25x61 Outside dimensions. Easily transport gear with this hitch cargo carrier. Raised rails help keep gear in place and provide tie-down points. And the rise shank offers an extra 2-1/2" of ground clearance. Optional light kit sold separately. Call 800-298-8924 to order Pro Series Hitch Cargo Carrier part number 63153 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Pro Series products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for 24x60 Pro Series Cargo Carrier for 2" Hitches - Steel - 500 lbs. Hitch Cargo Carrier reviews from real customers.
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24x60 Pro Series Cargo Carrier for 2" Hitches - Steel - 500 lbs

Pro Series Hitch Cargo Carrier

(364 reviews)

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Pro Series Hitch Cargo Carrier - 63153

25x61 Outside dimensions. Easily transport gear with this hitch cargo carrier. Raised rails help keep gear in place and provide tie-down points. And the rise shank offers an extra 2-1/2" of ground clearance. Optional light kit sold separately.


  • Hitch-mounted, basket-style cargo carrier lets you tote extra gear
    • Frees up space inside your vehicle for passengers and pets
    • Keeps wet and muddy items from dirtying up the interior of your vehicle
  • Raised shank elevates carrier platform by 2-1/2" for better ground clearance
  • Side rails help keep cargo in place and provide multiple tie-down points
  • Mesh floor is easy to clean
  • Black powder coated steel is durable and resists rust and corrosion
  • Optional light kit (sold separately) is required if cargo blocks vehicle's tail lights
  • 3-Piece design requires assembly
  • Hitch lock or hitch pin and clip sold separately


  • Application: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • Outside dimensions: 61-1/2" long x 25-1/2" wide x 5-1/2" tall
  • Inside dimensions: 60" long x 24" wide x 5-1/2" tall
  • Shank rise: 2-1/2"
  • Distance from center of hitch pin hole to closest edge of carrier: 12-3/4"
  • Distance from center of hitch pin hole to bend in shank: 5"
  • Limited 1-year warranty

Pro Series cargo carrier with optional light kit

This sturdy steel cargo carrier has oval cutouts so that you can install an optional light kit (sold separately). A light kit must be used if your cargo blocks the tail lights on your vehicle.

63153 ProSeries 24x60 Railed Hitch Cargo Carrier - 2 Inch Hitches - Black Powder Coated Steel - 500 lbs

Alternate 63152

Replaces Draw-Tite 40101

Video of 24x60 Pro Series Cargo Carrier for 2" Hitches - Steel - 500 lbs

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Video Transcript for Tow Ready Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Review

Today we are going to show you the Pro Series 24 by 60 rail cargo carrier for 2 inch trailer hitches, part number 63153. The Pro Series cargo carrier is a fixed, light carrier designed to fit 2 inch by 2 inch trailer hitches, class III or higher. The black powder coat finish resists rust and corrosion. The carrier uses a shank with a 2-1/2 inch rise to provide extra ground clearance. There is an optional light kit available, part number 20174, that is designed to fit the cargo carrier and provide all your basic trailer light functions turn signal, brake light and running light. The carrier features these nice, 5-1/2 inch tall side rails. These tall side rails are going to help keep your gear in the basket and will provide a good anchor point for your tie-downs. When you go to use a tie-down, make sure that you do not anchor to the expanded steal. It is not designed to bare any kind of tie-down load. It is finished with a black powder coat that resists rust and corrosion. Now we are going to load the cargo carrier and secure our gear with cam buckle straps. And there you have it for the 24 by 60 railed cargo carrier, part number 63153.

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24x60 Pro Series Cargo Carrier for 2" Hitches - Steel - 500 lbs - 63153

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (364 Customer Reviews)

25x61 Outside dimensions. Easily transport gear with this hitch cargo carrier. Raised rails help keep gear in place and provide tie-down points. And the rise shank offers an extra 2-1/2" of ground clearance. Optional light kit sold separately.

- 63153

by: Sam M05/10/2011

Desperately needed a cargo carrier for camping in my F-150 Super Crew, and did a ton of internet research before buying. I have to say first off that this is one of the biggest carriers available, both in width @ 60" (foremost) and depth, and total weight capacity is excellent at 500 LB's. When you begin looking, what you'll notice right away is that carriers with brand names, and in smaller form factors are between $300 to $700! While I don't claim to be an expert on cargo carriers, I'm sorry but I don't want to spend that much money on something that you stack ice chests and cargo boxes on. I want to spend $$ on camping equipment that I have to have for my trips..... Further to this, I would say that the quality of construction on this carrier is excellent. The welds are very good, and the gauge of steel used (frame) and quality of the powder coat finish are perfect. They also can supply (option)a regular (bulbs) or led tail light kit (more expensive) for the carrier which in my opinion is a must. The tail light kit is superb and fits the oval openings perfectly with the supplied rubber inserts. The wiring harness supplied fits the lights well, however, as noted in other internet reviews is not of adequate length to reach some harnesses. My truck is already outfitted with a tow package, so all I had to do was hit the auto parts store and purchase an 48" extension. No big deal, and only costs around $5. Assembly was very easy. The Carrier comes in two halves, and the unit is joined at the center (floor level) by a very robust 2" receiver bar that has a height offset to keep the carrier higher off the ground. Three large bolts go through the carrier halves and through the bar using locking nuts, and then four smaller bolts, both leading edge and trailing edge (center) connect the top half of the carrier. While the smaller bolts come with washers, the big bolts on the bottom do not. I would strongly recommend that you purchase some large washers for the bottom bolts as well. Again, not a big expense, and they will help with wear and tear on the bar and frame. Weight of the assembled unit is significant, so plan on having someone there to help you put it in the hitch. Why pull your back out trying to do it solo. :) I'd guesstimate that the carrier weighs about 60+ LB's. One other item to note is that the height of your cargo in the carrier may cover your license plate on the rear of the vehicle, so it would be a good idea to mount a license plate frame on the carrier so that you can move your plate to the carrier instead, that way it will be visible. They also make a cargo bag for this carrier, which looked good, ballistic nylon I believe. I didn't need it because I won't be putting anything on the carrier that can't get wet in a storm, etc. In summary, for the money, I don't feel you can beat this carrier. BTW - Your unit will likely arrive with the outer cardboard totally destroyed, as they don't use very robust exterior packaging, however, your internals should be fine as they are zip tied to the carrier frame, and the corners of the carrier are protected by very thick foam. Mine arrived with the outer cardboard trashed, but the carrier and parts inside were just fine. First trip with the carrier will be in a couple weeks, so once I have road tested it I will update the review. 13166


Man I am getting this one and will be total best bang for the buck

comment by: Scott R - 06/27/2015


- 63153

by: Ray J.12/28/2010

Solid carrier with plenty of room! Wow, I put this carrier to the test on a 1,600 mile road trip with our 2007 Toyota Highlander and was not disappointed. Plenty of room to store luggage for a family of four plus a load of Christmas presents. We kept everything secure and dry with the etrailer.com 20-cubic foot cargo bag and kept side movement to practically nil with the anti-rattle hitch pin. All around, the whole set up was rock solid and looked great! I highly recommend the light kit as well. With the cargo bag fully maxed out, the Highlander's taillights were blocked. And since we do a fair amount of driving at night I also added some reflective tape all around the top bar to give not only the sides some visibility, but also the back to get the attention of those not-so-attentive drivers behind me. Lastly, the kit was easy to put together; it came with spacers but I did not need them to obtain a flush assembly; the separation problem some have reported during assembly was avoided by torquing down the bolts around the nameplates before the main bar bolts, just as others have reported to have worked for them. 4690


How did you mount the license plate to the carrier?

comment by: Bob D - 11/30/2012


It looks like he might have used some self tapping screws to secure it to the railing, but I am not sure. I can send an email to him so he can come back and respond.

Patrick B - 12/3/2012


@ Bob - I drilled two holes to accomodate the standard bolt size used to mount the license plate to the car and then used nuts to secure the assembly.As a side note, two years later the carrier is holding up well. Have used it numerous times for short and long hauls and even my neighbors are borrowing it :-

comment by: Ray J - 12/03/2012


Thanks for the follow up!

Patrick B - 12/3/2012


Thanks Ray... I dont like self taping screws, taking them in and out will eventually mess up. Your idea of through bolting the plate is what I was going to do, but I was concerned about weakening the structure. Glad to see this is not an issue with you two years later.... C-Ya! BfD

comment by: Bob D - 12/03/2012


- 63153

by: Evan09/07/2011

I would like to share my experience with this product. I needed a set-up to carry luggage for six (4 adults and 2 children) traveling 2100 miles from middle Tennessee with stops in Georgia, Orlando Florida, Fort Lauderdale Florida, Panama City Beach Florida, and home to Tennessee over the course of 10 days. I own a Mitsubishi Montero XLS (the full size Montero not the Sport) which has a 3rd row seat, but with the 3rd row up there is not much room for luggage. I purchased the Pro Series Cargo Carrier, the etrailer 20 cubic foot bag, the standard lighting kit and the anti rattle/silent hitch pin. The carrier arrived promptly and was easily assembled.The lights and harness were also easy to install. We were able to fit all of our luggage for the entire trip into the bag, to include a beach chair, beach umbrella, and luggage for six people. We traveled about 2100 miles and came home through tropical storm Lee. Due to the heavy rainfall, I was concerned about the waterproof integrity of the bag. I knew the heavy rainfall would certainly provide a "stress test" for the setup. When we arrived home, in the rain, we opened the bag and there was not a drop of moisture inside. The lights worked very well. The hitch pin reduced rattle to zero. I tightened the hitch pin once, before we departed Panama City Beach in route to Tennessee. We had excellent fuel economy even with a full load and the hitch set-up. After looking at all the alternatives, I would give this setup my highest recommendation, even when compared to the higher-end setups. I noticed that the bag can accommodate large and oblong shapes, to include things that would probably not fit into the fixed "box" carrier type setups. I had a gentleman with a rooftop carrier at a fuel station inquire about where to get this, and I passed along the etrailer website to him.I will likely use this on every vacation out of state in the future. Sincerely, Evan W. 23675

- 63153

by: Rod W08/12/2011

I am very satisfied with the the etrailer company. It is a quality companay that I had a great experience with as they are obviously a customer service and satisfaction company. Concerning the cargo carrier, I am very satisfied with the product. It took me about 15 minutes to assemble with absolutely no problem. The box it came in was pretty beat up when it arrived but the carrier was not damaged. I had read this would occur in other reviews. It would appear this could be solved by etrailer packaging the product in heavier cardboard. The product has a made in China sticker on it which may correlate to the packaging material and may affect your decision if you are on a buy America purchase mission. I also purchased the light kit. In the reviews I read they indicated that the drivers side light wiring in the wiring harness was too short. I will also state this is true. If run your wire under the carrier diagnolly, shortest distance, it is possibly just enough length. The passenger side wiring is plenty long. I do not know why with all the reviews that the manufacture of the light kit could not lengthen the wire harness. Also on the wire harness, I had to use side cutters and cut a the wire mesh a small amount below each light to thread the wire from underneath the carrier to the light. If you don't do this the drivers side wiring will not reach your vehicle recepticle. The wiring instructions should state this but do not. One other accessory I would recommend that I have not found on etrailer is a receiver hitch stabilizer collar. This little device slips over your carrier insert hitch into the receiver and has some set screws to tighten to prevent your carrier from wiggling or tilting. Overall, this is a great product, I am very satisfied and recommend the product and company. 21660

- 63153

by: Dave D02/09/2014

Etrailer once again provided great customer service by expediting my shipment and by reviewing some photos of the assembled product to answer my questions. The cargo carrier assembled pretty quickly and easily. I bought it to use with hauling things like my lawn mower for service. The pictures will show how that worked out, which was great. I know that I will find some additional uses like moving and hauling bulk items. 116118

- 63153

by: David C.07/09/2012

I want to thank you for a very excellent product. It took me just over an hour to put carrier together and install lights (I took my time, it was hot). I fits perfect on my 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. I have a large spare tire on the back, on an aftermarket tire carrier and the fit is perfect (See enclosed photos). Your price was great and the ship time was, well I could not ask for better. Thank you gentlemen, I will be heading to the Panamint Valley soon and now I can carry all the equipment I will need, thanks again. 47305

- 63153

by: Brian G03/16/2015

My wife and I spend the winters in southern GA and needed a cargo carrier as we make our move between TN and GA. Everything we pack will fit into the car with ease, but we're a tad cramped. When I say we, I mean our dog and two cats. :) Having the cargo carrier will allow us to pack our clothes, etc. outside the car while everyone has more room inside the car. On this particular hitch (Curt Class III), I can haul 300lbs back there. The three containers you see in the pics will probably be full, but not weigh anywhere near 300lbs total. This will definitely make our travel more comfortable. It also alleviated the need for a larger car where the bigger volume of cargo space would only get used a couple of times per year. Smaller car for a daily drive equals less gas. The cargo carrier is a bit on the cumbersome side so my wife helps me get it connected. It's heavy duty and expect it to last many years. 178597

- 63153

by: Bill V07/07/2014

I received a confirmation email within several minutes of my purchase and two more over the next couple of days giving me the status of my order and shipping. My Pro Series Cargo Carrier hitch rack was delivered very quickly and arrived in great condition. The box was well designed, it showed a bit of wear from the handling but the rack inside was in perfect condition. It was easy to assemble and using a torque wrench as recommended ensured that the bolts are properly tightened. I was surprised that the box was shorter than the 60" length of the carrier, opening the box confirmed my guess that the body of the rack was in two sections. This was replacing another carrier that had been destroyed in an accident. I had presumed it, too, was one piece with the receiver needing to be attached. I hadn't picked up on the fact that the rack was in sections, probably my oversight. Never the less, the bolts holding it together are very substantial and the rack is very solid. I would buy it again without any question. I bought this primarily for our annual trip to the beach to carry coolers, supplies and a large, heavy duty utility cart that won't fit in the 4Runner but is used to haul the family's abundance of gear from the condo to the shore. I will use it for hunting and fishing excursions, too. I am very pleased with the excellent service from etrailer and with the rack itself. 139815

- 63153

by: Chris B.09/16/2013

First off, etrailer is great. I shopped numerous other sites and they had the best price on his cargo carrier. Second, they kept me in he loop from start to finish and had the cargo carrier delivered on the 3rd business day (maybe it was the 2nd). The cargo carrier was easy to put together. I haven't used it yet so I can't comment on that but will follow-up once I have. I do believe I will eventually order an anti wobble hitch pin though. There is quite a bit of play in my 2" receiver but maybe that won't be a factor once I have some weight on it. 100274


Looks really nice - Im looking to get one for my Jeep too. Have you had any troubles since you wrote this review ? Did you need the anti wobble pin ? How easy is it to put it on and off, my concern is that I will need to take it on and off a lot.

comment by: Sam - 06/13/2014


This is for Sam. No, I have not had any problems with the cargo carrier. It is a little heavy but I can take it on and off by myself. I hang it on the wall in my garage so it stores nicely out of the way. It does wobble but it doesnt really seem to affect anything. I usually try and make sure my load is balanced.I think it is a perfect addition for the wranglers limited storage space.

comment by: Chris b - 06/19/2014


- 63153

by: 2008 Toyota Sequoia08/07/2012

Great Product, and very solid construction. The equipment arrived fairly fast, and without any problems. All pieces were accounted for, and went together in a matter of minutes. I opted to go with my own light package that included reverse lights. After reading several reviews about the recommend light package, and how they protrude into the basket area, as well as the lights were sealed and would not be able to be changed when they burned out. I saw another customer had put the reflective tape on his product, and said smart idea and did the same. Took it on a test drive, and loaded it down with about 200lbs and no effect on car handling. Overall I am pleased with my decision to purchase this product 50847

- 63153

by: Todd07/18/2011

Ordered this cargo carrier, extra large bag and light kit. Shipping was extremely fast; arrived in less that 4 days. Easy to assemble, I did however run to my local hardware store and got extra heavy duty washers to be sure all was nice and snug when assembled. The cargo carrier assembly was as easy as described; however no matter how I put in the lights, the plug wire was not long enough. Bought a $4 extender at Walmart. Be sure to put the rubber grommets in first, then put the lens in !!! Packed 3 large suitcases, 2 large duffel bags, smaller bags and still had room!! We did a 800 mile round trip to the beach, ran through some terrible rain storms, but everything stayed bone dry inside the cargo bag. Great product, fast shipping; wish I would have bought this long ago. 19627


Thank you for the picture of bag!What is the brand and model of the extra large bag?

comment by: DC - 07/12/2013


The bag in Todds photo is the the etrailer.com Extra Large Cargo Bag, part 988501. 54 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 24 inches tall. It is designed to fit the largest cargo carriers like the Pro Series carrier that Todd is using it with. Check the link:

Patrick B - 7/15/2013

- 63153

by: DCT05/27/2014

Purchased for my 2013 Ford F-150 truck, I had item unpacked and completely assembled in under 30 minutes. if your planning on hauling lots of extra equipment for your outdoor adventures this is the carrier for you. Carrier is built very strong and sturdy, I left carrier installed on truck hitch, once it was emptied I used it as a step getting in the bed of truck with tailgate in up or down position, just make sure you step on the center I Beam of carrier if you chose to use as a step. Holds a 165 quart igloo cooler with room to spare. Money well spent.. 132424


Carrier has been great in performance, has hauled lots of heavy tubes to and from the market.

DCT - 05/27/2015


- 63153

by: Stephen02/10/2013

I was looking for a safe and sturdy cargo carrier for all that excess tailgating gear. This is perfect and holds a heap of gear. Putting it together was no problem, all parts machined to fit easily and align well. Highly recommend this carrier. I must add that the service from etrailer was outstanding. They kept me informed all the way through from order placement to early delivery - it arrived on my doorstep in perfect condition in just 3 days. Great company to work with and I will be back for sure. 65587


Both have been great, thanks and looking forward to some more use with the tailgating season about to start!

Stephen - 08/13/2014


- 63153

by: Ron R.01/07/2013

I couldn't be happier with the carrier. With very little effort I was able to put it together. I was even able to attach it to the car without any problems. The whole process only took about twenty minutes. I then loaded it down with luggage and drove about 800 miles. Never had a problem. The carrier is sturdy and strong. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs extra storage space. 62560


Patrick, thanks for the email. The trailer has continued to be great. I dont use it a lot, but every year we take a couple of long distance trips and I need it. It is always great.

Ron R - 07/16/2014


- 63153

by: Tammy R.03/16/2012

My husband and I decided we wanted a cargo carrier so we "googled" it. Up came etrailer.com which looked like it had lots to choose from. We narrowed it down to two items before deciding on item #63153. We discussed the products with the customer service agent at etrailer.com. Can you believe she answered the phone at 10 minutes to 8 in the morning? Anyway, etrailer.com helped me compare between the two carriers my husband and I had narrowed down by offering information and answering the questions. I went ahead with the order and within 5 minutes I had a confirmation order in my email in box. Then, 10 minutes later I had notification that the order had already been shipped with shipping confirmation tracking. I was amazed at the customer care. This was a Friday morning when I ordered the carrier and today is Wednesday of the following week. We got our carrier yesterday - my husband put it together without any issues. That was fast and efficient. I love it! It is going to work perfect for us. Thank you etrailer.com! 34083

- 63153

by: John M.07/03/2011

Cargo carrier itself is just OK. The instructions are poor. When installing, start with the smaller bolts first, square up the cargo carrier, then tighten up the three larger botls to pull it all together. If you don't do this, you'll end up with the two halves not aligned very well. There is not protective foam in the box. My carrier came with the wire mesh pierced in one area from one of the rails during shipping. The exterior of the box was not damaged, so it must have been shaken around during shipping sometime. There was a small rust spot on the underside of the carrier. I bought this with a curt hitch, wiring, and lights for my Toyota Sienna. All together, it's a pretty good combination that eTrailer made very easy to piece together. I gave this a low rating because of the poor installations instructions, punctured wire mesh, and the rust spot. I can only expect that this carrier will need a lot of future TLC in order to keep-up with the Toyota's reliability. 18460

- 63153

by: Willie L.11/18/2012

This is a very sturdy product. The only difficulty which I experienced was with the lighting kit whip. The lighting kit section for the driver's side was too short to route under the carrier. I had to route it over the basket and rig a protector for this portion of the wiring. However with this said, I am looking forward to putting it to use. 59626


The carrier and light hook-up are very good. I have used them often. I would highly recommend them. God bless!!!

Willie L - 06/12/2014


- 63153

by: Scott06/11/2011

This carrier is perfect!! It is exactly what I was looking for to carry all the gear that 3 little kids come with!! I have a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer (same as Ford Explorer) and the fit is great. It was a toss up to go with this one or the foldable style but the rising offset works great. I opted for the light kit that is reccomended and yes, as mostly all the other reviews mention, the wiring harness is short. E-trailer really should consider supplying a longer one. However, that being said, it was not a problem to make a small splice extending it. Or, as others have suggested, buy a longer wiring harness at an auto store. Also, the suggestion to add fender washers to the assembly is an absolute must!! I cannot believe e-trailer does not supply what is, in my opinion, neccessary hardware. In all, this is exactly what i was looking for, it assembled with ease in about 30 minutes and is of sufficient quality to last for many trips. 16744

- 63153

by: John B.06/14/2012

I have three pics of our new cargo carrier that we bought from you. Also the light kit and cargo netting. The cargo carrier went very good. I did have to buy a hitch adapter, which i have a pic of because the cargo carrier was a 2" and i have a 1 and 1/2 inch reciever. As you can see we do not travel lightly. 44142

- 63153

by: Javen H04/16/2007

Great Carrier - Minor Defects I purchased this carrier, which for it's size and capabilities, this is a great deal. However, a couple of minor issues you need to be aware of. First off, there were a couple of minor defects where some weld had dripped on this rack, then was painted over, leaving a couple of large bumps on the surface. Secondly, and more importantly, I had to use washers as spacers along the support tube to prevent the platform from seperating at the center joint. No big deal, just be aware that before you assemble, to place a washer on each side of the support tube prior to inserting bolts. This will prevent the bolts from pulling the center joints apart. Lastly, the mesh flooring did not have big enough spaces to run the connectors for the tail light kit as described in the instructions. Be prepared to cut and splice the wires in order to have a professional looking installation. 133

- 63153

by: adamdrums10/13/2011

Well designed cargo carrier! I own a jeep liberty with a tire on the back. I have hunted for the perfect hitch cargo carrier that has a good sized platform, doesn't scrape the ground when driving up inclines and isn't extremely heavy. This one is it! The hitch leave roughly 1/4" gap between the tire and basket so its a nice tight fit and doesn't stick to far out. It elevates upward from the hitch so I don't need to worry about hitting the ground on inclines. The sides are good for keeping everything in place and piece of mind. One downfall is that I can't open the back on the liberty because of the tire. I can open the glass through. Overall highly recommended carrier! 25522

- 63153

by: Doug W.04/19/2012

Great Carrier. Ordered on a Friday and recieved it on Wednesday. Everything arrived in perfect shape even the boxes. Assembly was simple and had it on the back of my 2011 Tahoe in 15 minutes. I installed the light kit once it was on my vehicle. I put the lights in and hooked it to my vehicle. It was very tight from the drivers side as others have stated. I turned the light with the connection to the inside instead of the outside and picked up 4 inches of slack. I ran the green wire over to the yellow then zip tied everything where it fit the best. Worked great and turning the light doesn't effect anything. I would recommend this carrier to anyone. I also purchased the large cargo bag but haven't used it yet. I do need to order the anti rattle hitch pin because there is a little play in the receiver so I would recommend that. Customer service was great! 37694

- 63153

by: Mike06/24/2014

While I haven't used the product yet, it was very simple to assemble and fits great in my 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. There is plenty of space between the standard tire and the platform. I am looking to upgrade my tires to 35's and believe there will still be ample space to allow the carrier to attach properly. 137377


Very happy with it. Thanks for the follow-up!

Mike - 06/29/2015


- 63153

by: Daniel01/03/2011

Cargo carrier on Nissan Armada Pictures of the mounted cargo carrier. Overall the experience was awesome!!! The light cords could be a little longer for connection with wiring adapter, but still a good experience. I'll recommend!!! 4938

- 63153

by: Carl M.05/30/2011

Exactly what i ordered, box was a little beat up but the carrier was in good shape. Very simple to put together, took me 15 mins. As usual, service was great. Here are a couple of pictures with the carrier on my 2011 Outlander Sport. 15696

- 63153

by: Matt B06/03/2015

I ordered the bag and Hitch Basket together in one order for a trip in July. I will follow up with a review after the trip. I can say that it was super easy to put together and the quality is evident as soon as you open the box. Super quick shipping also, ordered it Friday, got it Monday. My only question is on the back of my 2013 Durango with dual exhaust is it going to get hot enough to damage the bag when i'm going down the highway at 80mph? I did a test run without the bag and it didnt seem like the basket got hot, a little warm. Any one that has driven any distance that can let me know would be a huge relief for me. 200090

- 63153

by: Eric06/14/2010

Overall, a very good carrier I am rating this carrier overall very good as I have used it only twice so far and it worked as expected, but I cannot comment yet on longevity and reliability. The setup was easy and as some have posted, washers were needed to fill gaps along the support tube. I recommend the Anti-Rattle device as it makes for a very secure connection. If opting for the light kit, it was an easy install, though the wiring can be banged around by items in the carrier, so be careful. My last trip encountered some rain and I noticed some rusting of the bolts holding the carrier together. I would expect some better quality hardware that could handle being outdoors. The frame is solid and you can crank down on your tie-downs to ensure your items are secure without fear of bending tubes. 3132

- 63153

by: Daniel A.04/02/2015

As soon as I purchased the product (cargo carrier for 2" hitch), I received the receipt for it via e-mail. I was also notified via email when it was shipped out. The product arrived quicker than I expected and was very well packaged. Took about 20 minutes to assemble and was very easy, despite the fact I am no handy man. I put the cargo carrier on my hitch with no problems. The carrier does not come with a hitch pin but I knew that before I purchased product so I was prepared. I love the carrier and even though I knew the dimensions, I was surprised at how much extra room it affords me. I will be getting some reflectors for it and will also purchase some tie down straps and then I will be ready to load the carrier up for camping. Thanks etrailer for great service and a great product. 182248

- 63153

by: Ryles06/23/2014

I bought one of these racks 2 years ago to take to the beach. Three trips to the beach and many trips camping, and to the home improvement store an this rack rocks! I just purchased a second one as a gift to a friend that goes to the beach with us (we take a lot of stuff). The 500 pound rating is no joke as I've had close to that on it several times. If my picture comes through you will see it loaded for the beach with an inflatable dinghy, outboard, gas can, water trampoline, fishing gear, chairs, beach toys, inflatable kayak, and more. This trip had to have 400 pounds on the rack. 137227

- 63153

by: Chuck12/21/2014

I own a Jeep wrangler so I need a little extra cargo hauling ability without the added load of a pull behind trailer. This product is it. It works well, easy to assemble (and I purchased the light kit to go with it ), and I received it within three days on the three to five day shipping. The product is large, ten square feet,and offers plenty of room to strap cargo of varying varieties onto it. It is slightly cumbersome to attach, but not so much to be inconvenient. The only drawback I have found is it has a little more play in the tube than I would like. Beyond that, it works well. Purchase the light kit in the event the cargo covers the tail lights. It snaps right In and plugs right up. I like the extra added safety of the lights, especially at night. 166381

- 63153

by: Duane D09/06/2013

Made strong, easy to put together. 98554


One year later with many trips to the beach and a few trips to the mountain. Great use for beach items no sand in car. Great for carrying wood to mountain. Its even transported a Barbie car with ease. A very useful product.

Duane D - 09/06/2014


- 63153

by: John K.07/05/2012

I received the cargo carrier only a few days after ordering it, the box and carrier itself were in good condition. Unpacking and assembly went quickly, but I did stop at the hardware store to get washers for the bolts that connect the baskets to the shank. I don't think you'd necessarily need them, but I can see the reason that a lot of people have used them. Along with the carrier, I got the light kit with it, and as others have stated, one side a bit short, and the other is actually a bit long. I picked up a 1 foot extension for connecting to the vehicle, and also 10 feet of the split wire tubing just to protect the wiring a bit. I found the lights fit very well into the rubber grommets, and don't foresee any problem with them. 46783

- 63153

by: Kim05/22/2014

Great product. Heavy duty!! Easy to assemble perfect fit for our SUV. Great product!! The price was right and free shipping. Was at my door in just a few days...amazing!!1 131961


Awesome for traveling!! Easy install and easy to take on and off.

Kim - 05/22/2015


- 63153

by: Jack08/21/2011

Overall it is functional. Strong steel frame but deck grating is low quality. I was disappointed in the light kit. It works but the backside of the lights are inside the cargo area and the wiring that plugs in the back of the lights are unprotected. You have to make sure when straping things down, cargo is not placed against the back of the lights/wiring, and the lights can be pushed out of the frame espcially when strapping things down. You basically loose valuable space within the cargo area because of the lights. I would like to see a license plate mount added. Had to zip tie it to the frame. Again overall it works well but I will end up making modifications which should have been considered by the designer. 22392

- 63153

by: John06/18/2015

Overall the cargo carrier is great. Although our first outing isn't until next week. I'm sure it will do great! It was relatively easy to put together only took about 30 minutes, by myself. Had a bit of an issue when all four of the posts didn't line up exactly right. But, with a little "muscle" I forced them together and all was well. I don't know about most people but I for one don't own, nor have I ever owned, a torque wrench. It calls for one in the instructions. Guess I will have to go buy one before I hit the road. Can't say enough good things about the help provided by Dana when I ordered the carrier. She was so helpful and kind. It was a real pleasure doing business with etrailer.com. 204417

- 63153

by: John L.08/17/2013

The Pro Series cargo carrier was easy to assemble and load. With the anti-rattle hitch pin, it mounted rock-solid to my Ford Edge--no rattle or motion from the carrier at all. The raised platform never scraped the ground despite adding 3' to the end of my car and the moderate incline of my driveway. Etrailer was prompt with notifications and had the carrier at my home on time as promised. My only complaints are that the carrier was not well packaged and suffered numerous scratches in transit that I will have to paint to prevent corrosion, and one bolt-hole (out of 11) was filled with a small bead of weld material that I had to remove (hammer and flat blade screwdriver) before I could insert the bolt. 95575

- 63153

by: Jason03/07/2009

Typical Chinese made crap I was surprised when I recieved the box and it had "Made in China" labels all over it. Can't anyone in America made something like this? Two of the nuts used to assemble it did not even have threads in them. Then when I went to install it into my hitch reciever, it wouldn't fit! It would go about half way and get bound up. It would appear that the hole for the pin was punched into the tubing, not drilled. This distorted the shape and caused it to be unsquare. So after a bunch of grinding and repainting it was finally ready to use. The light kit sucks too. One lead is significantly shorter than the other and wouldn't even reach between my connector and the light, without splicing. 1629

- 63153

by: Wade G.04/21/2015

Great product, easy to put together and ordering was very easy. I use this carrier to free up space in my camper shell and eliminate the need to unload camping equipment in order to go to bed. My son and myself camp in our camper shell about 30 weekends a year deer, duck and turkey hunting. As well as, all summer fly fishing in the North GA Mountains. This product paid for itself the first weekend. We were able to arrive late at a campsite and go right to bed without unloading cargo. Which was especially nice since it was pouring rain when we arrived at camp. Great product and great site to order from. I would highly recommend this site to anyone looking for a trailer hitch or any accessories. 187107

- 63153

by: Titus06/16/2008

Look No Further!! Last year in Oct. I purchased my wife an '04 Mountaineer. In Nov. we traveled to Ohio for Thanksgiving. Knowing that we usually bring back more than we take (and Grandma was riding with us), we needed more cargo room. I extensively searched the web for prices and features. This Carrier was awesome. Very spacious and hefty. The rails help with tie downs and ratchets. Soon I hope to order the Carrier Bag to complete the outfit. Quick to assemble and install, however you should place washers between the bolts and nuts as there is a minor angle without them. After Ohio we went to Florida in Dec. Still no complaints. Free shipping was also a plus. Look No Further!! 968

- 63153

by: Wayne12/31/2010

Hitch platform with kid's motor bikes I thought since I was looking for pictures of applications of what this hitch platform looks like- when I bought one in April --- Maybe you can use some of these photo's for your website. I use the hitch platform for with my Kid's Motor-bikes. 4831

- 63153

by: Mike G.08/02/2011

Great product has made about 6 trips load down with luggage from Florida to Indiana and haven't had a problem. The LED Light Kit is awesome and really lights up the back of the Tahoe. The only negative thing to say about this is there aren't any real hook spots for tie downs. The side rails work ok but they slide and aren't ment to hold down a load. Other than that if your looking for a great Cargo Carrier, this is the one. O and its fairly easy to put together when you get it. You will need a torque wrench to tighten down the three load bearing bolts/nuts. I'd upload a picture of it but my wife is on her way back to Indiana for another visit. Hope this review helps! 20942

- 63153

by: Bill F.04/16/2014

I purchased this cargo carrier for my 2013 Jeep Wrangler. It came disassembled and following the instructions, I had it set up in less than 30 minutes. I mounted it to my Jeep's hitch and it sits perfectly. I have over-sized Nitto Terra Grappler tires (305/55/R20). The goose neck on the carrier clears my rear tire by 4" (see photo). 125576


Hi Bill,I also own a 2013 Jeep Wrangler. Can you open the rear door with the unloaded cargo carrier installed?

comment by: Brad - 06/13/2015


- 63153

by: Jeff L07/19/2012

Very happy with the product, with one exception. The cargo carrier does not come with a pin and clip to secure it into your trailer hitch, which is essential and basic to its functioning. Without the clip, you have a 100 pound piece of metal that will not serve any purpose. I have purchased other products from other companies, such as a trailer hitch bike rack, and it came with all of the essential pieces of the product to make it work. They did not try to charge you an extra $5 or $10 for a pin and clip which is required to use the product. That's bad business. I am glad I was not leaving for my trip shortly after this product arrived. 48457

- 63153

by: JAMIE JUHL02/07/2013

I just assembled the 8" hitch extender(80307) and the cargo carrier (24 x 60)(63153) and the hitch locking receivers(7683) and threw it on the Hummer H2. My God this this is huge, low wiggle as the hitches sometimes are, and got the cargo stretch net(7330) to top it off. I'm leery of plastic hooks but we will see on the net. I put some heavy stuff in the middle of the carrier and went out as the directions state, locked the stuff down with the cargo stretch net and took it out foe a spin with the wife driving behind me. She said it road very well with no shift. So with camping coming up we can't wait! 65413

- 63153

by: Richg07/31/2012

Well, you get what you pay for. This carrier was easy to assemble...the light kit took longer to install than others reported, but only because I snipped the wires and routed them through the braces rather than wire-tie them to the underside of the carrier where they would be exposed to abrasion. My biggest concern is that the expanded sheet used on this carrier is as flimsy as window screen...any heavy load, protruding luggage corner etc is going to seriously bend the sheet. As before, you get what you pay for, and hindsight being 20-20, I would have paid more and gotten a carrier made by Rola. 49994

- 63153

by: Jake F12/26/2012

Quality paint and wielding. Good value for the money. Only drawback that may have altered my purchase had I had known about it is the way the lights fit into the frame. They actually protrude into the tray area where you load your cargo and the lights could easily be knocked out of the bracket by your cargo since they are only held in place by the pressure of the rubber seal and nothing else. Also, the wiring is in the rear of the light and protrudes out the same way. Went together very easily. I'm leaving for FL on Sat. and we’ll see how well it works. Best thing is it's made in the U.S.A. 61955

- 63153

by: Doug07/20/2012

I recently purchased a hitch mounted cargo carrier (63153), a light kit (98174LED), and a hitch pin. Bottom line is the lights didn't work because the driver side of the wire harness was too short to reach the plug on my vehicle. etrailers solution was I should buy an extension because my plug location was unique, unusual. The plug is located 8" to the left of the receiver, industry standard. If your are interested in this carrier, I would recommend you look somewhere else or be prepared to spend money to make it work because they don't tell you it won't work without buying an extension. 48623

- 63153

by: chris L.10/09/2012

Excellant customer service. All the items came the very next day.,less than 24 hours. WOW...I was worried about getting all the parts on the carrier togehter but it was very easy and came togehter with no problems. I am very very happy with the agent that was very smart and helpful, the next day service and all the products received. I did put flat washers on the middle support bar to be extra safe and a better firm grip.I ordered the #63153 for my 2011 Ford edge. I will use this company and their products in the future and will tell my friends. Outstanding service! 56818

- 63153

by: Tim R.05/27/2009

Very Good I used this tray to move something from Chicago to near Washington DC, then move my daughter back from college in Maine. It worked very well and saved me enough in gas (since I didn't need to use my truck) to pay for itself! Like others, I found I had to add washers when assembling to get proper alignment. I used 1/2" ID Fender washers. It would be nice if there was a way to slide the tray back when stopped to improve access to the Van, but for the price it's still a Great Cargo carrier. Haven't had it long enough to rate long-term reliability. 1895

- 63153

by: Rick L.03/16/2015

This item arrived in excellent condition and delivery was very fast. before the item arrived I recieved an email from etrailer stating that I had been charged shipping and shouldn't have been. They sent me a refund for the shipping within days of recieving the email. The carrier was easy to assemble and looked great. One minor problem was that the powder coating on the hitch was too thick to go into my 2" reciever. Simple solution was to chip the powder coating off of the hitch and paint it. Looks great, fits great, cant wait to go traveling with it. 178689

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Ask the Experts about this Pro Series Hitch Cargo Carrier
Do you have a question about this Hitch Cargo Carrier?

  • What is the Best Trailer Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier for My 2012 Ford Edge Crossover
  • The hitch mounted cargo carrier that is selected most by our customers that have a 2012 Ford Edge, is the Pro Series 24 x 60 Railed Cargo Carrier, # 63153. This carrier is not a folding style carrier like the one you referenced though, but does have a larger platform and cutouts to insert taillights, like part # 98174LED, if the cargo you will be carrying might cover the vehicle taillights. If you like the folding option, the Curt Cargo Carrier, # C18151, that you referenced is our best...
    view full answer...

  • 2013 Toyota Highlander Cargo Carrier and Cargo Bag Recommendation
  • After checking our records I found that you have a Class III rated hitch that has a maximum tongue weight of 500 pounds, and has a 2 inch by 2 inch receiver opening. I recommend the Rola Tilting Enclosed Cargo Carrier # 59110. You can use this is as a complete enclosed cargo box or or as an open cargo tray. It has a 250 pound carrying capacity. This enclosed carrier that will be more weather resistant than an open cargo carrier used with a bag. The latches that connect the cargo carrier...
    view full answer...

  • Cargo Carrier Clearance From Rear Mounted Spare Tire On 2012 Jeep Wrangler
  • I did some research on a 2012 Jeep Wrangler, and per the Jeep website, if you have a Class lll trailer hitch with a 2 inch receiver, the tongue weight capacity for that hitch is 500 lbs. The weight capacity would include the cargo carrier weight along with anything that would be carried. The towing capacity for your Jeep Wrangler is 2000 lbs. If you have a Class lll hitch, one of the carriers I recommend is the 24x60 Pro Series Cargo Carrier, part # 63153. It features a 2-1/2 inch rise...
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation To Relocate License Plate When Using Tow Ready Hitch Cargo Carrier, # 63153
  • On the Tow Ready Hitch Cargo Carrier, # 63153, the license plate can be mounted to the back of the cargo carrier by drilling two holes of 1/4 inch or less and attaching the plate with two screws. I also have a Optronics License Plate Holder, # LP35BB, that you could use. It mounts by one screw in the center and then the license plate attaches to the holder. If you have the Optional Light Kit, # 20174, on your cargo carrier you could use the Optronics License Plate Light And Bracket,...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Cargo Carrier for Carrying Snow Blower
  • Both Pro Series cargo carriers can handle the 270 pound snow blower. The difference is that # 63153 is 24x60 inches rated for 500 pounds and # 63155 is 20x47 inches rated for 300 pounds. I would recommend the Rage Power Sports Scooter Carrier, part # SC500. This carrier has a 500 pound capacity, a ramp, and can fold up flat against the rear of the vehicle when not in use.
    view full answer...

  • What is the Largest Trailer Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Available
  • As far as how far a load could extend over the sides of a hitch mounted cargo carrier, it is going to differ depending on the vehicle and the carrier. On the sides, regardless of vehicle or carrier, you do not want the load to extend wider than the vehicle or so far as to not be loaded safely. Most of the weight needs to be on the carrier. As far as how far the load can extend behind the carrier, if you have a smaller vehicle with a Class I or II trailer hitch, you will not want the...
    view full answer...

  • How To Install License Plate And Light Kit On The Pro Series Hitch Cargo Carrier # 63153
  • On the Pro Series Hitch Cargo Carrier, part # 63153, you can use the Optional Light Kit, part # 20174. This light kit will install on the Pro Series cargo carrier and plug into a 4-flat connector on your vehicle. This will give you operating taillights on the back of your cargo carrier. To mount your license plate on your vehicle and illuminate it I would recommend using either the Optronics License-Plate Light w/ Mounting Bracket, part # LP55CB, or the Peterson License Plate Light with...
    view full answer...

  • Using Stabilizing Straps on a Cargo Hauler in the Curt Hitch on a 2012 Honda CR-V
  • The Curt Trailer Hitch Support Strap, # 18050, is designed to help provide extra support to the receiver when carrying hitch mounted bike racks and cargo carriers. For the 2012 Honda CR-V the Curt hitch, # C13119, requires a support strap for all non-trailer loads for manufacturer warranty requirements. To use the suppport strap with a cargo carrier like the Curt 20x48 Cargo Carrier, # C18145, you would need to loop one end of the strap through the cargo carrier top rail and attach...
    view full answer...

  • Hitch Cargo Carrier Recommendation for Carrying a Snow Blower and Camping Equipment
  • If the 2 inch hitch on your vehicle is rated for at least 400 pounds tongue weight capacity, I would recommend using the Pro Series Steel Solo Cargo Carrier and Folding Ramp, # PS10401-10402. This carrier features a ramp for loading things like a snow-blower or lawnmower, see video link, and can easily be used to haul your camping gear when needed. The Pro Series Hitch Cargo Carrier, # 63153, would also be a good choice, but would be much harder to load a snow-blower or lawnmower on....
    view full answer...

  • Compatibility of Rola Cargo Carrier LED Lamp Kit # 59516 with Pro Series # 63153 Cargo Carrier
  • The Rola LED light kit you referenced, part # 59516 is indeed compatible with the Pro Series # 63153 cargo carrier. There is also the # 98174LED lamp kit that would also work, but I personally prefer the Rola Kit due to its heavier-duty wiring harness and connectors. Either light kit is also compatible with the # 59502, 59507, 59550, 63154 and 63155 cargo carriers. I have linked you to some product demonstration videos that you might find helpful.
    view full answer...

  • Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Recommendation for a 2014 Jeep Wrangler that Allows Rear Door to Open
  • Yes, the Pro Series Cargo Carrier part # 63153 would interfere with the rear door of your 2014 Jeep Wrangler from opening. We test fitted this carrier on a 14 Wrangler just like yours and determined this. Check out the review video I attached to the right for more info. Regardless of whether or not a cargo carrier would interfere with the door opening you should also consider that when you have cargo in the carrier it would also interfere with the door opening since it would sit up...
    view full answer...

  • Can Hitch Mounted Bike Racks be Added to Hitch Mounted Cargo Carriers to Carry Bikes and Cargo Items
  • We do have some options that will allow you to carry cargo and bikes on your 2012 Toyota Highlander, however, bike racks should not be mounted to a hitch mounted cargo carrier. The opening that you see on this cargo carrier is simply a hollow tube, not a receiver. Adding a bike rack to a hitch mounted cargo carrier would place too much weight too far back from the trailer hitch. This will create additional stress that the trailer hitch and your vehicle frame cannot support. It is similar...
    view full answer...

  • What Hitch Cargo Carrier Will Carry A Snowblower On A 1999 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4
  • I do have some options available for transporting your snowblower on a hitch cargo carrier on your 1999 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4. The Curt 26x41 ATV Cargo Carrier, part # C18101, you have referenced is designed for mounting to the factory installed back rack on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). It is not designed to mount to a trailer hitch. If you have a 2 inch hitch on your 1999 Ford Ranger XLT you could use the Rage Powersports Hitch Cargo Carrier, part # SC500. This hitch cargo carrier...
    view full answer...

  • Cargo Carrier with Spare Tire Clearance for 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
  • As a first step, you will need to determine what kind of clearance you will need. Measure from the hitch pin hole rearward until you clear the furthest rearward portion of the spare tire. The cargo carrier you choose will need to have a shank that is longer than that dimension. If your Wrangler has the stock tire size, this distance will be around 6 inches, but if you have larger tires, this distance could be greater. The Carpod # M2200 has a hitch pin hole to closest portion of the...
    view full answer...

  • Adding Lights and Reflectors to Make Pro Series Trailer Hitch Cargo Carrier More Visible
  • You have a couple of light kit options for the Pro Series carrier # 63153. For regular incandescent lights you can use # 20174. And for the LED light version use # 98174LED. I have linked a couple of videos on these light kits for you. To add reflective strips you can use # RE418T. You will likely have to trim them to fit but they will definitely make the carrier more visible. You could use marker # DM35RS to attach to the basket so that you can see it in your mirrors. The pole is...
    view full answer...

  • Can a Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Rack and Cargo Carrier be Used at the Same Time
  • With the 24x60 Railed Cargo Carrier, # 63153, installed in the trailer hitch, you will not be able to install anything else in the hitch and nothing can be installed in the tubing in the cargo carrier. What you could do is use the Curt Dual 2 Inch Receiver Tube Adapter, # D-192. However, the bikes will be hanging above the cargo carrier, limiting the amount of space on the carrier. Also this adapter/extension has a tongue weight rating of 350 pounds. This means that the cargo carrier,...
    view full answer...

  • Folding Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier for a 2012 Honda Pilot
  • You will have to bolt together the Pro Series cargo carrier. The 2 sides of the platform bolt together and bolt to the shank. I have linked the installation instructions for you. I have also included a link to an assembly video. There are 3 main pieces and it does not take very long to install. This carrier does not fold. Any of the trailer hitch mounted cargo carriers that fold will require at least some assembly. The most popular is # C18151. I have included a link to the installation...
    view full answer...

  • Are Lights Required on Pro Series # 63153 Cargo Carrier Installed on 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Lighting requirements can vary widely from state to state, but generally speaking, if the cargo carrier or the cargo stored on it obscures your taillights, it's a good idea to install a light kit. You can contact your Sate Highway Patrol or Police for specifics. I really like the # 59516 LED light kit. The LED lamps are very bright, yet they draw only a fraction of the power that incandescent lamps do. I also really like the rugged wiring pigtails used by the light kit. The light...
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation for Carrying a Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier on a Truck or Trailer
  • I have a solution for you that you may find better than putting a hitch on the back of the trailer. Take a look at CURT Multipurpose Ball Mount, # D210. With this ball mount, you would be able to tow the trailer with the ball mount portion and carrier a cargo carrier on the top receiver portion, provided that the combined tongue weight of the trailer, cargo carrier, and generator does not exceed 750 pounds, and the total weight placed in the ball mount receiver does not exceed 350 lbs. The...
    view full answer...

  • Fit of Pro Series # 63153 Cargo Carrier on 2014 GMC Acadia
  • To determine if the Pro Series # 63153 cargo carrier (nice choice, by the way!) will work well with your Acadia, first make sure it has a 2 inch receiver hitch. The inside dimension of the receiver opening, not the outside should measure 2 x 2 inches. Next, you'll need to measure the distance from the hitch pin hole in your receiver rearward until you clear the rear bumper (the help article I've linked you to shows exactly how to do this.) The cargo carrier has a hitch pin hole to closest...
    view full answer...

  • License Plate Mounting Bracket With LED Light for a Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier
  • One license plate bracket with an LED light that may work for you is the Optronics LED Trailer License Plate Light with Mounting Bracket, # LPL55CB. At this time there are no license plate brackets with lights that are specifically designed to work with hitch mounted cargo carriers, but this bracket provides attachment points for a license plate. You will just want to find a way to attach the bracket to the cargo carrier. In most cases, the bracket is screwed directly to the top rail...
    view full answer...

  • Cargo Carrier with Light Kit Recommendation for a 2003 Chevy Tahoe
  • As long as you have a hitch with a 2 inch opening like the Curt Hitch part # C15324 the 24x60 Curt Cargo Carrier part # C18153 would work well for you. It does not come with light accessories nor are any available for this carrier. Instead you would want the 24x60 Pro Series Cargo Carrier # 63153. This is a very similar cargo carrier that there is a light kit available for, LED Light Kit # 98174LED.
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation for a Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier and Cargo Bag for a 2007 GMC Yukon XL
  • Attaching a cargo carrier on your 2007 GMC Yukon XL is an easy process and combine it with a heavy duty cargo bag you will create tons of room in your vehicle. To start with I recommend the Pro Series 24x60 Cargo Carrier # 63153 which is not only economical, but, also large enough to carry most anything. The picture is of this carrier on a 2013 Yukon XL. I have also attached a short installation video on a similar vehicle. Next, I highly recommend the Extra Large Cargo Bag # 988501...
    view full answer...

  • Can a Trailer Hitch Adapter Be Used to Carry 2 inch Cargo Carrier oa a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer
  • There are two good recommendations for you but I would not recommend using a hitch adapter to carry a 2 inch shank cargo carrier in a 1-1/4 inch hitch. The reason is that the adapter reduces the hitch tongue weight capacity by 50 percent, and you would need to be very careful not to overload the hitch and vehicle frame, causing damage. The reduction in capacity is due to the extra torque that is applied when placing the weight farther away from the rear of the vehicle. The first recommendation...
    view full answer...

  • Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Recommendation for a 2012 Ford F-150 With Minimum Tailgate Interference
  • Hitch mount cargo carriers were certainly not designed to be used as a step, but I will admit that I have used a cargo carrier to climb into the back of a truck before. The weight capacity should not be an issue since each of the cargo carriers you mentioned have a weight capacity of 500 lbs, but the wobble could make the step uneasy if you do not step directly in the center of the cargo carrier. You should also keep in mind that the floor of the cargo carrier is metal and moisture could...
    view full answer...

  • Will Pro Series Cargo Carrier # 63153 the Clear Spare Tire on Jeep Wrangler
  • The distance from the hitch pin hole in the shank to the closest portion of the cargo platform of the # 63153 carrier is 12-3/4 inches. To determine if the carrier will work for you, measure 12-3/4 inches rearward from the hitch pin hole in your receiver, and see if this distance takes you past the rear edge of the spare tire. If you find that the Pro Series Cargo Carrier, part # 63153 does not offer enough clearance, take a look at the Curt 24 by 60 carrier, part # C18153. This carrier...
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  • Recommended Cargo Carrier with High Ground Clearance
  • The Surco 24 by 60 Cargo Carrier, part # 52018 has a straight shank, which means that the height at the back end would be the same at the height of the receiver. For the Toyota Venza, once a hitch is installed, the top of the receiver would fall just below the bottom of the rear fascia. Depending on the height from the ground to the bottom of a hitch receiver on your vehicle, this might present a problem. If you are concerned about ground clearance, you could use the Pro Series 24 by...
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