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Price: $499.95

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Video Demo Superwinch Electric Winch SW1455200

Superwinch Electric Winch SW1455200 Review
Video review superwinch s5500 roller hawse fairlead winch sw1455200

Superwinch S5500 Roller Hawse Fairlead Winch Review

Superwinch S5500 Winch - Wire Rope - Roller Hawse Fairlead - 5,500 lbs - 12V

Superwinch Electric Winch

(4 reviews)

Code:   SW1455200


Price: $499.95

Shipping Special

Shipping Weight: 60 pounds


Superwinch Electric Winch - SW1455200


  • Aluminum free-spool lever
  • 2-hole drum prevents rope from detaching
  • Roller hawse fairlead with stainless steel rollers
  • 3.6 HP magnet motor
  • 3-stage planetary gear box
  • 5,500 lbs Of line pull
  • 30' Rocker remote


  • Rated line pull: 5,500 lbs
  • Motor: sealed 3.6 hp
  • Gearing: 3-stage planetary
  • Gear ratio: 185:1
  • Innovative kick-flip lever
  • Sealed solenoid; circuit breaker protected
  • Braking: automatic, 100% load holding
  • Cable: 9/32" x 60'
  • Housing dimensions: 19-1/2" long x 5-1/2" wide x 5-1/2" tall
  • Heavy-duty clevis-pinned latched hook
  • Drum diameter: 2.5"
  • Drum length 4.87"
  • Limited lifetime warranty/3-year on solenoid

Adding more power, and more efficient gearing with a slew of bonus features, the S5500 changes the Superwinch S Series game. The Superwinch S5500 trailer winch pulls 5,500 lbs with a 3.6 HP permanent magnet motor driven through an all steel 3-stage planetary gear box at 24 FPM.

1455200 Superwinch S5500 Winch - Wire Rope - Roller Hawse Fairlead - 5,500 lbs - 12V

Replaces 1450200

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Video of Superwinch S5500 Winch - Wire Rope - Roller Hawse Fairlead - 5,500 lbs - 12V

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Video Transcript for Superwinch Electric Winch SW1455200 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Super Wench S 5500 wench. This wench is very strong and reliable. It's going to feature a three point six horse power sealed magnet motor. The unit's going to have rated line pull of 5500 pounds. You can see that the motor again, completely sealed internal. It's going to be protected well from the elements.

Another neat feature is the three stage planetary gear box. The gearing is on this side of the wench, it features a customer aluminum housing that's light and strong and corrosion resistant. The wench does have a free spool mode. It's got the control lever right here for the free spool option. Aluminum kick flip lever that can be operated by foot if desired.

It hangs of the edge here that way you can put your foot on there and you can flip it over very quickly and easily. Again, aluminum construction basically in this position here it allows the wench to go into a free spool mode. You can grab the wire rope, you can extend it out to where you need it. When you're ready to disengage the free spool option just place the lever back in that position there. The actual gears are cut steel, they feature extra wide final stage gearing that provides better engagement and longer tooth life. The gear ratio on the unit is a hundred and eighty-five to one.

The unit also features a very innovative roller hoss right here with stainless steel rollers. These smooth rollers handle the bulk of the work of keeping your wench line centered while the hoss knuckles ensure even angle pulls. It's a really nice design, a Super Wench exclusive which is a great feature and advantage to this wench. The cable that it uses, that's going to be a sixty foot long cable. It's going to have a diameter of nine thirty seconds of an inch. It does come with a heavy duty clevis pin, its got the latch hook design, it's spring loaded to prevent accidental disconnect.

It's going to come with a hand saver strap. It goes right there and the hook and that allows you to extend the line out quickly and easily and keep from damaging your hands. The drum on the unit features a two hold drum which is going to prevent the rope from detaching. The drum diameter on this wench is two and half inches, the drum length is four point eight seven inches. It comes with a removable drum cover which is going to keep items out of the drum area, it just snaps on like that. This right here is going to be your thirty foot long remote. This allows you to operate the wench from a safe distance and it's very easy to connect that remote. It's got the plug on this end that connects to the connection point located right here on this side of the wench. Then it's got the rocker switch on there which basically just says out and in which stands for line out or line in. That's guarded, nice easy to use design, nice grip on it as well. The wench comes pre-wired internally and with the circuit breaker pre-installed on the positive battery cable. You're going to have your red and black wires back here. What's really neat about this is that the only connections that are required are from the wench to the battery, that's all there is to it. Ring terminals already pre-installed, red is positive, black is negative. Super easy to get it installed and connect it. When it comes to the breaking it's going to feature an automatic hundred percent load holding break. When it comes to mounting, there's two ways to get this wench mounted. It's going to come with the necessary hardware for either option. The most common method is to use the two bolts in the center of the base plate to mount the unit to a flat surface. I'm going to go ahead and flip this up so you'll see the base plate already installed comes on there. These are the two mount holes that I'm talking about. These are going to be separated on center apart from one another by about three and three quarters of an inch. Again, this is going to be the most common method which is to use the two bolts in the center of the base plate to mount the unit to the flat surface. The other option is to use the four bolt pattern of the wench which are going to be these holes right here and these holes right here. The base plate will need to be removed from the wench, the four bolts go through the mounting surface, through the base plate and into the wench housing. A couple of options to get mounted again, hardware for either option is provided. When it comes to the line speed, that's going to be twenty-two feet per minute with no load. That's also going to have a power draw of twenty-two amps. It's designed for twelve volt DC systems. At max load of five thousand five hundred pounds the line speed would be ten feet per minute with a power draw of a hundred and fifty amps. A few measurements to go over with you real quick. Measuring the overall length of the unit, this is going to give us a measurement of about nineteen and one eighth of an inch long. That's from edge to edge, I also took a measurement from front to back here at the center which is the thickest point. Just the wench body that's going to give us a width or a depth of about five and five eighths. The overall height from bottom of the plate to top of the wench is about six and a quarter inches tall. The mounting plate, that's going to measure seven inches by seven and a quarter. Again the holes in the center are separated on center by about three and three quarters of an inch. These holes on the corners are separated by six inches and four and a half inches on center. That's going to do it for today's look at the Super Wench S 5500 wench.

Customer Reviews

Superwinch S5500 Winch - Wire Rope - Roller Hawse Fairlead - 5,500 lbs - 12V - SW1455200

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (4 Customer Reviews)

- SW1455200

by: Gary W.01/29/2017

This wench is exactly what I was looking for. It's well built and has plenty of pulling power for my car hauler. I like the idea of having the longer remote and the battery cables are the perfect length for either battery on the ground or attached battery box. The bolt on pattern worked out perfect for my existing mount, easy set up and operations. Absolutely love it. Definitely exceeded my expectations! Not only is the wench great but everything else was too, great customer service, great selection and an informative website with product videos. If you are in the market for all things trailers, hands down, E-Trailer is the best. Will be buying more in the future. Thanks much E-Trailer!! 336659

- SW1455200

by: Rick N.07/25/2016

I've been dealing with etrailer for a number of years. The service and prices are the best. I just purchased the S5000 Superwinch for my race car trailer to replace the 16 year old Superwinch. WOW! what a difference. Also it fit in the old blot mounting holes. This bad boy is super quiet when compared to the old one and it pulls my car on without any drama. Not cheap but I'd recommend this item to anyone looking for a really good winch with this capacity. 276090

- SW1455200

by: Julius Alexander08/22/2016

We deal in Pace American, Haulmark, Rance, Liberty and Imperial trailer brands and frequently install winches. We normally use the S5000 Superwinch but it wasn't available so ordered the S5500. Its more powerful but doesn't have the tensioner to keep the spool from spinning freely which causes the cable to bunch up on spool. Still a good value. 286357

- SW1455200

by: MIKE S06/05/2016



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  • Yes, you should be able to winch your 1,100 Lb dune buggy onto your trailer with the Superwinch LT2000 Electric Utility Winch, item # 1220210, as long as the dune buggy is rolling. If the load became static, 2 or more flat tires or a locked wheel, then a larger winch would be required. If this is a possibility I would recommend the Superwinch S5500 Winch # SW1455200, for your application because of its higher line pull capacity. Wiring the winch from the front of the vehicle will require...
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  • Winch, Wiring Kit and Mounting Recommendation for Installing Superwinch in Utility Trailer
  • For a wiring kit to install the Superwinch part # SW1455200 in your trailer you will need the part # SW1520. This comes with heavy enough gauge wire to power the winch. The 7-way at the rear of your vehicle could not handle the load required for this winch. You would need to secure the winch somehow to the frame of your trailer and not just the floorboards. Typically people use a hitch tube like part # E-9 and have it welded to the trailer frame and then use a hitch plate like part...
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  • How to Charge an S5000 Winch Battery on an Enclosed Trailer
  • You could definitely use the 12v power lead on your 7-Way plug to maintain the S5000 winch battery. When your 7-Way was installed, the power lead wire, which is usually black or red, should have had a 40amp circuit breaker installed, so you should not need additional fuses. This would be true especially if the connector was installed at the factory. Starting your truck would not overload the wiring as long as it is protected by a fuse or circuit breaker. If you find that the...
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  • Cover Needed For Superwinch S5500
  • The Superwinch Vinyl Winch Cover for Medium Duty Winches, # SW1505, is a confirmed fit for your Superwinch S5500 # SW1455200.
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  • Recommend Winch To Pull 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air Onto a Trailer
  • With the weight of the car plus the incline up the trailer, I would recommend going with a higher capacity winch. Even though your 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air is a rolling load, the incline on the trailer will make for more resistance. I would recommend going with a higher capacity winch like the Superwinch S5500 Electric Trailer Winch, part # SW1455200, which has a 5,500 lb capacity. For powering part # SW1455200 you can either connect the winch to a battery on the trailer or use Trailer...
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  • Recommended Battery for Use With Superwinch S Series
  • I contacted Superwinch and they said that the minimum cold crank amps (cca) that you can have for the Superwinch parts # SW1455200 and # SW1475201 is 450, but ideally you would want between 800-1,000 cca. If you are connecting this to a stand-alone battery then you will want to look for a battery that has the most reserve power that way you can use the winch more between charges. Keep in mind that you can also run either of these winches off of your vehicle's battery. You will just...
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