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Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera w/ Color LCD Monitor

Peak Performance Electronics

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Peak Performance Electronics - PKC0RB

Enhance safety with this wireless backup camera system. When you put your vehicle in reverse, the camera turns on and sends images to a 3-1/2", full-color LCD display. The display attaches to your windshield or dash via a suction cup mount.


  • Backup camera system minimizes blind spots and helps you avoid accidents
  • 3-1/2", Full-color LCD monitor secures to your windshield or dash
    • Mounting arm tilts so that you can adjust the viewing angle
    • Brightness, color, contrast, and image orientation can be easily adjusted
    • Mirror image is displayed for a precise view from the driver's perspective
  • Water-resistant, rear-mounted backup camera
    • 110-Degree horizontal viewing angle and 90-degree vertical viewing angle
    • Angle and height can be customized during installation
    • Camera can view objects up to 80' away
      • Focus is set at 3', so objects at this distance are the most crisp and in focus
  • Parking guidelines displayed on the monitor let you easily parallel park or back out of a spot
    • Indicates distance between your car and other objects
    • Can be turned on and off
  • Wireless design - system uses empty radio frequency to transmit images from camera to monitor
    • No wiring from the display to the camera means less time required for installation
  • System activates when you shift into reverse or with the on/off switch on the monitor
    • For activation when in reverse gear, camera's transmitter must be hardwired into your vehicle's reverse lights
  • Simple installation - all mounting hardware included
    • Monitor power cord plugs into your 12V DC auxiliary outlet
    • Monitor attaches to your windshield or dashboard using suction cup
    • Camera has built-in mounting flange for attachment behind your license plate
    • Camera's transmitter hardwires into your vehicle
    • 25' Long extension cord (PKCORD - sold separately) can be added for installations that require more distance between the camera and transmitter


  • Monitor dimensions: 4-3/4" long x 3-1/4" wide
  • LCD display screen size: 3-1/2" (89 mm)
  • Resolution: 640 x 480
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Radio frequency (RF) transmission distance: 197'
  • Power draw: less than 160 milliamps
  • Monitor power cord length: 6'
  • Length of cord from camera to transmitter: 9-1/2'
  • 1-Year limited warranty


  • Some states or local governments may have regulations that restrict the use of anything that may obstruct the view of a license plate. Check local laws for compliance.
  • State law prohibits drivers in California and Minnesota from using suction mounts on their windshields while operating motor vehicles. When used in these states, this camera system's monitor should be mounted on the dash or by a method other than the suction cup.
  • Any wireless device that operates on 2.4 GHz (like Bluetooth, GPS, and in-car Internet) can interfere with the reception quality of this wireless backup camera.
  • Do not use this system in a car that sounds an alarm or horn when you are driving in reverse.

Using the Backup Camera

Peak Performance backup camera monitor fits conveniently onto your windshield or dashboard

It's not always easy to spot objects that are right behind your car when you're pulling out of your driveway or parallel parking. This rear-mount backup camera decreases blind spots, improving safety and giving you peace of mind. The LCD display monitor secures to your dashboard or windshield with a suction cup mount, and you can adjust the mounting arm to get the perfect viewing angle.

This versatile system gives you 2 options for operation. To use the on/off switch, hardwire the camera's transmitter into any constant 12V wiring in your vehicle. With this option, you'll be able to view the display whenever the monitor is switched on. To use the camera only when you're driving in reverse, hardwire the transmitter into your reverse lights. The display will activate only if the monitor is on and you are driving in reverse.

Peak Performance backup camera display and buttons

A. Menu button

B. Up button to adjust monitor settings

C. Power button

D. Down button to adjust monitor settings

E. Parking guidelines on/off button

F. Blue power LED

Blue LEDs are located on either side of the monitor. If the camera's transmitter is hardwired into your reverse lights, these LEDs will blink when the monitor has power and is turned on but the vehicle is not in reverse. This indicates standby mode. When the monitor has power and is turned on and the vehicle is in reverse, the LEDs will stop blinking and burn solid blue. If the transmitter is hardwired into constant 12V wiring, the LEDs with burn solid blue when the monitor has power and is turned on.

Parking Guidelines

Use the camera's parking guidelines to avoid running into objects or other cars as you back down your driveway, pull out of a parking spot, or parallel park. Differently colored lines on the display indicate the distance between your car and the objects behind you. The parking guidelines can be turned on and off using a button on the monitor.

Installation of Wireless System

Peak Performance camera and wireless transmitter

The wireless design of this backup camera system makes for a simple installation. The camera communicates with the monitor using a radio frequency (RF) transmitter. All you need to do is wire the camera's transmitter to your vehicle.

Peak Performance camera sits on a plate that is mounted behind the license plate Peak Performance camera sits on a plate that is mounted behind the license plate

The backup camera is attached to a mounting plate that is secured behind your license plate using your existing license plate screws. Customize your view by adjusting the height of the camera or tilting it to any of 5 positions. The camera must be plugged into the RF transmitter, which you mount in your vehicle. Note: It may be necessary to drill a small hole to route the camera wire. A plastic grommet is provided.

When mounting the camera to the back of a truck, trailer, or RV, you might need extra wiring length between the camera and the transmitter so that you can mount the transmitter in the best location for your setup. Moving the transmitter closer to the monitor will give you a clearer picture. And the extra wiring length might mean the difference between mounting the transmitter in your truck bed - where it's exposed to the elements - or mounting it in your cab. To increase the distance between the camera and the transmitter, add a 25' long extension cord (PKCORD - sold separately). You can combine up to 3 extension cords for 75' of extra length.

Peak Performance backup camera monitor attaches to your windshield or dash via a suction cup mount

The monitor included with this kit attaches to your windshield or dashboard using a suction cup mount. The adjustable arm on the mount lets you change the position of the monitor to create the perfect viewing angle.

Peak Performance backup camera monitor plugs into your 12 volt accessory outlet

To power the monitor, use the included 12V DC cord, which plugs into the side of the monitor and into your 12V accessory socket. This way you can unplug the cord and remove the display to keep it out of sight of thieves.

Replaces PKC0RA and PKC0RB-01

PKCORB-03 PEAK Performance Rear-Mount Back-Up Camera and Suction Mount Display - 3.5 Inch Monitor

Video of Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera w/ Color LCD Monitor

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video install peak wireless backup camera 2010 chevrolet silverado pkc0rb
Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera Installation - 2010 Chevrolet Silverado
Video install peak back up camera 2004 ford f250 pkc0rb
Peak Performance Wireless Back-Up Camera Installation - 2004 Ford F-250
Video install peak wireless back up camera 2005 jeep grand cherokee pkc0rb
Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera Installation - 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Video Transcript for Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera Installation - 2010 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2010 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab we'll be installing the Peak Wireless Back Up Camera System with a 3 1/2" color LCD monitor - Part #PKC0RB. We will additionally be using the Peak Wireless Back Up Camera System extension cord in 25' long - Part #PKC0RD. To begin with, we are going to have to remove the existing license plate. We'll mount our camera here that has the wire coming off of it. We'll use the two screws that mount the license plate to the rear bumper. Now that we have our back up camera mounted with our license plate, we'll route our wire up towards the front. On this particular instance, we're going to mount the transponder inside the cab of the vehicle. That's the reason for the extra 25' long cord.

We're goingto make the connection with the 25' extension. To do this, wewant to make sure that it is firmly connected, as well as making sure that it is water tight. We're going to do a few layers of electrical tape to give it a good seal. When routing the wire towards the front of the vehicle, make sure you keep it away from any sharp edges, moving parts or areas that may become hot and damage the wire. We'll also use several zip ties along the way to keep the wires secure.

There are also areas, when routing our wires to the front of the vehicle, that we'll be using an old section of air tubing to help us fish the wire along. Now that we have the wire up near the firewall of the vehicle, we need to choose a grommet that we can poke through to get the wires into the cab of the vehicle. Right here is the grommet that we'll be poking through to pull our wires through. We'll poke a hole in the grommet to route our wires through. We'll start by using the red air tube and tape our red and black wire to it that gets routed out to the fuse box. We'll next route our wire going from the back up camera to the inside of the cab where the transponder will be mounted. With our wires routed to their locations, we'll take some time and zip tie them in place in the engine compartment. Next we'll move up under the dash where we'll pull all the excess wire from the engine compartment into the cab of the vehicle and coil it up and use a zip tie to secure it.

We're going to use some two-sided tape that we had to secure our box underneath the dash. We'll use a little rubbing alcohol first to make sure that we clean off any grease or dirt that may be in the way keeping the double sided tape from sticking properly. With that done, we'll put the transponder up into place after we plug both of the wires into them making sure that they are firmly locked in to place. Now we are ready to go under the hood and make our connections there to give our transponder power. We're going to use the fuse location marked TRLB/Uwhich is the trailer back up lights. We'll do a test with our test light and have someone put it in and out of reverse to make sure that there is only power to this fuse when the vehicle is in reverse.

As you can see here using our test light, that is the case. We'll be using a fuse tapto get power off of the fuse box. This location already had a 10 amp fuse in it so when we use ourfuse tap, we'll just put the 10 amp fuse into that and connect our red wire into the other end of the fuse tapwhere the butt connector is. We'll install the fuse tapand fuse later. Next we'll move on to the ground connection. Because we did nothave enough black wire to getto the ground, we're going to use a small section of spare white wire that we had. We'll splice them together with a butt connector. Then add a ring terminal to the end of them, followed by some electrical tape to seal up the connection. Next we'll connect the red wire to the wire tap, again taping up the connection. When this is done, we'll attachit to the factory ground. Now we can install our10 amp fuse into the fuse tapand install that as well. Once our connections are made, we'll put our fuse boxcover back on and head into the cab of the vehicle to finish our install. We'll start by peeling off the screen cover on our monitor. We'll then plug our power cord into the 12 volt power supply. Next we'll take the suction cup mount and place in on the windshield. Now we can slide our monitor onto the mount. Now we can plug our power supply into the monitor. As you can see, the screen lights up, but is blank aswe are not in reverse. With the power plugged in, and the vehicle in the off position and notin reverse, you'll see a blue flashing light on. You can turn this screen off by pushing the center button of the five. It will turn the power off. There is also a menubutton that will allow you to adjust brightness, contrast, angle, as well as the color. There is also a button that will allow you to have the dash lines, which help to guidein backing up, to be on or you can remove them just to give you a full, clear view of the screen. As you can see here, once we start the vehicle and we put it into reverse, the screen will appear and you will see what's at the rear of the vehicle. You can also adjust the camera angle at the rear of the vehicle where the license plate is, a little bit up and down. That will conclude our installation of the Peak Wireless Back Up Camera System Part #PKC0RB on our 2010 Chevrolet SilveradoCrew Cab. .

Customer Reviews

Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera w/ Color LCD Monitor - PKC0RB

Average Customer Rating:  ratingratingratingratingrating3.5 out of 5 stars   (2 Customer Reviews)


ratingratingratingratingrating by: Geoff06/02/2013

Is this review helpful?

I bought this to use as a rear view mirror on my 12' enclosed utility trailer, along with the extension cord so I could put the transmitter at the front of the trailer. Installation was easy. Performance is ok, but flickers some and blinks a blue screen frequently, so that can be distracting in your peripheral vision. I cut a hole in the front of the trailer and stuck the transmitter's antenna out to try to improve it, and I tried turning off the truck's Bluetooth, but strangely neither seemed to make much difference. Other users have run the transmitter wire all the way inside the truck, but I don't want that extra hassle every time I hook up. 82937


Ditto. I spent the last hour drilling and running wires to get the transmitter closer. Even if I set them up so that they are a mere 6 away and have NO OBSTRUCTIONS, the image flickers all the time. I very much regret this purchase.

comment by: jorn - 6/27/2013


Be aware of other electronics that can cause interference. Anything on the 2.4GHz radio frequency can cause interference. Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth devices or anything else that operates in that frequency can cause interference.

Patrick B - 6/27/2013


ratingratingratingratingrating by: Harold01/19/2014

Is this review helpful?

This item works great! It's for the wife's car and she's happy with it.114146

Ask the Experts about this Peak Performance Electronics
Expert Answers about Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera w/ Color LCD Monitor - PKC0RB                                            Do you have a question about this Electronics?

  • Extension Recommendation for PEAK Wireless Back Up Camera # PKC0RB
  • To use the PEAK Performance Wireless Back Up Camera # PKC0RB on the bumper of your trailer, you will need the PEAK Extension Cord # PKCORD made specifically for this camera. It features quick installation and by linking 3 of these cords, you will gain a total of 84-1/2 feet of cord (3 25-foot cords and the 9-1/2 foot cord that comes with the camera). The cords come with adapters on each end that will connect to additional cords.
    view full answer...

  • Back Up Camera Recommendation for Use at the Back of a Boat Trailer
  • I recommend the Swift Hitch, # 04928, because it is very versatile as far as how and where you can mount it. I do recommend removing the camera before going into the water to avoid any accidental soaking of the camera. The base is magnetic so if you have a nice steel surface you can mount it to it may not have to be permanently mounted to the vehicle. I have included a link to a video review of this camera system for you.
    view full answer...

  • Interference to Peak Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor on a 2013 Chevy Silverado
  • If the 2013 Chevy Silverado has a blue tooth feature or any wireless communication devices in it then that is the exact problem: interference. What you may be able to do to get the best signal possible from the transmitter to the monitor is move the transmitter as close to the monitor as you can using extension cable # PKCORD. Older trucks did not have near the technology that new trucks have so it is not surprising that interference would show up on a new truck and not an older one.
    view full answer...

  • Will Peak Wireless Backup Camera Work Well in the Dark
  • In low-light situations, the Peak back up camera, # PKC0RB, will have that dark, washed out grainy sort of picture displayed on the monitor and probably will not be as useful as you need it to be. However, you do not have to get a camera system with night vision to be able to see with a back up camera. You could use a backup light like # C8020. It fits in a 7-Way trailer connector and will power on when you place the vehicle in reverse. The extra light will make the image displayed from the
    view full answer...

  • Back up Light Wire Color for 2010 Chevrolet Camaro To Install Peak Back-Up Camera Part # PKC0RB
  • To determine which wire is designated for the back-up light on your 2010 Chevrolet Camaro to install your Peak Back-Up Camera, you will need to do some testing. For this I recommend having a circuit tester handy, like part # 3808. Using the circuit tester method is the most accurate. First, locate the wires for the reverse lights. On the latest generation of the Camaro, the reverse lights are on the bumper, near the license plate. You may be able to locate this wiring through the trunk, or ev
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting a Peak Wireless Camera for Monitor not Working
  • When installed correctly the Peak Performance Wireless Back-Up Camera # PKC0RB that you referenced should flash blue when the vehicle is turned on and then the monitor should come on once you put the vehicle in reverse. I would check to make sure the wiring of the transmitter is correct as it sounds like its not getting turned on. I attached an install video for this product for you to check out also.
    view full answer...

  • Can the Camera from the Peak Wireless Back Up System be Mounted Anywhere
  • The bracket on the camera of the Peak wireless back up camera system # PKC0RB is designed to attach to the license plate. However if you wanted to you could mount the camera somewhere else that works best for your vehicle. I have included a link to a video showing a typical installation for you. If you need extra length from the camera to the transmitter then you will need to use extension # PKCORD.
    view full answer...

  • Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera # PKC0RB Has Static When Reversing or at Idle
  • Wireless devices such as the Peak Performance Backup Camera, part # PKC0RB, can be affected by the presence of other wireless devices that operate on the same 2.4 GHz frequency. Such items include Bluetooth-equipped products, GPS systems and in-car internet. Also please note, this Peak camera is not compatible with vehicles that emit an audible alarm when in reverse. My contact at Peak advises you can try repositioning the transmitter unit that connects to the camera. Placing the transmit
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera for Blue Screen While Driving
  • It sounds like there is an interference problem, the Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera # PKC0RB that you referenced works on a 2.4GHz radio frequency, so anything on the same frequency as that will cause interference. Most common it is Bluetooth devices that cause this interference as they are on this frequency. I would check all electronic devices for Bluetooth capability and be sure to deactivate while in the truck and see if that helps the problem. Some Chevy Silverados have Blue
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting a Peak Wireless Backup Camera Mounted on a 2007 3500 dodge
  • Sounds like the problem has something to do with the transmitter of your Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera # PKC0RB. It sounds like your monitor is coming on, but the transmitter is not sending signal adequately, or there is interference. Bluetooth devices are known to cause interference issues, you may check to make sure all wireless devices are turned off and try again to see if that fixes the problem.
    view full answer...

  • Horizontal Line Interference with Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera
  • It is possible that there may have been a short that caused some damage to the monitor. But if that was the case the fuse inside of the part that plugs into the receptacle on the vehicle would be blown. Something could have happened inside to cause the monitor to no longer display what it is supposed to. If that is the case it would have to be replaced. You can also check to see if you are getting some interference or the transmitter needs to be closer to the monitor. Interference can come fr
    view full answer...

  • Interference Solutions for Peak Performance Wireless Camera Hooked Up in a 2005 Ford F-250 4-Door
  • My technical contact at Peak told me the best place for you to mount the Peak Performance Backup Camera # PKC0RB on your 2005 Ford F-250 is in a plastic, ziplock bag, under the rail in your truck bed. The connectors on the transmitter are not waterproof and that is the reason for the seal-tight plastic bag. He also said that typically trucks of that time, which is before the infusion of dashboard technology, transmit good signal with this location. The way to receive the most uninterrupted s
    view full answer...

  • Installation Instructions for the Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera
  • Be aware of other electronics that can cause interference. Anything on the 2.4GHz radio frequency can cause interference. Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth devices or anything else that operates in that frequency can cause interference. I attached a couple pages from the installation instructions for the Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera # PKC0RB for you to check out also. The only pages that I did not attach where pages without any helpful information.
    view full answer...

  • Installing Peak Wireless Back Up Camera in 2005 Saturn Outlook
  • The transmitter should be installed inside the vehicle, to protect it from the elements. Typically, the closer you can install the transmitter to the monitor the better, but because it is being used in a 2005 Saturn Outlook, which is a relatively small vehicle that does not have much in the way of interior obstructions, you could install the transmitter in the cargo area and it should work just fine for you. Keep in mind that the transmitter operates on 2.4 GHz, using any bluetooth phone or acce
    view full answer...

  • Extra Wire for Reverse Light Connection to Mount Peak Back Up Camera Transmitter in Silverado Cab
  • The extra cable for the Peak backup camera, # PKC0RB, is # PKCORD. It has the connectors only for the transmitter and camera and not for the connection to the reveres light circuit. There are other places you can tap into the reverse light circuit but any of them are going to require additional small gauge wire to match the wire on the reverse light circuit wire in the kit. If you are mounting the transmitter in the cab then you may be able to use a fuse tap and tap into the reverse light fus
    view full answer...

  • Glare On The Screen Of Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera Monitor PKC0RB
  • The Peak Performance Wireless Backup Camera w/ Color LCD Monitor, part # PKC0RB, has adjustments that allow you to change the angle of the monitor if needed. It also has brightness and contrast adjustments which should help you use the unit even in bright sun. I have the same issues occasionally when I am using my video or my camera outdoor in bright sun. I purchased an apparatus online designed for this purpose. It is actually a vinyl coated shield I attach with velcro straps around the ba
    view full answer...

  • Backup Camera Recommendation for a 1999 Roadtrek 200 RV
  • For an RV built on a van chassis I recommend going with a hardwire camera because a wireless one is going to run into a lot of interference. For hardwire cameras we have # HM60195VA and # HM50002. I own the latter and it works great. Given that the license plate on the RV folds down you will need to mount the camera elsewhere to avoid interference with the folding plate. A spot above or below it, if possible would be fine. I have linked a video showing installation on my car. Installation wi
    view full answer...

  • Peak Wireless Backup Camera Drains Vehicle Battery
  • The Peak wireless camera # PK015737 should only be drawing power when the vehicle is in reverse and the monitor is plugged in and on. If the monitor is not turning off then it either has some sort of fault or it is receiving a signal from the transmitter. Make sure that the transmitter and camera parts are wired to the reverse light circuit and that the grounds are attached to clean and corrosion free bare metal surfaces. If the issue is with the monitor then the simplest solution is to unplu
    view full answer...

  • Peak Backup Camera Monitor Will not Turn On
  • If the monitor for your backup camera is plugged in to the 12 volt outlet and is still not powering on then there could be a problem with either the fuse for the 12 volt outlet circuit or the internal fuse for the monitor power supply. Use the vehicle owners manual for the fuse location for the power outlet on the vehicle to check it. To access the monitor fuse, take a look at the video I have made for you. The fuse is located in the part of the power supply that plugs into the outlet.
    view full answer...

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