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Hitch Extender For 2" Trailer Hitch Receiver 7"

Brophy Hitch Accessories

(120 reviews)

Code:   HE06


Shipping Special

Shipping Weight: 7.13 pounds


Brophy Hitch Accessories - HE06

7" Trailer Hitch Extender


  • Prevents hitting trailer or propane tanks when making sharp turns while towing.
  • Has powder coated black finish resists rust and corrosion.


  • Designed for 2" x 2" trailer hitches
  • Measures 7-3/8" from the center of the hitch pin hole to the center of the hitch pin hole of the extension piece
  • Measures 11-5/8" long (overall)
    • Measures 2-1/2" from end of shank (that slides into hitch on vehicle) to center of hitch pin hole
    • Measures 2-1/8" from center of hitch pin hole to the 2" x 2" opening (for accessory)
  • Has weight capacity that is the lowest of the following
    • 50% of the hitch's overall weight capacity
    • Load rating GTW 3,500 lbs; Tongue 350 lbs
    • Load rating with weight distribution equipment GTW 7000 lbs; Tongue 700 lbs

Please Note: Using a hitch extender will reduce your hitch's overall capacity by 50%.

HE06 Hitch Extender For 2" Trailer Hitch Receiver 7"

Video of Hitch Extender For 2" Trailer Hitch Receiver 7"

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Brophy Hitch Accessories HE06 Review

Today were going to take a look at the Brophy hitch extender for two inch trailer hitches, number HE06. This extender can be used for your two inch trailer hitch to help you prevent trailer to tow vehicle contact while making sharp turns while towing. It has a powder coated black finish that will resist rust and corrosion. Again, its designed for two inch trailer hitches. Well take a look at some measurements here. From the center of the pin hole here to the center pin hole here is seven and three-eighths inches.

The length overall is 11 5/8 inches. From the end of the shank that slides into the hitch on the vehicle to the center of the first pin hole is two and a half inches, and from the center of this pin hole to the two inch opening for the accessory is two and one-eighths of an inch. It has a weight capacity load rating gross towing weight of 3500 pounds and a tongue weight of 350 pounds. If your using weight distribution equipment it has a gross towing weight of 7000 pounds and a tongue weight of 700 pounds. Please note that whenever you use a hitch extender the rule of thumb is youre going to reduce your hitchs overall capacity by 50%.

For example, if your hitch has a capacity of 3000 pounds, using this extender is going to lower that to 1500 pounds. Were going to bring out our two inch receiver to show you how to work this item. Youre going to take the smaller end here, youre going to slide that right in, line up your holes there. Then you will take your five-eighths inch pin and clip, that you should already have. If you dont we do sell that separately, number PC3.

Just slide that in here, and then you will clip that off and youre good to go. Then you will slide in your ball mount, your trailer on this end, and youre ready to start towing. That should do it for the Brophy hitch extender for two inch trailer hitch receivers, number HE06.

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Hitch Extender For 2" Trailer Hitch Receiver 7" - HE06

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (120 Customer Reviews)

7" Trailer Hitch Extender

- HE06

by: Jim C01/09/2014

Perfect extension for my 2014 Jeep. Extended the right amount to be even with the outside of the spare tire. Needed this to fit my Kuat bike rack on the back without touching the spare tire. 112312


Still use weekly, not problems.

Jim C - 01/09/2015


- HE06

by: Frankie Stephenson05/16/2013

Just attached to receiving hitch, looks like will work just fine, providing the clearance needed beyond the rear mounted spare tire 80537


Working out just fine, providing plenty of clearance of the mounted rear tire

Frankie S - 05/16/2014


- HE06

by: Sturdy and well-made04/12/2015

Well made and sturdy. No moving parts to fail, so there also isn't much to review. We used this device to extend the hitch on our Infiniti FX35 far enough to accommodate a Kuat bike carrier without risking scratched paint from the hitch mounted carrier or the bikes. A two inch extension was really all we needed or wanted, but no one seems to make one smaller than this 7-inch device. Even so, it works exactly as it is supposed to. NOTE: It does NOT come with a hitch pin or anti-rattle device, so you will need an additional one to use this with your hitch. I recommend etrailer's #63232 LetsGoAERO Silent locking hitch pins; to remove any sway and eliminate rattle completely. 184796

- HE06

by: Joe09/19/2007

Just right for Jeep Liberty I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty with the spare tire at the rear. This creates a big problem when trying to tow a trailer because the tire gets in the way. This extension will give you the clearance needed to hitch a trailer without taking off the spare tire or making any other unusual adjustment. Also, it is not so long as to look weird or reduce your towing capacity unnecessarily. It is well made and served me well. If you have a Jeep Liberty and want to tow a trailer you definitely need this product. It seems to be pricier than warranted, but you will like it when you use it. 420

- HE06

by: Ron k.11/13/2012

Nice piece , paint is great and it was very fast shipping 59394


Works just fine for what I need it for

Ron k - 05/14/2014


- HE06

by: Matt H.08/14/2012

Another good experience with Etrailer. Easy site navigation and prompt delivery. I needed this extender so my 'basket' will clear the spare tire on the back of my Wrangler.. and it does just that. The 7" gives you plenty of room. A 3" would probably be all that's necessary. Also lets me flip up my Thule platform bike rack into the stow position. Two thumbs up! 51625

- HE06

by: Bruce J.01/11/2012

Both hitch extenders and the reciever lock are all execllent quality, match website descriptions, and order/shipping/delivery communications are perfection. 7" extension fit like a glove for extending winch unit out past the bumper from the front reciever on the truck. 18" extender with step will be perfect for Hydra-Lift unit on the back of the RV. Will add bracket to hold 3kW generator under the raised Motorcycle, and step will also be very handy for access to top and check of MC/tie-downs when unit is raised and I'm on the road. Great!!! 29485

- HE06

by: Jon G.10/20/2011

Great product. Just the right size for my Jeep. I have a stock '11 Rubicon and the tire was in the way for my new Yakima Swing Daddy bike rack. This item put it just far enough out to clear the tire but not far enough to be in the way. Etrailer had quick shipping and offered pics with measurements so getting the right extension was easy. 25870

- HE06

by: Mike N.04/15/2014

I needed this to attach our bike rack to the trailer hitch on my wife's SUV, which was too deep underneath for the mail part of the rack to reach without pressing against the rear bumper with potential damage. The extender works perfectly and seems well made. The Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock that I purchased also works just fine. 125296


What is the model of the suv

comment by: Andres c - 05/01/2014


It is attached to a 2012 Lexus RX 350. The hitch on the Lexus is recessed too far under the body and the bike rack hitch did not extend far enough.

comment by: Mike N - 05/13/2014


- HE06

by: Paul W03/09/2012

High quality product, I am very happy with the build quality and I am confident that it will last a lifetime. The label that tells you about load limits with the extender, which is also very good. The only reason I didn't rate it as excellent, is because I was a little dissapointed that it didn't come with a bolt so that I could connect it to my truck. No big deal, I can pick that up at a local hardware store, but come on guys, if I need an extender it's pretty likely I'll need to bolt it to my truck. 33465

- HE06

by: Kim F.06/13/2013

After being rear ended by an uninsured driver, I decided to beef up my OEM bumper. My factory hitch was recessed too far to put a drop hitch for my camper. etrailer .com was the only place to find a 7" extender. Best of all Made in USA. Great job of providing difficult to find products. 84412

- HE06

by: Jay G.05/27/2015

This item made it possible for me to use the Thule Apex bicycle rack on my 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with original equipment spare tire on tailgate. It works with any hitch pin however I recommend item 63232 - Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock for 2" Hitches - to secure a nice tight fit without sway or rattle while driving and also for the security of preventing your bike rack (or any trailer product) from being stolen while you're out on the trail. 198145

- HE06

by: Steve Jeeper11/13/2013

Both hitch extenders work perfectly. Very well made. The dual hitch will help me cary a bike rack and cargo carrier on our next expedition. etrailer.com repeat customer!! Good deals on quality products. They ship fast with great communication every time. Thank you! 107222

- HE06

by: Mark02/23/2013

I bought this extension for my bike carrier on my Jeep Rubicon. I had the bike carrier for a while and it cost a good chunk of money, but when I put it on the Jeep I would have to take the spare off so the carrier would fit. This extension was perfect. In addition, because my carrier has a lock on it, the Hitch Receiver lock also makes transporting the bikes and leaving them on the car a less theft prone endeavor. The service from etrailer.com was awesome. 67552

- HE06

by: Randy H.08/15/2013

Everything about this product is Awesom e!! 95182

- HE06

by: Steve D04/18/2015

I needed a short extension for my front hitch so that the ball mount would clear the front bumper. This 7" extension with the ball mount I purchased is a perfect fit for my needs -- the ball doesn't extend too far in front of the grill and bumper. This enables me to leave it in place on my truck when traveling to fish (Added protection for the front of my truck when other anglers are backing trailers at the boat ramp parking area). 186091

- HE06

by: Larry S.04/25/2012

The hitch extender work perfectly, I got the clearance I need for the Swagman XC bike rack. I need the extention to clear the Spare tire on my 2010 Jeep Wrangler. Ordering from you website was easy and I received my order in a matter of days. also the swagman bike rack is great . so easy to use and install on my vehicle. the rachet hold downs are so nice and easy to use also. I rate both products a Ten out of ten. 38366

- HE06

by: Dan M11/06/2013

I purchased this to be used with a bike rack on a 2006 Range Rover. Without it, when the rack was folded up, it would scrap the bumper and was difficult to close. This extension is the perfect size. Sits flush with the bumper and gives that extra room needed for the bike rack. Great quality and easy to install. Received it in just a couple days of order. I would recommend it. 106483

- HE06

by: Michael07/10/2015

I found the 7 Inch hitch extender and it is perfect. I put this on a 2009 Jeep Wrangler so that I could use my Yakima holdup bike rack. Works perfectly! Heather was the best. I asked her what the chances that I might be able to get it for this weekend. She made sure that it shipped on the day that I ordered it, and the extender arrived on Thursday. Great company to deal with. 210827

- HE06

by: John D09/14/2011

My order came on time and I checked it out and it fit just right and the little loose fitting make it easy to install as well the fit on my bile rack that I order from you 3 months ago. It give me the extra space so the bile rack does not rub on the back of my van. Thanks for your service in providing the extender in your product line. John D from Sterling Hts, MI. 23926

- HE06

by: Jack B.12/07/2012

This hitch extender is just what I was looking for. I will be inserting it in the hitch of my Toyota Rav 4 to give me enough clearance from the rear mounted spare tire when using the hitch mounted Cargo Carrier. Other manufactured hitch extenders were to long which would have placed the Cargo carrier out to far from the rear of the vehicle. 60888

- HE06

by: fastandy08/13/2011

Just what I needed. The reports of it being loose are correct, but all receivers/extenders are made of an industry standard steel stock. What this means is the sections of the next size smaller will have some play, because they have to fit in every other manufacturer's stock part. You get the point.... High quality. Good stuff. 21831

- HE06

by: Jim S., Bear,DE07/11/2011

The Hitch Extender fit perfectly into my Jeep Wrangler Saraha. With the spare tire on the back I needed the extender to mount my bike rack. I received the item well within the promised delivery date. Also, I received a follow up email confirming delivery. Overall outstanding customer experience. 19093

- HE06

by: G. Duncombe06/13/2014

Product was just what I needed. We purchased a new Toyota Highlander and use the hitch for a bike carrier. If I put the bike carrier directly into the hitch, I can't open the hatch on the Highlander. The extender allows us to carry the bikes and open the hatch with the bike carrier attached. 135508

- HE06

by: Bill01/11/2011

Too much play The product is well built and will do the job. However, there is a lot of play that allows my cargo carrier to move arround too much. I think the shaft that goes into my hitch is slightly too small allowing too much play. I am going to try to wrap the shaft to fix the problem. 5310

- HE06

by: Michael N.01/15/2011

Follow up Katherine, Really appreciate the great service you give, Brian G was great about getting product out and following up about it. Also the extender was exactly what I needed for my bike rack to fit behind my Jeep, my spare tire was in the way, Thanks again, great service Mike. 5530

- HE06

by: Jeff05/02/2014

I use this extension to place a bike rack beyond the limits of the spare tire on my Jeep JK. It is the perfect length to get the rack beyond the spare tire but also allow unfettered access to hitch pins/bolts without making it look like the rack is hanging way back off the Jeep. 128685

- HE06

by: Patty S.03/30/2009

Great Product So glad that I bought this for hitching up my little camper to my 2006 Jeep Liberty. Great product. Will not have to do the "hitch Dance" in order to hook up. This is something you really need to have when you have the spare tire on the back of your vehicle. 1697

- HE06

by: Mike08/29/2008

Excellent Product I have a RAV4 with an external spare tire and a factory hitch. This extender allows me to use a hitch mounted bike rack with at least 8 inches of clearance from the spare tire. It allows you to use a anti-rattled pin unlike other products I've tried. 1244

- HE06

by: Bill C08/22/2014

Great!! Used the extender this weekend to put a couple of bicycles on my Jeep Wrangler to ride Idaho's Hiawatha Trail. I really appreciated their upgrading the shipping for no extra charge so I was sure to have it on time for the trip. Best service I have had. 148133

- HE06

by: Troy A.06/05/2015

I ordered the part on early Wednesday and it was in my hands on Thursday afternoon. Great customer service and the part arrived in great condition. I would highly recommend etrailer.com for all of your hitch needs. They had a great selection of parts. 200947

- HE06

by: Rod P.10/20/2012

Very satisfied with product and any interaction with company associates. I was really impressed when they notified me they were upgrading my from the standard ground to priority. Outstanding! I would recommend Etrailer to everyone. Thanks Etrailer! 57735

- HE06

by: Rod H07/20/2013

purchased a new utility trailer and after arriving home, realized the tailgate on my truck hit the top of the jack handle. this is just what i needed to shift the trailer aft a few inches. also, very fast shipping and great follow through. 90643

- HE06

by: Bill .06/22/2015

Works great! More impressed with the service of Etrailer. Dealt with them over a long period and have nothing but good thing to say about them. Speed of delivery is most impressive. Thanks for your larger selection and 'how to' videos. 206185

- HE06

by: Doug03/21/2011

Great to extend out my hitch position. Got this b/c I have a Thule hitch mount bike rack and I want to be able to open my RX350 hatch w/o tilting the bike rack. Works perfect!! Really great service and communication from etrailer!! 9950

- HE06

by: Joe F09/19/2014

I needed two extensions to for towing High Voltage Buried Fault Location equipment. Etrailer.com had what I was looking for while everyone else was on backorder. Great prices, fast shipping, 5/5, will use etrailer.com again. 152096

- HE06

by: Doug R.04/27/2013

Arrived quickly and works perfectly with my bike rack. Now I can open and shut the tail gate of my crossover without manually lowering the rack! Especially useful with bikes on the rack. Thanks for the prompt service! 78102

- HE06

by: Tiffany09/20/2014

Fits perfect. I purchased this for a 2009 Toyota Rav4, to be able to haul a hitch mounted bike rack and be able to clear the back tire. One thing I wished I would have noticed is that it doesn't come with a pin & clip. 152271

- HE06

by: Greg S.03/20/2012

Product arrived earlier than expected. I needed an extension for a bike rack that didn't clear the spare tire on the back of my motorhome. This did the trick. Great product and great service from etrailer.com. 34500

- HE06

by: chilly willy06/27/2008

Very good extender This is a great product. My only concern is the play in my receiver. I am purchasing a hitch pin stabilizer/lock to help. Now my bike rack will clear my RV spare tire. Happy trails... 1007

- HE06

by: Mark D02/12/2012

Nice quality and just the right length. It did have some place once installed into the receiver, but nothing that the anti-rattle clamp couldn't snug up and quiet down. Very happy with my purchase. 31612

- HE06

by: MikeB08/18/2012

Extension was excellent quality with no concerns of future rusting welds. Holes sized and lined up properly unlike others I've used. Fast service. It was shipped the SUNDAY I ordered it. 52168

- HE06

by: Merle S.11/25/2013

Great customer service. Correct product shipped, very timely, great follow up. Product works great as an extension on my 2011 Wrangler with exterior spare tire to put bike carrier on. 108395

- HE06

by: Jon M.06/04/2012

I got the thing I ordered when I expected to get it. It appears to be well-made.What more could I ask? If I need something else of the type, I'll definitely be back to etrailer. 42744

- HE06

by: Barry11/14/2014

My bike rack arm was too short so I ordered this extendeder to give my hitch (from eTrailer by the way) a necessary clearance. Works perfectly! Great price, shipped super quick. 160952

- HE06

by: Jeremy09/28/2011

the Hitch Extender is exactly the way it was described and works well with my bike rack. It shipped within hours of my order and was upgraded to three-day delivery at no cost. 24766

- HE06

by: William P.08/05/2014

I ordered the part on Tuesday late and I received it on Friday. Quick turn around. It worked like I wanted. I was able to lift up bike carrier without it bumping back of car. 144463

- HE06

by: Mark R.08/24/2012

Great product. Easy to install and quality construction. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to add some length to their towing package. Etrailer support was superb! 52946

- HE06

by: Tom07/28/2011

For those of us that have cars with a rear mounted spare wheel, this will move the load out another 7"... in my case, enough to keep from damaging the spare or the trailer. 20415

- HE06

by: Stuart S.05/04/2012

Better than I expected. Both the hitch extender and the lock were exactly what I needed to make my Swing Daddy bike rack work on my Jeep Unlimited. Thanks E-Trailer. 39369

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  • If your bumper is rated for towing and/or carrying weight, we offer several bike rack options that are rated for use behind a trailer or RV. Take a look at the Swagman Around the Spare Mighty Rack, # S80500. This rack is designed to fit a 4 to 4-1/2 inch continuous welded square bumper and fit around the spare tire. I have included a link to the installation details for reference. Another option is the RV Bumper 2 Bike Rack, # S80605, or Swagman 4 Bike Carrier RV Mounted Bike Rack, #...
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  • Trailer Hitch Extension Needed to Allow Tailgate to be Lowered with Trailer Attached to Vehicle
  • I would not recommend any type of extension with your towing setup. Extenders create more torque on the vehicle frame, hitch, drawbar, extender and hitch ball because of the extension, just like adding a pipe to the end of a breaker bar. This added torque reduces that weight capacity of all of the components in the system by 50 percent, so your vehicles 10 K capacity would be lowered to 5 K if a hitch extension is used. I would go with a long ball mount that is just long enough so you...
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  • Size of Hitch Extenders Available for a 2 Inch Hitch
  • The reason that the manufacturers do not make a shorter hitch extender is mainly because the market for a extender of a very short length is very limited. After researching the market for hitch extenders they have decided that the short (7 or 8 inches) and long (14 or 18 inches) sizes will hopefully cover most of the market. The hitch extenders are a limited market because when using an extender you do reduce the tongue weight on your hitch by 50 percent. For example, if the hitch capacity...
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  • Trailer Hitch Extender Recommendation for a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for a Bike Rack
  • For a 2 inch trailer hitch extension, I recommend going with # HE06 because it was designed for this purpose. The adapter you have referenced is designed for flat towing and not for carrying accessories. The use of an extension is going to reduce the tongue weight capacity of the trailer hitch by 50 percent. For example, if the trailer tongue weight capacity is 350 pounds, with an extender installed it can only handle 175 pounds. The combined weight of your bikes and bike rack cannot...
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  • Safety of Using Hitch Extender and Other Options To Clear Spare Tire on Jeep Liberty
  • Using a hitch extender is safe as long as you stay within the limits specified of 50 percent of the hitch and vehicle load capacity, and 350 lb tongue weight capacity of part # HE06. The other option to provide additional clearance from your spare tire would be to use a longer ball mount. For this, I would recommend Hidden Hitch Ball Mount, part # 80232, which places the center of the hitch ball 16 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole. If your ball mount requires a larger rise...
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  • Using Extra Long Ball Mount Instead of a Hitch Extender
  • A hitch extender, like part # HE06 can be used with the ball mount you mention, but due to the additional leverage applied to your receiver the tongue weight capacity will be lowered by 50 percent. If the tongue weight capacity of your receiver is 500 lbs, using the extender would lower the capacity to 250 lbs. If you can find one to fit your needs, a better solution would be to use a longer ball mount. Part # 80233 offers a 4 inch drop or a 2-3/4 inch rise. Part # 80232 offers...
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  • Using a Hitch Extender with a Bike Rack
  • This item comes as pictured. You will need a hitch pin and clip or a hitch pin receiver lock to secure the extender. If you want safety and security you will need a receiver lock on both the extender and the bike rack. You may also want to purchase a security cable to secure your bikes to the rack. This cable would run through the frames of the bikes and around the hitch or through the safety cable attachment on the hitch to secure the bikes to the vehicle. Below I have posted links to...
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  • Can a Locking Anti-Rattle Device be Used with Brophy 2 Inch Trailer Hitch Extender # HE06
  • The shank on the Brophy 2 inch hitch extender # HE06, is hallow so you can use either anti-rattle device # 63232 or # SR25219. They work similarly. There is a threaded block that goes inside the shank and the threaded part pulls the shank close to the side of the receiver and then you lock it. I have included links to videos on both parts for you to view.
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  • The biggest difference between the SportRack 2 Bike Hitch Mounted Rack with Wheel Mount Cradles #SR2901 and the Swagman XTC-2 # S64670 is the distance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the nearest wheel mount. The SportRack 2 measures 19 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the closest wheel mount. The Swagman XTC-2 measures 8 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the closest wheel mount. In terms of clearance the SportRack 2 has more. Bike racks...
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  • How to Get More Clearance When Using Swagman XP 3 Bike Rack on 36-Foot Trailer
  • First, thank you for your recent purchase from etrailer of your Swagman XP Bike Rack for use on the rear of your trailer. This rack offers a good amount of clearance from its hitch pin hole - 13-1/2 inches. Only two RV hitch bike racks offer more clearance between the hitch pin hole and the upright mast of the rack. Those racks are the Rola NV2 # 59508 and the Swagman Original # S64152-2. The Rola provides 17-1/2-inches of clearance and the Original offers 14-inches. The trouble...
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  • Can I Use a 2 Hitch Extender for my Thule Apex 4 on a Acura RDX
  • You could use a hitch extender like our Brophy Hitch Extender # HE06, but the rule of thumb with hitch extenders is that they reduce the tongue weight capacity of the hitch they are used on by fifty percent. So if you have the Curt Hitch # 13536 your towing capacity would be reduced to 150 lbs. So once you subtract the weight of the Thule Apex Bike Rack # TH9025 from that capacity you are left with 110 lbs of capacity for your bicycles. If the combined weight of your bikes is less than...
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  • Shank Extension Options to Extend Swagman XTC 4 Bike Carrier Past Vehicle Bumper
  • I may have a solution for you, but Swagman does not offer longer replacement shanks for the XTC 4 Bike Rack, # S64665. We do carry the Brophy Hitch Extenders like part # HE06 for 2 inch hitch or part # hes6 for 1-1/4 inch hitch. It is important to note that using a hitch extender will decrease the weight capacity of your trailer hitch and your vehicle by 50 percent. Another issue that may arise by using a hitch extender is ground clearance when driving up a steep incline. We always recommend...
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  • Does Curt Class III Hitch Require Additional Parts For Hitch Mounted Bike Rack on 2010 Jeep Wrangler
  • The item you selected, Curt Class III Trailer Hitch Receiver, part # 9883544, does not require any additional parts to accommodate a hitch mounted bike rack. Part # 9883544 will work with any bike racks designed for a 2 inch receiver without any additional hardware or parts needed. However, if you have a spare tire mounted on the back of your 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara, then there will be the issue of clearance. I looked up the tire size of the 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited...
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  • Will Swagman XTC2 Bike Carrier # S64670 Clear Spare Tire on Rear of Winnebago View Motor Home
  • To determine if the Swagman XTC2 Bike Carrier, part # S64670, will clear the spare tire carrier on the rear of your Winnebago motor home, you will need to take a measurement. You will want to measure from the center of the hitch pin hole on your motor home, back to the distance required to clear the spare tire on the rear of your motor home. If that measurement is less than 9 inches you can use the Swagman XTC2 bike rack on your motor home. The 9 inch measurement is the distance from...
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  • Shank Extension for Thule Doubletrack Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Rack to Clear Spare on Jeep Wrangler
  • The replacement shank # 853-7292 is designed to fit certain Thule bike racks as a replacement. It does not fit as a replacement or as an extension on the Doubletrack, # TH990XT. You would have to use a hitch extender like # HE06 for a 2 inch hitch or # hes6 for a 1-1/4 inch hitch. Please note that the use of an extension reduces the tongue weight capacity of the hitch by 50 percent. So if the hitch on your Jeep is rated for 350 pounds tongue weight, using the extension will reduce that...
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  • Hitch Extender Recommendation for 2014 Jeep Wrangler Transporting Saris Thelma Platform Bike Rack
  • In order to mount the Saris Thelma 3 Bike Platform Rack, # SA4239B, on your 2014 Jeep Wrangler, you would need to use a hitch extender. To limit the amount of added stress on the hitch, I recommend going with the 7 Inch Hitch Extender, # HE06, because it is the shortest extender available for a 2 inch hitch but still gives you the room needed to clear the spare tire and use the folding option on the rack. Please keep in mind that using a hitch extender will reduce the tongue weight capacity...
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  • Will the Thule Parkway Bike Rack TH956 Clear the Spare Tire on a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • The Thule Parkway, part # TH956, needs 9-1/2 inches of clearance, measured back from the center of the hitch pin hole on your receiver. If you find that the 9-1/2 inches is insufficient to clear the spare tire, you have a few options. You could use a Hitch Extender, such as part # HE06, which would add 7 inches of clearance but would lower the tongue weight capacity, or the amount of downward pressure on the hitch, by 50 percent. Assuming that your hitch has a 350 pound tongue weight...
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  • Need 2-Inch Hitch Extender With Hollow Shank for Use with # 63232 Anti-Rattle Receiver Lock
  • We do offer several 2-inch hitch extenders that have a hollow shank to allow use of an anti-rattle hitch lock such as the Lets Go Aero # 63232. These are available in various lengths. Do please note that whenever any extender is used it will reduce your hitch capacity by 50 percent. For example, we offer the Brophy 7-Inch Extender for 2-inch hitch receivers, part # HE06. We also offer an 18-inch extender from Hidden Hitch, part # HE18. If you need a dual receiver extension we offer...
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  • Longer Ball Mount Needed to Prevent Trailer from Hitting Truck During Turns
  • The only thing I can think of is to back the truck up to the trailer at the same angle as it was when it was hitting the trailer before. Then back up so that the trailer ball is 6 inches away from the coupler, and see if that is going to provide enough clearance. When using these extenders, keep in mind that your hitch capacity will be DECREASED BY 50 PERCENT, due to the additional leverage that will be exerted on the receiver by moving it out 6 inches. Perhaps a better solution would...
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  • Hitch extender, part #HE06 for bike rack to clear spare tire
  • The Hitch Extender For 2" Trailer Hitch Receiver, part #HE06, will give you an extra 7 inches of room. You will need to measure out 7 inches from the the pin hole on your hitch and that will tell you where your bike rack pin hole will connect and if this will be enough clearance. One thing to consider: using a hitch extender will cut your hitch tongue weight in half. The weight of your bike rack plus bikes must be less than this reduced weight. For example, if your hitch capacity is...
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  • Availability of a 2 Inch to 2 Inch Trailer Hitch Extender for a 2013 Ford E-350 Van
  • Six inches is the shortest 2 inch to 2 inch extender that is available. You could save considerable money by going with a 7 inch model, # HE06. The use of an extension will reduce the trailer hitch tongue weight capacity by 50 percent. You will need to make sure the combined weight of the bike rack and bikes when loaded does not exceed the reduced trailer hitch tongue weight capacity.
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  • Measurements of the Brophy Hitch Extender # HE06
  • I went out into our warehouse and measured a Hitch Extender # HE06 and found that it is 12 inches in overall length, has a distance of 7-3/8 inches from the hitch pin hole to hitch pin hole, and has a distance of 4-5/8 inches from the 2 inch hitch pin hole to the inner shank that slides into a hitch. The distance from the pin hole back to shank on the inside of the receiver is 3-1/4 inches. This measurement is not pictured. Check out the picture I attached to see the measurements...
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  • How to Install the Harley Davidson Hitch Cover # HDHCEOPICY14 in a GM 2-1/2 Inch OEM Hitch
  • I measured a similar cover, # HDHCEOPICY14, and got 2-15/16 inches from the back of the cover to the center of the hitch pin hole. Since the manufacturer of the Harley-Davidson Hitch Cover, # HDHCEOPICY14, has verified that the hole in the shank on the cover is not deep enough, to install the cover on your 2011 GMC 2500 HD with 2-1/2 inch hitch and 2 inch adapter, I can think of three options for installing the cover. First, you could use the Hitch Extender For 2 inch Trailer Hitches,...
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2005 Honda Pilot
  • I would recommend either the Curt Class 3 Trailer Hitch, item # 13328, or the Hidden Hitch Class 3 Trailer Hitch, item # 87454, for your 2005 Honda Pilot, these are both custom designed hitches for your vehicle. For trailer wiring I would recommend the Plug-N-Tow (TM) Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4 Pole Flat Trailer Connector, item # 43105. This harness provides up to 8 amps maximum taillight load for trailers with extra lights. Listed below are some other items you may need to complete...
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  • Using a Hitch Extender to Reach Past Lowered Tailgate to Tow Trailer and Carry Golf Cart
  • The Blue Ox extender # BX88265 provides 6 inches more extension. There are other extensions, such as # HE06 which can also be used for towing. With these or any extender it will reduce the tongue weight capacity of the trailer hitch by 50 percent. For example if the tongue weight capacity of your hitch is 500 pounds, using the extender will reduce it to 250 pounds. So the tongue weight of the trailer cannot exceed 250 pounds. Adapter # HE06 has a 350 pound tongue weight capacity and...
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  • Platform Bike Rack Solutions for a 2003 Toyota 4Runner to Clear Spare
  • An ideal solution for you would be to use a hitch mounted bike rack on your 2003 Toyota 4Runner that has a longer shank, so that your Yakima Holdup Bike Rack part # Y02443 will clear the spare. Another solution you have would be to use a hitch extender like part # HE06. This will provide you with 7 additional inches of clearance so that your bike rack would clear. The Thule T2 part # TH916XTR has 4 more inches of clearance from the pin hole to the first bike rail so it would fit. The...
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  • Availability of an Adapter to Use the Titan Hitch Extender # RP45018 with a 2 Inch Hitch
  • I cannot recommend either of the situations that you mentioned for safety reasons. If you were make a reducer for the Titan Hitch Box Extension for 2-1/2 inch Trailer Hitches, 41 - 48 inches, item # RP45018, it would lower the weight carrying capacity of the hitch and the extension, and could cause an unsafe towing condition. A solid steel bar while it seems very sturdy would most likely have less weight carrying capacity than a square tube extension like the Titan extension. The...
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  • Will the Curt RV Bumper Hitch, Part E-100, Clear the Spare Tire Support on My RV
  • The hitch pin of the RV Bumper Hitch, part # E-100 would fall approximately 1-1/2 inches behind the front face of the bumper. You will want to measure from that point out to where it will clear the spare tire support. Compare this measurement to the shank on your cargo carrier. If the distance from the pin hole on the cargo carrier shank to the closest edge of the basket is greater than the clearance measurement you made, you should be fine. Using an extension, like part # HE06 is possible....
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  • Will Brophy Trailer Hitch Extender, # HE06 Accept a Threaded Hitch Pin for a Bike Rack
  • Hitch Extender, # HE06, is hollow so it will accept the threaded hitch pin. The use of hitch extension will reduce the tongue weight capacity of your trailer hitch by 50 percent. So for example, if you have a Class III trailer hitch capable of 500 pounds tongue weight capacity, using an extension will reduce that capacity down to 250 pounds. You would need to be certain that the weight of the bike rack plus the weight of the bikes does not exceed the tongue weight capacity for your trailer...
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