For use with the Rapid Hitch adjustable ball mount system for 2-1/2" and oversize 2" receiver hitches, this set includes a hitch receiver lock to secure shank to receiver and a locking adjustment pin to secure ball housing to shank. Fastest Shipping and Guaranteed Lowest Prices for Rapid Hitch Trailer Hitch Lock and Adjustment Pin Lock Set for 2" and 2-1/2" Hitches. Read our customer reviews of Andersen Locks. Call 800-298-8924 for expert service or order your Locks part number AM3492 by Andersen online at
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Rapid Hitch Trailer Hitch Lock and Adjustment Pin Lock Set for 2" and 2-1/2" Hitches

Andersen Locks

(57 reviews)

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Andersen Locks - AM3492

For use with the Rapid Hitch adjustable ball mount system for 2-1/2" and oversize 2" receiver hitches, this set includes a hitch receiver lock to secure shank to receiver and a locking adjustment pin to secure ball housing to shank.


  • Anti-theft, keyed locks keep your adjustable ball mount securely attached to your tow vehicle
  • Locking set works with Rapid Hitch adjustable ball mount systems
    • Rapid Hitch systems are made for 2" square trailer hitches but can be adapted for use with 2-1/2" square hitches with a 2-1/2" to 2" receiver adapter (sold separately)
  • Hitch receiver lock designed for 2" x 2", oversize 2" x 2", and 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" trailer hitches
  • Stainless steel construction
    • Offers superior strength and durability and is rustproof
  • 2 keys (included) are keyed alike
  • 1-Year limited warranty


  • Application: Rapid Hitch adjustable ball mount systems
  • Capacity: 10,000 lbs
  • Adjustment locking pin dimensions (AM3428)
    • Pin diameter: 5/8"
    • Inside width: 4-1/4"
    • Overall length: 7-1/2"
  • Hitch receiver lock dimensions (AM3429)
    • Pin diameter: 5/8"
    • Inside width: 3-5/16"
    • Overall length: 6-1/2"

3492 Andersen Keyed Locking Pin, Combo Set for 2", Oversized 2" hitches from the oem, and 2-1/2" Trailer Receiver Hitches

Video of Rapid Hitch Trailer Hitch Lock and Adjustment Pin Lock Set for 2" and 2-1/2" Hitches

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Andersen Locks AM3492 Review

Today we're going to be reviewing part number AM3492. This Rapid Hitch Trailer Hitch Lock and Adjustment Pin Locks set for 2-inch and 2 1/2-inch trailer hitches. The anti-theft keyed locks are going to keep your adjustable ball mounts securely attached to your towed vehicle. This locking set is designed to work with the Rapid Hitch Adjustable Ball Mount systems. Now, the hitch receiver lock is going to be designed for 2-inch by 2-inch, oversized 2-inch by 2-inch and 2 1/2-inch by 2 1/2-inch trailer hitches. These are made from a really nice stainless steel construction so it's going to office superior strength and durability. It's also going to feature a nice rust-proof design.

The stainless steel construction is highly resistant to rust and corrosion so these are going to last for many years. The shorter one is going to be the one that's going to secure our ball mount or our accessories to our hitch. Then this one, the longer one is going to be the adjustment locking pin for the Rapid Hitch units. Now they're going to offer a capacity of 10,000 pounds. You're also going to get two keys. These are keyed alike so they'll work on either lock.

The lock is going to be this portion here with the rubber dust cap on there. That adds a nice feature to it because it's going to help keep out any dust or moisture from gaining access to the inside of our lock. You're going to have one of those located on each pin. I'll go over a few dimensions real quick. The adjustment locking pin, it's going to give us a diameter of 5/8 of an inch. The inside width measuring from this point here to this point here, that's going to give us a measurement of 4 3/8 of an inch.

Then the overall length measuring from end to end is going to give us a measurement of 7 7/8 of an inch. Now taking a look at the hitch receiver lock, again that's going to give us a diameter of 5/8 of an inch with an inside width from this portion here to this portion here of about 3 1/2 inches. Then the overall length is going to measure from end to end at about 7 1/8 of an inch. Really easy system to use. To take lock off of one end of the pin all you have to do is remove the dust cap, place your key on the inside there and give it about a quarter of a turn. That's going to pop the lock right off.

I went ahead and pulled the Rapid Hitch mall mount from our inventory. That way I can show you how this unit operates. First thing that we need to do is we need to go ahead and secure this inside of our hitch. Again, for that one we're going to want to use the hitch receiver lock. It's simply going to go through there and then all we have to do is place that lock on the other side. It's going to click on in place which is going to release the key from the lock and then just reinstall that dust cap. That's going to be secured inside the hitch. It's not going to be able to be removed unless you unlock the lock with the included keys. Now, this longer one is going to be designed as the adjustment locking pin. We'll go ahead and take that lock off one end just like we did with the other pin. We'll find the setting that we want to set our ball mount at. Once we have that we can place that through. Place the lock on the other end and again it's going to release the key, letting us know it's locked into place and then our hitch balls are going to be securely locked in the position that we want them. That's going to do it for today's review of part number AM3492. This is the Rapid Hitch Trailer Hitch Lock and Adjustment Pin Locks for 2-inch and 2 1/2-inch hitches. .

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Customer Reviews

Rapid Hitch Trailer Hitch Lock and Adjustment Pin Lock Set for 2" and 2-1/2" Hitches - AM3492

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (57 Customer Reviews)

For use with the Rapid Hitch adjustable ball mount system for 2-1/2" and oversize 2" receiver hitches, this set includes a hitch receiver lock to secure shank to receiver and a locking adjustment pin to secure ball housing to shank.

- AM3492

by: Ken R.07/26/2013

I didn't order these pins for exactly what they were intended but they turned out to be exactly what I needed. I have a new truck with a factory installed class IV receiver. Besides the approx. 3" tube O.D.,the receiver also has reinforcement gussets on either side (.25" thick each) making the pin length required longer than a standard unit. I needed more than 3.5" of barrel with another half inch or so for the locking head to fit. Either one of these pins will do the trick. I will use the shorter one mainly and the longer one as backup. Great service, fast shipment & delivery, totally satisfied. Will recommend eTrailer and this product without hesitation. 91666


These pins are great. Working well in my 2.5 in. receiver. They are very good quality, well built, and the finish is holding up very well. No problems or complaints.

Ken R - 01/26/2015


- AM3492

by: Mike G.06/04/2013

Just what I needed for an adjustable aluminum hitch. Was delivered when expected, and works as advertised. 83240


Still working great. It helps to occasionally spray a little WD40 on it.

Mike G - 06/04/2014


- AM3492

by: AM3492 & AM341001/18/2015

Great products! Well made, functional, and look great on my 2002 Explorer XLT. If you purchase the AM3410, but the AM3492 lock set. 170338

- AM3492

by: L. Nelson05/10/2015

Great product - stainless steel so its strong and wont corrode. The lock mechanism is easy to lock and unlock. The one that goes to the rapid hitch ball height fits perfectly, but the one that goes to the receiver is way too long - I guess because I have a 2" receiver and it fits the larger receivers as well. 191673

- AM3492

by: Roman09/10/2015

Great locking pins - high quality for sure. The perfect companion to your Andersen hitch. My only concern is how long the rubber covers will last but I have high hopes! I'm glad they upgraded the key system from the old circular barrel style. These new ones would be tough (nearly impossible?) to pick. 224878

- AM3492

by: Stephanie W12/24/2014

I am so impressed with the products I received from this company. The quality of both products is far beyond anything I have seen and so much better than I expected. The package was delivered earlier than scheduled and the service has been outstanding! I cannot wait to give this to my Dad for Christmas! 166790

- AM3492

by: Smiling Jack01/22/2014

The hitch ball combo was easy to install and locking pins went in easy as well and I have the comfort knowing that my trailers won't be as susceptible to theft now. Plus the ease I have now with switching balls and trailer is a no hassle endeavor. Pins keyed alike is great. Thanks etrailer 114506

- AM3492

by: Larry M03/26/2015

I purchased the 6" Rapid Hitch from a local dealer who did not have the lock set. Did a quick google search for the locks - found - Extremely happy with the product, service and quick response. Great company to deal with and I will definitely purchase from them in the future! 180978

- AM3492

by: Jerry k.03/20/2014

The customer service was excellent in fact I had originally ordered the wrong part. The shipping was fast and all received in great condition. The parts fit very well and I like the end result All in all I will utilize them again when need. 121446

- AM3492

by: Brian07/13/2015

Exactly what I wanted. The lock pin base and cores are a little longer than I expected making the pin stick out a good 1"+ on either side but not a big deal. Little bit of play in the lock cores despite rubber seal. Regardless I'm very happy. 211273

- AM3492

by: Scott02/15/2012

Received the product quickly, it was as advertised and will let me secure my $200 hitch and ball assembly to my truck. I've ordered from eTrailer before and will continue to do so as they have provided top notch service to date! 31858

- AM3492

by: Larry o williams04/08/2012

Just what i needed! 36523

- AM3492

by: Jeff09/27/2015

My old lock set was the chrome plated model and after one winter in MN it was rusty and not working so good. This stainless steel model looks well built and should last a long time even in the salt and snow in MN. 228021

- AM3492

by: Marcos Llerena08/27/2015

I will like to thank all of you for the time taken for service and and answering all my questions. Sincerely Marcos. L. Ps. All previous items were to my satisfaction Thank you 222147

- AM3492

by: Bourne06/26/2015

I ordered a double drop hitch. Could not believe the weight of it, but when I uncrated it I realized the 2” core is actually a solid piece of 2x2 not square tubing. I’m impressed. 207322

- AM3492

by: jammz06/25/2014

If your going to spend the money on a good receiver, don't forget to purchase good locks, otherwise someone will want it and it will be gone. These do the trick for sure! 137638

- AM3492

by: Gary D.03/16/2015

Received the product and it was just as advertised. Excellent service and very quick delivery. Etrailer is a great place to purchase trailer towing products. 178413

- AM3492

by: Nick09/16/2013

After my first set became seized into the aluminum rapid hitch, I had to cut and beat out the old pins. I now cover them with never seize before using them. 100125

- AM3492

by: Steve h.04/26/2015

they go on a lot easier the other ones I've had. I don't have to use the key to put them on like my old ones. They fit great. There is no slop on them. 188307

- AM3492

by: Dianne06/19/2014

We bought these along with the receiver to lock it. The receiver is so nice we figured it's best to lock it up. So far, everything is great! 136622

- AM3492

by: Jeffrey01/23/2013

Excellent product. Can be used with other adjustable hitches as well. Great to have the two locks keyed alike, and have extra keys. 63944

- AM3492

by: Ray M.03/18/2015

I used these locks with my Rapid Hitch Adjustable Aluminum Ball Mount ... worked perfectly !!! I am very happy with this purchase. 179527

- AM3492

by: LARRY02/22/2013


- AM3492

by: PaulO09/30/2014

More expensive than I'd wish to pay for pins but still a lot cheaper than buying another Rapid Adjustable Hitch if it gets stolen. 153793

- AM3492

by: royskidoo11/08/2013

These pins work well with the hitch I purchased. And they offer security that should prevent the hitch from getting stolen. 106805

- AM3492

by: Gary05/02/2012

These pins work great with the 3410 ball mount. I wish they were USA made but China seems to be all you can get now days 39134

- AM3492

by: Mark H.01/23/2012

etrailer had the best price on these. If you're going to spend $180 + on a hitch they are probably a good investment. 30168

- AM3492

by: Mike L.08/01/2014

Looks great and durable, its nice that the keys are the same on both. Thanks for the great service!!!! 143965

- AM3492

by: Chris02/22/2013

These locking pins worked perfectly out of the package. locks were very smooth. Very happy with them 67358

- AM3492

by: Brandon W.05/24/2012

Great product from Andersen Manufacturing!! This set works in junction with their Rapid Hitches. 41559

- AM3492

by: Peter B06/02/2015

Very happy with products from etrailer. Both hitch and locks arrived in only a couple of days. 199853

- AM3492

by: Don A. Barnard05/18/2014

Maybe the fastest service Ive had buying on line.Item was exactly as described.Very pleased!! 131146

- AM3492

by: Richard Burns09/02/2015

Great product. Will recommend your products to my family and friends. Very pleased. 223650

- AM3492

by: Dave H.09/21/2012

I have been using these locks on my trailer hitch for years. The best on the market. 55401

- AM3492

by: Patrick04/09/2015

Perfect fit for the Rapid Hitch System connected to a new GMC 2 1/2 inch receiver. 184497

- AM3492

by: JCK01/20/2015

I love how these locks will not allow you to remove the key, unless they are on. 170540

- AM3492

by: Norman D.12/01/2014

Product was shipped very timely and everything is as promised. Great Company. 162818

- AM3492

by: Norm08/25/2015

Exactly what I needed for my new Rapid Hitch Adjustable Ball Mount # AM3410. 221625

- AM3492

by: Jeff F.05/24/2015

Great product. Would recommend to anyone that is looking for hitch security. 195303

- AM3492

by: Bernie05/10/2013

Works great! Don't have to worry about losing that expensive hitch now. 79736

- AM3492

by: Iggy05/19/2012

I like the cylinder locks with same key. They look like a good quality 41020

- AM3492

by: chris04/23/2014

great product, great customer service, good prices, quick delivery. 126944

- AM3492

by: Jaye L.11/08/2012

The locks are very nice and work well with my horse trailer hitch. 58982

- AM3492

by: Ed E09/04/2015

Fast shipment and great product and price. Thanks again Ed 224079

- AM3492

by: Hitch Pins10/22/2013

Looks good have yet to use it however e-trailer great service. 104725

- AM3492

by: Kraig Nace12/03/2013

Excellent product to secure the Rapid Hitch and avoid theft! 109051

- AM3492

by: George10/23/2013

Excellent quality, fair price, fast shipping. Great. Thanks. 104878

- AM3492

by: Eric T.05/24/2012

Easy packaging, great product, would recommend to others. 41518

- AM3492

by: John W.07/09/2014

Good product, would like to see available in S.S. 140369

- AM3492

by: Alain09/17/2015

Excellent Product, great communication, AAA+++ ! 226126

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  • The item you selected, Curt Channel Style Adjustable Ballmount # C45900 includes the mount and the hitch balls. Included is a 2 inch and 2-5/16 inch hitch ball unit. The Curt # C45900 will fit 2 inch receivers and can provide up to a 5-1/4 inch rise or 6 inch drop. Also included is a pin and clip. For added security, I would recommend using the Rapid Hitch Lock and Adjustment Pin Lock Set, # AM3492. However the capacity of the locks is 10,000 lbs, so you would be limited to 10,000 lbs...
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  • What Locking Trailer Hitch Pin Set Will Fit the CURT Channel Style Adjustable Ball Mount
  • What you can use is the Rapid Hitch Trailer Hitch Lock and Adjustment Pin Lock Set, # AM3492. The shorter lock would replace the hitch pin and the longer one would fit in place of one of the pins that holds the ball. Please note that the capacity of the locks is 10,000 pounds so you would be limited to towing that much weight. I have included a link to a video review of these locks for you.
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  • Availability of Anderson Rapid Hitch Lock and Adjustment Pin Lock Set with 3-1/2 x 6-1/2 Dimensions
  • We have the Anderson Rapid Hitch Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock and Adjustment Pin Lock Set for 2-1/2 Inch Trailer Hitches, part # AM3492. It has adjustment locking pin dimensions of 4-1/4 inside width and 7-1/2 inches overall length. The hitch receiver lock dimensions are 3-1/3 inches inside width and 6-1/2 inches overall length..
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  • Replacement Keys for Andersen Locking Hitch Pins
  • Yes we do have replacement keys available for the Andersen Hitch Pins. Part # AM3499. On the product page, enter the number of keys you want and the 4-digit key ID number. I have added a link to the replacement key page below.
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  • Recommend Locking Hitch Pin To Use w/ Anderson Adjustable Ball Mount # AM3461
  • For a locking hitch pin to use with the Anderson Adjustable Ball Mount # AM3461, I would recommend the Andersen Trailer Hitch Lock, part # AM3492. This lock will work with both 2 inch and 2-1/2 inch receivers. The Anderson Lock # AM3492 includes 2 keys and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. I have linked a video review of the Andersen Trailer Hitch Lock, part # AM3492.
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  • Will There be Rattle When Using Rapid Hitch Adjustable Aluminum Ball Mount Kit # AM3460
  • As you note, the primary value of this aluminum ball mount # AM3460 from Andersen is the range of adjust-ability which enables it to work with a variety of trailer and vehicle heights, and both 2-inch and 2-5/16-inch coupler sizes. If you typically tow more than one trailer on a regular basis this convenience may outweigh any minor rattle in this system. It is also light in weight at 19-lbs compared to steel ball mounts. It is true that this adjustable ball mount has three mechanical...
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  • Keyed Alike Locking Hitch Pins for 2 Inch and 2-1/2 Inch Trailer Hitch Receivers
  • The Bulldog hitch pins cannot be ordered keyed alike but we do have sets that are keyed alike that you can use. Take a look at the Rapid Hitch lock set # AM3492. With this set you get one lock for 2 inch hitches and one for 2-1/2 inch hitches and they are keyed alike. You can also order 2 of the extra long lock # RH5-XL but it will only be flush on a 2-1/2 inch hitch. There is an option on its product page, above the add to cart button, to select keyed unique or keyed alike. I have...
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  • Trailer Hitch Lock for GMC Sierra 2500 with 2-1/2 inch Class V Hitch
  • The Deadbolt Hitch Lock part # RH5-XL SHOULD fit and work as a hitch lock for the 2-1/2 inch hitch on your 2011 GMC Sierra. We have found that it fits the factory hitch of 2-1/2 inch hitches on 2010= GMC/Chevy trucks well. The usable span of this hitch lock is 3-5/8 inches. You will want to measure the outside distance of your hitch tube to see if this would be enough. Another option with more span is the part # AM3492 that has a usable span of 4-1/2 inches. This comes with an extra...
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  • Which Hitch Pin Lock Set Works with Aluminum Ball Mount Kit # AM3410
  • Thanks for your recent purchase!! What I recommend is the trailer hitch lock # AM3492. It is 4-1/4 inches long and will work with the aluminum ball mount kit # AM3410. The hitch lock # AM3492 will also include a hitch pin lock and both keys are keyed alike. The Master Lock hitch lock set # 1481DAT you referenced will not work with the aluminum ball mount kit # AM3410 because it's too short. It's only 2-3/4 inches in length. I included a couple video reviews too.
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  • Replacement Key for Anderson Rapid Hitch Ball Mount
  • According to my contact at Anderson a replacement key for your Rapid Hitch ball mount cannot be identified without the key reference number. Since this is not available you can replace the pin and key with new ones but you will need to cut/drill out the existing parts. Then you can use part # AM3492 to replace both the hitch and ball pins/locks. Please refer to the linked video for more information on the lock set.
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  • What Metal is the Rapid Hitch Trailer Hitch Lock # AM3492 Made of
  • I went and pulled a Rapid Hitch Trailer Hitch Lock # AM3492 from our warehouse and determined that the ends of the locks are aluminum and the middle section is stainless steel.
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  • Long Locking Hitch Pin Needed for Class V Trailer Hitch on a Chevy K2500 Pickup Truck
  • You might be able to use Blue Ox pin # BX88212 which measures between 3-5/8 inches and 3-11/16 inches between the ends. This is the first time I have heard of an application that requires that much length. You could also use something like # MT70053 which is 7 inches long but it doesn't have a locking feature. The best way to measure to ensure the clearance needed is to use a tape measure that is small enough to fit through the hitch pin holes. Then measure the outside to outside...
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  • Will Hitch Pin Lock Be Strong Enough For Towing A Car Behind Motorhome
  • The Rapid Hitch Trailer Hitch Lock and Adjustment Pin Lock Set, part # AM3492, that you referenced, is listed with a 10,000 lb weight capacity. That weight capacity would have plenty of strength when using it to tow your vehicle.
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  • Hitch Lock And Adjustment Pin Lock For Rapid Hitch Adjustable Ball Mount
  • We do offer a hitch pin lock and adjustment pin lock as a set for the Rapid Hitch system you mentioned. You would need to order part # AM3492. You would then simply replace your current lock with the new set when it arrives. Unfortunately we do not offer just the hitch lock or adjustment pin lock as separate items.
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  • Recommended Hitch Pin And Coupler Lock For Fastway Flash E Series Adjustable, Aluminum Ball Mount
  • Since you are interested in the Fastway Ball Mount, part # FA42-00-2900, I recommend the Fastway Combination Lock Set, part # DT35010. This lock set includes a lock that secures the ball mount to the hitch receiver and a lock that secures the trigger-style latch on the trailer coupler. This comes with one key that will open and close both locks. Both locks come with waterproof caps that help keep out dirt and help prevent corrosion. The Rapid Hitch Trailer Hitch Lock and Adjustment...
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  • Solution for a Lost Andersen Rapid Hitch Lock Key
  • According to my contact at Anderson a replacement key for your Rapid Hitch ball mount cannot be identified without the key reference number. If you knew the number that was on the key you could have just ordered the part # AM3499 after entering the key number you need and you would be good to go. Since this is not available you can replace the pin and key with new ones but you will need to cut/drill out the existing parts. Then you can use part # AM3492 to replace both the hitch...
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