Bushing reduces Titan Class V receiver opening (2-1/2" x 2-1/2") to a Class III or IV receiver opening (2" x 2"). Call 800-298-8924 to order Reese Hitch Accessories part number 58102 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Reese products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Reese Titan Reducer Sleeve 2-1/2" to 2". Hitch Accessories reviews from real customers.
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Reese Titan Reducer Sleeve 2-1/2" to 2"

Reese Hitch Accessories

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Reese Hitch Accessories - 58102

Bushing reduces Titan Class V receiver opening (2-1/2" x 2-1/2") to a Class III or IV receiver opening (2" x 2").


  • Adapts a 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" hitch receiver opening into a 2" x 2"
    • Works with factory-installed and after-market trailer hitches with a 2-1/2" square receiver opening
      • To use with Ford Super Duty pickups, modification may be required
  • Allows you to use your 2" towing and hitch-mounted accessories

Note: Ford OEM hitches have a tighter/different radius on their 2-1/2 inch receiver tubes. To accommodate the OEM Ford 2-1/2 inch hitch, the corners of a ball mount, shank or reducer sleeve may need to be sanded down to slide into the hitch. Do not remove any more material than necessary. Simply removing the paint or powder-coat is often sufficient.

Never use a grinder to knock-down the corners, which may remove too much material and will also heat the accessory and could compromise the product's structural integrity. This is especially the case with cast accessories like larger weight distribution shanks.

Product Detail

58102 Reese Titan Reducer Sleeve 2-1/2" to 2"

Video of Reese Titan Reducer Sleeve 2-1/2" to 2"

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Reese Hitch Accessories 58102 Review

Today were reviewing part number 58102. This is a Reese Titan Reducer Sleeve. It will take your 2 inch hitch receiver and reduce it to a 2 inch so that you can use your accessories that require a 2 inch receiver tube. This measures 5 inches total length and its 4 inches from this end of the bushing to the center of the hitch pin hole, and then its 1 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the other end of the bushing. This will work with a Ford Super Duty truck model year 2011 and newer, but because the radius on that particular hitch is a little bit different you might need some slight modification. And thats it for part number 58102, the Reese Titan reducer sleeve that takes your hitch from 2 inches to a 2 inch receiver..

Customer Reviews

Reese Titan Reducer Sleeve 2-1/2" to 2" - 58102

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (98 Customer Reviews)

Bushing reduces Titan Class V receiver opening (2-1/2" x 2-1/2") to a Class III or IV receiver opening (2" x 2").

- 58102

by: Rod M12/04/2013

The part itself is just like the way it was described. I have a 2011 F-250, I read in the reviews that the piece wouldn't slide in unless some of the corner were ground down, with this information I didn't think it would be a big deal. I have not used it yet. I slid the part into my hitch and it fit, in my opinion a little too loose, I also slid it into my reciever and it too seemed a little too loose fitting. May have to buy a 2 1/2 receiver instead. 109098

- 58102

by: Patti W.09/10/2013

This is just perfect. When I bought my new truck I was very surprised that I now had a 2-1/2 inch hitch receiver. Of course my 2 inch hitches and accessories didn't fit plus I had to get another receiver pin to fit the 2-1/2. I will have to say etrailers on-line was a great experience. They had what I needed and the prices were very reasonable. Thanks. I will definitely be back for more trailer accessories. 99359

- 58102

by: Thomas R09/27/2011

The quality of this item is good, but there is way too much play between the both the sleeve, the receiver tube, and the ball mount. I would say that my ball moves up-to-down and side-to-side 3/4" at the tip. I am going to have to make some shims just to tighten the tolerance so the receiver won't CLUNK everytime I stop or hit a bump. 24691

- 58102

by: Lucas03/18/2015

It looks quality and I am sure it will last but it fits a little loose. I have a 2011 GMC 2500HD. There is about 3/8" left to right movement at the end of the adapter but I think the weight of the trailer will keep it clanging about. The service at etrailer was top notch. Will definately use them in the future. 179555

- 58102

by: Walleyehunter09/28/2011

Received item exactly as specified on etrailer web page. Same high quality as the one I already have. Needed another sleeve to be welded on a very large Reese WD shank. Etrailer is alway's customer friendly with quick shipping and reliable products. They really know how to communicate with their customers. 24782

- 58102

by: Rick S08/08/2014

The part fit up in a 2 1/2" receiver on a F250 without issue, despite multiple reports that some massaging might be needed to fit the factory hitch. Normally, I would give this 5 stars and the product, while not complex, works as advertised. The 4 star rating is due to the country of origin - China. 145099

- 58102

by: 2011 F25003/09/2011

Purchased this item for my new 2011 F250 that, following the big 3 towing wars, now coms with a 2.5" reciever. This will not fit into stock 2.5" recievers as it has a heavy coating of paint. Be ready to grind paint off to get it to fit into your reciever! We'll see how long it lasts uncoated. 8882


Newer Ford 2.5 inch receivers use a tighter corner radius than most so these adapters often need to have the finish removed at the corners to fit.

Patrick B - 11/21/2012


- 58102

by: Mike & Peg F.12/09/2010

Great Service Living in a very small town we do not have access to even a grocery store. Etrailer & UPS has been a big asset to us in products and delivery. Our most recent order was received in a very timely manner and it even works! The only gripe we have is that it was made in China. 3871

- 58102

by: Bart P.05/27/2014

Reducer worked great for my GMC 2 1/2 inch hitch. Received Blue Ox Sway Pro WD 2" hitch with no problems. Used the 2 1/2 inch hitch lock to secure everything in place. Very little movement and fit snug as a bug. Great Product. Fast Shipping. As always Amazing customer service! 132660

- 58102

by: Pete07/31/2014

Very snug fit into my 2.5" receiver and accepted the 2" drawbar nicely. There is almost no side to side movement which my anti rattle pin will take care of but there is up and down play in it. I think my drawbar isn't quite 2" sqaure because this piece definitely is. 143760

- 58102

by: Jerry O10/26/2011

Simple but effective. This does the job. A little pricey for what it is. You would think that Ford would supply this part since it would only cost them pennys. Etrailer is a great supplier... every transaction I have done with them has been quick and efficient. 26131

- 58102

by: David T.02/03/2015

I bought this to use a bike carrier in my 2 1/2 inch Curt hitch receiver. Fit perfectly on the bike carrier and into the 2 1/2 inch receiver. Katie D. did a great job making sure that it would fit without potential modification warned for Ford factory hitches. 172284

- 58102

by: Utility Company09/02/2015

I am responsible for procurement in my department. The item was ordered at the request of one of our supervisor's. The person that requested the item seems satisfied. Other than to say the item was received as promised there isn't much more that can be said. 223492

- 58102

by: Jay B.01/20/2014

This adapter saved me from replacing all of my 2" hitches when I bought my 2012 chevy 2500hd. You will need a longer pin, but works quite well. It fits great, but does have a little slack. That may be because my hitch has some wear on it. Works perfectly. 114226

- 58102

by: Martin-Miami12/22/2010

Great Service I recently purchase the trailer hatch reducer and the stainless hitched. Both products are high quality and they fit perfectly. Both items were shipped quickly. Their web- site is user friendly. I highly recommended etrailer.com 4490

- 58102

by: David G07/11/2014

I expected the Reese Titan Reducer Sleeve 21/2 Reducer sleeve to be a very tight fit for my stock 2011 F250 Super Duty hitch. Instead, it fit a little too easy with some slop. Don't like the slop, therefore, I rated as only Good. 140768

- 58102

by: Bruce B.04/22/2011

Perfect fit. No trouble at all installing either the pin or my 2" ball mount hitch. A previous sleeve I bought locally wouldn't even slide into the 2-1/2" receiver, but that wasn't the case with the Reese Titan reducer. 12195

- 58102

by: Gerard G.10/10/2011

IS exactly as described in your online catalog. Your Customer service is extrordinary and deliverd as promised (actualy a few days early). Was due to arrive on Tuesday 10/11 and received Saturday 10/8. 25329

- 58102

by: Hector Bonilla12/09/2010

Good service, product as described The reducer I ordered was delivered in a timely fashion and it is of great quality. This has become my favorite place for trailer related products. 3894

- 58102

by: Steve B08/02/2013

Product could use a beveled end to keep from sliding too far up in the tube similar to what comes with the Chevy p/u new. But otherwise is a good quality product at a great price. 92832

- 58102

by: Dale M07/22/2011

Gets the job done, not designed the same as the original from GM, but works well. Great delivery time, I was not able to use one of my trailers for only a couple of days. 19930

- 58102

by: BB10/17/2014

As always, my order from e-trailer was fast and accurate. These guys get it right every time. This reducer was for my 2011 GMC Sierrra 3500 - fits and works just fine. 156462

- 58102

by: Dan H12/18/2010

Titan Reducer Sleeve Too tight to fit F350 2.5" receiver. It will need more than taking the paint off the corners to get it to fit. Needs a grinder so sending it back. 4321

- 58102

by: Dan T.03/08/2012

It is everything I needed from this product. It does seem very simple for the price I paid. Delivery was very quick, but this is almost expected from this company. 33312

- 58102

by: David R.03/08/2011

Just as I expected. Nothing left to the imagination. Product shipped and arrived in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend product and company to others. 8763

- 58102

by: Barry M.05/21/2012

Product works exactly as it should. Price is fair, shipped promply. All is well again. ps - don't keep it on the floor behind your seat, it could fall out. 41125

- 58102

by: Pam F.11/26/2012

Ordering was easy. Updates on order were awesome. Arrived in a very timely manner. It is a Christmas gift. Will share link with them. Thanks 60016

- 58102

by: Lonnie W.08/21/2014

Fast service and follow up. Great transaction. Used the hitch adapter to pull travel trailer 300 miles. No problems, works great. 147837

- 58102

by: Mike B.11/22/2011

Took only 3 days from the time I ordered via internet to delivery. Outstanding! Products are solid and just what I was looking for! 27299

- 58102

by: Brandon G07/18/2013

Reducer sleeve was a perfect fit on my 2009 Chevrolet 2500. I will definitely order more products. Great service. Thank you. 90331

- 58102

by: Clint N.03/06/2014

Selection and ordering was easy. Delivery was very quick. Just installed the reducer sleeve and it fits perfectly. Thanks!! 118608

- 58102

by: Tominator02/22/2013

Well finished and well designed Reese reducer sleeve. Perfectly reduces my 2008 2500 Chevy HD 2 1/2 inch receiver to 2 inch. 67328

- 58102

by: Bob B11/11/2012

Product rattles in receiver, and hitch rattles in sleeve. Also sleeve slides into truck hitch too far. Not happy with product 59228

- 58102

by: Dean Christensen05/01/2013

We the main product and delivery was fine BUT the pin was too shorts for our GMC 2500 hitch. I had to go buy another one. 78540

- 58102

by: kevin j11/06/2012

product works great.fast shipping.now I can share multiball receiver mount with my daaughter who has a class 3 receiver. 58932

- 58102

by: Guy B10/18/2014

Haven't used it yet but I expect no problem with a product like this. Good service! I would order again from them. 156719

- 58102

by: George N09/16/2013

Fits into hitch receiver as advertised, haven't taken it on a trip yet, but no doubt that it will work great. 100234

- 58102

by: Mason S02/21/2011

Product exactly as described. Fit well, worked fine. Website easy to use. I would buy from again. Thank you 7580

- 58102

by: Mike B03/12/2015

Product fits perfect, good description on your website(Etrailer) made it easy when searching for it thanks 178111

- 58102

by: leroy t.03/12/2014

well satisfied with reducer sleeve and the quick dilivery,will be glad to usr etailer again. thanks, leroy 120465

- 58102

by: MIKE B10/26/2011


- 58102

by: Justin M08/26/2013

The reducer was a perfect fit! Excellent and speedy updates as the product was in route to my house 96917

- 58102

by: Ron C.10/08/2012

This sleeve did as it should, fit perfectly and allowed for the receiver to slide in as well. 56720

- 58102

by: Steve S03/26/2012

I was going to make one but this was a lot easier then looking for the right piece of tube. 35163

- 58102

by: Kevin F09/18/2014

Works great and fits well in my F350 to use my older 2 inch hitches for smaller trailers. 152024

- 58102

by: robert F.08/31/2015

great deal just what we needed shipped very quick excellent all the way around !!!!! 223027

- 58102

by: Chris N04/22/2012

Slightly loose fit in my 45005 and labeled as made in China. Otherwise seems OK. 37999

- 58102

by: Don G.10/22/2013

The customer service is a outstanding the shipping is fast high quality part. 104677

- 58102

by: Mark01/14/2013

very good product, exactly what I needed and was easy to find onn the website. 62983

- 58102

by: Michael Murray06/18/2015

Part was as described and arrived as quoted...will use this vendor again 204426

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  • 2-1/2 inch to 2 Inch Receiver Adapter to Accept 2 Inch Shank
  • Yes, we have the Titan Reducer Sleeve 2-1/2 inch to 2 inch, item # 58102. Finally, we have the Diversi-Tech 2-1/2 inch to 2 inch Adapter Kit for DTLBM and DTALBM Series Locking Ball mounts, item # DTADP35, which is designed to work with the Diversi-Tech Aluminum ball mounts and includes a Long-span, locking hitch pin.
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  • Is There a Sleeve For my 2-1/2 inch Ford F350 Super Duty Hitch So I can Use 2 Inch Accesorries
  • 2-1/2 inch hitch opening are used on hitches that are Class V, and are designed to haul large heavy trailers. In order to reduce your hitch down to a 2 inch diameter opening on your new Ford F-350 Super Duty you would need to purchase a Titan Reducer Sleeve 2-1/2 inch to 2 inch, part # 58102. You should take note that Ford OEM hitches have a tighter/different radius on their 2-1/2 inch receiver tubes. To accommodate the OEM Ford 2-1/2 inch hitch, the corners of a ball mount, shank...
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution and Sway Control for a 2011 Ford F-250 Towing a Keystone Trailer
  • Yes, you could certainly add a weight distribution system and sway control to improve your towing performance, but the systems we offer for 2-1/2 inch trailer hitches are going to be a bit too heavy duty for your particular trailer. The 2-1/2 hitch systems would be compatible for tongue weights up to 1700lbs, but your trailer, even with a maximum load, should only have around 975 or 1000lbs of tongue weight. In this case, I would typically recommend a system rated for tongue weights up...
    view full answer...

  • Extending a 2 Inch Trailer Hitch and Adapting a 2-1/2 Inch Hitch to a 2 Inch
  • The Titan hitch extension, # RP45292, is designed to fit 2-1/2 inch receiver. The other end has a 2 inch receiver opening. If you have a 2-1/2 inch receiver and want to drop down to a 2 inch without using a long extension, you can use a reducer sleeve, # 58102. If you wanted to go the other way, adapt a 2 inch receiver for use with 2-1/2 inch accessories, there is no adapter that will work. If you need to extend a 2 inch receiver we have several available. Please note that by using...
    view full answer...

  • Recommendations for an Adjustable Ball Mount with Multiple Balls and Height Adjustments
  • That is a difficult question to answer because there are so many variables. On bigger trucks with receiver heights well above the ground going with an adjustable ball mount with the most rise or drop would be fine in this case and would be what I recommend. There is no rule of thumb as far as how much space you should have from the ground to the bottom of the ball mount because there are so many things you would have to factor in. Vehicles that are lower to the ground like vans for example...
    view full answer...

  • 16k Capacity Pintle Hook and Mount Recommendation for a 2-1/2 inch Hitch Needs 8 inch of Drop
  • For a pintle mount you will want the B&W Pintle Hook Mounting Plate # BWPMHD14005. This mount is 12 inches tall so it should work well to give you the 8 inches of drop you need. This is designed to fit a 2 inch hitch so you will need the adapter part # 58102 to fit your 2-1/2 inch hitch. Currently we don't carry a 2-1/2 inch pintle mount with that much drop so this is your best option. For a pintle hook you would want the part # MT70240. All of the components I mentioned have 16k capacities.
    view full answer...

  • Fit Issue With Reducer Sleeve # 58102 On A 2011 Ford F350 Super Duty With OEM Hitch
  • It has come to our attention that there are fit issues with 2-1/2 inch accessories and 2-1/2 inch OEM Ford hitches. Ford uses a tighter/different radius on the inside corners of their 2-1/2 inch receiver tubes. Some accessories will drop in just fine, but fairly often the accessory will not fit in the hitch, be it a WD shank, reducer sleeve, or draw bar. To accommodate the OEM Ford 2-1/2 inch hitch, it is fine to sand the corners of a ball mount or shank down to get it to slide into...
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  • Installation Instructions for Titan Trailer Hitch Receiver, # 45299 for a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500
  • We do have the installation instructions available for the Titan Trailer Hitch Receiver, # 45299. They can be found on the product page, on the far right side, next to a little picture of a wrench. I have also included a link to the instructions below. Just a few additional tips I can offer. Installation of this hitch requires temporary removal of the bumper during installation. It will fit with a full sized spare tire stowed under vehicle, as long as it is the factory spare. If your...
    view full answer...

  • Is Different Weight Distribution Shank Needed for 2-1/2 Inch Trailer Hitch on 2015 Chevy Silverado
  • You do not need to use a different shank at all. All you need is a reducer sleeve, # 58102. It will fit inside the 2-1/2 inch receiver on your Chevy Silverado and the 2 inch shank you already have will fit. I do not recommend mixing weight distribution manufacturer parts because they are not tested together.
    view full answer...

  • Will Reese Trailer Hitch Reducer 58102 Fit a 2-1/2 Inch Trailer Hitch
  • If you have a Class III trailer hitch, then it will have a 2 inch receiver opening. When you measure the receiver, make sure that you are measuring just the width of the opening and not the outside dimensions. Take a look at the FAQ I have linked for some additional information. If you do have a 2-1/2 inch Class V trailer hitch, then you could use the reducer sleeve, # 58102. But, I am confident that you have a 2 inch receiver. I have included a link to all of the trailer hitch mount...
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  • Ball Mount Options for a 2014 Ram 2500 With OEM Class V Trailer Hitch
  • Most of the domestic truck manufacturers are putting Class V trailer hitches with a 2-1/2 inch receiver on their 3/4 ton trucks, including Dodge. This is mainly because they are building their trucks stronger and stronger each year and they need to install the equipment that can handle the higher capacities. You have a few different options when it comes to ball mounts and hitch balls. If you want to use your current equipment, you could use a reducer sleeve like part # 58102. This...
    view full answer...

  • Will the Titan Reducer Sleeve for 2-1/2 inch Hitches Fit on My 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 2500
  • I went out to the warehouse an pulled the Titan Reducer Sleeve 2-1/2 inch to 2 inch, and measured the inside dimension of the one I pulled at 2.068 inches with a dial caliper, I also measured the outer dimension at 2.469 inches, see attached photos I took for you. You mentioned tolerance, and that is an unknown factor. All hitch manufacturers and hitch accessory manufacturers have to stay within certain guidelines, to ensure that their product will work with other accessories on the...
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  • Trailer Hitch Extension for 2009 GMC Sierra with 2-1/2 Inch Hitch Towing a Boat with In-bed Camper
  • First, the Ford 2-1/2 inch hitch has be known to have some compatibility issues with some accessories. The problem is that the hitch receiver has more rounded corners than a lot of accessories that have more square corners. In the event you run into this issue, what you can do is gently and carefully remove some of the powder coating around the accessory shank until it fits. Do not remove any metal. This will weaken the accessory. The extension length you need is going to be based...
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  • Titan Reducer Sleeve Part # 58102 for 3/4 Ton GMC Sierra
  • This reducer sleeve will work fine on your Class V 2-1/2 inch receiver. We are located in Wentzville, Missouri but we can ship the item to you with no problem.
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  • Will the Thule Hitching Post Pro Bike Carrier Fit a Ford F-350
  • The Thule Hitching Post Pro bike carrier # TH934XTR is designed to fit both 1-1/4 inch or 2 inch trailer hitches. Provided your Ford F-350 has a 1-1/4 or 2 inch receiver opening the carrier will fit. If you have a 2-1/2 inch trailer hitch then you would have to use a reducer sleeve to use 2 inch accessories. The Ford factory 2-1/2 inch receiver should have come with a reducer sleeve or we have # 58102 but it may not fit quite right in a Ford OEM 2-1/2 inch hitch. Ford OEM hitches have...
    view full answer...

  • Weight Distribution System for 2013 Ford F-250 Towing 11,500 LB Travel Trailer
  • A key component to choosing the correct weight distribution system is knowing the trailer's exact tongue weight. Tongue weight is calculated by taking the tongue weight of the trailer, when loaded and ready to tow, and adding to that the weight of anything loaded behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle. The ideal situation is to have the loaded tongue weight of your setup to fall right in the middle of the tongue weight range of the system you use. The Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution...
    view full answer...

  • What Heavy Duty Reciever Hitches are Recommended for a 2002 Ford F-350 for Pulling a 14K Excavator
  • We have a couple of 18K capacity direct fit hitches. They are 2-1/2 inch receivers, so I would suggest getting a 2-1/2 pintle mounts, part # RP45294. For the smaller trailers, you could use a reducer sleeve, part # 58102, and use the old ball mounts that you currently have. They will same you some time and work on the install as they are fit for the F-350 Super Duty. They use factory bolting location so you will not have to do any drilling. I recommend Draw-Tite, part # 45297. Again,...
    view full answer...

  • Will the Use of a 2-1/2 Inch to 2 inch Trailer Hitch Reducer Sleeve Reduce the Hitch Capacity
  • You have a couple of options. The best thing to do would be to use a ball mount that fits in your hitch. The reason is that you will not have to worry about a reducer sleeve fitting, any capacity reduction, or adding another component in the system. For 2-1/2 inch receivers we have # RP45322, or # RP45323 for an 18,000 pound fixed ball mount. The other option is to use a reducer, # 58102. The hitch capacity should not be dramatically changed so if it is rated to tow the 13,000 pounds...
    view full answer...

  • Will the Titan Trailer Hitch # 45293 Fit on a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 with an 8ft Service Body
  • I went out to the warehouse and measured the distance between the bolt holes on the Draw-Tite Titan 2-1/2 inch Trailer Hitch, # 45293 and got 39 inches wide on center for all of the hitch attachment holes. I added these dimensions to a photo for you to see. Along with this trailer hitch you will need a 2-1/2 inch ball mount to fit in the receiver opening. The etrailer.com Ball Mount Kit for 2-1/2 inch Hitches, # EBMK25318, would be a good choice. If you have a 2 inch ball mount...
    view full answer...

  • Using 2-1/2 Inch to 2 Inch Receiver Reducer # 58102 to Flat Tow Vehicle
  • A hitch reducer like the Draw-Tite # 58102 can be used to reduce your hitch opening from 2-1/2 inches to 2 inches so it will accept the shank of your Alpha Tow Bar and allow you to safely tow your Saturn Ion. I went ahead and called my contact at Blue Ox just to make sure, and he confirmed it for me.
    view full answer...

  • Availability of an Adapter to Use the Titan Hitch Extender # RP45018 with a 2 Inch Hitch
  • I cannot recommend either of the situations that you mentioned for safety reasons. If you were make a reducer for the Titan Hitch Box Extension for 2-1/2 inch Trailer Hitches, 41 - 48 inches, item # RP45018, it would lower the weight carrying capacity of the hitch and the extension, and could cause an unsafe towing condition. A solid steel bar while it seems very sturdy would most likely have less weight carrying capacity than a square tube extension like the Titan extension. The...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of a 2 Bike Hitch Rack to Fit Rockwood Fifth Wheel With 2-1/2 Inch Hitch Receiver
  • The bike rack I would recommend would be the Swagman Platform-Style 2 Bike Carrier, part # S64663. This bike rack can be used in your 2-1/2 inch receiver by using the Draw-Tite Reducer Sleeve, part # 58102. It uses a 5/8 inch hitch pin size which will be long enough to work in your 2-1/2 inch receiver. I am including a link to the instructions on the Swagman bike rack. I would also recommend to check the size of your hitch receiver to make sure it is 2-1/2 inches, because most hitches...
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  • Will State of Texas Chrome Emblem Hitch Cover, # AMGSTTXC, Fit a Ford F-250 Super Duty
  • If your Ford F-250 Super Duty has a 2 inch by 2 inch trailer hitch receiver opening then the State of Texas Chrome Emblem Hitch Cover, # AMGSTTXC, will fit. All you will need is a hitch pin to secure it in place. I recommend a locking hitch pin like Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock, # 7683, to deter theft of the hitch cover. Most F-250 pickups come with a 2 inch hitch, but some might have a 2-1/2 inch receiver opening. If you measure and find that you have a 2-1/2 inch opening, you can use...
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  • Recommended Adjustable Ball Mount for 2.5 Inch Hitch Receiver
  • The highest rated adjustable ballmount for a 2-1/2" hitch receiver is rated for 10,000 lbs. So I would recommend going with the Curt Channel Style Adjustable Ballmount # C45900. This adjustable ball mount is rated for 14,000 lbs, and has a rise of 5-1/4" and a drop of 6" and fits 2" trailer hitch receivers. You will then want to use a reducer like # 58102, which adapts a 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" hitch receiver opening into a 2" x 2. I spoke with my contact at Curt about adjustable ball mount...
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  • Will Rage PowerSport Steel Motorcycle Carrier # MX600 Fit On A Reese Titan Class V Hitch
  • I went out to the warehouse and got the anti-tilt device sleeve from the Rage PowerSport Steel Motorcycle Carrier, part # MX600, and test fit it on a Reese Titan Class V hitch. It would not fit over the collar of the Titan hitch. All of the motorcycle carriers I have are for 2 inch hitches, so you would need to use the Draw-Tite Titan Reducer Sleeve 2-1/2 Inch to 2 Inch, part # 58102, to be able to use the 2 inch motorcycle carriers on your Reese Titan 2-1/2 inch hitch. I am including...
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  • Clevis Draw Bar Recommendation to fit a 2-1/2 inch Hitch
  • I have a solution for you, but the part number AMCC2HD has been discontinued so your best option would be to get the # AMCC2 that you referenced and then use the Reese Adapter part # 58102 to adapt it to fit a 2-1/2 inch hitch.
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  • Hitch Receiver Reducer for Towing a Horse Trailer With Ford F350
  • It is perfectly safe to use a reducer like the # 58102 you referenced. Using the reducer will not reduce the amount of weight the vehicle can tow, but a ball mount for a 2x2 receiver would typically has a lower towing and tongue weight capacity than a ball mount for a 2-1/2x2-1/2 receiver would. Just be sure that the weight of the fully loaded trailer does not exceed the weight of the lowest rated component of the towing system, like the hitch, ball mount, trailer ball, etc. If your...
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  • Amount of Drop Provided By Curt Class V Hitch, part # C15845
  • According to my Curt representative, the drop of the # C15845 hitch is right at 6 inches between the top of the receiver tube and the bottom of the truck frame. We do indeed have a reducer sleeve available, part # 58102 For more drop, a weld-on hitch like # 41990-16 might be your best bet. This hitch has a 2 inch receiver tube, but offers an impressive 16,000 lb towing/1600 lb tongue weight capacity. The distance from the top of the mounting bracket to the top of the receiver tube would...
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