This enclosed carrier is great for any road trip. Swing away carrier, allows you to access the back of the vehicle without having to remove the carrier or any items. The multi-purpose storage container is removable to help carry or store your gear. Call 800-298-8924 to order Rola Hitch Cargo Carrier part number 59109 or order online at Free expert support on all Rola products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Rola Swinging Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 2" Trailer Hitch - Available September 2015. Hitch Cargo Carrier reviews from real customers.
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Rola Swinging Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 2" Trailer Hitch - Available September 2015

Rola Hitch Cargo Carrier

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Shipping Weight: 106.5 pounds


Rola Hitch Cargo Carrier - 59109

This enclosed carrier is great for any road trip. Swing away carrier, allows you to access the back of the vehicle without having to remove the carrier or any items. The multi-purpose storage container is removable to help carry or store your gear.


  • Tray can be used without the container
  • Enclosed container holds 13.5 cubic feet of gear
    • Light weight container weighs only 30 lbs
    • Container and cargo can be removed from the tray
    • Container is secured to the tray with locking latches
    • The lid of the container also locks with the same keys that secure the container to the tray
  • Carrier swings to the side to allow for unrestricted access to the rear of the vehicle
  • Weather resistant
  • Heavy duty swing arm is constructed of steel
  • Pod is made of a polypropylene
  • Includes license plate mounting points
  • Includes tail light kit
    • Optional license plate light sold separately (59117)
  • Includes spring clip and pin
  • Shank is hollow and anti-rattle lock can be used


  • For use with Class III and Class IV 2" x 2" trailer hitches
  • Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Outer dimensions of tray and pod
    • 53" Length x 27" width x 21-1/2" tall
  • Dimensions of tray only
    • 53" Length x 27" width x 5.4" tall
  • Outer dimensions of the pod only
    • 53" Length x 27" width x 19" tall
  • Inner dimensions of the pod only
    • Bottom of pod: 47" length x 21" width
    • Pod is widest in the middle: 52" length x 26-1/2" width
    • Pod opening is 46" long and 20" wide
    • Inside of pod is about 17" tall
  • Measures 8-1/8" from hitch pin hole to the crossbar
  • Measures 13" from the center of the hitch pin hole to the back edge of the carrier
    • 5" with the lid open
  • Measures 34" from the center of the hitch to the pod when in the swung out position
  • Limited 5-year warranty

Product detail

Product detail

59109 Rola Swinging Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 2" Trailer Hitch

Replaces 59111

Video of Rola Swinging Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 2" Trailer Hitch - Available September 2015

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rola Swinging Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Review

The first feature of this we will show you is the most obvious one. It is a nice one piece all enclosed unit to carry all your materials in. As you can see it is all one piece construction with no seams, also there is a drain hole in case something does spring a leak inside. Also what is really nice about this is that this is actually two products in one. You have enclosed carrier and you also have a tray on the bottom that you can use to carry your equipment too that does not quite fit in the enclosed section. We will show you how to take that apart with the two latches at the bottom. If you notice there are a variety of slots all around the perimeter of the tray itself, those are there to put down your tie down hooks. Put them in there and they will catch on the side or vice versa and secure your cargo. One nice feature about this is the built in tail light assemblies in case what you are carrying blocks off the tail lights you have on your vehicle you always have those for back up. Also if you plan to keep your cargo carrier on your vehicle for extended vacation or something like that, some states require you not to have your license plate blocked. This unit has provisions where you can screws to attach a license plate right here and here so your plate would end up mounting about like this. Also on top, there is two dimples here for an additional accessory that you can install that will allow you to have a license plate light. One of the most obvious features also on this rack is the swing away portion of it. This is so you can get into the back of your vehicle if you need to. As you can see this is a full featured carrier, actually two carriers in one. Its size, shape and appearance goes with a lot of small SUVs out there. This part # 59109, the swing away cargo carrier.

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Rola Swinging Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 2" Trailer Hitch - Available September 2015 - 59109

Average Customer Rating:  3.9 out of 5 stars   (20 Customer Reviews)

This enclosed carrier is great for any road trip. Swing away carrier, allows you to access the back of the vehicle without having to remove the carrier or any items. The multi-purpose storage container is removable to help carry or store your gear.

- 59109

by: jhb07/09/2008

Will suit my needs I purchased the swing away model. Its bulk requires two people to move safely when empty, though I have moved it myself. There is no point to having the unit for extra space but not being able to get to the back ½ of the vehicle. Defeats the purpose! The unit requires some assembly of the metal hitch mounted carrier to the plastic tray. The instructions recommend you mount the hitch into your car receiver and I echo that. During assembly, I ran into a problem. The washers that came with the unit were not correct. They sent eight ½ inch fender washers which could not be used. They sent four 3/8 inch washers which I actually needed 12 of. I had to purchase 8 more 3/8 washers to finish the assembly. Not a big deal, but inconvenient. It looks like they sent me a tilting hardware pack with the swing away model. I also purchased the license plate kit. This involved drilling a 1” hole in the tray. I was not thrilled about drilling the hole in my new tray. The other problem is that drilling the hole is not trivial. A 1” twist drill is probably not in everyone’s tool kit. You can not use a wood spade bit as it will drill a hole through the 2nd wall of the shell before you get the hole drilled in the 1st wall. I used a hole saw with no center tap. I drilled a piece of wood and used that to guide the saw into the tray where I wanted it. Other than that, the installation was straightforward. Upon opening the box I made the following observations. The shell of the pod seems adequate. I plan to use the pod for Ski trips and I hope that the plastic does not get to brittle in the cold weather. A cracked shell will render the unit worthless. I would like to have seen a better attempt at waterproofing the lid. Also, the pod drain in the literature is essentially a hole drilled in the bottom of the unit and a small friction fit plug you fit into it. Just seems flimsy to me. If the plug pops out, water could enter the unit without warning. The clips that hold the lid down and keep the pod in the tray look light to me. I have seen these types of brackets on my hardshell golf case and have had problems with them breaking. I suppose there is not a lot of stress on these but know from experience I will have to be careful in using them just the same. I especially feel that care will be needed when removing the pod from the tray. Be sure to close the clips on the pod bottom before putting the unit on the ground or you could break them. They hang down below the pod bottom. And don’t consider the clip’s locks as security locks. The locks will keep the clips from opening unexpectedly, but won’t keep a determined thief out for even one minute. I initially thought the removable pod and tray might be an asset. I now feel it to be a liability. I doubt I will ever use the tray without the pod, and now have a potential point of failure between the pod and tray. It does help to be able to remove the pod when mounting the hitch bracket as it is heavy and awkward. In all, I think this unit will meet all my needs. While I have some reservations about the Rola as noted, I seriously doubt I will have problems. Besides, it comes with a 5 year warranty! If I do have problems, then stay tuned as I will post back when I have more experience with the unit. 1041

- 59109

by: Al W08/15/2013

sorry for taking so long to reply, but been busy. As you can see from the pictures attached the box is installed and works very good. I have a few comments on it and how it goes together. The main part went together very well and quite quickly, it does take two people for the most part, which is no big issue, my main concern is why the licence plate light is not supplied with the box, already installed, as this is necessary in most states/ provinces and therefore should already be part of the complete box assembly. The other concern is the quality of locks provided on the box and the rack. The ones provided are very inferior to those provided on the Thule box. To date I've not used the box on a trip, but feel it will work very well. 95249


We have now used he Rola to go to Florida twice and a good friend of ours has it back down in Florida for the balance of the winter. We love it, with the exception of the locks on the box. It is too bad that these are not the same of some other type of roof boxes that would make it much more secure and less of a concern when parked over night at a hotel motel. We have shown the box on the vehicle to several people and to my Lincoln Dealership, who has shared the pictures I sent to you will owners who are interested. All in all we are very happy. Cheers Al W. PS change the locks....UPDATE: One point to add to my last comment, is that Ive added an extra foam sealer around the lid and today have had no issues of water inside the box. A cheap addition that works. At least so far.

Al W - 02/13/2015


- 59109

by: Nick D.04/22/2015

This is a really cool product. It was a piece of cake to assemble and even looks good! We have a Toyota Highlander and with the third row seat up, we have very little luggage room. The cargo carrier does not hold suit cases very well, due to it's size and shape. However, this problem is easily fixed by using duffle bags or something similar to store your clothes in. The only complaint I had with the product is that the zip ties that were supplied to tie down the wiring harness, were to short to do the job. Fortunately I had more on hand that were long enough so it wasn't an issue. The wiring harness was also to short to reach the connection on my vehicle. You'll want to hook up the carrier side 1st, then work your way back with the zip ties, tying it down. Then get an extension to go from the vehicle to the carrier. This may sound like a headache but it's really not. I always carry an extension on hand anyway because it's a common problem. Anyway, it's a great product and I highly recommend it. 187362

- 59109

by: Patrick08/03/2012

Important to note, ETrailer is a great supplier/st This review of the Rola is no reflection on them. Rola Swinging Enclosed Cargo Carrier: Pros: -works for carrying items -having a removeable cargo box is convenient -swing arm is a real asset -nice looking Cons: -leaks when wet (to fix, put silicone sealer on the rivets which hold the lid on the carrier; mfg should have noted this but didn't) -the way the box hangs on the brackets is a little frightening as if the simple welds fail, especially the way it tends to bounch, the box may fall off and hit another vehicle... After owning this product for over 5 years, the welds are failing (there has been no more than 125lbs in the box at any one time). -locks are very hard to work and cheap. 50460

- 59109

by: KD5NDR06/02/2010

Nice Product I bought this product for my SUV. I haven’t used it yet, but the assembly was easy. Even though the product says it’s water resistant, I believe that with the size of the lip and the design that everything will stay dry like it was water proof. The only thing I wish the product company had done differently was to build a better license plate mount into the design; the attachment location is not the best. I don’t like the idea of drilling or using self tapping screws on my new box. The box is a nice size and will be a great addition on long trips with a large group. 3087

- 59109

by: goodguy2311/08/2009

Stinks, leaks. Locks suck. Don't buy this unit. It is poorly constructed and the company won't stand by their warranty. The hinges on mine bent because they never used backers on their rivets and now it leaks. The locks are pieces of junk and half the time don't work. If they get these flaws fixed it is will be a great unit. Right now, stay away. 2534


I wont be purchasing one of these sad to say anytime soon. I have read everyone s comments and have concluded there is still work to be done to make this box worth purchasing. Thanks to all for their comments.

comment by: Jim S - 08/12/2014


Our goal is to provide our existing customers feedback so that other customers can make an informed decision, (just as you have done). If you do not need the swing away option you might consider the Thule Transporter # TH665C
Thule Transporter Combi Hitch Mounted Enclosed Cargo Carrier - Tilting
. This offers many of the same features and is highly rated with our customers.

Rachael H - 8/12/2014

- 59109

by: MAANPA06/18/2008

Happy with product and company Installed this on our Jeep Rubicon. Installion was a breeze as long as you follow the instruction. Be sure the wiring for you lights are on the bottom of the cargo frame. If not you will find out why real fast when trying to lock unit in place. My wife and I are very happy with the product. GREAT PRODUCT. Also doing business etrailer was very smooth and enjoyable. Getting ready to buy some other items we need from them now. Great Company. They would of got EXCELLENT, but I only give that to my family. 973

- 59109

by: Garret B08/29/2014

The swing-out feature for this product is an excellent idea. Works great! Installations is a snap. provides a good video that walks you thru the assembly/installation process - gives you a good how to demo. Good amount of storage capacity. A lot easier alternative to using my roof mount carrier. Would be nice if there was flag or some type of indicator on the unit to help the driver when backing up. 149189

- 59109

by: Mark A10/03/2010

Excellent Product Easy to assemble, everything works smoothly and all assembly holes line up perfectly. Just used this unit on our first family vacation, and even while loaded to the limit with heavy luggage the very heavy steel hinge handles the load with ease even in the full swing out position. The locks are on the lightweight side but with proper care should be no problem. 3496

- 59109

by: Ron06/18/2008

Bad placement of Wiring harnes The heat of your exhaust melts the wiring harness. I also lost all the paint off that side of the post due to the heat of the exhaust. The ease of use and ability to open rear door in my opinion does not out weight the down side of the wires melting. 972

- 59109

by: Brook06/08/2008

Could be better. This product is not weather resistant as stated. We have owned our product for 3 weeks and it has rained three times leaving approximately a half-inch of water on the bottom. This also fully soaked all of our luggage, and everything else we had in the carrier. 942

- 59109

by: JV09/19/2010

Extra Space Has the extra space I need for my minivan. I also use a dual hitch extension. It raise the cargo carrier (for better ground clearance) and it move it further back (allow opening the rear hatch without swinging the cargo carrier open). 3466

- 59109

by: Stevo07/22/2009

Not worth the money! Get Thule The Hitch plug bounces in the receiver because it is a few millimeters too small. The package was missing washers and bolts. The keys and locks are garbage . I am upset I chose this over Thule ! 2156

- 59109

by: BJ K12/27/2014

Really solid product. I would recommend having help installing and un-installing this however. It isn't really heavy, but it is awkward and the weight is a little off center. But, it works very well for what I use it for. 167091

- 59109

by: Bob T.08/09/2012

So far, so good. Delivered on time. A breeze to install. (one person). All wiring hook-ups work. Seems sturdily built. Haven't traveled with it, yet. It will make our trip next week a lot easier. 51068

- 59109

by: John B.10/27/2011

WOW! What a great job. I will definately be ordering from this company in the future. Excellent service and product was delivered on time. Easy to install and great customer care. Job well done! 26217

- 59109

by: Myron M.03/25/2012

Easy to assemble and install. Looks nice on vehicle. Taillights are good to have. Swing away system works good. 35041

- 59109

by: Matt M03/28/2012

Very easy to assemble and looks great, can't wait to use it. Customer service was awesome and very attentive. 35410

- 59109

by: Chris S.08/08/2012

Amazing service and delivery. Thanks a gain 50951

- 59109

by: Pat B06/01/2012

Best hitch Cargo Carrier Made !! 42318


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  • How Do I find Hitch Weight Capacity of my Pleasure Way RV
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  • All you will need is a simple 7-Way to 4-Way adapter like # PK12716. This adapter plugs into a 7-Way and the other end has a 4-Way flat that you will connect the Rola enclosed cargo carrier, # 59110, into. We also have the same carrier in a swing away version to allow you complete access to the rear hatch and cargo area. It is # 59109. I have included links to video reviews of both carriers for you.
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  • Availability of Replacement Swing Arm for Rola Enclosed Carrier
  • Yes, replacement swing arm # 10421 is a direct replacement for the one that comes with the Rola enclosed cargo carrier # 59109. I have included a video of the Rola carrier for you to view.
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  • How to Determine if the Rola Enclosed Trailer hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Will Fit a 2012 Toyota RAV4
  • The Rola enclosed swinging cargo carrier # 59109 measures 8-1/8 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the crossbar (nearest part of the carrier assembly). You will need to measure the distance from the center of your hitch pin hole straight back to the distance required to clear the spare. If that distance is less than 8-1/8 inches the carrier will fit. I have included 2 video links and a link to the instructions for you to view.
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  • Would Heat From Exhaust Melt a Rola Swing Away Cargo Carrier if Installed on 2004 Chrysler Pacifica
  • To determine how close the carrier of this Rola Swinging Enclosed Cargo Carrier # 59109 would be to your exhaust would be measure from the center of the hitch pin hole out to the tip of your exhaust. The # 59109 measures 13 inches from the center of its hitch pin hole to the back edge of the carrier. Whatever the difference is between those two measurements will be how close the carrier would be to your exhaust. You should also note that the pod of the # 59109 will sit approximately...
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  • We do offer a range of hitch-mount cargo carriers, including flat, ramped and swing-out carriers like the Rola # 59109 that you referenced. Since this particular carrier has a 250-lb weight capacity, it would not work with your 265-lb Honda generator. We also offer a swinging platform-type ramped carrier from Rage Powersports, their # SC500-AL105, which fits 2-inch hitches and offers a 500-lb load rating, plenty for your generator. However, this carrier cannot be swung out from the...
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  • Can the Rola Cargo Carrier Swinging Arm Assembly, # 10421, Swing Out when Under Load
  • Yes, the Rola Cargo Carrier Swinging Arm Assembly, # 10421, can be swung out with weight on it. This assembly was designed as a replacement to the one that comes with the Rola enclosed cargo carrier # 59109, The capacity is 250 pounds or the tongue weight capacity of the hitch, whichever is lower.
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  • Best Hitch Cargo Carrier and Roof Rack Cargo Box Recommendation for a 2014 Nissan Pathfinder
  • For a cargo carrier I would recommend a hard carrier that can swing away for unlimited rear cargo access like the part # 59109 because not only will it protect your luggage better since it is a hard case it also has a locking latch system that will work as a theft deterrent. I attached a review video for you to check out as well. For a roof rack I would recommend the Thule Aeroblade system that consists of part # THARB53 and # TH450R as this is the quietest roof rack on the market. For...
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  • Provided that your 2010 Subaru Outback has a Class II or Class III trailer hitch, you will be able to carry the Thule Transporter Combi Hitch Mounted Enclosed Cargo Carrier, # TH665C. Thule has stated that the only vehicles that could present a clearance problem are those whose tailgates open to the side. If your vehicle has a liftgate that is hinged at the top, you should have no problems clearing the carrier when it is in its tilted position. I have included a link to a video review of...
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  • Will the Rola Swinging Enclosed Cargo Carrier Work on a Ford Flex
  • If your Ford Flex has a 2 inch Class III or larger hitch installed on it, the Rola Swinging Enclosed Cargo Carrier, # 59109, will work on your vehicle. You will need to be sure to check the tongue weight capacities of your vehicle and hitch and keep the weight of the carrier and all of its contents below the lowest rated items tongue weight capacity. If you need a Class III hitch for your Flex you can let me know the year and I will be glad to make a recommendation for you.
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  • Will Rola Swinging Enclosed Cargo Carrier Fit a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  • The Rola Enclosed cargo carrier # 59109 will fit the Class III trailer hitch on your 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. To make sure it will clear the spare tire you will need to measure from the center of the hitch pin hole straight back to the distance required to clear the spare. If less than 13 inches the carrier will clear the spare. When swung open the carrier will be at a 90 degree angle. The rear door on your Jeep probably opens about the same. It is likely that the spare tire will...
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  • Trailer Hitch Mounted Enclosed Cargo Carrier Recommendation
  • The Stowaway Max is an enclosed cargo carrier but we do not carry it. We do have the Rola enclosed cargo carrier, # 59110, for a fixed arm, tilting version. We also have a swing away version, # 59109. I have included links to videos on each of these carriers for you. We also have the Thule enclosed cargo carrier, # TH665C. It will fit Class II or III hitches. It tilts but does not swing out. I have linked a video review of this carrier as well.
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  • Will Rola Hitch Cargo Carrier # 59109 Fit 2013 Dodge Durango Citadel With Factory Tow Package
  • The Rola Hitch Cargo Carrier # 59109 will fit your 2013 Dodge Durango Citadel providing your hitch receiver opening is 2 inches. This carrier is an awesome way to carry cargo without taking space away inside your vehicle. The other nice features are that it includes carrier locks and can hold up to 250 lbs of cargo. I have attached a brief assembly video for you. As a side note, I recommend checking out the Lets Go Aero Anti-Rattle Hitch Lock # 63232. This will lock your carrier...
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  • Can Rear Hatch Be Opened on 2014 Honda Odyssey Using Thule Transporter Enclosed Cargo Carrier
  • The Thule Transporter enclosed cargo carrier # TH665C tilts down at about a 45 degree angle but we have not tested it on a 2014 Honda Odyssey so I cannot say for sure if it will allow the rear hatch to open. Based on the dimensions of the box and how close it will be to the vehicle when mounted it would be unlikely that you would be able to open the rear hatch with the carrier installed. Another option is the Rola swing away cargo carrier, # 59109. This is a great option provided your...
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  • Can the Rola Cargo Carrier Swinging Arm Assembly # 10421 be Used on the Non Swinging Rola Carrier
  • The Rola Cargo Carrier Swinging Arm Assembly # 10421 that you referenced is only designed as a replacement assembly for the swinging carrier part # 59109. If you have a the tilting version of this carrier part # 59110 that does not swing away this product would not work for you.
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  • Trailer Hitch Mount Swinging Bike Rack and Cargo Carrier Recommendations for 2006 Dodge Sprinter
  • There are swinging bike racks and swinging cargo carriers but not one that has both combined into one unit. Swinging bike racks come in 4-bike options. I recommend the Thule Vertex, # TH9031XT. It as many of the same features of the Apex minus the more advanced cradles and the anti-rattle hub but at a more reasonable price. I have linked a video review for you. For a swinging carrier there are a couple of options. There is an enclosed carrier, # 59109, and a platform carrier, # SC500-AL105....
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  • Enclosed Carrier Recommendation for a 2013 GMC Acadia
  • For a hitch mounted, enclosed carrier for your 2013 GMC Acadia your best option would be the Rola Swinging Enclosed Carrier part # 59109 that you referenced. This carrier will give you complete cargo area access unlike the other styles of hitch mounted carriers. This carrier uses a 4-way harness to activate the taillights of it. Since you have a 7-way you will need a 7-way to 4-way adapter like the part # HM47365. I attached a review video for this carrier for you to check out also.
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  • Cargo Carrying Options for a 2004 Ford Explorer Rear Wheel Drive with a 4.0 Liter V6
  • Cargo solutions for your 2004 Ford Explorer will include both hitch-mounted and roof-mounted carriers. Since you will be transporting a combination of hard goods and soft goods you may be able to handle all of your cargo with a combination of one hitch-mounted and one roof-mounted carrier. I can provide you with recommendations for both. You will first want to verify the weight capacities of your hitch receiver and roof. All trailer hitches we offer for your Explorer are 2-inch Class...
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  • Clearance Behind Rear Mounted Spare Tire On 2007 Hummer H2 For Rola Cargo Carrier 59109
  • To determine if there is enough clearance from the rear mounted spare tire on your 2007 Hummer H2 for the Rola Swinging Enclosed Cargo Carrier, part # 59109, you will want to take a couple measurements. You will need a tape measure and a straight edge, like a yardstick or a dowel. Hold the straight edge vertically against the back of the spare tire, and make sure the straight edge extends below the hitch pin hole on your hitch. Then measure the distance from the center of the hitch...
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