This roof vent allows air to circulate in motor homes and enclosed trailers, keeping interiors ventilated without compromising security. Flat, low-profile metal vent cover opens and closes from inside with a hand-operated crank. Call 800-298-8924 to order Ventline Enclosed Trailer Parts part number V2110SP-24 or order online at Free expert support on all Ventline products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent - Manual - 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" - Metal. Enclosed Trailer Parts reviews from real customers.
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Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent - Manual - 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" - Metal

Ventline Enclosed Trailer Parts

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Ventline Enclosed Trailer Parts - V2110SP-24

This roof vent allows air to circulate in motor homes and enclosed trailers, keeping interiors ventilated without compromising security. Flat, low-profile metal vent cover opens and closes from inside with a hand-operated crank.


  • Roof vent allows fresh air to enter, and heat to escape, while trailer or RV remains locked and secure
  • Simple, hand-operated crank rotates to open and close dome and eliminates the need for wiring
  • Low-profile, mill finish metal cover
  • Galvanized steel roof flange won't rust or corrode
  • Snap-out screen is easy to clean
  • Polar White interior trim piece (or garnish) is included
  • Made in the USA

Note: Screws and sealer are not included. See Installation Kit (RVIKIT100), which includes all necessary screws and sealer to install vent.


  • Included garnish fits roofs 1-7/8" to 3" thick
    • Garnish leg length (depth): 2-1/8"
    • Garnish color: Polar White
    • Other garnish sizes are available (sold separately)
  • Cover color: mill finish metal
  • Rough opening size: 14-1/4" wide x 14-1/4" long
  • Lid height when closed: 2"
  • 1-Year warranty

V2110-24 roof vent

Installation Instructions

  1. Mark desired location for vent. Be sure to choose a location between roof joists.
  2. Cut a 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" opening through roof and ceiling. (Or use existing opening if you're replacing a standard 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" vent.)
  3. Apply sealant to bottom of flange. Be sure to surround each screw hole.
  4. Insert vent through hole with screen frame extending through roof cavity and hinge of vent toward the front of the vehicle.
  5. Mount to roof with #8 screws.
  6. Attach interior garnish piece with #8 screws.

V2110SP-24 Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent - Manual - 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" - Metal

Video of Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent - Manual - 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" - Metal

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Ventline Enclosed Trailer Parts V2110SP-24 Review

Today we are looking at the Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent, part number V2110SP-24. This vent is made from a galvanized steel roof plans that wont rust or corrode, is made in the USA and has a rough size opening of 14-1/4 by 14-1/4. If we turn our vent over we can see it has an inside turn ring with a removable screen. The manual vent, with a vent knob for opening and closing, and there you have it for the Ventline Ventadone Trailer Roof Vent V2110SP-24.

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Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent - Manual - 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" - Metal - V2110SP-24

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (125 Customer Reviews)

This roof vent allows air to circulate in motor homes and enclosed trailers, keeping interiors ventilated without compromising security. Flat, low-profile metal vent cover opens and closes from inside with a hand-operated crank.

- V2110SP-24

by: Paul09/03/2014

Received the Ventline Ventadome metal roof vent in good condition. After removing the old plastic roof vent, the new unit slipped right into the existing square hole with no trouble. See the "before" and "after" pictures. The old plastic roof vent only lasted a few years in Wyoming (the 2 X 5 blocks in the "before" picture were duck taped in place to prevent the plastic bag I stuffed in there from blowing away - a temporary fix while waiting for the new vent). I did not use the polyurethane adhesive between the roof and the vent flange. Everything deteriorates sooner or later especially in Wyoming. If I ever had to replace the vent it would be exceedingly difficult to remove it if stuck down with urethane adhesive. Instead I used ordinary putty (available at most hardware stores). In fact the old vent was sealed with putty. Since the putty layer is thicker than the urethane, I used 1" screws around the flange instead of the 3/4" screws supplied. A year from now I'll see how the vent has survived. 149815


How far above the roof does it protrude?

comment by: tim - 07/29/2015



Tim, do you mean the distance from the roof to the top of the lid when closed, or when fully open?When closed it cant be more than a couple of inches. I dont know what it is fully open - maybe 12 inches?Unfortunately the trailer is in Wyoming and I am in Denver right now, so I cant measure it.Paul

comment by: Paul - 07/31/2015



After one year in the Wyoming weather the vent has performed very well: no water leakage and no dust entry. Hail storms were not able to dent the vent lid even though they were severe enough to dent the aluminum trailer roof somewhat. I am pleased with the results. Paul

Paul - 09/04/2015


- V2110SP-24

by: Night Prowler09/17/2014

The metal roof vent came in perfect shape, although it was packed in a box without any padding- maybe that shows how strong it is! It was easy to install, looks great, and matches my old 70's Prowler trailer with the retro metal look. Remember, if you want light in your trailer, don't go for metal. If the 6 a.m. sun bothers you and you like to sleep in during the summer camping months, this will help keep the light out if you have it in your bed area, because it is room darkening. I received this in just 3 days using the inexpensive shipping, that was a bonus. 151805


Great and I need to buy another one soon

Night P - 09/28/2015


- V2110SP-24

by: Tucker C06/24/2014

I recently ordered and installed this. I had a plastic cover on the last one and a hail storm demolished it. I dont need the light so I went with the aluminum cover. This was very easy to install and fit perfect. I was back down the road with my trailer in about 45 minutes. Thanks etrailer. 137358


This vent still works as advertised. It has a been through many different storms with no leaks and no damage. These should be installed right out of the factory with this aluminum cover.

Tucker C - 06/24/2015


- V2110SP-24

by: Bill06/28/2014

This is the second vent I have purchased to replace plastic vents that degraded in the Phoenix sun. I didn't have my battery operated drill driver as I started to prep for the job, so as I began to dissemble the original I realized I could leave the original base and just replace the hood and mechanism. This changed a two hour job into a 15 min. Job and less time in 110 deg. Heat. Good quality product. 138159


Its still working flawlessly.

Bill - 06/29/2015


- V2110SP-24

by: Mike B06/24/2013

I bought two of these for my steel roof 1969 Clark Cortez motorhome. I actually ordered the 2nd one after buying and installing the first, so I am a repeat customer with this particular vent. Shipped to my door for cheaper than a vintage supply website offered the exact vent for replacements on vintage airstreams and other trailers. The installation was simple. Looks clean and I LOVE the metal vents. No early morning sunlight over my head in my eyes when camping. :) :) :) 85683

- V2110SP-24

by: Bill06/30/2013

So much better than the plastic one that came in my trailer! Install was plug and play and I know this one will last. Great to see Made in the USA on stuff! 86802


One year and still perfect. Wish the trailer came with this one to begin with. Plastic cant hold up to intense sun of Florida but the metal has no problem

Bill - 06/30/2014


- V2110SP-24

by: Brad08/16/2013

This product was purchased to replace an old vent that broke. The vent showed up on the front steps. I open the box and found the corner to be bent up. I needed to fix the hole in the roof A.S.A.P., so I bent the corner back to avoid going through a return. Over all I'm happy with the vent, but not thrilled about it being bent. 95459

- V2110SP-24

by: Hank01/06/2015

Bought this to replace one that had a plastic lid chewed off by squirrels. It's an excellent product. Only complaint I have is that the interior trim ring is made for a much thicker roof than on my trailer. I could have cut it down but luckily the ring for the vent I was replacing fit perfectly. sells shorter depth trim rings but it would be better to not have to spend the extra money and allow selection of trim ring size when ordering. This was the only reason I didn’t give an excellent rating. 167829


Hank, what model trailer did you install this on? Im trying to find out if it will be the right depth for my trailer.

comment by: Aaron B - 08/01/2015



Its just a standard 6x10 enclosed trailer. I think the title says Arising on manufacturer.

comment by: Hank - 08/11/2015


- V2110SP-24

by: Charles R.08/17/2013

Vent received fast; double boxed. Will like better than the plastic ones that do crack & break. Will probably order another. 95596


I got involved in other things. Havent installed it yet. Thanks for asking.

Charles R - 02/15/2015


- V2110SP-24

by: Jim T07/08/2013

Very nice price for an excellent product. Arrived quickly 88204


Great products. Working well. Thank you

Jim T - 07/11/2014


- V2110SP-24

by: William S.02/27/2014

All three vents arrived quickly (3 days, door to door) no problems except one. All three exhibited bent corners. Nothing severe, just bad enough to keep you from taking them out of the box and and installing them. Judging from the manner they were packed, I'm going to say it's a manufacture's flaw. The 3 vents were in their original box from manufacture, and then surround in a much larger box with large volumes of brown craft paper. No outward damage to any of the boxes observed. Straightened the bent corners and installed perfectly. I know I can always depend on 117939

- V2110SP-24

by: QBH01/04/2015

This product went on quickly and easily, once I realized that it didn't include hardware, or the necessary sealant. After a trip to Lowes, it fit perfectly, other than the inside flange, which was too deep for my trailer. Because this was a replacement for my old, leaking, plastic vent, I was able to reuse the old inside flange with no problem. The company was great to work with. The item shipped the same day I ordered it. I was sent tracking information right away, as well as a follow-up confirmation when I received it. I wish more companies would be this diligent! 167664

- V2110SP-24

by: Catherine03/27/2013

My 76 timberline 25ft travel trailer needed a little TCL after a few years of neglect and these new vents (3) will make the trailer seem just like new again. In the process of putting on the Butyl Putty Tape so that after I replace a couple of rotted boards I will be ready to install these beautiful vents. The plastic screen comes off with a Phillips to make installation easy. Using some roofing screws with rubber grommets, Henry's Rubber wet patch to cover the screws and some Henry's solar-flex white roof coating as a finishing touch. Hopefully--I will not have any leaks. 72951

- V2110SP-24

by: Brad S.05/11/2014

Good quality. Strong metal made in USA. 130006


Still in great working condition

Brad S - 05/13/2015


- V2110SP-24

by: Sonny W.08/25/2011

The metal construction of the roof vent seemed sturdy enough. I didn't like the "manual lift" on it, the construction seemed sort of cheap to me. And the plastic skirt is flimsy and seems weaker than the rest of the design. I purchased this to replace my cracked plastic one. It almost seems better just to use the metal cover on my existing roof vent and save the rest of it for spare parts. I'm going to install it tomorrow. But it's definitely worth the price, even if it's just for the metal cover! 22738

- V2110SP-24

by: Doug H.12/14/2012

Great product! exactly as advertised, and was fairly easy to install. The only issue was cleaning out all the old adhesive and caulk. .... and, the best thing is, this ALL Metal vent will not crack and deteriorate like the plastic cover ones. Service was top drawer. The crew here was quick and professional, and sent me all necessary info for in a timely fashion. my order got to me faster than expected. Thanks E-Trailer I will definitely shop here again., way better than my local choices. 61520

- V2110SP-24

by: BOO07/28/2015

I saw the product on and realized that is what Need for a longer lasting vent replacement. I have gone through several in the past seems like every 2 years. here in the Minnesota the very cold winters and hot humid summers with the respective road salt and tree sap really take a toll on the plastic type. This fits as the prior plastic covered one and used some high quality sealer and some new fasteners and a done deal. Great price and shipping was quick to me. 215123

- V2110SP-24

by: Michele E10/15/2013

We have not installed the product yet, but it looks like it will work well. There was one corner bent, the box was crunched on one corner - appears to have happened prior to putting into another box for UPS - there was no damage on the outer box. This was on the metal, so we should be able to bend it straight. I was VERY impressed with your e-customer service, and how quickly you shipped at a reasonable rate. Thank you. 103906

- V2110SP-24

by: David B03/14/2011

The item is light weight. Easy to install. Although my box was in perfect shape one corner of my vent was bent. It looked like who ever packaged it dropped it before placing it in the box. I just bent it back. The Installation Kit is over priced but it was convienent to have everything there when I opened the box, so you pay for that. Over all I'd say it was a good deal. I will use this company again. 9279

- V2110SP-24

by: NLP06/07/2015

Vent cover arrived quickly & in prefect condition. Was easy to install & should last MUCH longer then the plastic one that was there from the manufacturer. I think I'm going to be putting some insulation on the under side of the vent cover, as I would think that sun light would make the metal VERY hot. Be careful when handling this vent cover, as some edges are sharp & can cut you. 201334

- V2110SP-24

by: Steve D05/19/2014

very happy with the replacement, one of my concerns is that it looks like the proper vent that came with the trailer, and it does. Inside is clean white plastic - but outside is what matters most to me. The old vent was a nightmare to remove - but this new one was easy to install. We appreciate the snap out screen for easy cleanup. Thanks - Steve PS. fast shipping! 131174

- V2110SP-24

by: John C05/11/2012

A hail storm punched a hole in the plastic vent. I figured I'd order a metal vent and not have to worry about that again. Product should fit the bill just perfect. I priced around and was impressed with the cost, everything included vent and garnish which is usaually sold seperately. Thanks Etrailer I'll be back if I ever need something for the trrailer again. 40031

- V2110SP-24

by: Jackie W.11/11/2014

I love, love, love these. We have an old 1958 Streamline travel trailer. Hail destroyed all 3 vent covers. In a matter of 20 min. my husband and I had them all replaced. They look great! I know they will be a lot tougher, and they won't become brittle and crack. We live in the center of Oklahoma, and the hail is what will get us. Very, very satisfied! 160464

- V2110SP-24

by: Randy J.08/20/2013

I ordered this roof vent to replace a broken deteriorated one on my horse trailer. This unit fit perfectly. Even the mounting holes were identical to the unit that I was replacing, so it made the installation very simple. This vent has great fit and finish. I am positive that the metal lid will last much longer than the plastic unit it replaced. 95983

- V2110SP-24

by: Beverly G.10/08/2012

The product arrived Saturday, 10/6/2012. It was like Christmas with my husband and son when it arrived. The will be installing it today. We have a 1965 Comet travel trailer and they are renovating it. We don't have any pictures yet but will soon. Thank you all for such a quick response and excellent product. We WILL be shopping with you again. 56697

- V2110SP-24

by: Joe H.01/05/2013

I haven't had a chance to install the roof vents because of snow in the CA foothills-Wait for spring.. Inspection of the three metal cover roof vents has indicated that they are exactly what I wanted for my Travel Trailer. After installation I won't have to worry about Pine tree limbs falling and breaking the roof covers..Pictures later. Joe 62482

- V2110SP-24

by: Richard09/03/2014

Had the same holes to replace the old one...did not use the inside trim, did not have one before..this is just a snowmobile trailer by Thule. 150005

- V2110SP-24

by: Ron08/28/2012

Nice replacement roof vent for my enclosed trailer. I like the fact that the cover is metal.I already lost two plastic cover to hail so it was time to upgrade to a metal one.Not real crazy about the snap in screen seams to fit pretty loose and it will probably be laying on the floor of the trailer after going over a few rough roads. 53373

- V2110SP-24

by: Tabitha04/23/2011

Customer service went above and beyond when ordering my product! Received ample feedback as to when the order was placed, when it was shipped, and a delivery comfirmation. I'd definitely order from again. The metal Ventline Ventadome we ordered installed very easily and works really good. Very satisfied. 12247

- V2110SP-24

by: John04/12/2013

The product was as described and all parts were present. The vent arrived very quickly - I was surprised by the fast service. The vent is very durable and much lower profile than the vent it is replacing, which will allow it to more easily clear my garage door. I'll ad a picture once I get it installed. 75640

- V2110SP-24

by: RM04/22/2012

Replacement for factory roof vent. OEM vent was plastic & completely dry rotted in 5 years and was leaking & very brittle. There were only 8 self tappers holding it down so it was easy to remove. Put down a sealant & put self tappers in every hole. Will not have to replace again. Very nice product 38020

- V2110SP-24

by: Craig Barkley06/13/2012

The product arrived 1 day late --not because of anything the shipper or the seller did but because i live in Florida on the coast. The rain was magnificent. Arrived intact and will do the job i need it to do. Good price, and is a less expensive upgrade from the plastic bobble the tailor came with. 44015

- V2110SP-24

by: Aaron T03/11/2014

Great price, prompt shipping...showed up undamaged. It was easy to install on my 58 Shasta. 120175

- V2110SP-24

by: Ed da Silva12/05/2011

The installation was an easy install. The holes lined up with the old vent holes. The caulking that was purchased with the new vent was easy to use. The hard part of the job was removing the old vent. Once I bought the correct adapter to take out the screws - then the job was easier. Ed 27801

- V2110SP-24

by: TinTent09/25/2013

Etrailer service & price is great, VentLine needs to package item better as 2 corners of the mounting flange arrived bent. But will suit my purpose as it's getting mounted on the curved roof of a 1977 WanderLodge. And the plastic ones don't last as they crack under stress & weather. 101475

- V2110SP-24

by: Alex N.04/07/2014

Living in middle Tennessee, hail storms are common, and have one broke my plastic vent cover. This steel cover feels very durable and I know it may get dinged but wont shatter like the old plastic vent. It was easy to install and was shipped faster than I thought possible. 124008

- V2110SP-24

by: Rich05/05/2014

I needed a low profile vent hood that worked with my aluminum camper roof rack; moreover, one that lasted longer than plastic covered vents - This fit the bill nicely. My only complaint is that the aluminum edges are very sharp, so be careful during installation. 128903

- V2110SP-24

by: no name04/09/2013

I'm with a government agency, and decided to try this Company for various items. The items order were as described & Shipping was Excellent!! Very Quick! Customer service was Excellent, above and beyond! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone! 75047

- V2110SP-24

by: Steven04/06/2013

Received the Ventline Metal roof vent quickly and in excellent condition! The vent was exactly as represented online and was MADE IN THE USA! Absolutely a big plus++++++ Will order all trailer parts in the future from you nice folks! Good bless AMERICA! 74552

- V2110SP-24

by: Bob J.08/11/2014

I bought theses to replace the plastic vents in my car hauler. They look very good and much sturdier than the plastic. Shipping was fast, packing was excellent. Communication was great. I 'll continue doing business with Etrailer. Thank you great service. 146115

- V2110SP-24

by: Lee09/07/2015

I wanted to replace my broken plastic roof vent with a metal one. The website was very easy to use to find what I needed and the standard delivery arrived in just a few days. It was a great purchase and easier than shopping for it locally. 224359

- V2110SP-24

by: Charles03/27/2013

This is a very good unit at a good price. 2 corner tabs were bent but easily hammered out. I sprayed the unit with primer then 2 coats of withe enamel. I live near the Gulf and the salt spray is nasty, Now this unit should last longer than the trailer. 72721

- V2110SP-24

by: Evan08/25/2014

I was aware that this vent did not come with mounting hardware. I was surprised to find, however, that the two screws needed to assemble the screen frame to the vent were not included. Now I have to go find some very tiny screws. Be aware of this. 148503

- V2110SP-24

by: Frank04/12/2013

Excellent product and Made right here in the USA .. I was not going to buy a china product so I was very happy to find this company . This vent is made extremely well . Thank you ETRAILER for making a great product , I will shop here again . 75456

- V2110SP-24

by: John R05/21/2014

replaced my trailer vent after a hail storm with this metal version. this will not rust or deteriorate like plastic. Only downside, it will not allow light in. Fit was better the original. Easy install since I was replacing existing unit. 131595

- V2110SP-24

by: Dennis Stewart02/05/2014

Thank you for your helpful ordering. we received our order yesterday and the vent arrived perfect without any freight damage. Again I would order from your company again. Here's to fixing up our 1958 trailer. sincerely, Dennis 115813

- V2110SP-24

by: Frank T01/25/2015

Just what I expected per the web site info. Good heavy duty item, great price. Within minutes of placing order I had a confirmation of the order, within 1 1/2 hours I received notice that it was shipped. Great job guys, thanks 171177

- V2110SP-24

by: Danny c.01/16/2015

I love it ! What a difference from the old plastic one I had.My son needs one for his trailer and would recommend this product.It was deliverd in a nice box where the corners didn't bend.For the money it is well worth it. 169107

- V2110SP-24

by: Paul09/19/2015

It started of looking good top all metal I already had a vent in (plastic died in 2 years) the new one fit very nicely over the old spot and with more screw holes it lock down nicely thank you I will be back 226516

- V2110SP-24

by: Dave D.10/29/2012

Metal! Installed easy, although a bit thin. The inside screen clips in on plastic holders, I'm going to have problems there, perhaps some screws someday. Worth the price I paid though, simple unit. 58302

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  • Is the Replacement Metal Trailer Roof Vent Dome Assembly Galvanized and Does it Include the Bracket
  • Yes, the metal replacement dome, # BV0534-00, is galvanized for corrosion resistance. There is a slot spot welded into the underside of the lid that the operator arm attaches to, see photo. No other parts are included with the replacement metal dome, and you do not need to rivet the bracket to the underside of the lid. The Replacement Operator w/ Knob, # BV0115-04, is the correct operator arm and attaches to the slot in the underside of the lid with the rivet head that is attached to...
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  • How To Replace The Roof Vent Cover On The Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent # V2110SP-24
  • I walked out to our warehouse and pulled the Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent, part # V2110SP-24, and had to disassemble the vent to remove to vent cover. To start, open the vent as much as possible. Then hold the knob in place while you loosen the screw in the center of the knob with a Phillips-head screwdriver. After removing the knob, you will need to use a square-bit screwdriver head to unscrew the knob mounting bracket. After unscrewing the bracket, you can slide the bracket...
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  • Would the Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent # V2110SP-24 Work on an Aluminum Roof
  • Yes, the Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent # V2110SP-24 that you referenced could be installed on your aluminum roof and a thin piece of plywood. The included garnish with this vent is for 2-1/8 inch thick roofs. If you needed a thinner garnish you would want the Ceiling Garnish part # VA0445-25 as this one is 1-1/8 inch thick.
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  • Need Replacement Roof Vent for Cargo King 6X12 Enclosed Trailer Model EX610SA
  • I checked the website for Cargo King and their main phone number is no longer in service. I was able to find on their website some specs for their various enclosed trailers, including their model 6X12SA. This trailer offers a roof vent as an option. Details about the vent are not provided but an included photo of the optional vent does suggest that they used a standard trailer vent like the Ventline Ventadome # V2092SP-28 that you referenced. The best way to determine the fit for a replacement...
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  • Low Profile Ventline Roof Vent Recommendation with Smoked Roof Vent Cover
  • I found the lid you referenced, the Replacement Lid for Ventline and Elixir RV Roof Vents # CAM40148 and I do have a roof vent system that it will work on, but the Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent # V2092SP-29 uses a different hinge system so it would not work. You would want to get the Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent # V2110SP-24, this system can have a # CAM40148 installed on it.
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  • Dimensions For The Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent # V2110SP-24
  • I walked out to our warehouse and pulled the Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent, part # V2110SP-24, from our inventory to measure. The outside edge of the vent flange measured approximately 16-1/2 inches square. The actual opening of the vent measured approximately 14-1/2 inches square. The depth of the vent from the inside flange to the outside flange measured approximately 2 inches tall. I took a picture of Roof Vent # V2110SP-24 and used Photoshop to illustrate the measurements.
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  • Will the Ventadome Replacement Operator with Knob Work on a Plastic Roof Vent with Crank Handle
  • Knob or crank handle is just a change in design, we need to determine how the lift bar attaches to the plastic cover on your roof vent. The operator you selected, # BV0115-04, will work with roof vent covers that have a slot that the rivet head at the end of the operator arm slides into and is then clipped in with the metal clip shown in the photos on the product page. Older plastic roof vents have a slotted bracket that is riveted in the underside of the roof vent so this operator arm...
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  • Can a Metal Trailer Vent Lid be Used to Replace a Plastic One on a Pace Trailer
  • To determine if cover # BV0534-00 will fit or if you will need to replace the whole assembly with # V2110SP-24 you will need to look at the hinge style and the dimensions of the vent. If you look at vent lid # BV0554-01 and scroll down a little you will see a picture of a hinge. This is the same hinge that is on the metal cover. It is one long continuous hinge, basically a semi-circle in shape. If the hinge is the same you have to look at the dimensions. The metal cover is 14-1/4 inches...
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  • Installing Roof Vent in 2015 Stealth Blackhawk 7X16 Toy Hauler Trailer with Vinyl Ceiling Liner
  • Thank you for including a photo of your new trailer. You do not need to remove the vinyl ceiling liner in your 2015 Stealth Blackhawk 7X16 Toy Hauler trailer in order to install a roof vent. The vinyl liner should be able to be cut along with the roof surface to create the mounting point for the roof vent. Your owner's manual may offer some guidance so its worth checking there before you proceed, or you can check with your trailer dealer. Generally speaking you'll want to place the...
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  • Recommendation for a Flat Ventline Roof Vent for an Enclosed Trailer
  • I recommend the Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent, # V2110SP-24. This vent will fit in the same opening as your existing vent and it has a flat, metal lid. Compared to the dome style vents, the flat metal lid on this vent is 2-5/16 inches shorter. To help ease installation, we also have the Installation Kit - for Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vents, # RVIKIT100. The dome style lids use a special bracket system inside the lid (the part the opens and closes it) that is different than...
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  • How High Will Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent # V2110SP-24 Sit Above Trailer Roof
  • I walked out to our warehouse and measured the Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent # V2110SP-24. The height of the vent from the top of the trailer to the top of the vent when closed measured approximately 2-1/4 inches. When the vent is fully opened the height is approximately 11-1/4 inches. Check out the pictures showing these measurements. To install the vent, I would recommend using the Installation Kit, part # RVIKIT100, which includes sealant and screws.
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  • Replacement Options For Roof Vent On Heartland Road Warrior Fifth Wheel Trailer
  • We offer a couple of options for you Heartland Road Warrior vents. We do carry the replacement vent covers for Hengs vents. If you want to just replace the cover you would order part # 69284. This is the only replacement cover that uses a 3-point hinge that we carrry. If you wish to replace the entire vent assembly we have some options you can check out. I recommend part # V2110SP-24 if you are interested in a metal vent assembly. If you want a white plastic vent I recommend part...
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  • Installation Kit Recommendation for the Ventline Ventadome Roof Vent part # V2110SP-24
  • It does not, the recommended installation kit for the Ventline Ventadome Roof Vent part # V2110SP-24 that you referenced would be the Installation Kit # RVIKIT100.
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  • What are the Measurements for Replacement Screen Frame with Screen # BVC0573-31
  • The Replacement Screen Frame with Screen, # BVC0573-31, is designed to fit Ventadome RV roof vents like models # V2092SP-28, # V2110SP-24, # V2094SP-30, or # V2119-601-00. I went out to the warehouse to take some measurements so you could compare it and the design of the vents listed above with your existing vent to determine if this is the correct replacement part for you. The frame and screen is 13-1/2 inches by 13-1/2 inches. It is about 1-5/6 inches tall when placed upside down on...
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  • Does a Wooden Frame Need to be Fabricated to Install a Roof Vent in a Motortrack Trailer
  • You should not have to fabricate anything to go between the roof joists to install the Ventline vent # V2110SP-24. The vent does come with a garnish that can be trimmed some to fit different roof thicknesses. If your trailer roof is thin enough you may need to fabricate something for it to fit more flush on the inside of the trailer. I also recommend vent installation kit # RVIKIT100. It includes screws and caulk needed for installation. I have included a link to a video review of the...
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  • Recommended Replacement Trailer Roof Vents for 1965 Streamline Trailer
  • The trailer vent cover you referenced, Ventline's Old Style Rounded Dome Trailer Roof Vent Cover # BV0554-01, is a continuous-hinge type cover that fits many Elixir roof vents made between 1996 and 2007. However, many trailer vents, even those that are 50 years old like those on your 1965 Streamline trailer, share a common size. Most trailer roof vents are intended for a rough roof opening of 14-1/4 x 14/1/4-inches and this is why the Ventine cover # BV0554-01 measures 14- x 14-inches....
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  • Correct Operator Arm Assembly for Existing Dome Lid and Ceiling Garnish for
  • The # V2119-3-533 Ventline Ventadome Roof Vents that we have in stock use a plastic sliding connector that installs on a plastic slide ramp built into the underside of the vent lid. The operator arm you suggested, # BVD0462-00, is the correct replacement for these roof vents, and the knob would not be used on the power lift model. If your vent uses a metal fastener, you may need the Replacement Operator Arm, # BV0115-04, that uses a metal spring clip to attach to the underside of the...
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  • Mounting Hole Spacing for Replacement Operator w/ Knob and Screw, # BV0115-04
  • I went out to the warehouse and measured a Replacement Operator w/ Knob and Screw, # BV0115-04. The center to center distance between the mounting holes is 2-3/8 inches. It is designed as a replacement for Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent, # V2110SP-24. If you have a Ventline roof vent that has the plastic wedge style lid, then you will need Replacement Operator, Knob and Screw, # BVD0462-00. This kit fits V2092, V2094, and V2119 series vents.
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  • Availability of Replacement Trailer Roof Vent Covers that are More Durable than Originals
  • The vent covers we offer are manufactured to be the same as the original equipment, so you could expect the same durability you experienced with the original vent lids. To locate a replacement vent cover, you'll need to look at the dimensions of the vent, and the style or configuration of the hinge. You can also closely examine what remains of the vent looking for manufacturer information and part numbers. Compare this information with our selection of replacement lids, all of which...
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  • Replacement Metal Vent Cover Recommendation for a Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent # V2110SP-24
  • Yes, there is a replacement cover available for the part # V2110SP-24 that you referenced. For that you would want the part # BV0534-00.
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  • Trailer Roof Vent with 12 Volt Fan for a 1977 Chevy G-20 Van
  • The Ventline vent # V2110SP-24 cannot be fitted with a fan but we do have a host of roof vents that do have fans built in that you could use. I have included a link to them for you. I would actually go with vent with fan # VP-543SP since it has a smaller footprint and would require a smaller hole in the roof. I also recommend the roof vent installation kit # RVIKIT100.
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  • What is the Overall Height of the Closed Lid on Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent # V2110SP-24
  • When installed in your trailer roof the Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent # V2110SP-24 will sit such that its closed lid will be 2-inches above the trailer roof surface. When open the lid will be about 11-inches above the roof. If your trailer roof is metal or wood you can use Installation Kit # RVIKIT100. If it is rubber you will instead want kit # CAM25013.
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  • Replacement Trailer Roof Vent Operator Availability
  • Based on the dimension you listed it doesn't sound like we have the correct operator for your roof vent. We carry 4 operator assemblies, the part # BVD0462-00 has a distance of 2-7/16 inches between the mounting holes. The # VD0286-00 has a distance of 2-3/8 inches between mounting holes. The # BV0115-04 also has also a distance of 2-3/8 inches as well as the part # BV0115-06. It's possible you may have measured wrong so in this case if you have a vent like the # V2092SP-29 you would...
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  • Is there a Trailer Roof Vent that Will Fit a Roof that is 1 Inch Thick
  • You can use the Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent, # V2110SP-24, and then just trim down the garnish to the size you need. The garnish that comes with the vent is actually 2-1/8 inches deep to start with. I have included a link to a video review of this vent for you. We also recommend using the installation kit # RVIKIT100 when installing a vent.
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  • Recommended 14 x 14-Inch Ventline Roof Vent for 1998 Sun Lite Pop Up Camper Trailer
  • A 14-1/4-inch x 14-1/4-inch rough trailer roof opening is very common and we offer a whole range of complete vent assemblies and also replacement lids and other parts for this size vent. Vents that fit this opening size are 14 x 14 size and the linked page will let you see all that we offer. These include both manual and powered types, plastic-domed vents in various colors and also metal vents. For instance, if you prefer a smoke-color manual vent you could use Ventline # V2092SP-29....
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  • Choosing Replacement Trailer Roof Vent for 1972 Road Ranger Camper
  • You don't have to worry about sizing your replacement vents. Most square trailer roof vents like the Ventline # V2092SP-25 are designed to fit a standardized 14-1/4 x 14-1/4-inch rough roof opening as found on the majority of trailers and campers. Since you measured 14 x 14-inches on the inside we know that your rough opening is going to match this 14-1/4-inch square size. The linked page will show you all complete 14 x 14 vent assemblies that will fit your camper. You can choose between...
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  • Trailer Roof Vent Recommendation for a Horse Trailer with Thin Metal Roof
  • If you didn't mind enlarging the hole in the roof of your horse trailer you could use the part # V2110SP-24 as a replacement vent. Since your roof is so thin you could just go without the garnish and attach it directly to the roof. For an install kit with screws and sealant you would also want the part # RVIKIT100.
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  • How Far Above Roof Does Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent # V2110SP-24 Extend When Installed
  • The Ventline Ventadome Manual Trailer Roof Vent, part # V2110SP-24, measures 2-1/4 inches from the top surface of the mounting flange to the top of the closed vent lid. When mounted to the top of your trailer roof it will extend above the roof this distance. I have attached a photo of this item showing the measurement I took. The 2-1/4-inch height was taken from the top of the steel mounting flange to the raised bumps at the corners, which are the highest points on the lid.
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  • Replacement Vent Lid for a 2009 United ATV/Snowmobile Trailer
  • You will need to take a look at the hinge on vent cover # BVD0449-A01 to determine if it matches what you have on your trailer. I have included a picture that shows the hinge up close. This cover is designed to fit Ventline Ventadome roof vent model V2110 like # V2110SP-24. It measures 14-1/4 inches square.
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