Then for no apparent reason, I could just open the tail gate regardless if it was locked or unlocked. Tried 'Reinstalling' it in case it came loose, but nothing helped. I am marking this as a learning experience and am going with the 'Pop Lock' brand. 84474

- LH-003

by: LH-00305/23/2015

Talk about max bang for the buck! For the '01 Silverado, this lock is the bomb. Super easy install. Solid functionality. Near perfect factory appearance. This is what Chevy could have done in '01. I am completely satisfied. The demo video sold me as the test subject was an '01 very much like mine. Great job. 195087

- LH-003

by: George B04/06/2015

The lock took about five minutes to install. I surprised myself. Everything fits so well. 183563

- LH-003

by: HH10/10/2014

Reasonably cheap given the cost just to replace the broken OEM (non-locking) plastic bezel. Lock mechanism took some significant mod via bench grinder to get it to both lock and allow the tailgate to be opened when unlocked. Following the extra installation work, it is good enough. 155515

- LH-003

by: Jeff D11/18/2011

Took about 10 min to install. Instructions were great and the lock looks great on my truck. I was told by the GMC dealer this type of thing doesn't exist. I could not be happier about my purchase and encourage anyone looking for a tailgate lock to give this one a shot. Jeff 27093

- LH-003

by: Jack Bell02/10/2011

Delivery took a couple of days longer than I expected as I upgraded to UPS ground but not a problem. It installed easily with out any problem and works better than expected. The cover fits just as well as the original GM cover. Very pleased for the value for the dollar. Jack 6962

- LH-003

by: John B.10/11/2012

I recently ordered a Bully Integrated tailgate Lock from etrailer. The process was seamless and they kept me informed at all times. The product was package safely and was delivered intact. I would not hesitate to use them again if the opportunity presents itself. 56988

- LH-003

by: Mark06/09/2015

Purchased for 2000 Silverado to protect tailgate and cargo with tonneau cover installed. Installs in 5 minutes and has an OEM look with the centered key hole in the new trim piece. When properly aligned it protects as advertised. Would recommend to anyone. 201871

- LH-003

by: Jesse L.09/23/2013

just what I needed for my pickup, extra security. 101143

- LH-003

by: Jeff S.08/20/2013

Very easy to install. I think it took all of 5 minutes. Keys are as large as the ignition key, so it is a full size lock. The team at etrailer also did a nice job of keeping me informed as to the status of the order and the tracking information. 96100

- LH-003

by: Mike S08/08/2012

Seems well made. I like the key. I wish the enclosed fastening screw was longer. I put a lock washer on mine instead of the flat washer provided. I'll keep an eye on it as I fear it could rattle loose. Easy to install and overall I'm pleased. 50961

- LH-003

by: Susan S05/07/2012

Bought this for my 2007 Chevy first. It was so easy to install and use, I bought one for our 2000 Chevy. Only negative is the screws they send are brass and the existing hardware, is black. Had to go find a black screw to replace the brass one. 39652

- LH-003

by: Sarah01/17/2014

What an awesome company!! Product was shipped out a few hours after I put in my order and was at my front door in 3 days!! Product was very high quality!! I would highly recommend this company and will definitely order again in the future!! 114039

- LH-003

by: Ray C.10/19/2012

The item was as described. It was very easy to install. It only took 10 minutes from start to finish. The instructions were easy to follow. Once in place it looked just like the OEM part. I am very satisfied and will buy from etrailer again. 57597

- LH-003

by: Michael K.04/08/2014

Looks as if it came from the factory already installed.And talk about the installation,I was done before I realized it.Fast and so simple.Great product guys.Well worth my investment.Thanks for the security i have now. 124302

- LH-003

by: harry s11/09/2012

i did a lot of research and decided on this product. i am glad i did . i recieved it in 4 days. it took me just about 10 min to install. i am very pleased and highly reomed this locking device to anyone. tks etrailer 59085

- LH-003

by: Tom12/05/2011

This product was very easy to install. The How-To video was especially helpful. This is a great way to secure your truck bed with a tonneau cover or camper shell. The lock is durable and everything fit perfectly. 27717

- LH-003

by: Roland M.06/27/2012

I was impressed with delivery; it took 2.5 business days from date of order. Very easy to install, it took longer to remove the old cover than to install the new equipment. It looks like original equipment. 45803

- LH-003

by: Tom F03/28/2012

I really think it's great. It was a little tricky getting the lock and the mounting screw aligned . It looks like factory equipment. I sure feel better about leaving junk in the back of my truck now. 35398

- LH-003

by: Terry07/06/2011

The video was very helpful. after reviewing it a couple of times, I installed my tailgate lock in about 5 minutes. Most difficult part was treading the new bolt in the locking mechanism. Works great! 18595

- LH-003

by: Louie H.12/24/2010

Tailgate lock Ordered a Bully tailgate lock. I'm very pleased with the product and etrailer's service.The product was easily installed and their installation video was very helpfull. Thank you 4586

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