Provide your trailer wheel bearings with premium protection - replace your existing grease caps with Bearing Buddies. They install in seconds and provide an easy, safe way to monitor and control the level of grease in your axle hub. Call 800-298-8924 to order Bearing Buddy grease caps part number BB2441 or order online at Free expert support on all Bearing Buddy products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors - Model 2441 - Chrome Plated (Pair). Grease Caps reviews from real customers.
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Price: $29.95

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Bearing Buddy Grease Cap Bearing Buddy Grease Cap Bearing Buddy Grease Cap Bearing Buddy Grease Cap
Video Demo Bearing Buddy Grease Caps BB2441

Bearing Buddy Grease Caps BB2441 Review

Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors - Model 2441 - Chrome Plated (Pair)

Bearing Buddy Grease Caps

(54 reviews)

Code:   BB2441


Price: $29.95

Shipping Special

Shipping Weight: 1.5 pounds


Bearing Buddy Grease Caps - BB2441

Provide your trailer wheel bearings with premium protection - replace your existing grease caps with Bearing Buddies. They install in seconds and provide an easy, safe way to monitor and control the level of grease in your axle hub.


  • Replaces the grease cap in the axle hub
  • Prevents wheel-bearing failure
    • Keeps water and dirt out of hubs and bearings
    • Allows boat trailer wheels to be completely submerged
    • Stops corrosion and pitting on bearings
  • Provides easily accessible grease fitting
    • Makes adding grease to the bearings quick and simple
  • Maintains slight, controlled pressure (3 psi) with spring-loaded piston, preventing water from entering hub
  • Prevents overfilling and rear seal damage with automatic pressure-relief feature
    • Grease seeps around piston edges and into barrel when full
  • Constructed of stainless steel internal parts and triple-chrome-plated steel barrel
    • Ensures longer-lasting fit than plastic or aluminum products
  • Includes rubber covers
  • Installs easily
  • Made in the USA


  • Fits 2.441" hub bore
    • Works with outer bearing models LM-67048 (hub counterbored), 15123 and others
    • Works with outer bearing cup (race) models LM-67010 and 15245
      • Commonly found on 4,400-lb, 5,200-lb, 6,000-lb and 7,000-lb Dexter axles (counterbored)
  • Lifetime warranty

Bearing Buddy installed diagram

Bearing Buddy Operation

Replace your existing grease cap with a Bearing Buddy to ensure a safe, easy way to monitor and control the level of grease in your axle hub. To adjust the amount of grease in the hub, use a grease gun to add more through the appropriate fitting. Adding grease moves the Bearing Buddy spring-loaded piston outward 1/8".

The O-ring inside the barrel of the Bearing Buddy maintains a seal from the outside. The interior of the Bearing Buddy is pressurized, preventing water from entering the barrel and diluting the grease.

An automatic pressure-relief feature is built into the Bearing Buddy. When the device is full, grease will seep around the edges of the piston and into the barrel. This prevents overfilling that can damage the inner seal.

You can manually check the grease level in your Bearing Buddy by pressing on the edge of the piston. If you can rock or move the piston, the hub is properly filled.

42441 Bearing Buddy Model 2441 - Chrome Plated (Pair)

Video of Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors - Model 2441 - Chrome Plated (Pair)

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Bearing Buddy Grease Caps BB2441 Review

Today, we are going to be taking a look at the bearing buddy bearing protector, model 2441. These are going to replace the grease caps on the axle hub. The bearing buddy is going to prevent wheel bearing failure. What the bearing buddy does is it keeps water and dirt out of the hubs and bearings. It allows for boat trailer wheels to be completely submerged, and it's going to stop corrosion and pitting on the bearings. You're going to get two bearing buddies. Each was one is going to have a rubber cap that gets installed over the end of the bearing buddy.

Once you remove that, it's going to expose the grease fitting. That is going to be easily accessible. It makes adding grease to the bearings quick and simple. You don't ever have to worry about having to repack your bearings. This units a really great addition, keeps thing clean.

It's just very easy to use and maintain those components that are sometimes quite a mess to maintain. The unit's also designed to maintain slight controlled pressure, about 3 PSI with a spring loaded piston, which is going to prevent water from entering the hub. The unit also prevents over filling and rear shield damage, which is great. It's going to feature automatic pressure relief feature. If grease appears around the edge of the piston when filling with grease, this is a result of the automatic pressure relief feature functioning. The piston rides on a rubber O-ring, and once that piston strokes out beyond the O-ring, grease will escape in this area here.

That way the hub can't be over filled, and it can't be pressurized. The unit's constructed of stainless steel internal parts, and triple chrome plated steel barrel. It's going to ensure longer lasting fits, when compared to plastic or aluminum products. Again, it's going to include the rubbed covers to keep any grease of of you wheels. The bearing buddy's going to contain a grease fitting. It's going to have the spring.

It's going to have an O-ring It's going to have the piston, and eternally it's going to contain an outer bearing. The unit is assembled and ready for installation right out of the box. Installation is pretty simple. Just hold it against the hub, so this would go up against the hub. Hold it against the hub, and drive it into place with a small block of wood or a soft mallet. These are designed to fit 2.441 inch hub bores. Those are going to be commonly found on forty-four hundred, fifty-two hundred, six thousand pound, and seven thousand pound axles. Bearing buddies are made, right here, in the USA, and they are going to be covered with a lifetime warranty. That's going to do it for today's look at the bearing buddy bearing protectors, model 2441.

Customer Reviews

Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors - Model 2441 - Chrome Plated (Pair) - BB2441

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (54 Customer Reviews)

Provide your trailer wheel bearings with premium protection - replace your existing grease caps with Bearing Buddies. They install in seconds and provide an easy, safe way to monitor and control the level of grease in your axle hub.

- BB2441

by: George N11/18/2013

Your product arrived on time and undamaged. It installed exactly as described in the literature. I am very pleased with my new Bearing Buddy's. As a side note I noticed a small amount of chrome machining debris inside the hub of the housings. It was easily cleaned out with a rag before installation. These Bearing Buddy's are installed on a 32 year old utility trailer I am refurbishing. Although the trailer is small (4 x 8) it has a 5000# axle and has seen some pretty tough use. Ive attached a pic of the trailer undergoing refurbishment along with a couple of pics of the installed Bearing Buddy's. Excellent product and service! 107659

- BB2441

by: wayne w.09/04/2015

they came in the mail when you said they would. they were exactly what i wanted, and they fit perfectly. you people know what you are doing. if i need anything else that etrailer sells, i will surely order it from you wayne w. sampson city,fl 224108


the protectors are fine, but the rubber covers have disappeared. i pushed all the air from them when i put them on. do you sell them seperately? other than that i am happy with them. thanks wayne

wayne w - 09/05/2016


Thanks for the follow up and reply. We do indeed have the replacement covers that you are looking for, and those are part # BB23B.

Rachael H - 9/7/2016

- BB2441

by: Michael02/28/2013

This product is as good as their rep have used them before on a boat trailer never had a bearing go out as long as I used the buddy bearings they are great! Service was just as good. These bearings were installed on a heavy duty low boy trailer. No pictures trailer is in South Texas about 300 miles from my location. Hauling oil field equipment. Picture of the trailer being overhauled before new fenders were added. 67986

- BB2441

by: Michael08/17/2013

Easy to install. Makes greasing bearings clean and easy 95607


Still working great

Michael - 02/15/2015


- BB2441

by: Donald T03/17/2016

Nice item and very easy to install, trouble free traveling. 240923

- BB2441

by: David K.08/09/2013

Product arrive on time and in good cond. Fit and finish great recommend that anyone ordering these make sure u use a digital caliper as fit is critical . I wasn't able to find these local not even Napa carried this size so I did a search and found and they gave all the sizes so finding a match was easy.. Great product and great service.. Thanks Dave. 94180

- BB2441

by: Joe04/17/2015

Whats to say the Bearing Buddy's are great. Do exactly what they are supposed to do and are very good quality equipment that will last for years. E trailers shipping on the other hand and customer support rates in the poor category. Nothing but excuses and canned reply's. Don't pay for the three day shipping it is a waste of money. 185709

- BB2441

by: CDA07/27/2015

I was unable to find the size Bearing buddy that I needed at other retailers. I actually found this by coming across another question that a shopper had asked that referred to the same unit I was looking for. Thanks for having a question and answer forum and thanks for stocking the hard to find items! 214817

- BB2441

by: Mike Palmer08/22/2016

Haven't put it on yet,but the service and the tome it took to get it was excellent. Went to the dealer to get a buddy bearing they were all you need the Vin number of your trailer and what kind of axle it has,went Google Drive it and 3 minutes later had it ordered 6 days later I had it. 286325

- BB2441

by: RayB06/02/2016

I put 4 of these on my 26' fifth wheel. The installation was very easy and exactly as described. I tapped them gently with a hammer to get them started and then used a block of wood and hammer to seat them fully for a nice tight fit. 255676

- BB2441

by: Ken L.05/12/2014

The product was as advertised and worked just fine! At one time my 36' Montana RV has had an axle replaced and the replacement axle did not have a Zerk for lubing the bearings, now it does! Thank you for the great service Ken L. 130249

- BB2441

by: Mike R12/04/2012

These are a must have! If you ever burnt axil bearings and had to make repairs along side an Interstate with 70mph traffic whizzing by, you be wishing you had greased them! Only buddy bearing brand is the one to buy! 60594

- BB2441

by: Rick J.02/05/2016

The service of etrailer is great! They keep me informed of the order status and also delivery updates. Product arrived ahead of the scheduled date and included everything as ordered. Great company to work will! 237018

- BB2441

by: VTWIN08/11/2016

Received them just the other day, installed them and fit perfect. Haven't had to grease them yet or test them on the road but the quality is there...will rate them later as I use them. Great delivery time. 282379

- BB2441

by: Bill ringle05/09/2015

Great customer service. Constant info on delivery of product and follow up. Solved a hard to find the right fit problem for me on my home made dump trailer. Will reorder for all my trailer needs. 191548

- BB2441

by: Ted U.08/08/2011

The Buddy Bearings arrived at my home before the weekend and I was able to install them on my trailer in time for my weekend on the lake. The bearings arrived much quicker than I had expected. 21337

- BB2441

by: thomas M.05/16/2013

This product is just great. I've used these on my other trailers and I swear by them. They stay in place under very rough conditions and do a fine job of keeping the bearings greased. 80597

- BB2441

by: Christian Murillo07/31/2015

Bearing buddy is an awesome product. E trailer was and always True to their word. Prices are very competitive and their is a lot of useful information on the website. Thanks 215741

- BB2441

by: john s.02/11/2012

fit correctly, looks like a good product. having not used the trailer with the bearing protectors, don't know if they will really make the bearings last longer. we'll see 31486

- BB2441

by: Jim01/29/2015

Great service, got them the day they said I would. These are a great product....just can't hardly find in local automotive a tractor supply houses for 5200 lb axles. 171764

- BB2441

by: Jim S.08/05/2015

Put on my 1999 Travel Trailer and fit like they were suppose too. E-Trailer is so good with there service and shipping. Have used them for years and will continue. 217067

- BB2441

by: Kenneth03/07/2015

Item received as described and worked great - folks at eTrailer are great to deal with - with 7 trailers i'll be buying all my trailer items from eTrailer 177398

- BB2441

by: Beau09/25/2012

I've used these on a number of boat trailers and have always been happy. They are easy to install and ensure that the bearings are well protected. 55809

- BB2441

by: RICK PERRY06/07/2016


- BB2441

by: clyde10/09/2012

Great price on a hard to find size. I looked all over town and no one could even get this size. Thank you. , will definitely be back! 56798

- BB2441

by: John F.06/26/2014

Very good service and price from this vendor. Very good product and easy to install. Nice to have the covers included. 137760

- BB2441

by: Shane04/27/2013

I bought this as a replacement. Somebody decided to clip my trailer and destroyed my other one. I love these things. 78110

- BB2441

by: Kevin12/08/2016

I have an older boat trailer and was able to find all the parts I needed to get it back on the road on 325147

- BB2441

by: Andy W10/20/2012

Great price and service! Shipping was fast, tracking link provided. Will buy again from 57722

- BB2441

by: Keith L.09/16/2016

Great products at competitive prices with unbeatable service. This is as American as it gets. 295628

- BB2441

by: Adam H04/19/2015

Just got them installed, but so far so good! Hopefully they live up tp their reputation! 186341

- BB2441

by: Terry O.04/30/2013

Product received was correct as ordered. They fit perfectly. Prompt shipping too! 78502

- BB2441

by: Frank B01/17/2011

Buddy Bearings Very Fast ,Great Would Buy Again From You. Product Work Great. 5619

- BB2441

by: Raymond A.05/25/2012

Product arrived quickly, in new condition and ahead of schedule! Thanks 41721

- BB2441

by: James Walker05/16/2012

Parts are great. Installed them on my camper. Delivery was super. Thanks. 40720

- BB2441

by: James Banner08/24/2016

Excellant. Used on the front axle hubs On my John Deere 4200 tractor. 287341

- BB2441

by: Mark W.06/18/2012

Delivered very quickly. Fit like they should. No problems or complaints. 44614

- BB2441

by: Kenneth03/12/2015

Great company. Will do all my business with them, you should too!! 178106

- BB2441

by: Carl06/15/2015

Great price, very fast delivery - what more could you ask for? 203575

- BB2441

by: PAT W07/12/2013


- BB2441

by: matt a.02/27/2012

Easy ordering process and parts received on a timely manner!! 32651

- BB2441

by: Mike05/31/2016

Great fit.Quick shipping,pleasure doing business with you. 254249

- BB2441

by: francis08/05/2016

excellent!!! Fit in as indicated!! Good instructions! 280404

- BB2441

by: KPH04/17/2016

Packaged well, very good quality with boots included. 245749

- BB2441

by: Russell09/26/2016

Product was shipped quickly & fit perfe ctly. 300049

- BB2441

by: george05/13/2014

these are great . easy to installed . t hanks 130511

- BB2441

by: Charles W12/11/2012

Just what I ordered, fast and accurate. 61141

- BB2441

by: Jon04/22/2014

Correct product and quantities 126360

- BB2441

by: Gary H.11/21/2014

Shipped fast. Great product. 162134

- BB2441

by: Bb244101/26/2012

Great stuff went right on. 30390

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