Quickly and easily move your small trailer with this sturdy steel dolly. Just hook up to the included 1-7/8" hitch ball and maneuver your trailer into place. All-terrain tires and comfort-grip handle make positioning a snap. Call 800-298-8924 to order MaxxTow Hitch Accessories part number MT70225 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all MaxxTow products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for MaxxTow Trailer Dolly with 1-7/8" Hitch Ball - Black Powder Coated Steel - 600 lbs. Hitch Accessories reviews from real customers.
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MaxxTow Trailer Dolly with 1-7/8" Hitch Ball - Black Powder Coated Steel - 600 lbs

MaxxTow Hitch Accessories

(94 reviews)

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Shipping Weight: 29.84 pounds


MaxxTow Hitch Accessories - MT70225

Quickly and easily move your small trailer with this sturdy steel dolly. Just hook up to the included 1-7/8" hitch ball and maneuver your trailer into place. All-terrain tires and comfort-grip handle make positioning a snap.


  • Trailer dolly lets you move your small trailer
    • Bring trailer to tow vehicle for fast hookup
    • Easily wheel trailer into garage or storage space
  • Chrome-plated hitch ball makes for effortless hookup
  • Long handle provides leverage, making it easy to manage the load
    • Rubberized coating on handle ensures good, comfortable grip
  • 2 Pneumatic, all-terrain tires on sturdy steel rims offer excellent support
  • Black powder coated steel frame is strong and rust resistant


  • Ball size: 1-7/8"
  • Tongue weight capacity: 600 lbs
  • Tire size: 12" diameter x 4" wide
  • Wheel spacing (outside to outside): 26"
  • Distance from center of hitch ball to handle: 43"
  • Handle width: 10-1/2"
  • Distance from top of hitch ball to ground: 17"
  • 90-Day warranty

70225 Maxx Tow Trailer Mover

Video of MaxxTow Trailer Dolly with 1-7/8" Hitch Ball - Black Powder Coated Steel - 600 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for MaxxTow Trailer Dolly Review

Today, we are going to review the Maxxtow Trailer Dolly with 1-7/8 inch ball, Part Number MT70225. The MaxxTow Trailer Dolly is designed to let you quickly and easily maneuver your trailer around your yard, your garage or your storage area. It features the 1-7/8 inch ball. It has a maximum towing weight capacity of 600 pounds. It has 12 inch diameter pneumatic tires. The top T-handle, where your hand grips, measures 10-1/2 inches wide.

The steel frame is finished in a black powder coat which will help the trailer dolly lasts for years. Now, we'll show you how it works in conjunction with the trailer. We have a boat trailer today and we'll just fit the boat trailer coupler over the ball. As we push down on the handle of the tow dolly, the trailer coupler will come up and we can start to maneuver the trailer around the parking lot. The tow dolly is very handy to use when you have to maneuver your trailer into a tight garage or stall space and that's it for a review of the Maxxtow Trailer Dolly, Part Number MT70225..

Customer Reviews

MaxxTow Trailer Dolly with 1-7/8" Hitch Ball - Black Powder Coated Steel - 600 lbs - MT70225

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (94 Customer Reviews)

Quickly and easily move your small trailer with this sturdy steel dolly. Just hook up to the included 1-7/8" hitch ball and maneuver your trailer into place. All-terrain tires and comfort-grip handle make positioning a snap.

- MT70225

by: Gary C05/16/2014

This trailer dolly is a good special purpose product. etrailer shipped it very quickly and had well packed it in an inner box suspended in a larger cardboard one. This was very good because mine had been punctured by an object during handling but it hadn't penetrated to the inner box. Nothing was missing from the package. I made the mistake of reading the instructions, which confused me at first because it appeared that some lock washers were missing but it turns out these parts were updated to a better system using lock nuts. Too bad the instructions aren't undated to match. After putting aside the instructions, I took out all the parts and figured how they must go together... this is really simple because there aren't very many parts. I started by putting on the wheels. The hardest part was figuring out that the handle bracket fits inside the support frame; this part appears to be symmetrical but would only fit one way. Of course, I had it wrong on my first attempt so by flipping it around it then fit snugly in place. I also found that the link bar fits under the cross brace rather than on top, which is how it looks in the detailed parts diagram. Once assembled, I found the dolly worked well enough on gravel for smaller trailer loads (under 1000 lb). My 5' x 10' utility trailer had been loaded with about 2000 lb of black earth in bags, so my first trial was to move that over a slightly irregular sloped gravel driveway. I figure the entire load including the trailker was about 2500 lb. No luck at all, I could barely move it. But lafter unloading I was then able to manuever the empty trailer quite easily. I bought this dolly to move my snowmobile about 20' into a storage building and expect no problems once I finish the 4' x 8' platform trailer I'm building for this purpose. 130994

- MT70225

by: larry pennington02/14/2014

Trailer dolly MT70225 arrived a day late due to the adverse weather conditions in Nashville, TN. No problem. Packaging carton by Etrailer and the packaging by Maxxtow was outstanding. The only complaint I had was that the Parts List on page 5 of the Instruction Manual & Parts Catalog did not agree with hardware that was received. It appears Maxxtow has updated the type of hard-ware provided and has not updated the parts list. I at first thought parts were short. That could be confusing to some people. Cosmetic only. If they update assembly diagram and parts list they need to also update the instructions in Page 4, paragraphs 1 thru 7. 116531


I have used it to move my two-wheeled car dolly around the yard and moving car dolly to rear of motor home. We take it with us when we camp to move the car dolly away from motor home for storage while we camp. Im 74 years old and it does the trick.Im happy with unit.

larry p - 02/14/2015


- MT70225

by: Wayne S04/01/2014

I ordered a trailer dolly and the product was delivered as scheduled. A few days later, (when the weather got better), I was able to use the dolly and move my trailer - by myself! I didn't have to depend on other people to help me push the trailer. The product and the deliverly was excellent! 123260


Wow! What a coincidence! I just came in the door to relax and decided to check my email. In fact, I was outside for the last half hour using the trailer dolly.I had to turn my tent trailer around so that the hitch would be facing the street and I was using the trailer dolly. The dolly made my effort flawless and I did it by myself, without any help!Thanks for a good product.

Wayne S - 04/03/2015


- MT70225

by: Popup Camper12/09/2014

I have been buying trailer and rack parts from etrailer for over 10 years and have gotten nothing but quality products and great customer service. This time was no different. I was going to buy the Harbor Freight brand dolly, but when I saw it at the store it did not appear to be very heavy duty and the quality was lacking. At Etrailer Tow-Maxx Dolly had good ratings and the biggest tires. I was a little concerned the Tow-Maxx Dolly was going to be of poor quality like the one at Harbor Freight, because it was the same price but it turned out the Tow-Maxx dolly quality was excellent and sturdy. Why 4 out 5 stars: The instructions and assembly illustration sucked. Open and assemble the dolly outside, the toxic chinese rubber smell is horrible. Wash hands after assembly. FYI all of the dollys etrailer sells are made in China. 163788


You apparently use this to move your pop up camper around at home? Mine weighs 2500 and I am tired of pushing it around the driveway without a dolly. Do you recommend this one? Some of the other reviews scare me a bit about the quality and materials.

comment by: John G - 01/11/2015


- MT70225

by: Bill D.06/30/2014

Heavy duty and appears well made. Just the ticket for pushing around my smaller enclosed utility trailer. 138432


Thanks for the email. I use both items constantly and theyve held up very well. The Blaylock coupler lock is exposed to the elements 24/7, and I take a little preventive maintenance by lubricating the keyway with WD40, but it has worked flawlessly. The trailer dolly is a back saver. Im very happy with both purchases and Im sure Ill be making more in the future.

Bill D - 06/09/2015


- MT70225

by: Kim09/02/2015

It arrived promptly with standard shipping. I found directions for assembly complete and not hard to follow. You just have to read them carefully. We are using this to move our Aliner A frame pop up camper trailer, which weighs 2000 lbs., around the driveway and into its car port. My wife and I were able to move the trailer successfully on our dirt and gravel surface. The only negative is that the rubber on the tires and handles stinks. The dolly has to live outside until it outgasses. The only problem I had with the instructions is that although they warn not to over or under inflate the tires, the proper inflation pressure is not mentioned anywhere in the instructions, on the tires or the box. I called etrailer about this and got a polite, prompt answer and now inflate the tires to 30psi. 223590

- MT70225

by: Emerson Dyer06/09/2013

I would recommend that before you send out a product from your location that you open the box and check its condition. The dolly will meet my needs nicely, but its condition was less than new when I received it. The nuts and bolts holding one of the wheels together were severely corroded and the tube was installed backward. I replaced the nuts, bolts and washers with stainless steel as I could find no galvanized in the proper size. The bearing race on that wheel had corrosion around the edge but appeared to work OK. It is disappointing to have to "fix" a new item before you can use it. I don't intend to send it back as it is now usable, but I'm sorry can't recommend your company to anyone else. 83918

- MT70225

by: Keith J.08/13/2014

I bought this dolly to reduce the physical effort required for my wife and I to move our trailer uphill on grass from the street to the back yard. I can now move down to the street by myself. Works great! I ordered the dolly and it was delivered to my door within three days. The company shipped UPS with a faster delivery than I even ordered. Can't beat that! Assembled the dolly on the tailgate of my pickup. No real problem, all parts fit together ok, though it did take about four different metric sizes wrenches and sockets for the bolts and nuts. This is simple assembly. I used the picture for assembly more then the written directions. Switched the 1-7/8" ball to a two inch ball. 146618

- MT70225

by: Dave C12/08/2014

While I have yet to use the product (to help me move a log splitter around my property), I have to say the service from e-trailer was excellent. Within a day or so of placing my order, the trailer was shipped (at no additional charge). It arrived in good shape a few days later, was easy to assemble, and should be just the thing for my application. I was impressed by the service (and follow-up) by e-trailer, with email communication throughout the process. The only issue that I have with the product is that the wheels (or lubricant or plasticizer) have quite a strong odor, so we didn't keep the package or the product inside the house for long! This will probably diminish with time. 163728

- MT70225

by: Anon05/15/2015

This unit is higher quality than I expected. The powder coat is even and a has a nice crinkle finish. The instructions are a little vague, but the exploded view is helpful. Once assembled, it has a nice solid feel to the whole thing. I immediately used it to move a 2-place pwc trailer with pwc's (total wt ~2200lbs.) out of a storage garage. I had about 1 inch clearance to each fender, and maneuvering it was so easy. The trailer wheels were on concrete and the dolly wheels were on fairly level ground. Even so, it pulled much easier than I imagined. Being able to move this trailer in and out without using the car is worth the price of admission. 193349

- MT70225

by: Mark S12/19/2013

I recently saw a similar trailer dolly in use by a friend. I went online and found the MaxxTow from etrailer.com. I have to say that after 100's of online purchases, I have never had the customer service and follow-up that I received from etrailer.com. Immediate information on order receipt and shipment was received from etrailer. The product arrived ahead of schedule and was very easy to assemble...10 minutes max. Dolly is actually more "heavy-duty" than I expected for the price. Similar dolly's were more than double the price I paid. Stop looking, pull the trigger for the MaxxTow and start saving your back. Cheers to etrailer! 110542

- MT70225

by: Wade12/10/2013

When searching for a trailer dolly, I found numerous choices available online. After buying from e-trailer, I couldn't be happier with the choice I made. They have been a pleasure to deal with, shipped the product immediately, followed up on my order, and generally have done an outstanding job. The product was carefully and properly packaged and the trailer dolly and all hardware was complete and in good order upon receipt. This is a very nice product, sturdy and easy to assemble (took about 15 mins.). I would give this vendor and this product a 100% satisfaction rating. 109740

- MT70225

by: John06/20/2015

Pretty much what I expected based upon etrailer.com description and prior customer reviews. I too found the product instructions out-of-date. The only useful part was the exploded parts view. I wish tire psi had been indicated but 18 psi works well for me. Overall, I am very happy with the dolly and so far it is an excellent value for the price paid. The entire purchasing process was seamless, the dolly arrived in 3 days with no issues. Once again, etrailer.com has proven to be the site to go to when I need quality products for a fair price. 205918

- MT70225

by: Chuck02/21/2015

The dolly seems to be well made and rolls just fine, once you find out what the tire pressures are supposed to be. The assembly instructions were somewhat confusing but the secret is to not tighten any nuts & bolts until you have put the entire thing together and see that you did it right, then tighten everything. I have a complete set of metric tools so that wasn't a problem and all the parts were in the box. There is a strong odor from the tires but that is no problem once you keep it outside of the house. 175535

- MT70225

by: Ed A04/19/2015

Altho I haven't used the dolly yet I can tell it is excellent quality material which will hold up well. I will make moving my poontoon trailer around the yard a pleasant chore rather than the back breaker I am used to enduring. Only a couple of small compliants, one none of the Spring washer were included in the box. (total of 7 missing) Also, the directions leave a litle to be desired so put it all together before tightening any bolts. Great product for the price and I did shop around before purchasing. 186346

- MT70225

by: Simon12/13/2013

Nice product; I can now move my 500 lb trailer up and down my sloped driveway and into my garage without (too) much effort. The large diameter wheels help reduce effort but unfortunately the tires can rub against the trailer hitch when making a very tight turn which can cause issues in tight quarters. 110080

- MT70225

by: Trailer Man07/03/2015

The product is great but like everybody has said the instructions are poor and incorrect. I moved my 6 X 12 utility trailer by hand the first few days that I had it. It is in my backyard. It about killed my back. I received this and put it together and it is great, it holds up the trailer with ease and I just have to push or pull. It is pretty easy even in the grass. I am 55 years old and I am pretty crippled up and this works great for me. I put a 2 inch ball on it. I recommend it. 209189

- MT70225

by: Sam the Painter - Iowa01/07/2014

I bought this dolly to move my log splitter in & out of my garage Because the gas lines & carb kept freezing up . I was surprised by the quality of the dolly & it was fun to put together & lots cheaper than surgery for a hernia. Plus I will use it to move my 14 ft fishin boat around while mowing this summer. I'm 54 so it was well worth the $ . It's a lot less hassle than trying to hook up to my truck. Thanx e trailer I will be back & recommend u 112148

- MT70225

by: Jeff M06/05/2015

Maxxtow Trailer Dolly - 1-7/8 Ball - Black Steel - 600 Lbs- order arrived to my home very quickly (within a few days of order). Trailer dolly was very easy to assemble, is well made, fit and finish is very good. Have a 74" by 14' 850 lb utility trailer. Dolly makes moving the trailer from behind my garage to the driveway very easy. rolls very easily through the grass and over small bumps. Would by this product again. 200794

- MT70225

by: Gary T.05/13/2015

The dolly was exactly as advertised. Put it together in a matter of minutes (after getting rid of the instructions!) just using common sense. Was able to maneuver my 3,000 lb gross, 300 lb tongue weight travel trailer with minimal effort over asphalt. Shipping (5 days) was reasonable given that it sat in the UPS facility over a weekend. Am very satisfied with eTrailer and will not hesitate to do business with them again. 192576

- MT70225

by: Bob D.01/07/2015

Quality of dolly is excellent but assembly instructions are below average, particularly in the description of the hardware used. Fortunately the assembly was rather simple. I use the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly to move a 6x10 utility trailer in and out of a gravel covered parking area. GVW is 3200 lbs and tongue weight is about 400 lbs. The dolly works well for me and makes the maneuvering of my utility trailer quite easy. 168094

- MT70225

by: doug m.07/03/2015

very pleased overall with product 1. assembled in 15 min 2. strongly built 3. I moved 3000 pound trailer by myself on first try 4. arrived as promised with good packaging minor nit: assembly instructions awkward. diagram small enough to be ambiguous. suggest single 8x10 instruction sheet with big diagram on one side and text instructions on other. overall, very satisfied. 209031

- MT70225

by: Bill S.05/27/2015

I received the dolly in good shape. Packaging was excellent. Sturdy build on the dolly itself. Assembly was fairly straightforward. Durable finish should last a lifetime. I have a 5x8 enclosed utility trailer that moves around with ease now. The wheels and tires should be more than needed for my application. All in all a great product for a great price. I only wish I had bought it with the trailer! 198137

- MT70225

by: Bob M.05/12/2015

As many others have pointed out - poor instructions, so just look at the pictures, put the bolts in loosely to start, and then tighten everything. Moves our Scamp travel trailer (1300 pounds, 190 pound tongue weight) easily over uneven gravel pad that is grown in with grass. Would be an absolute breeze on a hard surface. Very well-built of heavy steel. Shipping was dang near instantaneous! 192115

- MT70225

by: Bob B.08/07/2014

Dear Nick, The Quality Control on this product is lacking! I had to drill the two upper holes on the handle. The ones on the bracket were there, but someone forgot the ones on the handle. Additionally, I had to go to the hardware store and get bolts that were long enough to fit those holes. Other than that, the product seems to work OK. Your customer service demeanor was great. Thanks 144974

- MT70225

by: David L.04/21/2015

This trailer dolly does the trick for my 1500lb smoker trailer! Happy I order this dolly from E trailer, 12" tires, sturdy made frame and easy to assemble! E trailer is hands down one of the best and fastest delivery online companies I've ever dealt with! Ordered these two items Thurs. morning, was delivered Fri. evening... That's what I'm talking about! Customer service is off the chain! 187055

- MT70225

by: Mike05/10/2015

I'm a satisfied customer. Took me about 45 minutes to put it together, including pumping up the tires. Helps to have some metric wrenches. People who say the holes don't line up don't know how to pull or push on the bent metal parts to get them to fit. Just push it into place and bolt together. Works well for our 14 & 16 foot skiffs, my wife was seen rearranging the yard this afternoon. 191696

- MT70225

by: Lynne & Jerry G06/24/2015

We ordered the MaxxTow trailer dolly and received it in 2 days, without paying express shipping charges. The package came with all powder coated product in plastic sleeves, very well protected. The assembly was very easy and took only 20 minutes. We tested it with our trailer on concrete and gravel and it worked VERY well! This is going to make dealing with our trailer much easier! 206917

- MT70225

by: Terry04/04/2013

Appears to be rugged enough. Have only used it once and it worked. The pictures in the assembly manual are too small to be useful for assembly. Guessed wrong the first time. The wheels are a sloppy fit - too much space between the cotter pin and the wheel. Probably would give it a '5', but it is just a simple device that is going to work o.k. - no reason to be excellent. 74195

- MT70225

by: James F.08/05/2015

Received the Trailer Dolly in a timely fashion following order. I have not assembled as yet and cannot respond with a positive review. I do have a con remark as to the odor of the package. A very pungent odor emitted from the package and I suspect it is coming from the trailer tires or the packaging. Would like to know if the origin of the odor is known. Thanks, JRF 216861

- MT70225

by: GALE T.12/16/2013

Wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Trailer Dolly. I have a log splitter that I need to move around and the Trailer Dolly has really lightened my work load to move Splitter. I would recommend the purchase of your Trailer Dolly to anyone who is in need of one. Price us very reasonable. The follow up from your staff is excellent! Thanks for the follow up! 110201

- MT70225

by: DVO09/22/2015

Easy assembly, excellent product for moving our pop-up camper around our yard. We bought this product to move the pop-up around our yard after we unhooked it from the car. This product makes the movement much easier. It did have a strong smell to it, which permeated our house. Though it was annoying, we didn't assemble it any faster or move it outside. 226898

- MT70225

by: Pete S.03/08/2015

Very sturdy! I would have given this 5 stars if it were not for the poor instructions. A handy person can get it figured out. There is no mention at all of the proper tire inflation. Load range B is usually 35 pounds so that is what I used. Again, a well built product and well worth the price. PS: eTrailer is a joy to work with! Pete 177535

- MT70225

by: Tom W01/16/2015

This is a great product for moving a small trailer. It handles lifting of the trailer tongue very easy and maneuvering of the trailer a breeze. The only complaint was the assembly instructions were not very well written and the parts list was terrible. Anyone with a little mechanical knowledge can assemble it without the instructions. 169085

- MT70225

by: Dave01/14/2015

Solid, well-built dolly. Quality control could be better- mine was missing the instructions and one tire had a leaky tube. But fairly easy to figure out how to assemble, and etrailer customer service arranged for a new tube to be shipped to me right away. I looked at a lot of these, and this one is the best bang for the buck. 168892

- MT70225

by: Randy07/31/2015

Product arrived in less than a week. Appears durable enough and assembled in less than 5 minutes with 2 common tools. Hooked it up to my Wellcraft 160 CCF and it picked up it up in a snap and easily moves it around. Great workhorse in a small package. I had concerns if it was going to be strong enough. Doubt no longer! 215691

- MT70225

by: Hans H.07/30/2015

I ordered the MaxxTow Dolly last week. I received it 3 days later! The item was exactly what I wanted and the Service I received (including all notification of order received, item shipped, etc.) was above what I expected. This merchant is honest, professional, and they certainly have earned my future business. Hans H. 215563

- MT70225

by: Gary06/03/2015

Works as expected. The instructions were pretty much useless. Had to look at the picture on the box to see how to put it together. It wasn't very hard but it would be nice for them to at least let you know which bolts go where. As far as etrailer goes, the products got here very fast..Excellent Customer Service! 200096

- MT70225

by: Matt S. Tennessee05/23/2014

Product was shipped quickly and way ahead of time. Assembly was very easy and this trailer dolly will be a back saver for sure. I will be using it to move my log splitter around the wood yard. Thank you so much etrailer.com and I will be purchasing more items very soon for my 2013 Toyota Rav 4. Have a blessed day. 132160

- MT70225

by: rene & joan04/23/2014

we have used our dolly 4 times and i am very happy with it. i can turn my 10 ft trailer in my carport with no problem. the only complain i have is that the tires would not slide into the axle . i had to sand off all the paint on axle before it would go in ,but i got it done other than that it is great 126990

- MT70225

by: Robert m.03/31/2015

Didn't have the trailer dolly I ordered was talked into buying this one instead. Wheels were to small for the job I needed to do, and handle was to short. If I had blacktop parking lot it would have been fine, unfortunately I was pulling a camper into my backyard took four people to move it. 181884

- MT70225

by: Dave B12/10/2014

Received the dolly earlier than projected and in good condition. Assembly was easy and the parts are good quality. Like the 12" tires and the 17" lift. We will use the dolly to move our trailer across grass and gravel into the barn. This will save lifting and the energy can go to pulling. 164175

- MT70225

by: Steve T.10/15/2013

I have not used the trailer dolly yet but it seams plenty sturdy enough for my purpose.It was fairly easy to put together. I have used the cargo bags before I really like them. They fit alot of cargo. I was very pleased with the free shipping & I received my items in two days 103876

- MT70225

by: Vince B.07/08/2014

Nice, high quality product. Used it to move my pop-up camper across the lawn to the back of my yard. The large tires make moving a relatively heavy trailer easy. Great service from etrailer, the product was on backorder and they kept me informed with phone calls and email. 140065

- MT70225

by: Bruce L.01/13/2015

I got the dolly a day sooner than it was scheduled. It went together quick and looks to be good quality. I get my new trailer in a couple of weeks and I need this to pull up into my driveway. E Trailer is top notch and I'll be ordering more from them in the near future! 168802

- MT70225

by: John B.07/17/2014

Easy to assemble despite lousy instructions - just look at the picture and proceed. Seems very solid and moves my enclosed motorcycle trailer with ease. e-trailer delivered the dolly promptly and had the best price on the net I could find. All around a great experience. 141849

- MT70225

by: Susan06/08/2015

Assembly of the dolly was straight forward. We are impressed with the quality of the steel and how well the parts fit together. We have several boat trailers and a horse trailer and it fits all of them. We hope to motorize it someday. 201822

- MT70225

by: Vickie07/27/2015

Thanks for the quickness in sending the dolly. Every part and detail of the product was exact. We bought this item to move our log splitter from the pile to the lean-to. Can't wait to use it in the fall when it is cooler. blessings 214822

- MT70225

by: Dennis P04/06/2015

So far, so good. Directions of how to put it together were not the best but only took about 1/2 hour. Seems very sturdy and just what I need to get my small basstender on it's trailer to my lake. Can't get my vehicle close enough. 183373

- MT70225

by: Bluto05/13/2015

The instructions aren't very good but it's not hard to put together. For my small boat it works like a charm. The pneumatic tires are very nice also. One of the cotter keys was missing, but no big deal. A good deal for the money 192781

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  • Trailer Dolly Capable of Moving Small 1900 lb Travel Trailer
  • The MaxxTow # MT70225 trailer dolly has a 600 lb capacity. According to MaxxTow, the total weight of the trailer cannot exceed the 600 lb capacity, so your trailer would be too heavy. Rack'em makes a # RA20 dolly that can handle trailers with tongue weights up to 500 lbs. Since yours would be between 200-300 lbs, this particular dolly would work great for you. As you can see by checking out the customer reviews, the Rack'em dolly is highly rated by our customers.
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  • Can MaxxTow Trailer Dolly # MT70225 Tow 20 Ft Trailer Over Uneven Asphalt
  • The MaxxTow Trailer Dolly, # MT70225, which you referenced, would be more than enough to tow your trailer over uneven asphalt. The dolly can handle a trailer with twice as much tongue weight/total weight as your 2015 Forest River Rpod has. A colleague here has used this dolly on asphalt and he said it was very easy to maneuver, but then he is a pretty big guy. I have included a product demonstration video of this dolly for you to check out.
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  • Will MaxxTow Trailer Dolly Work Well on an Incline and in Grassy Areas
  • I have used the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly, # MT70225, to move trailers around on flat pavement and it is surprisingly easy to do so. It will be a little harder off road so to speak but it should still handle the terrain with relative ease. If you wanted to go to 13 inch tires then use # RA20. It has a lower tongue weight capacity, 500 pounds, compared to the MaxxTow 600 pounds. I have linked video reviews of both dollies for you.
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  • Trailer Dolly to Move a 2500 Pound Boat Trailer on a Flat Cement Surface
  • The trailer dolly # RA20 has a tongue weight capacity of 500 pounds and your 2,500 pound boat trailer likely has a tongue weight below that limit so you could use this dolly. If you are not sure what the tongue weight is of the boat and trailer you could use a tongue weight scale, # 5780, or use one of the methods explained in the help article I have linked for you. For a dolly with a little more capacity you could use MaxxTow dolly # MT70225. It is rated for 600 pounds tongue weight. For...
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  • What is the Hitch Ball Height Above Ground with the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly # MT70225
  • The top of the 1-7/8-inch hitch ball included with the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly, part # MT70225, sits 17-inches above ground level. This dolly can be used to move trailers with any size coupler, even those larger than the included 1-7/8-inch hitch ball size. It offers a substantial 600-lb tongue weight capacity, making it suitable for use with a broad range of trailers.
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  • What is the Axle Diameter for MaxxTow Trailer Dolly
  • We actually use the MaxxTow trailer dolly, # MT70225, here to move trailers around when needed. So I took some digital calipers outside and measured the diameter of the axle. It is just under 1 inch (0.98 inches). I also made a video for you showing the calipers at that measurement.
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  • Moving a Trailer with 600 Pounds Tongue Weight Around a Flat Driveway
  • Electric jacks rarely have wheels on them because the wheel capacity is much lower than the jack capacity so it limits them if they have wheels. Instead of installing and removing a jack, I recommend a trailer dolly, # MT70225, which is rated for up to 600 pounds tongue weight. It does have a 1-7/8 inch ball but that is fine for a trailer dolly, even if the coupler takes a larger ball, because you aren't towing with the smaller ball, just moving the trailer around. I have used trailer...
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  • Can I Use a Trailer Dolly to Move a Loaded Trailer
  • The MaxxTow Trailer Dolly, part # MT70225, has a 600 lbs tongue weight capacity, meaning that as long as your trailer's tongue weight is below 600 lbs loaded it will work fine. A typical trailer's tongue weight will be 10-15-percent of its gross weight. As a point of reference I have attached a FAQ article covering how to determine trailer tongue weight.
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  • Best Way to Move a Trailer Around on a Paved Driveway
  • You have a couple options. You could go with a standard trailer dolly like the part # MT70225, or for an even easier product to use you could go with the Trailer Valet part # STC-V211. This jack comes with a crank and handle that allows you to move a trailer on pavement very easily. Check out the review video I attached for more info.
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  • Recommendation for Easily Moving a Pop Up Camper Into a Storage Unit
  • If your Coleman Sedona PopUp weighs around 2,000 lbs (I think that is what was indicated), the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly # MT70225 would work well to move it around as long as the ground is level. Moving 2,000 lbs around with a pallet jack isn't that difficult so you should have no problem. I attached a review video for this product for you to check out as well. The other solution I would recommend would be the Trailer Valet # STC-V211 which has a crank on it that works as an integrated...
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  • What is Tongue Weight Capacity of MaxxTow # MT70225 Trailer Dolly
  • The MaxxTow Trailer Dolly with 1-7/8-Inch Hitch Ball # MT70225 is rated for use with trailers with tongue weight up to the dolly's limit of 600-lbs. A typical trailer's tongue weight will be 10-15-percent of its gross weight, so if your boat/trailer weigh 2500-lbs, you should be well within the MaxxTow's operating range.
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  • Replacement Tire and Wheel for MaxxTow Trailer Dolly
  • MaxxTow replacement wheel and tire for trailer dollies # MT70225-1 does have a type of bearing but regardless the opening size for the shaft or axle is 1 inch in diameter so it would fit your dolly. It is meant as a replacement for tow dolly # MT70225 but could be used for other applications if it fits.
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  • Can a Trailer Dolly be Used to Move Boat Trailer Up and Down a Boat Ramp
  • Since boat ramps have an incline I am afraid the weight of the boat and trailer would pull you down the ramp and trying to pull it back up would be very difficult. They do make powered dollies, trailer movers, but we do not carry them. Moving the boat and trailer around on level ground would be fine for a trailer dolly such as # MT70225.
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  • Trailer Jack and Dolly Recommendation for a Hi-Lo Trailer with Limited Tongue Space
  • The Trailer Valet Jack, # STC-V211, takes up 7-1/4 inches of the frame rail and it can mount to any trailer frame rail up to 2-3/4 inches wide and up to 6 inches tall. Since you only have about 6 to 6-1/2 inches available, this may not work for you. We do not carry any other jacks that function like the Trailer Valet, but another jack that you may be interested in is the Fulton Bolt-Thru Swivel Marine Jack with Dual Wheels, # FXPD15L. This jack has a slightly shorter lift height of 12...
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  • Availability of a Trailer Dolly for Trailer with 650 Pounds Tongue Weight
  • The highest capacity trailer dollies we currently carry are rated for a maximum of 600 pounds tongue weight and include MaxxTow dolly # MT70225 and Buffalo Tools dolly # BTTRDOLLY. You may be able to use one of these dollies if you are able to move some of the weight on the trailer further back to reduce the tongue weight.
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  • Are the Wheels on the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly Made of Steel
  • The wheels used on the MaxxTow trailer dolly # MT70225 are steel. We use one of these around here to move trailers from time to time and it has worked perfectly. Just be sure to stay within the capacity, 600 pounds. I have linked a video review of the dolly for you.
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  • What is the Maximum Tongue Weight Capacity of Trailer Valet Jack and Trailer Mover
  • The Trailer Valet, # STC-V211, like you said is rated for 500 pounds tongue weight. It is the overall tongue weight capacity rating of the entire unit and there isn't a way to increase it. Currently this is the only model they make. You could potentially lower the trailer tongue weight by moving some weight towards the back of the trailer, if at all possible. The other option I have is a trailer dolly, # MT70225, rated for 600 pounds tongue weight. It is currently the highest capacity...
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  • Could the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly # MT70225 Move a 800 lb Trailer
  • If your trailer weighs a total of 800 lbs when empty the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly # MT70225 would work great for you. The 600 lb capacity it has is for tongue weight which is the vertical weight the trailer puts on the hitch ball alone, not the entire weight of the trailer. The tongue weight of a 800 lb trailer will be around 80 lbs so this would have more than enough capacity for your trailer. You could put a 2 inch ball on in place of the 1-7/8 inch ball on the MaxxTow dolly # MT70225....
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  • What Are Dimensions and Specs for Replacement Wheel for MaxxTow Trailer Dolly # MT70225-1
  • The Replacement Wheel for MaxxTow Trailer Dolly # MT70225-1 that you referenced is intended for use on their tow dolly # MT70225. This wheel/tire is not rated for highway use. The overall diameter of the tire is 12-inches; width is 3-inches. The wheel itself has a 6-3/4-inch diameter. The tire size on the sidewall is 4.10/350-6 and it shows a rated load capacity of 285-lbs at 30-psi pressure, which is a Load Range B rating. This tire uses an inner tube and includes a valve stem. The...
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  • Tongue Weight Capacity of the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly # MT70225
  • The tongue weight capacity of the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly # MT70225 is 600 lbs so your trailer that has 550 lbs tongue weight would work well with this. I wouldn't recommend you attempt to use this on any inclines as the trailer could be hard to control and it would be pretty hard to either stop it from rolling down a hill or push/drag it up one.
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  • Availability of a Jack Caster Wheel for an M1101A Military Trailer
  • I would need to know the model of the jack or the inner and outer diameter of the lower tube on the jack to determine if there is a wheel that will fit. Jack caster # AT80259 fits over a 1-3/4 inch outer diameter tube. Many of the jack wheels have a lower capacity than the jack itself so you would go by the lower capacity. Another option to move the trailer around is to use a trailer dolly, # MT70225. This dolly has a 600 pound capacity and it does make moving trailers around easy. I...
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  • How to Manually Move Trailer Up Driveway with 12.5 Percent Grade
  • We offer several types of trailer dollies in addition to the Rack-Em dolly you referenced, part # RA20. This Rack-Em dolly has a 1-7/8-inch hitch ball, 13-inch tires and a tongue weight capacity of 500-lbs. This is the trailer dolly I would recommend. It will allow you to move your 1400 lbs trailer around with ease. It is great for helping to manuever your trailer into tight spaces like in the garage. Other options include the MaxxTow dolly # MT70225. This dolly has a 1-7/8-inch ball,...
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  • General Information on the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly # MT70225
  • Your question about the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly # MT70225 was unclear to me so in case your question was about general information on this dolly I included some product info for you to check out as well as a link to a review video to the right. Ball size: 1-7/8" Tongue weight capacity: 600 lbs Tire size: 12" diameter x 4" wide Wheel spacing (outside to outside): 26" Distance from center of hitch ball to handle: 43" Handle width: 10-1/2" Distance from top of hitch ball to ground:...
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  • Recommended Trailer Dolly For 5,700 LB North Trail Trailer
  • The technician you spoke with at the dealership was correct. The Trailer Valet Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover, part # STC-V211 is rated for a maximum of 5,000 lbs and a maximum tongue weight of 500 lbs. From the research I did I found your trailer weighs about 5,700 lbs dry weight and has a gross weight capacity of 8,000 lbs. The # STC-V211 would not work for you but we may have a solution that will work. Check out the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly, part # MT70225. This has a 600 lb tongue...
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  • Recommended Tire Pressure of the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly # MT70225
  • The tires of the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly # MT70225 should be inflated to 30 psi.
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